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Paper Presentation

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How to Prepare a Paper Presentation

Last Updated: April 21, 2023 References Approved

This article was co-authored by Patrick Muñoz . Patrick is an internationally recognized Voice & Speech Coach, focusing on public speaking, vocal power, accent and dialects, accent reduction, voiceover, acting and speech therapy. He has worked with clients such as Penelope Cruz, Eva Longoria, and Roselyn Sanchez. He was voted LA's Favorite Voice and Dialect Coach by BACKSTAGE, is the voice and speech coach for Disney and Turner Classic Movies, and is a member of Voice and Speech Trainers Association. There are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. This article received 12 testimonials and 80% of readers who voted found it helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 346,879 times.

A paper is bad enough, but presentations are even more nerve-wracking. You've got the writing down, but how do you turn it into a dynamic, informative, enjoyable presentation? Why, here's how!

Guidelines and Audience

Image titled Prepare a Paper Presentation Step 1

  • Know how long the speech must be.
  • Know how many points you're required to cover.
  • Know if you must include sources or visuals.

Image titled Prepare a Paper Presentation Step 2

  • If you're presenting to people you know, it'll be easy to know what to break down and what to gloss over. But if you're presenting to unknown stockholders or faculty, for instance, you need to know about them and their knowledge levels, too. You may have to break your paper down into its most basic concepts. Find out what you can about their backgrounds.

Image titled Prepare a Paper Presentation Step 3

  • Does the facility have a computer and projector screen?
  • Is there a working WiFi connection?
  • Is there a microphone? A podium?
  • Is there someone who can assist you in working the equipment before your presentation?

Script and Visuals

Image titled Prepare a Paper Presentation Step 4

  • Only have one point per notecard -- that way you won't end up searching the notecard for your information. And don't forget to number the cards in case you get mixed up! And the points on your cards shouldn't match your paper; instead of regurgitating information, discuss why the key points of your paper are important or the different points of view on this topic within the field.

Image titled Prepare a Paper Presentation Step 5

  • As you go through this outline, remove any jargon if it may not be understood.

Image titled Prepare a Paper Presentation Step 6

  • If you won't have access to the proper technology, print visual aids on poster board or foam-core board.
  • If using presentation software, use words sparingly, but enough to get your point across. Think in phrases (and pictures!), not sentences. Acronyms and abbreviations are okay on the screen, but when you talk, address them fully. And remember to use large fonts -- not everyone's vision is fantastic. [7] X Research source

Image titled Prepare a Paper Presentation Step 7

  • It's okay to be a bit repetitive. Emphasizing important ideas will enhance comprehension and recall. When you've gone full circle, cycle back to a previous point to lead your audience to the right conclusion.
  • Minimize the unnecessary details (the procedure you had to go through, etc.) when highlighting the main ideas you want to relay. You don't want to overload your audience with fluff, forcing them to miss the important stuff.
  • Show enthusiasm! A very boring topic can be made interesting if there is passion behind it.

Practice, Practice, and More Practice

Image titled Prepare a Paper Presentation Step 8

  • If you can grab a friend who you think has a similar knowledge level to your audience, all the better. They'll help you see what points are foggier to minds with less expertise on the topic.

Image titled Prepare a Paper Presentation Step 9

  • It'll also help you with volume. Some people get rather timid when in the spotlight. You may not be aware that you're not loud enough!

Image titled Prepare a Paper Presentation Step 10

  • Do the same with your conclusion. Thank everyone for their time and open the floor for any questions, if allowed.
  • Make eye contact with people in the audience to help build your connection with them.

Community Q&A

Community Answer

  • Most people get nervous while public speaking. [10] X Research source You are not alone. [11] X Trustworthy Source Mayo Clinic Educational website from one of the world's leading hospitals Go to source Thanks Helpful 1 Not Helpful 0
  • Visual aids not only help the audience, but they can help jog your memory if you forget where you are in your presentation. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0
  • Rehearse in front of a mirror before your presentation. Thanks Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0

the paper presentation

  • Answer questions only if it is related to your presentation. Keep these to the end of your talk. Thanks Helpful 76 Not Helpful 14

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  • ↑ https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/specific-phobias/expert-answers/fear-of-public-speaking/faq-20058416

About This Article

Patrick Muñoz

To prepare a paper presentation, create an outline of your content, then write your script on note cards or slides using software like PowerPoint. Be sure to stick to one main point per card or slide! Next, design visual aids like graphics, charts, and bullet points to illustrate your content and help the audience follow along. Then, practice giving your presentation in front of friends and family until you feel ready to do it in class! For tips on creating an outline and organizing your information, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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Paper Presentation

  • by teachmint@wp

Paper presentation is an event where the participants are required to make a paper about a certain topic or area, and then present it in front of a jury, following which it will be rated and judged based on their performance. 

The purpose of a paper presentation is to enhance a particular student’s ability in the art of academic writing or making papers in English and to present it. It also helps broaden the minds of the participants a little more. 

There are certain rules to be followed when it comes to doing a paper presentation. Here are a few you need to keep in mind:

  • The paper needs to be in the format of a standard IEEE paper . 
  • The abstract of the paper submitted must not exceed the limit of two pages by any chance.
  • The front page should have the title of the paper on the top of the paper and details of the team members at the bottom. 
  • The abstract of the paper should be attached with the whole paper.
  • The font style to be followed for the text of the paper is Times New Roman.
  • The size of the text should be 12 points.
  • Similarly, the font size for the headings should be 16 points, while the font size of the sub-headings must be 14 points.
  • A margin of 1 inch must be maintained on all sides of the paper.

Teachmint has a wide range of learning resources you can access and learn from for free! Click here and check it out yourself. We offer educational infrastructure to institutes to make their task easier. With our tools like  attendance management system , we take care of daily administrative tasks so you can focus on providing the best learning experience to students. Explore our website to know more about our offerings like  lms portal .

the paper presentation

Digitize your school in minutes with Teachmint’s integrated platform

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the paper presentation

Paper presentation

To prepare for the paper presentation, you write a paper about your research. When your paper is ready, prepare an interesting presentation in English. Keep in mind that the presentation is no longer than 15 minutes (try to prepare no more than 15 slides). Raise issues that can facilitate audience engagement and be aware of the fact that the audience did not read the paper. The paper (and the presentation) addresses one or more central aspects of the research project. Which aspects are fit for inclusion depends on the content and nature of your research. Examples include an elaborated theoretical framework that operationalizes the projects central research questions, the experimental set-up and results of a first empirical study, the design of a learning environment, teacher training, assessment instrument, and so on.

When presenting your work online, do expect this to be different from a presentation in a physical situation. To keep your audience engaged during your online presentation we have a few tips:

Get to the point quickly - that means: a lot sooner than you would do normally;

Provide variety (use a short video or poll, ask questions to the audience);

Keep it short, if possible.

The presentation is followed by 15 minutes of discussion, which is started by the appointed discussants. Inform your discussants about the goals of your presentation and write down two questions that can help focus the discussion. The audience can also give feedback on your presentation based on the presentation feedback form. This form may also help you to prepare your presentation.

All presenters of a paper presentation will be appointed junior discussant at one of the other paper presentations. Are you presenting a paper? Prepare to be a discussant for one of your peers!

We will inform you about your discussants and your own role as a discussant in March.

Send in your paper and abstract

The presenters of a paper presentation are asked to send in a paper of their presentation (APA style; 20 pages; maximum 6000 words, including references) using the submission form for abstracts and papers before 1 February, 2021. Also, send in a short abstract (max. 300 words). We will use your abstract on this website to inform the ICO Spring School attendants about your presentation. The paper itself will only be send to your discussants and the chair of the session, and will not be used in any publications concerning the ICO ISS2021.

It is possible to resubmit the same abstract and paper as you did for the ISS2020.

Duration of a paper presentation and discussion

Total duration: 30 minutes

Presentation: 10-15 minutes

Group discussion: 15 minutes

There will be 2 paper presentations in a session of 1 hour

  • Funding Opportunities
  • Discussion-Based Events
  • Graduate Programs
  • Ideas that Shape the World
  • IHS Distinguished Fellows
  • Planned Giving

How to Prepare for a Paper Presentation at an Academic Conference

 In my previous post, I laid out a timeline for choosing an academic conference.  This post will lay out four steps to help you successfully prepare for a paper presentation at an academic conference.

Pay attention to the deadline for proposals . 

Your proposal outlines the paper you are going to write, not a paper you have written . You may treat your proposal as a commitment device to “force” you to write the paper, but the final paper may well differ from your original intention.

The Claremont Graduate University Writing Center offers some good examples of proposals here .

Write a winning abstract to get your paper accepted into the conference. 

Abstracts are an afterthought to many graduate students, but they are the what the reviewer looks at first. To get your paper accepted to a conference, you’ll need to write an abstract of 200 to 500 words .

The emphasis should be on brevity and clarity. It should tell the reader what your paper is about, why the reader should be interested, and why the paper should be accepted.

Additionally, it should:

  • Specify your thesis
  • Identify your paper fills a gap in the current literature.
  • Outline what you actually do in the paper.
  • Point out your original contribution.
  • Include a concluding sentence.

Academic Conferences and Publishing International offers some additional advice on writing a conference abstract  as you prepare for your paper presentation at an academic conference.

Pay attention to your presentation itself.

In order to convey excitement about your paper, you need to think about your presentation as well as the findings you are communicating.

Note the conference time limit and stick to it. Practice while timing yourself, and do it in front of a mirror. I also recommend practicing in front of your peers; organizing a departmental brown bag lunch could be a great way to do this. As you are preparing, keep in mind that reading from notes is better than reading directly from your paper.

Once you arrive at the conference, check the location of the room as soon as you can before the event. Arrive early to make sure any audiovisual equipment you plan to use is working, and be ready to present without it in case it is not.

Always stand when giving your paper presentation at an academic conference. Begin by stating your name and institution. Establish eye contact across the room, and speak slowly and clearly to your audience. Explain the structure of your presentation. End with your contribution to your discipline. Finally, be polite (not defensive) when engaging in discussion and answering questions about your research.

By focusing on (a) making sure your work contributes something to your field (b) adhering to deadlines and convincing conference organizers that your paper is worth presenting and (c) creating a compelling presentation that aptly highlights the content of your research, you’ll make the most of your time at the conference.

Nigel Ashford

Nigel Ashford

Previous post should i get a phd 5 questions to ask yourself before you decide, next post how to choose and prepare for academic conferences as a graduate student.

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  • An HR team member will review your application submission  
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  • If your experience and skills match the role, you will interview with the hiring manager
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All candidates will be notified regarding the status of their application within two to three weeks of submission. As new positions often become available, we encourage you to visit our site frequently for additional opportunities that align with your interests and skills.


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