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case studies with answer

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case studies with answer

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Case studies

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Case study 1.

Calculations: Calculate the client's target heart rate using the Karvonen formula.

Training Program: Design a 12-week periodized training program for the client described in the Client Profile. Be very specific as you design the training program. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your full comprehension of the information and concepts discussed throughout the course. List the types of exercise, duration, sets, reps, rest intervals, and so on.

Include the following in your case study submission:

Keep in mind that a client should be able to take your program and put it into practice without having to contact you to clarify what you intended by your recommendations or to explain parts of your program.

Don't forget your explanation for WHY you listed and recommended what you did. Reference the concepts and theories covered in the course. Be sure to address why the program and exercises recommended are appropriate for the specific client given the clientÕs history, current abilities, and intended goal(s). For example: if you are developing a program for a beginner client without any resistance training experience, explain how your program addresses the lack of experience, initial need for foundational development, process by which you would safely progress the client, etc. Tying your program to course concepts is a critical component of your case study.

Review the Client Profile below.

Client Profile: Jamie Summers

Gender: Female

Resting Heart Rate: 90 bpm

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 165 lb

Body Fat Percentage: 35%

Background and Goals: Jamie is a working mother of three teenagers. She has not been consistently active for many years. She was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure, which is likely caused by her high-stress corporate job and physical inactivity. She also has an affinity for processed and sugary foods. Jamie was recently told by her doctor that she needs to start exercising, eating better, and just simply taking better care of herself or else she is on her way to additional health problems. Jamie will be attending her oldest daughterÕs high school graduation in three months and wants to use the event as a goal date in which to make significant progress in her health.

Case Study 2

Client Profile: Diana Prince

Resting Heart Rate: 75 bpm

Body Fat Percentage: 31%

Background and Goals: Diana is a 37-year-old mother of two children. She used to exercise fairly consistently (mostly jogging and light aerobic activities) before having kids. Ever since she had her first child 9 years ago, she has not been very active. Diana has her 20-year high school reunion coming up in 3 months (12 weeks). She would like to look and feel her best and is eager and willing to spend the next 12 weeks doing what she can to change her body.

case studies with answer

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case studies with answer

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case studies with answer

Hi😄😄Your work is complete. Please download your paper. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask.😉😉😉😉 Surname1 Name: Course: Tutor: Date: Case Study Name: Jamie Summers Age: 53 years Gender: Female Resting heart rate: 90bpm Height: 5’5’’ Weight: 165lb Body fat%: 35% Target heart rate at 60% and 80%: 136b/m-152b/m A. In a bid to help Jamie in her goal to keep in shape with her daughter’s graduation coming in three months, there is an importance of insisting on a need for commitment in the activities to ensure success. In the first day there will be an establishment of a fee and filling of a health history form for Jamie, and the next meeting will be scheduled. Based on Jamie’s unfitness and hypertensive situation, there will be a need to explain to her that there will be a check of blood pressure and an aerobic fitness test every month. Monitoring of blood pressure will be a safety concern and the aerobic fitness test will assist in encouraging and resetting of training goals. Based on the medical history in the next meeting, there will be a consultation with the Surname2 doctor for acknowledgment of the program. However, if the history does not pose any concerns, an exercise limitation will be set and exercise commenced. Body weight, circumference, and body fat percentage will be taken to help in tracking progress. B. Based on the sedentary lifestyle that comes with Jamie’s non-physical work, there is a need to build her physical activity targets over the weeks from 10-20 minutes of physical activity daily in the first week. Through this, there will be a reduction in potential muscle soreness and fatigue that would hinder targets in the work-out plan. If the initial level is very easy for Jamie, there will be an increase in the intensity and duration. Based on her target heart rate, there will be a reduction or an increase in the intensity of the exercise component. Due to her weight of 165lb, walking was chosen as the best option of physical activity in place of weight bearing. PROGRAM Five times of aerobic exercises five times per week for 20 minutes (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday) • 5-10 minutes of dynamic stretching for the whole body to improve the heart rate. • Track walking or on a treadmill for 20 minutes. • 5-10 minutes of cooling down with a slow walking to gradually decrease the heart rate but keep the muscles moving to avoid cramping. • Static Stretching for 10 minutes that involves the whole body Resistance training Two times a week (Monday & Friday) after the aerobic exercise to improve Jamie’s muscular endurance and technique. There is a minute of rest in every exercise. While one muscle group is at rest, the other is worked by alternations of the exercises in every set. Surname3 • Leg extension 3×10 • Leg curls 3×10 • Bench Press 3×12 • Row 3×12 • Dumbbell shoulder 3×12 • Triceps kickbacks 3×12 • Bicep curls 3×12 • Abdominal crunches 4×10 • Side crunches 4×10 • Back extensions 3×10 • Cool down/stretch After 12 weeks of this program, Jamie should expect a weight reduction and a cardiovascular endurance with increased responsiveness to antihypertensive. C. In a dietary measure, Jamie will have to reduce her excessive carbohydrate intake, and increase her intake of potassium, magnesium and calcium. A great contributor of high blood pressure is high blood sugar and insulin resistance (Goldstein). Through a reduction of the carbohydrates, hypertension will be in check. In her diet she will include daily products like ghee, butter and cheese and at least one pound of fatty fish every week. Ghee and butter contain vitamin K2 that allows the storage of calcium in bones instead of the arteries where it causes vascular stiffness and calcification (Stevens, Obarzanek and Cook). She will have to avoid high sodium levels in her food and include beets in her diet. Beets have an inorganic Surname4 nitrate that helps in blood vessel dilatation and therefore an improvement in high blood pressure (Peltonen and Wedel). Case study 2 Name: Diana Prince Age: 37 Gender: Female Resting heart rate: 75 bpm Height: 5’5’’ Weight: 165lb Target heart rate in 60% and 80%: 140b/m-161b/m Body fat percentage: 31% A. In a bid to help Diana keep in shape with her coming high school re-union, there will be a need to reduce her current weight to a healthy state. As a routine, the professional role will be to conduct a medical history to determine any medical condition that may interfere with the exercise. As a start, there will be taking of weight, circumference, and body fat circumference to help in tracking of the progress. B. In a weight loss plan for Diana, there will be an involvement of both cardiovascular exercises and resistance training. In this way, there will be burning of calories as much as possible to attain the required weight. Cardiovascular exercises are able to burn a lot of calories and, therefore, this work-out plan for Diana will be centered on cardio. Diana will start with swimming based on her current weight and exercise with the elliptical machine Surname5 since it allows more calorie burn as is with jogging but on a lesser intensity. It will also help to exercise for long since it makes exercise feel easier than jogging/running. Diana will include resistance exercise that will focus on muscle building. Three resistance workouts will be done per week and will include core (abs and back), upper body (arms and shoulders), and a total body work-out. Every work-out will require 30 minutes with the necessities being a stability ball, a resistance band, and two pairs of dumbbells of 5-10lbs and 10-20ls.They will then be followed by a short cardio work-out. A warm-up plan for 510 minutes before work-out and stretching after work-out. C. According to Women’s health and fitness, (2013), one is required to do the following to keep healthy and reduce calorie intake while on a plan to lose weight (W). • Record everything eaten in a food diary. This helps in monitoring the calories taken. • Eat less to help in boosting of metabolism • Drinking much water to help prevent dehydration • Instead of concentrating on grams of nutrients, she should concentrate on the percentages especially on food labels • A daily calorie intake of 30% of fat should be insisted to ensure that what is lost is greater than what is eaten. Week 1 Week 2 Mon Tue Wed...

case studies with answer

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case studies with answer

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ANSWERS--Cardiovascular Mini Case Studies 2011

case studies with answer

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