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9 tips for presenting a job offer to your preferred candidate

offer presentation job

By Jamie Scarborough

Not every entrepreneur is a born recruiter, but hiring the right people is essential to making your business a success. And identifying great candidates is only part of the problem. Once you’ve found them, you’ve got to get them through the door.

So you’ve done the work of attracting great applicants, and choosing a future company star to add to your team. Now you’re ready to make an offer. You’re on the goal line—don’t blow it!

Here are nine tips for presenting a job offer to your preferred candidate.

1. Do It In Person

Would you ever email an important proposal to a potential client, and leave it at that? Of course not. You need to be able to guide them through it and answer any questions they may have. Use the same philosophy when closing the deal with a future employee. Book a time to go through the offer in-person, and if that’s not possible at least make sure you can discuss it over the phone. Don’t rely on a document to do your talking for you.

2. Do It Fast

Once you know you’ve got the right person for the job, present your offer within 48 hours. The longer you wait the more time you give other companies to provide competing offers, and the less likely you are to close. Anticipate in advance any approvals that are needed to send out an offer to avoid candidate frustration and tap-dancing.

3. Do It Yourself

While it is sometimes more convenient to have an HR person or external recruitment partner present the offer, the manager the candidate will be reporting to is much more likely to get a verbal acceptance on the spot. Delivering the offer yourself is also a great opportunity to build the trust and rapport needed for a great long-term working relationship. If it’s a sales role, the sales manager is also best equipped to answer any last-minute questions the candidate may have about commissions, quotas and expectations.

4. Do It With Enthusiasm

Taking a job at your company is a big and exciting decision for the candidate, so you need to show that it is just as important and momentous for you. You are not an accountant presenting a spreadsheet—you are an entrepreneur presenting a life-changing opportunity. Make sure they feel that.

5. Don’t Base It On Current Compensation

You are not competing with the candidate’s current employer—the fact that they’re entertaining your offer at all suggests they’ve already decided to leave. Rather, you’re competing with market demand for this individual’s talent. While a 10–15% bump should typically be enough to get them to sign, make sure you consider what else is in the market for them. Check out this article that highlights the Top 5 questions we get about sales compensation.

6. Paint the Big Picture

Along with a salary and commissions, your presentation should address the goals of the business, the culture of the company, the leadership they will benefit from, any unique and exciting perks, and how you plan to equip them for short and long-term success.

7. Prepare Them to Expect (and Reject) A Counter-Offer

Great employees typically already have jobs, and will often be financially encouraged to reconsider leaving. You do not want to get into a bidding war with your candidate’s current employer, so prepare your candidate for the likelihood of a counter-offer and empathize with the emotional struggle of leaving their current boss, colleagues and clients. If it feels like more than a financial transaction, they’re less likely to be drawn by the money they’re being offered to stay.

8. Stay In Touch

The deal is not closed until the day they start work, so keep up a high-touch program of communication after the offer is signed to ensure nothing else comes along to distract them.

9. Set a Deadline

Two days should be enough, but never offer more than five. Extend your deadline if you want, but only once. Once the clock expires, move on no matter what—if they haven’t accepted by now, they’re just not that into you.

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Sonya Meloff and Jamie Scarborough are the co-founders of Sales Talent Agency, Canada’s largest sales recruitment company and named on the list of GROWTH 500 Ranking of Canada’s Fastest Growing Companies in 2018. 

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15 Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer

  • Deepak Malhotra

offer presentation job

In some industries, a weak labor market has left candidates with fewer options and less leverage, and employers better positioned to dictate terms. Those who are unemployed, or whose current job seems shaky, have seen their bargaining power further reduced. But the complexity of the job market creates opportunities for people to negotiate the terms and conditions of employment. Negotiation matters most when there is a broad range of potential outcomes.

There are 15 rules for negotiating a job offer. One is “don’t underestimate the importance of likeability,” which means managing inevitable tensions in negotiation, being persistent without being a nuisance, and understanding how other people perceive your approach. Another rule is “make it clear they can get you.” Indicate that you’re serious about working for a potential employer, and don’t discourage them from trying to win you by suggesting you have too many better options. You should also “be prepared for tough questions,” like Are we your top choice? Don’t lie or try too hard to please, lest you lose your leverage. And “consider the whole deal,” including the job’s perks, location, opportunities for growth, and flexibility in work hours—not just the salary. These and other guidelines can help you attain the terms and conditions of employment you want.

Some clear pieces of advice from a Harvard Business School professor of negotiation.

Job-offer negotiations are rarely easy . Consider three typical scenarios:

You’re in a third-round interview for a job at a company you like, but a firm you admire even more just invited you in. Suddenly the first hiring manager cuts to the chase: “As you know, we’re considering many candidates. We like you, and we hope the feeling is mutual. If we make you a competitive offer, will you accept it?”

You’ve received an offer for a job you’ll enjoy, but the salary is lower than you think you deserve . You ask your potential boss whether she has any flexibility. “We typically don’t hire people with your background, and we have a different culture here,” she responds. “This job isn’t just about the money. Are you saying you won’t take it unless we increase the pay?”

You’ve been working happily at your company for three years, but a recruiter has been calling, insisting that you could earn much more elsewhere. You don’t want to quit, but you expect to be compensated fairly, so you’d like to ask for a raise. Unfortunately, budgets are tight, and your boss doesn’t react well when people try to leverage outside offers. What do you do?

Each of these situations is difficult in its own way—and emblematic of how complex job negotiations can be . At many companies, compensation increasingly comes in the form of stock, options, and bonuses linked to both personal and group performance. In MBA recruitment, more companies are using “exploding” offers or sliding-scale signing bonuses based on when a candidate accepts the job, complicating attempts to compare offers. With executive mobility on the rise, people vying for similar positions often have vastly different backgrounds, strengths, and salary histories, making it hard for employers to set benchmarks or create standard packages.

Read more about negotiating job offers:

Negotiating a Job Offer? Here’s How to Get What You Want. , How to Evaluate, Accept, Reject, or Negotiate a Job Offer , Setting the Record Straight on Negotiating Your Salary

In some industries a weak labor market has also left candidates with fewer options and less leverage, and employers better positioned to dictate terms. Those who are unemployed, or whose current job seems shaky, have seen their bargaining power further reduced.

But job market complexity creates opportunities for people who can skillfully negotiate the terms and conditions of employment. After all, negotiation matters most when there is a broad range of possible outcomes.

As a professor who studies and teaches the subject, I frequently advise current and former students on navigating this terrain. For several years I have been offering a presentation on the topic to current students. (To see a video of this talk, go to .) Every situation is unique, but some strategies, tactics, and principles can help you address many of the issues people face in negotiating with employers. Here are 15 rules to guide you in these discussions.

[   1   ] Don’t underestimate the importance of likability.

This sounds basic, but it’s crucial: People are going to fight for you only if they like you. Anything you do in a negotiation that makes you less likable reduces the chances that the other side will work to get you a better offer. This is about more than being polite; it’s about managing some inevitable tensions in negotiation, such as asking for what you deserve without seeming greedy, pointing out deficiencies in the offer without seeming petty, and being persistent without being a nuisance. Negotiators can typically avoid these pitfalls by evaluating (for example, in practice interviews with friends) how others are likely to perceive their approach.

[   2   ] Help them understand why you deserve what you’re requesting.

It’s not enough for them to like you. They also have to believe you’re worth the offer you want. Never let your proposal speak for itself—always tell the story that goes with it. Don’t just state your desire (a 15% higher salary, say, or permission to work from home one day a week); explain precisely why it’s justified (the reasons you deserve more money than others they may have hired, or that your children come home from school early on Fridays). If you have no justification for a demand, it may be unwise to make it. Again, keep in mind the inherent tension between being likable and explaining why you deserve more: Suggesting that you’re especially valuable can make you sound arrogant if you haven’t thought through how best to communicate the message.

[   3   ] Make it clear they can get you.

People won’t want to expend political or social capital to get approval for a strong or improved offer if they suspect that at the end of the day, you’re still going to say, “No, thanks.” Who wants to be the stalking horse for another company? If you intend to negotiate for a better package, make it clear that you’re serious about working for this employer. Sometimes you get people to want you by explaining that everybody wants you. But the more strongly you play that hand, the more they may think that they’re not going to get you anyway, so why bother jumping through hoops? If you’re planning to mention all the options you have as leverage, you should balance that by saying why—or under what conditions—you would be happy to forgo those options and accept an offer.

[   4   ] Understand the person across the table.

Companies don’t negotiate; people do. And before you can influence the person sitting opposite you, you have to understand her. What are her interests and individual concerns? For example, negotiating with a prospective boss is very different from negotiating with an HR representative. You can perhaps afford to pepper the latter with questions regarding details of the offer, but you don’t want to annoy someone who may become your manager with seemingly petty demands. On the flip side, HR may be responsible for hiring 10 people and therefore reluctant to break precedent, whereas the boss, who will benefit more directly from your joining the company, may go to bat for you with a special request.

[   5   ] Understand their constraints.

They may like you. They may think you deserve everything you want. But they still may not give it to you. Why? Because they may have certain ironclad constraints, such as salary caps, that no amount of negotiation can loosen. Your job is to figure out where they’re flexible and where they’re not. If, for example, you’re talking to a large company that’s hiring 20 similar people at the same time, it probably can’t give you a higher salary than everyone else. But it may be flexible on start dates, vacation time, and signing bonuses. On the other hand, if you’re negotiating with a smaller company that has never hired someone in your role, there may be room to adjust the initial salary offer or job title but not other things. The better you understand the constraints, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to propose options that solve both sides’ problems.

[   6   ] Be prepared for tough questions.

Many job candidates have been hit with difficult questions they were hoping not to face: Do you have any other offers? If we make you an offer tomorrow, will you say yes? Are we your top choice? If you’re unprepared, you might say something inelegantly evasive or, worse, untrue. My advice is to never lie in a negotiation. It frequently comes back to harm you, but even if it doesn’t, it’s unethical . The other risk is that, faced with a tough question, you may try too hard to please and end up losing leverage. The point is this: You need to prepare for questions and issues that would put you on the defensive, make you feel uncomfortable, or expose your weaknesses. Your goal is to answer honestly without looking like an unattractive candidate—and without giving up too much bargaining power. If you have thought in advance about how to answer difficult questions, you probably won’t forfeit one of those objectives.

[   7   ] Focus on the questioner’s intent, not on the question.

If, despite your preparation, someone comes at you from an angle you didn’t expect, remember this simple rule: It’s not the question that matters but the questioner’s intent. Often the question is challenging but the questioner’s intent is benign. An employer who asks whether you would immediately accept an offer tomorrow may simply be interested in knowing if you are genuinely excited about the job, not trying to box you into a corner. A question about whether you have other offers may be designed not to expose your weak alternatives but simply to learn what type of job search you’re conducting and whether this company has a chance of getting you. If you don’t like the question, don’t assume the worst. Rather, answer in a way that addresses what you think is the intent, or ask for a clarification of the problem the interviewer is trying to solve. If you engage in a genuine conversation about what he’s after, and show a willingness to help him resolve whatever issue he has, both of you will be better off.

[   8   ] Consider the whole deal.

Sadly, to many people, “negotiating a job offer” and “negotiating a salary” are synonymous. But much of your satisfaction from the job will come from other factors you can negotiate—perhaps even more easily than salary. Don’t get fixated on money. Focus on the value of the entire deal: responsibilities, location, travel, flexibility in work hours, opportunities for growth and promotion, perks, support for continued education, and so forth. Think not just about how you’re willing to be rewarded but also when. You may decide to chart a course that pays less handsomely now but will put you in a stronger position later.

[   9   ] Negotiate multiple issues simultaneously, not serially.

If someone makes you an offer and you’re legitimately concerned about parts of it, you’re usually better off proposing all your changes at once. Don’t say, “The salary is a bit low. Could you do something about it?” and then, once she’s worked on it, come back with “Thanks. Now here are two other things I’d like…” If you ask for only one thing initially, she may assume that getting it will make you ready to accept the offer (or at least to make a decision). If you keep saying “and one more thing…,” she is unlikely to remain in a generous or understanding mood. Furthermore, if you have more than one request, don’t simply mention all the things you want—A, B, C, and D; also signal the relative importance of each to you. Otherwise, she may pick the two things you value least, because they’re pretty easy to give you, and feel she’s met you halfway. Then you’ll have an offer that’s not much better and a negotiating partner who thinks her job is done.

[   10   ] Don’t negotiate just to negotiate.

Resist the temptation to prove that you are a great negotiator. MBA students who have just taken a class on negotiation are plagued by this problem: They go bargaining berserk the first chance they get, which is with a prospective employer. My advice: If something is important to you, absolutely negotiate. But don’t haggle over every little thing. Fighting to get just a bit more can rub people the wrong way—and can limit your ability to negotiate with the company later in your career, when it may matter more.

[   11   ] Think through the timing of offers.

At the beginning of a job hunt, you often want to get at least one offer in order to feel secure. This is especially true for people finishing a degree program , when everyone is interviewing and some are celebrating early victories. Ironically, getting an early offer can be problematic: Once a company has made an offer, it will expect an answer reasonably soon. If you want to consider multiple jobs, it’s useful to have all your offers arrive close together. So don’t be afraid to slow down the process with one potential employer or to speed it up with another, in order to have all your options laid out at one time. This, too, is a balancing act: If you pull back too much—or push too hard—a company may lose interest and hire someone else. But there are subtle ways to solve such problems. For example, if you want to delay an offer, you might ask for a later second- or third-round interview.

[   12   ] Avoid, ignore, or downplay ultimatums of any kind.

People don’t like being told “Do this or else.” So avoid giving ultimatums. Sometimes we do so inadvertently—we’re just trying to show strength, or we’re frustrated, and it comes off the wrong way. Your counterpart may do the same. My personal approach when at the receiving end of an ultimatum is to simply ignore it, because at some point the person who gave it might realize that it could scuttle the deal and will want to take it back. He can do that much more easily without losing face if it’s never been discussed. If someone tells you, “We’ll never do this,” don’t dwell on it or make her repeat it. Instead you might say, “I can see how that might be difficult, given where we are today. Perhaps we can talk about X, Y, and Z.” Pretend the ultimatum was never given and keep her from becoming wedded to it. If it’s real, she’ll make that clear over time.

[   13   ] Remember, they’re not out to get you.

Tough salary negotiations or long delays in the confirmation of a formal offer can make it seem that potential employers have it in for you. But if you’re far enough along in the process, these people like you and want to continue liking you. Unwillingness to move on a particular issue may simply reflect constraints that you don’t fully appreciate. A delay in getting an offer letter may just mean that you’re not the only concern the hiring manager has in life. Stay in touch, but be patient. And if you can’t be patient, don’t call up in frustration or anger; better to start by asking for a clarification on timing and whether there’s anything you can do to help move things along.

[   14   ] Stay at the table.

Remember: What’s not negotiable today may be negotiable tomorrow . Over time, interests and constraints change. When someone says no, what he’s saying is “No—given how I see the world today.” A month later that same person may be able to do something he couldn’t do before, whether it’s extending an offer deadline or increasing your salary. Suppose a potential boss denies your request to work from home on Fridays. Maybe that’s because he has no flexibility on the issue. But it’s also possible that you haven’t yet built up the trust required to make him feel comfortable with that arrangement. Six months in, you’ll probably be in a better position to persuade him that you’ll work conscientiously away from the office. Be willing to continue the conversation and to encourage others to revisit issues that were left unaddressed or unresolved.

[   15   ] Maintain a sense of perspective.

This is the final and most important point. You can negotiate like a pro and still lose out if the negotiation you’re in is the wrong one. Ultimately, your satisfaction hinges less on getting the negotiation right and more on getting the job right. Experience and research demonstrate that the industry and function in which you choose to work, your career trajectory, and the day-to-day influences on you (such as bosses and coworkers) can be vastly more important to satisfaction than the particulars of an offer. These guidelines should help you negotiate effectively and get the offer you deserve, but they should come into play only after a thoughtful, holistic job hunt designed to ensure that the path you’re choosing will lead you where you want to go.

  • Deepak Malhotra is the Eli Goldston Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and the author of Negotiating the Impossible . Prof_Malhotra

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Melissa founded Elev8 seven years ago. Before launching Elev8, Melissa recruited for local premier firms, receiving multiple accolades for her success. As a very ambitious entrepreneur, whose biggest strength is she is the ultimate people connector, she describes herself: “I love connecting the dots for people; thinking with more of an analytical and intuitive mindset."

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10 Tips For Presenting A Job Offer To Your Preferred Candidate

offer presentation job

You’ve gone through the effort of reading through resumes, interviewing candidates, and considering the strengths and weaknesses of each. You’ve determined which candidate is your favorite and after all that time and energy, you really want them to join your company. The following ten tips will help you present the offer in a way that gets the candidate to say yes. Presenting a job offer is a bit like a sales pitch, so remember that your personality and corporate culture are an important part of the picture:

1: Don’t Hesitate

High-quality candidates are likely being courted by several potential employers simultaneously so the age-old adage that the early bird gets the worm definitely applies here. This isn’t to say you should rush picking which candidate is right. It’s obviously a good idea to take the proper time, especially if you’re hiring for an important position. Once you’ve got a firm candidate in mind, however, get in contact with them as soon as possible.

2: Make It Personal

Don’t send an email to tell a candidate that you’d like to make them an offer. For one, they might not see the email right away. More importantly, however, if you can’t be bothered to pick up the phone and call them, they might get the impression you’re just not that into hiring them. It is important to establish a real-life connection and show that it is just as important and momentous for you. Get on the phone to tell them you want to make them an offer but don’t go over the nitty-gritty over the phone. Invite them to your office so you can make them an offer in person. 

3: Get All Your Ducks In A Row

When your candidate comes to meet with you (or, failing that, when you’re conversing over the phone), they’ll probably have a number of questions. They might want to negotiate on salary, bonuses, commission, or any number of other features of the contract. Make sure you have a good idea how much leeway you want to give on any of those fronts. Conceptualize some alternative forms of compensation and make sure they’re viable for your budget. Make sure anyone who needs to know about the offer you’re going to make is in the know so you can avoid a situation in which your candidate can’t get answers or a formalized offer in an appropriate time frame. Should they have to wait too long, they may consider other offers.

4: Consider The Candidate & Position

Anticipating the questions your candidate might have can make the job offer process a lot easier. As we mentioned at the top, it’s kind of like sales, and any good salesperson knows that evaluating needs is the most important part of the process. The needs of an executive will be quite different than someone being hired for QA testing. Think back to the interview process and review your notes  – what did they say or do that could give you a clue as to what their priorities are? 

5: Set The Stage

You’re about to give your candidate an offer of employment –  let people know. Tell the receptionist so they can give the candidate a congratulation when they arrive. Improve the professional appearance of your office by tidying up thoroughly before the candidate sets their foot in the door, wear your best suit, etc. Appearances count, and you want the candidate to know that you’re the right company to work for.

6: Show Your Enthusiasm

Out of the hundreds of resumes, dozens of interviews, and after hours of consideration, it has all come down to this candidate . Let them know. Use those very metrics; tell them how

many candidates applied and how they were the best among them. Tell them why they were the best; explain how you feel they’ll fit well with the company, what you like about their skill set, what you like about their personality . When your enthusiasm shines through, your candidate will notice.

7: Present Them With The Offer

The offer, at this point, is printed out and ready to go – we’re assuming you followed Tip #3. Go over the offer with the candidate explaining salary, commission, bonuses, perks, and other relevant terms and benefits. At this point, your candidate may want to begin negotiating a bit and fortunately, you’ve prepared for this. You’ve anticipated they might want to change some terms, you’ve considered employment costs and your budget and prepared hypothetical alternate offers –  you’re ready.

8: Talk About The Offer

Now that the offer has been made, there are three possibilities: they say yes, they say no, or they say maybe. For a yes, congratulations! You won’t even really need to consider the next two steps; they’ll sign the employment contract and you’ll be good to go. Before they sign the contract, it’s a good idea to bring up any non-competes or conflicts of interest they might have – that’s especially true when hiring executives. If they say no, ask them why and figure out whether or not that no is negotiable. Should it be negotiable, see if it’s within your grasp. If it’s non-negotiable, find out why they chose not to go with you and thank them for their time. For maybes, it’s time for our next step:

9: Set A Deadline

You obviously want to hire this candidate and you want to give them time to consider, but don’t give them too much time as you have other high-tier candidates you could hire and you don’t want someone who isn’t that interested in working with you. Give them at least 48 hours but don’t give them too much more time than that. If they need a few days to consider, that’s okay, but if they need weeks, you should choose another candidate.

10: Consider Your Options

While waiting for your candidate to respond yes or no, consider other options you have. Can you adjust the compensation package to be a bit more attractive? What other candidates could be a good fit for your organization? Hope for the best, plan for the worst – having followed all these steps will help you get the candidate you want, but failing that, you can try again with Tip #2.

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How To Present A Job Offer (So They Say Yes)

Finding the perfect candidate can be a daunting and time-consuming task. When you finally find the right person for the job, it’s important to make a great first impression with a job offer. Though this seems like it’s the easiest part of the hiring process, presenting a job offer is an art in itself.

Don’t forget your employee’s perception of your company and brand begins at the interview stage. You want to ensure the process is smooth all the way through, especially for the high-quality candidate you’re planning to hire. They may have other offers they are considering or a job they’re not quite convinced to leave. Here’s how to make the most out of your job offer.

Key Takeaways

Before you hire a new employee, be sure you have all of the relevant information, such as job title, compensation, benefits, and start date, nailed down. This will make the offer process much easier and ensure you, the hiring manager, and the candidate is all on the same page.

Even if the majority of your communication with your candidate has been via email, be sure to call or video conference when extending a job offer. This makes the job offer feel more personal and helps your candidate feel invested.

Expect and prepare for potential negotiations. Be sure you’ve done your market research on appropriate compensation for the role you are hiring for.

Before You Hire

Before you hire a candidate , there are a number of things you need to nail down as the employer. Your offer letter will need to include things like job title, compensation, benefits, and start date, all of which the candidate should understand before the job is even offered. Gathering this all ahead of time ensures you’re both on the same page.

Be sure you and your team are in agreement on who the role reports to and what the pay range will be. Discuss final compensation with the hiring manager and any potential bonuses or benefits. Of course, these things will all be subject to negotiation if your candidate so chooses, but having this upfront will speed up the process significantly.

Make the Job Offer

In the best-case scenario, make the job offer in a face-to-face environment. However, this may not always be the most efficient way to do this, so making the job offer over the phone is highly recommended. Extend the offer to a candidate over the phone so your candidate has the opportunity to verbally accept, reject, or negotiate your offer.

If you work in human resources , encourage the hiring manager to make the job offer directly. Some employers may want to opt for email communication in this instance, but we highly recommend making the call. It makes the job offer more personal and will set you up for success.

It’s a good idea to also share why you hired them. Explain your excitement with specifics about how they may have stood out against their competition. Be sure to articulate any stand-out qualities noticed by other interviewers and share them with your candidate. This will excite them and make them feel encouraged to join your team.

Another thing to note is that it’s important to move quickly. The job market is highly competitive, so many candidates will apply for multiple positions at a time. This means they could be getting multiple job offers. The longer you wait, the higher the chance that your ideal candidate will be lost to another employer.

Follow Up With an Email

After you’ve called or met with your candidate, let them know you’ll be following up with an email with their official offer letter and any other necessary paperwork you may need. Some companies opt to choose offer letter templates that can help you save time when preparing offers. For businesses without templates, it’s recommended to include the following information.

Job title. Include the exact job title you’ll be offering to your candidate. If you choose, this includes any specific requirements or responsibilities that come with this title.

Salary. Include the annual gross salary the employee will take home as well as how often they will be paid (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) and if they will receive their pay by direct deposit or check.

Bonus information. If your candidate is eligible for any bonuses, include what they are and what performance criteria they must hit to receive them.

Benefit information. Include any benefit information you are providing, including vacation days, sick days, insurance, retirement plans, flexible work opportunities, tuition reimbursement, childcare, travel reimbursement, and more.

You will also want to have a place on the official offer letter where the candidate will sign and date the letter. This will be signed by the hiring manager and a final copy should be sent back to the employee for their own records. It’s also a great idea to forward any relevant company information in this email exchange, such as an employee handbook .

Some employers may experience a situation where a candidate is looking to negotiate on terms. This can be simplified by asking for a response deadline so that the employee gets back to you within a reasonable timeframe. This will help speed up the negotiation process without hindering the start date you’ve set in place.

How to Present a Job Offer FAQ

How do you present an employee job offer?

The best way to present an employee with a job offer is to first ensure you have all of the relevant information you need to compile their official offer letter. Be sure to act in a timely manner, so you don’t lose your candidate to another job offer. It’s recommended to call or video conference the candidate to extend the offer.

During the conversation, be sure to share the job title, compensation, and bonus information, and agree on a start date. Once this is agreed upon, follow up with an email with the official job offer attached as well as any other relevant company information such as an employee handbook.

What should you say when presenting an employee with a job offer?

First, be sure to articulate all of the benefits that come with the acceptance of the job offer, including compensation, bonus information, and benefits.

Be sure to tell them specifically why you hired them and how they may have stood out against other competing candidates.

It’s a good idea to explain why you think they will make a good fit in the company and on their specific team, what you were impressed with in their skill set, what you like about their personality, and what they can potentially bring to the team.

How can you convince an employee to accept your job offer?

The best way to ensure a candidate accepts your job offer is to make the interview process seamless, efficient, and easy. The interview process is the first perception an employee has of your business, your brand, and how you handle your internal affairs.

One of the best ways to do this is to ensure you go above and beyond with communication . Be sure you communicate early and often, keeping communication smooth and clear. And, of course, offer them a competitive and desirable salary to show how much you value their skillset.

  • Job Offer Letter Format
  • How to Write a Job Offer Letter
  • How to Close Top Candidates
  • Job Offer Conditions
  • How to Write a Job Offer
  • How To Present a Job Offer
  • How To Handle Salary Negotiations As A Hiring Manager
  • How To Upset Candidates At The Offer Stage
  • How To Rescind A Job Offer
  • How To Write A Job Offer Letter Email (With Template + Sample)

' src=

Caitlin Mazur is a freelance writer at Zippia where she has written 140+ articles that have reached over 1 mil viewers as of June 2023. Caitlin is passionate about helping Zippia’s readers land the jobs of their dreams by offering content that discusses job-seeking advice based on experience and extensive research.

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Free template

Negotiating a Job Offer - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

offer presentation job

Negotiating a Job Offer

Unethical to negotiate a higher salary (with a company you do not want to work ... cost of living calculator from cnnmoney (for individual cities) ... – powerpoint ppt presentation.

  • Carol Young
  • However, your success is dependent on your preparation, negotiating skills, and market conditions.
  • After you have a verbal offer
  • Ideally, wait until you have other offers
  • Decide which company you want to work for
  • Negotiate only with that company
  • Unethical to negotiate a higher salary (with a company you do not want to work for) to leverage with another companys offer
  • STEP ONE Prepare Yourself
  • STEP TWO Know the Employer
  • STEP THREE Assess the Job Offer
  • STEP FOUR Negotiate Salary Benefits
  • STEP FIVE Get It in Writing
  • Know Your Values
  • Know Your Strengths
  • Know the Market
  • Competition
  • Flexibility
  • Helping Others
  • Independence
  • Low Stress Level
  • Making Decisions
  • Mental Stimulation
  • Opportunities to Advance
  • Personal Growth
  • Physical Work Environment
  • Public Contact
  • Recognition
  • Responsibility
  • Supervisory Style
  • How many hours a week do I want to work?
  • How much income do I need to live comfortably?
  • Where do I want to live? Cost of living?
  • Is social status a concern - position/title/compan y?
  • What do I need in a new career to keep me challenged?
  • (a) people-oriented
  • (b) technology-oriented
  • (c) research-oriented
  • (d) combination?
  • Establish a budget including taxes and savings
  • Decide on the minimum amount of compensation that will support your budget and make you satisfied
  • If an employer is unable to meet or exceed this amount, it may be to your advantage to keep looking. There is no point in accepting an offer if you think you will be unsatisfied and want to look for another job in the near future.
  • Education (Degrees, GPA, Skills, Projects)
  • Experience (Projects, Research, Internships)
  • Intangibles or Soft Skills
  • Employer Hot Buttons
  • Other Offers
  • Depends on several factors
  • Your background relative to others
  • State of the companys financial health
  • State of the economy/job market
  • Cost of living
  • Know the average salaries of Carnegie Mellon graduates with similar degrees.
  • Identify salary averages for your field and in your geographic area.
  • Know CMUs Offer Policy as it relates to offer due dates.
  • Identify norms in your field as far as which things you can negotiate, and which things are non-negotiable such as health insurance.
  • Network with your Career Consultant, faculty, internship supervisors, mentors, recent grads, etc.
  • At the end of presentation there are resources where you can find this information.
  • Employer Deadlines for Job or Internship Offers
  • Fall Interviews
  • Employers conducting interviews in the fall semester must give students until the first business day of December to respond to an offer, without pressure to respond on an earlier date. Students interviewing on or after the first business day of December should be given three weeks to respond to an offer.
  • Spring Interviews
  • Employers conducting interviews in the spring semester must give students three weeks to respond to an offer, without pressure to respond on an earlier date.
  • Full-time Offers to Summer Interns
  • Employers who give an offer for full-time employment to a student who has had a summer internship with the employer must give students until the first business day of November to respond to an offer, without pressure to respond on an earlier date.
  • PLEASE NOTE In all cases, employers must give students at least 3 weeks to make a decision.
  • What in your background did they focus on during interviews?
  • What was your impression of the companys values?
  • Corporate literature
  • Interviews/site visit
  • Was there a common background or theme in the backgrounds of current employees that you met with?
  • Although there are many ways that employers decide on the initial offer, they are typically presented from one of three different viewpoints.
  • Companies fall into one of these three categories depending upon their attitude about salary and negotiation.
  • Fixed Offer This type of company will tell you that they carefully research the job market and they make a very fair and firm offer.
  • Thank them graciously for the information and stop negotiating.
  • Respect the companys philosophy, otherwise it may harm you.
  • Pay-Grade System a system in which a salary range has been set and you will be paid within this range based on your experience and the duties associated with the job.
  • However, you can often negotiate within the salary range.
  • The most common compensation system encountered.
  • The Negotiator In this framework, the employer will have the authority to raise or lower your salary without going through bureaucratic red tape.
  • You can definitely negotiate with this type of organization.
  • This type of system is rare because most organizations work within a structure.
  • Never bring up salary first alwayslet the employer make the first move or wait until you have an offer.
  • Try not to reveal to an employer your target salary during the interview process.
  • If pressed, give a range always position yourself a little higher than your target.
  • Do not comment immediately on the salary offer thank the employer for the offer, make sure that you have an understanding of the jobs responsibilities, the benefits package, etc.
  • Express interest, and always ask for time to consider the offer refer to Carnegie Mellons Offer Policy as it relates to offer due dates
  • Be sure there is a mutual understanding of the timeline
  • Evaluate the offer from the perspective of
  • Compare the salary offer with the data that you collected and your other offers
  • Its the only offer that I have so far
  • I like the work that Ill be doing
  • I like the people
  • I like where Ill be working
  • I like what Ill be making
  • Consider the pros and the cons of the offer. It may help to create a chart.
  • A chart may also be helpful if you have had more than one offer and you want to compare and contrast the merits of each offer.
  • Never add more items to your Negotiating list down the lineput everything out front immediately.
  • Consider alternatives to higher salarymoving expenses, signing bonus, more vacation time, tuition reimbursement, etc.
  • Know your limitswhats the lowest salary that I will accept?
  • Know your next stepif I am unable to negotiate a higher salary, what then?
  • Always be truthful
  • Comply with deadlines
  • List your values/needs, as compared to the offer on the table
  • Determine if its it really worth the effort to negotiate
  • If Yes Call the employer- DO NOT EMAIL THE EMPLOYER
  • Use the Sandwich Approach
  • Start by expressing an interest in the jobsummarize how you see your Background fitting in to the organization and making a difference.
  • Next, outline your counter offers
  • More salarybased on data
  • Benefits (vacation time, parking, etc.)
  • Finally, thank them and express an interest in working with them to come up with a mutually agreeable package.
  • If an employer makes an offer that is below your expectation, you don't want to offend them so you might start the conversation by asking what the benefits include.
  • To proceed, you might want to use one of the following approaches to begin the negotiation process
  • Approach 1 I am very interested in your company. Thank you for the job offer. I wanted to know if the salary is negotiable?
  • Approach 2 I am very interested in the position, but I would like to discuss the salary you are offering.
  • When using either approach, be certain to support your case by stating your skills, the average salary range for your level of experience in your field, and the average salaries for Carnegie Mellon graduates in your major.
  • It is best to let the employer respond and then continue the discussion from his/her lead.
  • Hello, Im calling to follow up on our phone conversation last week regarding your offer of employment. As I mentioned to you at that time, you were one of the companies that I had been particularly interested in since the start of the recruiting season, and after learning more about the position during my site visit, Im confident that my technical and customer service experience will allow me to make immediate and positive contributions to the company.
  • Id like to discuss the compensation package that youve offered. While its a very generous one in a lot of respects, information that Ive collected from published surveys indicates that the starting salary for a position such as this is XXXX
  • Im very excited about the prospects of working with your company and Id really like to work something out with you.
  • Based on an employer's compensation guidelines, you may not be able to negotiate a higher salary. However, you may be able to increase your compensation in benefits.
  • Negotiable areas may include
  • vacation time
  • educational reimbursement, and salary review
  • Caution You may be negotiating with the person who will be your supervisor. Stay polite. Do not get overly aggressive. Try to make it a win-win.
  • It would be nice if everything discussed would actually occur, but unfortunately it doesn't always happen that way.
  • To avoid problems in the future, ask for a letter of employment which states all the employment conditions agreed upon (i.e. salary and benefits as well as a thorough job description).
  • If there is confusion at a later date, you will have a written document to refer to stating the conditions under which you were hired. This document is especially important if the conditions of your employment differ from normal company policies.
  • If a position is acceptable to you as it is offered, do not feel that you must negotiate.
  • Limit your negotiations to one round.
  • You are expected to --
  • Attend all scheduled campus interviews
  • Be on-time for campus interviews and site visits
  • Present your qualifications in a truthful manner
  • Honor all agreements made with recruiters. This is especially true with site visits.
  • Honor all agreements made with recruiters. This is especially true of accepting a job offer
  • Cease interviewing upon your acceptance of a job offer and de-activate your resume in TartanTRAK
  • Carnegie Mellon Post Graduation and Salary Statistics
  • Includes maximum, minimum, mean and median salary information from Carnegie Mellon graduates, listed by college and majorhttp//www.studentaffa y/index.html
  • Carnegie Mellon Offer Policy
  • Addresses employer deadlines when making offers to studentshttp// er/students_alumni/offer.html
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook - provides career and salary information for approximately 250 occupationshttp//
  • Quintessential Careers - provides a variety of resources and links for job seekers including resources on the web about salary negotiationhttp// otiation.html
  • JobStar Central - provides links to over 300 salary surveys and tips on salary negotiationhttp// dex.cfm
  • Analyze the worth of your salary offer(s) in relation to the city and state where you would be making that salary
  • Cost of Living Calculator from CNNMoney (for individual cities)http// costofliving/costofliving.html
  • Cost of Living Wizard http// ripts/coll_start.asp is a leading presentation sharing website. It has millions of presentations already uploaded and available with 1,000s more being uploaded by its users every day. Whatever your area of interest, here you’ll be able to find and view presentations you’ll love and possibly download. And, best of all, it is completely free and easy to use.

You might even have a presentation you’d like to share with others. If so, just upload it to We’ll convert it to an HTML5 slideshow that includes all the media types you’ve already added: audio, video, music, pictures, animations and transition effects. Then you can share it with your target audience as well as’s millions of monthly visitors. And, again, it’s all free.

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Top 10 Offer Letter Templates with Samples and Examples

Top 10 Offer Letter Templates  with Samples and Examples

Kavesh Malhotra


Would a screened and selected applicant accept a vague job offer, or go for a legal contract that provides complete information about the job and makes him feel needed? Of course, the latter will always be preferred. A cover letter doesn’t just inform the applicant that he/she has been selected as an employee of the organization; it also conveys professionalism of the organization, acting as a pointer to the company’s work culture.

When hiring, businesses need to provide candidates with a solid, professional offer letter with vital, necessary details. The employee recruitment process is crucial and divided into stages, of which one of the final and vital tasks is composing a job offer letter.

An offer letter acts as a legal contract of employment that includes a summary of the terms and conditions of the company and its requirements and privacy policies. A well-drafted offer letter should encapsulate elements such as job role, employee benefits, salary (compensation bonus or commission) and other parameters. It is this offer letter that lets candidates decide whether or not to accept the job. The company must make a good impression on prospective  employees to set the right expectations that lead to a positive work relationship.

A company is not only known by its PR image but also by its formal communication. The pandemic has made work-from-home common; thus, it has become crucial for HR to have good formal communication skills, especially employee-employer communication. An offer letter should not only let applicants know that the company requires their skills and expertise. It should also provide a sense of security, the value of the specific role in terms of perks and future growth, and also create a realization that the company is the best fit for them.

A professional, well-designed offer letter is vital to encourage candidates to accept the job.

When it comes to writing and designing an offer letter, we want to make an excellent first and lasting impression on your candidates? At SlideTeam, we have some of the best templates that make it easier for companies to compose offer letters. These 100% editable and customizable templates will prove invaluable as these help improve the acceptance rate of businesses’ job offers.

For candidates who want to ease their way to the offer letter with a superb job application, here’s help at hand. Click here to find the world’s best job application templates. 

Choose the one that suits your niche end-requirements and mark the beginning of professional and positive employee relations now.  Let’s start a tour of this universe of the best-in-class offer letter templates.

Template 1: Cover Letter for Proposal Offer Request

Simplicity is a credo in itself. Nothing beats the uniqueness and the happiness that a formal cover letter brings to the recipient. This proposal offers a request cover letter template in PPT Slides to create an ideal cover letter for your company. The image of them pen chosen for the template itself signals a company that goes for the best. Want to change the image or resize it? You can do it with a few clicks. Download it and get going with an extraordinary cover letter.

Cover Letter for Proposal Offer Request

Download Now!

Template 2: Job Offer Letter Icon Showing Employment Details

Here is one of the simplest yet attractive design templates. The job offer letter icon showing employment will give any offer letter an alluring look. Want to make some changes? Don’t worry; we reiterate have got you covered. Using this template, you can ready the offer letter in no time.

Job Offer Letter

Template 3: Improvising Staff Recruitment Process Developing Formal Job Offer Letter

This PPT Template provides information regarding developing a formal job offer letter. It includes essential components like: job title , job description , roles and responsibilities, compensation, and privacy policy . In addition, the image, along with the other components provided in the template is editable. Thus, you can easily replace it with the employer labels. Give this template a try and study the impact it has on your job acceptance rate.

Developing Formal Job Offer Letter

Template 4: Optimizing Hiring Process Developing Formal Job Offer Letter

Want to present an offer letter that candidates can’t say no to? This PowerPoint Slide is just what you need to encourage your candidates to get on board. It has all the features and provides an in-depth job description .  Above all, you have the convenience of changing the template's color scheme to make it match your company's brand. Download the template now and enjoy its benefits.

Developing Formal Job Offer Letter

  Template 5: Developing Formal Job Offer Letter Enhancing New Recruit Enrolment

Does creating a job offer letter take up much of your time? Well, it won’t now, with this exciting PPT Layout. You can create the letter of your liking in just one go. This template has the essential components for creating an ideal job offer letter. The template comes with completely editable elements to make it easier to use. Go, grab it now and engage the audience!

Developing Formal Job Offer Letter

Template 6: Employing New Recruits at Workplace Developing Formal Job Offer Letter

Use this PowerPoint Preset to create the best job offer letter for your company. It represents the information pertinent to the job. Replace the name and job details, and the template will be ready to use. Want to make some design changes to it? Well, you can do that as well. Get started right away!

Developing Formal Job Offer Letter

Template 7: Developing Formal Job Offer Letter Employee Hiring Plan at Workplace

The PPT Template is ideal for you if you want to look professional in the offer letter. You can edit and make personalized changes in the template in the way you desire. There is a vast collection of icons available on topics from which you can choose. In addition, you can present the job description in a bit more detail. The professional design and structure is ideal to give future employees a quick overview of the hiring process. Download it now and get started on making a positive impact.

Developing Formal Job Offer Letter

Template 8: Cover Letter for Sale Offer Pitch Proposal One-Pager

This one-pager cover letter template is designed to provide an appealing and formal look to the proposal letter. It is A4 in size and includes graphics, which can be formatted. The template can also be accessed on Google Sheets, making it more convenient. Download it now and make the best use of its benefits like pre-filled text et al.

Cover Letter for Sale Offer Pitch Proposal

Template 9: Cover Letter For Federal Proposal One-Pager Sample Example Document

The PPT Template provides a way to propose to bidders to come forward at a particular date. It is a cover letter for a Federal Proposal; you may use the design as a backdrop to your own offer letters. Use this presentation template to add a stamp of authority to your proposals. The aim is to come across as the best-in-class organization with the proposal/cover letter itself.

Cover Letter for Federal Proposal

Template 10: Envelope Icon with Job Offer Letter

Want to make a lasting impression on your future employees? Then this envelope-icon job offer letter template is just for you. It provides an appealing look that boosts the credibility of your company. The template offers a virtual, physical touch and style that comes with a sophisticated and amazing gesture of unlocking a job and a future full of possibilities. Download this presentation template now and compose the ideal written document offer letter.

Envelope Icon with


Build a legal contract that will make your communication clear and boost your reputation among the new employees. If you’re starting to fil out job application, choose from our dynamic templates for application tools .


What is an offer letter.

An offer letter is a written document that an employer provides the candidate to provide job opportunities. It includes vital information and is an official declaration for employees’ joining.

What is included in a job offer?

A job offer includes a summary of the job role. An offer letter contains the following elements:

  • Job description
  • Starting date
  • Work schedule
  • Reporting manager’s details
  • Role and responsibilities
  • Termination conditions
  • Privacy Policy

How to create an offer letter?

You can create an offer letter on your own or hire an attorney to do so. However, we have made it far easier for employers to compose an appealing offer letter. You can use our templates of different niches that are easy to edit and create an offer letter of your own.

What is the format of an offer letter?

At all times, an offer letter has to sound professional, well-managed and polite one-pager that invites an individual recipient to either join a job; ask a service provider or company to complete formalities for a project execution. Overwhelmingly, offer letters fall in the first category, so their format is decided by it. The key is to ensure that the offer letter should mark out the employer’s uniqueness, and be concise, and to-the-point. The name of the recipient is on the left-top corner or given the central indent. Then, the position offered, with salary is the critical part that has to be covered in the first two-three lines. Any joining date and time has to be mentioned clearly, either as the penultimate or the last line. Finally, and significantly, the person who the recipient has to contact on Day 1 has to be specified as well. Whatever format you follow, the aim of an offer letter is to ease a person into the new role with as much ease and convenience as possible.

How do you write an offer letter to a new employee?

While writing an offer letter to a new future employee, one should take care of the following points:

  • The job offer should include important details of the job, from title, description, compensation, paid time off, and terms and conditions to the starting date, work schedule reporting structure, privacy policy, and termination policy.
  • The tone should be formal and leave a positive impact on future employees.

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The Must-Ask Questions Before Accepting a Job Offer in 2023

Finally, you got the job offer you’ve been waiting for! Tempting as it may be, don't say yes too soon.

Even if you’re offered your dream job, it’s best to take your time before responding. You’re free to express your enthusiasm for the role, but consider asking your prospective employer the right questions to ensure the job fits you well.

But what should you ask? This blog post will help guide you towards asking the best questions so you can take the next step in the hiring process.

Why Ask Questions About a Job Offer?

Let’s start by understanding what to consider before making your final decision. Asking questions about a job offer helps you set expectations for the role and the company. 

It’s best to dig deeper into what the company offers to check if they align with your needs, personal values, and career goals.

Essential Questions to Ask Before Accepting a Job Offer

Before responding to a job offer, take a moment to consider these factors.

The Actual Job

Once your excitement fades, step back and take a closer look at the job offer. Take advantage of this opportunity to see if your perception of the role matches your goals and if you can see yourself in it long-term.

To help you decide, here are some questions to ask your potential employer:

  • When do I start?
  • What do you expect from this position?
  • What would I prioritize as I perform the role?
  • What are my responsibilities for the first week/six months/12 months?
  • What does success in this role look like?
  • How do you measure success in this role?
  • How crucial is this job to your company’s overall success?
  • How long do employees last in this position?

Compensation & Benefits

While salary and benefits can be a touchy subject, you should still consider them before accepting a job offer. Be sure to confirm how much you'll earn and whether it's still negotiable before you say yes.

Get all the necessary details with these questions:

  • How often will I receive my salary (e.g., bi-weekly or monthly)?
  • How much will my net income be after deducting taxes, SSS contributions , and other government-mandated benefits?
  • Does this role offer bonuses or commissions?
  • What benefits will I be entitled to, and when will I receive them?
  • What are your policies for paid time off?
  • Do you transfer unused leaves to the next year?
  • Do you offer a retirement plan? When can I get it?
  • What other benefits do you offer?

Company Culture

Besides paying the bills, a job takes up much of your life. As a result, it's crucial to decide whether you will fit in well after joining the company. The interview process should tell you everything about your prospective employer’s organizational culture.

That said, what questions should you ask about company culture? Check out these questions:

  • What are some benefits your company only offers?
  • How does the company promote work-life balance?
  • How would your team members describe their working relationships?
  • How do team leaders and members give feedback to each other?
  • How would you describe the relationship between employees and company leaders?
  • How often do you see and hear from upper management?
  • How do you measure success on your team?

Knowing who you’ll work with is also important. This information will help you understand team dynamics better and see if you’ll fit in with the rest of your co-workers.

Here’s a list of team-related questions to ask before accepting a job offer:

  • Who’s my immediate supervisor, and how do they lead the team?
  • How many people does the team have?
  • How does my manager divide work among the team?
  • Does my supervisor expect constant communication between me and them?
  • Can I meet some team members before I start?
  • Who should I turn to for help?
  • What are the team’s current projects?
  • Could you tell me about a recent project the team worked on? What went well, and what didn’t?
  • What qualities do you think can help the team work successfully?

Employee Schedules

Before moving on to your next job, ask yourself: Does the schedule work for you and your lifestyle? 

Let’s say you’re a working parent. If so, does the job give you enough time to fulfill other responsibilities?

Most companies in the Philippines follow an eight-hour (plus one-hour lunchtime) schedule. But since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many employers have adopted more output-based flexible work models.

Here’s what to ask your potential employer about schedules before responding to their job offer:

  • What time should I report for work?
  • Will I work on a morning, mid-day, or night shift?
  • Do you offer flexible working arrangements ?

The Workplace Setup & Arrangement

Aside from work schedules, you’ll need to know if the company follows a remote, hybrid, or on-site working arrangement.

Important questions about working arrangements to ask before accepting (or declining) a job offer include:

  • What are my options for remote work?
  • How does your company support employees in flexible work setups?
  • What tools do you use to enable collaboration and productivity?
  • How do you keep employees engaged?
  • How do you assess the effectiveness of your current working arrangement?


Location is crucial, especially if you’ll work at a hybrid office that requires you to go on-site occasionally. Consider asking your prospective employer these questions about transportation:

  • Does this role require travel?
  • When do I need to go to the office?
  • Will I be relocated, and does your company cover relocation costs?
  • Can I work from home?

Career Development

It also pays to know what learning and development opportunities the company provides, especially if you prioritize professional growth. The questions below should help you know how much your prospective employer values career development.

  • What areas will my initial training cover?
  • How long do you take to onboard new employees?
  • Have you set a probationary period for this role, and how long is it?
  • What opportunities do you offer for professional growth and development?
  • What educational opportunities do you offer?
  • How often do you conduct performance reviews?
  • How do you help employees improve their performance?
  • Do you often promote top-performing employees?

The Job Offer

Asking your prospective employer about the job offer helps you better understand the role’s expectations. Assess the offer, then list the questions you’d like to ask the hiring manager or company executive.

If you’re still thinking of what to ask before accepting a job offer, try including the following questions in your list:

  • Is this a firm offer?
  • Can I get a written offer?
  • When do you need my response?
  • Do you need other information from me?
  • What’s the next step in the hiring process?

Think Twice Before Accepting a Job Offer

Receiving an employment offer is worth getting excited over. But before you respond, hit pause and consider the factors accompanying the job offer.

You must think beyond how much you’ll earn and evaluate other benefits and non-negotiables that make the role worth it. Thus, it pays to discuss these considerations with your prospective employer. In turn, you’ll know if you should accept the job or find a better opportunity.

If you’re from HR, use Sprout’s recruitment system powered by Manatal to simplify your recruitment process and get the right candidates on board. Our cloud-based software helps HR and hiring managers ensure hassle-free recruitment. Learn more about our complete recruitment and onboarding solution from our team today.

Want more tips to kickstart your career? Find them on our blog .

About the Author

Arlene de Castro

Chief People and Customer Officer

  • HR Administration
  • HR Analytics
  • Payroll Management
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job offer for hr professionals

Job Offer For HR Professionals

Feb 07, 2013

70 likes | 80 Views

Job Offer For HR Professionals. Internal Resourcing. Job Offer. 1. Job Offer. The job offer process is triggered when candidate status is changed to HR checks complete. In the system, navigate to the candidate to whom the Job Offer will be extended and tick the box beside the candidate name.

  • job offer form
  • form successfully submitted message


Presentation Transcript

Job OfferFor HR Professionals Internal Resourcing

Job Offer 1

Job Offer The job offer process is triggered when candidate status is changed to HR checks complete. In the system, navigate to the candidate to whom the Job Offer will be extended and tick the box beside the candidate name. In the Actions tab, click Add Form and select Internal Job Offer Form. Click Add.

Job Offer Fill out the required fields which are indicated by the red asterisks. After filling out the Job Offer Form, ensure that the Send Offer to Candidate field is set to Yes. Click Submit. Form successfully submitted message will show up once the offer has been completed. The status will change to Job Offer Extended. Note: If information within Offer Form is incorrect DO NOT save the form, please close this offer form, go back to the origial requisition, make relevant ammendments and re-add the offer form against the employee

Job Offer Note: If the Send Offer to Candidate is set to No, the Job Offer form will just be saved on the candidate’s profile and the candidate will not receive an system e-mail regarding the job offer. Withdraw the candidate from other applications would mean that the candidate will be withdrawn from other applications once they accept the job offer for the requisition. Before completing the job offer form, HR ensures that all information on the requisition form is accurate and complete, that any noted terms and conditions were met and complied with, and that all necessary authorizations were obtained.

Job Offer The status will change to Job Offer Accepted once the candidate accepts the job offer. Once the candidate is in Job Offer Accepted status, HR can now proceed with progressing the remaining candidates to the final Regret status. After the other candidates have been progressed to the final regret status, you may now proceed with progressing the successful candidate to Transfer Initiated status.

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Final Confirmation For HR Professionals

Final Confirmation For HR Professionals

Final Confirmation For HR Professionals. Internal Resourcing. Final Confirmation. 1. Final Confirmation. The HR Business Partner will perform conflict management with leaders Request the conflict management report by completing the Open Resourcing Transactions Request Form >  Request Report

257 views • 6 slides

Business Ethics for HR Professionals

Business Ethics for HR Professionals

Business Ethics for HR Professionals. Prepared by the SHRM Ethics Special Expertise Panel. © SHRM2012. “Ethics is learned by modeling, not by reading a bunch of books over the weekend.” -- John Bruhn Former Provost Penn State University - Harrisburg. Ethical Issues in Human Resources.

676 views • 31 slides

Developing Young HR Professionals

Developing Young HR Professionals

Developing Young HR Professionals. 45th Annual National Conference. Outline. The Young HR Professional Concept of Development & Relevance to HR Professionalism Professional Development Resources & Tools: Challenging the Status Quo?. Who is a Young HR Professional?.

258 views • 10 slides

Human Resources (HR) Tips for Non-HR Professionals

Human Resources (HR) Tips for Non-HR Professionals

Human Resources (HR) Tips for Non-HR Professionals. Top HR Issues for 2014. Your Breakout Session Presenter. Adam Morell Senior HR Manager Doherty | The Employment Experts Upper Midwest’s Largest HR Outsourcer. Presentation Agenda. Introductions HR Tip Topic: Ban The Box

1.62k views • 54 slides

Social Networking for HR Professionals

Social Networking for HR Professionals

Social Networking for HR Professionals. Online Social Networking. Originated in 1997 Development of Online Social Networking. Evolution of Social Networking. 1997 – 1999 Phase 1 of Online Social Networking. History of Social Networking. Evolution of Social Networking.

682 views • 40 slides

Consultancy for Job Seekers- Green HR Solution

Consultancy for Job Seekers- Green HR Solution

In India it’s like a trend that the one who is doing job he/she is generally not of the specialized field. This is the problem of many employees that they are not interested in their jobs. Placement agencies are these days acquiring lots of gratitude for the reason that day by day job searchers are growing.

168 views • 6 slides

Problematic Legislation on the Horizon for HR Professionals

Problematic Legislation on the Horizon for HR Professionals

Problematic Legislation on the Horizon for HR Professionals. Presented By: Craig Kwasniewski Ohio SHRM – Director, Governmental Affairs. Objectives. Federal Issues State Issues. Federal Issues. Health Care Reform 1099 Reporting Requirement Paycheck Fairness Act

333 views • 20 slides

All HR Get-Together An Update on ESUP for HR Professionals

All HR Get-Together An Update on ESUP for HR Professionals

All HR Get-Together An Update on ESUP for HR Professionals. August 7, 2014. Welcome. Kathy Brown Vice President for Human Resources. PMO Update & Looking Ahead. Dennis Wenzel Executive Program Director. It’s been a long road. Incredible amount of work

1.62k views • 140 slides

The Perfect Storm of Opportunity for HR Professionals

The Perfect Storm of Opportunity for HR Professionals

prepared especially for PWSHRM By Dalton Alliances, Inc. /franciedalton. The Perfect Storm of Opportunity for HR Professionals. Anticipating the Future: Updated.

465 views • 38 slides

Keys to Career Success for HR Professionals

Keys to Career Success for HR Professionals

Keys to Career Success for HR Professionals. Eileen Kirton. KWA Partners A Division of People First HR Services. Career Success Defined Self Assessment Career Development HR Career Decisions Job Shaping Elements of Work. Agenda. Definition of Career Success.

412 views • 22 slides

Accepting a Job Offer

Accepting a Job Offer

Accepting a Job Offer. Making an Informed Decision. Purposes of Workshop. discuss negotiation positions identify elements of an offer view sample decision matrix recognize ethics of offers. Congratulations! You’ve Got An Offer!!. Now Comes the Challenging Part.

585 views • 45 slides

Pathways Programs For HR Professionals

Pathways Programs For HR Professionals

Pathways Programs For HR Professionals. Prepared by Carol Scott USDA Pathways Programs Officer, Virtual University. INTRODUCTION AND BACKGROUND. Executive Order 13562 Creates the Pathways Programs Reforms the federal hiring process for students and recent graduates

446 views • 33 slides

What do HR professionals do

What do HR professionals do

Do you want to learn more about Human resources management ? Hire us at

195 views • 8 slides

HR Training Courses Professionals

HR Training Courses Professionals

HR Training Courses builds leaders who are skilled enough to handle the human resource of any organization.

230 views • 15 slides

Benefits of Video Conferencing for HR Professionals

Benefits of Video Conferencing for HR Professionals

If you are planning to avail the real benefits of a video conferencing, then there lies no better alternative than picking a genuine video conferencing provider.

30 views • 2 slides

HR recruiter job requirements

HR recruiter job requirements

If your looking for job in HR recruitment

11 views • 1 slides

Accepting a Job Offer

The slideshow presents all about accepting a Job offer

21 views • 2 slides

Negotiating a Job Offer

Negotiating a Job Offer

Negotiating a Job Offer. Tim Bralower Penn State University. Elements of an Offer. Nature of Position; Contract Timeline; Tenure Clock Salary (Usually 9 month) Teaching Load Start up Space. Nature of Position; Contract Timeline; Tenure Clock.

97 views • 7 slides

Disability and HR: Guidelines for Human Resource Professionals

Disability and HR: Guidelines for Human Resource Professionals

Disability and HR: Guidelines for Human Resource Professionals. Presented to CSX Transportation June 29, 2010 By: Nancy Hanisch-Boutot Agency for Persons with Disabilities [email protected]. Disability 101. ADA, reasonable accommodations, EEOC best practices

363 views • 36 slides

  • International edition
  • Australia edition
  • Europe edition

Deputy premier puts hand up for Victoria’s top job – as it happened

This blog is now closed

  • Daniel Andrews resigns as premier of Victoria
  • Daniel Andrews remoulded Victoria – but the wheels were beginning to wobble
  • Progress, protests and pooches: the highs and lows of Daniel Andrews’ nine years as premier
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  • 3d ago What we learned today, Tuesday 26 September
  • 3d ago Victorian deputy premier puts hand up for top job
  • 3d ago Victorian opposition leader says Andrews is resigning due to 'things falling apart'
  • 3d ago Victorian premier Daniel Andrews announces retirement
  • 3d ago Warren Mundine criticises Uluru statement
  • 3d ago Warren Mundine addresses National Press Club
  • 3d ago Commission finds Tasmanian government's response to child sexual abuse in institutions often inadequate
  • 3d ago Tasmanian government releases inquiry report on 'enormous harm' caused by institutional child sexual abuse
  • 3d ago Inquiry into leaked Michael Pezzullo texts 'an urgent matter', PM says
  • 3d ago Qatar tried to meet with Australian government about blocked flights, inquiry hears
  • 3d ago NSW approves 60-day short-term holiday rental cap in Byron Bay amid housing stress
  • 3d ago Female doctors expose 'boys' club culture' in Australian hospitals
  • 3d ago Brisbane's grand final fever mounts as Lachie Neale wins Brownlow
  • 3d ago Qantas chairman faces calls to resign amid inquiry
  • 3d ago Airline industry inquiry back in action
  • 3d ago Chalmers warns on cost of climate change
  • 3d ago Welcome

Victorian deputy premier puts hand up for top job

Adeshola Ore

Victorian deputy premier, Jacinta Allan , has confirmed she will nominate to replace Daniel Andrews as Labor and state leader.

Andrews on Tuesday announced his resignation as Victorian premier after almost nine years leading the state. He will officially step down from politics at 5pm on Wednesday. The state’s Labor caucus will meet on Wednesday afternoon to elect a new leader.

Allan, who has been widely expected to succeed Andrews, confirmed on Twitter she would run for premier.

Congratulations Premier. An unparalleled legacy that has changed our state forever & for the better. Thank you for your leadership & your friendship. I will be putting myself forward to lead our party & continue the extraordinary work of our Labor government. — Jacinta Allan (@JacintaAllanMP) September 26, 2023

What we learned today, Tuesday 26 September

We will wrap up the blog here on one of the biggest news days in a while. Here’s the recap:

The Victorian premier, Daniel Andrews , announced his resignation as premier and from parliament effective 5pm on Wednesday , after nine years in the job, saying it is time.

Labor caucus will decide his replacement on Wednesday. Andrews’ deputy, Jacinta Allan, is currently the favourite to replace him.

His supporters and detractors have both said that his legacy will be marked by the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, while supporters say his legacy will be the infrastructure spend in the state including level crossing removals.

The opposition leader, John Pesutto , said Andrews is going as things in the state are falling apart .

No campaigner Warren Mundine claimed the Uluru statement from the heart amounted to a declaration of war against modern Australia . Yes campaigners criticised the comments, with Yes23 campaign director, Dean Parkin saying the statement is a declaration of aspiration and hope .

The commission investigating the Tasmanian government’s response to child sexual abuse in institutions released its report and found the response was too often inadequate .

The Tasmanian premier, Jeremy Rockliff said institutional child sexual abuse has caused “enormous harm to many, many Tasmanians” . He thanked victim survivors for their strength and courage in speaking to the commission, in hopes the abuse and injustice they suffered “never happens again”.

The prime minister, Anthony Albanese , says an Australian Public Service Commission investigation into the home affairs secretary, Michael Pezzullo , over leaked texts between the secretary and a Liberal powerbroker will be urgent .

New South Wales has agreed to a 60-day per year cap on short-term rentals in Byron Bay on the north coast of the state, down from 180 days, amid housing shortages.

We will be back with you again tomorrow as the new premier of Victoria is decided. Until then, enjoy your evening.

Here’s the video of the Dan Andrews press conference where he announced his resignation as the premier of Victoria.

Elias Visontay

Qantas pilots to take industrial action

Qantas pilots who fly for regional carrier Qantas Link , fly in fly out (Fifo) routes and other charter services have voted to take industrial action as they negotiate a new pay deal, amid complaints of an “inflexible wages policy instituted” by former CEO Alan Joyce .

The Australian Federation of Air Pilots (Afap) , which represents pilots employed by Eastern Australia Airlines, Sunstate Airlines and Network Aviation – subsidiaries of Qantas Group based in New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia respectively – said its members overwhelmingly voted approve the taking of a range of legally protected industrial action that include a number of “ work bans and, potentially, work stoppages”.

Afap pilots for the subsidiaries operate Qantas Link services that also fly to Victoria and South Australia, as well as internally in the states they are based in. Union membership among the three subsidiaries is above 85%.

The Guardian understands many pilots at the Qantas subsidiaries are on base award rates, earning what entry level pilots could expect despite greater performance expectations.

AFAP senior industrial officer Chris Aikens said:

Network pilots are paid significantly lower than pilots at comparable airlines. The Afap has been genuinely negotiating and trying to reach an agreement with Qantas management but the company remains unwilling to revisit its inflexible wages policy instituted under the former CEO.

APS commissioner releases statement on referral of Pezzullo

The Australian Public Service commissioner, Gordon de Brouwer , has issued the following statement about the referral by the home affairs minister, Clare O’Neil , about the text messages released between the home affairs secretary, Michael Pezzullo , and a Liberal powerbroker:

The Australian Public Service commissioner received a referral from minister for home affairs, the Hon Clare O’Neil MP, after concerns were raised about secretary of the department of home affairs, Mr Michael Pezzullo AO. The Australian Public Service commission takes these referrals seriously. Mr Pezzullo has stood aside while an investigation is being conducted. Ms Stephanie Foster PSM will act as the secretary of the Department of Home Affairs during this period. The commissioner has appointed Ms Lynelle Briggs AO to lead an independent inquiry into the concerns. The commissioner holds powers under sections 41(2)(m) and 41A to undertake inquiries into alleged breaches of the code of conduct by agency heads. Under the Public Service Act, the commissioner can delegate these powers to a former senior official. It is not appropriate to provide further commentary that pre-empts any processes.

Sarah Basford Canales

Bushfire summit simulated potential disaster scenarios

National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) Coordinator-General Brendan Moon speaks at a press conference ahead of the National Bushfire Preparedness Summit.

On Wednesday, the summit’s attendees wargamed a number of scenarios that put the system to the test this summer.

One scenario included bushfires concurrently occurring in Queensland, New South Wales, and Tasmania while heat waves hit South Australia and Western Australia. Another tested responses to a scenario where a cyclone impacts an area directly after bushfires and heatwaves.

Moon said agencies would now go back and try to fix any gaps found during the testing.

Importantly, this summit is about connections. And it’s important because we’ve got all these different sectors in the room with our emergency management professionals.

National bushfire summit concludes

The national bushfire preparedness summit has wrapped up this afternoon after two full days in Canberra.

More than 200 emergency management and response leaders and first-responders from governments, industry, community and the not-for-profit sector gathered to share notes and plan for the upcoming bushfire season.

The Bureau of Meteorology declared this month that the country, and in particular the eastern states, will experience a hot and dry summer , heightening the chance of severe bushfires.

But the emergency management minister, Murray Watt , kicked off the summit on Monday, saying Australia is “much better prepared for this coming season than we were heading into [2019-20’s] black summer”.

The prime minister, Anthony Albanese , on Tuesday thanked firefighting and disaster response agencies for their work in “preparing Australia for the very worst”. Meanwhile, the director general of the National Emergency Management Agency, Brendan Moon, told Guardian Australia on Tuesday morning:

Significantly, the 2019 black summer bushfires were an important trigger for us in terms of how we needed to evolve our arrangements. Every year, we get taught new lessons about how we can evolve our system to better handle those threats, better support our communities and also keeping them safe.

Victoria health department warns of measles exposure site in South Bank

The Victorian health department has said there has been a new case of the measles identified in the state.

The case was recorded in an overseas returned traveller, and the one exposure site is at Woolworths Melbourne Square in South Bank on 20 September between 5pm and 7pm.

Victoria’s chief health officer, Dr Clare Looker , said:

We recommend that people who were at the exposure site monitor for symptoms and seek medical attention if they become unwell. Recent Victorian cases of measles have been identified in people who are not fully immunised against measles and who have travelled overseas or been in contact with returned overseas travellers. Measles is rare in Australia, thanks to widespread vaccination rates. People who are planning to travel overseas should ensure they have received appropriate vaccinations, including [the] MMR vaccine if they don’t have a history of two previous MMR vaccinations.

NSW Health is warning high-dose MDMA ecstasy tablets are currently in circulation that contain four times the average dose of other tablets in recent circulation.

NSW Health is warning the public of a high-dose MDMA tablet (ecstasy), found to contain more than four times the average dose of other MDMA tablets in recent circulation. The tablet is pink-orange in colour and a square shape, with a ‘GUCCI’ logo and wording imprinted on it. — NSW Health (@NSWHealth) September 26, 2023

Multiple health groups call on Victorian government to open supervised injecting room in Melbourne CBD after overdoses

Health leaders have penned an open letter pleading for the urgent opening of a supervised injecting room in Melbourne’s CBD after “countless” overdoses, AAP reports.

In the letter addressed to Daniel Andrews and published before he announced his resignation as premier on Tuesday, the leaders called on him to deliver on his 2020 promise to establish Victoria’s second overdose prevention service.

The plan for the CBD-based room remains in limbo after a Salvation Army hub on Bourke Street was flagged as a potential site in July.

“Since your announcement more than three years ago, unsafe injecting continues on the streets of Melbourne and drug harms in the City of Melbourne have worsened,” the letter said.

The letter was signed by leaders of organisations including the Australian Medical Association , the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and the not-for-profit Cohealth .

“In the last three years, more than 40 people have lost their lives to drug overdoses in the CBD, and countless others have suffered non-fatal overdoses in city streets,” the letter said. “There have been more than a thousand heroin-related ambulance callouts in the CBD.”

As Elias flagged, here’s the line up for the Qatar hearing tomorrow from the chair of the committee, Nationals senator Briget McKenzie .

Hearing program for Wednesday 27th September 👇🏻 — Senator The Hon. Bridget McKenzie (@senbmckenzie) September 26, 2023
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  • Jim Chalmers (Australian politician)

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Deo offers presentation.

ISHPEMING — Jack Deo of Views of the Past will present a program, Historic Ishpeming: A Photographic Tour, in the Children’s Room of the Ishpeming Carnegie Public Library at 1:30 p.m. Saturday.

The Friends of the Library contacted Deo about doing this program to help celebrate Ishpeming’s 150 years as a city.

Deo’s historical photographic collection began with the acquisition of the original negatives from the famous Childs Art Gallery of Ishpeming. This studio was founded in the 1860s by Brainard F. Childs, the premier photo artist of the Upper Peninsula. His stereoscopic series, The Gems of Lake Superior, captured the beauty and history of the Lake Superior Region. For three generations this historic studio captured every aspect of life in the North country

Light refreshments will be served after the program.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Superiorland Yesterdays is prepared by the reference staff at the Peter White Public Library in ...

Protolab sets grand opening

MARQUETTE — The Innovate Marquette protolab will hold a grand opening from 5 to 7 p.m. Tuesday on the lower level ...

offer presentation job

DNR stocks more than a million fish this year

Karl’s korner.

September 2023 will end well above average. There was record warmth around Labor Day, a cool surge mid-month, and ...

Messiah Lutheran offers meal

MARQUETTE — On Wednesday, Messiah Lutheran Church in Marquette will be serving a free meal in Magnuson Hall. It ...

Sunday bingo at Ishpeming VFW

ISHPEMING — The Ishpeming VFW will be having bingo Sunday. There will be regular games and also a “Hot ...

Starting at $4.62/week.

Rollstack automatically syncs data to reports and presentations

offer presentation job

Most white collar jobs involve creating presentations. And this can be a time-consuming, laborious process. Presentations include data points, and ensuring that these data points remain accurate and up to date is a challenging task in its own right.

A study from Coveo , in fact, has found that the stress and hassle of locating the right information in workplaces is causing employee burnout. Employees report spending nearly four hours each day searching for info; over 31% of those surveyed said the frustration of being unable to find information made them feel burned out.

To help ease the burden — at least on the data points front — Nabil Jallouli, Bahir Saad and Younes Jallouli co-founded Rollstack , a platform that automatically updates the metrics and figures in slide decks, reports and documents. A member of Y Combinator’s Winter 2023 cohort, Rollstack has raised $1.8 million in seed funding from investors including Y Combinator, UpHonest Capital, Kima Ventures, Monte Carlo Capital and Roosh Ventures.

“Recurring reporting isn’t just a task — it’s a cornerstone of teams’ decision-making processes,” Nabil told TechCrunch in an email interview. “Teams operate in a constant cycle of data extraction, synthesis and presentation, both for internal strategizing and external communications. Traditionally, this workflow has been labor-intensive, but Rollstack is specifically designed for these challenges.”


Image Credits: Rollstack

Prior to founding Rollstack, Nabil led data, strategy and revenue operations teams at Pinterest, Deel and Groupon. Bahir was a software and DevOps engineer at cashierless checkout startup AiFi, while Younes held various engineering and product positions at Tesla.

With Rollstack, Nabil, Bahir and Younes sought to create a tool that allows teams to automatically update their presentations using data sources like Tableau, Salesforce and Looker. Rollstack lets users connect to data sources – including business intelligence tools, customer relationship management (CRM) platforms and databases — and set up scheduled data and visualization refreshes for presentations and reports created with Google Slides, PowerPoint, Google Docs, Word or Notion.

Rollstack takes care of refreshing the data where it’s presented and saves formatting and visualization preferences for future use. In addition, it allows users to create new versions of the same deck programmatically, and implement version control to roll back to historical data snapshots (e.g. data from a previous fiscal year).

“These automations allow employees to concentrate on their core tasks like analysis, strategy or selling, rather than the tedious process of generating data reports,” Nabil said.

Rollstack has competition in Coefficient , which lets users create, share and automate live reports, set up alerts and write data back to connected software-as-a-service (SaaS) tools. Actiondesk similarly connects with databases, CRMs and SaaS tools to feed live data into Excel and Google Sheets spreadsheets. But Nabil points out that Rollstack supports a wide range of document types — wider than most of its rivals, he asserts.

Rollstack claims that its customer base is growing by 50% every month and includes companies ranging from startups to “large publicly-listed firms.” Nabil wouldn’t disclose revenue — or burn rate. But he said that Rollstack plans to double the size of its seven-person team by the end of Q1 2024.

“Manual work is Rollstack’s primary competitor,” he added. “With the team’s expertise in the field, Rollstack is well positioned to leverage AI to further enhance its clients’ efficiency. The focus remains on delivering real value and impact to its users — rather than just following trends.”

United Airlines to give conditional job offers to active-duty military pilots

FILE PHOTO: Pilots from United Airlines take part in an informational picket at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark

The One World trace Center and the New York skyline are seen while United Airlines planes use the tarmac at Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey, U.S., May 12, 2023. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz/File Photo Acquire Licensing Rights

Sept 28 (Reuters) - United Airlines (UAL.O) said on Thursday it will give conditional job offers to active-duty U.S. military pilots to join the airline as a first officer once they complete service.

The plan comes at a time when several U.S. airlines have been grappling with challenges in recruiting enough trained pilots and crew members as they aim to capitalize on the strong surge in international travel demand following the pandemic.

United Airlines has more than 16,000 pilots at present, including over 3,000 who have served or currently serve in the United States Armed Forces.

Military pilots applying to join the carrier would not need an airline transport pilot certificate at the time of application, but can obtain it before joining.

United hired more than 4,000 new pilots in the past 24 months and expects to add over 10,000 this decade, according to the company.

Reporting by Shivansh Tiwary in Bengaluru; Editing by Shounak Dasgupta

私たちの行動規範: トムソン・ロイター「信頼の原則」

The Citigroup Inc logo is seen at the SIBOS banking and financial conference in Toronto

Citi warns UK staff of cuts as hundreds of roles could be affected

LSEG Workspace

More from Reuters

GSMA's 2023 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona

Cellnex sells stake in units in Sweden, Denmark for $772 million to Stonepeak

Spanish mobile phone tower operator Cellnex said on Friday it sold a 49% stake in its Swedish and Danish units to infrastructure investor Stonepeak for 730 million euros ($772.49 million) as part of efforts to reduce its debt.

An over 1,000-carat uncut stone by Lucara Diamond during a press availability in New York

Botswana reassessing HB Antwerp deal after Lucara Diamond cuts ties

China's domestically built C919 plane makes maiden commercial flight in Shanghai

China Eastern Airlines to buy 100 C919 planes, aircraft's largest ever order

A flock of goats gather under a set of power lines above Diablo Canyon nuclear power plant at Avila ...

Nuclear-hydrogen 'marriage' has potential, US energy loans chief says

A Boeing 878-9 Dreamliner, Saudi Arabi's newly launched airline Riyadh Air's plane arrives at the King Khaled International Airport in Riyadh

Riyadh Air CEO points to progress with narrow-body jets order

Education | FRCC offers no-cost job training programs…

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  • Boulder Area
  • University of Colorado
  • Business Spotlight
  • Science & Environment


Education | frcc offers no-cost job training programs through state initiatives.

Abi Leonard, right, draws blood from fellow student May Davis, left, during a phlebotomy class at Front Range Community College in Longmont on Tuesday. Thirty of FRCC’s degree and certificate programs are available at no cost thanks to Colorado’s Career Advance and Care Forward initiatives. (Matthew Jonas/Staff Photographer)

Vithal Arya, who graduated from Niwot High School in May, took his first step in fulfilling his dream of becoming a firefighter by enrolling in a Front Range Community College emergency medical technician, or EMT, certificate program.

As an added bonus, tuition for his program at the Boulder County campus in Longmont is covered through a state initiative that seeks to fill job shortages, including those in early childhood education, health care, forestry, firefighting and construction.

“It’s free,” Arya said. “To get all the requirements done to be a fireman, why not take this opportunity? It’s a good field. If you stick to it, it sets you up for life.”

Among its three campuses, Front Range Community College is offering 30 degree and certificate programs at no cost through two state initiatives.

The Career Advance initiative was created by a bill , signed into law in May, that dedicates $38.6 million to cover tuition, fees, course materials and other costs for training programs in high priority areas.

Last year, the Legislature also approved the Care Forward Colorado initiative, which dedicated $26 million in state pandemic recovery dollars to train health care workers, including through emergency medical technician certificate programs.

Front Range Community College’s eligible programs are in early childhood and elementary education; forestry and wildland firefighting; health care, nursing and emergency medical services; heating, ventilation and air conditioning; and wellness and massage.

Almost 1,000 Front Range students have already received Care Forward funding over the last year, while more than 1,500 are enrolled this semester in the college’s no-cost programs through both Career Advance and Care Forward.

Rebecca Woulfe, Front Range’s vice president of academic affairs, said the no-cost programs can help Colorado businesses that have been unable to hire enough workers while supporting students.

“We’re expanding our courses to meet the greater demand we’re seeing, especially in early childhood education,” she said. “As a community, we are in such need of some of these entry level positions. It’s an incentive for students not to have to pay for tuition and books. They can get training without leaving school with a ton of debt.”

Front Range expects to receive about $12 million for its students in its no-cost programs. Students in the no-cost programs are required to first apply for financial aid. What’s not covered by financial aid is then covered by the state. Front Range doesn’t require an application fee, tests or essays. There’s also no admission deadline.

Abi Leonard, who is in her second semester at Front Range, is taking a phlebotomy class with the tuition covered by the state. She said she’s still figuring out what she wants to do as a career, but is interested in the medical field.

“Phlebotomy was an easy way to start working in a hospital and talking to nurses and medical assistants,” she said. “I wanted to get a hands-on experience of what it could be like. I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed it.”

Once she earns her phlebotomy certificate, she said, she’s planning to take a semester off to work, then go back to school for nursing or medical technology.

Dante Orozco, who graduated from Niwot High in May, enrolled in Front Range’s EMT program because it offers a direct path to a job. Finding out he didn’t have to pay tuition, he said, was an added bonus.

“The EMT program at Front Range was perfect,” he said. “In a little under a year, I could be an EMT and get out into the field. It’s a great career path.”

Orozco, who works part time as a lifeguard and rowing coach, said starting a career without college debt also is “very helpful.”

“Saving any money where I can is definitely a goal,” he said.

He said he chose the EMT program because he was interested in health care and wanted to be able to help in an emergency.

“It’s always been really important to me that I know how to take care of my family and friends,” he said. “I don’t want to be the one freaking out. I want to know that, when I’m with my family, they are safe. I can make a difference.”

For Arya, his interest in firefighting stems from a friend who works as a firefighter paramedic.

“He’s a good role model,” he said. “I want to be like him and pursue this field. I like civic duty and having a role in society to protect and serve is also something that intrigues me.”

He said he’s been impressed with his Front Range instructors, who are all firefighters and paramedics.

“They know what is expected, and they know what to teach us to enter the field,” he said. “All they care about is our success. It’s not just a physical job, but a mental one. They have refused to sugarcoat anything. We truly, truly learn a lot. It’s great.”

More in Education

St. Vrain Valley is inviting parents, teachers, staff members and community members to join Superintendent Don Haddad for a superintendent town hall meeting.

Education | SVVSD hosts superintendent town hall meetings

St. Vrain Schools invites the community to watch performances from high school bands across the district at its annual Band Night at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

Education | SVVSD hosts high school band night

The Boulder Valley School District is offering a new, one-stop shop for students and families to learn more about what schools and the district have to offer.

Education | BVSD hosts showcase to present schools’ offerings to students, families

The Boulder Valley school board heard an update Tuesday on the district's work to provide resources to help teachers move to using a common instructional model.  


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