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Boosting SEO: Tips for Creating Search Engine-Friendly Content on Your Website

In today’s digital landscape, having a strong online presence is crucial for businesses to succeed. One of the most effective ways to improve your visibility and attract more organic traffic to your website is by creating search engine-friendly content. In this article, we will explore some valuable tips that can help you create content that not only engages your audience but also boosts your SEO.

Understand Your Target Audience

To create search engine-friendly content, it’s essential to have a clear understanding of your target audience. Take the time to research and identify their needs, preferences, and pain points. This knowledge will enable you to tailor your content to address their specific interests and provide them with valuable information.

Conduct thorough market research to gain insights into your target audience’s demographics, interests, and online behavior. Use tools like Google Analytics or social media analytics to gather data about who is visiting your website.

Once you have gathered enough information about your target audience, create buyer personas that represent different segments of your customers. These personas will serve as a guide when developing content that resonates with each group.

Keyword Research and Optimization

Keywords play a crucial role in making your content visible in search engine results pages (SERPs). By conducting thorough keyword research and optimizing your content accordingly, you can increase the chances of ranking higher for relevant search queries.

Start by brainstorming a list of keywords that are relevant to the topics you want to cover on your website. Then use keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner or SEMrush to find related keywords with high search volumes and low competition.

Incorporate these keywords strategically into various elements of your content such as titles, headings, meta descriptions, URLs, and body text. However, be cautious not to overuse keywords as it can lead to keyword stuffing, which may harm your SEO efforts.

Create High-Quality and Engaging Content

Search engines prioritize high-quality and engaging content that satisfies user intent. By creating content that is informative, well-written, and visually appealing, you can increase the chances of attracting more visitors to your website and encourage them to stay longer.

Write in-depth articles that provide comprehensive information about a particular topic. Make sure your content is well-structured with clear headings and subheadings to improve readability.

Use visuals such as images, infographics, videos, or charts to enhance the overall user experience. Visual content not only makes your content more engaging but also helps break up long blocks of text.

Regularly Update and Promote Your Content

To maintain a strong online presence and improve your SEO rankings, it’s important to regularly update your existing content with fresh information. Additionally, promoting your content through various channels can help increase its visibility and attract more organic traffic.

Set aside time for regular content audits to identify outdated or irrelevant pieces of content on your website. Update these articles with new information or repurpose them into different formats like videos or podcasts.

Utilize social media platforms, email newsletters, guest blogging opportunities, and influencer collaborations to promote your content. By reaching out to relevant communities and influencers in your industry, you can expand the reach of your content and attract more visitors to your website.

In conclusion, creating search engine-friendly content on your website is essential for boosting SEO and attracting organic traffic. By understanding your target audience, conducting keyword research, creating high-quality content, and regularly updating/promoting it, you can significantly improve your online visibility and drive more valuable traffic to your site. Remember that SEO is an ongoing process; thus continuously monitoring analytics data will help you refine and enhance your efforts over time.

This text was generated using a large language model, and select text has been reviewed and moderated for purposes such as readability.


seo content writing assistant

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SEO Content Editor 4.7

Content analysis

Start Writing content →

The free AI powered writing Assistant

Update : The latest version of the SEO content Assistant comes with an integrated Title tag generator. Discover more →

The SEO Content Editor is a writing assistant designed to help you optimize content for the web. You can just focus on writing GREAT content while the tool will calculate your SEO score and provides you with valuable feedback on how to improve your content Keyword focus, Page Titles, Meta Descriptions and a lot more… Use the editor to add text, images and YouTube video to write appealing content and when you’re done simply copy / past the result to your CMS of choice.

SEO writing assistant

How to select the right focus keyword(s)?

keyword research tool

When it comes to writing search engine optimized content, it all starts with the selecting the right focus keyword(s). This is why the free online content editor comes with a built-in keyword suggestion tool. Add the main subject / focus keyword for your article and use the “get suggestions” button to generate an overview of related to keywords so you can compose a keyword theme for your blog post, service or product page. The tool enables you to select a primary focus keyword and secondary keywords from multiple sources:

  • Web keyword search suggestions
  • Commercial / Shopping keyword suggestions
  • YouTube keyword suggestions
  • News keyword suggestions

And to give you an indication of the search popularity (measured over time) the tool will render a graph for the selected keyword.

AI writing assistant

AI content writer

Use the AI writer integration as your personal writing assistant to become more creative and effective. The AI content writer tool includes a list of example commands to automatically generate headlines, blog title suggestions, keyword research, content creation, content completion, content rephrasing and more..

Utilize the power of AI →

Here are some SEO Prompt examples that you can use directly from the interface to connect with AI.

  • Suggest 5 blog post title ideas for: [keyword]
  • Create a blog outline for: [subject]
  • Generate a list of semantic keywords for: [subject]
  • Complete: [sentence]
  • Rewrite: [content]
  • And much more …

While using the benefits of automated content creation you should also be aware of its limitations including the fact that information can be outdated, factually incorrect and the generated content is not always unique.

Start Writing Content →

Content Brief Generator

AI content brief generator

Use the integrated Content Brief Generator to create a comprehensive content briefing that will guide your content creation process and ensure that you meet your goals and objectives.

How to use the Content Brief generator?

  • Enter your topic.
  • Select the writing style
  • Enter related keywords to use
  • Describe your target audience
  • Add additioanl commands / instructions
  • Use the creativity slider to give the AI some freedom
  • Hit the “Create content brief” and let AI perform it’s magic.

Content Brief example The content briefing includes:

  • Clear formulated content goal.
  • 5 SEO optimized Title suggestions
  • A list of directly related keywords
  • Statistics related to your subject, crucial for making informed decisions and drawing accurate conclusions.
  • Common questions that can help you to optimize for featured snippets in Google search.

Generate a content briefing →

Content Rewriter

AI Content rewriter

The integrated content rewriting tool is designed to quickly rewrite, translate or improve a content section. Navigate to the advanced settings tab to gain even more control over the output by specifying the target audience, language, writing style, and other parameters.

When to use the Content rewriting tool? The content rewriting tool can assist you in various situations to optimize your workflow, here are some examples.

  • Rewrite product descriptions to make them unique and to prevent duplicate content
  • Create multiple unique versions of a press release customized for your specific target audience.
  • Make your content more attractive by changing the writing style
  • Detect and correct grammar and spelling errors.
  • Effortlessly translate content by selecting the desired output language from a range of 27 supported languages.

Rewrite your content →

FAQ Generator

AI FAQ generator

Generate 5 Q&A’s in just a couple of seconds with AI.

How to use FAQs for SEO?

FAQ stands for frequently asked questions and they can be used to target search queries that your audience is using to find more information about your industry, products, or services. By expanding existing content or by creating new pages that answer these specific questions you’re able to attract more visitors from search.

How to use the FAQ generator?

  • Hit the “Generate FAQs” button
  • And select the FAQ that are relevant for your article and audience.

Generate FAQs →

How to create FAQs for SEO?

  • Create a list of the most common questions your audience is asking or searching for.
  • Provide complete and comprehensive answers for these questions.
  • Use FAQ schema to markup your questions and answers to make it easier for search engines to show them directly in the SERP.

Why are FAQs important for SEO?

  • Optimize for featured snippets in Google and Bing.
  • Expand the content of category pages with relevant questions and answers.
  • Optimize for the “People also ask” section in Google search.

AI Headline Generator

AI headline generator

Use AI to generate 25 different headline suggestions for your article with just a single click. Spark your creativity and write headlines that both capture your reader’s attention and are optimize for search.

How to use the headline generator?

  • Enter / describe your topic.
  • Hit the “Get headline suggestions” button
  • And select the headline that work for your article and audience.

Generate 25 Headline suggestions →

Discover “Trending Topics”

Trending topics

Are you’re looking for writing inspiration? Click the ” tools icon” on the bottom left part of the page and click “trending topics” to get an overview of the what is happing today. The trending topics tool collects it’s data from Google’s most popular search queries and shows you:

  • Daily search trends
  • Related search queries
  • Daily search estimates
  • And additional research tools to dig deeper into the subject

The trending topics tool is designed to help you discover emerging search trends so you can be the first one to cover a subject.

Featured snippet generator

Question geberator

Optimize your content for Featured snippets using the question generator. Enter your keyword and the tool will automatically generate up to 50 questions directly related to your subject.

Google displays featured snippets to directly answer a question in search. Featured snippets most commonly contain a small paragraph of text or a list of items that Google extracts from a webpage. Because featured snippets appear above the “regular” search results they can potentially generate more awareness for your brand and earn you more traffic.

AI Content Completion

Content completion

The “Complete content” function is available when you click on your right mouse button. It allows you to generate suggestions or completions for the current heading or paragraph / text section that you’re writing. This helps you to write faster utilizing the power of generative AI, which performs best when asked to create short form content. The content completion function is an invaluable tool as it not only generates content based on your writing but also replicates your unique writing style and tone of voice.

The benifits

  • Content is created based on your unique writing style and brand voice.
  • Easy accessible, it just takes a single click to put AI to work.
  • Have your personal writing assistant that learns from your input and previous writing.

Write faster →

Title tag generator → new

Title writer

Create 15 Title tag suggestions to optimize your content for search and to attract attention. A well optimized title should ideally →

  • Be descriptive
  • Contain your focus keyword
  • Be less than 60 characters (including spaces and punctuation).
  • Capture attention

Start creating Titles →

What others say..

Andreas Inama

I have been working with the SEO Content Editor of SEO Review Tools for a couple of months now, and I couldn’t be happier that I found it. Jasja chose a very efficient approach when he implemented his tools: Keep it simple! You have a great overview of your content, it is very intuitive, and it reminds you that you need to save your files before closing the tab, which saved my life a couple of times.

Andreas Inama — Founder ai.linguistic solutions

Related APIs

  • SEO Content Analysis API →
  • Readability score API →
  • Keyword Research APIs →
  • Text Rewriting API →

Feature list

SEO content checklist:

  • Text (keyword density)
  • Image alt tag
  • Word count / Content length
  • Content link count (internal and external)
  • Page title length and keyword focus
  • Meta description length and keyword focus

Warnings: (Warnings are triggered when over-optimization is detected)

  • High keyword density aka Keyword stuffing
  • Abnormal link count

Keyword research:

  • Web search, Shopping, YouTube and News suggestions
  • Google Trends / keyword search popularity

Document export options:

  • Export your content including images to Word
  • Copy the full document HTML source code

Related Content tools & Resources

  • Featured Snippet Tool , Quickly identify featured snippet opportunities related to your main subject / keyword.
  • Content idea Generator , Looking for inspiration before you start writing a new blog post? Get up to a 100 content ideas in just a matter of seconds.
  • Keyword suggestion tool , Find related keywords and synonyms.
  • Rank checker , See how well your content is ranking for multiple keywords.
  • SEO Content Score checker , Check the SEO score for any public webpage.
  • Keyword frequency checker , See how often keywords are used within the content of an URL or piece of text.
  • Yoast API alternative , short introduction to the content analysis API

45 thoughts on “ SEO Content Editor 4.7 ”

' src=

Updates The latest version of the SEO content Assistant comes with..

  • AI Content rewriter, to rewrite, translate or improve your article.
  • AI FAQ generator, to optimized for featured snippets.
  • The latest version of the SEO content Assistant comes with an integrated Content brief generator
  • The integrated AI content completion tool is now powered by GPT-4
  • Updates to the integrated Keyword research tool make it easier to discover related keywords

This one is pretty big ;-)) I’ve integrated ChatGPT into the SEO content editor’s interface. This means you can interact with ChatGPT to get; keyword suggestions, content ideas, translate content and much more… Here is a list of example prompts to help you on your way.

  • Write a content section about: [keyword]
  • Translate: [content]
  • Create content brief for: [topic]
  • Generate a list of related questions for: [topic]
  • Get related statistics for: [topic] and add the source (URL)
  • Add a list of 5 external resources for [subject] including an URL
  • To make it easier to optimize your content for featured snippets, the SEO content editor now comes equipped with an integrated question generator.
  • Improved copy to HTML option, this button lets you copy your content including HTML markup so you can copy paste the content from the editor to your CMS.
  • New language specific keywords and trends settings. Now supporting these countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium (FR), Belgium (NL), Austria, Switzerland, Germany, France, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Russia, India, China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand (EN)
  • Numerous UX improvements
  • Improved visualisation SEO content score and progress visualisation
  • Improved UX for the keyword input and research tools (you can now use comma separated values and simply hit the enter button to submit keywords), making the tool much more intuitive.
  • Additional code improvements to make the tool quicker and more efficient.
  • Fixed a HTML formatting issue that was causing a incorrect keyword density score (under very specific conditions).

Thank you Aldo for reporting this problem.

I love the app very much, but it will be more convenient if you could let user add secondary keyword not one by one, but with coma separated. For example, in the current state, if I would add secondary keywords “wp theme”, “fast wp theme”, I need to add it one by one. It would be better if I just type them directly with coma, like ( wp theme, fast wp theme ) and when I hit enter, all secondary keywords I type in would be there in the box.

Thank you very much

Great suggestion, it’s now on the to-do-list.

Thanks for the valuable feedback!!!

How to view saved documents?

Please click the home icon, located at the left bottom of the page or go to: https://www.seoreviewtools.com/content-dashboard/ (make sure you’re logged in the see all your previously saved documents).

  • When performing keyword research you can now enter your focus keyword into the content idea generator and get fresh content ideas
  • You can now quickly access the Content analysis API
  • You can now export your document to Word, or
  • Copy the full HTML source of your document, and quickly past it to your favourite CMS (WordPress, Magento..) without having to redo your markup.

Thanks so much for all the hard work you’ve put into these tools over the past few years, much, much appreciated!

You’re welcome Greg ;-)) And thank you for the support!!

  • Just did a major design update to make the content editor more user friendly
  • Solved an issue with secondary keyword recognition
  • Did some small tweaks to the scoring algorithm (won’t affect the score for well optimized content, but sets a threshold for low quality content)

How to see the document that I’ve already saved?

Hi Erna, to see the documents that you’ve created and saved, please go to “Dashboard” and make sure you’re logged-in (otherwise you won’t have access).

  • Keyword tool functionality update – Quickly analyse the keyword suggestions and generate / discover new keyword opportunities.
  • Design update – Improved UX to make the keyword tool more effective.
  • Solved a caching problem with the dashboard page for registered members.
  • Just did a small design update to the editor.
  • You can now also incorporate the Content Analysis score into your own custom CMS using the API: https://www.seoreviewtools.com/seo-content-analysis-api/
  • Updated meta description maximum length advice. This number is now to back to a maximum recommended length of 160characters based on this advice by Danny Sullivan ‏@Google: https://twitter.com/dannysullivan/status/996065145443893249
  • Added an notification to prevent data loss when closing your document.
  • Extended meta description maximum length advice to 320 characters
  • Now supporting the new Google Trends Graph

These free tools are simply great guys, keep it up!

How do I check the authority of content I have written on my blog? I write long post from scratch but still goes to back pages of google search result. Thanks in advance

Hi Waqas, try the website authority checker: http://www.seoreviewtools.com/website-authority-checker/ to see your backlinks Domain Authority, Page Authority and social share count to get a nice indication how well you’re website is doing authority wise.

Great tool, to make a page SEO friendly!

Great tool!

But I have issues with umlauts like ä. Tested Keyword: “Oberflächentechnik”

The keyword density doesn’t work for this (always 0%). And the “first paragraph” list item never work for me (always no keyword in first paragraph; tested 4 times with different sites / keywords).

Thanks for mentioning this issue. I’ll have a closer look, to figure out a solution.

How do you load images? When I try insert image it doesn’t select anything

Hi charles,

You can use the “Insert/edit image” button and then past the image URL. You can’t upload an image, but you can use images that are already published online.

Hi, is it possible to delete some old posts?

Hi karibusana, at this moment you’re not able to delete old posts, because I simply haven’t had the time to build this functionality. But you can change: the keyword, title and content of an older post to keep using the tool.

Please keep in mind that the old post will removed from the dashboard overview.

Can I save more than 25 documents ?

Hi Ibnuhibban,

I’ve set 25 documents as a temporary limit for now. But you can reuse your current document by simply choosing a new keyword and add the corresponding text to get a relevant SEO Content score for your article.

Hey Jasja…

Thanks !! Following your advice as I am completely new to SEO but learning slowly.

Very nice tools.

Can you please let us upload an logo and customise for a report?

Thanks for the feedback. This will probably be a feature for the payed version. And to be realistic this will take me at least a couple of months.

Update 06/01/2016 :

  • You can now save 25 documents

Update 05/23/2016 :

  • Reset the Meta Description (back to 160 characters) and Title (back to 60 characters).
  • You can now check the status of the meta Description and Title in real-time when writing or adjusting. The feedback will let you know if you need to do modifications for a better SEO Content score.
  • Save your documents and go to the dashboard to get an general overview of your average SEO Content score for the number of pages you have created.
  • You can login and access the dashboard using your free SEO Review Tools account.

Update 05/09/2016

  • Added a special characters box to make your meta description and HTML Title stand out from the crowd ➊ ➋ ➌✔ 
  • The Google search preview is now shown by default.
  • Improved ending (…)  Meta description and HTML Titles
  • Faster SEO score update when adding new elements (Title, keywords, etc.)
  • Highlight secondary keyword matches  
  • Save button always available on screen (UX improvement)
  • Made it easier to save a document by launching Title modal when empty page title.  
  • Fixed some minor scoring issues

Update 04/13/2016 :

  • Save your content / optimized pages
  • Improved design

how to make h1 on the post title ?

Just select the text you’d like to transform into a H1 and use the “Paragraph” dropdown and select “Heading 1”.

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18 SEO Content Writing Tools For Better Content

Producing quality content is crucial to improving your website's ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). However, it can be a real challenge to ensure that your content is polished and error-free.

Rechecking your content for typos, grammar mistakes, and clunky sentences can quickly become a frustrating cycle of revisions that leaves even the most composed individuals feeling overwhelmed.

Plus, search engines hate low-quality content , so if you want your site to rank, getting the help of a writing tool can go a long way to ensuring your content is up to par.

Have a look at our top picks for the best SEO content writing tools that will always have your back—whether you're writing content or researching for it.

Tools for SEO content writing

Here are some of the most popular and reliable content writing tools that can help you throughout your content-creation journey. These writing assistants allow you to take a breather from all that research and optimization and focus on what really matters: creating great content.

Surfer Content Editor

The Surfer Content Editor is a powerful writing assistant that helps content creators produce, edit, and optimize articles for search engine visibility while maintaining quality and readability.

This content writing assistant provides real-time guidance on keyword usage, frequency, and related keyword variations, ensuring that the content matches the targeted keywords and search intent.

The tool provides insights into content structure, word count, and keyword usage by examining top-ranking pages for the desired keyword. This allows users to create competitive content that meets Google's requirements for high-ranking content.

Surfer Content Editor also suggests appropriate heading structures and title tags, improving on-page SEO and facilitating better content comprehension and ranking by search engines.

The Surfer Content Editor simplifies the SEO content creation process, allowing authors to concentrate on producing high-quality material while automatically addressing crucial SEO aspects and removing the need for keyword research within the article.

The tool promotes collaboration between writers and editors, streamlining the content optimization process for teams.

The Surfer Content Editor is more suitable for long-form content, meaning it may not always provide relevant suggestions for e-commerce pages or direct response landing pages.

Surfer is great for everyone who wants to create SEO content, from website owners and content writers to large content teams

The pricing for the complete Surfer tool suite starts at $49 per month.

Jasper is an AI writing tool that can generate quality articles, social media posts, emails, and more. Simply provide a short prompt detailing your requirements, and the tool will work its magic to produce the content you need.

Using Jasper can save you a considerable amount of time and effort when it comes to writing articles. Additionally, if you typically rely on the services of a content writer, Jasper can be a more cost-effective option in the long run.

It also uses advanced AI technology to ensure its content sounds human-written and isn't riddled with generic or broken phrases that are usually associated with AI content.

Jasper also has a Facebook group with more than 75,000 members. If you have any questions or need tips on how you can improve your usage of the tool, this is the place to be.

  • Generate content in seconds.
  • Save costs on hiring content writers.
  • Get tips and suggestions on the Facebook group.


  • Jasper might not provide accurate data and statistics.

Jasper is great for individuals or small businesses who need content written and published at scale, in a limited amount of time.

  • $40 per month for the Starter plan when billed annually.

OpenAI ChatGPT [free]

To put it simply, ChatGPT is an incredibly advanced chatbot that can produce human-like responses to your prompts. While the list of its features and capabilities is endless, it is an especially lucrative tool for content writers and search engine optimization experts.

The tool has been trained on thousands of pages of data and can create content for your desired topic instantly. Simply enter your topic, target keyword, and article outline (or ask ChatGPT to generate one for you), click enter and let the tool do the heavy lifting.

You can even have ChatGPT do your keyword research, enter relevant keywords into your article, track keyword density, and compare your content with other articles to see how it stacks up. Here is an example of using ChatGPT to generate relevant topics to your keyword:


All of these features combined, ChatGPT is among the best free content writing tools out there.

It also has a massive online community on various platforms, including Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. This community is filled with active members who are always eager to share their knowledge and offer helpful tips and suggestions for getting the most out of ChatGPT.

  • Generate high-quality, plagiarism-free content instantly.
  • It can optimize your article for search engines.
  • Helps throughout the content generation process.
  • ChatGPT's data was cut off in 2021, it may struggle with newer topics.

ChatGPT is for individual content writers, marketers, or SEO specialists. Anyone who wants to create great content and optimize it to rank on SERP will benefit from the tool.

  • Free to use.

Grammarly [free]

As the name suggests, Grammarly is a grammar, punctuation, and spelling checker that helps you ensure your content is up to the mark as you're writing it.

The tool offers suggestions and provides examples of how you can improve readability or write content in a more appropriate tone in real-time. By catching mistakes as you write, Grammarly minimizes the need for time-consuming proofreading and editing.

Google also revealed the importance of writing error-free and quality content in an article, stating that

"Low-quality content on some parts of a website can impact the whole site's rankings"

In other words, creating content that fails to meet the required standards can put not only the ranking of a particular keyword at risk but also the entire site.

Grammarly can help you avoid this.

You can download it to your computer to use it with Microsoft Word, install the browser extension to use it across the web, or simply visit the site and enter your text in the content editor, Grammarly is very accessible.

  • Check for spelling and grammar errors as you write.
  • Get suggestions to improve tone and readability.
  • Very accessible.
  • Not all suggestions may be appropriate.

Grammarly is best for content writers and editors who want to save time and minimize the risk of missing spelling or grammar errors in their articles.

Quilbot [free]

Quillbot is a versatile writing tool that is particularly well-known for its powerful paraphrasing and tone-changing capabilities.

You can enter a piece of text from a competitor and have the tool re-write it, so you don't get flagged for plagiarism. You can also use it to improve your own work by taking advantage of its various modes to improve fluency or change the tone of your written text.

Here's a list of modes available on Quillbot:

However, you should note that all modes besides Standard and Fluency are only available with the paid, premium version of Quillbot.

  • Paraphrases content.
  • Multiple modes cater to different writing needs.
  • Paraphrased content might not always fit the context.

Quillbot is great for both writers and editors who wish to improve their written content and change its tone to something more casual or professional.

Wordtune [free]

Wordtune offers a range of writing tools, which they refer to as "spices," that enhance your writing and help you get past writer's block.

Here's a list of everything that Wordtune's "spices" offer, in addition to helping you continue your written work:

  • Give an Example
  • Provide a counterargument
  • Give an analogy
  • Add a statistical fact
  • Make a joke
  • Add a historical or nature fact
  • Add an inspirational quote

With its Chrome extension having over 2 million users, Wordtune provides a convenient tool for creating content by offering its features on both, the Wordtune website and within Google Docs via the installed extension.

  • East to use.
  • Helps users get around writer's block.
  • Provides suggestions in real-time.
  • It might not always provide statistics relevant to your content.

Wordtune can be a great help for writers who are looking to overcome writer's block and improve their writing with the assistance of AI. Additionally, writers who want to speed up their work process by having AI find and write statistics and facts can benefit from Wordtune.

Notion [free]

If you're searching for effective writing tools for SEO and a convenient platform to streamline your writing and organizational tasks, you'll be glad to know that Notion is a fantastic all-in-one workspace that ticks both boxes. It combines the best features of word processors, spreadsheets, and task management tools, among others, all in one place.

Notion also offers the capability to directly share your document with others and seamlessly integrate it with a variety of platforms such as Slack, GitHub, and other popular tools.

It has a variety of templates you can use, both free and paid. These provide you with ready-made pages that you can customize with your own content.

You can use a To-Do List template to keep track of on page SEO tasks for your website or keep a spreadsheet with keywords you wish to include in your content, the world is your oyster.

Notion also recently introduced its AI tool which makes writing content faster and easier. With just a few clicks, you can change the tone of your text, correct spelling and grammar errors, clarify technical jargon, and much more.

  • Ready-made, customizable templates.
  • Share your document with others.
  • AI tool that makes writing content more efficient.
  • An internet connection is required to access the tool.

Notion can benefit just about anyone, from writers and editors to SEO specialists and more. With its customizable workspaces and a host of features including note-taking, project management, and even writing assistance, it's the ideal solution for anyone looking to stay organized and increase productivity.

Google Docs [free]

Google Docs is a writing and editing tool that allows users to collaborate with others on the same document.

It is a fantastic tool for teams consisting of writers, editors, and content managers. One of the standout features of Google Docs is its ability to allow multiple users to work on the same document simultaneously, no matter where they are located.

This means that team members can easily collaborate, share ideas, and make edits in real time, without having to go through the inconvenience of sending multiple copies back and forth.

Another great benefit of Google Docs is that it is cloud-based, meaning you can access your files from any device with just your Google account. This makes it incredibly convenient for those who need to work on the go or switch between devices frequently.

  • Easy to collaborate with others.
  • Cloud-Based.
  • Integrate it with other Google tools.
  • Can only be accessed through a web browser.

Google Docs is a great tool for teams and individuals who want to keep their documents on the cloud and have access to their files through any device.

Tools for SEO content writing research

Before you get started writing your content, it is essential that you know what keywords you're targeting and have a solid outline for your article to ensure your article ranks. With the right tools at your disposal, you can make content writing research more effective and efficient.

Surfer Keyword Research

The Surfer Keyword Research tool is designed to assist content marketers and website owners in identifying and selecting effective keywords for their content. What distinguishes this tool from others is its ability to provide personalized recommendations based on your website's current search engine performance, rather than simply providing data and expecting users to conduct their own analysis.

Surfer KR generates a list of keyword clusters that contribute to topical relevance, authority, and search engine rankings rather than requiring a seed keyword and manual sifting through hundreds of options, as other tools do.

For example, if your affiliate website focuses on nutrition, Surfer Keyword Research compares your domain's standing to competitors and suggests realistic keywords rather than high-volume, high-difficulty terms like "weight loss tips."

Surfer Keyword Research simplifies the keyword research process by turning hours of manual work into a few seconds of an automated, data-driven process that comes up with hundreds of keyword ideas. Offers personalized suggestions based on the real potential of your domain.

The tool shows search volume, keyword difficulty, and cost-per-click (CPC) data, which helps users understand competition and potential return on investment (ROI) for each keyword, which helps them set priorities.

The "missing" tab shows you content gaps on your website that have high search traffic potential but have not been filled. Filling in these gaps can boost traffic and visibility.

May not be suitable for those who prefer manual control over keyword research.

Pricing begins at $49 per month for the entire Surfer tool suite. 

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO tool that offers various features such as backing and content analysis, site audit, and rank tracking. But while all of these may be useful, Ahrefs is particularly known for its Keyword Explorer tool.

By simply entering your target keyword, Ahrefs will provide you with a list of related keywords and a host of information about each, including their search volume, keyword difficulty, cost-per-click (CPC), and more.

Ahrefs' search volume data is also relatively accurate compared to "Impressions" in Google Search Console. A recent study found that it was roughly accurate for 60% of the studied keywords, higher than Google Keyword Planner's 45%.

You can then use this information to better optimize new or existing content. Integrate relevant keywords into your articles or simply check to see if a keyword is worth going after.

  • Known for its accuracy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Reliable customer support.
  • No free plan.

Ahrefs is best for startups, mid-sized companies, and individual bloggers who have already had some success and are looking to maximize their reach. However, it may not be the most suitable choice for beginners who are on a tight budget and just starting out.

  • Starting at $99 per month.

SEMrush [free trial]

SEMrush is a popular digital marketing tool that offers a wide range of features that can help you increase your website's visibility, drive more traffic, and ultimately, achieve your online marketing goals.

SEMrush's Topic Research tool is one such feature. You can enter a keyword in the search bar and get a list of cards related to the keyword along with keyword difficulty, search volume, and other information for each. This can help you plan your write-up and optimize your content creation process.

The competitive analysis tool helps you keep track of your competitors and accurately check which keywords they rank for along with how much traffic their site is getting.

The Keyword Magic Tool is another one of SEMrush's tools that can help you produce content that reaches more people.

By entering a seed keyword, the tool will list thousands of relevant keywords along with their metrics to help you decide which to target. and include it in your content.

  • Among the best SEO tools.
  • Powerful filtering and sorting options.
  • Provides several content optimization tools.
  • Steep learning curve.

SEMrush is best suited for mid to large businesses or startups with internal content teams, as well as marketing agencies with clients and affiliates who rely on websites for income.

  • Starts at $119.95 after a 7-day free trial.

Ubersuggest [free trial]

Ubersuggest is another keyword research tool that can help you decide your content strategy and help you increase your chances of ranking on the SERP.

Enter your keyword in the search bar and Ubersuggest will display its various SEO metrics including search volume, SEO difficulty, and CPC.

The tool also provides a list of keyword ideas related to your seed keyword, along with their specific metrics. You can filter these to a select few that are easy to rank for and have a high search volume.

  • Offers a range of pricing options to suit different budgets.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Data is displayed in a single, easy-to-understand sheet.
  • Limited features compared to competitors.
  • Keyword data may not be as accurate as other pricier tools.

Ubersuggest is best for individuals starting out or small businesses on a budget, as its affordable pricing plans make it an excellent choice for those who need to optimize their content and SEO without breaking the bank.

  • Plans start at $29 per month after a 7-day free trial.

Sparktoro [free]

SparkToro is an insightful and user-friendly tool that helps you uncover audience insights for any topic or audience.

To obtain detailed information about the preferences and online search habits of your target audience, you can provide Sparktoro with a few criteria. This will help ensure that the insights you receive are accurate. Here is some of the audience information you can provide to Sparktoro:

  • What they frequently talk about
  • Which social accounts they follow
  • Which websites they've visited

The tool then provides detailed graphics and a list of websites, podcasts, and Youtube channels which your audience interacts with. You can then use this information to better optimize your content so it reaches the right people.

  • Easy to understand graphics.
  • Search for audience interests using various prompts.
  • Regularly updated.
  • Only offers audience research and not keyword research.

SparkToro is best for digital marketers, social media managers, content creators, and businesses who want to understand their target audience's behavior and interests.

Keyword Surfer [free]

Keyword Surfer , a free Chrome extension, provides keyword data and insights directly within Google search results, making keyword research more efficient. As users search on Google, the extension displays vital keyword metrics such as search volume and CPC, allowing for a quick assessment of keyword potential and competition without leaving the search results.

Keyword Surfer also displays associated keywords, search volumes, and similarity ratings, assisting users in identifying new content ideas and long-tail variations. The extension also makes first-page ranking analysis easier by providing the domain's estimated monthly search traffic, word count, and target keyword frequency in the ranked article.

Keyword Surfer's seamless integration with Google search results saves time and effort by giving you relevant keyword information right away without the need for separate tools.

Highly rated with nearly 5 stars by over 400,000 users.

Restricted to Chrome and not compatible with other browsers.

Answer the Public [free]

Answer the Public is among the best free SEO writing tools. Unlike most keyword research tools that provide a list of keywords and their search volumes, Answer the Public takes a unique approach. It generates a visual graph of questions that people are asking related to your keyword, which can help you better understand the intent behind the search query.

The tool categorizes keyword searches based on their search intention, like questions starting with "are", "when", "how", "where", and so on. You can also filter the results to show only prepositions, comparisons, and questions.

Information such as the CPC and search volume for each phrase is also displayed so you know which keyword has potential.

  • Provides unique user search insights.
  • Easy to read visual graphics.
  • Provides hundreds of keyword ideas on a single page.
  • Lacks advanced filtering options.

Answer the Public is best for individuals who are just starting out with SEO and content creation and do not have the budget for a paid tool. It is also useful for those struggling to come up with content ideas.

Google SERPs [free]

The Google search engine results page is a great resource in itself if you need keyword ideas or to know what your audience is looking for.

Google Autosuggest is one such resource, once you enter your keyword into the search bar, Google will automatically complete it and provide more suggestions of what people are searching for.

Similarly, the 'People Also Ask' is a Google feature that appears if you scroll on the SERP after typing in your query in the search bar. This feature displays a list of queries similar to your search—you can integrate these into your article to try and land the featured snippet spot.

The 'Related Searches' is another of Google's brilliant features that can be invaluable to content marketers. As the name suggests, these offer related searches to yours, which you can use to come up with new article ideas.

  • The information comes from Google itself.
  • Anyone can use these tools.
  • No registration or payment plan is required.
  • You don't get detailed metrics as you would with a paid tool.

These Google tools are good for anyone who wants to expand their existing keyword research and get new content ideas to target a wider audience. It is particularly useful for those who are just starting out and don't have the budget for paid keyword research tools.

Google Keyword Planner [free]

Google Keyword Planner is one of the lesser-known tools that is incredibly valuable if you want to keep tabs on your competitors and know which keywords they're targeting.

Once you enter a competitor site in the Keyword Planner, the tool will then display a list of keyword ideas along with their monthly searches, competition, and more.

Since this information comes directly from Google, we can safely assume it's reliable and close to the actual metrics of the site.

  • Offers data on keyword search volume and competition.
  • By Google so it's guaranteed to provide authentic metrics.
  • You need a Google Ads account to use it.

SEO Minion [free]

SEO Minion is a free Google Chrome extension that provides various SEO-related tools to help optimize websites for search engines.

SEO Minion's People Also Asked (PAA) tool allows users to easily get the related questions to their Google search with the click of a button.

Once you've decided how many questions you want the tool to extract, you can download the list as a CSV so you can easily filter between them.

  • Easy to use interface.
  • Lets you download the questions as a CSV file.
  • Download directly to your browser.
  • Some users may find the CSV cluttered or confusing.

SEO Minion can be a useful tool for anyone, whether you're a small business owner, an individual blog owner, or an SEO professional.

All in all, SEO content writing tools are game-changers when it comes to creating high-quality, optimized content. They can save you time, boost your website's visibility, and improve your content marketing performance.

With the right tool in hand, you can boost your website's rankings, drive more traffic, and land more conversions. So, don't be afraid to experiment with different tools and see what works best for your content creation and optimization needs.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you purchased one of our monthly subscriptions but Surfer isn’t what you expected it to be, or you simply changed your mind, let us know within 7 days and we’ll give you a full refund. No ifs or buts about it. All we ask is for honest feedback on how we can make Surfer better. Deal?

All Features > Writings

With the seo writing assistant everyone can write optimized content..

Check your content optimization score in a few clicks. Get recommendations on your content length, keyword density, heading tags structure, title, meta-description, text readability and semantic keywords based on the top 20 ranked pages on the chosen keyword. Test for free.

Women writing on white board

73% of Web pages are not visible on Google

Some of the reasons preventing these pages from appearing high in the organic results on the SERP are directly related to lack of content optimization.

Optimizing content for both search engines and user intent can take time and demand certain expertise on SEO that not everyone has.

A free SEO Writing Assistant that helps you write SEO content in an efficient way.

Writing value-added content that also meets search engine criteria does not need to be a brainteaser. Especially when you can count on an SEO Writing Assistant that indicates everything you need to do in order to get the most optimized content.

seo content writing assistant

Assemble your associates and maximize your SEO content production.

seo content writing assistant

No matter the size of your business or the number of your stakeholders, with the SEO Writing Assistant everyone on your team will be able to write optimized content. 
No SEO experience is required. Just follow the recommendations and check your score. Simple as it is.

More than just an SEO Writing Assistant, a real powerful tool.

Optimized thematic cocoons.

Discover the thematic cocoons Google associated with the keyword you are willing to rank on. Use the thematic cocoons to inspire your writings and get ideas of relevant themes. Write SEO content using the correct keywords without any risk.

Visual and intuitive

With the help of the intuitive SEO writing assistant, you can beneficiate from the most essential shortcuts in order to write for SEO in an efficient and effective way.

Real-time recommendations

Get a real-time list of the elements to be improved in your content. The SEO writing assistant gathers information based on the twenty-first organic results of Google and return recommendations on different aspects of your content: keyword stuffing, keyword density, length, thematic cocoons, readability, title and, heading tags, as well as on SERP aspects (title and meta-description).

Advanced semantic analysis

Optimize your contents’ click-through rate by improving its structured data. Besides showing you a list of your competitors’ title and meta-descriptions, the SEO writing assistant generates real-time recommendations on how to improve your content’s titles and your meta-descriptions.

How the SEO Writing Assistant Works

Serps analysis.

Cocolyze gathers the 20 first results from Google on the keywords you want to get ranked. It analyzes and extracts all the data from SERPs and the list of ranked pages.

Competitive environment

SERP preview

Ideal content calculation

Based on your competitors’ pages, Cocolyze determines the ideal content to produce (length, keywords to use, etc). A group of recommendations is then generated.

Content length

Keywords to use

Thematic cocoon analysis

Cocolyze’s algorithms extract the content of the highest ranked pages on the targeted keyword and analyze their thematic cocoons to understand which words Google might consider as the semantical field of the request.

Thematic cocoons

Paragraphs Ideas

Writing analysis

While you write your content, the algorithms of the SEO writing Assistant calculate your content optimization in order to return improvement recommendations for you to follow and measure the optimization score of your content.

Optimization score

Lota Cloud

Can I check the SEO of a content that was already written?

The SEO Writing Assistant is an AI intelligence capable of correcting any text. You can either write content from scratch directly on the editor or paste a content from another text editor. You can also refresh old content that was not created for SEO.

Why is my score on the SEO Writing Assistant different from the content score on the page analysis?

Contrary to the on-page SEO checker, the SEO writing assistant only takes into account what is written on the editor. It does not check for aspects such as link anchor, button texts or alt attributes i.e. If you also want to check for all these aspects, we recommend you to start writing your content on the SEO writing assistant and once it is published, you can run a page analysis.

5 SEO Writing Assistants to Support Content Creation (2023)

seo content writing assistant

There are two common types of SEO writing assistants (and the one you prefer will mostly depend on your workflows and goals).

Content optimization platforms with features to guide and streamline the strategic writing process — you might be interested in these if your goal is to produce unique, conversion-oriented content more efficiently.

SEO tools with AI writers designed to “do the job for you” —  teams with a high volume of content to churn out and limited writing resources might look for these solutions.

Now, we also understand that interest in AI is as prevalent as ever ; a lot of teams may feel tempted to use these tools in their writing workflows to save time. Why dedicate resources to writing content when you can train a machine to create it for you?

However, in most cases, we don’t recommend this solution. It may work for some teams, and we don’t want to discredit it completely. But as we’ve learned more about AI tools, and heard feedback from customers who have used these tools, we have a few concerns:

The content produced is mostly generic. These tools can write about high-level topics, but even then, most of the content it generates is just a remix of what’s already published online. These tools basically analyze target keywords, understand what ranks, then regurgitate a new version of the content already produced on the topic. You lose all originality — so the chance of standing out in search results or engaging readers is slim.

These tools can’t write strategic content around particular goals, share original opinions, or produce thought leadership content. Say you’re publishing content to drive sales to a certain product: you’ll likely experience challenges training AI to understand specific value points, and it’s rare that AI writers can truly represent your business offerings in the best light.

These tools aren’t actually all that time-saving. Sure, AI produces content instantly, but sometimes it’s incorrect or illogical (and as we’ve mentioned, generic). So you can still spend hours remixing AI content so it’s original, engaging, tailored to your business goals, etc. And sometimes, trying to remix content can be more challenging and time-consuming than crafting original content from the start.

That’s why we say: content marketing teams that want to optimize their processes are better off choosing a content optimization platform (option #1 above).

These solutions mesh with your existing workflows to support and guide each stage of content development. They allow you to maintain the strategic, creative aspect of the writing process, while simultaneously optimizing content for SEO and reader intent. Writers can produce high-quality, value-driven content faster and more easily .

Content optimization software (like Clearscope !) gives writers clear direction to:

Tackle SERP and competitive analysis.

Determine positioning, draft titles, and outline content.

Write high-quality, SEO-friendly content around specific objectives.

We’ll show you how our solution works in this guide. We’ll also review four other content optimization tools so you can compare popular SEO writing assistants and find the best solution for your business.

Note: Clearscope is our product. We’re proud of what we’ve built and believe we have the best content optimization and monitoring platform on the market. Request a personalized demo .

1. Clearscope

Seo writing assistant to guide & streamline content creation.

Clearscope’s SEO writing solution is designed to guide content optimization strategies within natural writing workflows — our reports support topic research and show you important criteria to touch on as you outline, draft, and edit content. You can focus content around reader intent and marketing goals, while also catering to search engines.

Our tools significantly speed up the writing process — Animalz uses Clearscope to save 3 hours per article .

We provide clear recommendations in content reports so you can shave down research time, easily build clear outlines, and optimize content as you write and edit. (And we don’t overload you with recommendations, so the process isn’t confusing or clunky.)

Our reports also show real-time progress — you can see which criteria you’ve covered, check readability, and monitor your content grade — and work through each stage of content creation more productively. There are no doubts about what to include in content, or guessing about whether you’re on the right track.

Let’s quickly review our features to show you how Clearscope enables writing teams to produce high-quality, optimized content at scale.

Feature overview

Clearscope’s tools make writing SEO-friendly content a seamless process so you can (quickly and easily) produce unique content that ranks and performs well. Specifically, we provide:

Keyword research tools to learn more about topics and who you compete with in search engines.

Content reports with heading suggestions, topics to cover, and terms to include in content — we show you competitor’s outlines, important themes, questions to answer, and more so you can write optimized content that stands out in search engines.

Content Inventory dashboard to monitor published content and manage updates (so it can continue to rank well and perform for you).

Keyword Discovery

Before writing, you can use the Keyword Discovery feature to learn more about the target keyword. We display metrics like search volume and list related keywords you might also want to target in your piece of content.

seo content writing assistant

You can instantly click to the search engine results page (SERP) and look at who you’re competing with. This lets you get a better understanding of search intent to determine where you fit into the mix — you can use these insights to start thinking of title ideas and ways to position content to engage readers.

(Then, you can perform more in-depth research on target keywords within our content reports.)

Performing keyword research and competitive analysis is critical in planning strategies to write unique content that engages readers and caters to their goals. We won’t get into all this here, but you can learn more about this step in our guide: Analyzing User Intent for Better SEO Results .

Content Reports

Our content reports offer true writing assistance, helping you get from outline to high-quality content in one fell swoop. Our reports even integrate with Google Docs so you can reference our suggestions in the tools you already use to write content.

Here’s how it works:

First, we have competitive analysis tools to continue keyword research — the ‘Competitors’ tab shows you who’s ranking in the top SERP positions. You can see each page’s title, URL, content length, and SEO score to understand what you’re up against in search results. Then, you can click on competitor sites and review the type of content ranking for that keyword.

seo content writing assistant

This has a few benefits — not only can you gauge the strengths and weaknesses of competitor content, but you can dig deeper into search intent and learn more about target audiences’ goals.

Are readers simply researching a topic? Are they shopping products and looking for a list of recommendations? How should you craft content to appeal to the Googler and perform well in the SERP?

From there, you can click into the ‘Research’ tab to see key takeaways from the SERP — like themes and commonly-asked questions — and determine snippet optimization strategies to help you choose which sections and FAQs to add to content .

seo content writing assistant

Next, we have the outline builder: our reports show you competitor outlines so you can identify important sections and develop strategies to outperform competitor content. How can you deliver something more valuable, helpful, and different from what’s already appearing in search engines?

seo content writing assistant

You can paste headings into your outline, but our reports also show suggested terms to use in headings (in the ‘Terms’ tab), so you can draft your own. You can filter suggested terms by “Heading” to see all of the heading ideas. It’s also a good idea to consider the themes and FAQs (from the ‘Research’ tab above) as you create your outline.

With Clearscope, you can build outlines faster while ensuring you touch on relevant information and fully satisfy user intent.

Finally, when it comes time to write content, we show you topics and terms to cover so you can write and optimize content at the same time . It’s a good idea to review the list of terms before writing — you can even use the semantic grouping feature to organize similar terms and get a broad idea of the topics you need to cover.

seo content writing assistant

We suggest writing content as you normally would, without getting too caught up in the list of recommendations. Why? Because when you put in the research to fully understand the topic and user intent before drafting, you can (in most cases) naturally write content that caters to both sides of the coin — the actual reader and search engine crawlers. You already know what’s important and what to write about.

You can reference the list as you write — you can also see your SEO score, word count, and readability grade as you draft — but when you understand the topic well, you can weave in our recommendations without trying too hard.

seo content writing assistant

Plus, as we mentioned above, our platform is designed with the natural writing process in mind:

We provide mostly single-term keyword suggestions (instead of long phrases) so it’s easier to include our recommendations within content.

We double-check that suggestions are unique, so there aren’t multiple variations of recommended terms and phrases, and you can avoid keyword stuffing or sounding robotic in your copy.

We use natural language processing to pick up on variations of suggestions, so even if you don’t use the exact word or phrase we recommend, you can still check off important boxes.

We show you the significance of each suggestion, so you can see what’s important to include (and avoid stressing over the not-so-important details).

Reports also provide definitions and examples for each suggestion, so if you’re writing about a new concept, you can reference background information and learn how to talk about topics confidently.

Once the rough draft is complete, editing and making final touches to content is easy: you can filter suggestions by “Unused” to incorporate leftover terms and achieve the recommended content grade, then review for spelling and grammar mistakes, check tone, and improve readability… as you likely already do in your normal workflows .

Then, you can add internal links, external links, images, and alt-text, as the last step before publishing. (You can also follow this checklist to make sure you include all of the important on-page SEO elements.)

Voila! You’re ready to publish.

Even though our platform isn’t generating content for you , it streamlines the entire writing process because it provides clear-cut direction to position, outline, draft, and optimize content.

Our content reports guide content optimization while allowing you to maintain originality in your writing. You know what topics interest readers, who you compete with, and how to make your name in the space. You can put yourself in the best position to rank highly in search engines, increase organic traffic, and convert readers.

Clearscope’s writing assistant lets you create original, value-driven content more effectively, and avoid the risks of AI writing (e.g., publishing generic content, not engaging readers, not competing well in SERPs, not accurately representing your brand, spending hours remixing content).

Content Inventory

After you dedicate time and resources to producing high-quality content, you want it to perform well (and continue performing well) so you can see ROI from content marketing .

However, most teams don’t think to track content beyond looking at traffic and conversions from web pages. So Clearscope offers “Content Inventory” so you can monitor your web pages’ SEO scores and know exactly when content needs updates (and how to update it ).

seo content writing assistant

This dashboard is easy to set up and reference: paste URLs of the pages you want to track and add each page’s target keyword. We stay up-to-date with Google algorithm and ranking changes to show you content’s current SEO score each time you check the dashboard.

Then, when you notice content scores dip, you can refresh content to improve performance . This lets you get in front of updates before content loses rankings or traffic. Content doesn’t fall through the cracks, and you can prevent content decay . (Not to mention, this helps you avoid wasting time updating content that doesn’t need it.)

Note: We also have a WordPress plugin so you can reference Clearscope reports in your CMS and easily re-optimize content within WordPress.

Read more: How to Perform a Content Inventory & Audit (2023 Guide)

Try our SEO writing assistant

Clearscope’s features let you manage content creation under one roof: we provide collaborative functionality so content writers and editors can work together. Not to mention, all Clearscope reports are shareable — and sharing is completely free — so you can send reports to freelance content creators, or any writers you partner with, and they can use our tool in their workflows.

Plus, our platform is easy to use and requires no training, so whether you’re just learning how to write SEO content or you’re looking to support a large team of writers, you can easily get started in Clearscope . (We offer pricing and packages for individuals, small teams, and enterprise users .)

Read more: How Speechify Uses Clearscope to Write More than 500 Posts per Month

seo content writing assistant

Semrush is a popular digital marketing solution because it has dozens of toolkits to support various marketing team needs. For example, they have local SEO tools, features to power PPC campaigns, backlink management tools, and solutions for agencies. In addition, they offer the Semrush SEO Writing Assistant — this feature includes an AI writing tool and provides actionable tips to write SEO-friendly content.

You can use their tool to generate AI content, edit spelling/grammar mistakes, revamp tone of voice, and improve readability. The platform also has a plagiarism checker to avoid duplicate content — which, as we stated, can be an issue when working with AI tools .

Recommended reading: How To Engineer Better AI Prompts for Your SEO Content Strategy

You might be interested in Semrush’s solution if you already use the platform for other tasks. However, most teams don’t invest in Semrush for this solution alone. (In fact, many teams that use Semrush also use a dedicated content optimization tool to support the writing process.)

This is because Semrush’s SEO writing tool is pretty surface-level:

The AI writer often produces generic content, so you spend a lot of time making content sound unique. And by the time you’re done editing, it can be hard to tell if the content is still fully optimized for the target keyword.

They offer high-level advice on what to talk about, but recommendations are not super specific (the recommended keywords are usually just variations of the main keyword).

The extra report suggestions also aren’t very helpful — they might tell you how content is lacking, but don’t provide a ton of guidance on how to bring it up to speed.

Semrush offers the Writing Assistant as a free SEO tool for users who already have a Semrush account, but they also provide limited trials for new users.

Read more: Can You Use Semrush for Content Optimization? Plus Top Alternatives

seo content writing assistant

Frase is content optimization software with an AI writing assistant to instantly write content for you —  their tagline is literally “ research, write, and optimize content in minutes instead of hours .” So if you’re interested in a super-fast AI writing solution, Frase might appeal to you.

All in all, the platform provides:

SERP research tools to review competitor content.

An outline builder that lets you drag and drop headers from competing posts into your content. (AI can also write headings for you.)

An AI writer that analyzes your outline and turns it into a completed draft.

Collaborative tools so writers and editors can review and finalize copy together.

An optimization feature that compares your final content to what’s already ranking and provides tips to polish it before publishing.

Frase can help you produce a high volume of content quickly, and if you’re writing about broad, commonly-talked-about topics, it might be able to generate content that doesn’t require heavy edits. But as we’ve warned throughout this post, there are risks with using Frase’s AI content.

The cons of this platform include:

Loss of originality — Frase, like other AI writing models, generally produces mirage content (or content that just restates what’s already written on the topic). It’s not going to “say anything new.” Reviews of Frase state that content often sounds computer-generated or robotic.

It’s not very time-saving when you consider the editing that goes into refining content.

The SEO suggestions aren’t very clear or helpful — plus, Frase offers so many suggestions it can be hard to implement every recommendation (or know which recommendations are worth spending time on).

You might consider Frase to generate rough draft copy, but it’s not advanced enough to fully deliver on its promise of (quality) “content in minutes.”

Read more here: Best Frase Alternatives by Category & Team Size

seo content writing assistant

Surfer is another top-rated content optimization tool with features to: 1) write new SEO content, and, 2) analyze existing site content, identify ways to improve upon what’s already published, and guide future content marketing strategies. Its strengths lie mostly in the latter — it’s known for its Grow Flow Dashboard that delivers personalized SEO insights each week (it can tell you which posts need updating, identify posts with issues like broken links, show you new keywords to target, etc.).

Surfer has an AI writing tool to create SEO-optimized content in minutes.

Similar to Clearscope, they also have content reports with suggestions to write new content yourself — they show you headings, FAQs, and terms to include in content. However, the big difference between Surfer and our solution is that Surfer’s content reports are super (almost too) comprehensive and prescriptive (to a fault).

Reports include hundreds of terms to include in content, and recommendations are sometimes repetitive — working through all of Surfer’s suggestions can tack on hours to the writing process (even though the whole point of their platform is to produce content quickly). Plus, Surfer doesn’t tell you what’s important to focus on, and suggestions are sometimes unclear; this complicates the process even further.

Although Surfer doesn’t offer the best tools to streamline new content creation, you might be interested in this solution if you want to make better use of existing content. You can update and re-optimize old posts so they have a greater chance of ranking in SERPs and driving new traffic.

Read more: Best Surfer SEO Alternatives: Clearscope + 3 Runners Up

seo content writing assistant

The last option on our list, Yoast SEO Premium, is a popular option because it integrates with common tools like WordPress and Shopify to guide content optimization and check on-page SEO elements — it’s mostly to dot your I’s and cross your T’s before pushing content to your site.

It offers a few features to write SEO-optimized content and improve readability, but this solution is primarily used to check other ranking factors and meet technical SEO standards. For example, this tool grades your content by looking at:

Outbound links

Keyphrase length

Keyword in title and meta description

SEO title length

Meta description length

Text length

Keyword in slug

Also has plagiarism check

Although Yoast doesn’t have a ton of features to support content writing, it does help content creation in other ways — it:

Provides feedback on internal linking strategies.

Shows you if content contains broken links, so you can maintain a smooth user experience.

Automatically adds structured data to your site so Google can crawl and rank content more easily.

Shows you what content will look like when shared on mobile or social media, so you can update the thumbnail or description to make sure sharing links offer the best representation of content.

Suggests ways to improve technical SEO and prevent back-end issues from impacting rankings and content performance.

Yoast integrates with other SEO tools, like content optimization platforms, so you can use them in tandem and manage content production in alternative solutions. Many teams use Yoast in addition to other SEO software.

Clearscope’s SEO writing assistant tool offers features to streamline the entire content writing process, so you can create high-quality, well-written, value-driven (optimized) content in a fraction of the time.

seo content writing assistant

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How Long Does It Take to Rank In Google With SEO Techniques?

seo content writing assistant

5 SEO Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Have In Their Toolset

seo content writing assistant

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Best SEO Content Writing Tools: Write Better & Rank Higher

Kate Kandefer

Are you looking for ways to improve your SEO content writing skills? If so, you’re in luck. In this article, we will discuss some of the best SEO content writing tools and techniques for writing better and ranking higher. So without further ado, let’s get started!

  • SEO content writing tools automate the optimization process and save time for writers.
  • They guide relevant keywords, content length, headings, grammar, and readability.
  • SEO tools can also help writers understand their target audience’s knowledge level and select engaging visuals.
  • Using content writing tools at the writing stages of the process improves the overall quality of the content.
  • Content tools help with picking a subject, selecting keywords, streamlining research, developing an outline, understanding competitors’ approaches, and improving content writing.
  • They also help with reviewing and refining content, avoiding plagiarism, proper optimization, and making content readable.
  • Content writing tools can suggest or add keywords and phrases that search engines pick up on to answer queries.
  • By understanding what steps of the writing process SEO content tools can help with and using them effectively, you can create content that appeals to your target audience and ranks higher on search engines.

What are SEO Content Writing Tools?

What are SEO Content Writing Tools?

SEO Content Writing Tools are digital platforms designed to enhance a writer’s productivity and efficiency while establishing key components that improve search engine rankings significantly. Right from assisting with drafting tailored-for-SEO-content down to scanning for imperfections or unoriginality, such utilities cater holistically towards creating high-efficiency outlines primed for search engines without compromising relevancy and readability.

SEO optimization tool could be viewed as your trusted night watchman operating behind the scenes, ensuring your fortress of words remains impervious against plagiarism, troubled grammar, incorrect spellings, or insufficient keyword usage – Elements that could mean serious ramifications for noticeable organic presence if ignored!

Different Types of SEO Content Writing Tools: SEO writing, Paraphrasing, SEO Writing Assistants

Types of SEO Content Writing Tools

Before we dive deeper into the world of these virtual helpers, let’s understand their categories.

  • SEO writers: Such tools aid in identifying ideal keywords contributing towards better SERP (Search Engine Result Page) standings.
  • Paraphrasing tools: These software streamline the task of rewriting texts by offering refined versions that maintain original intent while improving compositions’ uniqueness.
  • SEO writing assistants: Combining versatility with utility – an SEO writing assistant encompasses several functionalities, from real-time content analysis to suggesting improvements so as to tailor-make your drafts for both audience engagement and optimal online visibility.

What SEO content writing tools can do for you

It seems simple enough to write effective content that appeals to your audience. However, a lot goes into making sure that your target audience can find and read the written material you spend so much time developing. In the end, SEO matters at least as much as the actual quality of what you write.

To be truly effective, digital marketing teams need to use data to make decisions about what goes into the content. Without looking at the numbers that dictate your audience’s interests, how do you intend to identify the best keywords, include the right information, and determine the ideal word count that will get your content climbing up search engine result rankings? And that’s before we even talk about URL and meta-tag optimization.

But you don’t need to deal with all of this manually. With SEO content software, the vast majority of this kind of optimization activity can be automated so that you can save time and focus on the writing itself.

The benefits of using SEO Writing Assistant for content creation and optimization

The benefits of using SEO Writing Assistant

Ah, the humble SEO writing assistant – often unsung but forever a crucial tool in any content creator’s kit. Let’s delve into some of the intrinsic benefits this little gem brings to your content creation and optimization process.

Time Efficiency and SEO Integration

First off, time efficiency just has to be mentioned. Any seasoned writer knows that creating original, high-quality content is no walk in the park. It takes a considerable amount of time to research, write, and edit a stellar piece of work. With an SEO writing assistant by your side, you can considerably cut down this time through its real-time content analysis feature. Since it helps you optimize for SEO alongside the writing process, you won’t have to go back to tweak things later on.

Streamlined Workflow and Automation

Continuing our journey towards improved workflow, we encounter another significant advantage: Automated rudimentary tasks like grammar checks or checking readability statistics suddenly become less tedious jobs. Witty as we writers may be at crafting nicely flowing sentences and engaging narratives, all of us could use a fresh pair of eyes for mundane proofreading tasks.

Enhancing Creativity with SEO Insights

Using an SEO writing assistant doesn’t mean compromising creativity. On the contrary! This clever tool offers keyword suggestions helpful for audiences and search engines alike while fostering interlinks between creativity and optimization. But how? By taking care of technical bits like injecting apt keywords for content creators where they matter most or suggesting internal link opportunities, letting you focus more on communicating your ideas effectively.

Ensuring Consistent Tone across Content

Last but not least, let’s talk about consistency, which an SEO Writing Assistant handsomely offers in terms of tone throughout all blogging activities, acting as an SEO writer guiding contributors across departments to ensure messaging cohesiveness with their unique Tone-of-Voice Analysis features, resulting in better brand representation. Are you starting to see the clear advantages here? Whether it’s through saving precious hours removing tedium from routine tasks or aligning creative flair with technical expertise – good ol’ SEO Writing Assistant is proving to be quite the writing helper tool. And remember, quality content is only as good as its visibility in search results!

Use cases of SEO Content Writing Tools

Use cases of SEO Content Writing Tools

Just because your solution can help with the development of more engaging content doesn’t mean it will if you don’t use it effectively. That means understanding exactly what steps of the writing process it can help with and how.

Picking a subject and keywords

By determining what topics interest your customers as well as the keywords they search, you can narrow the focus of your content and be far more confident that it will appeal to those intending to read it. Your SEO content tool can determine what your articles should focus on by predicting traffic related to certain subjects and keywords.

Streamlining research

You can’t write on a given topic without researching it thoroughly and understanding what your competitors have to say about it. Content Writing Software automates and expedites this stage so that you don’t have to spend hours finding the right information.

Developing an outline

If you want to avoid numerous iterations and make sure that your content comes out in the way you expect, you’ll need to build and share a detailed outline . This should include the desired headings and keywords, both of which your tool for content writing can identify more efficiently than a manual search.

Understanding your competitor’s approach

All of this preparation remains dependent on effectively interpreting how the industry handles the topic you plan to cover. More specifically, by reviewing the content published by your competitors, you can find ways to deliver a superior product designed specifically to out-compete them. The best content writing software can assess the competition so that you can get a leg up on others within your market.

Improve your content writing

Of course, all of this work builds to the point at which you actually put pen to page (or, more likely, fingers to keyboard) and write your content. The right AI content writing tool ensures that your work comes out grammatically correct and correctly spelled while some even allow for narration or AI-powered support.

Review and refine

Once you have the first draft in place, it’s time for others to read through it and provide feedback. This ranges from checking sentence structure and word choice to overall readability. Website content tools such as Grammarly can perform the sort of in-depth review you’ll need to truly optimize your writing.

Avoiding plagiarism

While content should almost always be created from the ground up, it’s surprisingly easy to overlap with existing content that covers similar topics in a similar format. That means that you need to know that your article remains distinct enough to avoid any accusations of copying other work, though this requires a great deal of time and awareness. Instead, many tools for article writing come with the capability to perform these checks to further streamline your process.

Proper optimization

As we’ve already discussed, you’ll need to do more than write a good article to get noticed. Every page and piece of content needs to be created with its audience in mind, which goes for both their interests and the way they search for the topic on which you’ve chosen to focus. An SEO content writing tool will suggest or even directly add the words and phrases that search engines pick up on to answer queries.

Making your content readable

Once you’ve cleaned up your writing and embedded relevant keywords and information that will get it noticed, you’ll need to take into account how well it reads. Working within the constraints needed to ensure success after publication can result in twisted sentence structure and convoluted delivery. Certain SEO writing software can identify awkward segments and suggest ways to improve them.

Launching and utilizing content

When you have your new article properly formed to fulfill your goals and meet the expectations of your audience, it’s time to publish it on your preferred channel. But even once this takes place, the world doesn’t end. You’ll want to continue engaging your customers even once they’ve finished an individual article by sending them to new pages, meaning that you’ll likely want Content Writing software that enables the efficient publication and the use of hyperlinks.

Tracking search engine results ranking

So, your content has made it to the end of the process and now lives on your website. How do you know if you’ve hit your target or need to adjust your approach in the future? You’ll need to review the results of the publication to see how many people are viewing the page. To do so, use content writing tools for SEO to keep track of how well your content performs on search engines as well as more basic elements such as loading speed.

Best free and paid tools for SEO writing optimization

Now, let’s look at the actual options you have to choose from when looking for an SEO writing assistant. While we are often asked to describe the top ten tools for SEO, providing an answer has always proven difficult, largely because there are so many potentially impactful solutions that you could choose. So, we’re going to go through our favorites, starting with comprehensive tools, both free and paid, before getting into more focused options.

SEOwind SEO content writing tool

SEOwind is a tool that helps you create SEO content briefs in minutes rather than hours. That way you can create content that has a much better chance of ranking higher on Google and boosting your organic traffic. 

Features and key strengths:

SEOwind is a content writing tool that lets you create articles that drive traffic. With SEOwind, you just type in your keyword, then kick back and relax while the tool does all the heavy lifting. The tool analyzes the data and provides you with everything you need to create an SEO-optimized brief in one application. 

You’ll get top SERPs results, their outlines , the keywords they rank for, Quora and People Also Ask questions, and topics to cover with additional context all in one place.

On top of all of that, SEOwind includes AI to help you even more.

The tool provides you with a tested blueprint to work with, so your process becomes a lot faster and more efficient.

Pricing plan:

SEOwind is a free content writing tool. However, there are paid versions if you want to get more comprehensive data and scale your content creation even more.

seowind banner light with testimonial

Yoast SEO is a cloud-based WordPress plug-in that provides checklist-like guidelines for search engine optimization as well as a variety of writing processor features.

Yoast SEO is one of the most common content SEO tools out there. A content optimization tool allows users to further refine their content based on a targeted keyword. It is also one of the most flexible tools out there, with a wide variety of features that guide intuitive SEO practices. In keeping with this theme of flexibility, Yoast SEO’s nature as a cloud service ensures easy and flexible access so that publication and adjustments can take place whenever needed.

This solution can be a free content writing tool if you’re happy with the basic version. You can also pay €99 per month to access the premium version.


This analytical tool focuses on identifying the best-performing content across different platforms and topics. With Buz zSumo , you can more clearly discern what will perform well.

By enabling searches of particular websites, subject matter, and keywords, this content SEO tool makes it easier to draw critical information from your competitors and the industry at large. BuzzSumo also allows for searches by an author so that you’re always fully aware of who is posting what. With an advanced search tool such as this, you’ll never have to make assumptions about the best topic to write on or how you match up against your competition in terms of content quality and performance.

Like Yoast SEO, BuzzSumo can deliver content writing tools free of charge. However paid plans that start from €99 a month provide access to unlimited searches, additional users, and more.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public

While other solutions emphasize broad searching power or flexibility, Answer the Public searches for questions asked by users on Google that relate to your keyword.

In response to Snippets, one of Google’s latest additions, this content writing tool is built around a keyword search function through which a user can gain additional insight into how to write content to gain more visibility. As Snippets place potential query responses at the top of the page, they represent a powerful opportunity to drive traffic to your content. Answer the Public creates a detailed visualization of the questions people ask using your keyword, which allows you to chart a path to consistent inclusion in the Snippets and greater prominence for your content.

Answer the Public includes a free SEO writing tool option with three searches per day. A €99 monthly plan unlocks limitless searches, automated alerts, and additional analysis options.

SEMrush Writing Assistant 

SEMrush Writing Assistant 

One of the most popular SEO content tools out there, SEMrush offers a comprehensive package of functionality including a keyword search, writing analysis, and more.

With SEMrush, you gain numerous content writer tools that make site auditing substantially easier. Analyze backlinks, research keywords, and track traffic. Of particular interest is the Writing Assistant, which is an SEO writer tool that reviews your writing in terms of SEO, readability, originality, and tone. Altogether, this means complete awareness of the activity on your website and how well you have tailored your content to the interests of your intended audience. With SEmrush, you combine flexibility with more specialized functionalities.

As with other free SEO writing tools, SEMrush offers certain features for free. But full access to the SEMrush platform starts with a €120 monthly fee. More expensive plans allow for a larger number of simultaneous projects.


Summary: SurferSEO is an SEO content writing software that reviews high-ranking pages for your keyword to create a guide for developing your own competitive articles.

Features and key strengths: This solution emphasizes content outlining and editing. By reviewing the content that ranks highest for a specific topic, this SEO content writer software determines exactly how to format your article, what keywords to include, the ideal word count, and the kinds of headings and images to include in order to optimize your content. And, once the finished product is published, SurferSEO assists with auditing your website so that you can adjust your existing content and continually outcompete your rivals.

Pricing plan: As a free SEO writing assistant, SurferSEO allows you to track and optimize a limited number of websites. Its paid options start at €59 a month and expand the number of websites you can support and the frequency of insights.


Summary: Similar to SurferSEO, Frase helps to develop content that will rank well for a specified topic. Machine learning and AI support this content-writing software.

Features and key strengths: Frase enables thorough research and review as part of developing detailed briefs and outlines that will produce impactful content fit to your audience’s interests. The solution allows you to enter a primary keyword to find related words and phrases that will ensure that your own articles will achieve high rankings in search engine results. Machine learning and an AI copywriting function serve as the backbone of the Fuse SEO article writing tool, which delivers flexibility and streamlines processes as a result.

Pricing plan: There is no free SEO writing assistant with Frase, but the paid plans are cheaper than its competitors. They start at €20 monthly and the additional budget unlocks support for a larger number of articles.


Copy.ai is another tool for content writers that uses AI to assist with content development, although it specializes in shorter written material.

This is arguably the best content-writing tool for ads, social media posts, headings, and meta descriptions for website pages, and product descriptions. With its AI-driven support tool, Copy.ai generates recommendations for the content of all sorts, though it’s best when focused on the short-form content mentioned above. However, the solution can still be applied to blogs and articles, in which its more than 90 copywriting tools can help to properly optimize written material for your target audience.

Copy.ai delivers a great deal of value as a free SEO writing assistant, with unlimited projects covered. The paid version costs €50 monthly and expands support to allow more users and additional blog support.


Clearscope is another SEO article-writing tool that utilizes AI to review the core optimization elements of your project

This option provides some more power behind the technology than others such as SurferSEO, Frase, and Copy.ai. In addition, Clearscope is simple to use and promotes a strong user experience, meaning that anybody can get comfortable with its tools and features quickly regardless of their experience with similar systems or lack thereof. Once you enter a keyword into the solution, it will review the highest-ranking articles, from which it will derive a summary of word choice and optimization goals present in those pieces for you to emulate.

The increase in power and ease-of-use comes with a higher price point and a lack of free online content-writing tools. The payment options start from €31 per month, with the more expensive options increasing the width of competitor reviews.

seo content writing assistant

While many SEO content writing tools rely on AI, MarketMuse distinguishes itself from the pack by focusing its analysis on ROI predictions.

An automated content inventory and planning solution ensures that MarketMuse selects the best opportunities for new content in terms of how impactful your publications will prove. The solution produces AI-generated briefs that accelerate the writing process while MarketMuse’s industry-leading topic models provide greater insight into the performance of your competitors. All the while, the solution calculates an expected ROI so that any publication is approached with total clarity as to the value it provides. With these data sets, you’ll never need to guess about lacking the information needed for decision-making.

MarketMuse offers a basic package that delivers content writing software free of charge, though as in other cases, the greater the investment, the more features you can enjoy. The paid version is quite expensive at €7200 per year or €600 a month.

Paraphrasing tools

Not every SEO content tool is so broad. Some instead focus on a single area of focus and excel at a more limited selection of functions. We’ll start with some of the solutions we believe to be the best content-writing tools.



Here we have a comprehensive writing tool that uses AI and machine learning to improve your writing and ensure that it remains unique.

Paraphrasingtool .ai offers tools for paraphrasing, summarizing, plagiarism review, and grammar as well as a content generator. AI and advanced machine learning contribute to the creation of written assets that are similar to those written by humans.

Paraphrasingtool.ai is a completely free SEO writing assistant, meaning that the barrier to accessing its benefits is very low.

seo content writing assistant

Summary: An AI-based writing support solution, QuilBot can be incorporated easily into your existing systems to easily introduce tools for content review.

Features and key strengths: A customization setting sets Quilbot apart from other writing-focused tools. Using this setting, you can determine exactly how much you want the paraphrasing tool to alter your word choice. In addition, the platform offers an AI co-writer, grammar checker, plagiarism checker, summarizer, and quote generator to flesh out your articles.

Pricing plan: The base version of Quilbot is entirely free. A premium offer costs €10 per month and expands the potency of the solutions’ various tools.



The Paraphraser.io web tool is more focused than many other SEO writing tools. Used properly, it ensures that you can apply different writing styles to suit your goals.

With support for 17 different languages, this solution can free your business from reliance on English translations and assist with SEO writing practices for more localized audiences.

Paraphrasier.io is yet another solution that comes in both free and paid versions, the difference being the number of words that they can paraphrase.

SEO-focused tools

Next, let’s take a look at the products that have narrowed their focus to the SEO sphere.

Ahrefs keyword explorer

Ahrefs keyword explorer

With potent keyword research functionality, Ahrefs takes SEO activities to the next level so that your content will climb the rankings.

When you enter a keyword into Ahrefs, you’ll receive a collection of secondary keywords, but this only represents the beginning. The tool also analyzes keyword difficulty , global query volume, and localized metrics for performance. As a result, users will have a leg up when choosing keywords around which to build their content.

While Ahrefs does offer a free package, the Keyword Explorer requires monthly payments starting at €99.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console

Google has created its tool to help users create content that is better positioned to climb the rankings in its search results.

Beyond simply monitoring your website’s position in Google search results, Google Search Console also tracks performance metrics such as load time and click numbers

The Google Search Console is one of the free content writer tools available to everyone.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Just like with the Search Console, Google has built its own keyword research tool for digital marketers to determine the most effective keywords to utilize.

This solution generates keywords related to your primary phrase as well as their search volume and recent trends to predict how much traffic a new article on the topic would generate.

Once again, Google has made its tool entirely free for use.


Sometimes less is more. WordStream simplifies the Google Keyword Planner to provide a more limited but streamlined experience.

Ease of use is the name of the game here. Type in a keyword, select your industry and region, and click the big orange button. WordStream will then generate a list of related keywords and their search volumes on both Google and Bing.

WordStream is entirely free to use.



Ubersuggest analyzes new keywords based on predicted performance.

This tool’s design focuses on making its use as simple as possible. Searching keywords of interest produces monthly search numbers, keyword difficulty, paid difficulty, and cost per click. In addition, Ubersuggest boasts a service that predicts the potential for any piece of content to reach the first page of search engine results.

Without registering or paying anything, users can run three searches daily. Spending €12 monthly removes this limitation and unlocks features such as competitor analysis.

Viable alternatives

For more niche circumstances or needs, there are other options to explore. WordHero is a new AI writing tool that can create long-form content but operates at its best when working as an assistant for a human writer. Meanwhile, KWFinder generates more specific data such as how the SERP of a particular keyword as well as how its popularity has changed over time. And the Keyword Density Checker reviews articles to help writers avoid keyword stuffing.

SEO writing assistant tools

Finally, we’ll wrap up our list by looking at the best software for writing articles. These tools focus on improving your writing rather than optimizing the page.


Grammarly hardly needs any introduction. It’s an incredibly popular writing assistant that can check and improve your spelling and grammar.

As a Chrome extension, Grammarly avoids any limitations associated with a particular platform. It quickly and accurately reviews any submitted text for common errors as well as the risk of incidental plagiarism.

The free version of Grammarly will only check spelling and grammar while more advanced tools require a monthly subscription that costs €30.

Hemingway App

hemingway app

If you want help writing in clear, concise sentences, the Hemingway App offers just such a review service as opposed to more basic spelling and grammar checking.

With this tool, you’ll have an easier time shortening sentences while keeping your word choice and overall structure simpler. This makes it easier for non-native speakers to comprehend your content.

The Hemingway web application is entirely free. If you want to work offline and gain access to integrations that enable direct publication on WordPress and Medium, you can pay €20 for the desktop application.

Once again, there are always additional options to cover more specialized circumstances.

ProWritingAid functions as a cheaper version of Grammarly, in which AI will comb through your writing carefully to find spelling and grammar errors. To simply cover the plagiarism review, PaperRater and Copyscape represent excellent free services that specialize in this area.

For those articles that need to be translated, Ginger both performs grammar reviews and can translate your text into 40 different languages. Finally, Spellcheck Plus largely ignores your grammar in favor of checking spelling and helping to expand the vocabulary featured in your writing.

seowind banner dark with image

Features of SEO Writing Assistant

The impressive array of tools offered by an SEO writing assistant makes it an invaluable support system in your content creation journey. Here’s a deeper dive into some fundamental features to better illustrate how they can enhance your overall content game.

Features of SEO Writing Assistant

Keyword Optimization

One of the hallmark roles of an SEO Writer is optimal keyword integration. The feature ensures that the identified keywords are used appropriately throughout the content while maintaining readability and relevance. Not only this but using an SEO optimization tool like SEOwind automatically suggests related keywords and their respective densities for incorporation, hence improving content specificity while also giving it a much-needed visibility boost.

Content Readability Analysis

An important aspect closely tied to user engagement is the readability of your text. The “real-time content analysis” feature provides instant feedback on complicated sentences, passive voice usage, convoluted expressions, and more. In essence, optimizing these elements ensures that your audience has no trouble comprehending the material you’ve shared. 

The Tone of Voice Analysis

In writing, as in speaking, tone matters significantly. Hence, there’s a special place for ‘tone of voice analysis’ in SEO writing tools. It helps maintain consistent communication with audiences across all platforms, be it social media posts or technical blog entries. By analyzing multiple factors, including sentence structure and wording choices, this functionality assists in managing uniformity and brand identity through written words.

Plagiarism Checker

Trust comes with authenticity! A plagiarism checker becomes indispensable when publishing unique and reliable information online. Particular SEO writing assistants provide a thorough comparison with billions of other web pages to ensure originality and avoid any potential copyright infringement issues.

Grammar and Spelling Check

Wouldn’t you agree – flawless grammar gives every piece a professional touch? An integrated grammar and spelling check tool screens all written work for common errors such as typos, punctuation mistakes, or awkward phrasing. This reliable “writing helper tool” saves significant time and effort while ensuring your content is polished to perfection.

Content Suggestions and Recommendations

How about getting instant recommendations to enhance your content? Based on user searches, market trends, and respective keyword usage – SEO writing assistants often suggest various improvements, from language choice to topic segmentation. These can hugely contribute to making an article or blog post more aligned with the audience’s interest. 

Content Rewriter: Rewriting content to improve uniqueness

Rewriting existing pieces using proper synonyms and phrasing not only amplifies their exclusivity but also speaks of your expertise by adopting a fresh perspective. A robust “content rewriter” tool assists by suggesting alternative expressions that are correct both grammatically and contextually.

FAQ Generator: Generating FAQ sections for improved user engagement

This feature is particularly useful for e-commerce sites or services-oriented businesses where there might be recurring customer inquiries. An intelligent ‘FAQ generator’ anticipates likely questions based on written material, considerably enriching its worthwhile reducing potential visitor drop-off rates due to unanswered queries.

AI Headline Generator: Creating catchy headlines for better click-through rates

Headlines are often considered ‘clickbait,’ forming immediate impressions on readers’ minds. The clever ‘AI headline generator’ creates intriguing titles that pique interest while still being connected to core content. This way, you’re assuring users get exactly what they clicked for!

Long-form article writing

Last but certainly not least, certain high-quality products like SEOwind offer exceptional long-form article composition facilities seamlessly powered by artificial intelligence. Besides maintaining relevance with target keyword incorporation, it ensures strategic data structuring for creating comprehensive, valuable articles that subsequently drive traffic.

In essence, each one of these features has a distinct role in crafting superior quality write-ups capable of gaining substantial traction online – some assisting directly in producing material (like long-form AI Writer) while others work as enhancers enhancing overall presentation quality (like readability analysis & keyword optimization). With the right mix, you’re well-equipped to surmount most challenges on the path to becoming a successful SEO content writer.

How to Use an SEO Writing Assistant: A Step-by-Step Guide

Creating high-quality content that drives traffic is no small endeavor. It requires skill, effort, and, crucially, the right tools. The SEO Writing Assistant is among these invaluable resources. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can seamlessly integrate it into your writing process.

  • Start with a topic idea . Your journey into content creation begins with a topic or keyword in mind. This will act as the basis for your article or blog post.
  • Run your topic through the assistant . Enter your topic into the SEO writing assistant – like those featured within SEOWind’s service offerings. It will generate long-tail keywords and topical suggestions related to your main subject.
  • Generate an outline . Next, allow the assistant to create an initial content outline for you based on its analysis of top-ranking articles with similar themes or keywords. With tools built around our CyborgMethod™ methodology by SEOwind, artificial intelligence cooperates effectively with human intellect and intuition in creating detailed yet practical outlines anchored in researched SEO data.
  • Begin drafting . With this blueprint at hand, you can start filling out each section conclusively. Remember to be original while maintaining relevance to your chosen focus area – being assisted doesn’t mean surrendering all your creativity!
  • Tailor tone of voice and readability . One advantage offered by using platforms such as SEOwind is adjusting both tones of voice and readability levels specific to given target audiences during the composition phase itself. By setting preferences pertaining to language complexity (ensuring Hemingway Editor scores of grade 9 or below), we ensure easy readability without dumbing down the quality of the information we provide.
  • Check for duplication issues . After articulating thoughts comprehensively, run text over plagiarism checker integrated into the SEO writer tool – safeguard content uniqueness apart from ensuring Google-friendly practices aligned with copyright laws are upheld throughout creating the piece.
  • Review for keyword optimization. With the unrivaled versatility of an SEO writing assistant, you can also review your material for optimal keyword usage. Hereby, you ensure that key search terms (both primary and secondary) are well-incorporated throughout the content, making it more visible to and rank higher in Google.
  • Proofread and edit. Last but not least, comb through written articles for grammar errors or contextual inconsistencies relying on real-time content analysis offerings alongside embedded proofing tools such as spelling checker – final polish before posting a masterpiece online!

By following these steps carefully, anyone – from the greenhorn trying their hand at SEO to the seasoned professional aiming to enhance workflow efficiency – can harness the power offered by an SEO writing assistant effectively. 

Hence, irrespective of where you stand within the spectrum ranging between ‘content novice’ to ‘SEO expert,’ adopting firms like SEOWind and its powerful arsenal of features like SEO text analyzer or blog SEO checker ensures you’re playing a vital part in sculpting digital landscape suited towards clients’ needs while keeping search engine visibility priorities intact.

SEO Writing Assistant Trends

Content reigns supreme, and SEO is its crown. Let’s explore the latest trends in SEO writing assistant technology that are reshaping content creation.

Rise of AI in SEO Tools

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly essential, transforming SEO assistants into smart, data-driven advisors for perfecting content.

Embracing Google’s EAT Principles

SEO software now prioritizes content quality, aligning with Google’s EAT criteria to bolster the authoritativeness and trustworthiness of content.

Real-Time Content Analysis

Get immediate feedback while writing with advanced tools offering real-time analysis, making creating SEO-friendly content faster and more efficient.

Focus on Readability

With readability influencing SEO rankings, modern assistants incorporate scoring to ensure language clarity and accessibility across multiple platforms.

Versatile Applications for SEO Tools

New SEO assistants support a variety of content types, from social media to emails, providing comprehensive assistance for your entire digital presence.

Conclusion: Keeping Up with SEO Evolution

By keeping up with these trends in SEO writing assistants, you’ll be equipped to produce content that enhances your online visibility and engagement.

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Kate Kandefer

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To rank higher on search results, it’s essential to link both your SEO and content strategy in a way that aligns with the needs of your core audience.

But it’s not easy to stay on track with Google’s ever-changing algorithms.  

While it’s easy to analyze a bunch of keywords, the hardest part is writing content that actually addresses the user’s search intent .

For this reason, SEO & SEM marketers leverage specific SEO tools to fast-forward research, writing, and optimization .

In this article, you’ll learn more about the top free content writing tools for SEO. We will also discuss the impact of SEO writing tools across the different stages of content creation and optimization.

Time to outrank your competitors.

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What Is SEO Content Writing?

SEO writing is the process of creating and publishing content while keeping in mind a user’s search intent. And it takes a lot of effort to curate top-notch content that focuses on the user’s needs versus generating fluff.

If your page content is useful, Google will most likely rank it for that particular keyword. For instance, say a consumer wants to buy a shower head, but the search is specific to the size of the bathroom.

Basing an article on the keyword “ buy a shower head ” will only sound commercial with little to no relevance. Now an article based on the keyword, “ what size of shower head is best for small bathrooms, ” has clear informative intent.

The end goal of SEO writing is t o rank on the first page of Google’s search results . The search engine only picks up what it determines is relevant to a user’s search query.

What Is a Content Writing Tool? Do You Need One?

Brands, writers, and marketers focus on creating relevant content that not only engages the target audience but also provides information that’s worthy of a share.

And how can you achieve this?

Enter content marketing , a strategic approach that focuses on creating and distributing valuable content that attracts, retains, and assists your core audience. The ultimate goal of content marketing is to help your prospect or customer solve a problem .

A survey conducted by Demand Metric specifies that 91% of B2B marketers and 86% of B2C marketers prioritize content marketing Another research states that B2B marketers use, on average, 12 to 13 content marketing tactics to up their game.

One such tactic is making use of SEO content writing tools.

A content writing tool helps you furnish text within a proper framework. In simple terms, it helps generate authoritative content that drives value to your consumer audience.

The best content writing tools help maintain the right balance between creativity and SEO requirements. And there are different kinds of SEO writing tools for improving content quality and readability.  

The most accessible SEO content writing tools can automate primary tasks for digital marketers at different stages of the content creation process, such as:

  • Keyword Research : Monetize keywords by analyzing a variety of search terms and understanding their usability on competitive sites. This process also includes grouping keywords together, creating topic clusters , and more.
  • Content Writing: Develop long and short-form content for a website and marketing platforms depending on your content strategy. This stage of content creation also includes editing, proofreading, and formatting.
  • Content Optimization : Tweak meta-tags and URLs so the content becomes accessible to a larger and more focused target audience. At this stage, you sprinkle keywords in a content piece to improve its readability.

How to Choose the Best SEO Content Writing Tool?

Enterprises use SEO content writing tools to cut down research, writing, and optimizing time, helping them save time and money.

Here are a few steps to consider before picking an SEO writing tool:

  • Figure out the budget for the project.
  • Identify the stage of content creation.
  • Understand your technical limitations.
  • Compile a list of competitors for analysis.
  • Pick an all-in-one tool for SEO content.

Some of the best writing tools for SEO help you organize your content pipeline effectively. In fact, most apps not only save you time and energy but also improve reader engagement across different pages of a website.

To assist you further in your quest for knowledge, here’s a list of the top 10 free content writing tools for SEO.

Best Free SEO Content Writing Tools   

Google search console.

Does Google have a free SEO tool? – Yes, it does.

Google Search Console is Google’s own free tool that helps webmasters improve their rankings across SERPs. The console includes features that help measure page performance, load times, and other parameters that impact SEO.

Best Free SEO Content Writing Tools  - Google Search Console

You can also keep track of your website’s position on SERPs by checking which pages rank for specific keywords. Additionally, the console allows SEO marketers to track the number of clicks and impressions made on specific pages.

Google Search Console is a critical tool for SEO professionals as it provides valuable insights into page performance, helping you determine which content requires optimization and the type of keywords you can target in your SEO strategy.

Answer the Public

Answer the Public is a free tool that helps SEO professionals understand the search intent of a specific target audience. All you have to do is type in a keyword, and you’ll receive an extensive list of questions based on what people are enquiring online.

Best Free SEO Content Writing Tools - Answer the Public

The tool relates the queries with Featured Snippets, one of the most important Google SERP Features .

Featured Snippets are part of Google’s algorithm that highlight common questions related to a target keyword, connecting users to web pages that answer the question explicitly.

With this free SEO tool, you can target content that addresses queries or brainstorm topic ideas based on what users are talking about. The tool basically helps you get your content featured on Google Featured Snippets to increase search engine ranking.

Thruuu Free Keyword Frequency Checker

Here’s another free tool that’ll push your keyword research process to a whole new level, especially if you’re looking for diverse content marketing tactics.

Thruuu Keyword Frequency Checker utilizes NLP to extract the most frequent keywords from any URL (say a competitor URL) so you can identify keyword density or frequency .

As a result, this keyword density checker tool allows you to analyze competitive feeds and understand their content better.

Best Free SEO Content Writing Tools - thruuu keyword frequency checker

All you need to do is enter the desired URL, and the tool will instantly scan the content of the page, giving you a detailed report of the top keywords listed on the site. It assists with competitive analysis, serving up keywords that help drive more traffic to your site.

Additionally, you can get instant access to Google SERPs by integrating your CMS into the tool’s SERP API . This connectivity speeds up basic content writing processes like creating an outline or brief, helping you optimize your SEO strategy effectively.

Ever since the release of ChatGPT , there’s been an uproar in the content marketing community, especially since it’s powered by AI.

Imagine having your content written from scratch with minimum effort.

ChatGPT is your very own SEO writing assistant . But even content marketers must understand how to use this tool to their benefit! Currently, you can access the free version from OpenAI’s website.

Best Free SEO Content Writing Tools   - ChatGPT

The AI tool features a chat box where you can ask questions and receive answers from a bot, though it almost feels like you’re speaking to a human. It can also solve coding problems, articulate essays, and more.

Thruuu Website Text Extractor

What’s the best way to stay ahead of your competition? – Learn their modes and methods.

And there’s no better writing tool than Thruuu Website Text Extractor that gives you the body content of any URL , making it the perfect instrument for competitor analysis. You can combine this tool with Thruuu’s Keyword Frequency Checker for a detailed report.

Best Free SEO Content Writing Tools   - thruuu website text extractor

This free SEO marketing tool boosts content research, allowing you to extract information (like topics and word count) from high-ranking competitor pages. You can also use it together with ChatGPT to deep dive your research and text analysis.

Google Docs

When the time comes to generate content, you need a tool that not only boosts formatting but also assists with editing and proofreading . Google Docs is one such content writing tool that helps you create online documents in real time.

This free tool is accessible to any account holder, making content writing and editing easier with other users. The tool allows you to share, add comments and suggestions, and other action items like using @-mentions to promote seamless collaborations.

Best Free SEO Content Writing Tools   - Google Doc

Additionally, it features assistive tools that help you write faster with fewer grammatical mistakes so you can focus on content quality. With quick document translation, voice typing, and grammar suggestions, you can create content that’s clear and concise.

Grammarly has been around for years, and it’s one of the top tools for writing quality content that’s grammatically correct . Excellent for content writers, editors, and publishers around the world, the tool helps improve writing and editing skills.

Furthermore, the text suggestions in Grammarly’s free version help transform content into a well-concise copy by replacing words, changing sentence structure, and more. But the free model has a few limitations, unlike other content editing tools.

Best Free SEO Content Writing Tools   - Grammarly

The free tool equips writers and editors with the means to identify and fix misspelled words, including punctuation mistakes. In short, the free version offers a more accurate analysis of your content compared to a basic grammar checking tool.

Hemingway Editor

The main purpose of the Hemingway app (the free version) is proofreading . This tool is one of the best SEO content writing tools as it prioritizes content style. The tool features two user-friendly modes: write and edit.

Most content marketers and writers use the Hemingway Editor because it’s affordable. After pasting your content on the app, it instantly highlights the text in color. It also replaces complex words with simpler alternatives.

Best Free SEO Content Writing Tools   - Hemingway Editor

It makes editing and proofreading 10 times easier! This robust content editing tool is a great way to improve your writing style. For instance, if you’re used to writing in a passive voice, this tool ensures you’re mindful of it.

AI Content Detector

In today’s AI-driven world, you need to be careful with content creation.

Search engine algorithms are designed to pick up content that’s relevant, authentic, and resourceful. But anything that’s been served by a bot is likely to get rejected, affecting your SEO results in a negative way.

So, if you’re working with a team of writers or outsourcing your content, it’s always good to check if the content is written by a human or a bot.

AI Content Detector does just that!

Best Free SEO Content Writing Tools - AI Content Detector

This tool is a free, easy-to-use resource that checks for content quality by identifying AI-powered content or any written text created by AI-based software. This includes AI-text generators like ChatGPT, GPT 3, and GPT 4.

After analyzing the content, the AI Content Detector delivers an estimated percentage score that tells how much of the text is AI-written. Additionally, the free tool can count words and detect plagiarism in the text.

You only have to copy and paste your content into the text box, and the tool will take care of the rest, helping you identify any article that contains AI-generated text. You can use it to check a single sentence or an entire article.

Thruuu Web Page Comparison Tool

The final step to content creation (right before you hit the publish button) is optimization. And while there are many tools you can experiment with, not everything’s cheap!

But with the Thruuu Web Page Comparison Tool , you can continue to optimize your content even after it’s live. Featuring an exceptional user interface, the tool allows you to compare your web page articles with a competitive site .

Best Free SEO Content Writing Tools - thruuu web page comparison tool

Once you’ve compiled a list of competitors ranking for a target keyword, you can use the tool to analyze their content against yours. The free tool picks up every aspect of your page content – from meta tags to the number of words used.

As a result, it’s perfect to check what is missing from your content.

Moreover, by upgrading to the paid version of thruuu, you can effortlessly analyze Google SERPs and create content outlines and briefs in an instant with just a single click.

It also amplifies your SEO strategy by grouping keywords and creating topic clusters.

It’s a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs!

Better SEO. Faster.

thruuu deciphers the Google algorithm for you and helps you build powerful content briefs in mere minutes.

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Top 25 SEO Writing Tools to Earn More Traffic From Google

Want to start creating content that ranks? Here are 25 SEO writing tools that will help you write better content for your audience and search engines.

Even though today Google understands us better than ever before (that goes for every day, by the way), creating content that ranks is about much more than just writing a good copy.

Sure, you still need to write a good copy.

Plus do your keyword and competitor research, and optimize the HTML tags, and use schema – the list goes on to 700 points.

The tools presented here will help you keep track of all the moving parts.

Every tool here is a trusted ally, taking care of your content’s optimization, readability, or both at the same time.

All-In-One SEO & Writing Tools

1. semrush writing assistant.

Top 25 SEO Writing Tools to Earn More Traffic From Google

SEMrush is one of the mainstays of the SEO industry in general.

In their Writing Assistant, simply enter the keywords you’re looking to rank for, and start typing your text.

SEMrush breaks your text down to 4 main areas:

  • Originality
  • Tone of voice
  • Readability

It then provides you with advice on how to improve each of these elements.

Writing Assistant pulls on SEMrush’s formidable SEO resources to give you optimization advice.

From reminding you to add your target keywords to your title, to suggesting additional keywords to enrich your text, you’ll be covered.

Some of the features of the Writing Assistant are available for free. But in order to get some advice on writing a better copy, as well as some in-depth SEO data, you’ll need a Guru plan costing $199.95/mo.

2. Yoast’s Real-Time Content Analysis

Top 25 SEO Writing Tools to Earn More Traffic From Google

Yoast is easily the biggest SEO plugin for WordPress in the world right now. Their SEO content creation tool combines a host of SEO-advice and writing processor features.

Like SEMrush’s Writing Assistant, it’s a cloud service, so you can hop in at any time and start writing. Unlike Writing Assistant, though, Yoast gives you free SEO advice in spades.

Using Yoast’s Real-Time Content Analysis, you can create and edit your perfect title and meta description, and immediately see how they’ll look on the SERP.

Combined with some integrated on-page analysis, it is one of the best tools for on-the-fly text analysis and editing.

Using Yoast’s Real-Time Content Analysis is free . Getting your SEO content score using Yoast will not cost you a penny, and you are free to do so as often as you wish.

3. WebSite Auditor’s Content Editor

Top 25 SEO Writing Tools to Earn More Traffic From Google

Content Editor, in essence, is a word processor enhanced by the SEO capabilities of WebSite Auditor (disclosure: this is a tool built by my company SEO PowerSuite) .

As you’re writing your future page, you’ll get some crucial SEO pointers .

When filling out your title and meta description, you get a sample SERP. You’ll see how your Title and Meta description will look, and get a view of how your biggest niche competitors fill out theirs. That way, you’ll be able to adjust your HTML tags to follow the best SEO practices.

There’s a keyword counter always available, letting you check if you’ve added all of your target keywords.

The page you’re writing is also being continually audited for on-page SEO issues, and you’re presented with the problems you’ve overlooked and the best ways to solve them.

And as competitor research is crucial for proper content creation, you’ll also have an automatically curated and fully customizable list of niche competitors at hand.

As a module in WebSite Auditor, Content Editor is available in the free version of the software.

Tools for Just the ‘SEO’ Part

4. kwfinder.

Top 25 SEO Writing Tools to Earn More Traffic From Google

KWFinder is one of the tools that puts SEO in “SEO Writing”. What makes it a great tool for keyword research is not just that it provides a bunch of keyword suggestions.

What makes it great is that it provides you with some in-depth keyword data like precise search volume, CPC costs, and how the popularity of your chosen keyword changed over time.

It will also give you an overview of the current SERP for your keyword, giving you an opportunity to steal the SEO methodology from the best.

The Basic plan is $49/month for 100 keyword lookups a day, Premium is $69 for 500 keywords, and Agency will run up a bill of $129/month for 1,200 keywords a day.

There’s also a free 1o-day trial available.

5-9: Viable Alternatives

If, for reasons of price or convenience, you want to go with something else, Answer the Public is a brilliant alternative that gets all the points for style.

For lower-volume keyword research, a great tool is also Keyword Sheeter , providing you with heaps of keyword suggestions, and only charging you for the in-depth data on those keywords.

For data, you can turn to Ubersuggest or the regrettably expensive Keyword Eye .

If what you want is a list of keyword suggestions based on what you already rank for specifically in Bing, you might want to look at Keyword WordStream .

10. Keyword Density Checker

Top 25 SEO Writing Tools to Earn More Traffic From Google

Small SEO Tools’ Keyword Density Checker was created specifically to help us avoid the pitfalls of keyword stuffing.

The tool works in a straightforward way: you add your text (up to 2,000 characters) or a URL. The tool then runs the page in question through the program and gives you a detailed report on your SEO writing.

You get a breakdown of your most prevalent keywords, and whether you put them in your HTML tags.

Most importantly, the keywords you’ve used will be listed along with their density , so that you can easily avoid overstuffing your page and suffering penalties.

This helps you rework what your page is “about” in the eyes of the search engine by taking out the keywords with high density that are stealing your target keywords’ thunder.

Small SEO Tools’ Keyword Density Checker is free for anybody.

11-14: Viable Alternatives

Try the WordCounter tool. It works the same way as Keyword Density Checker, only you can paste as big a text as you need, no limit of 2,000 characters here.

Another great tool to up your SEO writing is IMN’s Onscreen Optimization Tool .

This tool has additional advantages in that you also get a breakdown of your page’s link profile, and access to your page’s HTML code right from the app.

You can pair it up with totheweb’s Title & Description Checker or SEOscout’s Google SERP Simulator – both are free tools and allow you to check out how your page’s title and meta description are going to look on the SERP.

Tools for Just the ‘Writing’ Part

15. grammarly.

Top 25 SEO Writing Tools to Earn More Traffic From Google

Grammarly hardly needs any introduction. But it would be unfair to leave it out when talking about the best tools to help you with your writing.

If you need a comprehensive spell-checker, a writing assistant, and a grammar expert in a single, seamless package – this should be the mainstay of your SEO writing arsenal.

Whether you’re just creating a new page, or rewriting an already-existing one, every text you write should be proofread with Grammarly.

You can definitely use the free version.

However, to check your content for plagiarism and have your writing goals saved to your profile, you might want to switch to the Premium subscription, which would run you up a bill of $29.95/mo.

16-20: Viable Alternatives

A cheaper tool that covers much of the same territory is ProWritingAid .

With the AI dedicated to nitpicking your grammar, you’ll be creating stronger texts in no time at all.

And if what you miss most in the free version of Grammarly is the plagiarism checker, turn to PaperRater or Copyscape . Those are two of the best plagiarism checkers.

You can also turn to Ginger . It’s a grammar checker that also helps you translate the document into one of the 40 available languages.

And if you’re comfortable with your grammar, and you want some vocabulary help, you can use SpellCheck Plus .

21. Hemingway App

Top 25 SEO Writing Tools to Earn More Traffic From Google

It makes your writing bold and clear.

That’s it.

Despite the fact that Hemingway himself actually often used long and winding sentences, his legacy lives on as that of a concision master.

Hemingway App is all about making your text more readable. It will provide you with synonyms, check your usage of passive voice – overall, make your text as readable as possible.

Using the web-based version of Hemingway is completely free.

However, if you want a desktop app, you’ll have to pay $19.99. This would also let you publish directly after you’ve finished writing.

22-25: Viable Alternatives

A great tool that was created for students but we all can benefit from is Slick Write . This tool sports a very useful Associator module, giving you tons of associations for any word.

Good overall readability apps are Read-Able and Airstory .

The former tests your text against a whole slew of readability metrics. The latter has fewer metrics but is still a great free tool for content creation.

Language Tool  is another tool to up your readability, with a twist. With it, you also get a browser add-on, which is very convenient for copywriters of all types.

Today, all content creation is SEO content creation.

And all writing should be SEO writing.

Creating a readable, efficient copy today goes inevitably hand in hand with its optimization.

Demands of search engines already start to coincide with the desires of actual users.

This is why taking care of both sides of SEO writing is paramount to creating top-ranking and selling content.

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