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Founded in 1953 Anchor Books is the oldest trade paperback publisher in America. The goal was to make inexpensive editions of modern classics widely available to college students and the adult public. Today, Anchor's list boasts award-winning history, science, women's studies, sociology, and quality fiction. Read more

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publisher anchor books

Anchor Book Press, Ltd.

Welcome to anchor book press, ltd..

Where Publishing Dreams Come True

So, you’ve written a great book!

Next step – get your book published! Gone are the days when most writers can get a Big Five Publisher to read their manuscript much less secure a contract for publishing. Enter the age of the indie publishers which now have over half the market. Give your book a chance . Click here to have an editor look at your manuscript. Or receive our free Guide to Getting Your Book Published and the Anchor Advantage to Publishing.

publisher anchor books

Our Mission

The mission of Anchor Book Press, Ltd  is to make publishing affordable. We can meet all your needs – from editing to formatting to proofreading. We have experienced staff that will give you and your manuscript individual attention. Click here for more information on the services we provide.

feature your book

Would you like Anchor Book Press, Ltd to feature your book? All manuscripts we accept can be featured on our Book Page at no additional charge. You can give input on how you would like your book marketed or a staff member can write a description of your book.

publisher anchor books

Meet the authors

Would you like to meet some Anchor Book Press, Ltd authors? Whether you are a first time author or you have published before, you will find a place in the Anchor Book Press, Ltd  family. Click here to meet authors we are currently introducing.

fall in love with our features

Anchor Book Press, Ltd is currently accepting submissions. We are looking for books that inspire, entertain, or instruct. To do our part, we prefer electronic manuscripts. Click here for guidelines on submissions.

Contact us with any questions.

Anchor Book Press

Anchor Book Press, Ltd  is an independent hybrid publisher with an author centered approach to publishing. Because we are a small publishing house, we can provide the individual attention required to successfully publish your book.

© 2021 Anchor Book Press, Ltd All Rights Reserved

Traditional Publishers : These are the big 5 publishers. Writers submit manuscripts. Publishers accept manuscript and offer a contract. However, as most writers know it is very difficult to get someone to even read your manuscript, much less offer you a contract. It is a very long process. These publishers offer:

  • Advance (though it may be small)
  • Auto-Listing on Amazon and Barnes and Noble
  • Market Support (often not what is expected)
  • Wholesale distribution
  • Orders for wholesale are filled for you
  • Accept risks of publishing
  • Editor changes your book to control risks
  • Publisher owns your book and copyright

Self-Publishers : Writers who are going through Amazon or a similar company to publish their book.

  • Retain 100% of rights to your book
  • Control the content of your book
  • Set retail pricing
  • Higher royalty rates
  • Listed on Amazon or Barnes & Noble
  • Obtain editing services on your own
  • Format document and create cover independently

Independent Publishers: Otherwise known as indie publishers. This is the most rapidly growing type of publisher in the book publishing industry. As a matter of fact, some indie publishers are now so large they do not take unsolicited manuscripts. Anchor Book Press, Ltd  is a new publishing company and we are currently considering all manuscripts that fit our submission guidelines.  Anchor Book Press, Ltd offers the following advantages:

  • Author keeps 100% of the rights to your book
  • Auto-listing on Amazon
  • Author controls content – editing needs your approval
  • ISBN is included in your package
  • Author sets retail price – guidance on best return rates
  • Author receives higher royalty rates – up to 70% on e-books and 60% on paperbacks, less printing cost
  • Print on demand – no stockpile of books you must store
  • Your book will be listed in  Books in Print
  • Support for editing – changes subject to your approval
  • Support for formatting e-books and paperbacks
  • Record keeping tips – avoid problems with the IRS
  • Fast turn-around – instead of years, your book can be published in months
  • Risks are shared by author and publisher
  • Author retains ownership of the book and the copyright
  • Lowest cost in the industry for author

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Join us and we'll do the rest! We will market and sell your eBook and book with booksellers and online shops worldwide as well as eReader and mobile devices. We will remit your royalties on a quarterly basis.


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publisher anchor books

Books and eBooks by Anchor Acadamic Publishing

publisher anchor books

Catalog - Unknown

 83 Seiten

publisher anchor books

 57 Seiten

publisher anchor books

93 Seiten

publisher anchor books

62 Seiten

Titel: Black Gold, Black Swans: The importance of the unexpected for the future of energy - Chancen und Grenzen

Literature - Comparative Literatur

Academic Paper, 53 Seiten

publisher anchor books

Academic Paper, 60 Seiten

publisher anchor books

Social Pedagogy / Social Work

Academic Paper, 47 Seiten

publisher anchor books

Politics - Political Theory and the History of Ideas Journal

Academic Paper, 84 Seiten

The influences of selected socio-economic factors of parents and parenting attitudes on the academic achievements of their wards

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publisher anchor books

Knopf Doubleday Puts Anchor on the Back Shelf as Suzanne Herz Takes a Buyout

Suzanne Herz, the executive v-p and publisher of Vintage/Anchor Books and executive director of publishing at Doubleday, will take a buyout at Penguin Random House, Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group president and publisher Maya Mavjee wrote in a letter to staff on September 7. KDPG will, Mavjee added in a second memo, make a number of organizational changes in the division. Those changes include ending the Anchor hardcover publishing program in January, with other KDPG imprints taking over future publication of current Anchor Books hardcover titles, and the gradual move of Anchor paperback titles over to Vintage Books for further reprints.

The changes will effectively result in the phasing out of Anchor, which was founded in 1953 as an imprint of Doubleday, and is the oldest trade paperback publisher in America. The imprint has more than 16,000 backlist paperback titles that will be moved to Vintage, which Alfred A. Knopf launched in 1954 as a rival trade paperback publisher. (Vintage was acquired by Random House in 1960 as part of the acquisition of Knopf; Anchor was acquired as part of Random House's merger with Bantam Doubleday Dell, and folded in with Vintage.)

"This moment offers us an opportunity to further strengthen our focus on our rich and varied frontlist, which serves as the foundation for our incredible backlist," Mavjee wrote in her letter. "Our commitment to our authors, their books, and our employees remains the utmost priority."

Although no jobs will be lost as a result of the reorganization, it will result in a number of personnel moves in the division. As detailed in Mavjee's memo, those include:

  • Beth Lamb , senior v-p and deputy publisher at Vintage, will report to Mavjee, and continue supporting Reagan Arthur, Bill Thomas, and Lisa Lucas on their frontlist paperback and backlist programs
  • Gabrielle Brooks , v-p and associate publisher at Vintage and of the KDPG backlist, will report to Lamb in this newly created role
  • Diana Secker Tesdell , senior editor at Vintage Backlist, will continue reporting to Meader
  • Editors Anna Kaufman and Caitlin Landuyt and assistant editor Ellie Pritchett will report to Barth
  • Chris Howard-Woods , assistant editor, will report to Kastenmeier and Thomas
  • Brian Etling will move to Knopf as editorial assistant, reporting to Barth and Erroll McDonald
  • Lauren Weber has been named director of brand development in the group, reporting to Kristin Fassler
  • Jess Deitcher will join Doubleday as marketing director, reporting to Milena Brown
  • Sophie Normil , marketing associate, will join Pantheon, reporting to Julianne Clancy
  • Abby Endler , marketing manager, will join Knopf, reporting to Laura Keefe
  • Morgan Fenton , marketing associate, will report to Judy Jacoby in KDPG's creative services department
  • Sierra Figueroa , associate backlist manager, will report to Christine Hung
  • Jordan Rodman will move to Knopf as senior director of publicity, still reporting to Todd Doughty and overseeing Vintage backlist publicity)
  • Tricia Cave , senior publicity manager, and Anna Noone , publicity assistant, will move to Knopf, reporting to Erinn Hartman
  • Julie Ertl , assistant director of publicity, will join Doubleday, reporting to Michael Goldsmith
  • Demetri Papadimitropoulos , associate publicist, will join Pantheon, reporting to Michiko Clark

Herz will wrap up her 30-year career at PRH—which began at Putnam, as a publicist—on December 15, although Mavjee noted that she will continue to work with PRH in "an external, consulting role as John Grisham’s longtime publisher, overseeing his frontlist and backlist in concert with John’s Doubleday team." She was named publisher of Vintage/Anchor in 2019. Over the course of her 27 years at Doubleday in particular, Herz worked with authors including Mitch Albom, Margaret Atwood, Carl Bernstein, Dan Brown, Bill Bryson, Katie Couric, Mikhail Gorbachev, David Grann, Jane Green, Anita Hill, Jon Krakauer, Kevin Kwan, Ian McEwan, Erin Morgenstern, Lauren Weisberger, Colson Whitehead, and Hanya Yanagihara.

"She has touched every aspect of bookmaking and along the way her distinctive reading tastes (especially those as a thriller junkie), penchant for embracing debut writers, and innovative and inventive thinking—on scales both large and small—have centered on a book-and-author-first approach from the very beginning," Mavjee wrote of Herz.

"For the past 25 years Suzanne has published my novels, with some measure of success," Grisham wrote in a tribute to Herz included in Mavjee's letter. "On a professional level, our relationship rests on talent, experience, and creativity. On a personal level, it is grounded on trust, loyalty, and friendship. I cannot believe she is leaving Doubleday.”

Dan Brown added: “The first project Suzanne and I worked on together was a little book called The Da Vinci Code . I will never forget Suzanne summoning a unique fusion of creativity, instinct, and strategy to help spread that gospel across the country. In the two decades that followed, Suzanne continuously found clever ways to publish thrillers whose offbeat topics included the Freemasons, Dante Alighieri, and artificial intelligence. Somehow, she found the audience every time, and I feel fortunate to have worked not only with an exceptional talent, but with a friend.”

publisher anchor books

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In-Depth Stories

Anchor Launches a Line of Hardcover Books

publisher anchor books

“In addition to this exciting new initiative, our primary role at Vintage/Anchor remains unchanged, serving as the paperback publisher for the Knopf Doubleday Group,” says Herz. “Our stand-alone paperback program delivers editorial, publicity, marketing, and operational excellence. And equally important in the current marketplace, we have heightened our focus on backlist and delivering new audiences, which affords our books the enduring shelf life they deserve.”

Founded in 1953, Anchor Books is the oldest trade paperback publisher in America. Its list boasts award-winning fiction, history, science, women’s studies, and sociology, and its authors published in paperback include Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Karen Armstrong, Margaret Atwood, Dan Brown, David Grann, Jon Krakauer, Alexander McCall Smith, Ian McEwan, Chuck Palahniuk, Anne Rice, and Colson Whitehead.

In 1999 Anchor Books merged with Vintage Books, which was founded in 1954 by Alfred A. Knopf.

Kastenmeier, a thirty-year veteran of Vintage/Anchor, has edited and published books by Alexander McCall Smith, James Ellroy, Jo Nesbø, Robert Harris, and Lars Kepler, among others, and he has long overseen the Vintage Crime / Black Lizard publishing program. “This new hardcover line will bring popular fiction and nonfiction to a wide audience, applying the visionary publishing we’re already known for to a hardcover market,” says Kastenmeier. “I’m excited to expand into this new space.” Editors Anna Kaufman and Caitlin Landuyt will work closely with Kastenmeier on curating the Anchor hardcover list.

The first list of titles includes three debut novels: Brendan Slocumb’s The Violin Conspiracy , a high-stakes tale that follows a classical musician on an increasingly desperate search for a missing Stradivarius; Amy McCulloch’s Breathless , a wildly suspenseful thriller set against the back drop of commercial mountain climbing; and Taylor Hahn’s The Lifestyle , a sexy romantic comedy about a Manhattanite who will resort to anything to save her marriage.

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