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Generate high-quality, unique essays and articles with Smodin’s free AI writer and text generator. Go from a few phrases to surprisingly great essays and articles with AI copywriting.

How Does Smodin Author Work?

Smodin's AI writer is easy to use. Provide your prompt with a few words and easily generate plagiarism-free, unique, and high-quality articles and essays in minutes. Type what you want to write about in a small sentence or two, with at least the minimum required characters for the tool to work, and click on the generate text button. Our AI Writer will create content which you can review, edit in parts or use only the parts you liked, keep tweaking the original text, or keep generating from the original seed. This easy-to-use AI text generator can be used by all education levels to produce essays and articles and also for copywriting, marketing, page creation, writing paragraphs, headlines, lists, and more. There are no software or programming skills required.

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Why use an ai content writer.

Writing has always been the most labor-intensive and time-consuming part for creators. You can say goodbye to writer’s block with Smodin’s AI Writer. Smodin’s Artificial intelligence content generator makes content creation as simple as clicking a button. You will also be saving significant amounts of time, and, as it is written by artificial intelligence, the text is unlikely to be plagiarized, you will be generating original content in most cases. Content will come to you like magic and you will be able to get more traffic to your website. Our AI-written text generator writes your essays and articles quickly and easily in any language. It can also help you to generate marketing content for Facebook ads, Google ads, Amazon product descriptions, LinkedIn posts, and more.

What is a Text Generator?

A text generator is an online tool that uses AI and complex algorithms to generate a text from a shortly added seed of characters. A text generation tool carries all of the key points in a text over to the expanded version. The content you receive contains a complete expansion of the initial text you added.

Why should you use a text generator?

Writing is not natural for everyone, which means that some people struggle more than others. Generating text provides a simple step to ensure that you can create something with as little effort as possible. You don’t need to be a professional writer to create fascinating works. You don’t need to scan the Internet, your brain, friends, and online resources to check for ideas. Our text generation tool takes that time-consuming effort and puts it all on a single text. With just a few clicks, your text will be generated and ready for use or correction, thus saving you time, energy, and stress. Using the text generator tool can also help you learn and increase your imagination.

What content can a text generator write?

Our text generator can write all types of text, in multiple languages, you can use it to write blogs, articles, books, essays, below is a more in-depth list of what you can use the writer to write. it can also be used as a big source of inspiration, removing writer’s block, generating new ideas and unexpected outcomes.

Smodin Author Testimonials

From plagiarism-free homework essays to high-quality, unique articles for your blog, Smodin’s AI Writer can help you generate compelling, converting text that’s either descriptive or argumentative with just a few prompts from you. Generate marketing copy for ads, product descriptions, social media content, and more within minutes and in just a few clicks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of essays and articles can i write with the ai.

As long as you provide us with the right prompt and sufficient context, our AI Writer can generate long text on just about any topic. You can write essays that span a range of topics for any educational level, articles in any niche, and even marketing content for Facebook ads, Google ads, Amazon product descriptions, LinkedIn posts, and more.

What technology should I learn to use this AI Writer?

There are no software or programming skills required to use this tool. Our AI Writer tool has a user-friendly interface where you can generate text in a few simple steps. Just fill in the required information about your topic and we’ll do the rest.

Are essays and articles generated unique and plagiarism-free?

Our AI Writer can produce unique and plagiarism-free content every time as long as you provide us with the right prompt. The essays are 100% generated content, whereas the articles are scraped from content from the web and might contain plagiarised content. Although all essays and all rewritten articles are expected to pass Copyscape or TurnItIn, you should use our plagiarism checker to confirm.

Do I need to edit the essays or articles generated by the AI?

The writing generated by our AI Writer may be a finished product, or may need editing. When using AI writer, there is a possibility of generating unfinished content. We provide an editor and a user-friendly interface to edit and make changes to the generated text the way you want.

How much does the AI Writer cost?

Smodin’s AI Writer is currently free to use. We will be adding additional paid options soon.

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The Simplified's Article Writer lets you generate an entire article in just seconds. Use the 'AI Article Writer' which helps you with ai generate articles through a simple 4-step workflow (Blog Ideas + Titles, Blog Introduction, Blog Outline, Your Article). AI Article Generator lets you easily write your articles in seconds.

How to Use the AI Article Writer from Simplified

From your Dashboard click 'AI Writing', select 'AI Templates' and choose the 'Article Writer'.

Fill in all the prompts including 'Output Language', 'Tone', 'Topic' and the 'Information' section.

Toggle on 'Advanced Options' to select the 'Number of Results' and 'Creativity Level'.

Generate your article, edit it, add design elements, format it, and export or publish online.

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Effortlessly share information related to your business through articles! Generate your article's using ai article writer. AI Article generator helps you increase followers, share tips, tricks, and ideas that engage your target audience. The ai-based article creator can help you beat the dreaded writer's block, ensure your work is 100% plagiarism-free, and optimize your content for search engines by inputting just a few keywords.

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Create Fresh Copy with the AI Content Rewriter Tool

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What our 2 million+ users are saying about Simplified AI Writer


Martin Ingram

simplified g2 review

I am amazed at how easy this was to use

I was just wanting to try AI writing out of curiosity to see if it could create a readable blog post without too much input from myself. I managed to create a 1000 word post that flowed and read well and only had to make a couple of adjustments to the AI copy.


Vincent Ochieng

My ultimate solution to content rewritting and generation. Best AI writter so far

I would say the Ai writing tool is the best feature of Simplified. It's my ideal go-to tool when I need to generate content for my blog around specific topics.


Robert Hidajat

Excellent all-in-one media creation helper

I love the AI writing feature. This is the reason I purchased this software even though I already have other media creation helpers like Canva and InVideo. I've been exploring and experimenting with this feature and it is a great tool to help develop ideas and speed up writing for blogs and podcast content.


Dickens Honest

I was shocked to find out that, Simplified has several tools other than the AI Writing Assistant.

So far, I have used the long-form content generator and I am very pleased. I used it to write something that required a personal perspective about a topic and the AI performed very well. I am yet to see other features such as the product description and ads.


Charles Storm

AI writing solutions + design = a unique and winning combination

What I like best about Simplified is the combination of AI-driven marketing solutions all in one place. Plenty of competitors offer AI writing, for example, but this is the first and only solution I've seen that offers both copy and design together.


Damilare Macaulay

The Best All-in-One marketing tool I have ever used!

Over the past few years, I have been using different tools to manage my business and my client's businesses. A different tool for AI writing, a different tool for graphic designs, and a different tool for social media management. The fact that Simplified simplifies everything into one tool - and for free - just makes this so much cooler!

The best AI writing generators in 2023

These 7 ai writing tools will take your content to the next level..

Hero image with the logos of the best AI writing software

Of course, all AI writing software needs human supervision to deliver the best results. Left to its own devices, it tends to produce fairly generic and frequently incorrect content, even if it can pass for something a human wrote. Now that AI tools are increasingly popular, people also seem more aware of what bland AI-produced content reads like and are likely to spot it—or at least be suspicious of content that feels like it lacks something.

I've been covering this kind of generative AI technology for almost a decade. Since AI is supposedly trying to take my job, I'm somewhat professionally interested in the whole situation. Still, I think I'm pretty safe for now. These AI writing tools are getting incredibly impressive, but you have to work with them, rather than just letting them spit out whatever they want.

So, if you're looking for an AI content generator that will help you write compelling copy, publish blog posts a lot quicker, and otherwise take some of the slow-paced typing out of writing, you've come to the right place. Let's dig in. 

The best AI writing software

Jasper for businesses for copywriting

Anyword for assisting you with writing

Sudowrite for fiction

Writer for a non-GPT option

Writesonic for GPT-4 content

Rytr for an affordable AI writer

How do AI writing tools work?

Search Google for AI writing software, and you'll find dozens of different options, all with suspiciously similar features. There's a big reason for this: 95% of these AI writing tools use the same large language models (LLMs) as the back end.

Some of the bigger apps are also integrating their own fine-tuning or using other LLMs like Claude . But most are really just wrappers connected to OpenAI's GPT-3 and GPT-4 APIs, with a few extra features built on top—even if they try to hide it in their own marketing materials. If you wanted to, you could even create your own version of an AI writing assistant without code using Zapier's OpenAI integrations —that's how much these apps rely on GPT.

See how one writer created an AI writing coach with GPT and other ways you can use OpenAI with Zapier .

Now this isn't to say that none of these AI-powered writing apps are worth using. They all offer a much nicer workflow than ChatGPT or OpenAI's playground , both of which allow you to generate text with GPT as well. And the better apps allow you to set a "voice" or guidelines that apply to all the text you generate. But the difference between these apps isn't really in the quality of their output. With a few exceptions, you'll get very similar results from the same prompt no matter which app you use—even if they use different LLMs. Where the apps on this list stand out is in how easy they make it to integrate AI text generation into an actual workflow.

As for the underlying LLM models themselves, they work by taking a prompt from you, and then predicting what words will best follow on from your request, based on the data they were trained on. That training data includes books, articles, and other documents across all different topics, styles, and genres—and an unbelievable amount of content scraped from the open internet . Basically, LLMs were allowed to crunch through the sum total of human knowledge to form a deep learning neural network—a complex, many-layered, weighted algorithm modeled after the human brain. Yes, that's the kind of thing you have to do to create a computer program that generates bad poems . 

If you want to dive more into the specifics, check out the Zapier articles on natural language processing and how ChatGPT works . But suffice it to say: GPT and other large language models are incredibly powerful already—and because of that, these AI writing tools have a lot of potential. 

What makes the best AI text generator?

How we evaluate and test apps.

All of our best apps roundups are written by humans who've spent much of their careers using, testing, and writing about software. We spend dozens of hours researching and testing apps, using each app as it's intended to be used and evaluating it against the criteria we set for the category. We're never paid for placement in our articles from any app or for links to any site—we value the trust readers put in us to offer authentic evaluations of the categories and apps we review. For more details on our process, read the full rundown of how we select apps to feature on the Zapier blog .

We know that most AI text generators rely on the various versions of GPT, and even those that don't are using very similar models, so most apps aren't going to stand out because of some dramatic difference in the quality of their output. Creating effective, human-like text is now table stakes. It was required for inclusion on this list—but not sufficient on its own.

As I was testing these apps, here's what else I was looking for:

Tools powered by GPT or a similar large language model with well-documented efficacy. In practice, this means that most but not all of the AI writing tools on this list use GPT to a greater or lesser degree. Many apps are starting to hide what models they use and claim to have a lot of secret sauce built on top (because there's a marketing advantage in being different and more powerful), but the reality is that nine times out of ten, it's the GPT API that's doing the heavy lifting.

An interface that gives you a lot of control over the text output. The more options you have to influence the tone, style, language, content, and everything else, the better. I didn't want tools where you just entered a headline and let the AI do the rest; these are all tools that you collaborate with, so you can write great copy quickly. The best AI writing tools also let you set a default brand voice that's always on.

Ease of use. You shouldn't have to fight to get the AI to do what you want. With AI writing software like this, there will always be some redoing and reshaping to get the exact output you want, but working with the AI shouldn't feel like wrangling a loose horse. Similarly, great help docs and good onboarding were both a major plus. 

Affordability. ChatGPT is currently free, and all these tools are built on top of an API that costs pennies . There was no hard and fast price limit, but the more expensive tools had to justify the extra expense with better features and a nicer app. After all, almost every app will produce pretty similar outputs regardless of what it costs. 

Apps that weren't designed to make spam content. Previous text-generating tools could " spin " content by changing words to synonyms so that unscrupulous website owners could rip off copyrighted material and generally create lots of low-quality, low-value content. None of that on this list.

Even with these criteria, I had more than 40 different AI writing tools to test. Remember: it's relatively easy for a skilled developer to build a wrapper around the GPT API, so I had to dig deep into each one to find out if it was any good or just had a flashy marketing site.

I tested each app by getting it to write a number of different short- and long-form bits of copy, but as expected, there were very few meaningful quality differences. Instead, it was the overall user experience, depth of features, and affordability that determined whether an app made this list. 

The best AI writing generators at a glance

Best ai writing generator for businesses, jasper (web).

Jasper, our pick for the best AI writing generator for businesses

Jasper pros:

One of the most mature and feature-filled options on the list 

Integrates with Grammarly, Surfer, and its own AI art generator

Jasper cons:

Expensive given that all the apps use similar language models 

Jasper (formerly Jarvis) is one of the most feature-filled and powerful AI content generators. It was among the first wave of apps built on top of GPT, and its relative longevity means that it feels like a more mature tool than most of the other apps I tested. It's continued to grow and develop in the months since I first compiled this list.

If you have a business and budget isn't your primary concern, Jasper should be one of the first apps you try. It's pivoted to mostly focus on marketing campaigns rather than just generating generic AI content. That's not a bad thing, but it means that plans now start at $49/month for individual creators and $125/month for teams.

Jasper has also moved away from just being a GPT app. It claims to combine "several large language models" including GPT-4, Claude 2, and PaLM 2, so that "you get the highest quality outputs and superior uptime." While I can't say that I noticed a massive difference between Jasper's output and any other app's, it does give you a few solid controls so that your content matches your brand. 

You can create a brand Voice and Tone by uploading some appropriate sample text. Based on a few examples of my writing, Jasper created a style that "emphasizes a casual, conversational tone with humor, personal anecdotes, listicles, informal language, expertise in various subjects, and a call to action for an engaging and approachable brand voice." I don't think that's a bad summary of the content I fed in, and its output for a few test blog posts like "The Enduring Popularity of Top Gun" felt closer to my writing than when I asked it to use a generic casual tone of voice. Similarly, there's a Knowledge Base where you can add facts about your business and products so Jasper gets important details right. 

While other apps also offer similar features, Jasper's seemed to work better and are fully integrated with the rest of the app. For example, you can create entire marketing campaigns using your custom brand voice. Put a bit of work into fine-tuning it and uploading the right assets to your knowledge base, and I suspect that Jasper really could create some solid first drafts of marketing materials like blog outlines, social media campaign ads, and the like.

Otherwise, Jasper rounds things out with some nice integrations. It has a built-in ChatGPT competitor and AI art generator (though, again, lots of other apps have both), plays nice with the SEO app Surfer , and there's a browser extension to bring Jasper everywhere.

You can also connect Jasper to thousands of other apps using Zapier . Learn more about how to automate Jasper , or try one of the pre-built workflows below.

Create product descriptions in Jasper from new or updated Airtable records

Airtable logo

Create Jasper blog posts from new changes to specific column values in and save the text in Google Docs documents logo

Run Jasper commands and send Slack channel messages with new pushed messages in Slack

Slack logo

Jasper pricing: Creator plan from $49/month with one brand voice and 50 knowledge assets. Teams plan starts at $125/month for three seats, three brand voices, and 150 knowledge assets.

Best AI writing app for AI copywriting (web)., our pick for the best AI copywriting tool pros:

Has an affordable unlimited plan for high-volume users 

Workflow actively solicits your input, which can lead to higher quality content cons:

Expensive if you don't produce a lot of content

Pretty much anything Jasper can do, can do too. It has brand voices, an infobase, a chatbot, and team features (though there isn't a browser extension). Consider it the Burger King to Jasper's McDonalds.

And like the Home of the Whopper, appeals to slightly different tastes. While I could argue that has a nicer layout, the reality is it's geared toward a slightly different workflow. While Jasper lets you and the AI loose, slows things down a touch and encourages you to work with its chatbot or use a template that asks some deliberate, probing questions. For creating website copy, social media captions , product descriptions, and similarly specific things, it makes more sense. But for content marketing blog posts and other long-form content, it might annoy you.

The other big difference is the pricing. While both offer plans for $49/month, includes five user seats and unlimited brand voices. For a small team working with multiple brands, it can be a lot cheaper. Also, if you're looking for a free AI writing generator, also offers a free plan that includes 2,000 words per month.

Overall, there are more similarities than differences between Jasper and , and both can create almost all the same kinds of text. Even when it came to analyzing my voice, they both came to pretty similar conclusions. decided that, to mimic me, it had to "focus on creating content that is both educational and entertaining, using a conversational tone that makes readers feel like they're having a chat with a knowledgeable friend" and "not to be afraid to inject some humor or personal anecdotes." If you're in doubt, try them both out and then decide. also integrates with Zapier , so you can do things like automatically sending content to your CMS or enriching leads straight from your CRM. Here are a couple examples to get you started.

Add new blog posts created with to Webflow logo

Enrich new Salesforce leads with

Salesforce logo pricing: Free for 2,000 words per month; from $49/month for the Pro plan with 5 users and unlimited brand voices.

Best AI writing assistant

Anyword (web).

Anyword, our pick for the best AI writing assistant

Anyword pros:

Makes it very easy for you to include specific details, SEO keywords, and other important information 

Engagement scores and other metrics are surprisingly accurate

Anyword cons:

Can be slower to use

Pretty expensive for a more limited set of features than some of the other apps on this list

While you can direct the AI to include certain details and mention specific facts for every app on this list, none make it as easy as Anyword. More than any of the others, the AI here feels like an eager and moderately competent underling that requires a bit of micromanaging (and can also try to mimic your writing style and brand voice), rather than a beast that you have to tame with arcane prompts. 

Take one of its main content-generating tools: the Blog Wizard. Like with, the setup process requires you to describe the blog post you want the AI to create and add any SEO keywords you want to target. Anyword then generates a range of titles for you to choose from, along with a predicted engagement score. 

Once you've chosen a title—or written your own—it generates a suggested outline. Approve it, and you get the option for it to create an entire ~2,000-word blog post (boo!) or a blank document where you can prompt it with additional instructions for each section of the outline, telling it things like what facts to mention, what style to take, and what details to cover. There's also a chatbot-like research sidebar that you can ask questions of and solicit input from. While certainly a slower process than most apps, it gives you a serious amount of control over the content you're creating.

Anyword is definitely aimed at marketers, and its other tools—like the Data-Driven Editor and the Website Targeted Message—all allow you to target your content toward specific audiences and give things engagement scores. While I certainly can't confirm the validity of any of these scores, they at least pass the sniff test. I generally thought the AI-generated content that Anyword scored higher was better—and even when I disagreed, I still liked one of the top options. 

Anyword pricing: Starter plan from $49/month for 1 user and 1 brand voice.

Best AI writing tool for writing fiction

Sudowrite (web).

Sudowrite, our pick for the best AI writing tool for writing fiction

Sudowrite pros:

The only AI tool on the list explicitly aimed at writing fiction 

Super fun to use if you've ever wanted to play around with fiction 

Sudowrite cons:

It's still an AI text generator, so it can produce nonsensical metaphors, clichéd plots, incoherent action, and has a short memory for details 

Very controversial in fiction writing circles

When I saw Sudowrite's marketing copy, I didn't think for a second it would make it onto this list. Then I tried it and…I kind of love it. Sudowrite is a totally different tool than all the others on this list because it's aimed at fiction writers. And with that, comes a lot of controversy. Sudowrite has been called " an insult to writers everywhere " and has been generally dismissed as a tool for hacks by a lot of Very Online writers. And while it's true that it's nowhere close to replacing a human author, it's fun, functional, and can genuinely help with writing a work of fiction. 

The Story Engine feature, which allows you to generate a full work of fiction over a few days by progressively generating each story beat, has attracted the most attention ( it works but takes lots of hand-holding and your novel will be weird ). But I prefer its assistive tools.

Let's start with Describe. Select a word or phrase, click Describe , and the AI will generate a few suggestions for the sight, smell, taste, sound, and touch of the thing, as well as a couple of metaphors. If you're the kind of writer who struggles to add sensory depth to your short stories, it can help you get into the habit of describing things in more interesting ways.

Then there's Brainstorm. It allows you to use the AI to generate possible dialogue options, character names and traits, plot points, places, and other details about your world from your descriptions and cues. If you know you want a big hairy guy with a huge sword but can't think of a good name, it can suggest a few, like Thorgrim and Bohart.

And these are just scratching the surface. Sure, if you over-rely on the AI to solve all your problems, you'll probably end up with an impressively generic story. But if you use it as a writing buddy to bounce ideas off and get you out of a rut, it's got serious potential. 

Best of all, Sudowrite is super easy to use. The onboarding, tool tips, and general helpful vibe of the app are something other developers could learn from. 

Sudowrite pricing: Hobby & Student plan from $19/month for 30,000 AI words/month. 

Best AI text generator for a non-GPT option

Writer (web).

Writer, our pick for the best AI writing generator that doesn't use GPT

Writer pros:

Not based on GPT, so free of a lot of the controversy surrounding LLMs

Surprisingly capable as an editor, making sure your team sticks to the style guide and doesn't make any wild claims

Writer cons:

Requires a lot more setup to get the most from

GPT comes with quite a lot of baggage. OpenAI has been less than transparent about exactly what data was used to create the various versions of GPT-3 and GPT-4, and it's facing various lawsuits over the use of copyrighted material in its training dataset. No one is really denying that protected materials— potentially from pirated databases —were used to train GPT; the question is just whether or not it falls under fair use. 

For most people, this is a nebulous situation filled with edge cases and gray areas. Realistically, it's going to be years before it's all sorted out, and even then, things will have moved on so far that the results of any lawsuit are likely to be redundant. But for businesses that want to use AI writing tools without controversy attached, GPT is a no-go—and will be for the foreseeable future. 

Which is where Writer comes in.

Feature-wise, Writer is much the same as any of my top picks. (Though creating a specific brand voice that's automatically used is an Enterprise-only feature; otherwise, you have to use a lot of checkboxes in the settings to set the tone.) Some features, like the chatbot, are a little less useful than they are in the GPT-powered apps, but really, they're not why you'd choose Writer.

Where it stands out is the transparency around its Palmyra LLM . For example, you can request and inspect a copy of its training dataset that's composed of data that is "distributed free of any copyright restrictions." Similarly, Palmyra's code and model weights (which determines its outputs) can be audited, it can be hosted on your own servers, and your data is kept secure and not used for training by default. As an AI-powered tool, it's as above board as it comes.

In addition to generating text, Writer can work as a company-specific Grammarly-like editor, keeping on top of legal compliance, ensuring you don't make any unsupported claims, and checking that everything matches your style guide—even when humans are writing the text. As someone who routinely has to follow style guides, this seems like an incredibly useful feature. I wasn't able to test it fully since I don't have a personal style guide to input, but Writer correctly fixed things based on all the rules that I set.

In side-by-side comparisons, Writer's text generations sometimes felt a little weaker than the ones from Jasper or, but I suspect a lot of that was down to how things were configured. Writer is designed as a tool for companies to set up and train with their own data, not run right out of the box. I'd guess my random blog posts were a poor test of how it should be used in the real world.

Writer also integrates with Zapier , so you can use Writer to create content directly from whatever apps you use most. Learn more about how to automate Writer , or take a look at these pre-made workflows.

Create new outlines or drafts in Writer based on briefs from Asana

Asana logo

Generate marketing content from project briefs in Trello

Trello logo

Writer pricing: Team from $18/user/month for up to 5 users; after that, it's an Enterprise plan.

Best AI text generator for GPT-4 content

Writesonic (web).

Writesonic, our pick for the best AI writing generator for GPT-4 content

Writesonic pros:

Allows you to select what GPT model is used to generate text 

Generous free plan and affordable paid plans 

Writesonic cons:

A touch too focused on SEO content for my taste

While almost all the tools on this list use GPT, most are pretty vague about which particular version of it they use at any given time. This matters because the most basic version of the GPT-3.5 Turbo API costs $0.002/1K tokens (roughly 750 words), while GPT-4 starts at $0.06/1K tokens, and the most powerful version costs $0.12/1K tokens. All this suggests that most apps may not use GPT-4 in all circumstances, and instead probably rely on one of the more modest (though still great) GPT-3 models for most text generation. 

If having the latest and greatest AI model matters to you, Writesonic is the app for you. Writesonic doesn't hide what AI model it uses. It even allows you to choose between using GPT-3.5 and GPT-4, at least on Business plans. 

Whether the content you create will benefit from the extra power of GPT-4 or not depends. In my experience using GPT-4 through ChatGPT, the latest model is more accurate and, essentially, more sensible in how it responds. If you're churning out low-stakes copy variations for your product listings, you likely won't see much improvement. On the other hand, for long-form original blog posts, it could make a difference. Either way, the transparency in which model you're using at any given time is a huge bonus. 

Feature-wise, Writesonic is much the same as any of the other apps on this list, with a Google Docs-style editor, the option to set a brand voice, a few dozen copy templates, a chatbot, a browser extension, and Surfer integration. It's cool that you can set reference articles when you're generating a blog post, but it introduces the real possibility of inadvertent plagiarism if you aren't careful with how you use it. (Its most offbeat feature is a surprisingly solid AI-powered custom chatbot builder that's due to be spun out into its own app soon.) Overall, it's pretty nice to use and skews more toward SEO-optimized content marketing—but like with all the apps, you can use it to generate whatever you want.

Writesonic also integrates with Zapier , so you can send new copy to any of the other apps you use in your writing workflow. Learn more about how to automate Writesonic , or get started with one of these examples.

Create a Google Doc with new content from Writesonic

Writesonic logo

Generate product descriptions with Writesonic from spreadsheet rows in Google Sheets

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Writesonic pricing: Free for 10,000 GPT-3.5 words per month; Business from $19/month for 200,000 Premium words or 33,333 GPT-4 words.

Best free AI writing generator (with affordable upgrades)

Rytr, our pick for the best free AI writing generator

A solid free plan and a cheap high-volume plan (though Writesonic offers better value for an unlimited plan)

It includes a basic AI art generator as part of every plan 

The app is more basic than more expensive offerings

Unlimited plan isn't very competitive

Most of the apps on this list are aimed at professionals, businesses, and anyone else with a budget. The Jasper,, and Anyword plans I considered all started at $49/month. That isn't exactly a hobbyist-friendly sum of money, so if you want to explore AI text generators without spending as much, give Rytr a go.

There's a free plan that's good for 10,000 characters (around 2,500 words) per month, and it includes a lot of the features, like a plagiarism checker, and a few AI-generated images. The Saver plan starts at $9/month and allows you to generate 100,000 characters (around 25,000 words) per month. On that plan, you're also able to generate up to 20 images a month, which many other apps charge extra for. (There's also an unlimited plan for $29/month, but at that point, Writesonic is a better value.)

Feature-wise, there are some trade-offs. Rytr is a little less competent at generating long-form content without you guiding it through the process, and there are fewer templates for specific things. The interface also isn't as polished, and there isn't as much hand-holding to get you started. Still, as Rytr is using GPT like almost all the other apps on this list, you should be able to get it to produce substantially similar output.

Rytr Pricing: Free plan for 10,000 characters/month and lots of other features; Saver plan from $9/month for 100,000 characters; Unlimited plan from $29/month.

Other AI writing tools to consider

With so many AI text-generating tools out there, a few good ones worth considering didn't make this list, only because they didn't meet my initial criteria in some way. If none of the AI writers I chose fit the bill for you, here are a few other options worth looking into:

ChatGPT is surprisingly competent and fun to use. And best of all, it's free. ( Google Bard is a little less excellent on the content production side.) 

Wordtune and Grammarly are both great tools for editing and improving your own writing .  GrammarlyGO just isn't as flexible as my other picks.

Notion AI adds a powerful AI tool directly into Notion. If you already use Notion, it's worth checking out, but it's a lot to learn if you just want a text generator. (Same goes for AI within any other Notion alternative, like Coda AI .)

Surfer and Frase are both AI-powered SEO tools . They fell slightly out of scope for this list, but they can both help you optimize and improve your content—AI-generated or not. 

All of the apps on this list offer at the very least a free trial, so I'd suggest trying some of them out for a few minutes until you find the one that seems to work best with your workflow.

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This article was originally published in April 2023. The most recent update was in September 2023.

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Best AI writers of 2023

Use the best AI writers to create written content quickly

  • Best AI writer overall

Best choice for marketers

Best for wordpress users, best for long-form writing.

  • Best free version
  • Best for short-form

Best for sourcing

  • Industry rankings

1. Best AI writer overall 2. Best for marketers 3. Best for WordPress users 4. Best for long-form writing 5. Best free option 6. Best for short-form writing 7. Best for sourcing 8. TechRadar's AI writer rankings

The word "AI" has been named the word of the year. ChatGPT has made waves since its introduction in late 2022. With every new iteration of this powerful tool, users have found innovative ways to use it to simplify and speed up their work.

Now, there are many AI writing assistants on the market, competing with ChatGPT to become the king of AI-powered writing tools. These new tools aim to simplify the writing process by generating long-form content, researching keywords, creating images from text, and more. Many bloggers are using these tools to improve their content and save time. 

However, there are some drawbacks to using AI writers. The content generated may require additional editing to ensure it's polished and accurate. AI-generated content may also lack the unique voice and style a human writer can provide. Despite this, the benefits of using AI writers, such as cost and time savings, often outweigh these minor drawbacks.

In conclusion, AI writers are an excellent solution for creating high-quality content without spending countless hours or breaking the bank. With numerous writing tools available today, content creation can be easily sped up and simplified. If you're interested in trying one of these tools, we've got you covered with our list of the best AI writers of the year. Check it out!

The best AI writers in 2023

Why you can trust TechRadar We spend hours testing every product or service we review, so you can be sure you’re buying the best. Find out more about how we test.

See how our top picks compare in the following analysis and reviews as we discuss reasons to subscribe, reasons to avoid, our test results, and what we liked most about each cloud storage platform.

The best AI writer overall

1. grammarlygo.

Our expert review:


Reasons to buy, reasons to avoid.

✔️   You also need a grammar editor: Getting help from an AI writer is even better with one that also helps you with grammar, like Grammarly. 

✔️ Need to use it across multiple apps: With Grammarly installed on your computer, you instantly gain access to it across your favorite apps like Microsoft Word and other word processing packages. 

✔️ Want something that's easy to use — once you learn how to do it:  Once you understand how GrammarlyGO works, it's going to make your life easier and assist you in making your text better. 

❌  You're on a strict budget: No doubt, Grammarly itself is expensive, especially if you only want to pay for it on a month-to-month basis. 

❌  You don't need a grammar tool: Maybe this is overkill, depending on your situation. 

❌ You need social networking-specific tools:  GrammarlyGO doesn't offer these types of tools, at least for now. 

Even in beta, GrammarlyGO is an excellent addition to an already powerful Al-based writing tool. You can use it to become a much better writer in just a few steps. 

Check out our in-depth GrammarlyGo review for a closer look at the service, and see why it's our top AI writer pick for 2023.

Grammarly has been a reliable companion for writers, helping them polish their craft by providing suggestions that make their writing clearer, more engaging, or more effective. And now, they've taken it up a notch by introducing GrammarlyGO, a feature-packed add-on that comes bundled with the rest of the software.

To get the most out of GrammarlyGO, you must understand how Grammarly works, as the two are closely intertwined. When using GrammarlyGO, it's essential to remember the number of prompts available to you, which varies depending on the plan you choose. Whenever you ask Grammarly to improve your text, one prompt is used, regardless of whether you use the suggestion. Grammarly Free users get access to 100 prompts per month, while Grammarly Premium subscribers receive 1,000 prompts per month. For Grammarly Business users, the number goes up to 1,000 prompts per user every month.

GoogleGO AI features are classified into five categories: ideate, compose, reply, rewrite, and personalize. The ideate feature helps you generate article ideas that are exciting and thought-provoking. With Grammarly's assistance, you can develop topics like "Five ways to motivate employees" or "Name five great topics about fall" that can capture the reader's attention and spark their interest.

The compose feature is perfect when you want Grammarly to help you write something from scratch. For instance, you could ask Grammarly to help you write an announcement about your engagement or a cover letter for a new job. The more information you provide, the better the results, and GrammarlyGO can help you create a masterpiece with its advanced suggestions and insights. Adding details like the name of your fiancé and the engagement date can make your announcement even more unique. In contrast, information about the job you're applying for can make your cover letter more effective.

If you're unsure how to respond to a message, Grammarly's reply feature can save the day. You can ask Grammarly to answer questions like "What should I say to Brent about the new job?" or "How can I congratulate Tom and Becky on their upcoming nuptials?" With Grammarly's superior writing skills, you can craft an engaging, effective, and impressive response.

With these incredible features, GrammarlyGO can help you take your writing to new heights and unleash your creativity.

Please read our full GrammarlyGo review .

✔️ You are a marketer: Anyword is the best AI writer for marketers on the planet. It helps you create content based on your company's "voice," and learns as it goes. 

✔️ You enjoy trial and error:  There's no "right" answer when it comes to AI text generation. Anyword makes it easier to tweak text once or unlimited times to help you get the text perfect for your needs. 

✔️ You need to generate unlimited words:  There are limits elsewhere, but Anyword doesn't limit how many words it will generate on a monthly basis. 

❌  You want app integration: You'll need to copy and paste text from your favorite word processor to Anyword, which can get annoying for some. 

❌ You want a free plan:  Once you exhaust your trial, you'll need to pick a free plan to continue. 

❌  You aren't a marketer:  The heavy marketing focus can't be avoided. 

Anyword offers a slick and easy-to-use interface. In mere moments, you'll be able to create excellent content that caters to your intended audience 

Check out our in-depth Anyword review for a closer look .

Are you tired of struggling to generate creative marketing copy or unsure how to optimize your existing content? Anyword is an innovative cloud-based writing tool that can help you overcome these challenges and achieve exceptional results. With Anyword's intuitive interface and user-friendly tools, you can generate, test, and optimize your copy in ways you never thought possible.

With unlimited words in each plan, Anyword gives you plenty of space to craft compelling content that truly resonates with your audience. Its advanced AI-powered algorithms can analyze your existing marketing materials and produce multiple variations of your copy, enabling you to compare and contrast different solutions and select the best option for your brand.

One of the key features of Anyword is its Brand Voice function, which enables businesses to establish a consistent identity across all their marketing materials. Whether you're refining your tone of voice, targeting your audience, or building out your messaging bank, Anyword can help you create copy that accurately reflects your brand's personality, tone, and style.

Additionally, Anyword seamlessly integrates with various platforms, from Hubspot to LinkedIn Ads, enabling you to use copy intelligence to enhance the quality of your future content. By analyzing the performance of your existing materials, Anyword empowers you to make informed decisions about optimizing your messaging for even better results.

But that's not all - Anyword's advanced algorithms can also analyze the performance of your competitors' marketing materials, giving you insights into their copy and enabling you to create content that sets you apart from the competition.

In summary, Anyword can help you unlock your creativity and produce exceptional marketing copy that resonates with your audience. With its range of user-friendly tools, advanced AI-powered algorithms, and seamless integration with various platforms, Anyword is the perfect writing tool for businesses looking to enhance their marketing efforts.

Please read our full Anyword review .

3. Articleforge

✔️ You use WordPress heavily: Articleforge works great with WordPress; get started in just a few steps. 

✔️ You want package customization:  The more you're willing to pay, the more words you can generate each month. It's flexible. 

✔️ You need marketing-based tools:  Offers SEO optimization, content in bulk, and more. 

❌  You don't want to self-edit : Articleforge may require more post-generation editing than other options, which could slow you down.

❌ You don't want to deal with duplicates:  Yes, sometimes Articleforge repeats suggestions. 

❌  If you don't want to spend more for a monthly subscription: It's cheaper to buy this on a yearly basis, and that might not be a commitment you're willing to make. 

Articleforge utilizes deep learning and AI to improve content over time, though heavy editing and fact-checking are often necessary.

Check out our in-depth Articleforge review for more information.

Articleforge is a tool that can greatly help speed up the writing process for users. It is a valuable resource for those who need to generate content quickly but do not have the time or resources to do so themselves. However, it is important to note that it is not a replacement for an experienced writer or editor. While it can provide recommendations for titles and automate SEO and WordPress publishing, it is not designed to produce ready-to-publish content.

One of the benefits of Articleforge is that it is available in seven languages, making it ideal for international blogs or multi-language sites. Users simply need to enter a few keywords and the topic they want to cover, and the platform will generate content in under 60 seconds. This generated content will use the provided keywords and cover the desired topic.

In addition to its quick and easy content generation, Articleforge also offers various integrations, including MS Word and WordPress integrations. The platform also provides integrations with other software systems like SEO AutoPilot, CyberSEO, RankerX, SEnuke TNG, and more. These integrations are easy to use, thanks to the API key offered by the platform.

While the platform is a convenient tool for creating content, its output quality falls short of expectations. As with any automated system, fact-checking is necessary for the majority of the content offered by the platform. The platform does offer better output quality with customized input. However, extensive testing is required, which can quickly exhaust the "word meter."

Overall, Articleforge can significantly expedite the writing process and help overcome writer's block. It is advisable to test it out and find a balance between the platform and tailored input to yield superior results. While it should not be relied upon as a sole source of content, using it in conjunction with other resources can help users quickly generate high-quality content.

Read our full Articleforge AI writer review .

✔️ You want a great plagiarism checker: You want to create original content, right? This checker makes sure that's true. 

✔️ You need to create content in multiple languages:  Some folks are writing content in multiple languages and Jasper lets you do this. 

✔️ You want access to a lot of features:  The team behind this solution tends to add new features on a regular basis without raising the price. That's sweet. 

❌  You don't have time to learn: Any AI writer takes time to learn. Jasper takes a little bit more time. 

❌ If you don't want to spend a lot:   Some folks might not feel the Creator package is enough and the next one is expensive. 

❌  If you aren't willing to edit a lot: Some of the content Jasper creates is better than others. Some extra editing is key. 

Jasper is a platform that is highly customizable and comes with a user-friendly interface. All the necessary tools that you need are just a click away. The platform’s content generation capabilities are hidden behind easy-to-reach templates, making it an easy-to-use tool.

Check out our review of Jasper to learn more about the AI writer.

Jasper is a powerful platform that leverages natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to analyze data from various sources across the web. With this ability, it can generate content ideas based on the relevant data you input, such as keywords, topics, and more. Jasper can help create a wide range of content formats, including blog posts, social media content, emails, and much more.

One of the most significant advantages of Jasper is that it has a tone feature that allows you to assign a corresponding tone to the copy you create if you’re targeting a specific persona. This feature is incredibly useful because it helps ensure that the content you create resonates with your target audience. Additionally, Jasper can help you improve your content through optimization recommendations, which can be accessed through numerous templates available on the platform.

If you’re short on time and need to create content quickly, Jasper is the perfect solution. It can offer content in mere seconds with just a few clicks and some input. With Jasper, you can save time and increase productivity, allowing you to focus on other essential tasks.

Another unique feature that Jasper offers is the “Boss Mode” feature, which allows you to write 5x faster. With this mode, you can give commands to Jasper, and it will do all the work for you. You can even write a complete book using this mode in just minutes. This feature is incredibly useful for writers who need to create a large volume of content in a short amount of time.

In the Boss Mode, you can also use pre-built recipes offered by the Jasper team such as “Write about (keyword),” but you also have the option of creating your own, which can be incredibly helpful if you have specific requirements for your content. By automating your writing process, you can save time and focus on other critical tasks.

Read our full Jasper review .

The best free version

✔️ You want a free plan for minor work:  If you're okay with only generating 2,000 words per month, there's a free plan for that. 

✔️ You need unlimited word generation: You can create unlimited words each month with all the paid plans. 

✔️ You want multiple tools:  New features are added often, making the product even better. 

❌  You are a marketer:  There are better options if you primarily need to write marketing copy. 

❌  You aren't willing to learn:  Here's another option that is a little bit harder to learn, at least initially. 

❌ You need app integration:  Expect to stay on the CopyAI website to get your work done, which requires copy and paste. 

CopyAI helps writers create high-quality copy with the power of AI, saving time and producing better content that resonates with your audience.

Check out our in-depth CopyAI review to see whether it's the tool for you.

CopyAI has been making waves in the world of AI writing tools, becoming a favorite among users who want to create high-quality content that can help them stand out in today's crowded digital space. The tool offers a wide range of options that allow users to get started and take their writing to the next level, from exploring various writing templates, settings, and features on the user dashboard to creating a compelling copy in minutes.

The user dashboard serves as the creative command center for CopyAI users, providing a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy to navigate through different features. From here, you can quickly access various options that can help you create content that resonates with your audience, whether you need to write a blog post about travel or an email to a potential client.

The chat feature is the default option that acts as a blank canvas to help generate inspiration. The brainstorm feature allows you to create copy such as "ten catchy Twitter headlines on holiday shopping," "the best Facebook headlines for marketing professionals," and more. If you're struggling to come up with a topic, don’t worry. CopyAI’s chat function provides prompt templates to give you a head start. These templates cover various topics, including content creation, SEO, email marketing, social media, PR and communication, sales, and strategy.

Moreover, you can create custom templates that cater to your specific needs. Each template in the collection provides various options, so whether you need a headline generator, a step-by-step guide, or a product description, CopyAI has you covered. You can even use the "rewrite content" option to enhance your written content, making it more engaging and effective.

To fully personalize your experience with CopyAI, you should create one or more brand voices. This process involves providing text that accurately describes you or your company's unique voice. This text should be between 50 and 500 words and can come from various sources such as blog articles, social media posts, website copy, marketing emails, and more. This allows CopyAI to tailor its AI-powered tools to better suit your brand's needs, making it easier for you to create content that resonates with your target audience and helps you achieve your goals.

In summary, CopyAI is a powerful AI writing tool that offers a wide range of features and options to help you create high-quality content. From the user dashboard to the chat and brainstorming features, CopyAI provides a user-friendly and intuitive interface that makes it easy to create compelling and engaging content. With custom templates and brand voices, you can personalize your experience with CopyAI and create content that resonates with your target audience, helping you stand out in today's crowded digital space.

Read our full  CopyAI review .

The best for short-form

6. writesonic.

✔️ You aren't tech savvy:  It's one of the easiest-to-use solutions on the market. 

✔️ You need lots of languages:  Writesonic supports 25 languages and counting. 

✔️ You're a freelancer:  There's a package just for you.

❌  You want to pay a lower price:  Some have criticized Writesonic for being too expensive. That's true with the Smart Team options

❌  You need more third-party integrations:  It doesn't really place nice with other software tools, which could add some time to your work. 

❌ You don't like tackling a learning curve : Like others on this list, there's a slighter higher learning curve with this one

Writesonic is an expansive AI writing platform with an intuitive interface and versatile templates for all content creation scenarios.

Check out our in-depth Writesonic review to see if this is the AI writing tool for you. 

Writesonic is an innovative content creation platform that provides users with various features and tools to generate high-quality, engaging content. One of the most impressive features of Writesonic is its versatility - it supports over 25 languages, including English, French, Italian, German, Japanese, Chinese, and more. This is a significant advantage for businesses that operate in multiple regions and need to produce content in different languages.

Another notable feature of Writesonic is its tone of voice customization tool. Users can choose from various tones, including "Excited," "Creative," and more. This feature adds a unique twist to the content, tailoring it to the user's needs. However, it's essential to note that the tone of voice feature may require additional editing to ensure the content is clear and coherent.

Regarding website copywriting, Writesonic provides users with an impressive range of tools. It can create landing pages, SEO meta descriptions, and feature-rich headers and subheaders. Additionally, it allows users to create social media ads on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google . Content creators can also benefit from Writesonic's blog writing, point expansion, and text analysis tools, which can rephrase the content and improve its readability.

The platform also offers e-commerce copy creation and popular copywriting formulas, such as the "AIDA" and "Pain-Agitate-Solution" formulas. These formulas are tried and tested approaches to writing compelling, persuasive content that resonates with readers.

However, it's essential to note that the content generated by Writesonic may require significant editing from the user. While the platform does an excellent job of generating content, it's essential to ensure it's clear, coherent, and tailored to the user's needs. If you're looking for a completely hands-off approach to content creation, Writesonic may not be the best option. However, for businesses that need to generate high-quality, engaging content quickly, Writesonic is an excellent choice.

Please read our full Writesonic review .

7. Al-Writer

✔️ You want a cheap package: You can get an AI writer for as little as $19/month. 

✔️ You need clear sourcing:  No better solution is available for providing sources for all text provided. 

✔️ You want an easy solution:  A very low learning curve exists. 

❌  You want app integration:  There's seamless integration with WordPress, but that's about it. 

❌  You need marketing-specific tools:  Sorry, this one doesn't have it. 

❌ You want unlimited word generation: If you need to generate more than 120 articles per month, this is a very expensive solution. 

AI-Writer is a unique word-generating tool that simplifies text creation and editing through an intuitive user interface. However, it may not be suitable for everyone.

Check out our in-depth AI-Writer review to see if it's the solution for you. 

AI-Writer is a word generator that is easily accessible and is popular among freelancers and bloggers. It may not be as extensive as Anyword or CopyAI, which are primarily aimed at marketing and sales, but it serves its intended audience well. 

One of the most significant advantages of AI-Writer is its unparalleled sourcing capabilities. It is the only AI content generator that cites sources for "everything it writes." Additionally, it updates its sources frequently, ensuring that any article generated by it sources the latest information on the subject. This is a significant advantage, particularly for those who are writing about current events or trending topics. With AI-Writer, writers can create content that is well-researched and accurate, without having to spend hours scouring the internet for sources. 

Another significant advantage of AI-Writer is that it recognizes that not all types of content require sourcing. For instance, op-eds or personal essays don't usually require sources. AI-Writer recognizes this and hides sources and links from the main results page, making it easier for writers to focus on their content and not worry about sources.

One of the drawbacks of using AI-Writer is that its extensive sourcing process can cause a minor delay in generating results compared to other AI writing tools. Although this may not be a significant issue, the noticeable delay should be mentioned. For instance, alternative tools like GrammarlyGO offer results without hesitation. However, it is worth noting that the issue with AI-Writer is primarily due to its thorough sourcing process. 

In conclusion, AI-Writer is an excellent tool for freelancers and bloggers who want to create high-quality content. It excels in sourcing capabilities, making it a go-to tool for writers who need well-researched and accurate content. Its ability to recognize when sourcing is not required is also an added advantage. While it may not be the fastest tool on the market, its thorough sourcing process is worth the wait.

Read our full  AI-Writer review .

TechRadar's AI writer rankings

Numerous AI writing solutions are already available in the market, and we can expect more to arrive in the future. Have a look at our rankings of popular services below, and also check out the honorable mentions that currently can’t compete with the top services available.

What is an AI writer?

An AI writer is a revolutionary tool, capable of creating text and content without human help; it utilizes algorithms and machine learning to generate various AI content. From data-driven, high-value pieces to conversion-focused content perfect for marketing campaigns, AI writers can easily create just about any content.

As AI writing assistants gain exposure to various forms of real-world information, they gain proficiency in generating natural-sounding output. With their data coming from human sources, the output created also has a human-like quality. Much like how humans rely on existing content to craft something new, AI content tools scour the web for relevant data to fulfill the user's instructions, thus creating original content.

This, in a nutshell, explains what AI writing is and how it functions.

How to choose the best AI writer for you?

Let’s get this out of the way. Whichever platform you choose, you will have to do some editing, if you want to create useful texts.

Here are some of the factors you should consider when choosing the right tool for you: 

1. Ease of use

Tools that don’t require technical knowledge or prior experience should be on the top of your list. Investment in good UI means that other aspects of the tool are also likely to be of a higher quality.

While this may not be popular with everyone, the price should play a major role in deciding which tool to go for. Some are simply overpriced while not offering much more than their lower-priced competition. Pay attention to the amount of content each price plan offers.

3. High-quality output

Despite the fact that, in the end, you will be editing the texts and images the tool creates, having a tool that creates high-quality content will mean less time spent on fixing mistakes and editing.

4. Integrations

If you’re running a blog or business and have been doing so for some time, you probably have your set of tools that you use for writing content. Making sure that the new AI platform syncs well with your existing toolbox can be essential for how long and how well you utilize the AI tool.

The list above is not exhaustive, but does offer a great starting point in your quest to find the best AI writing tool for your needs.

The best AI writers: How we test

During our assessment, we’ve evaluated various aspects such as the number of writing templates, categories, recipes, number of languages supported, grammar checkers, etc. Our goal was to create an extensive list of AI writing assistants that offer much more than simple rewording features. 

We tested the overall capabilities of the AI software, the tool's interface and ease of use, monthly article limits, SEO optimization features, and pricing, among other aspects.

In addition, we gave each platform a test article to write for us (a simple topic) and checked its sentence structure and content relevance.

Read more on how we test, rate, and review products on TechRadar .

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Rytr magically writes for you

Generate killer content, effortlessly

Never face writer's block again — from blogs to emails to ad copies, auto-generate catchy, original, and high-converting copies in popular tones & languages in just a few seconds. Just pick a use case, enter some context, and boom...your copy is ready!

Powered by state-of-the-art language AI to generate unique, original content for almost any vertical

40 + use cases and templates to choose from to cover all your writing needs

Choose from 30 + languages to write in your own or other languages for your clients

Write anything with the right emotion through 20 + tones of voice

Uses scientific copywriting formulas — such as AIDA & PAS — to provide best quality output that requires minimal to no editing

Craft your masterpiece to perfection

Use powerful, rich-text editor to go from raw ideas to a polished piece in no time — takes just about 15 mins to write a 1,000 word piece! Reword, shorten and do much more to improve the content quality before hitting that submit button.

Produce reader-friendly copy the way you need it — expand with more details, give it that raw edge, or just clean up the grammar

Have a problem with that clunky, boring sentence? Hit 'reword' or 'shorten' and watch it magically turn into something elegant and succinct

Never worry about content uniqueness! Check for parts of your text that are similar to any existing content using in-built plagiarism checker

Extensive formatting options to make text richer and presentable to the world

Seamlessly manage your writing workflow

Relieve the stress of juggling multiple projects by providing seamless collaboration, team billing and robust project management features — all without the hefty price tag! With Rytr, it's easy to get back to what matters: running your business and making sure everything runs smoothly.

Store and organize all your projects in one place, with a simple folder structure for both client and internal needs

Quickly navigate and search outputs in history to reference previous work

Create team account to easily manage members, access, & billing from one place

Download work in docx or html format

Take your writing assistant where you go

With our browser extension, it's never been easier to create stunning copy — whether you're working on an email, social post, or blog, Rytr will save you time and ensure your content is always up to snuff!

Extension installed by 20,000 + users!

Emails and Chatting

Documents and blogging, social media, the best, all-in-one writing platform.

Tired of dealing with gazillion apps in your writing workflow? Rytr provides powerful features to manage everything from one place — no more juggling with tools for SEO, grammar, and more while writing; just focus on getting sh*t done with minimal fuss.

SEO analyzer to find optimal keywords and create a well written content brief

Fast, Responsive, and Mobile friendly to stay on top of things

Industry's best customer support with 99% average satisfaction score

Connect with like-minded Rytrs and learn about best practices

Plugins to work in your favorite apps like Wordpress, Shopify and more!

Use Rytr API to integrate in your existing apps and get content on the fly

And much, much more...

Recognized by G2 as one of the leading brands in AI Writing space

Automatically generate high-quality content for 40 + use-cases, blog idea & outline.

The easiest way to come up with catchy blog, essay, and article topics and content structures using AI writing assistant

Business Idea Pitch

Write a clear and engaging startup pitch for your business ideas

Copywriting Framework: AIDA

Use Rytr's AI copywriting software to generate creative & catchy copies in AIDA format for your product, service, company, or brand

Create catchy emails for marketing, sales, engagement, & more in seconds

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Ads

Write creative and original advertisement copies for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media channels.

Landing Page & Website Copies

Generate creative and persuasive copies for sections of your landing page

Reply to Reviews & Messages

Let AI write engaging & thoughtful responses to customer reviews, private messages, professional emails, testimonials & more.

SEO Meta Title

Write SEO optimized meta titles for your website and blog posts

Text Editing: Continue Ryting

AI writing assistant to auto write the next sentences

Strikingly powerful, yet unbelievably affordable

Generate 10k characters per month on free plan and upgrade to premium plan for unlimited usage — starting at $ 9 /m, Rytr offers one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market to give you complete value for money!

📝 Generate 10k* characters per month

📜 Access 40 + use-cases

🇺🇸 Write in 30 + languages

🔊 Access 20 + tones

🔍 Built in plagiarism checker

🌆 Generate upto 5 images per month with AI

⭐️ Access to premium community

*FUP applicable

Upgrade as you scale

📝 Generate 100k* characters per month

🌆 Generate upto 20 images per month with AI

🔧 Create your own custom use-case

$ 90 /year (Get 2 months free!)

Unlimited plan

📝 Generate UNLIMITED* characters per month

🌆 Generate upto 100 images per month with AI

‍👩‍💼 Dedicated account manager

💬 Priority email & chat support

$ 29 /month

$ 290 /year (Get 2 months free!)

Stop wasting time & money on content and copy writing

Words you write per month: 25,000, to save over 50 hours & $ 1,000 per month, start using rytr now →.

Free forever. No credit card required.

Improve your writing

Free ai writing resources.

Improve your academic performance and write like a pro without cheating or jeopardizing your degree. Get access to free AI writing tools, useful ChatGPT prompts, the latest articles about AI, and more.

Start writing

Free AI Writing Resources

AI tools to help you write with confidence

writing articles with ai

Paraphrasing Tool

Avoid accidental plagiarism and make your text sound better. Paraphrase now

writing articles with ai

Grammar Checker

Get instant feedback on your writing. Don’t let typos bring down your grade. Grammar check now

writing articles with ai

Read more in less time. Distill lengthy and complex texts down to their key points. Summarize now

AI Proofreader Scanning Document for grammar mistakes

And fix any mistakes with AI

Scribbr’s AI Proofreader checks your document and corrects spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes with near-human accuracy and the efficiency of AI!

Try the new AI Proofreader

ChatGPT prompting 101

ChatGPT prompting 101

ChatGPT can be a great study assistant, but the responses you get are only as good as the input you provide. Keep these four tips in mind to craft great ChatGPT prompts :

  • Give ChatGPT a role to play
  • Be precise and provide context
  • Test and improve your prompts

ChatGPT prompts

100% ethical ChatGPT prompts

Write a research question

  • Generate three possible research questions for an argumentative high school essay on the following topic: “The long-term impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.”

Brainstorm topic ideas

  • Generate 10 questions to help me brainstorm topics for my college admission essay.

Quiz yourself

  • I’m learning about [ insert topic here ]. Please create a practice test with 4 multiple-choice questions, each with 4 possible answers and solutions (show the solutions separately under the multiple-choice test).

Learn by metaphors and stories

  • I ‘m learning about [ insert topic here ]. Convert the key lessons from this topic into engaging stories and metaphors to aid my memorization.

Find limitations

  • What are some common limitations or critiques of research in the field of [ insert topic here ]?

Learn about a topic

  • I want to learn about [ insert topic here ]. Identify and share the most important 20% of learnings from this topic that will help me understand 80% of it. Explain [ insert topic here ] to me without jargon and buzzwords, in the most simplified way possible.

Source recommendations

  • What types of sources can I use to write an essay on the following research question? “ [insert research question here] ?”

Overview of arguments

  • What are the main arguments or debates in the literature on [ insert topic here ]?

Develop an outline

  • Develop an outline for an argumentative high school essay with the following research question: “ [insert research question here] ?”The essay will be about 4 pages long.

Latest articles

Learn more about ai, citing chatgpt, using chatgpt for assignments, how do ai detectors work, using chatgpt in your studies, ai tool reviews.

writing articles with ai

Best AI Detectors

AI detectors detect text generated by AI tools like ChatGPT. We tested various example texts, including ChatGPT-generated, mixed AI–human, and fully human, as well as text generated by paraphrasing tools. Check out the best AI detectors

writing articles with ai

Best Paraphrasing Tools

Paraphrasing tools improve your writing by automatically rewriting text. We tested seven popular free and premium paraphrasers to determine their reliability when it comes to producing correct, readable English. Check out the best paraphrasing tools

writing articles with ai

Best Grammar Checkers

We tested 10 popular free grammar checkers , evaluating their accuracy in fixing errors (and introducing new ones) and user-friendliness. Find out what grammar checker to use

writing articles with ai

Best summarizers

Summarizers are ideal for distilling lengthy and complicated texts down to their key points—but which summarizers are most accurate? We tested 11 summarizers to find out. Discover the most accurate summarizer

Universities’ policies on AI

Universities’ policies on AI

Based on our analysis of the top 100 US universities, it appears that the majority haven’t established clear-cut regulations concerning AI tools at this time. As a result, it is up to individual professors to determine what is permissible in their respective courses.

Check out policies in detail

Scribbr's stance on AI

Scribbr's stance on AI

We think educators should be open to the possibilities presented by AI-powered tools. Students should employ these tools in an honest and responsible way, using them to facilitate learning rather than to skip steps in the learning process.

You can use such tools in a responsible way that benefits your education during the research and writing process by relying on them for the following:

  • Brainstorming and explore topics in an interactive way
  • Assisting with programming and coding
  • Developing research questions and paper outlines
  • Asking for feedback on your own writing

Write faster, study better – all for free

Write Better Articles, Effortlessly.

From idea to personalized article, incredibly fast, article composer, review & edit, publish fast, authenticvoice ©, how contentfuel transforms your writing process, hear what other content creators have to say, example articles written by contentfuel, fuel to your fire, intelligent content generation, click more, type less, seo powerhouse, your style, your voice, ai-assisted editing, idea generation.

writing articles with ai

AI Article & Blog Writer

Write factual, unique content in 5 minutes.

Go from a one line topic to surprisingly great titles, outlines and paragraphs with an AI writing assistant.

Join 100,000+ marketers writing with AI

writing articles with ai

How our AI writer works

Get your thoughts to paper faster with our step-by-step AI article writer. Add a few lines about your product or company and we'll do the rest.

1. Generate catchy article titles

Simply describe your topic and add your SEO keyword to generate on-brand content ideas and article titles.

Import Illustration

2. Create detailed outline variations

Our AI blog writer will craft article outlines for your to plan the structure of your article in a logical and easy-to-follow way.

3. Generate your content draft

Create surprisingly great paragraphs—and edit them for your final content piece.

Overview of blog post content after using AI article writer

4. Generate more original content with Compose

Continue expanding on your long-form content with our Compose AI assistant—like autocomplete on steroids.

Woman and AI content generator app preview

From ecommerce to electric cars, our AI blog writer has built up millions of data points on your industry. It knows how to write compelling, converting copy with just a few prompters from you.

SEO and content marketers

Kickstart content briefs with clear, customer-centric content that is consistent across your buyer's journey.


Use an AI article generator to jumpstart creativity with a clear message that aligns with your creative brief.


Build your brand, get your thoughts into the world and educate your customers without a dedicated copywriter on staff.

Let your words flow with Hypotenuse AI

Turn a few keywords into surprisingly great blog headlines, outlines and articles with the best AI writer.

Blog Post and Article Example

A blog post example written by our ai writer.

Blog posts are one of the best ways to connect with your audience. When you write an article, you're creating an opportunity to connect with your audience on a more personal level. Here's an example of unique content our article writer has generated that will help you speak to your audience.

Tap Into the Power of an AI Writer and Streamline Your Blogging and Content Strategy

When it comes to writing, you could say AI article writers are the new kids on the block. Although it's been around for a while, AI is only now starting to make its presence felt in the writing world.

You may be wondering what AI can do for you in creating content. It helps with all stages of the content creation process, from brainstorming to proofreading.

In this article, we'll discuss how AI can help you write better, unique content and how you can use it to improve your workflow.

What is AI?

AI stands for artificial intelligence. And what that means is that it's a computing system that can learn and work on its own. It can analyze data and recognize patterns, which is why it's become so popular for things like marketing and customer service.

‍ How Can AI Help With Writing Articles?

‍ Imagine this: you have a great idea for an article, but you're not sure how to start writing it. You could sit down at your computer and try to hammer out a first draft, but it's going to be a lot harder than you think. You might spend hours staring at a blank screen, and when you finally do start writing, the words just don't flow the way you want them to.

Enter AI content generators. With the help of a good AI writing tool, you can brainstorm ideas, do research, and write the first original draft of your article quickly and easily. Plus, with the help of keyword integration, your article will be SEO-friendly from the get-go. This is a huge help when you're trying to produce high-quality content on a tight deadline.

1. Writing headlines

One of the most difficult things about writing articles is coming up with a headline that accurately reflects the content of the article, while also being catchy and attention-grabbing. This is where AI can really help. With the help of an AI tool, you can easily come up with a list of potential headlines for your article, and then choose the one that you think will work best.

2. Brainstorming outlines

If you're struggling to come up with ideas for your article, AI can help with that too. By inputting a few keywords, you can get a list of potential outline ideas to write about. Once you have some ideas, you can then use the AI content writer to do some research and flesh out your ideas.

3. Researching details

Another area where AI can help is with research. If you're not sure what to write about, or you need some help fleshing out your ideas, an AI tool can help you by conducting research and finding relevant information for you for your content sections. All you have to do is input a few keywords, and the AI tool will do the rest.

4. Writing the first draft

Once you have your ideas and research material, it's time to start writing the first draft of your article. This is where AI content writing can really help. With the help of an AI writing tool, you can quickly and easily produce a first draft that is well-written and accurate. Plus, with the help of keyword integration, your article will be SEO-friendly from the get-go.

5. Editing and proofreading

After you've written the first draft of your article, it's time to edit and proofread it. AI can help you check, edit and proofread your article for grammar, spelling, and style.

If you're struggling to get your ideas down on paper, or just looking for a way to streamline your article-writing process, AI can definitely help. Why not try it out? AI writing tools are becoming more and more advanced every day, and they can help take your writing to the next level.

‍ Are There Any Drawbacks to Using AI to Write Articles?

‍ So, are there any drawbacks to using AI generator tools to write articles? Let's take a look.

For one, the results can sometimes be repetitive—AI can't always tell what content has been covered, and might repeat itself for the sake of clarity.

It also can't draw on personal insights or feelings, so it might miss out on some of the more human aspects of writing. AI can get caught up in the details and miss the bigger picture. This is why it's important to have a human editor review the final product.

Finally, while AI can help with grammar and punctuation, it's not perfect. Sometimes, it can make mistakes that a human writer wouldn't make.

Another thing to keep in mind is that AI text generation is still evolving, and it's not going to replace human writers anytime soon. It's just a tool that can help them. As long as you're aware of its limitations, AI can be a valuable tool in your content creation arsenal.

So if you're thinking about using AI to write your next article, keep these things in mind.

Overall, it's still a helpful tool that can make your writing process a lot easier, and it's only going to get better over time.

AI definitely has the potential to help with all aspects of content creation, from brainstorming to editing and proofreading.

There are a number of AI-powered tools that can help with different parts of the writing process, and it's worth exploring which ones work best for you.

The bottom line is that AI can help to speed up the writing process, and can also produce high-quality results. So if you're looking to produce content faster and more efficiently, AI is worth considering for sure.

Discover a better way to write

Take the first step towards writing thoughtful blog articles that engage your audience and boost conversion.

Craft content that aligns with your brand

Let the AI writer know what your brand is about and generate content that encapsulates all that it stands for.

Breeze through an easy-to-follow workflow

Go from blog idea to long-form article in a simple, guided workflow. Refine generated output every step of the way.

Do away with the grunt work of writing

Focus your time on essential tasks like keyword research and developing your blog content strategy. Let AI copywriting do the rest.

Edit and refine all at once

A clean, in-built blog article editor right at your fingertips. Also compatible with all your grammar-checking browser extensions and tools.

Kickstart your creativity

Need some fresh blog ideas? Our AI writer will get you started with a couple of relevant blog topics specifically catered to your brand.

Write with AI that learns

The more you write, the more it learns about your preferences and the better it gets over time. It's the intelligent tool you always needed.

AI writers are computer programs that are designed to generate text in a fluent and conversational style, given a set of inputs.

They're perfect for creating blog articles, as they can generate original content that is rich in context. This is thanks to the AI writer's strong word prediction ability.

The Hypotenuse AI writer can help you with content creation like come up with unique, search engine-friendly blog ideas , outlines and introductions based on your brand and its products. It can also turn blog outlines into full-length articles you can refine and publish.

While some people are naturally skeptical of something that's so new, there are plenty of benefits to using AI in copywriting. They might not be perfect, but they give you a (surprisingly great) first draft in a fraction of the time it would take a human.

Plus, they're able to produce content that's accurate and engaging, all while staying within your brand's voice and style guide.

As these tools progress, they're helping entrepreneurs, content marketers and copywriters amplify their speed and productivity everyday.

Some AI article generators, like Hypotenuse, are even designed specifically for content marketing. That means they can help you write articles that are both rich in context and compliant with Google's ever-changing algorithms.

As long as you give it sufficient context, our AI article writer can handle just about any topic. You can look forward to writing blog posts that span a range of topics relating to your niche.

Everything is crafted from scratch, so you can always expect to get unique and plagiarism-free content every time. Our AI generates writing that is specific to your brand (as well as all other input you provide) and is trained to avoid writing duplicate content. All writing generated by the AI is yours and yours alone.

For peace of mind, use our integrated plagiarism checker to scan your document, powered by Copyscape, the leading online plagiarism checker. The plagiarism checker scans the web in real-time for similar text content from your article. The Copyscape plagiarism checker measures how much of your article matches content on other websites. This doesn't necessarily mean that the content is plagiarized—it could simply be that the same information is quoted on multiple sites.

No. When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), both unique content and the appropriate use of keywords contribute significantly to your search engine ranking. Why many AI writers end up doing more harm than good is due to the fact they generate content that is repetitive, duplicated or not closely aligned to your product. We've built our AI text generator with this is mind—words are uniquely generated from scratch each time, with a focus on creating high-quality, genuinely useful content. In fact, Google recently published guidance on AI content for blogging , stating that helpful content, AI-generated or not, will never be penalized.

Yes, Hypotenuse AI does generate SEO-optimized blog article content. Not only are these blog posts well-written and informative, but they also have the right keywords written naturally into your article to make you more authoritative and boost your rankings on search engines. You can even describe your brand, product or service for our AI to weave some promotional paragraphs about different pages in your site that you might want to internally link to, helping Google to improve the indexability of your site and crawl it better.

Just as with human copywriters, the writing that's generated by AI isn't perfect. You'll also want to add your own spin to the articles that are written, and we've provided a long-form editor for you to edit your generated content. Think of it as a first draft for you to expand on—much better than mulling over a blank page!

We currently support:

English (UK, US & Canadian), Bulgarian, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Czech Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French (French & Canadian), German, Greek, Hindi, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese (Portugese & Brazilian), Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish (Spanish & Latin America), Swedish, Tagalog (Filipino), Tamil, Thai, Turkish, Ukranian.

We're constantly working on improving and expanding our suite of tools, so reach out even if your language isn't supported yet—it may just be in our beta program!

More affordable that you think. With a subscription-based (SaaS) model, getting started with our AI content writer starts from just $29 a month. You can try out our free trial and see what you think before you commit to a plan. See more on our pricing here .

Thinking about your content strategy?

We've collected all the resources and tips you need to craft stellar product stories.

writing articles with ai

AI Copywriting Explained: How It Works and How It Can Work for Your Brand

A growing number of AI copywriting tools have surfaced in recent years. In this article, we address some of your burning questions about AI copywriters.

writing articles with ai

How to Write Blogs that Boost SEO for Your Ecommerce Brand: A Step-by-Step Guide

Blogs are an effective way to boost SEO for your ecommerce site. Here's how you can optimize your blog posts.

writing articles with ai

Starting a blog? Here are 5 tips to set yourself up for success

Anyone can start a blog but not just anyone can make it a success. Here are some tips that'll set you in the right direction.

Discover more tools

Supercharge your content strategy with an ai writer.

You've probably been told that blogging is important for your business. You know you need to be creating fresh content, but sometimes the thought of sitting down to write a blog post is daunting. And then there are the challenges of staying on top of blog posts, social media, and other content requirements for your business.

What if there was a way to take some of the pressure off and streamline your content creation process? Well, there is. AI writers and text generators have been gaining steam recently, and are tools that use artificial intelligence to help you create high-quality blog posts, articles, and other content quickly and easily.

Why Is Blogging An Important Part of Your Content Strategy?

If you're looking for an effective way to build brand awareness and authority, blogging should be your go-to. Whether you're creating original content or repurposing content from another source, having regular blog posts on relevant topics can help your business stand out and make it easier for potential customers to find your products or services.

Blogging also helps to establish your business as a thought leader in its respective industries. By consistently providing quality content that’s tailored to your target audience, you can position yourself as an expert in the field and demonstrate why customers should choose you.

Finally, blogging provides more opportunities for SEO optimization than other types of content like videos or podcasts. Search engines crawl through written posts more effectively than they do audio or video files, so adding relevant keywords and phrases as part of the blog can help boost your search rankings.

Understanding the Benefits of AI Writers

So you might be wondering, "What's the point of using an AI writer?" Well, it can do much more than just saving you time. AI blog writers can help with your entire blogging and content strategy in a number of ways.

Consistent Content Quality

AI article generators are able to create content that has a more consistent quality baseline more quickly than humans. With their natural language processing capabilities and data analytics algorithms, human writers can also use AI research tools during the writing process to research and spin up fresh content, or even produce news articles that are more informative and authoritative, in a shorter period of time.

Repurpose Your Content

AI blog writers also allow you to easily repurpose content across mediums, which can save you time and money. This includes converting existing content into different formats like video scripts, emails, social media posts, press releases , and more.

Write Different Types of Content

No matter what type of content you need help with— generating headlines , generating meta descriptions or even an email writer —an AI writer has got your back. Most AI writing tools have different specialized tools and templates purpose-built for different types of content, so that you don't have to go through the hassle of researching topics yourself or hiring multiple different writers for every task.

Include Search Keywords Automatically

The best part about using an AI blog writer is its ability to automatically include search keywords in your content so it is optimised for SEO purposes. This means that your blog posts or web pages will be picked up by search engines more easily and rank higher in search results for relevant terms.

Streamlined Editing with Commands

In addition to its core features, the AI writer offers an innovative way to edit your content using commands. This intuitive functionality allows for effortless editing and ensures a smooth writing experience.

Quicker Time-to-Publish

Finally, with an AI blog writer on board, you can quickly get your blog post or article published, which includes integrations to CMS and platforms like Shopify . This means that you can get your content out there sooner without juggling uploads and downloads.

Use Cases of Hypotenuse AI Writer

Businesses of all sizes can greatly benefit from using Hypotenuse AI Writer. Whether you're a small startup or a well-established corporation, this powerful tool can help you streamline your content creation process.

One major advantage for businesses is in creating compelling blog posts. With Hypotenuse, you can provide the AI with your desired topic, audience, and length requirements, and it will generate a draft for you to review, revise, and finalize. By utilizing Hypotenuse, businesses can save valuable time and resources by generating initial drafts of various types of content.

For marketers, Hypotenuse AI Writer offers a range of benefits to enhance their campaigns and strategies. One key use case is generating engaging social media posts. By providing the AI with your topic, target audience, and length requirements, you can swiftly create attention-grabbing posts that resonate with your followers. This saves marketers precious time and empowers them to focus on other critical aspects of their campaigns.

SEO Professionals

SEO professionals can take advantage of Hypotenuse AI Writer to enhance their search engine optimization efforts. By providing the AI with specific keywords and keyphrases to target, you can ensure that your content is optimized for search engines while maintaining a natural and authentic tone. Hypotenuse enables SEO professionals to achieve higher rankings on search engine result pages, ultimately driving more organic traffic to their websites.

Writers, both professional and aspiring, can harness the power of Hypotenuse AI Writer to simplify their content creation process. Whether you're writing blog posts, social media content, or email newsletters, Hypotenuse can generate initial drafts based on your given instructions. This saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on refining and polishing your content.

Ready to use your AI content writer?

Try a free trial of our AI writer to start generating ideas and content.

writing articles with ai

Write AI articles that are factual and hyper-personalized in your brand voice, in under 5 minutes.

Tailors articles to fit your unique brand style.


Searches Google for accurate information


SEO-optimized with your keywords and 2000+ words in one-go

Generated content

Meet - AI Article Writer

A breakthrough AI article writer that can be trained on your documents and brand guidelines, powered by GPT-4-32K. Unleashing - effortless, SEO-optimized content creation.

Trusted by 1,000,000+ marketing teams, agencies, and freelancers. 10,000+ 5-star ratings.

Upgraded article writing that personalizes content for you..

Write content that is factually correct

Write content that is factually correct

Creating credible, engaging content is a breeze with the article generator. Our advanced AI with GPT-4 powers digs into top-ranking Google Search results to build a comprehensive and factual blog for you.

Generate blogs that are written for your brand

Generate blogs that are written for your brand

The power of your brand lies in your voice, and we understand that! With Writesonic’s AI article writer you can upload documents, PDFs and add links to your previously written blogs; and phoof — you have a hyper-personalized blog that is seo-optimized, engaging and following your brand voice and tone.

Stay away from plagiarism

Stay away from plagiarism

Don’t worry about plagiarism anymore! Writesonic’s AI article generator generates plagiarism-free content. We always want to ensure that your work is original and hence we run a plagiarism checker constantly on the background.

Ranking your blog on Google has never been easier

Ranking your blog on Google has never been easier

Go ahead and just conquer the SEO battle — all from one AI article writer by


  • Add your own list keywords to train AI before hand.
  • In built SEO integrations like Semrush to generate SEO-optimized content even if not provided with additional keywords.
  • Surfer SEO integration to further optimize your AI generated article using Sonic Editor.

This is perfect for students, professionals, and anyone who needs to produce high-quality documents. One of the best things about Writesonic is that it is very user-friendly. The software is easy to navigate and the features are clearly laid out.

Mathias Fobi, Data Analyst

author name

Hi, I'm Mathias 👋

#1 AI article writer for

Go beyond article generation, blog topic ideas generator.

Get unique ideas / topics for your blog posts in seconds

AI Text Generator

The ultimate text generation tool to create high-quality content for blog posts, ad copy, emails, and more; 10x faster.

Paraphrasing tool

Discover different ways to write the same thing. New words, new styles.

Article Summarizer

This is hands down the best way to summarize any piece of content.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is ai writing, can ai write an article, what types of articles can ai write for me, is there a free ai writer where i don’t need to add credit card details, is the article writer generator gpt-4 powered.

Writesonic is the AI writing tool where you get 2500 free premium words to test the tool out. The best part is it doesn’t need you to add any credit card details to test the AI tool out. Just sign up and start generating content for free. Sign up to the free plan now

Does Writesonic generate SEO-optimized blogs?

Is the article generated using ai writer plagiarism-free, in what languages does writesonic ai writer generate articles, can i get blog post ideas using the ai writer, can i just write an article oultine using writesonic ai for free, can i have a 1500 word article generated instantly, what is writer’s block, ready to take your content creation to the next-level.

Writesonic’s AI article writer is here to write accurate blogs on your tone of voice that easily ranks on Google.


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How To Use AI to Write Articles in 2023

writing articles with ai

Updated January 7, 2023

writing articles with ai

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Quality writing takes time and effort to produce. It’s not something that can be rushed, nor is it something that can be easily outsourced. The best writing is the product of a skilled writer who understands the audience they are speaking to, and who takes the time to craft a message that is relevant, engaging, and meets search engine standards.

As a writer, you know how important it is to produce high-quality content on a consistent basis. But with so many other obligations clamoring for your attention, how can you find the time to do everything that needs to be done?

Fortunately, advancements in AI are now making it possible for writers to get help with virtually every stage of the writing process. In fact, 37% of organizations currently use AI in the workplace to some capacity, according to Gartner , meaning the notion of using AI for completing work tasks is increasing in prominence.

From ideation to execution, AI tools can automate much of the work for you, freeing up more time to focus on what matters most: creating great content.

Even so, effective use of AI writing tools still requires a human touch. And that’s what we’ll be talking about here today.

How to Use AI to Write Articles

You can use AI to write articles, yes, but it’s actually a bit more complicated than that. It’s typically best to break down the article-writing process into smaller chunks and/or concepts when it comes to effectively using AI tools.

Jasper homepage

Whether you use Jasper , CopyAI , or another type of AI writing software , here are just a few of the potential use cases for AI writing tools:

  • Brainstorming Ideas. AI tools can help you come up with ideas for articles quickly so that you don’t have to spend hours or days brainstorming.
  • Writing short-form advertising content. Generate short-form ad copy so that you don’t have to do it manually.
  • Writing SEO-optimized headlines. These headlines are essential for your content to be seen, so AI tools can help you craft perfectly optimized options.
  • Writing content for forums. AI tools can help you create content that is tailored for forums and other social media platforms.
  • Using AI for customer service. You can use AI writing tools to create compelling customer service messaging for your website, FAQ page, or customer service portal.
  • Writing social media captions. Social media captions can be tricky to write but AI can craft the best possible phrasing while optimizing for keywords all while staying within preset character limits.
  • Writing meta descriptions. Again, a part of writing articles for the Internet is to create meta descriptions to go along with them. This oftentimes tedious task is a challenge as you need to include specific keywords within a restrictive character limit. AI writing tools can complete this task in seconds.
  • Finding top-ranking keywords. AI tools can help you find the perfect keywords to use in your content so that it will rank better in search engine results.
  • Analyzing content from the competition. Some of these tools can also analyze the content of your competitors and help you craft more effective versions with suggestions for sections to include and so forth.
  • Optimizing images for SEO. Write image alt text and captions that are optimized for search using AI tools.
  • Transcribing videos. AI tools can transcribe videos as well, which is yet another writing task you can check off your to-do list.
  • Reviewing text for typos and grammar errors. Built-in grammar tools make AI writing an even more streamlined process.

As you can see, AI can be a huge help when it comes to writing articles, if you know how and when to use the right tools. But that is just the thing: you need to know how to use it effectively to make the most of AI.

Key Guidelines to Consider When Writing Using AI

When using AI tools to write articles, there are a few key guidelines you need to keep in mind to improve output and to ensure the resulting articles are of high quality.

Always Edit AI-Generated Content to Fit Your Brand Voice

AI tools can generate amazing content, but it is still important to review and edit the output to make sure it reflects your brand voice and tone. Any content you produce should be edited after the fact to fit in with your existing content with regard to style, tone, and branding. You should always go the extra step to add your own voice to content written by AI.

Fix Flow and Structure

Good writing always has a natural flow and while AI content can be pretty impressive, it’s not always the best when it comes to generating a consistent flow of ideas. Nor is it always the best at imposing a logical structure. You should always edit the structure of a piece and make sure your ideas flow logically before using it on your website or in any other capacity.

This is even more imperative since Google can detect when content has been written by AI. Changing up what’s output by the AI and editing the content to have proper transitions between ideas and sections is essential for combating this.

Remove Repetitive Sentences and Ideas

AI tools are great for quickly generating the content, but this can lead to certain ideas or phrases being repeated over and over throughout the piece. Take this example below from Jasper . When attempting to output an article about different types of healthy fish, it began to create descriptions with identical sentences:

Jasper Ai dashboard

This is a situation where you would definitely need to manually edit the output content closely before it’s anywhere near usable. You should always go through AI-generated content and remove any redundancy, as it can have a negative impact on how the content is perceived by readers.

Even though the output is rough, it still does serve as a good starting point for content creation – and can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Add Original Research and Quotes

AI content can only be as good as its data sources, so it’s important to add your own original research and quotes to the piece to make it unique. This will also help to make sure that the content you generate is of high quality and stands out from other AI-generated content.

Monitor Output as It’s Being Generated

When it comes to writing content with AI tools, it is also important to monitor how the output is generated. This means watching how the AI is constructing sentences and how grammar and style is used. This will allow you to spot any issues with the AI output as they’re happening, saving you potential headaches later.

Benefits of Using AI for Writing Articles

There are plenty of benefits to using AI for the writing process, and these will vary depending on how you use it. Let’s review a few of the most common benefits now.

1. Speed Up the Writing Process

If you need to quickly generate content for your blog or website, then AI tools can be a great help. According to Statista , 54% of businesses surveyed indicated they felt AI had improved productivity and this makes a lot of sense when you consider how long tasks like writing typically take.

You can use AI to spit out content quickly, and then you can take the time to review it for any errors and make sure that it fits your brand’s voice after the fact – saving a considerable amount of time overall.

2. More Consistent Content Quality

AI tools can help you generate higher-quality content since they are programmed to recognize how language works, how to make sentences flow, how to organize ideas logically, and how to use keywords effectively. As long as you review the output of AI tools before using them, you can be sure that the content will have a higher overall quality.

This perceived boost in quality is recognized by company owners and organizations, too. The AI market is expected to exceed $1,394 billion by the year 2029.

3. Create Search Engine Optimized Content

Using AI tools can help you create search engine-friendly content, as they are specifically designed to identify how to use keywords throughout a piece. With the help of AI, you can be sure that your content is optimized for search engines and that it will rank better in the SERPs.

Often, you can input keywords you’ve previously researched as well and the AI tool will optimize the content it generates around these words and phrases in a natural way.

4. Craft Engaging Content

AI tools can help you create engaging content by suggesting how to craft compelling titles and how to draw readers in with a strong opening paragraph. AI can also help you craft content that is timely and relevant, as well as how to use the right language to engage readers.

5. Save Time and Money

Using AI tools can help you save time and money on content creation, as they’re designed to automate the writing process. This means that you won’t have to spend time painstakingly writing every sentence, and you can instead focus your efforts on other tasks that require more creativity.

Now’s a Good Time to Get Acquainted with AI Writing Tools

Overall, AI tools can be a great asset when it comes to creating content, especially if time is of the essence. If you’re looking to create engaging and high-quality content quickly, then taking the time to learn how to use AI writing software is definitely worth it.

You can also use AI tools to help you brainstorm ideas for content and get a better understanding of how readers will respond to certain topics. By using AI, you can create content faster, more consistently, and with greater optimization for search engines. Just remember to review the output of AI tools before using them and make sure it fits your brand’s voice.

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Brenda Barron

Brenda Barron is a journalist and copywriter from Southern California. She specializes in WordPress, tech, business and contributes to sites like Kinsta, WPMU DEV, Envato, and Torque. When not writing all the things, she’s spending time with her family.

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Writing an Article in Under 30 Minutes with the Help of AI

Save time and write better articles.

This Story was written with the help of

I’m sure any blogger, marketer, or content creator who has ever had to write anything in a professional capacity, will agree that it is necessary — but also very time-consuming. Businesses may need blog articles for many reasons, such as SEO purposes or to announce information about their products or services. How can we make this process faster and more effective?

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has been integrated into a myriad of technologies. In the content marketer’s arsenal, A.I. is particularly useful because it can produce limitless amounts of data to organize and categorize while automating some repetitive tasks — all while providing a more engaging experience for readers.

Specifically, various online tools now allow you to create content faster with the help of AI.

Quick overview of’s Marketing Copy Generators

In this article

  • Usando IA para criar conteúdo e ótimos artigos
  • Recrie uma experiência humana com um AI Content Generator: otimize para humanos
  • Prepare-se para o futuro da criação de conteúdo com a ajuda da IA
  • Comece com nossa plataforma de criação de conteúdo com tecnologia de IA

Using AI to create content and great articles

At , our aim is to help you write more and better content faster, with the help of AI. In order to show you exactly what our tools can do, I’ve created this blog story with the help of our own “ Blog Post Story” generator . You can find all of our tools here, on our website — signing up is free and you get 15 runs on the house, to try it out.

Here’s what the process looks like (after logging in):

1. Enter your topic and a short description of the article you want to write.

Enter your topic and a short description of the article you want to write about

2. Select one of the article titles the AI generates for you, to move onto the next phase.

Select one of the article titles the AI generates for you

After I selected the option at the top of the output section on the right, this is what the generator gave me, next:

example output ai article generator

As you can see, after you’ve selected one of the titles our AI has given you, the tool will automatically generate an intro . It’s actually supposed to also give you an outline — sorry, sometimes the tool doesn’t work perfectly yet, but here’s what I got when I ran it again:

run ai article generator multiple times

3. Pick and choose from the intro and outline the AI suggests

Awesome! Now, I can easily pick from or even combine both of the intros I’ve gotten from the AI, to start writing from there. I can also pick and choose from the sections that the AI suggested to me in the form of the outline (the underlying technology is GPT-3, by the way).

Next, all I had to do was write the above explanation, and leave you with my final thoughts (based on the suggestions from our AI content generator).

So, how can you as content creator get the most out of AI-generated content?

Recreate a human experience with an AI Content Generator: optimize for humans

First, what you want to do — like I’ve done in this example — is use the AI to give you something to go off. The Blog Post Story generator  gives you a title, an intro and an outline — which you can all use as drafts and ideas .

Next, you want to think about this a little bit. What do you want to say about the topic you want to write about?

Edit the title, the intro, and so on; add the thoughts and information that you think is most relevant and useful to the audience you have in mind. Be sure to include your own human experience and personality. Humans connect through stories, but mostly; humans connect with humans. In the words of Bruce Lee:

“Take what is useful, disregard what is useless, add what is essentially your own.”

Get yourself ready for the future of content creation with the help of AI

As a content creator, you really should start getting ready for the future. That future of content creation is driven by AI , and it’s coming faster than you might think. A large study and forecast by Fortune Business Insights predicted that already by 2022 30% of digital content will be generated with the help of AI-based technology .

If you hadn’t already, you want to make sure you as a content creator have at least sampled what working with AI can mean for your content creation process.

How do you do that?

By starting out writing with any of the existing AI content creation tools in the market. If you want to get started with one of the best AI marketing copy generators geared towards copywriting in the market for free , why not start using ? For instance:

  • See how you can write a blog in under 30 minutes using our blog story generator . Just like I’ve done, with the story you’re reading right now.
  • Or see how you can  generate ad copy fast and at scale, with our Facebook and Google ad headline and ad copy generators .

The future of content creation and storytelling is here. Come help us build it, and set yourself up with the skills of the future.

P.s.: Here’s proof that I really finished writing this in 30 (OK, 33) minutes:

write article with ai in 30 minutes

Start with our AI-Powered Content Creation Platform

Since we have written this article, we have improved our AI-Powered Content Creation Platform   Check out the quick video walkthrough below and see how easy we have made the platform to help you reach your goals better and faster.

How much does your AI Article Generator cost?

Our pricing is set up as followed:

  • Free – get 3 runs a month to try our tools out for free;
  • Starter – $5 a month – 25 runs a month;
  • Pro – $15 a month – 100 runs a month;
  • Unlimited – $19 a month – unlimited runs a month;

You can also opt-in for the yearly membership and receive a 20% price reduction.

You can  check out our full pricing here .

What kind of articles can I write with the AI article writer?

You can write whatever article you’d like. The AI Generator helps you come up with copy ideas fast. We advise you to always add your own human touch to whatever article you’re writing. AI Tools don’t understand language yet and they don’t fact-check.

What is an AI Writer?

An AI writer is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) system that is able to generate written text. This can include writing articles, stories, poetry, or even code. AI writers use various techniques such as natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) to analyze and understand language, and then generate text that is coherent and grammatically correct. AI writers can be used for a variety of tasks, such as content creation, language translation, and more.

Author bio:

Erwin Lima

Over the past 10+ years as a copywriter, author, consultant, and coach, he’s helped dozens of Brands, Teams, and individual human beings to grow their sense of motivation and focus, but also their reach, engagement, and revenue— through the power of their own story. You can find Erwin on LinkedIn and on his website .

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Use AI to your advantage, without sacrificing on quality

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List of citations so that you can verify the information and deliver accurate and quality content.

The AI-generated text is always fresh and relevant.

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The AI-generated text is SEO-friendly and authoritative.

The AI-generated text can be directly published to Wordpress.

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Competing platforms create text out of thin air and you never know where it's wrong. Something even Google and Meta had to learn the hard way.

The AI always works with fresh sources for every new article. This makes sure the AI's knowledge base is always up-to-date with current events and new information.

Competing AI text generators create content from a static knowledge base that is only infrequently updated when the AI model is re-trained.

SEO Efficient

Content marketing only works if your articles reach their target audience. AI-Writer is engineered with high SEO performance in mind.

Our AI starts every writing job by analyzing search engine results to learn what Google is looking for. Because SEO drives traffic, and traffic drives revenue.

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auditable trail of sources

Deliver accurate content, build better relationships, get more referrals, text rewording.

Same content, new text! If you already have a specific piece of content that you would like to re-publish, we got you covered. Submit it, wait for two minutes, and tada. Your article is reworded.

Make the most out of your content

Rewrite text about any topic, no duplicate content penalties, focus on high-roi work.

  • (Sub)Topic Discoverer

Find what you are going to write about next, with ease. AI-Writer will find out what other's are writing and what Google is looking for and finds the perfect topic for your next piece of content.

free with every subscription

Directly generate articles, endless stream of topics, 1st and 2nd level subtopics, keyword research + article generation, looking for hundreds of articles on well researched keywords, all at once and done for you, our 3-step-wizard workflow.

writing articles with ai

Step 1 - Choose your keywords

Get the focus of your article just right! Perfect if you want to write about specific aspects of a topic or if you are optimizing for SEO performance.

writing articles with ai

Step 2 - Edit your subtopics

Freely structure your article! You have full control over the parts that make up your article. You can edit, remove and add subtopics or change their order.

writing articles with ai

Step 3 - Get your word counts right

Control how much to write about what! Not much to say about this. You can decide how much emphasis to put on each subtopic, that's it.

writing articles with ai

Result 1 - Article + Fact Checking

Each paragraph comes with it's own fact checking! The AI generated text always comes with fact checking side-by-side. Don't trust what you can't verify.

writing articles with ai

Result 2 - References

Properly cited sources for you to dig deeper! If you want or need to dig deeper into the topic, you will have enough references to do so.

What People Are Saying

writing articles with ai

"AI-Writer's website provides a great service to our business. The articles are unique, very informative and very good quality. Our adsense income on many of our websites have increased thanks to all the informative different contents AI-Writer's website is providing through their articles."

Chief Operating Officer, Devenia LTD

writing articles with ai

"Wonderful technology! Your tool has made it easy for me to write articles faster and in excellent grammar. Thank you a million times."

Henry Oganga, Content Writer

writing articles with ai

"AI Writer is a great time-saver when I use it to research topics and to provide inspirational writing prompts. 5 Stars"

Alicia Dale, Ghostwriter

writing articles with ai

"It is not really easy to write articles in different fields, but AI-Writer has made it easy for me. It helped a lot also in increasing traffic on many of my websites. I definitely recommend AI-Writer for unique content, and I see the positive results on Google search engine."

Eman Nabih, Internet Marketing Specialist

writing articles with ai

"Tech blogs usually took hours of my day to get the right 500-700 words. Now with AI Writer, it takes minutes and I have an article that says the very thing I was searching to say. AI Writer was such a great collaborator that I had to give it co-author credit!"

GS Jackson, Co-founder / CMO, Bassed.IO

writing articles with ai

"I use AI-writer as an amazing research tool for complex tech and engineering subjects. It quickly spills out queries with links to high-level resources that would take me hours to find. "

Natalia Nowakowska, Tech Copywriter, Copynat

Example article - "ai text generators", introduction: the rise of ai text generators in content creation.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable rise in the usage of AI text generators in content creation. These sophisticated computer programs use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze vast amounts of data and generate written content that is similar to that produced by human writers. This technology has gained popularity among businesses, publishers, and marketers who are seeking to streamline their content production process while maintaining high-quality standards.

AI text generators come in various forms, ranging from simple chatbots that can answer customer queries to more complex systems capable of producing entire articles or reports. They can be programmed to write in different styles and tones, depending on the intended audience or purpose. For instance, some AI text generators produce technical documents for scientific or medical purposes, while others create marketing materials such as ad copy or product descriptions.

The rise of AI text generators has been fueled by advances in computing power and big data analytics. Today's machines are capable of processing vast amounts of information quickly and accurately, making them ideal for analyzing large datasets and generating insights that can inform content creation. Moreover, as businesses seek to stay competitive in an ever-evolving digital landscape, they are turning to automation technologies like AI text generators as a way to enhance their productivity and efficiency.

Despite the many benefits offered by AI text generators, however, there are also concerns about their impact on the job market for human writers. As more businesses adopt this technology as part of their content strategy, it is likely that many traditional writing jobs will become automated over time.

How Ai Text Generators Are Revolutionizing Content Optimization

AI text generators are transforming the way content optimization is done. These tools use machine learning algorithms to create high-quality content that is tailored to specific audiences. The rise of AI text generators has been driven by the need for businesses and organizations to produce large volumes of content quickly and cost-effectively.

One of the main advantages of AI text generators is their ability to analyze data and generate insights that can be used to optimize content. By analyzing user behavior, search trends, and other metrics, these tools can identify topics that are likely to be popular with readers and create content that is optimized for search engines.

Another key benefit of AI text generators is their ability to produce high-quality content in a fraction of the time it would take a human writer. This allows businesses and organizations to produce more content faster, which can help them stay ahead of competitors.

However, while AI text generators offer many benefits, they also present some challenges. For example, there is a risk that they could produce low-quality or irrelevant content if not properly configured or trained. Additionally, there are concerns about the impact on employment in the writing industry as machines increasingly take over tasks traditionally done by humans.

Despite these challenges, it's clear that AI text generators are revolutionizing content optimization. As these tools become more sophisticated and widely adopted, they will continue to transform how we create and consume digital content.

The Benefits Of Writing Automation With Ai Text Generators

AI text generators are rapidly changing the landscape of content creation. These tools offer numerous benefits to businesses and individuals alike by streamlining the writing process, increasing efficiency, and reducing costs.

One significant benefit of using AI text generators is their ability to produce high-quality content quickly. With automated writing, businesses can create articles, blog posts, product descriptions, and other written materials in a fraction of the time it would take to do so manually. This increased speed allows companies to scale their content production while maintaining consistent quality.

Another advantage is that AI text generators can help writers overcome writer's block. These tools offer suggestions for topics, headlines, and even sentence structure. By providing ideas and prompts for writers who are struggling with inspiration or direction in their writing process, AI text generators can help them overcome writer's block and produce more creative work.

Moreover, AI text generators can assist with language translation services. By using machine learning algorithms that analyze language patterns and nuances in different languages, these tools are able to provide accurate translations that are often more precise than those done by humans.

Finally, AI text generators offer a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to reduce overheads while maintaining quality standards. With these technologies at hand, companies no longer need to hire an army of writers or outsource their content creation needs; they can rely on automation powered by artificial intelligence instead.

In conclusion, there are many benefits of using AI text generators for writing automation. From increased efficiency and reduced costs to improved quality control and language translation services - these tools have the potential to revolutionize the way we create written content today.

Understanding The Role Of Ai Text Generators In Seo And Content Marketing

Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing various industries, including content marketing and SEO. AI text generators have emerged as an innovative tool that can help marketers create high-quality content faster and more efficiently than ever before.

The role of AI text generators in SEO and content marketing is multifaceted. First, they can help marketers create a large volume of quality content in a short amount of time. With the ability to generate unique, high-quality articles on any topic, AI text generators can save time and resources that would otherwise be spent on writing and editing.

Secondly, these tools can help improve search engine rankings by providing keyword-rich content that appeals to both search engines and readers. By incorporating relevant keywords into the generated text, marketers can improve their website's visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and attract more traffic.

Moreover, AI-generated content also offers the potential to improve user engagement by providing readers with personalized experiences. With the ability to analyze user data such as browsing history or social media activity, AI-powered text generators can produce content tailored to individual preferences.

However, it is important for marketers to use these tools ethically and responsibly. While AI-generated content offers many benefits, it should not be used as a replacement for human-generated content or used to deceive readers into believing it was written by humans.

In conclusion, understanding the role of AI text generators in SEO and content marketing is crucial for businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve in today's digital age. By leveraging these tools effectively, marketers can create high-quality content faster while improving their website's visibility and user engagement.

Conclusion: Balancing Human Creativity And Machine Efficiency In Content Production

In conclusion, AI text generators have revolutionized the content production industry by providing a cost-effective and time-saving solution to businesses. However, as with any new technology, there are concerns about its impact on human creativity and the quality of content produced.

While AI text generators can quickly produce large amounts of content, they lack the human touch that makes writing unique and engaging. Therefore, it is important to strike a balance between machine efficiency and human creativity in content production. This means using AI text generators to handle routine tasks such as data analysis or information gathering while leaving the creative aspect of writing to humans.

For solopreneurs, bloggers, and startups managing one or two blogs.

Up to 100 articles

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Up to 175 articles

For everyone with some serious demand for fresh content.

Up to 1000 articles

KPIs & Metrics

100% unique.

All text the AI generates is absolutely unique, even though it is based on cited sources!

Zero copyright claimed

We do not claim any copyright on what the AI generates. Use your generated articles however you want!

>50% time saved using our article generator

Save over 50% of your time when you create content with AI Writer against starting from scratch!

Ready to harness the power of our AI content generator?

Generate unique article drafts from headlines and keywords, now.

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Unique & relevant original content

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  • 06 November 2023

‘ChatGPT detector’ catches AI-generated papers with unprecedented accuracy

  • McKenzie Prillaman

You can also search for this author in PubMed   Google Scholar

A machine-learning tool can easily spot when chemistry papers are written using the chatbot ChatGPT, according to a study published on 6 November in Cell Reports Physical Science 1 . The specialized classifier, which outperformed two existing artificial intelligence (AI) detectors, could help academic publishers to identify papers created by AI text generators.

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Desaire, H., Chua, A. E., Kim, M.-G. & Hua, D. Cell Rep. Phys. Sci. (2023).

Article   Google Scholar  

Desaire, H. et al. Cell Rep. Phys. Sci . (2023).

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Clinical PhD Fellowship for paediatric doctors and wider Healthcare Professionals at the UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health

London (Greater) (GB)


writing articles with ai

Job Posting of the School of Optical and Electronic Information, HUST

Job Opportunities: Leading talents, young talents, overseas outstanding young scholars, postdoctoral researchers.

Wuhan, Hubei, China

School of Optical and Electronic Information, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

writing articles with ai

Artificial Intelligence and Data Science Faculty Positions in the SOE at the Westlake University

We are dedicated to achieving influential innovations in theories and applications of these research fields.

Yungu, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China

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writing articles with ai

Faculty Positions in School of Engineering, Westlake University

Tenured or tenure-track faculty positions in all ranks. We seek candidates with research interests in multiple areas.

School of Engineering, Westlake University

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Shenzhen Institute of Synthetic Biology

writing articles with ai

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South African university students use AI to help them understand – not to avoid work

writing articles with ai

Professor in Media Studies and Production, University of Cape Town

writing articles with ai

Lecturer & MA Programme Coordinator, Rhodes University

Disclosure statement

Chikezie E. Uzuegbunam receives funding from the Mellon Foundation and Rhodes University Research Council.

Tanja Bosch does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from any company or organisation that would benefit from this article, and has disclosed no relevant affiliations beyond their academic appointment.

Rhodes University and University of Cape Town provide funding as partners of The Conversation AFRICA.

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A casually dressed woman looks down at her phone, from which an icon of a brain emerges, surrounded by smaller icons denoting various tasks and places

When ChatGPT was released in November 2022, it sparked many conversations and moral panics. These centre on the impact of generative artificial intelligence (AI) on the information environment . People worry that AI chatbots can negatively affect the integrity of creative and academic work, especially since they can produce human-like texts and images.

ChatGPT is a generative AI model using machine learning. It creates human-like responses, having been trained to recognise patterns in data. While it appears the model is engaging in natural conversation, it references a vast amount of data and extracts features and patterns to generate coherent replies.

Higher education is one sector in which the rise of AI like ChatGPT has sparked concerns . Some of these relate to ethics and integrity in teaching, learning and knowledge production.

We’re a group of academics in the field of media and communication, teaching in South African universities. We wanted to understand how university students were using generative AI and AI-powered tools in their academic practices. We administered an online survey to undergraduate students at five South African universities: the University of Cape Town, Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Stellenbosch University, Rhodes University, and the University of the Witwatersrand.

The results suggest that the moral panics around the use of generative AI are unwarranted. Students are not hyper-focused on ChatGPT. We found that students often use generative AI tools for engaged learning and that they have a critical and nuanced understanding of these tools.

What could be of greater concern from a teaching and learning perspective is that, second to using AI-powered tools for clarifying concepts, students are using them to generate ideas for assignments or essays or when they feel stuck on a specific topic.

Unpacking the data

The survey was completed by 1,471 students. Most spoke English as their home language, followed by isiXhosa and isiZulu. The majority were first-year students. Most respondents were registered in Humanities, followed by Science, Education and Commerce. While the survey is thus skewed towards first-year Humanities students, it provides useful indicative findings as educators explore new terrain.

We asked students whether they had used individual AI tools, listing some of the most popular tools across several categories. Our survey did not explore lecturers’ attitudes or policies towards AI tools. This will be probed in the next phase of our study, which will comprise focus groups with students and interviews with lecturers. Our study was not on ChatGPT specifically, though we did ask students about their use of this specific tool. We explored broad uses of AI-powered technologies to get a sense of how students use these tools, which tools they use, and where ChatGPT fits into these practices.

These were the key findings:

41% of respondents indicated that they primarily used a laptop for their academic work, followed by a smartphone (29.8%). Only 10.5% used a desktop computer and 6.6% used a tablet.

Students tended to use a range of other AI-powered tools over ChatGPT, including translation and referencing tools. With reference to the use of online writing assistants such as Quillbot , 46.5% of respondents indicated that they used such tools to improve their writing style for an assignment. 80.5% indicated that they had used Grammarly or similar tools to help them write in appropriate English.

Fewer than half of survey respondents (37.3%) said that they had used ChatGPT to answer an essay question.

Students acknowledged that AI-powered tools could lead to plagiarism or affect their learning. However, they also stated that they did not use these tools in problematic ways.

Read more: ChatGPT is the push higher education needs to rethink assessment

Respondents were overwhelmingly positive about the potential of digital and AI tools to make it easier for them to progress through university. They indicated that these tools could help to: clarify academic concepts; formulate ideas; structure essays; improve academic writing; save time; check spelling and grammar; clarify assignment instructions; find information or academic sources; summarise academic texts; guide students for whom English is not a native language to improve their academic writing; study for a test; paraphrase better; avoid plagiarism; and reference better.

Most students who viewed these tools as beneficial to the learning process used tools such as ChatGPT to clarify concepts related to their studies that they could not fully grasp or that they felt were not properly explained by lecturers.

Engaged learning

We were particularly interested to find that students often used generative AI tools for engaged learning . This is an educational approach in which students are accountable for their own learning. They actively create thinking and learning skills and strategies and formulate new ideas and understanding through conversations and collaborative work.

Read more: 'Please do not assume the worst of us': students know AI is here to stay and want unis to teach them how to use it

Through their use of AI tools, students can tailor content to address their specific strengths and weaknesses, to have a more engaged learning experience. AI tools can also be a sort of personalised online “tutor” with whom they have “conversations” to help them understand difficult concepts.

Concerns about how AI tools potentially undermine academic assessment and integrity are valid. However, those working in higher education must note the importance of factoring in students’ perspectives to work towards new pathways of assessment and learning.

The full version of this article was co-authored by Marenet Jordaan, Admire Mare, Job Mwaura, Sisanda Nkoala, Alette Schoon and Alexia Smit.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI)
  • University students
  • Machine learning
  • Undergraduates
  • Teaching and learning
  • university teaching and learning
  • AI chatbots

writing articles with ai

Research Manager, Anne Kantor Fellowship

writing articles with ai

Dean, Faculty of Arts

writing articles with ai

St Baker Soyer Chair of Dermatology

writing articles with ai

Deputy Editor - Sports and Society

writing articles with ai

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Electrical Engineering

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Using AI to Write Articles: How I Generate Content in Minutes

writing articles with ai

If you are using AI to write articles or are thinking about it, you may be wondering how you can generate content that reads like it was written by a human. The good news is, it is easier than ever to use AI to write articles and create content quickly.

There is a process to it and after using AI writers for over a year, I would like to share it with you today.

This guide is going to teach you:

  • How to safely write articles using AI
  • What tools you can use to create the best content
  • The pros and cons of writing content with AI writers

How to Write Articles Using AI

Here are all the steps involved in writing AI content quickly:

Step 1 - Use AI to Come up With Topics to Write About

Step 2 - ensure that you match intent, step 3 - choose your headings to include, step 4 - let ai create a draft for you, step 4 - be sure to include keywords in the cluster, step 5 - proofread, edit, and format your content, step 6 - run it through originality ai to detect ai content.

  • Step 7 - Proofread Your Content 

Step 8 - Publish Your Post

The first step is to use AI to develop some topics to write about. This is helpful because it saves a lot of time when you don't have to think up topics.

For this example, I will use Jasper AI to come up with some topic ideas. You can even use ChatGPT for this or other AI writers.

There are specific templates you can use, but here I just used Jasper Chat.

writing articles with ai

From here, you can do more research on each of these topics to see which one you'd like to write about.

This exercise will not involve AI but it is very important.  Before you start writing, you need to make sure that your content matches what people are looking for when they search for certain topics or keywords.

Enter the keywords in Google and see what other pieces of content show up. Then, you can use these pieces as a guide to ensure that your content is in line with what people are looking for.

For example, if you Google - "how to clean suede shoes", you will see that at the top there are images of products to clean suede shoes but the rest of the articles are all helpful articles on how to do it. In this case the helpful articles win because it's the majority ranking. So you will want to write a similar article.

Do the same if you see listicle-type articles ranking at the top. For example, if you Google "comfortable tennis shoes" , you will see that the articles ranking are all promotional. They are also listicle type where they list all the best comfortable tennis shoes in a ranking format. 

To compete, you must do the same format.

I use Frase for this next step. I enter in my seed keywords (the title of your article's main keywords) then Frase will find all the articles ranking in the first 20 positions.

Then, you can choose headings from any of the articles you'd like to use, and Frase will use it's AI writer to come up with AI-generated content. The idea here is that articles are getting ranked for those keywords because they are good, so if you use the same headings and content structure, your article should rank too.

This is the theory of course because domain authority comes into play here. So if there are bigger sites with lots of backlinks and better DA, yours will rank lower.

Once you have all your headings ready, you can generate content based on those headings. If you are using Frase, it will do this automatically by clicking on "Generate Content." You can use any AI tool for this though, just enter in your heading and AI will write content based on that heading.

Once you have the content generated from Frase or any AI writer, be sure to include the related keywords in the cluster. This will help ensure that your content is relevant and ranks well for those keywords.

Tools like Frase and SurferSEO will do this for you by populating all the keywords you need to include in this article to help you rank. This is based on all the other articles that are ranking. The idea here is to match all the content you see in the SERPs.

The last step is to go through your content in the editor and make sure it reads well. AI writers are great but they still need a human touch.

So spend time proofreading, adding images or other multimedia content to make it more appealing, and formatting it as per your brand guidelines. I also suggest using Grammarly, you'd be surprised how many grammar mistakes it can find. The free version is all you need.

Most AI writers will write plagiarism-free content. However, did you know that you can go one step further and use AI to detect AI content? This will help you make sure that your article is completely unique.

Originality AI is a great tool for this, it will scan through your entire article (not just the first few sentences) and check how much of your content was written by an AI writer. If it's

too much, you can edit the content to make it pass their tests. Google and other search engines will no doubt penalize sites that have too much AI content so do not skip this step. Check out my Originality.AI review which takes you through all the steps on how to get content that is truly 100% original, even if it's written by AI.

Step 7 - Proofread Your Content

Once you have completed your article, be sure to proofread it one last time. No matter how good the AI writer is, there will still be errors you will need to fix.

Even if you use a tool like Grammarly, it won't pick up all the errors so you still need to look out for them yourself. Read your article carefully and correct any mistakes or typos you find.

Once everything is ready, you can finally publish your post! You now have a piece of content that was created in minutes with the help of AI writers and tools.

What are the Advantages of Using AI to Write Articles?

Create content in seconds.

With Ai, you can generate content in a matter of minutes.

If you write it yourself, it could take hours to accomplish the same amount of text an AI writer can generate.

The Content Will Be Free From Plagiarism

AI writers are not capable of copying other people's work, so your content will always be 100% original content and a lot of times pretty high-quality content. However, it is suggested to have a tool like Orgininality.AI check the content first before posting.

Helps With Writer's Block

You might have all your headings in place, but when it comes to writing the content yourself, you might feel overwhelmed by writer's block.

AI writers can help solve this issue as they will generate content based on the headings without any need for human input. You can always 'help' the AI content generator by starting a sentence and letting AI do the rest. It's a game-changer for content creators.

Save Time and Money

If you don't have a team of writers at your disposal, then AI Writers are a great time and money saver. You can generate content quickly without having to hire an expensive writer. All you need is access to an AI Writer and the relevant tools for checking keywords and originality. Ai writing software can help you make money without spending a lot for content.

Disadvantages of Using AI Writing Tools

Quality is not always the greatest.

While the quality of AI content is there, it's not always the greatest. There are times when the generated content might need to be edited or rewritten. It will never replace a human writer.

Factual Errors

One of the main problems I have seen with AI writers is when it comes to factual data. It's frequently incorrect at times and needs to be corrected by a human.

No Connection With Audience

AI writers can't get a real connection with their audience, as they don't understand the feelings or culture of a particular group. They are unable to write in an engaging way and connect with your readers on an emotional level which makes it difficult to build trust or loyalty.

When you do your edits, be sure to include engaging language so that you can make that connection that AI writers can't do.

Other Ways to Use Artificial Intelligence Besides Blog Posting

So far I have included ways to use AI to write copy for blog posts. But what about other applications? Here are some of the other ways AI can generate content for you:

Product Descriptions

Ai can write product descriptions quickly and accurately. These descriptions can include product features, pricing, promotions, and more.

Social Media Content

Ai can be used to generate content for social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms. The AI writer will take into account the latest trends and create posts that are engaging for your followers.

YouTube & Video Marketing

If you are a video marketer, especially on YouTube, AI can help you write video descriptions, script hooks and introductions, video titles, and introductions, and even help you generate video topic ideas.

Email Marketing

AI can help you write engaging emails, especially when you are not great at writing. For example, it can create some killer email subject lines that could improve open rates, help you with cold emails, improve the existing copy that you have for your emails and more.

Analyze Data

AI can help you analyze data and create insights from it. It can help you understand customer behavior and trends, then you can use that data to come up with topics to write about.

My Recommended AI Writing Tools

Jasper AI is the king of AI writing tools. It can help with blog posts, social media content, product descriptions, and more. Many big names trust Jasper to help with their content creation but it's also perfect for bloggers and those that might not have English as their first language. To learn more, see my Jasper review.

Frase has improved greatly and is getting close to Jasper AI. What I like about Frase is that they have similar tools, are based on the GPT-3 platform (same as Jasper) and also have SEO tools to help you with keyword clustering.

CopyAI is great for those that want an unlimited plan (no limits on words written) but don't need to write long-form content. CopyAI is best for copywriting in social media, emails, sales letters and more. It can create long-form content too but is not as good as Frase or JasperAI.

ChatGPT is free to use but does have a premium version. The free version can help you create some basic content for free, and should only really be used if you are placing very low limits on creating content with AI. See how ChatGPT differs with Jasper Ai .

As we can see, writing articles with AI can be really easy and a huge time and money saver. It will help you create content with ease and at a greater frequency. Just be sure to edit the content and check with tools like Originality AI so that it doesn't appear to be AI-written. Human edits are essential because the raw output lacks a lot.

If you write content, you are missing out if you don't try AI!

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Many Details of Sam Altman’s Ouster Are Murky. But Some Things Are Clear.

Everything seemed to be going his way. Then his time at OpenAI was over.

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Sam Altman, in a brown T-shirt, in front of a wall with vertical stripes.

By Kevin Roose

Kevin Roose is a technology columnist, and co-hosts the Times podcast “ Hard Fork .”

All over Silicon Valley, phones lit up on Friday with the same question: What the heck happened to Sam Altman?

The sudden, mysterious ouster of Mr. Altman , the chief executive of OpenAI, by the company’s board sent shock waves through the tech world and set off a frenetic guessing game about what brought down one of the industry’s biggest stars, at a time when everything seemed to be going his way.

I’ll start by saying: I don’t know all the details about why Mr. Altman was pushed out. Neither, it seems, do OpenAI’s shellshocked employees, investors and business partners, many of whom learned of the move at the same time as the general public. In a blog post on Friday, the company said that Mr. Altman “was not consistently candid in his communications” with the board, but gave no other details.

An all-hands meeting for OpenAI employees on Friday afternoon didn’t reveal much more. Ilya Sutskever, the company’s chief scientist and a member of its board, defended the ouster, according to a person briefed on his remarks. He dismissed employees’ suggestions that pushing Mr. Altman out amounted to a “hostile takeover” and claimed it was necessary to protect OpenAI’s mission of making artificial intelligence beneficial to humanity, the person said.

Mr. Altman appears to have been blindsided, too. He recorded an interview for the podcast I co-host, “Hard Fork,” on Wednesday, two days before his firing. During our chat, he betrayed no hint that anything was amiss, and he talked at length about the success of ChatGPT, his plans for OpenAI and his views on A.I.’s future.

Mr. Altman stayed mum about the precise circumstances of his departure on Friday. But Greg Brockman — OpenAI’s co-founder and president, who quit on Friday in solidarity with Mr. Altman — released a statement saying that both of them were “shocked and saddened by what the board did today.” Mr. Altman was asked to join a video meeting with the board at noon on Friday and was immediately fired, Mr. Brockman said.

Brad Lightcap, an OpenAI executive, told employees on Saturday morning that the company had been talking with the board to “better understand the reason and process behind their decision,” according to an internal message I obtained.

“We can say definitively that the board’s decision was not made in response to malfeasance or anything related to our financial, business, safety or security/privacy practices,” he wrote. “This was a breakdown in communication between Sam and the board.”

There will be plenty of palace intrigue in the coming days, as the full story emerges. But a few things are already clear.

First, the ouster was only possible because of OpenAI’s unusual corporate governance structure . OpenAI started in 2015 as a nonprofit and in 2019 created a capped-profit subsidiary — a novel arrangement in which investors’ returns are limited to a certain amount above their initial investment. But it retained the nonprofit’s mission and it gave the nonprofit’s board the power to govern the activities of the capped-profit entity, including firing the chief executive. Unlike some other tech founders, who keep control of their companies via dual-class stock structures , Mr. Altman doesn’t directly own any shares in OpenAI.

There are several more quirks about OpenAI’s board. It’s small (six members before Friday, and four without Mr. Altman and Mr. Brockman) and includes several A.I. experts who hold no shares in the company. Its directors do not have the responsibility of maximizing value for shareholders, as most corporate boards do, but are instead bound to a fiduciary duty to create “safe A.G.I.” — artificial general intelligence — “that is broadly beneficial.”

At least two of the board members, Tasha McCauley and Helen Toner, have ties to the Effective Altruism movement, a utilitarian-inspired group that has pushed for A.I. safety research and raised alarms that a powerful A.I. system could one day lead to human extinction. Another board member, Adam D’Angelo, is the chief executive of Quora, a question-and-answer website.

Some of Mr. Altman’s friends and allies accused these board members of staging a “coup” on Friday. But it’s still not clear which board members voted to oust Mr. Altman or what their motivations were.

What we also know about Mr. Altman’s ouster is that it has the potential to roil the entire tech industry. Mr. Altman was one of the best-connected executives in Silicon Valley, thanks to his years spent running the start-up accelerator Y Combinator. His connections allowed OpenAI to forge strong bonds with other tech companies.

Microsoft, in particular, has cast its lot with OpenAI, investing more than $10 billion in the company and providing much of the technical infrastructure on which products like ChatGPT depend. Earlier this month, Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s chief executive, appeared onstage at a developer conference with Mr. Altman, and said it had been “just fantastic partnering with you guys.”

Typically, such close ties would entitle you to a heads-up about a sudden C.E.O. ejection. But Microsoft’s top executives learned about Mr. Altman’s firing only a minute — yes, one minute — before the news went out to the public, according to Axios . On Friday, Mr. Nadella reassured customers that the company’s deal with OpenAI remained intact, but it’s clear that the company will want answers about why one of its most important strategic partners removed its top executive so abruptly.

OpenAI’s fate also matters to the thousands of developers who build A.I. products on top of its language models, and rely on the company to maintain stable infrastructure. Those developers may not flock to a rival overnight, but if more OpenAI employees quit — at least three senior OpenAI researchers announced they were leaving on Friday, according to The Information — they may be tempted to start shopping around.

Lastly, Mr. Altman’s defenestration will almost certainly fuel the culture war in the A.I. industry between those who think A.I. should be allowed to move faster and those who think it should be slowed down to prevent potentially catastrophic harms.

This argument, sometimes referred to as one between “accelerationists” and “doomers,” has flared up in recent months as regulators have begun to circle the A.I. industry and the technology has become more powerful. Some prominent accelerationists have argued that big A.I. companies are lobbying for rules that could make it harder for small start-ups to compete with them. They have blamed safety advocates in the industry for inflating A.I.’s risks in order to entrench themselves.

Safety advocates, on the other hand, have sounded alarms that OpenAI and other companies are moving too quickly to build powerful A.I. systems and ignoring voices of caution. And some skeptics have accused these companies of stealing copyrighted works from artists, writers and others to train their models.

Mr. Altman was always careful to straddle the line between optimism and worry — making clear that he believed that A.I. would ultimately be beneficial to humanity, while also agreeing that it needed guardrails and thoughtful design to keep it safe.

Some version of this argument has played out among OpenAI’s staff for years. In 2020, a group of OpenAI employees quit over concerns that the company was becoming too commercial and sidelining safety research in favor of lucrative deals. (They went on to start the rival A.I. lab Anthropic .) And several current and former OpenAI employees have told me that some staff members believed that Mr. Altman and Mr. Brockman could be too aggressive when it came to starting new products.

None of this is necessarily related to why Mr. Altman was pushed out. But it’s certainly a hint of a battle that’s likely to come.

During our interview on Wednesday, Mr. Altman said he considered himself something of a centrist in the A.I. debate.

“I believe that this will be the most important and beneficial technology humanity has ever invented. And I also believe that if we’re not careful about it, it can be quite disastrous, and so we have to navigate it carefully.”

He added, “I think you want the C.E.O. of this company to be somewhere in the middle, which I think I am.”

Kevin Roose is a Times technology columnist and a host of the podcast “Hard Fork.” More about Kevin Roose

YouTube is going to start cracking down on AI clones of musicians

Youtube will give music labels a way to take down content that ‘mimics an artist’s unique singing or rapping voice.’ creators will also be required to label ai-generated content beginning next year..

By Mia Sato and Nilay Patel

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Lil Baby & Friends Birthday Celebration Concert

YouTube will have two sets of content guidelines for AI-generated deepfakes: a very strict set of rules to protect the platform’s music industry partners, and another, looser set for everyone else.

That’s the explicit distinction laid out today in a company blog post , which goes through the platform’s early thinking about moderating AI-generated content. The basics are fairly simple: YouTube will require creators to begin labeling “realistic” AI-generated content when they’re uploading videos, and that the disclosure requirement is especially important for topics like elections or ongoing conflicts.

The labels will appear in video descriptions, and on top of the videos themselves for sensitive material. There is no specific definition of what YouTube thinks “realistic” means yet; YouTube spokesperson Jack Malon tells us that the company will provide more detailed guidance with examples when the disclosure requirement rolls out next year.

YouTube AI-generated content label appearing on “sensitive content.”

YouTube says the penalties for not labeling AI-generated content accurately will vary, but could include takedowns and demonetization. But it’s not clear how YouTube will know if an unlabeled video was actually generated by AI — YouTube’s Malon says the platform is “ investing in the tools to help us detect and accurately determine if creators have fulfilled their disclosure requirements when it comes to synthetic or altered content,” but those tools don’t exist yet and the ones that do have notoriously poor track records .

From there, it gets more complicated — vastly more complicated. YouTube will allow people to request removal of videos that “simulate an identifiable individual, including their face or voice” using the existing privacy request form. So if you get deepfaked, there’s a process to follow that may result in that video coming down — but the company says it will “evaluate a variety of factors when evaluating these requests,” including whether the content is parody or satire and whether the individual is a public official or “well-known individual.”

A YouTube AI-generated content label appearing in the description of a video. It reads, “Altered or synthetic content. Sound or visuals were altered or generated digitally.”

If that sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because those are the same sorts of analyses courts do: parody and satire is an important element of the fair use defense in copyright infringement cases, and assessing whether someone is a public figure is an important part of defamation law. But since there’s no specific federal law regulating AI deepfakes, YouTube is making up its own rules to get ahead of the curve — rules which the platform will be able to enforce any way it wants, with no particular transparency or consistency required, and which will sit right alongside the normal creator dramas around fair use and copyright law.

It is going to be wildly complicated — there’s no definition of “parody and satire” for deepfake videos yet, but Malon again said there would be guidance and examples when the policy rolls out next year.

Making things even more complex, there will be no exceptions for things like parody and satire when it comes to AI-generated music content from YouTube’s partners “that mimics an artist’s unique singing or rapping voice,” meaning Frank Sinatra singing The Killers’ Mr. Brightside is likely in for an uphill battle if Universal Music Group decides it doesn’t like it.

There are entire channels dedicated to churning out AI covers by artists living and dead, and under YouTube’s new rules, most would be subject to takedowns by the labels. The only exception YouTube offers in its blog post is if the content is “the subject of news reporting, analysis or critique of the synthetic vocals” — another echo of a standard fair use defense without any specific guidelines yet. YouTube has long been a generally hostile environment for music analysis and critique because of overzealous copyright enforcement, so we’ll have to see if the labels can show any restraint at all — and if YouTube actually pushes back.

This special protection for singing and rapping voices won’t be a part of YouTube’s automated Content ID system when it rolls out next year; Malon tells us that “music removal requests will be made via a form” that partner labels will have to fill out manually. And the platform isn’t going to penalize creators who trip over these blurred lines, at least not in these early days — Malon says “content removed for either a privacy request or a synthetic vocals request will not result in penalties for the uploader.”

YouTube is walking quite a tightrope here, as there is no established legal framework for copyright law in the generative AI era — there’s no specific law or court case that says it’s illegal to train an AI system to sing in Taylor Swift’s voice. But YouTube is also existentially dependent on the music industry — it needs licenses for all the music that floods the platform daily, and especially to compete with TikTok, which has emerged as the most powerful music discovery tool on the internet. There’s a reason YouTube and Universal Music noisily announced a deal to work on AI soon after Ghostwriter99 posted “Heart on my Sleeve” with the AI-generated voices of Drake and The Weeknd — YouTube has to keep these partners happy, even if that means literally taking the law into its own hands.

At the same time, YouTube parent company Google is pushing ahead on scraping the entire internet to power its own AI ambitions — resulting in a company that is at once writing special rules for the music industry while telling everyone else that their work will be taken for free . The tension is only going to keep building — and at some point, someone is going to ask Google why the music industry is so special.

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Google's latest AI music tool creates tracks using famous singers' voice clones

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Singer-songwriter Charlie Puth is among the nine recording artists collaborating with Google on its Dream Track AI music tool Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP hide caption

Singer-songwriter Charlie Puth is among the nine recording artists collaborating with Google on its Dream Track AI music tool

Google has revealed an experimental AI tool , Dream Track , that creates original songs in the style of selected famous singers. It is among several new developments announced Thursday by the tech giant at the intersection of music and AI.

In a demo of Dream Track, a user simply types in a prompt — in this case, "a ballad about how opposites attract, upbeat acoustic" — and the system spits out this short clip of a new song, sung by pop star Charlie Puth's voice clone with a stylistically relevant backing track.

Eight other artists including Alec Benjamin, Charli XCX, Demi Lovato, John Legend, Papoose, Sia, T-Pain, and Troye Sivan signed on to participate in Google's project. In another demo video , the typed prompt "A sunny morning in Florida, R&B" yields a song performed in suitably auto-tuned fashion by a synthesized T-Pain.

The company is piloting Dream Track (which can currently only be used in YouTube Shorts, YouTube's short-form video offering) in tandem with other AI music tools that do things like auto-generate horn sections and even entire orchestras from text prompts and humming. Google issued a series of videos demonstrating these tools, which are being developed with the Google subsidiary DeepMind using the AI music generation model Lyria. One demo transforms a simple solo a cappella vocal line into music played by a synthesized string orchestra:

In an email to NPR, Google said these tools are currently in a pilot phase. They have not been released to the public yet, but instead are being tested by roughly 100 U.S.-based participating content creators already within Google's orbit.

Google shared enthusiastic quotes from several participating pop stars.

"Being a part of YouTube's Dream Track experiment is an opportunity to help shape possibilities for the future," said John Legend. "As an artist, I am happy to have a seat at the table and I look forward to seeing what the creators dream up during this period."

But some artists working outside of Google's orbit are skeptical about these new developments.

"I'm grateful that this new development involves the artists, presumably meaning they are being compensated for what they are contributing to this," said singer-songwriter and voice actor Dan Navarro . "But the commoditization of music, like so much toothpaste from a tube, leads me to wonder, where is the inspiration? I suspect, not present at all."

The advances come as Google and other tech companies try to strike a balance between innovation and protecting artists' intellectual property.

It was only last April that music fans responded with disbelief to the release on streaming and social media platforms of the viral song "Heart on My Sleeve" — a song that used AI to simulate the vocal stylings of hip-hop stars Drake and The Weeknd without the artists' permission — and in so doing launched a media frenzy.

When you realize your favorite new song was written and performed by ... AI

When you realize your favorite new song was written and performed by ... AI

At that point, Drake and The Weeknd's label owner Universal Music Group (UMG) invoked copyright violation to get the platforms to take "Heart on My Sleeve" down.

But now the music label is partnering with Google to license the voices of their artists for Dream Track.

"We have a fundamental responsibility to our artists to ensure the digital ecosystem evolves to protect them and their work against unauthorized exploitation, including by generative AI platforms," said UMG chairman and CEO Sir Lucian Grainge in a statement to NPR. "At the same time, we must help artists achieve their greatest creative and commercial potential – in part by providing them access to the kind of opportunities and cutting-edge creative tools made possible by AI."

Worried about AI hijacking your voice for a deepfake? This tool could help

Pop Culture

Worried about ai hijacking your voice for a deepfake this tool could help.

Google said it has agreements in place with all nine participating singers for the Dream Track experiment and is working with UMG and other music industry partners to monetize the technology. It recently issued guidelines for these collaborations, and said it will identify AI-generated content using watermarking technologies, so users know whether they are consuming real or AI-generated content.

"This will obviously become more widespread," said entertainment business lawyer Schuyler Moore, a partner at the Los Angeles-based law firm Greenberg Glusker.

Moore said he expects licensing deals between tech and entertainment companies around compensating AI spin-offs to become standard in the near future, especially given the fact right of publicity laws vary widely from state to state, and federal legislation is still only in the very early stages of being developed.

"Whoever gets paid for [their voice clone] will be happy because they'll be able to sit at home and not have to go to a recording session. And other people will go have fun making whatever they want using those clones," he said.

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