Mahindra XUV700


2023 Mahindra XUV700 review

Sam Purcell

Introducing Australia's newest and cheapest seven-seat SUV.


What we love

  • Ride and build quality much better than what the price tag suggests
  • Good inclusion of standard equipment and features
  • Nice lazy torque available from the turbocharged four-pot


What we don’t

  • Missing an ANCAP crash rating, and a couple of safety acronyms
  • Base spec misses out on some important features
  • Even with electric seat adjustment, ergonomics don't feel perfect

Mahindra XUV700

2023 Mahindra XUV700

Mahindra is looking to emerge from its niche positioning in Australia – offering value-packed vehicles for regional and rural markets – and take on the mainstream.

And it doesn't get more mainstream than a medium-sized SUV. Effectively taking over from the aged and inadequate XUV500, this 2023 Mahindra XUV700 is an all-new seven-seat offering from the Indian carmaker.

As the brand is busy expanding its footprint of dealerships in major metropolitan areas, and not long after the arrival of the Scorpio four-wheel drive, the XUV700 is Mahindra's best shot yet of significantly growing its sales volume in Australia.

It's available for sale now, and Drive.com.au has already been behind the wheel. Here's our take on its newest medium-sized SUV for Australia, which also works out to be the cheapest seven-seater on the market.

How much does the Mahindra XUV700 cost in Australia?

The 2023 Mahindra XUV700 model range is simple and to the point. Both model grades on offer are petrol-powered and front-wheel drive with seven seats, and a similar range of equipment on offer.

And like the Scorpio, both models get a sharp drive-away price as an introductory offer. Mahindra representatives couldn't be drawn into saying how long this offer would be and what might replace it. It will depend mostly on how successful the XUV700 is initially.

The range starts with an AX7 , which costs $36,990 drive-away . This gets twin 10.25-inch screens, automatic LED headlights and daytime running lights, keyless entry with push-button start, synthetic leather interior trimming (with white your only initial choice of colour), six-way power adjustment for the driver's seat, six-speaker sound system, dual-zone climate control, rear-view camera and a good array of safety equipment. It also gets a panoramic sunroof, tyre pressure monitoring and rain-sensing windscreen wipers.

It's certainly not a stripped-out model, then, and the AX7L throws in a good range of gear for the $3000 of extra spend at $39,990 drive-away : wireless phone charging, 12-speaker Sony-branded sound system, stop-and-go functionality for the adaptive cruise-control system, 360-degree camera and blind-spot camera functionality, driver's knee airbag, electronic doorhandles and park brake, and an illuminated vanity mirror.

Strangely, and I think it's the first time I have seen this, but reach adjustment for the steering column is restricted only to the top AX7L model. The AX7 only gets tilt adjustment.

Mahindra XUV700

How much space does the Mahindra XUV700 have inside?

Step inside the XUV700 in either trim level and you'll find it hard not to be impressed in terms of what you get for the asking price. White leather (which isn't real leather) is your only choice, which could be confronting for hardcore family use. However, vinyl-based materials like this tend to be quite hardy over the long term, and should wipe down reasonably well after being tarnished by kids.

At least the colour lends a nice, light airiness to the cabin. Which, by the way, has a solid sense of build quality. There are no rattles or creaks to contend with, and heavy grabs and prods by myself didn't expose anything untoward.

The worst side of this impressive cabin comes from the ergonomics side of things. It doesn't feel as intrinsically good as others in this regard, despite the inclusion of electric driver's seat adjustment with memory functionality. The amounts of adjustment available aren't huge, and I couldn't dial myself in behind the wheel as well as I would like. I also noticed that the front passenger seat seems to be mounted in an unusually high position, putting one's forehead close to the roof lining.

The design, however, is worlds apart from the old XUV500, and puts it right amongst the fight of other new medium SUVs in the segment. Twin screens sit proudly atop the dashboard surrounded by soft-touch materials and topped off with a cap.

Dual-zone climate controls sit further down, separate and traditional in their design. There are some additional control buttons underneath, along with a storage cubby and wireless charging pad (for the AX7L only). The large dial near the gearshifter acts as a volume dial, and the number of cupholders depends on the spec level. There are two in the more expensive AX7L, while a manual handbrake in the lower-grade model robs you of one.

Power outlets include twin USB-A points, but we couldn't find any 12V outlet up front.

The second row is plenty spacious, with a high seating position that affords good levels of visibility. Legroom and headroom are both well covered, despite the inclusion of a panoramic sunroof that can sometimes eat into headspace. There are air vents in the back, as well as a single USB-C power outlet and tiny storage cubby.

The XUV700 feels to be fairly wide, which is a good sign for growing families. We weren't able to fit any car seats this time around, but we will investigate this more closely in future reviews. There are ISOFIX points on the outboard seats in the second row and top tether points for all three seats.

The second row doesn't slide at all, but the third row is decent enough for occasional usage. Adults do run out of headroom and their knees will be pushing into the second-row seat back, but the seats are comfortable and the floor is low enough for a decent knee position. There are cupholders and air vents in the back, as well as a 12V power outlet. Kids would be happy enough in the back here, and parents will be glad to know that curtain airbags extend to cover the rearmost row.

The boot, which is lacking any official litreage figures from Mahindra, is good. Don't forget the XUV700 is relatively large for a medium-sized SUV, and the folding-flat third row makes for a big amount of space when loaded up. There are some gaps in the floor, however, so if your bag of groceries overturns when on the move, you might lose a mandarin or two.

Even in seven-seat mode, you've got enough space for a couple of backpacks or a few bags of groceries.

Mahindra XUV700

Does the Mahindra XUV700 have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto?

One 10.25-inch display handles your infotainment needs, with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality included in both specification levels. It's a good system as well, responding well to inputs and an easy-to-navigate operating system.

There's no mention of digital radio or native navigation in this system, which would irk some buyers. However, suburban users who will likely plug their phone in immediately before or after pushing the on button might not give two hoots.

The second display, which is also 10.25 inches in size, is your digital instrument cluster. It's good as well, with a crisp-feeling and nice layout. Steering wheel controls are used to access and adjust a handful of elements here, and we note that adjusting things like lane-departure warning does take a bit of digging to find.

Is the Mahindra XUV700 a safe car?

While the XUV700 gets a five-star Global NCAP safety rating, this isn't to be confused with ANCAP, which is a local testing regime with more stringent testing protocols.

When looked through the ANCAP prism, Global NCAP isn't important, and missing any kind of ANCAP rating needs to be well understood by buyers. Put simply, there are safer options available in this segment.

However, let's give credit where it's due: in comparison to the Scorpio – which is missing key safety technology – this XUV700 is a much better proposition.

It has autonomous emergency braking (with pedestrian detection), lane-departure warning and lane-keep assistance, adaptive cruise control, tyre pressure monitoring and six airbags. This number grows to seven for the AX7L, which gets a driver's knee airbag as well.

AX7L also gets a blind-spot camera function (off the back of the 360-degree camera system), but both specs miss out on blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert.

Mahindra XUV700

What about Mahindra XUV700 maintenance costs?

This is an extremely important point for a cost-conscious family SUV, especially in the current climate. However, we don't know all of the answers to this just yet. While Mahindra representatives did promise service costs would be kept as competitive as possible, we don't know those numbers exactly just yet.

We also don't have as much clarity on insurance costs at the moment, because it's such a new model to the Australian market.

Is the Mahindra XUV700 fuel-efficient?

One element that is currently unable to be fully verified is fuel economy. Mahindra claims 8.3 litres per 100 kilometres on the combined cycle, which is on the high side of things, and especially when you’re comparing against hybrids and diesel-powered competitors. 

But at least it’s got a decent surge of torque and acceleration available. Better economy will be available from naturally aspirated engines in a similar capacity – often the only choice in a medium-sized SUV anywhere near this price point – but I’d prefer the extra grunt underfoot and pay the penalty in efficiency.

Mahindra’s efficiency claim for urban driving is 10.0L/100km. Once we get one through for a more thorough evaluation, we will be able to further interrogate these numbers.

reviews of xuv 700

Fuel Consumption - brought to you by bp

reviews of xuv 700

What is the Mahindra XUV700 like to drive?

The torque available from the XUV700’s 2.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine is an important factor in it feeling fit for purpose. Just shy of 150kW isn’t too shabby for a family SUV, but the 380Nm kicking in at 1750rpm allows the car to accelerate forward with a relaxed feel, and without needing to change down gears for some useful impetus.

The six-speed automatic gearbox , which is sourced by Aisin and is used in a wide variety of applications, feels mostly smooth and well weighted in terms of decision-making. Our initial drive indicated hints of imperfect shifts from time to time, but we’ll need to spend more time with the vehicle in order to render a final judgment.

Pedal travel is long and not overly responsive, which could sound like a negative. But I find it well weighted and not hair-triggered like you sometimes find in other SUVs, which are perhaps attempting to hide a lack of urgency in the midrange. 

Push the pedal right down and you’ve got enough performance there for everyday driving needs. It’s not an engine that seems to relish high-rev work, and it certainly feels happier when allowed to lug along in the midrange. 

Perhaps the most pleasing elements of the XUV700 are the good levels of refinement and ride comfort on offer. 

Often vehicles at this lower end of the price spectrum, which offer a high level of showroom appeal at a bargain price, aren’t so positive in this regard. And certainly the previous-generation XUV500 wasn’t the most pleasing driving experience.

However, there’s an impressive improvement that comes from a stiffer and lighter monocoque platform, in addition to well-tuned suspension damping. Mahindra told us it put over 540 different iterations of suspension tune into the XUV700 frequency-selective dampers before settling on the final product.

And while the XUV700 doesn’t yet leave a Mercedes-Benz S-Class quaking in its boots, the quality of the ride is just as good as the better examples in the segment, as crowded and competitive as it is. 

The steering feel is light and not particularly communicative in terms of what is happening underneath, which reduces the appeal for someone wanting an engaging driving experience. However, the light weighting also adds to an ease of driving feel.

For a suburban-focussed SUV that is destined for a life of scooting around town on errands and commutes, it feel well dialled in.

Should I buy a Mahindra XUV700?

I wouldn't shy away from the Mahindra XUV700 for a few important reasons. Firstly, the interior feels well packaged and executed. It works well as an occasional seven-seater, which will strike the right balance of space and accommodation for many Australian families.

However, the driving experience is something that puts the XUV700 in a strong position, and especially when referenced against that bargain drive-away price.

That's the main element here to convey: it's cheap, but it doesn't feel like it. Instead, there is a feeling of sound engineering and quality execution in the finished product.

While the XUV700 ticks many of the boxes that were missed with the Scorpio, there are still safer options available in the family-focussed medium SUV segment. Missing a five-star ANCAP safety rating, as well as features like rear cross-traffic alert and blind-spot monitoring, puts the XUV700 on the back foot.

However, autonomous emergency braking, six interior airbags and lane-departure warning make it a safer proposition in comparison to many second-hand vehicles that line up against the XUV700 on price.

There's no doubt that as cost of living pressures continue to rise in Australia, new car buyers will be looking to make their dollars go further with their own big purchase. And Mahindra's XUV700 – a watershed offering from the Indian brand – will likely find favour in many family driveways.

Mahindra XUV700

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Sam Purcell has been writing about cars, four-wheel driving and camping since 2013, and obsessed with anything that goes brum-brum longer than he can remember. Sam joined the team at CarAdvice/Drive as the off-road Editor in 2018, after cutting his teeth at Unsealed 4X4 and Pat Callinan’s 4X4 Adventures.

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Mahindra XUV700 User Reviews

Looking for Mahindra XUV700? Here are the reviews and ratings by XUV700 owners from across the country.

XUV700 Image

605 Ratings

Select Your Variant

  • All Versions

AX 7 Luxury Pack Diesel AT AWD 7 STR

  • Ratings 4.8

MX Petrol MT 5 STR

  • Ratings 4.9

AX 7 Luxury Pack Diesel AT 7 STR

  • Ratings 4.3

AX 7 Luxury Pack Diesel MT 7 STR

  • Ratings 4.0

AX 7 Petrol MT 7 STR

  • Ratings 5.0

AX 7 Diesel AT AWD 7 STR

  • Ratings 4.7

MX Diesel MT 5 STR

AX 7 Diesel MT 7 STR

MX Diesel MT 5 STR (E)

MX Petrol MT 5 STR (E)

AX 7 Luxury Pack Petrol AT 7 STR

AX 5 Petrol AT 5 STR

  • Ratings 4.5

AX 5 Petrol MT 5 STR

AX 7 Petrol AT 7 STR

AX 5 Diesel AT 5 STR

AX 5 Diesel AT 7 STR

AX 5 Diesel MT 5 STR

AX 3 Diesel MT 7 STR

AX 5 Diesel MT 7 STR

AX 3 Diesel MT 5 STR

  • Ratings 3.5

AX 5 Petrol MT 5 STR (E)

AX 7 Diesel AT 7 STR

AX 3 Diesel MT 7 STR (E)

AX 5 Petrol MT 7 STR

AX 3 Petrol AT 5 STR

AX 3 Diesel AT 5 STR

AX 3 Petrol MT 5 STR

MX Petrol MT 5 STR [2021]

AX 7 Diesel AT AWD Luxury Pack 7 STR [2021]

AX 7 Diesel AT Luxury Pack 7 STR [2021]

  • Ratings 4.4

MX Diesel MT 5 STR [2021]

AX 7 Diesel AT 7 STR [2021]

AX 7 Petrol AT Luxury Pack 7 STR [2021]

AX 7 Diesel MT Luxury Pack 7 STR [2021]

AX 7 Diesel MT 7 STR [2021]

AX 7 Petrol MT 7 STR [2021]

AX 5 Diesel MT 5 STR [2021]

AX 5 Diesel MT 7 STR [2021]

  • Ratings 4.1

AX 5 Petrol MT 5 STR [2021]

AX 7 Petrol AT 7 STR [2021]

AX 3 Diesel MT 7 STR [2021]

AX 7 Diesel AT AWD 7 STR [2021]

AX 5 Petrol MT 7 STR [2021]

AX 3 Diesel MT 5 STR [2021]

AX 5 Petrol AT 5 STR [2021]

  • Ratings 3.3

AX 3 Petrol MT 5 STR [2021]

AX 3 Petrol AT 5 STR [2021]

AX 3 Diesel AT 5 STR [2021]

MX Petrol MT 5 STR (E) [2023]

AX 5 Petrol MT 7 STR (E) [2023]

AX 5 Diesel AT 7 STR [2021]

AX 3 Diesel MT 7 STR (E) [2023]

AX 5 Diesel AT 5 STR [2021]

Categories  ( out of 5 )

  • 4.7 Exterior
  • 4.6 Comfort
  • 4.7 Performance
  • 4.2 Fuel Economy
  • 4.6 Value for Money

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Mahindra XUV700 Mileage User Reviews

Mahindra XUV700

Mileage User Reviews of Mahindra XUV700

  • Mileage (142)
  • Performance (186)
  • Looks (211)
  • Comfort (269)
  • Engine (111)
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Worth The Wait, Worth The Price!

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The Premium

The SUV's comfort is premium and ride quality is superb. The safety standards are kept very high. The mileage for the petrol version is not great and it gives around 8-9 in city rides and around 10 km on highways. The main feature nobody talks about is technical glitches in the vehicle. The Adreno and internet never be smooth. Alexa in the car work... Read More

Impressive Car

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Amazing I Really Like This

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The Indian Royal XUV.

The Indian Royal XUV, it has most luxurious features and amazing in and out. Mahindra XUV 700 is simple superb and gives you the thrilling experience with their performance than other XUV's. Coming to the pros: Comfortable, Luxurious, Smooth pickup, Powerful engine, Portable features. Coming to the cons: Automatic driving mode should be improved an... Read More

Elevate Your Drive With Luxury And Power

I like this model because of the furnishings. This thought has captured my heart because of the qualifications it offers. The brand-new Mahindra XUV700 embodies authority and sophistication. Its eye-catching design and luxurious interiors examine comfort and luxury. Due to its use of slice-and-butter technology, the XUV700 offers a driving experien... Read More

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Experience The Future Of SUVs, XUV700 Roars In

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XUV 700 is the best car in comfort and performance. The engine of this Car is also very good and in features, XUV 700 is very nice like a paranormal sunroof, Sony speaker, seats, AC, android auto, wireless charging, and Apple car play, and looks very nice car looks this Car is very attractive and Mileage is also good. Read More

XUV 700 Is Best Car

The XUV 700 is the best car, especially in black color. It boasts a very powerful engine and has a mileage of 16 km/l. With its sunroof and competitive pricing, it's one of the best cars available. Read More

Elevate Luxury And Power With Mahindra XUV700

Because of the options it provides, I adore this model. The qualification that this paradigm provides is what has me smitten. The new Mahindra XUV700 epitomises energy and fineness. The interior's quality accoutrements and striking appearance review comfort and fineness. The XUV700 delivers a special driving experience since it's lumbered with slic... Read More

Discover The Mahindra XUV700

This model's furnishing is what makes me appreciate it. The qualification offered by this conception has won my heart. authority and refinement are embodied by the brand-new Mahindra XUV700. Its striking project and high-end innards review comfort and luxury. The XUV700 delivers a driving experience unlike any other since it's lumbered with slice-b... Read More

Dream Car For Middle Class People

This car is so much more comfortable for long travel also performance is so good, mileage is too good and safety is 100 per cent, Overall it's a great car. Read More

Madindra XUU 700 Sleek SUV

The first time I saw the Mahindra XUV 700 in the marketplace, I became a fan of the car that day & decided to buy this car one day. Today is when my dream came true. My driving experience with the XUV 700 is unfortunate. Auto-drive mode is the most attractive feature of this car. The mileage of the car is as good as to travel long distances. Th... Read More

Overall Good Car

Compared to other vehicles, the car's maintenance costs are significantly lower. It delivers a mileage of approximately 12 to 13 in the city and an impressive 17 to 18 on the highway. It's a robust vehicle that's also easy to handle on the road. Read More

Mahindra XUV700 Performances

The interior is absolutely amazing, with a long dashboard that looks great. It offers great mileage, and comfortable seats, Mahindra has also prioritized safety, and it delivers solid performance. Read More

Poor Mileage In City

This car is not very fun to drive, especially with poor mileage in city conditions. While it has lots of features, there's room for improvement. The touchscreen becomes unresponsive at times, and the interface can be glitchy when reversing. The suspension is also noisy. Additionally, the wireless car play sometimes disconnects, which can be quite i... Read More

Good Features

As we all know Mahindra is the best for making SUVs and the new XUV 700 the new beast is the best for all features and mileage and everything. Read More

Best Car In World

The best car in the world or in India, with the best safety rating, highest mileage, top-notch auto-pilot mode, outstanding appearance, and the most advanced features. Read More

Xuv700 Is An Absolute Powerhouse

The Mahindra XUV700 is an absolute powerhouse on wheels. With its stunning design and bold stance, it exudes a road presence like no other. Whether cruising through the city streets or conquering off-road terrains, this SUV demands attention wherever it goes. And let's not forget about the driving dynamics that make every journey a thrilling experi... Read More

Very Smart Car

Very nice car performance, mileage, and safety are the very best. It's the number 1 car in India. Mahindra is the best car, and the auto-pilot system is very good.   Read More

The Car Is Very Comfortable.

The car is very comfortable and provides excellent mileage on highways. Its aesthetics are truly appealing, and I appreciate all the features it offers.   Read More

So Good Car Looks Good

The XUV vehicle is Mahindra's topmost car. I have taken it for a long drive in hilly areas. It offers good performance, good mileage, and a good-looking design.   Read More

The XUV 700 is the best car I have come across, offering exceptional mileage, aesthetics, and advanced technological features. With its spaciousness and attractive design, it stands out as one of the best car launches in 2023. Moreover, it ensures safety with its airbags and 6 to 7 gears. What's even more remarkable is its affordability, ranging fr... Read More

Great Experience With Mahindra

Overall, it was a good experience. Mahindra vehicles look great, and the mileage is also impressive, making it a positive experience. Read More

Mahindra XUV 700 Most Popular Car

The Mahindra XUV 700 is the best-selling car of the year. There has been a long waiting period for this car. Based on my driving experience, I suggest that you consider this car if your budget is between 14 to 20 lakhs. The mileage of the car in city areas is 17 kmpl. The engine displacement of the Mahindra XUV 700 is 2198cc. The XUV 700 is an all-... Read More

Amazing Car Compared To Range Rover

Amazing car compared to Range Rover, it has an amazing sunroof and an attractive model, making it a grand SUV with luxurious space. This is the most amazing car from Mahindra. Here, we should notice that it has a turbo engine that provides amazing speed with good mileage. The XUV 700 is a super luxury car. Read More

The Revolutionary Of SUV's XUV700

Great car with overall unbelievable features and performance. Talking about the performance, it has got an out-of-the-box engine, undoubtedly the best one in its class; especially the 2L turbocharged petrol stallion engine, which is just mind-blowing. The features are abundant, but sometimes there is lag in the screen and changing the drive modes. ... Read More

A very good car with excellent mileage, spacious interior, attractive color options, and comfortable features. The price is also reasonable. Overall, it is a super cool car and worth buying.   Read More

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reviews of xuv 700

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Compare Variants of Mahindra XUV700

  • 8-inch touchscreen
  • 7-inch instrument cluster
  • Height-adjustable driver’s seat
  • XUV700 MX E Diesel Currently Viewing Rs. 14,96,600 * EMI : Rs. 33,977 Manual Pay 50,001 more to get Get On Road Price Compare
  • 10.25-inch infotainment system
  • 10.25-inch digital display
  • XUV700 AX3 E Diesel Currently Viewing Rs. 17,44,399 * EMI : Rs. 39,514 Manual Pay 2,97,800 more to get Get On Road Price Compare
  • One touch tumble for second-row
  • Third row AC
  • XUV700 AX3 E 7 Str Diesel Currently Viewing Rs. 18,27,199 * EMI : Rs. 41,379 Manual Pay 3,80,600 more to get Get On Road Price Compare
  • LED headlights with high-beam
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Cornering lamps
  • Electronic stability program
  • Rear wiper and defogger
  • Curtain airbags
  • Multiple drive modes
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system
  • Rain sensing wipers
  • Dual zone climate control
  • Side airbags
  • 6-way powered driver’s seat
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • 360-degree camera
  • 3D audio with 12 speakers
  • Driver knee airbag
  • Blind view monitoring
  • Wireless charging
  • All wheel drivetrain
  • Electronic park brake
  • Drive modes
  • ISOFIX child seat anchorages
  • XUV700 MX E Currently Viewing Rs. 14,52,799 * EMI : Rs. 32,312 Manual Pay 49,999 more to get Get On Road Price Compare
  • XUV700 AX3 E Currently Viewing Rs. 1,700,800 * EMI : Rs. 37,744 Manual Pay 2,98,000 more to get Get On Road Price Compare
  • XUV700 AX5 E Currently Viewing Rs. 1834,300 * EMI : Rs. 40,649 Manual Pay 4,31,500 more to get Get On Road Price Compare
  • XUV700 AX5 E 7 Str Currently Viewing Rs. 1,901,5,00 * EMI : Rs. 42,133 Manual Pay 4,98,700 more to get Get On Road Price Compare
  • Automatic transmission

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What is the price of the Mahindra XUV700?

The Mahindra XUV700 is priced from INR 14.03 - 26.57 Lakh (Ex-showroom Price in ...

What is the on-road price?

What is the maintenance cost of the mahindra xuv700.

For this, we'd suggest you please visit the nearest authorized service centr...

What is the minimum down payment for the Mahindra XUV700?

If you are planning to buy a new car on finance, then generally, 20 to 25 percen...

What about the engine and transmission of the Mahindra XUV700?

The XUV700 comes with two engine options: a 2-litre turbo-petrol engine (200PS/3...

What is the tyre size of Mahindra XUV700?

What are the specifications of the music system, what is the kerb weight of the mahindra xuv700, does mahindra xuv700 have automatic climate control, does the mahindra xuv700 have a sunroof, further research.

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  • Sensors (2)
  • Dashboard (2)
  • Test Drive (2)
  • Transmission (1)
  • Luxury Sedan (1)
  • Storage Space (1)
  • Engine Performance (1)
  • Music System (1)
  • Drive Assist (1)
  • Clearance (1)
  • Gearbox (1)
  • Console (1)
  • Warranty (1)
  • Excellent Comfort (1)
  • Navigation (1)
  • Rear Seat (1)
  • Showroom (1)
  • Manual Version (1)
  • Boot Space (1)
  • Airbags (1)
  • Maintenance (1)
  • Petrol Version (1)
  • Central Locking (1)
  • Air Bags (1)
  • Automatic Transmission (1)
  • Ground Clearance (1)
  • Exterior (1)
  • Steering Wheel (1)
  • Premium Car (1)
  • Service Center (1)


Perfect Combination of Luxury and Power

The Mahindra XUV700 has surfaced as the zenith of I like more and fineness, winning my reference with its opulent appearance and important interpretation. Every ride is usefuland affable because to its important engine and nimble running, and all passengers will have a sumptuous and smooth ride thanks to its ample cabin and high end amenities. With its ultrapractical features and slice bite technology, the SUV completely satisfies my reason for both I like more and luxury while still adding a touch of release and utility. The Mahindra XUV700 has surfaced as the zenith of I like more and luxury, raising the bar for what a real SUV can do in tours of appearance and use.

Experience Luxury with the Mahindra XUV700

The Mahindra XUV700 will provide luxury. This high-end SUV has a roomy, point-rich cabin that radiates luxury. The ideal terrain for your sorties is determined by its slice-bites features and coincidental project. The XUV700 has strong machine controls that guarantee a comfortable and instigative driving experience. It's a reliable option for a blood trip because of its excellent security features. The Mahindra XUV700 is a stylish option if you want to add a touch of luxury to your SUV experience.This vehicle is a prize on wheels thanks to its exceptional fuel economy and award-winning design.


It\'s value for money.Sometimes,

It\'s value for money.Sometimes, Camera either it\'s 360, Tear or front does not work.

Nice car future wise and

Nice car future wise and look wise display and puro pilot mode is super

reviews of xuv 700

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Helpful Reviews of XUV700

Sumeet Chanana

Well Folks, Here I am writing

Well folks, Here i am writing my first review of 8 months of ownership of xuv700 ax7l at(p), Been a while since i've been contemplating on sharing my thoughts as the whole world was going gung-ho about it, I thought let the dust settle down and then cook up a storm! honestly i've had my shares of challenges with the mahindra setup however so far the journey has been contented.I've done about 6000kms, Yes that's injustice, But then of those its a 50-50 highway+hills/city experience, As have another celerio zxi amt at my disposal to run the daily chores.To start of with the purchase experience, Guess i was one of the lucky ones to get my hands on the first few units dispatched as i managed to get a booking in slot on day 1 of "kaun banega xuv700 owner contest".Cheesy right, But butter smooth is what i can say about the ride quality of the xuv700, The interiors are really plush, With ample underthigh support while driving, Despite being an average 6 footer myself.Had done a few highway runs on nh1 and nh8 with a lone drive to hills beyond corbett and honestly there has been little i could complain of during my ownership tenure so far, Yes the mileage is a bit pinch that comes with the rising fuel prices, But i guess with 2l turbo 200bhp monster that is the least you can expect but overall its a pleasing feel! the cabin is airy and gives super view of sorroundings, With panoramic roof one couldn't ask for more, All in all the look, Feel and comfort are all 5 stars for me.Now coming to the niggles:- 1.A strange sound was observed in the steering, Which was rectified after a part change in the steering column which was creating this issue 2.Car started to stop automatically, Reason told was bad fuel quality, And since the design of the fuel tank was such that it had a dual level filtration it was causing the issue, The result was again rectification of the fuel tank by replacement.3.The suspension sound is something which is having its own free mind, It comes at its own will and goes away, Still not able to troubleshoot that though, Hopefully this all will be taken care off as well.4.Apple car play is still not there.I'm contented as till date all niggles replacements haven't been charged to me, And has been taken care off in warranty, However my pain lies in the fact that after paying through your nose for a premium marketed product after rigororus trials spanning over for 4 years why cant mahindra come up with a product which had no niggles whatsoever.Alas! that's the pain we indians feel despite having the zeal to go for made in india automobile.Mahindra is trying to treat this product in premium category and taking care of such issues reported on priority, However i still think that they are themselves found running after their tails for such issues.Look forward to some more expert support from mahindra to crease out these problems once and for all.Mileage: 7-8kmpl in cityand 10-12kmpl on highways(depends how you floor the gas pedal.

Anshuman Kanetkar

Perfect balance

Mahindra has found the perfect balance between affordability, Luxury and performance.They have built a car that can stand up to the rigours of driving in the challenging indian cityscape, Varying quality of highways as well as our often times underdeveloped rural road infrastructure.A decade of manufacturing the xuv500 means the xuv700 comes with a solid legacy.Mahindra has built on this foundation with the new mstallion and mhawk engines -- both are amazing in that they deliver great power & torque and are also very smooth and quiet.The steering is amazingly light and agile -- although the 700 is a big, Hulking suv, It handles like a luxury sedan.The ride quality is great and although the xuv00 may not be as imposing as its younger cousin, The scorpio n, It delivers that perfect combination of luxury and sturdiness.The fit and finish is also up to world standards -- a great achievement by an indian company that should make all indians proud.It's also an absolute headturner, And has a gorgeously big panoramic sunroof that is the best in its class.Even the ax5 variant we bought had more than enough features to make us very happy.Adrenox app connectivity is a killer feature that is not talked up enough by mahindra -- you can get a lot of control and insight into your car through the connected features.There are a ton of features to explore -- my current favourite being the "valet mode" -- which was totally unhyped by the marketing team and came as a pleasant surprise.I think it will take me a month to fully grasp all the customizations available.As of now, I'm extremely happy with this car, And have no hesitation in saying this is the best car currently running on indian roads.

Asmit Shah

Smooth ride

The mahindra xuv 700 is an impressive suv that offers a fantastic driving experience and a range of features that make it a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable vehicle.First and foremost, The xuv 700 boasts a powerful engine that delivers excellent performance and a smooth ride.The 2.2-liter mhawk diesel engine produces 155 horsepower and 360 nm of torque, Ensuring that the suv can easily handle any terrain or road conditions.The interior of the xuv 700 is equally impressive, With a spacious cabin that offers ample room for passengers and plenty of storage space.The seats are comfortable and supportive, And the dashboard is well-designed and easy to use.Additionally, The suv is equipped with a range of features such as a touchscreen infotainment system, Climate control, And a rearview camera, Making it a pleasure to drive and ride in.Another great feature of the xuv 700 is its safety and security systems.The vehicle comes with dual front airbags, Abs with ebd, And disc brakes on all four wheels, Ensuring that both the driver and passengers are safe at all times.Additionally, The car features an anti-theft alarm system and remote central locking, Providing added security for the vehicle.Overall, The mahindra xuv 700 is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and comfortable suv.Its impressive performance, Spacious interior, And range of features make it a great choice for families, Adventurers, And anyone who values quality and reliability in their vehicle.

Deepak Nakra

Overall Good Car

I bought the XUV 700 from Modasa in Gujarat. From booking to delivery too just about 13 days. First drive was from Modasa to Delhi. 11 hrs and was a beautiful revelation of sorts this car replaces my Innova. 9 years old which had 1.56 lakh kms on the road pro's. The XUV 700 petrol is unbelievably powerful. Superb driving dynamics super highway manners extremely comfortable to drive. Tech loaded. Feature loaded. Solid and well-built. Something you need to get used to I keep it switched off. At all times. Far far better than the Innova that it replaces con's the suspension was noisy. Mahindra has replaced something and now. It is flawless. Zero sound. Rear seat space is less than what was there in the Innova. The infotainment system needs to be tweaked and sorted. Slight niggles are present, irritating at best. The fuel efficiency of 8 kmpl, at this price range this is an amazing car.

Mahindra XUV700

Problems in XUV700

Sathya Chandrashekar

Took delivery of an XUV 700

Took delivery of an xuv 700 on 6th jan and finished her first service.The model i bought is an at5.Consumption wise city driving about 8 to 9 km and in highway about 11.Some tell me it might improve after 1st service.Need to watch n see.Their map india app is a disaster and trusting it for driving could be a disaster.While it permits connecting android phone for navigation am unable to get google maps.Generally comfortable rides rear seats comfortable.Aircon control could be better with drivers hands on the steering the draughts on the left is not effective.Well one other issue noticed was while cleaning the tires with water a lot of black dust.The service center assured me it's brake dust n not a problem.I have in this 6 years had 3 new cars but never experienced this phenomenon.

SP Qaisar

The software is hopeless.

The software is hopeless.Android auto/ car play still not working even after 6 months.Infotainment is pain-tainment.Never works properly.Screen goes blank for frequently freezes.Alexa fails to respond properly most of the times.The driver seat memory fails often.So does the seat movement on opening the door.The net connectivity is impossible most of the time.If i have to go to the service centre for every upgrade, Then what is the use of having a net connected car.The usp of this car was its software and related features.It behaves like a reconditioned old laptop at best of times.I wonder if getting the initial delivery was a mistake!.


Market demand

Whats not good whoever made the variants is real dumb person who has zero knowledge on market demand and go to market strategy.Adas features are only for 7 seater top end model variants.This is real show stopper for 5 seater suv buyer to drop the plan.Mileage is 12-13 per kms is a real deal breaker not to consider unless you have surplus money to spend.Cluster display mounted is non engineering way.Its straight horizontally placed where you don't see see the blind spot view unless you peek your eyes to it.I dropped this suv for one big reason, Adas is for 7 seater top end and every other model is as simple as just any other xuv.

Best User Experiences with XUV700

Deepika Khandelwal

The xuv700 is an amazing vehicle.Both the scorpio n and the xuv700 have been test driven by me.The automobile is a great investment.The diesel manual luxury pack midnight black xuv700 is reserved by me.Although the scorpio n was fantastic, The xuv700 offered the whole package i was searching for.Interior aspects including the touchscreen, Colour scheme, And functions have outperformed other market competitors.The segment's best performance is the one that is the major focus.When you step on the gas pedal, You can immediately feel the power and how smooth the suspension is.I firmly advise the xuv700 diesel.

Hemant Kumar1

Powertrain options

Mahindra xuv 700 has a very powerful engine.Mahindra has provided the xuv700 with two powertrain options: 200ps/380nm 2.0-litre turbo-petrol and a 2.2-litre diesel developing up to 185ps and 450nm.Both engines get 6-speed manual and 6-speed automatic transmission options.As standard, The suv comes with a front-wheel drivetrain, And there’s an optional all-wheel drivetrain (for the diesel unit).The diesel engine gets four drive modes: zip, Zap, Zoom, And custom (individual).All these specs makes it best in the segment.

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2024 Mahindra XUV400 Facelift Spied Testing For First Time, Looks Close To Production Ready

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Ashwini Kumar

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Mahindra Scorpio N

Mahindra XUV700 Expert Reviews

2021 Mahindra XUV700: First Drive Review

Mahindra has declared war. How well is the XUV700 prepared to lead it?

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  • XUV700 Insurance
  • MX Rs. 14.02 Lakh 15 kmpl | Petrol | Manual
  • MX Diesel Rs. 14.46 Lakh 17 kmpl | Diesel | Manual
  • MX E Rs. 14.52 Lakh 15 kmpl | Petrol | Manual
  • MX E Diesel Rs. 14.96 Lakh 17 kmpl | Diesel | Manual
  • AX3 Rs. 16.50 Lakh 15 kmpl | Petrol | Manual
  • AX3 Diesel Rs. 16.94 Lakh 17 kmpl | Diesel | Manual
  • AX3 E Rs. 17.00 Lakh 15 kmpl | Petrol | Manual
  • AX3 E Diesel Rs. 17.44 Lakh 17 kmpl | Diesel | Manual
  • AX3 7 Str Diesel Rs. 17.77 Lakh 17 kmpl | Diesel | Manual
  • AX5 Rs. 17.84 Lakh 15 kmpl | Petrol | Manual
  • AX3 AT Rs. 18.26 Lakh 13 kmpl | Petrol | Automatic
  • AX3 E 7 Str Diesel Rs. 18.27 Lakh 17 kmpl | Diesel | Manual
  • AX5 E Rs. 18.34 Lakh 15 kmpl | Petrol | Manual
  • AX5 Diesel Rs. 18.43 Lakh 17 kmpl | Diesel | Manual
  • AX5 7 Str Rs. 18.51 Lakh 15 kmpl | Petrol | Manual
  • AX3 Diesel AT Rs. 18.91 Lakh 16.57 kmpl | Diesel | Automatic
  • AX5 E 7 Str Rs. 19.01 Lakh 15 kmpl | Petrol | Manual
  • AX5 7 Str Diesel Rs. 19.10 Lakh 17 kmpl | Diesel | Manual
  • AX5 AT Rs. 19.65 Lakh 13 kmpl | Petrol | Automatic
  • AX5 Diesel AT Rs. 20.29 Lakh 16.57 kmpl | Diesel | Automatic
  • AX7 Rs. 20.87 Lakh 15 kmpl | Petrol | Manual
  • AX5 7 Str Diesel AT Rs. 20.91 Lakh 16.57 kmpl | Diesel | Automatic
  • AX7 Diesel Rs. 21.52 Lakh 17 kmpl | Diesel | Manual
  • AX7 AT Rs. 22.71 Lakh 13 kmpl | Petrol | Automatic
  • AX7 Diesel AT Rs. 23.30 Lakh 16.57 kmpl | Diesel | Automatic
  • AX7 Diesel Luxury Pack Rs. 23.47 Lakh 17 kmpl | Diesel | Manual
  • AX7 AT Luxury Pack Rs. 24.71 Lakh 13 kmpl | Petrol | Automatic
  • AX7 AWD Diesel AT Rs. 24.78 Lakh 16.57 kmpl | Diesel | Automatic
  • AX7 Diesel AT Luxury Pack Rs. 25.25 Lakh 16.57 kmpl | Diesel | Automatic
  • AX7 Diesel AT Luxury Pack AWD Rs. 26.57 Lakh 16.57 kmpl | Diesel | Automatic

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User Reviews on Mahindra XUV700

Mahindra XUV700

₹ 14.03 Lakh Onwards

Overall Mahindra XUV700 Rating

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All 13 Reviews for Mahindra XUV700

Safety car super car mahindra 700

1 month ago | Udhayakumar EC

Mileage Details

  • Mileage (City) 13 kmpl
  • Mileage (Highway) 19 kmpl
  • Maintenance 3000 per month

User ratings

  • Version MX Petrol MT 5 STR
  • Transmission Manual
  • Owned for 1 years


1 month ago | RAJASEKAR

  • Mileage (Highway) 16 kmpl
  • Maintenance 500 per month
  • Version AX 7 Diesel AT 7 STR
  • Transmission Automatic (TC)
  • City Chennai

Offering a smooth and comfortable

2 months ago | Shubham garde

  • Mileage (City) 14 kmpl
  • Maintenance 100 per month
  • Version AX 7 Luxury Pack Petrol AT 7 STR
  • Owned for 2022 years

XUV 700 MX Petrol MT 5 STR

4 months ago | Akash

  • Mileage (City) 11 kmpl
  • Maintenance 4428 per month

5 months ago | Abhay annigeri

  • Maintenance 5000 per month
  • Version AX 3 Diesel MT 5 STR

9 months ago | Thousip

  • Mileage (City) 7 kmpl
  • Mileage (Highway) 10 kmpl
  • Maintenance 10000 per month
  • Version AX 5 Petrol MT 7 STR [2021]
  • City Coimbatore

10 months ago | Abhilash Gupta

  • Maintenance 20000 per month
  • Version MX Petrol MT 5 STR [2021]

Good car ..love it

11 months ago | Yatharth Tiwari

  • Mileage (Highway) 17 kmpl
  • Maintenance 2000 per month
  • Version AX 5 Petrol MT 5 STR [2021]
  • City Mathura

1 year ago | Anuj

  • Mileage (City) 10 kmpl
  • Mileage (Highway) 13 kmpl
  • Maintenance 7000 per month
  • Version AX 3 Petrol MT 5 STR [2021]

Worth buying xuv 700

1 year ago | Rohit bandgar

  • Mileage (City) 16 kmpl
  • Version MX Diesel MT 5 STR [2021]
  • Owned for 3 years
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Mahindra XUV700 review after a 1,100 km long highway drive


I thought that the ADAS features would be useful but I was wrong. However, I'd say that the XUV700 is overall a better SUV than the Fortuner, Innova & Harrier.

BHPian nickelniks recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Hi everyone,

I just completed 1100 km Nagpur to Bangalore drive, with a stopover at Hyderabad in an XUV 700 P AT. I travelled with my wife & 2.5 yr old son. I drove 100% of the way. Here are my observations.

Performance & handling

  • Absolutely phenomenal. Power is always available & overtakes are easy.
  • The car easily cruises at 120 kmph with the engine at 2k rpm.
  • Engine is barely audible.
  • Highway curves are handled easily while giving full confidence to the driver. Body roll is well contained.
  • Absolutely in love with the car & did not feel tired even after 1100+ kms of driving. Max speed I went to was 120, that too when the road was open & obstruction-free for a long way ahead.
  • High-speed comfort is good, and potholes are well absorbed. Though some potholes do filter in at times, and it is unpredictable which potholes will be absorbed & which will filter through. At speeds of 110+ a mild vibration was felt in the front section of the vehicle, not sure if it is due to a balancing problem or suspension passing on the road undulation. Please let me know if anyone else felt these vibrations at high speeds. This was more prominent when tyre temperature was 55+ & pressure was 36+ due to the high temperature.
  • Though not important, I had reset the trip just before the start.
  • MID showed 13.5 kmpl till Hyderabad, 12.5 before entering Bangalore & 11.7 when I reached home. Sunday Ugadi traffic was at its peak & airport to Bellandur took me 2 hours.
  • Did not test with tankful method. But I am satisfied with the numbers. Most of the journey was done at speeds of 100-110 kmph.
  • Seats are accomodating & comfortable. Tyre noise could have been better.
  • The only sore point is the AC vents in the second row, they are too low & woefully inadequate. While the overall AC is powerful, second row occupants are left wanting due to the poor blower design.
  • I was of the opinion that ADAS would be useful on such a long highway drive. But, boy was I wrong.
  • Lane Keep Assist - just does not work on a 4 lane highway system where no one follows the lane discipline. It keeps beeping & correcting too often. Switched it off in the first 30 mins.
  • ACC - Cruise control works well for the most part. But when it detects a slow-moving vehicle up ahead, it applies brakes pretty hard. Making the ride uncomfortable.
  • Also, if the smart pilot assist is tick marked, lane keep assist automatically turns on during cruise control. I had to take a second stop to figure this out & disable it.
  • ACC needs to be disabled every time there are slow-moving vehicles in both the lanes, otherwise, ACC applied hard brakes on detecting the vehicle up ahead.
  • Overall, a lot of juggleries are required to make ACC work. There were times when I just decided to drive without ACC, as I did not want to do all the jugglery.
  • ADAS features work well on expressways. Like Hyderabad ORR, on that road, I could switch on all features & relax a bit while driving.

Overall summary

XUV 700 is a fantastic vehicle, which an entire family will love. Having driven Harrier, Innova & Fortuner in the past, I would say XUV is better than all of them in terms of power, space, comfort & refinement as an overall package. Yes, even the Fortuner (may be an unpopular opinion).

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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  • Mahindra XUV700

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reviews of xuv 700

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    Performance & handling · Absolutely phenomenal. · The car easily cruises at 120 kmph with the engine at 2k rpm. · Engine is barely audible.

  14. Mahindra XUV700 owner's long term review after 1 year ...

    Starting off with the negatives of the XUV700, he stated that one of the biggest issues that has made him upset multiple times is the software