Problem Solving Skills

The term “problem solving skills” refers to a number of academic and real life situations that require the ability to dissect problems and effectively resolve them.

Problem solving  is considered to be the process of finding solutions to difficult issues. The term “problem solving skills” refers not only to one’s ability to solve math problems but also to a number of academic and real life situations that require the ability to dissect problems and effectively resolve them.

Problem solving skills are also of extreme importance in the academic setting because they are an inalienable part of one’s studies, effective work and life. Your teachers, tutors, professors, instructors will often give you problem-solving assignments as means of building up your life and academic competencies. Globally speaking, your entire education is built on problem solving, and here is why: when you are given a problem that ranges 1 out 3 on the complexity scale, you might not be able to deal with it at first.


However, with a little bit of help and knowledge, you are able to break it up into a set of smaller problems and solve them one by one. Eventually, you will be able to solve problems level 1 easily. Once you have reached this level, you will be ready to move on to Level 2 and the cycle will repeat. Education works exactly the same way: once you complete one problem-solving assignment, your skills grow and you are ready to move onto a more difficult one. The higher you are in this hierarchy, the better your problem-solving skills are and the more complex problems you can resolve.

Types of Problem Solving Skills

As a matter of fact, solving different types of problems requires a considerable number of skills, but they all may be divided into two main types: analytical and creative . Let us find out the role of these two skill groups.

Analytical skills , which are also collectively called ‘logical thinking’, is a kind of thinking responsible for selecting the best solution out of all possible solutions. Analytical thinking involves the following skills: ordering, comparing, contrasting, evaluating and selecting.

Creative skills or creative thinking can be characterized as a thinking process, which creates a solution that is both new and valuable. The search for such solution is based on imagination, intelligence and cognition. Creative thinking helps to see beyond the obvious and plays an important role in solving the problem. Creative thinking helps to see beyond the obvious and plays an important role in problem solving.

Very often ideas obtained in the process of creative thinking seem illogical at first. However, subsequent ideas may alter and modify the initial ‘illogical’ solution to the extent where it seems perfectly suitable. Such skills include some basic elements such as fluency­, flexibility, and originality as well as ­producing uncommon ideas.

Problem Solving Pattern

Effective problem solving usually involves a number of specific steps. Depending on the situation and the type of problem, you will use one or the other problem-solving pattern. Nevertheless, we would like to offer a list of specific problem-solving steps.

Problem identification

Ability to identify a problem means that a person can adequately detect and recognize the problem, identify its source and nature. It may sound obvious, but this step requires more thought and analysis than it may seem at first.

Problem structure

This skill requires the ability to observe, carefully inspect and develop a clear picture of the problem. When working on a problem, you need to find as much information about the problem as possible; as a result, you will build a more comprehensive picture of goals and barriers. This may not be needed for simple problems but is necessary for complicated ones.

Identifying possible solutions

When trying to solve a problem you will need to identify all possible solutions and select the most viable of them. It works like brainstorming, where you name and write down whatever solution comes into your mind. The only difference is that your solutions are limited to whatever ideas come to your head, and that narrows down your choices. Nevertheless, you are still getting a list of viable solutions and are able to select the ones that you think are most effective.

Decision-making skills

Once you have generated all solutions it is essential that you select the best one. This is perhaps the most complex part of the problem-solving process. Some solutions may not be possible due to circumstance like time constraints, budget, complexity etc. Evaluate all pros and cons and make a decision – which course of action do you want to take?


This step involves accepting and carrying out the chosen course of action. Implementation implies that you need to act based on the chosen solution. Implementation stage may bring some unexpected surprises; in most cases, they are a result of inadequate analysis of the problem.

The last step of effective problem solving is reviewing outcomes of problem solving. This step means that you need to make sure your decision was successful and effective. This can be achieved by monitoring and gaining feedback from people affected by the changes that occurred.


In order to effectively solve problems, you need to be attentive, well-organized, flexible and motivated to find the solution. This level of problem-solving skills will require you to build up considerable experience in problem solving. Once you have dealt with a number of complex issues and have attained certain expertise in it, you will start solving most problems subconsciously and automatically. While you are still on this way, PrivateWriting is happy to help you work through your problem-solving assignments. We are ready to help you with all kinds of problem-solving activities, ranging from math problems to problems of logical nature, law and even more. Feel free to place your order today and we will gladly help you to work through your assignment. Privatewriting is the service you can trust!



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Problem Solving Essay

problem solving techniques essay

Show More Problem Solving      There are many different strategies that good problem solvers use to solve a problem. Before using a strategy, you must remember a few things. First, take your time. Few good problem solvers solve problems fast. Second, don't give up. You will never solve a problem if you don't try. Last, be flexible . If a first you don't succeed, try another way. And if the second way doesn't work, try a third way.      There are a few steps to solving a problem that you should follow. First, read the problem very carefully. Try to understand every word and make sure you know what the problem is asking. If you don't know the meaning of a word, look it up in a dictionary . Second, …show more content… Trial and error is a problem solving strategy that everybody uses at one time or another. In trial and error, you try an answer. If the answer is an error, you try something else. You keep trying until you get the correct answer.This is a good strategy to use if the problem only has a few possible answers.      Another good problem solving strategy is to make a table. Some times it helps a lot to make one. A table is just an arrangement of rows with columns. Making a table is just one way of organizing information that you know. Below is an example of a table: Number if minutes talked Cost of phone call 1 .25 2 .43 3 .61 4 .79 5 .97 Another problem solving strategies is to use a special case. A special case is an instance of a pattern used for some definite purpose. Special cases help to test weather a property or generalization is true. The only thing wrong with this strategy is that even if several special cases of a pattern are true, the pattern may not always be true.      A strategy called try simpler numbers can be used to devise a plan, to solve problems, and to check work. For this reason, it is a powerful strategy.      There certainly are many different problem solving strategies a problem solver can use to solve the problem. 1. Mandy is saving to buy a present for her parents' anniversary. She has $10.00 and she adds $5.00 a week. a.

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Problem Solving Essay

1. INTRODUCTION Lack of processes may result in wasting of resources, attacking symptoms that will persist until the source is found. Adopting straightforward principles will allow the effective and quick resolving of problems. Problem solving methods are most effective when a series of steps are followed. Select another course of action to solve the problem. Follow a process of taking corrective action that will solve problems and realign the organisation with its objectives. A problem is a condition you want to change, but it may be an opportunity to discover a possible outcome you want to create. Identifying the real problem or opportunity is critical to solving the problem or seizing the opportunity. Individuals tend to increase their creativity when participating in a group. In a culture accustomed to implementing quick fixes, it is tempting to avoid or rush through the problem analysis phase. Problems are increasingly complex and few exist in isolation. The risk is creating solutions that may be based on assumptions about the components or ramifications of the problem. Break down the problem into rational parts that can be addressed one at a time. Get a fresh perspective on old problems and have fun in the process. 2. PROBLEM SOLVING : CREATIVITY  What is creative problem solving? • Creative problem solving is a proven method for handling a problem or a challenge in an imaginative and innovative way. It is a tool that helps people re-define the problems they face, come up with innovative ideas and then take action on these new ideas.  Using a creative approach  Selecting the approach • Determine if the situation warrant a creative approach.  Deciding to be creative • An open-ended problem offer opportunities... ... middle of paper ... ...cuss the benefits of the automated system.  Decision • Members participate in activities that lead to a choice to adopt or reject the proposed automated system.  Implementation • Agree on a project plan and implement the system and procedures.  Confirmation • Evaluate the integration of the technology with Aramex’s systems. 7. CONCLUSION A solution is only an idea until it is put into effect. Implementation requires a plan, resources and evaluation of the process. The problem isn’t solved until the solution works. There are many problem solving techniques. Group participation stimulates creativity. Businesses need to encourage creative thinking to overcome challenges in the working environment. A suitable organizational structure, good leadership, a strong organizational culture, and a reasonable reward system will enhance the implementation of decisions.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that creative problem solving is a proven method for handling problems or challenges in an imaginative and innovative way. it helps people re-define their problems, come up with innovative ideas and then take action on these new ideas.
  • Recommends identifying the open-ended problem to be resolved and selecting a tool that will help analysing the problem.
  • Explains that creative problem solving is a structured and flexible process that can be adapted to any situation.
  • Recommends notifying people in advance so that they can have sufficient time to do some constructive thinking on the subject and prepare for the meeting.
  • Suggests exploring ideas that are possible solutions and having fun. make connections and take calculated risks. try new combinations to find potentially innovative solutions.
  • Explains the importance of defining the problem or opportunity by distinguishing the symptoms from the root cause.
  • Explains that it's important to look at who is responsible, what needs to be done by when, and what resources are available to realise this idea as a complete activated solution.
  • Recommends applying criteria to the top ideas and deciding which are most likely to solve the redefined problem.
  • Opines that the best idea needs to meet criteria that make it actionable before it becomes the solution.
  • Recommends giving the volunteers a go-ahead and follow-up to make sure they understand the objective.
  • Explains that the process of evaluation closes the feedback loop. the soundness of a decision may be evaluated against the planned results.
  • Explains that evaluation is necessary to provide feedback on its outcome. think through each solution and consider how, when, and where you could accomplish each.
  • Describes brainstorming as a technique used to stimulate creative solutions to organizational problems. participants informally generate as many ideas as possible without evaluation by others.
  • Describes the group decision support system, which supports face-to-face groups as well as groups that communicate through electronic media. participants have at their disposal networked workstations.
  • Advises the participants of technological innovation to improve the credit application process so that they can prepare for the meeting and share their ideas online.
  • Compares the proposals received from suppliers that have successfully implemented an automated credit application and credit vetting procedure. they discuss the benefits of the automated system.
  • Explains that members participate in activities that lead to a choice to adopt or reject the proposed automated system.
  • Explains that a solution is only an idea until it is put into effect. implementation requires planning, resources, and evaluation of the process. group participation stimulates creativity.
  • Explains that lack of processes may result in wasting of resources, attacking symptoms that persist until the source is found. problem solving methods are most effective when a series of steps are followed.
  • Explains that aramex south africa's strategy is to grow its international services and expand into global markets. to support the growth of this market segment, we need to adapt our credit vetting processes.
  • Explains the five stages in the innovation decision process that aramex can follow based on the work of everett rogers.

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Fundamental Decision Making Process Essay

A sequence of steps must be following in the decision-making process (Dunn, 2010). These include defining the problem, analyzing the problem, developing alternatives, evaluating the alternative and choosing the best, and finally taking action and following up (Dunn, 2010). According to Dunn (2010), the problem cannot be addressed until the true root of the problem has been defined. Once the source has been defined the next step is to gather

Zamzows Case Study Summary

Identify and sort out and summarize the problem(s). Decide which is the most important problem.

Rubik's Cube Research Paper

It seems like, everywhere we turn there is another problem just waiting to take us down. We see all sorts of problems in our society, and lots of them may take years and years to solve. But what is really cool, is that all problems are possible to solve, but there is one thing you must have when solving a problem.

Lululemon Company Case Study

For example, the case in Lululemon Company did not focus on the product issue that they have and blame the women’s body for it. If the company in every problem they face make a meeting to identify the problem or conceptual antecedent clearly of the challenge they have. Then, provide a brain storm for solutions and discuss the effectiveness of each solution. After that Management can decide which the best solution that drive the company to the company’s goals. Organization must train their employee to follow this process for any issues.

Sustainability: Benefiting the Bottom Line?

When needing to understand the true issue and coming to a valuable solution, time may be considered an enormous issue as implementation of a solution may require quick action.

Gallup Strength Analysis

Finding the right path when solving problems creates harmony for people around me. When people have problems, I assist them. Usually, I strategize a plan, thinking about the problem from my own perspective. When I realize my solution towards the problem, I can suggest my solution to them. However, I understand that I cannot solve all problems or my solutions may not work, but learning from experience and receiving knowledge design the right strategy to the problem. In addition, I can learn how people solve their problems in order to help my family and friends when they go through the same problem; noticing the pattern makes the challenge easier to solve. Then, I can lead people to the right

Schmidtco Case Study

Define the Problem: Describe the type of case and what problem(s) or issue(s) should be the focus for your analysis.

Theory Of Broken Windows Theory

Zhou, Q., Hirst, G., & Shipton, H. (2012). Promoting creativity at work: The role of problem-solving demand. Applied Psychology: An International Review, 61(1), 56-80. doi:10.1111/j.1464-0597.2011.00455.x

Explain The Challenges Facing Political Parties

In attempting to fix one problem, another problem could be worsened. Similarly, there are times when 2 problems are simultaneously solved, but the gamble is what lessens the potency of working out issues. An example can be taken from the issue of the nation’s recession. A proposed solution could be to simply print more money from the U.S. Mint, but this decreases the value of the dollar. So while problems, canonically, have simple solutions, they're more complicated than they seem.

Wicked Problem Essay

A wicked problem is defined as having “no stopping rule”, as well as being a “symptom of another problem” (Rittel, 1973). Food Security is said, by the World Health Organisation (2014), to be based on three pillars of, food availability, food access and food use. Meaning that the problem is multi-causal, as it relies on sufficient food quantities, sufficient resources to obtain appropriate foods, and appropriate use.

The Importance Of Group Decision Making

When an organization is looking for new creative ideas, they should ask their employees. The employees of the organization have an in depth look and are more understanding to the needs of the organization because it is where they work and are involved. Managers can call on a group of employees and together, they can come up with solutions for the organization. “Group decision making is a type of participatory process in which multiple individuals acting collectively, analyze problems or situations, consider and evaluate alternative courses of action, and select from among the alternatives a solution or solutions” (Group Decision Making, n.d.,para.1).

Discuss Data Gathering And Presentation Skills Of Consultants

If the problem is researchable it is best dealt with a group approach which was pioneered by Management Performance Concepts. Good research is usually started with a hypothesis provided by the client; the consultants then use their research skills and variety of data gathering methods to either reject or accept the hypothesis after analyzing the situation and then will provide recommendations. The group interchange often contributes well to the data collection process due to the creative and thought provoking verbal discussions that aim to ensure that relevant information is not excluded.

Importance Of Quality Improvement In Healthcare

Develop an action plan - outline ways to correct the root causes of the problem, specific actions to be taken, identify who, what,

Problem Solving In Program Management Case Study

Problem solving refers to the ability of an individual to apply knowledge and innovative ideas effectively, in order to identify, analyze, and frame solutions to problematic issues and challenges (Carson, 2007). The central role of problem solving in program management is that it drives an individual’s mental cognition to provide solutions that result in the making of decisions. Problem solving is not an exclusive responsibility of those occupying the executive suite. Many organizations seek to strengthen their position and competitive advantage, by cultivating problem solving skills in their workforce. Every individual in an organization needs to be prepared and equipped to meet the problem solving challenge (Marone, & Blauth, 2004). Nevertheless, the effectiveness of the problem solving abilities of program managers has been relatively underexplored. Relatively limited research has been conducted to help develop managers in project-oriented organizations (Smith, 2007; Bodea & Buchman, 2012). In the following sections, I classify different types of problems and problem solving abilities, and indicate how personality traits and problem solving ability may be related.

Potential Problem Analysis Essay

As previously mentioned, potential problem analysis or potential opportunity analysis was developed and introduced by Charles H. Kepner and Benjamin B. Tregoe as part of their initiatives to identify a suitable approach for problem-solving initiatives. Their work culminated in the publication of a book containing the problem-solving approach they had created, which included the

More about Problem Solving Essay

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Essay on The Problem Solving Process: Steps to Success

  • 4 Works Cited

Overcoming Obstacles Of Losing Goal Weight

Problem solving is when you want to obtain a specific goal however; you are not sure how to accomplish this goal without knowing or understanding all of the details that go into acquiring the goal according to Matlin (2013).

Explain The Use Of Different Problem Solving

Problem-solving involves decision-making is important in Management and job at Merseyside police on the CSI team involves a lot of problem-solving and decision-making. Well me are called out to investigate a crime scene taking samples such as DNA and other types of forensic evidence we have to decide if the evidence is relevant to hopefully catch the perpetrators and get a successful conviction. Making a good decision requires a combination of skills, clarity of judgement which is important in my job role. We recently had a meeting regarding problem solving and we identified seven steps to solve problems effectively.

The Problem Of Poverty In Miami County

We need to define the problem and determine where the root of the problem is. Then we find a solution to that problem and start to plan how we are going to implement that

Marine Corps Problem Solving Essay

Problem solving is defined as a process of finding solutions to difficult or complex issues. These issues occur almost daily for most people in the world. Most of the time we are conducting the steps to solve a problem without even realizing it. In the Marine Corps the number of issues that occur seems never ending, however, the steps of problem solving never change. I have been faced with multiple situations with in my career that have required me to use these problem solving methods and I am sure I will continue to come across issues even after my time in the Marine Corps. Nothing in life is ever simple the process of solving problems allows us to look at life in a different way. To me problem solving is a new look at our lives if we stop and think about the problem at hand it allows us to

Application Of A Assistant Position With Kohn Law Firm

What method or process you use for problem solving? When it comes to solving problems I tend to use the six step process. The first step is to identify the problem. Second step is to analyze the problem. Third step you must generate potential solutions. The Fourth step is for you to select and plan the solution. In step five a person has to implement the solution and the six step is to evaluate the solution. This

Ethical Leadership Decision-Making Process: Class Notes Essay example

Is a systematic approach to define a problem, develop possible solutions to solve the problem, arriving at the best solution, implementing the best solution.

The Steps Of Bradsford's IDEAL Model

In the 20th century, educators have dedicated their attention to trying to define and teach problem solving skills. In the early 1900s, problem solving was viewed as a mechanical, systematic, and often abstract set of skills, such as those used to solve riddles or mathematical equations. The given problems often have correct answers that are based on logical solutions with a single correct answer. Under the guidance of cognitive learning theories, problem solving shifted to represent a complex mental activity consisting of a variety of cognitive skills and actions. Problem solving included higher order thinking skills such as “visualization, association, abstraction, comprehension, manipulation, reasoning, analysis, synthesis, generalization—each

Persuasive Writing Process

1. Noticing; 2. Articulating a problem and its details; 3. Posing fruitful questions; 4. Identifying what is at stake. First, you must brainstorm and notice all important main points. Secondly identify

New England Medical Center Case Study Questions

Frame the Problems/Issues into a Decision Question: frame the major issues and/or problems around a key goal or objective, differentiating the long from the short-run. The question might be "What is the best course of action for this case in order to achieve X"? In some cases the goals may not be clear.

How To Build A Rope Bridge

When I think of a time that I was involved in creating a solution to a problem, I think back to when I went camping at Eagle's Landing and all of the scouts of our Boy Scout troop was attempting to build a rope bridge. This was a feat that we have never attempted before while camping and we all had little knowledge of what to do. We had the supplies that we needed with us, but we just needed to devise a plan to get the job done and that is what we did. Building a rope bridge isn't as simple as typing a rope to two trees on other sides of the river. We worked together to lay all of the supplies out on the ground and come up with a solution to this problem. Over the hour or two that we worked on it, we coordinated people on both sides of the

The Psychology Of Problem Solving

Problem solving; a cognitive process that involves identifying, thinking about, and solving issues presented to us. The main goal of problem solving is to overcome our everyday obstacles and to find a solution that resolves the issue in the best way possible.

The Importance Of Decision Making And Problem Solving

When challenged with a problem, the key question comes to your mind, “what would I do?” You as well want to analyze and scrutinize in what manner to resolve the problem and decide what sorts of steps needs to be taken to make sure that the issue is solved effectively. This is where the course of problem solving actions starts. When people solve problems and make quick decisions while they are under pressure, stressed and time is running out. Subsequently, when they bump into a different problem or a decision they need to make, often they respond with a decision that appeared to work

A Research Study On Metacognitive Behavior, Regulation, And Evaluation

It is also discussed that there have also been metacognitive Intervention Studies and Problem-Solving Performance Research on metacognitive activity of expert problem solvers. These studies have been used to identify strategies used by expert problem solvers and instructing other students to improve their mathematical problem –solving skills. Unfortunately, it has been difficult to distinguish if mathematical problem-solving skills improved due to interventions utilizing identified strategies or just by additional exposure to more problem-solving activities.

Steps For Solving Problem Solving

Despite the fact that business issues as a broken bit of apparatus or an angry client are promptly evident, numerous issues present themselves in a more unobtrusive design. For instance, if an association 's general deal is expanding, however, its rate of piece of the overall industry is declining, there is no consideration snatching occurrence to demonstrate that an issue exists. In any case, the critical thinking system is still useful in dissecting the present situation and adding to an administration, mediation to manage the firm toward the future fancied state.

Problems Faced By Globalization And Technological Advances

With the fast paced work culture, managers tend to ignore minor problems which might later have a serious adverse effect on the organisation. Based on the suggestions made by Nickerson, Yen, and Mahoney (2011) for effective problem-solving, the first step I would take towards solving an organisational problem, is to accept the fact that the problem exists. My next target would be adopting an effective methodology to go about the problem solving process. Current research in the problem solving techniques points towards a 4 step process, as being effective. Based on the research carried out by Szarucki (2013) and Hunsaker and Alessandra (2008), I would adopt this 4 phase process,

Applying Problem Solving Techniques Problem Solution Essay

Solutions by persuasive thinking, solutions by scientific thinking.

Considering the “Customer Service” situation, it is common for a consumer to engage employees who are never mindful of the customer satisfaction or the loyalty. The food industries suffer strongly from such situations where employees especially the service men/women treat clients negligently as if they were a burden to their work.

Sometimes the employees become rude or obnoxious. It is often easy to find or hear advertisements state that ‘the customer can have the services their way,’ but this is a rare occurrence. The customer services seem to be on a downhill trend today. This paper considers a situation of rude treatment of the customers by the food industries employees. What solutions can be applicable in such situations? The paper applies both the persuasive and scientific thinking as the solution to the situation.

Customers’ satisfaction and customer loyalty are two quite different but logically utilized business concepts in food service industries, as very important marketing strategies. According to the industrial experts, when the customer is satisfied, the business gains a huge leap on their faith and thus the continual loyalty.

Marketing and customer relationship is achievable when the service experts such as the waiters/waitress use strategic approaches to ensure customer satisfaction. In line with Crowder et al (2007), this is a logical counter measure to retaining customers as well as maximizing business profits.

Today, logical marketing entails rationality as opposed to the common transitional approach of advertising. According to the American Marketing Association (2008), marketing is a function of an organization, which involves the process of creating and respecting customers’ values in persuasion of their requests for services.

It also entails friendly correspondence and deliveries as a measure of managing or ensuring good relationships for maximum benefits. In accordance with Harker and Egan, (2006), the persuasive style/approach of offering services is more acceptable as a modern style of enhancing business growth. In close link to Kotler and Keller (2009), the logical Customer Relationship Management (CRM), is more preferable and chosen as a top priority approach among most companies worldwide.

It incorporates the use of independent reasoning, to solve small and simple occasional scenarios involving consumer’s demands. In connection to Kotler and Keller (2009), the strategy of CRM has a foundation of the additional personnel knowledge penetrating the involved sectors with the aim of strengthened relationship.

Today the use of logical value added services such as smiling expressions during service, use of polite and friendly words, showing concern and assurance communication is important for enhancing consumer satisfaction. According to Kotler and Keller’s writing (2009), to harness the success of CRM, the stakeholders ought to be educated; the idea behind the approach should ensure value of persuasive thinking as a strategic innovation to retain the customer.

On the other hand, the scientific thinking of the case scenario entails a way of enhancing or ensuring the firm-to-customer relationship. Scientific theories of marketing indicate that customer satisfaction relates to results, while loyalty links to relationships, and this is achievable thought improved customer relationship management system.

From the scientific point-of-view, if the customers are repeatedly satisfied with goods or services, they are likely to become truly loyal and easily overcome the negative occasional impacts or business challenges. Satisfied customers may not necessarily be or remain loyal, but existence of a management system to strengthened relationship with them especially for the Small and Medium Sized Enterprises enhances the loyalty (Baas and Schrooten, 2006).

The scientific thinking indicates that the business can gain economically by establishing the value for customer satisfaction, ensuring that the business revolves around the customer’s interests and considering the key elements that accelerate their loyalty. Today it is eminent for businesses to identify the segments that the customers tend to have greater value upon by finding the satisfaction elements that may control decisions regarding their needs. (Kotler and Keller, 2009, 3)

Scientifically the business is also able to manage its relationship with the customer by ensuring good focus on customer’s needs as a business strategy or objective. Reinventing the interactions with the customers ensures proper support especially to the highly valued clients. The business also have the role of ensuring existence of a well trained, motivated and organized personnel, with the ability to support all the customer’s needs.

Scientifically a food industry can integrate customer information to have a comprehensive view of their needs and thus ensure satisfaction. The company can capitalize on self-service concepts through accurate and rapid response to needs. The technological advancement can be of help in understanding customers’ needs and measuring relationship progress.

The technology ought to provide the customer’s data source through various channels for analysis. The provision for satisfaction across the wide range of customer’s interactions is another key determinant of a firm’s success. The customer relationship management has to focus on supporting specific business financial objectives for it to have a positive impact on business profitability or customer satisfaction.

The concepts behind this management mainly regard client satisfaction, especially during the current robust technological platforms, customer retention necessities, accelerated growth over the competitors and higher returns. Logical persuasive strategies in the food industry involve consideration of the factor that requires immediate personal thought and address in connection to specific scenarios, in order to maintain a strong customer relationship.

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Kotler, P., & Keller, K. (2009). A framework for Marketing Management ( fourth Ed). Journal of Information Technology Case and Application Research (JITCAR), 11, 3 Georgia, GA: Ivy League Publishing.

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  • Kotler and Levy’s Ideas
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  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Social CRM
  • Inner Power: Didion and Keller's Viewpoints
  • Implementing and Monitoring CRM Training
  • Achieving and Monitoring CRM Concepts
  • Competitive Positions in Us Laundry Detergent Industry
  • The Feasibility Analysis for the Ropeless Dog Lead
  • Marketing Unpopular Products
  • Internet Marketing Communication Strategies
  • Coca-Cola Company Marketing Dynamics
  • The elements of the marketing mix

Steps in Problem-Solving Strategy

Introduction, stages in a problem-solving strategy.

In professional and education and indeed in general everyday life, we encounter a myriad of problems that requires us to solve. A problem, therefore, can be described as a gap that separates the present state from the desired state (Davidson & Sterberg, 2003). This state produces on one hand a degree of uncertainty and actions towards looking for a solution on the other. Problem-solving is the process of looking for the appropriate course of action to reach the desired goals. Strategies to problem-solving provoke a learner to adopt mental structures that lead to problem solutions. One such strategy is of the OECD-PISA report (DuBrin, 2006) described below.

The first stage involves understanding the problem at hand. At this stage, enough time should be spent because it is important. This involves an understanding of the actual problem and all its aspects and then defining or describing it completely. It includes an understanding of the problem text; diagrams; formulas and tabular information; making deductions from them; and comparing information from other sources. Concepts should also be well comprehended. Secondly, characterization of the problem is done. This encompasses identifying the problem variables and their relationships; deciding which ones are relevant; building hypotheses and critically analyzing background information established. At this stage, analysis of related problems and how they were solved is very important as it gives insight into the problem at hand and how to go about solving it. One should be careful to consider a related problem otherwise, misidentification of wrong related problems can occur which can lead to wrong resolution strategies.

The third step is solving the problem. This stage includes making decisions, designing a structure to meet certain established goals, identifying and proposing a resolution. Previously identified parts such as a hypothesis, variables, and their relationships, concepts, and information is brought together to form a whole. Various approaches to solve the problem decided on are related to the tasks ahead completely such as the top-down, bottom-up approaches.

Reflecting on the solution is the next stage in problem-solving. This includes scrutinizing the solution, providing additional information, or elucidating and analyzing the solutions from different viewpoints so that they become more acceptable. This stage attempts to reorganizing and optimizing the solution. At this stage, we ask ourselves whether we would solve the problem the same way next time, how other people solved it, and the different viewpoints of the solution. Finally, communicating the problem solution is done. This stage will involve choosing the best media and representation for articulating and communicating solutions we have come up with to an outside audience. The role of communicating is to help others to detect problems that did not have solutions or were not understood, give the audience to reflect on the solution, and make inputs into it for the purpose of improving it and adding to the pool of knowledge about the problematic aspects that already exists.

Problem-solving is the process of looking for the appropriate course of action to reach the desired goals. Strategies to problem-solving provoke a learner to adopt mental structures that lead to problem solutions. There are various stages to a problem-solving strategy which include: understanding the problem; characterizing the problem; solving the problem; Reflecting on the solution; and finally, communicating the problem solution (Pennings, 1986).

Davidson, J. E & Sterberg, R. J. (2003). The Psychology of Problem Solving . Cambridge Univesity Press.

DuBrin, A. J. (2006). Applying Psychology: Individual & Organizational Effectiveness. Academic Internet Publishers Incorporated.

Pennings, J. M. (1986). Decision making: an organizational behavior approach. Markus Wiener Publishers.

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A Quick Guide To Writing An Awesome Problem-Solution Essay

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Table of Contents

Life without problems is like a dish without the appropriate spices and seasoning. And while many believe problems to be an illusion of the mind, they ( certainly ) make our existence flavoursome and interesting. 

That said, one must never have too many problems, or their existence can become mind-numbing and even catastrophic. And, whenever a problem arises, one must have the wits and presence of mind to resolve them before it turns ugly and gets out of control.

Academic experts state, ‘The key to solving the problem at hand is to understand the problem properly. The answers or hints to solving the issue lie within the problem. One needs to pay attention and figure it out.’

Of course, problem-solving is a skill that must be honed with proper academic knowledge, general awareness and intelligenceand emotional quotient .   

Moreover, the vital steps to solving any problem are –

  • Identifying the problem
  • Analysing the problem
  • Describing the problem

The Practice of Writing Problem-Solving Essays for Improving Skills

Colleges and universities assign problem-solving essays to students to test and improve their problem-solving competence. 

Such essays comprise topics or questions pertaining to a specific or trending problem. And the goal of students is to understand and analyse the problem presented and recommend ways to solve it through their writing. 

For students who haven’t written a problem-solving essay, these writing pieces comprise 4 critical components – 

  • The situation
  • The problem
  • The solution
  • An evaluation of the problem

Typically, the situation of the problem is explained in the Introduction of the essay, while the problem’s evaluation is presented in the conclusion. The body is where the writer unveils the problem and presents solutions to resolving it. 

A problem-solving essay is similar in structure to a cause-and-effect essay. And the form of writing resembles a persuasive essay- where the writer endeavours to convince the readers to care about the problem, present a solution aptly complemented with facts, data, statistics, etc. and dismantle any arising objections or counterarguments. 

Problem Solution Essay Outline

How to write a problem solution essay step-by step explanation.

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

Problem-solving essays ( like any other form of descriptive write-up ) comprise a success formula. The proposed solution must be implementable without hassle and end the problem completely. 

Also, while presenting the problem’s solution, avoid all vagaries and stick to the particular issue with relevant courses of action. 

Moreover, avoid presenting farfetched or unrealistic notions when writing a problem-solving essay. Ensure the presented solution is rational and feasible. 

If you’re struggling to figure out how to write a problem-solution essay, don’t sweat it. 

Below are useful tips and insights to make your writing endeavours easy and ( even ) enjoyable.

So, pay close attention!

Step 1 – Introduce the Problem 

(As discussed)  A problem-solving essay comprises 4 crucial elements. And the Introduction is where you introduce the problem to your readers. 

Of course, before the Introduction, you must figure out what problem and solution you wish to highlight to your readers.  

So, sort many problem solution essay topics and pick one  (either on a trending problem or a rare issue having few discussions and fewer recommended solutions).

For instance, if your topic is Immigration problems, you must introduce the topic and make the readers aware of your essay’s intentions. After introducing and describing the problem ( mainly what it is ), you must write why it is important to solve the presented problem. 

Once you have expressed reasons for solving the issue as rationally as feasible, you must craft the thesis statement – describing the proposed solution to the presented problem. Of course, you don’t have to write in detail ( as you will eventually do that in the body ). So, succinctly state the solution in 1-2 sentences. 

Many students make the mistake of blandly describing the problem. DON’T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE if it’s your maiden attempt to write a problem and solution essay!

To arrest their attention and sustain it throughout the essay, you must describe the problem and the solution from the reader’s eyes. Thus, introduce the subject in a way that titillates their interests. 

You can include a heart-touching narrative, an eye-opening statistic about the problem or a compelling statement on how the problem morphed from something mundane and insignificant to something more serious. And explain how acknowledging and vesting in the proposed solution is a worthwhile cause for everyone. 

Remember that the introduction must leave the readers hungry and wanting more. If you can do that, you set the stage and mood for the audience to rummage through the entire piece. 

Step 2 – Create an Outline for the problem’s SOLUTION

Once you’ve drafted and compiled the perfect Introduction, shift to the focal part of the essay – the BODY.

Ideally, the body must comprise 3 or 4 stanzas  (depending on the topic and explanatory length for the solution). 

Always begin with clarity when writing the body. Explain the solution lucidly so that anyone can follow. Present as much information, data, numeric statistics and visual references as feasible when explaining the solution. Also, point in detail  (with substantiating evidence ) why readers must consider it important. 

However, avoid jargon and lengthy sentences when presenting your viewpoints. While you must make the body as info-rich as possible- avoid wordiness!

Another thing worth mentioning is the use of the final body stanza to justify potential counterarguments on the shared solution. Readers have a mind of their own. They like making their assumptions. Hence, some readers may respond adversely to the shared solution and present counterarguments to thwart yours. 

Anticipate counterarguments and have your cross-counter logic ready to nullify any criticisms or rebuttals from indifferent readers. 

It will make the essay multi-dimensional and enriching for the readers! However, when presenting cross-counter logic, be sure the supporting evidence is strong, persuasive and impactful. Or else it will be a wasted effort and even result in some readers discrediting your work or labelling it controversial for real-time implementation.

Step 3 – Aptly Cite Evidence as You Go Along

You must use several web sources when writing the essay. So, while you write, look to cite the evidence as you go along. You must cite research studies, relevant statistics, expert opinions and other journals and articles on the topic. 

If you are explaining a new solution that’s unexplored thus far, you must back it with hard-core facts and data. You must also write in detail why the recommended solution ( even though new ) will prove mighty effective in solving the presented problem. 

Step 4 – Conclude the Essay

After explaining the solution in the body and citing all sources correctly throughout the essay, wrap things up. Re-state the thesis statement. But don’t copy-paste it from above. Rephrase fresh without altering its meaning. 

Following the thesis statement, explain the steps necessary to solve the problem presented. Paint a clear picture of how the world would be once the proposed solution solves the existing problem. 

To persuade your readers, you can try using rhetorical questions like – 

  • Doesn’t this sound like the world we would all want to be a part of?
  • Doesn’t solving this long-sustained problem make us feel good and prideful?

Such questions invoke emotions among readers and, most times, make them want to respond or take a meaningful call to action. And so, they should for that’s the whole point!

After you trigger a response among your readers, request them to support and endorse the solution unbeknownst to others. Word of mouth has immense power and reach. So, ensure your final message is compelling enough for the audience to take your stance. 

You can also explain the  ‘what if situation’ for more impact.

Don’t add any new information in the conclusion. It only creates confusion and uncertainty in the reader’s mind. Keep sentences short and to the point. Also, suggest resources where readers can learn more about the presented problem and solution. Or give them a hint of the possibility of further future research. 

Now that you have a basic idea of how to write a problem solution essay, let’s discuss how to choose problem solution essay topics!

Here’s How to Choose the Best Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Choose a problem that’s interesting, unique or prevalent globally.
  • Ensure the topic is not too expansive or narrow.
  • The problem must comprise loads of research data, arguments and evidence. 
  • The problem must pertain to a wide audience  (something that adversely influences their daily lives)
  • The problem must also comprise sufficient information on its solution (s) and must provide ample substantiating evidence to support the proposal.

Ideally, a problem-solution essay must emphasise real-world concerns like a national/international threat  (like climate change, global warming, animal slaughter, economic instability, income inequality, etc.)

Even if you don’t pick a world-threatening concern but rather portray a mundane concern, ensure the topic is compelling enough for the readers. The problem must make the audience care about it and that finding solutions to solving the issue would make life better for everyone. 

Let’s make things easier for you! Below, we have indexed 100 problem-solving essay topics to take ideas from.

100 Problem-Solving Essay Topics to Inspire You

  • How to solve poverty?
  • How to lessen the number of people living below the poverty line?
  • What steps must be taken to provide affordable housing to low-income individuals?
  • How does one deal with illegal immigration?
  • What steps must be taken to stop racism worldwide?
  • How to stop teenagers from using drugs?
  • How can one stop divorces?
  • How can one keep a check on the alarming increase in gun violence?
  • What steps must be adopted to improve literary rates in India?
  • How can one stop illegal human trafficking?
  • How can one help individuals who are victims of family violence?
  • Why women are susceptible to prone to sexual violence, rape and prejudice?
  • How does one prevent merciless animal experimentation worldwide?
  • How does one stop kids from being adversely influenced by porn, violent shows, movies, video games, etc.?
  • How does one exercise their civic right to speech without getting violated or insulting anyone?
  • How can one improve unemployment rates in India?
  • What steps must be adopted to prevent problems of online data mining?
  • How can one put a stop to currency terrorism?
  • How can one prevent sexual assaults on college campuses?
  • Undocumented immigration- how to resolve the issue?
  • How can one thwart mass shootings? Is technology a potential solution to this prevalent evil?
  • How must officials address the problem of police brutality?
  • What problems prevent suicidal people from getting help? What’s the solution to this prevent concern?
  • Why do students procrastinate, and how can parents prevent it from happening?
  • How do players prevent severe injuries that force them to take long gaps from competitive sporting action?
  • What policies must the governments levy to prevent the burden on learners post-graduation?
  • What is the problem of unfit and illiterate parents raising kids in this modern era? 
  • How can colleges be more affordable and accommodating to students from low-income families?
  • How do students pay for private colleges themselves?
  • How can students become better exam takers?
  • What steps should be taken to make colleges and universities safer?
  • How to prevent drug use and abuse within college and university campuses?
  • How to tackle a student who habitually cuts and harms themselves at college and university campuses?
  • How to prevent the issue of kids’ obesity?
  • What steps must schools and parents take to prevent kids from cheating in examinations?
  • How to tackle disruptive, violent and misbehaving students who are also exceptionally talented?
  • How to support and help kids failing all class tests and even term examinations?
  • How can college and university faculty prevent teasing, abuse and violence towards introverts and shy kids?
  • What steps must be taken for students getting pregnant in high school or college?
  • Role of parents to aid their children from eating ailments?
  • What steps must be taken to increase the rate of adopted children?
  • Plagiarism consequences and how can students avoid it in their assignments?
  • What steps can be taken to prevent young people from ageing out in kids’ welfare systems without having a chance to art a family of their own?
  • How can parents help their children overcome mental illness?
  • Are today’s children better liars? How can parents prevent kids from frequently lying?
  • How can newbie drivers be trained better?
  • The problem of road rage – causes and steps to prevent it?
  • Traffic violations and prevention measures
  • Why do some people drive like idiots?
  • How does one avert DUI and deaths due to drunken driving?
  • How can families help kids suffering from severe depression?
  • Forceful abortion? Should it be allowed to continue? Also, provide solutions to stopping this evil deed.
  • Medicare funding problems and Solutions for Improvement
  • Sexual abuse in the movie industry and how to prevent it?
  • Preventing sexual abuse of children
  • How can one reduce truancy?
  • Domestic violence and how to prevent it?
  • The problem of absent parents and its negative impact on children
  • The issue of parental separation and its adverse effect on kids
  • The problem of socioeconomic reality as modern slavery
  • The problem of the nuclear family and its impact on a child’s behaviour
  • The prevalent issue of African American discrimination in workplaces worldwide
  • Global warming and its ill- effects on polar regions
  • What is the problem of deforestation, and what steps to prevent it?
  • Global warming- is our planet under severe threat?
  • Illegal poaching and its impact on the economy? Suggest solutions to prevent this heinous crime.
  • Cyberterrorism – A severe threat without a face!
  • The problem of legal lumbering and what heavy penalties must be levied?
  • Narcissistic individuals- dangers of being around them and tips to tackling them?
  • The problem with Laws on environmental protection
  • Water pollution and how to prevent it from happening further
  • The adverse effects of air pollution and how can government officials take steps to prevent them
  • How can government officials reduce toxic emissions that pollute the environment?
  • Treating obesity- is using specific plant extracts a viable solution
  • Does obesity classify as a lifestyle malady?
  • What is Hypertension, and how does salt affect blood pressure?
  • What are the major causes and symptoms of Hypertension?
  • Is Atherosclerosis a stress-caused ailment? How does one prevent it from manifesting?
  • Is Iron a causal factor for Atherosclerosis?
  • Constipation and how can one overcome it?
  • Gastric ulcers and suggestions to diagnose it
  • Problems of legalising marijuana
  • How to manage conflict among workplace groups?
  • Problems and Risks of Online Dating
  • The Problem of Selfish Behaviours in Kids- What can parents do?
  • What is the problem of body shaming, and what ways to prevent it?
  • The issue of the gender wage gap and how to stop it
  • White collar crimes and how to prevent it
  • Police Brutality and its Steps for Prevention
  • Dangers of real estate fraud and steps to solve it
  • The dangers of inflation and how to stop it
  • What are the adverse effects of globalisation, and what steps to control it?
  • How to decrease the problem of consumer debt?
  • The problem of consumerism and its possible solutions
  • How to prevent ageism discrimination?
  • The risks of abusive relationships and tips to come out of it
  • How to develop confidence in students lacking thereof?
  • Marital rape and steps to prevent such unholy deeds
  • How to solve the issue of technical illiteracy in India?
  • Child labour and steps to prevent it

Problem Solution Essay Structure

For a problem-solution essay, there are 2 methods of structuring. And they share a resemblance to a cause-and-effect essay. 

The Two Methods Entail –

Block Structure

  • Block Structure (listing out all problems first in individual stanzas followed by recommended solutions to those problems)
  • Chain Structure (listing out each problem immediately followed by the solution in the same stanza. Depending on the number of problems presented and solutions, one can adjust the body stanza accordingly)

Example of Problem Solution Essay

Most students learn something best through referable examples of the task itself. 

So, here’s an example of a problem-solution essay on the topic coverage –  “Poor Fitness & Obesity.”

Also, to fill you in, the example adheres to the block structure entailing problem (s) and solution (s) to the problem (s) in separate stanzas accompanied by the Introduction ( with thesis statement of the situation ) and conclusion in the end ( featuring a brief evaluation of the essay ).

Let’s begin!

Topic – Poor Fitness & Obesity.

Obesity is a major problem for all age groups in a population. And much of that is our problem. Excessive consumption of processed and convenient foods and over-reliance on cars has decreased people’s fitness level and stamina. In some nations, obesity accounts for nearly a third of the population .  (Situation)   The increasing rate of obesity also leads to poor lifestyles and a lessening of one’s life expectancy  (Problem) , and it’s imperative that governing bodies and health experts must play a more dominant role in tackling this prevalent problem and recommend ways and mediums to help citizens better their fitness.  ( Solution ) 

(Thesis Statement will be the final line of the Introduction)

(As you can see, the stanza explains the situation, the problem, how it concerns people, and why they must look to adopt change).

Poor fitness and obesity are also the roots of many serious ailments, including diabetes, heart disease, stroke and premature expiration. Moreover, obesity and poor fitness also lessen bone strength, structure and breaking or fracturing risks in the event of any physical injuries. However, health specialists believe the best way to reduce obesity and improve fitness is via proper exercise. Doing so reduces heart disease risks like strokes.  (Problem)

  Health experts also state adopting a better nutritional diet and physical activity increases life expectancy rates. Consumption of processed foods and drinks and high sugar and fat content is a big NO. Instead, one must prepare meals featuring fresh meat, fish, eggs, etc. They must consume lots of fresh fruits and vegetables to boost their nutritional intake, cut down excessive fat and reduce obesity levels. Besides changing to a healthier diet, people must also walk, jog, and sprint in their free time. Alternatively, they can cycle to work or run errands rather than relying on their car or motorbikes. They can use the stairs frequently rather than the office or home elevator. Also, people can stop consuming excessive alcohol or drinks with artificial flavouring. Instead, they can opt for green tea, lemonade, black coffee, or water. Adopting these meaningful changes can certainly help people overcome their obesity issues and augment their overall fitness levels.  (Solution)

Other stanzas must follow the same format (Problem followed by the solution to the problem). Add data, facts and other supporting evidence to add more depth to your essay.

What to Avoid When Writing Your Problem-Solution Essay?

Making mistakes are part and parcel of the learning phase. One cannot learn what’s right if they don’t learn what’s wrong. 

For better clarity, here are some common mistakes to avoid when working on your problem solution essay.

  • Don’t make your essay merely a list of problems and solutions. Expand on them using separate stanzas complemented with accurate facts, data and research evidence. Even your professor wants you to pick a few relevant problems on the topic coverage and expand on them using examples, data and lucid explanations.
  • Don’t mismatch problems with wrong solutions. Focus on what you’re writing and avoid anything out of context. Create an essay where the readers easily identify and relate to specific problems and their appropriate solutions in individual paragraphs. 
  • Don’t mention a problem that you can’t find a proper solution. Even if the issue is unique and interesting, it does no good if you can’t present viable solutions. It will only result in wasted effort, valuable time, and energy loss.
  • Don’t forget to create a bibliography ( citation index ) at the end of your essay. Also, don’t forget to include your original research on the problem. It will add more credence to your essay.

That brings us to the end of this comprehensive guide!

If you seek a pre-crafted problem solution essay sample in addition to the above information,  has a rich resource database with many problem-solution essay samples.

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Georgia Taylor

Georgia Taylor

Hi, I am Georgia Taylor. I am a certified midwife nurse. Though I am a nurse by profession, I could never let my passion for reading and writing subside. Caring for ailing people gives me as much joy as does helping out students trying to earn their degrees. While working hard during my MSN days, I saw how my non-native batch mates struggled to work on English essays and assignments. As much as their dreams of getting into the medical field mattered to them, their struggle with English essay tasks was real and challenging. That's what ignited the desire to be a guide to such people. From helping my fellows to becoming a part-time English essay writer, the journey has been quite exciting. As my profession teaches us for being kind, that's my way of abiding by this responsibility. 

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Problem/Solution Essays

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In this chapter you will write a problem/solution essay. To write a problem/solution essay, think about a problem that you have experienced and how it could be fixed.

A problem/solution essay is written to explain the solution(s) for a problem. This essay can describe multiple solutions or one “ideal” solution to the problem you describe.

problem solving techniques essay

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