29 easy ways to make money writing online in 2023

writing online articles for money

Good news: there are a LOT of different options when it comes to paid online writing. No matter your interests or areas of expertise, if you’re ready to bring in some extra cash, opportunities are waiting for you.

Whether you want to write an occasional article for extra spending money or dedicate your free time to running a blog so you can one day quit your day job and become a freelance writer for hire , we’ll show you 30 easy ways to make money writing online in 2023 and everything you need to know to get paid for your writing skills.

1. Start a blog

Blogging is a tried-and-true method for writers to make money online. You may be wondering if it’s still possible for new bloggers to make money with all the established blogs already online, and the answer is YES.

Blogging requires dedication and consistency, and it will also take some time for your blog to gain momentum before you see much income, but it is absolutely possible.

The first step to starting a blog is picking your niche. This is the topic you’ll write about. It’s good to get specific here; there are many blogs on the internet, so if you can provide a unique perspective, your readers are more likely to stick around.

Next, you’ll need to pick your domain, design your blog, and get it all set up. There are a ton of great resources out there to help you with this (just remember you get what you pay for: while there are free blog hosting sites and free templates, top bloggers agree that you’ll need to spend a little money upfront if you want to make money writing in the long run).

Once you’ve got your blog established, remember to post regularly, promote your posts on social media, and engage with your readers. No blog has ever been an overnight success, but you can make good money from blogging with a little time and consistency.

2. Create blog posts (for others)

If you’re not quite ready to start your own blog, you can always dip your toes in the water by guest blogging. Many bloggers hire other bloggers to create content, and a lot of companies will hire freelance writers to contribute to the blog section of their website.

If you decide to go this route, make sure to do your research beforehand. Familiarize yourself with the blog you’re writing for, so you can match the tone and blend in with the existing content.

Bloggers who publish daily get 57% better results than those who publish multiple times per week. - Semrush

3. Establish a niche website

If you have an interest or expertise in a particular niche, you can start a website dedicated to it. This gives you all the creative control of running your own blog without the pressure of regular posting. (Although you will need to update your website regularly to keep it fresh and make sure it reaches full potential.)

4. Self-Publish a book

There are self-publishing options for every type of book, from short instructional guides to romance novels to nonfiction tomes. If you’ve written a book and you’re unsure what your next step should be, why not consider self-publishing?

Publishing your own book is an incredibly rewarding experience, as you have control over every step of the process. This can be a double-edged sword, however. After starting down the path to self-publication, many authors realize that while they love writing, they don’t love obsessing over font and margin options or negotiating with cover artists.

And even if you use a free service, such as Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing , you’ll need to spend money on editing, cover design, marketing, and advertising.

The hope is that you would make that money back from your book sales, but there are no guarantees. But if you play your cards right, it’s possible to turn a profit from your self-published book.

5. Create affiliate content

Ever notice how almost every food blogger includes Amazon links to their favorite ingredients and cookware? Or maybe you found an article on Pinterest listing an outdoor enthusiast’s essential camping gear.

These are both examples of affiliate content, where you (the affiliate) partner with a company to drive traffic to their website and earn commissions on any resulting sales. Affiliate marketing content is an excellent way to generate passive income on your blog or website.

It takes a little strategizing, but once you develop a plan and implement your affiliate content, you can make money while you sleep .

6. Write scripts for video creators

If you understand scriptwriting’s technicalities, you can bring in money by partnering with a video creator. It’s pretty common for video creators to have great screen presence—but not-so-great writing skills, so there are plenty of gigs to be had in this field.

Video content is exploding in popularity, so now is a great time to get your foot in the door and add some script-writing experience to your resume. These gigs are often posted on job boards , and you can also take the initiative and reach out to some content creators whose work you enjoy to see if they could use a hand with scriptwriting.

"60% of businesses use video as a marketing tool." - Biteable

7. Write show notes for podcasts

Show notes are a written online resource for podcast listeners that accompany each episode of a podcast. Every podcast approaches show notes a little differently, but typically, they are brief, easy-to-scan episode summaries that often include additional relevant resources. You can find work writing show notes on job boards, or send cold pitches out to podcasters you would like to work with as a freelance writer.

8. Create written content for social media

writing online articles for money

Large companies typically have a marketer (or a team of them) dedicated to keeping their social media running smoothly. But smaller businesses often can’t hire a full-time employee to manage their social media presence. Freelancers are the ideal solution, and are a win-win for everyone.

Think about your favorite local ice cream parlor, gift shop, or espresso stand, and do a little digging into their social media presence. If you notice that they haven’t posted anything in months or that they struggle with creating high-quality, engaging content, then you just found an excellent opportunity to pitch your writing services.

There’s no need to bash them or focus too much on their social media mistakes , but you can start a polite and friendly conversation where you mention that you noticed room for improvement. Try to emphasize what they stand to gain from working with you and how much potential you see in their social media presence.

Before you pitch your social media writing services, make sure you do your research on fair pricing and know which services you want to offer at what rates. If a business owner shows interest in working with you, the last thing you want to do is keep them waiting while you iron out details you could already have had in place.

9. Produce content for local businesses

While you’re talking to small, local business owners about their social media content, don’t forget the other services you can provide as well.

Maybe a local business could use your help with the occasional blog post, copy for their website, or informational materials like brochures and pamphlets. If you need a list of local businesses, consider joining your local chamber of commerce. Their events can be an effective way to network with other local business owners.

10. Submit magazine articles

Do you have a juicy story from your personal life that your friends love hearing over and over again, or a political perspective that incites the “mind-blown” emoji from every person you share it with? Write it down and turn it into a magazine article to make money.

The magazine industry may not be as prominent as it once was, but it is still going strong , and plenty of freelance writers are getting paid to write magazine articles. Some magazines pay upwards of $500 per article.

Do a little research to find the magazines that would be the best fit for your article, and make sure they haven’t published anything too similar in the recent past.

This is also a good time to find the magazine’s submission guidelines—make sure you follow their instructions carefully, so you have a better chance of getting accepted.

11. Create an information product

If you’re an expert at something, you can monetize that knowledge by creating and selling informational products. This can be an ebook, a video, a short PDF, or any electronic format sharing your insights. Don’t be afraid to get creative here!

Online information products are an excellent way to generate revenue because there are little to no overhead costs involved. You don’t need to worry about packing and shipping a physical product, nor do you need to be involved in the transactions once you handle the initial logistics of making your product available.

The most important thing is to make sure you’re providing a high-quality product with valuable tips and tricks that your customers won’t be able to find elsewhere. If your customers love what they learn from you, they’re much more likely to pay for other products you offer and recommend your business to their friends.

12. Ghostwrite online content

Want to know a secret?

When you see a byline on an online article or blog post, there’s a pretty good chance that the named author didn’t actually write that content. Ghostwriting is not just for celebrity autobiographies; a lot of blogs and websites hire ghostwriters, too.

If you’re okay with taking home the paycheck but not seeing your name on the byline, seek out ghostwriting gigs. These jobs often command rates of 30% to 50% more than bylined work because they aren’t pieces you can add to your portfolio or claim responsibility for.

13. Write video game guidebooks

Streaming your gameplay isn’t the only way for gamers to make money online. If you know a video game inside and out, consider writing a guidebook for it and selling it as a PDF.

If you don’t want to handle the logistics of selling your own product, you can always write freelance articles and guides for video game websites and magazines.

"In 2019, the gaming industry has generated total revenue of $151.9 billion." - Review42

14. Create destination guides

Whether you love to travel or are the go-to person for the best spots to visit in your hometown, you can turn your knowledge into a profitable destination guide. This can be an extensive information product that you sell on your blog or website, or you can pitch it to a travel magazine or blog accepting these types of publications.

15. Write poetry

Poetry may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about making money writing online, but it’s possible to turn a profit off of your poems. There are several places you can submit your poetry online for publication, and if your piece is selected, you’ll get a paycheck on top of bragging rights. Here are some of the top-paying online poetry publishers:

  • The Sun Magazine : Pays $100-$250
  • Poetry Foundation : Pays $300+
  • Boulevard Magazine : Pays $50-$250
  • Crazyhorse : Pays $20-$200
  • EPOCH : Pays a minimum of $50 per poem

16. Transcribe documents

Transcribing is flexible work that can pay very well once you have some quality pieces in your portfolio. High-paying transcription jobs often require experience, special equipment, and specialized medical or legal knowledge.

But don’t let that discourage you if you think you’d enjoy the work. You can quickly get your foot in the door by taking on a few simple, lower-paying gigs. Check out these reputable transcribing sites to learn more:

  • TranscribeMe

17. Write personal essays

writing online articles for money

If you have interesting life stories, the world wants to hear them. Lots of websites pay you for the right to publish your personal essays. Further below, you’ll find some publications to pitch.

You could also turn your essays into a blog or website, although you should be very strategic if you decide to go this route; blogs dedicated to niches tend to perform exceptionally well, while personal perspective blogs do not.

18. Create greeting card sayings

Someone has to write the sayings and poems on greeting cards. Frequently, that someone is a freelance writer. If you think you have what it takes to create a best-selling greeting card, these companies that pay for greeting card verse submissions:

  • Oatmeal Studios
  • Blue Mountain Arts

19. Write product descriptions

Some companies pay quite well to ensure that the product descriptions on their websites are clear and informative. Look for these gigs on job boards or pitch the company yourself. There are even websites you can join, such as Crowd Content , that pay you to write product descriptions for their clients. You can also find possible clients for this on sites like Upwork .

20. Start copywriting

Copywriting can refer to any writing that is specifically used for promotion and marketing. This can include content on websites, video scripts, blog posts, emails—you name it.

Businesses use copy to promote a product or service and drive the reader to action. Some companies hire freelance copywriters, some hire copywriters from marketing agencies that work with multiple companies, and some have staff copywriters. You can find copywriting work on job boards of all kinds, including Indeed and Zip Recruiter.

21. Create email sequences

An email sequence is a series of automated emails sent from a business to its clients at different sales cycle stages. Companies also send out email sequences when someone takes a specific action (or lack of action), such as clicking a link in an email or leaving an e-commerce site with items still in the shopping cart.

If you have a strong understanding of email marketing tactics, you can work with any company to create or improve their email sequences. Since more companies are getting into email marketing , there is plenty of opportunities to make money writing here.

Nearly 90% of marketers use email marketing to distribute content organically. - Content Marketing Institute

22. Write technical manuals

Technical writing is a lucrative field because it requires extensive knowledge of the industry you’re writing for. Technical writers need to know how to take complex information and break it down into simple, easy-to-understand messages.

23. Post on a revenue sharing site

Revenue sharing sites host your content and give you a percentage of the ad revenue generated from the page in exchange. This can be a great way to gain experience writing online , since you don’t have to worry about setting up your own website or driving traffic—although you should do everything you can to market your work and encourage people to read your work on revenue sharing sites.

Here are some examples of revenue sharing sites where you can get paid to write articles:

24. Enter a writing contest

Keep an eye out for writing contests, and throw your hat in the ring when you can. This one is a bit of a gamble because only the winners get paid, but it could well be worthwhile.

Some contests pay their winners surprisingly well, and winning can also be a great way to gain exposure as a writer. So if you have the time, why not give it a shot?

Here are a few reputable contests to get you started:

  • Reedsy lists over 100 writing contests
  • Biopage’s Storytelling Contest pays $100 to $300 for winning short stories.

25. Write resumes

If you have a knack for creating effective resumes, you can find freelance work writing resumes for job hunters. Check job boards for resume writing gigs, and spread the word through social media that you are accepting clients for resume makeovers.

As a similar way to get paid to write, you can also specialize in LinkedIn profiles. Many professionals are willing to pay for an optimized profile that can help them land work.

26. Write and sell songs

Do you love writing music? You can sell your songwriting services online with the help of these websites:

  • Nashville Songwriters Association

27. Review books

Calling all readers! Did you know you can get paid to review books? If you can read quickly and write engaging, objective reviews, this could be an excellent way to earn some extra money.

Here are some companies that accept applications for book reviewers:

  • Reedsy Discovery
  • Online Book Club

28. Do SEO writing

SEO writers are some of the best-paid freelance writers because they provide the most value to their clients. These specialized writers know plenty of SEO tips, including researching keywords and integrating them into websites to make them rank higher in search results.

Semrush lists seven SEO Certification courses that you can take if you want to learn more about SEO, some of which are free.

29. Write sponsored content

If you have a blog, writing sponsored content is a no-brainer. Simply put, sponsored content is anything that a company pays you to write and publish on your blog.

There are tons of options for companies you can work with, and some creative ways to write sponsored content that doesn’t feel like advertising. Check out these trusted sponsored post networks you can join to find paid blogging opportunities:

  • Blog Meets Brand

How can you find paid writing opportunities online?

writing online articles for money

There are several ways to find legitimate opportunities to make money writing online. The links provided in the above examples are an excellent start, and we have even more ideas for you below.

Cold pitching companies you want to work for

As a freelance writer, one of the most critical skills for you to develop is learning how to cold pitch your services. This is where you send unsolicited emails to companies or individuals to offer your writing services.

Since the people you’re approaching didn’t ask for your help, it’s normal to get many nos. But there’s also a chance that the business does need your services, and you’ll never know unless you ask.

Searching online job boards

Online job boards are a great resource for finding any work, freelance writing gigs included. Here are a few of our favorite reputable job boards. You’ll find some free ones and others that you’ll need to pay to access:

  • Freelancing Females
  • Freelance Writers Den
  • Blogging Pro

Pitching bloggers who accept guest posts

When you’re looking at blogs, take note of the ones that include guest blogging articles. Use your cold pitching skills and email the author to offer your guest writing services.

Bloggers are typically very busy people, and they’re often grateful for the opportunity to outsource some of their work. Not all bloggers can afford to pay their guest bloggers, so it’s up to you if you want to accept free work or not.

Sometimes the new connection and link to a published article that you can add to your portfolio are worth it, but only you can decide.

Searching on social media

It’s becoming more common for companies to turn to social media to find writers to hire. The next time you’re scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, take a moment to check out these hashtags:

  • #needwriters
  • #hiringwriters
  • #writerswanted
  • #writersneeded
  • #bloggerswanted

Then read through the listings and see what catches your interest. You can often find opportunities in a variety of niches this way.

Submitting queries to publications

If there’s a magazine or website you love, check and see if they accept submissions from freelance writers. See further below for tips on finding a publication to pitch.

Networking with other freelance writers

Keeping in touch with your writer acquaintances is always a good idea. Don’t be afraid to mention that you’re always looking for new writing jobs—the next time they get an offer that they’re too busy for, they may just pass your name along.

You can connect with other writers on social media or at in-person events. Work on keeping your working relationship positive, and you never know when you’ll see a referral coming your way.

Pro tip:Search for freelance writer groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social platforms.

Posting on social media

If you don’t already have social media accounts strictly dedicated to your writing business, don’t waste any time in getting them established. Social media is a fantastic resource to find paid writing opportunities; the occasional post announcing that you’re accepting new clients can do wonders for your business. Don’t forget to encourage your followers to share your posts. Someone in your network may know someone who is searching for a writer.

Creating a website to share your services

Setting up a website to help advertise your writing services is a great way to appear more professional to prospective clients. You can share a link to your website whenever you apply for a gig or cold pitch your services.

Here are some essential elements to include:

  • Your resume
  • A professional photo of yourself
  • Links to any published writings of your own
  • Sample articles
  • A list of services you provide
  • Testimonials from past clients
  • Your contact information or even a contact form so potential clients can email you directly from your site

Searching on Craigslist in major cities

Craigslist often has paid writing opportunities, so don’t overlook this resource. Remember to search other locations outside of your own city, too. Check the listings for major metropolitan areas, where people post the majority of jobs. Here are five cities you should check regularly:

  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco

Another tip to help you find assignments on this website - writing jobs on Craigslist are sometimes posted under “Gigs” and sometimes under “Jobs,” so be sure to check both sections.

Asking past freelance writing clients if they have more work for you

As mentioned earlier, networking is essential. Keeping in touch with your past clients is equally important. There’s no need to hound them, but don’t be afraid to check in periodically and see if there’s anything else they need help with.

Where can you submit your writing online for money?

writing online articles for money

When deciding where to submit your writing, you want to make sure that the publication will pay its authors and that it fits well with your preferred writing style. Here are a few possibilities for you to check out, organized by niche.

If you prefer writing personal essays, you’re in luck. Here are five sites that might pay you for your essays:

The Bold Italic

Can you write a personal essay about the spirit of San Francisco that will make readers laugh or cry? If yes, submit it to The Bold Italic . The editors will review it and make a decision. If it’s published, you’ll get $50.

Buzzfeed Reader

If you want your personal essay to be read by the masses, you’ve got to pitch the editors over at Buzzfeed Reader . It pays competitive rates for essays about nearly any fresh idea.

The LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco pays for dynamic personal essays written by blind or visually impaired writers. It will occasionally publish pieces written by writers outside of this category. The editors enjoy working collaboratively with you on the piece, and pay $100 upon publication.

If you can write a unique personal essay with a strong voice, the editors at Dame want you to send a pitch. A published essay will earn you about $150, though you’ll finalize payment details throughout the submission process.

Business, career, and finance

The penny hoarder.

This popular website is a great place to pitch if you have a laid-back writing style and unique tips about earning or saving money. The Penny Hoarder gives detailed pitch directions and provides a form you can fill out, making the whole process as simple as possible. If your pitch is accepted, an editor will discuss payment with you at that time.

Doctor of Credit

Do you have a strong understanding of consumer credit law? Have you found a unique credit card from a small issuer? Doctor of Credit is a great blog that may publish a guest post if you have niche financial knowledge to share. They pay $50 per post.

Income Diary

This website is all about making money online, from blog design to content creation to entrepreneurship and a success mindset. Income Diary pays up to $200 for an article on these topics.

Freelance Mom

If you know how to balance being your own boss and being an awesome mom, Freelance Mom wants to hear from you. You can earn between $75 and $100 on articles between 900 to 1,500 words.

Family and parenting

Pregnant chicken.

This fun and informative website features pregnancy tips and stories about pregnancy, childbirth, and being a new parent. Pregnant Chicken pays $100 per post.

Zift publishes articles relating to parenting in a technology-driven world. If you have an evergreen, original article about managing kids and screen time, you could earn $100 for it.

Your Teen Media

If you’ve raised teenagers and seen it all, you can get paid to write by Teen Media , a trusted editorial source for readers seeking information about raising teenagers. Payment rates are not listed on their websites, but you can discuss this with the editor if your pitch gets accepted.

Go World Travel

This is a great place to pitch if you’re a new writer. Go World Travel publishes contributions from first-time writers and experts alike. If you can tell a captivating, descriptive story about your travels, you can earn $30 to $40 per article.

Matador Network

You’ll need to set up a profile with Matador Network to respond to their calls for submissions. Once you do, you can earn $40 or more for short commissioned travel articles.

GoNOMAD is a resource for “honest, accurate, well-written and detailed articles and destination guides that speak to an educated, curious, and well-traveled audience.” They pay $25 for stories between 1700 to 2200 words long.

Extra Crispy

Extra Crispy is all about breakfast, and they are looking for opinion pieces, stories, essays, recipes, etc. This is the perfect place to pitch if the most important meal of the day also happens to be your favorite. It doesn’t list payment terms on its website, so you’ll need to work that out with the editor if your pitch is accepted.

Taste of Home

This family-favorite publication publishes recipes from home cooks. You can sign into their website to see what types of recipes they are currently looking for. Taste of Home discusses payment rates upon acceptance.

If you have a unique perspective on food culture, try pitching Eater . They cover a wide range of food-related topics, so take a look and see if you can come up with an idea they might love! Payment terms are not listed on their website.

Digital Ocean

DigitalOcean is looking for talented authors to create technical tutorials and articles about software development. In addition to a personal payout (typically $300), you’ll also get to select a tech-focused charity to receive a donation from DigitalOcean.

If you can create original content to add to Linode’s library of technical guides and tutorials, you can earn $300. They currently are focusing on adding articles about Kubernetes, Linux essentials, and databases, so if you send a pitch about one of those topics, you’re more likely to be accepted.

Do you consider yourself a WordPress expert? If yes, consider pitching WPHUB . Depending on your article’s topic and length, they pay between $10 to $200 for content about web design trends, exploring useful plugins for developers, coding best practices, and other WordPress-related topics.

How to send a pitch for an online writing gig

writing online articles for money

Whether you're trying to send a submission to a specific blog or applying for a gig you found on a job board, you’ll need to send a pitch if you want to get paid to write.

If you’re wondering what a pitch is, it’s a written correspondence in which you explain to an editor or publisher an idea you have for an article, blog post, story, etc., and ask them to consider hiring you to execute your idea.

While you want your pitch to have your voice and not sound like you copied and pasted it, there are a few essential pieces to include. Here’s what every pitch needs:

  • The editor’s name. Addressing your pitch to the right person will show that you did your homework. On this note, also make sure you send it to the correct email address.
  • Details about your idea. No need to send the entire finished piece (unless it’s asked for). However, you need to make it clear what your story is about and why you’re the best person for the job.
  • A brief bio. The editor doesn’t have time to read your life story, but you should introduce them to you and share any relevant experience you may have.
  • A link to your portfolio. This gives the editor the chance to get a feel for your writing abilities and style. If you write in a wide range of styles, it’s a good idea to only link to the ones that best match the publication you’re pitching to.

It’s natural to feel a little nervous when submitting a pitch, especially for new writers. Whatever you do, don’t let your fear of rejection or imposter syndrome stop you from sending a pitch. Manage your expectations, and know going into it that you will receive a lot more nos than yeses.

That’s true for even the most talented writers, though, so don’t take it personally. Keep at it, and eventually, your pitch will reach the person who’s ready to work with you.

5 tips for successful pitching as a freelance writer

To improve your acceptance rate, here are five tips to help you send a better pitch:

1. Follow directions

If you are replying to a job listing or submitting to an established publication, make sure you carefully follow any guidelines they provide. If the publisher thinks that you can’t follow simple instructions such as giving your email the proper subject line or saving your resume in the specified format, they probably won’t be very eager to work with you.

2. Pitch for topics you’re comfortable writing about

When you’re first getting started, It’s tempting to pitch for any and all gigs you can find. But it’s highly encouraged that you pitch selectively.

You don’t need to stick to just one niche, but if you pitch topics you’re genuinely excited about, your passion and expertise will show, it’ll take you less time, and your finished work will be stronger.

3. Send a great idea

If you’re pitching an idea you came up with for a magazine article or a guest blog post, take some time to research the existing content and see what’s missing, so you don’t suggest topics they’ve already published.

Try to come up with a unique angle or provide a different perspective. That way, you send a great idea instead of a topic the site has already covered.

4. Explain why it’s a great fit

Make it clear to the publisher that you’re familiar with the publication and that you know what they’re looking for. Don’t make it about you; emphasize what they and their readers stand to gain from a partnership with you.

Do your research beforehand and know who their target audience is, what types of content they typically publish, the tone they usually write in, etc. The more you understand their style, the more you can blend in and convince them that it’s a natural partnership.

5. Keep it short

Editors are busy and don’t have time to read a novel in their inbox. Your pitch is the perfect place to show that not only are you a great writer, but you have an excellent understanding of clear and concise communication. Stick to the point, and don’t run off on unrelated rabbit trails.

How to get paid to write online

When you write content online, you’re typically considered a contract writer instead of an employee. This means you’ll need to send an invoice if you want to get paid.

An invoice is a simple document that sums up the work you did for your client, so they can see what they owe you. Basically, it’s a bill for services rendered.

It’s essential to make your invoice look professional. If you have branding elements or a logo, you’ll want to include those.

Your freelance writing invoice should include the following elements:

  • The word “Invoice” at the top. You want to make it clear to your client that this is an official billing document so that they’re more likely to pay you promptly.
  • Date you sent the invoice.
  • Your client’s name.
  • Your contact information.
  • An itemized list of services provided, with short, clear descriptions of each, and individual rates for each service.
  • Dates services were provided.
  • Payment rate.
  • Total amount due.
  • Any payment terms previously agreed upon.
  • A unique invoice ID number for your records.

There are invoice templates available online that can help you quickly set up invoices to send to your clients. The downside to using templates is that you can't easily track the payment status of all the different invoices you've sent to your clients.

Wave's invoicing software lets you do everything above (and more!) for free, no strings attached. You can create unlimited invoices with your logo and keep tabs on whether clients have seen your invoices. There are also options to set up recurring invoices for regular clients, which can save you a lot of time and headaches. If you turn on the payments option, there’s a small per-transaction fee when a client makes a payment.

Wave Money , a new service we’re launching, lets you deposit client payments and manage funds in an FDIC-insured account. We’re transforming the business banking industry with small business owners in mind. It’s the perfect online business banking option for freelance writers and other entrepreneurs.

How to create a portfolio to help you make money writing online

Having a solid portfolio is a crucial tool for any writer. Follow the below tips to make your portfolio as strong as possible.

Keep your portfolio up-to-date with your best new work

It doesn’t matter how much amazing content you created three, five, or ten years ago. Your potential clients want to see that you have recent publications under your belt.

Don’t include everything

Think of your portfolio as your highlights reel. Only include the writing you’re most proud of and that aligns with the type of work you hope to get more of. There’s no need to have articles from your stint as a sports reporter if you’re trying to break into beauty blogging.

Break it into categories

If you do more than one type of writing, keep your portfolio well organized so that your potential clients can easily find the work that is most similar to what they want to hire you for.

Host it in an effective location

Your personal business website is the best place to keep your portfolio. However, if you don’t have a website yet, you can always use a portfolio-hosting website such as Contently or ClearVoice .

7 Red flags to watch for with online writing jobs

While you can legitimately get paid to write, there are scams out there. Knowing what to look for can help you avoid getting scammed, so keep an eye out for these red flags.

  • Anything that sounds too good to be true.
  • Any online gig requiring you to send money before you make money (except for some legitimate publications that charge a nominal submission fee).
  • A potential client asking for too much personal information.
  • Job postings that list unprofessional email addresses that look like a jumbled mess of letters and numbers.
  • Vague job descriptions.
  • Meager pay for the amount of work. (And on the other end, payment that seems way too high for the demands of the job.)
  • A company requesting that you do trial work for free to evaluate or sample your services.

While these red flags don’t necessarily mean you’ve stumbled upon a freelance writing scam, seeing one does mean you need to proceed with caution. You don’t want to get your identity stolen or complete work you never get paid for.

Time to take action

Now that you’ve learned about the best options available for you to get paid to write online, it’s time to get out there and give it a shot. Remember, there’s nothing you can gain from doubting yourself, so show a little faith, pick a path to get started with, and begin to make some money. With the right attitude and enough determination, anyone can make a living writing online.

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writing online articles for money


  • How To Make Money Freelance Writing: Websites That Pay Writers $50+

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Business, career, and finance, family and parenting, lifestyle and general interest, travel and food, tips for successful pitching.

Earn Money Online: 92 Websites that Pay Writers. Makealivingwriting.com

Tired of writing for pennies (or peanuts or whichever cliche for crappy pay you prefer) and ready to learn how to make money online for real?

We’re tired of it, too. That’s why Carol started paying for posts a few years back – and why she upped her rates to $75+ last fall. And it’s why we update our list of sites that pay on a regular basis.

Below is the new-and-improved, early 2021 edition of Make a Living Writing’s list of websites that pay at least $50 per post.

Rather than linking to the list we published last fall, we’re posting a comprehensive and updated new list. We’ve added new markets we learned of in the past 6 months and removed sites that have categories of posts that are below $50. That’s our minimum.

In some cases, these sites keep it on the Q.T. exactly what they pay. We’re including markets where freelance writers in our network report they pay more than $50, in order to bring you the widest variety of paying markets possible.

We also removed sites that are not currently accepting pitches, which knocked a good portion of the writing-focused sites off. Sites where you only have a shot at earning $50 writing on spec, or based on traffic or ad clicks, are NOT included. This is a list of markets offering guaranteed pay only!

The list runs the gamut of topics, from parenting and knitting to business and writing, so there should be something here for everyone, no matter what type of writing job you are looking for.

And don’t forget, if you’re really ready to supercharge your freelance writing career, the Freelance Writers Den has over 300 hours of on-demand bootcamp trainings you can access 24/7 plus an exclusive community of 1,500+ members sharing valuable advice day in and day out. There’s also a direct referral program with new opportunities to make money writing posted regularly. Get on the waiting list now so you can take your career to the next level.

article writing template

As always, we appreciate any corrections or additions – please post them in the comments. Here’s the list:

  • B. Michelle Pippin pays $50-$150 for business-related articles.
  • Coaches Training Blog is looking for articles about coaching – business, life, career, and other kinds. Pay based on assignment.
  • Copyhackers pays $325 for articles about copywriting, branding, running a business, and more. Read the submission guidelines carefully to pitch.
  • CEO Hangout  will pay $50 if you pre-arrange it with the editor – send a pitch and negotiate payment before writing the article. They run posts about the CEO lifestyle, success stories, interviews, and other reported features of interest to business leaders.
  • DailyWorth pays $150 for articles about women and money. They list a blackhole editorial@ email address, but I recently tweeted them about how to submit a pitch, and they suggested hitting up the managing editor, Koa Beck .
  • Doctor of Credit pays $50 for personal finance articles that focus specifically on credit.
  • eCommerce Insiders pays $60-$150 for articles about online retailing.
  • FreelanceMom pays $75-$100 for posts about running a business as a busy parent.
  • FreshBooks (yup, that same freelancer invoicing site we recommend) pays $200 a post and up. Be prepared to negotiate to get a better rate.
  • Acorns has a new online pub called Grow Magazine that pays $50+ for finance writing geared toward millennials. They don’t have guidelines posted, but they told me to submit to [email protected] with the word STORY in your subject line. We don’t normally recommend those generic emails, but because the pub is still new, it might not be a huge black hole yet.
  • IncomeDiary pays $50-$200 for articles about making money online, including SEO, affiliate sales, and traffic generation.
  • Mirasee  pays $200 for 1,000-2,000-word posts on marketing, business productivity, and growth topics. [NOTE: Mirasee is currently paying only for posts they commission. Unsolicited posts are unpaid.]
  • Modern Farmer reportedly pays around $150 for articles.
  • Penny Hoarder shares money-saving ideas. You’ll need to negotiate pay with the editors during the pitching process – and be willing to forego a link back to your site.
  • Priceonomics pays $1,000 for 2,000-word articles on data and economics. The catch? Articles must be submitted on spec. They occasionally post requests for articles on specific topics , which might get you closer to that big paycheck. [NOTE: This pub’s writer’s guidelines now say they pay $50/article. Be prepared to verify/negotiate payment.]
  • RankPay pays $50 for articles about SEO, content marketing, and social media.
  • LiisBeth is all about feminist entrepreneurs. Study the guidelines, read past articles, and look at the About page and LiisBeth manifesto to get a feel for the audience. Pay depends on assignment.
  • For our link, let’s add Smart Blogger as the new #2 site on the “Business, Career, and Finance” list. Copy and link to use are below:
  • Smart Blogger regularly invites writers to craft posts on content marketing and freelancing through its job board. Assignments typically pay $150 to $350. Bonus: Even when there aren’t current assignments available to write for Smart Blogger’s blog, the job board offers numerous paid writing opportunities from other sites.
  • Aish accepts first-person accounts on the positive influence of Orthodox Jewish beliefs on everyday life – and they pay $200 on publication. Know the frum life to succeed here, and email [email protected] .
  • Cosmopolitan.com pays $100 for essays about college. They’re also using this essay submission as a way to find writers for assignments.
  • Dame reportedly pays $200 for essays. They do accept reported features and other article types, and pay rates may vary for those.
  • Brain, Child publishes long-form essays on a wide range of topics. Send your pitch to editor and publisher Marcelle Soviero . Pays $300 for 1,500 to 4,500-word essays.
  • The Establishment pays $125 and up for reported stories and essays.
  • Eureka Street is an Australian site that pays $200 for analysis or commentary on politics, religion, popular culture or current events in Australia and the world. They also pay $50 for poetry (check out our full guide to poetry jobs ), which seems to be a rarity these days. [NOTE: This publication is closed to submissions from December 13, 2016 to January 10, 2017. Anything submitted during this time will not be read – please verify they’re back open before you submit.]
  • Guideposts pays $250 for Christian faith-based essays.
  • LightHouse pays $100 for uplifting essays by blind or visually impaired writers.
  • Narratively pays $200-300 for 2000 – 2500-word essays on specific topics. Check their guidelines for a list of current needs.
  • The New York Times Modern Love column reportedly pays as much as $300 for essays on any topic that could be classified as modern love.
  • Skirt pays $200 for essays about women’s issues.
  • The Bold Italic might be a great fit if you’re from San Francisco or have a connection to the city. Past essay topics have included the gig economy, online dating, mental illness, and more. Pay is $50 per essay.
  • Vox First Person reportedly pays in the $400 range for personal essays of about 1,500 words. Pitch  [email protected] .
  • Buzzfeed has an estimated 168 million unique visitors every month, and they publish a wide variety of topics to keep those visitors entertained and informed. Pays $.13 to $.27 per word.
  • Babble pays $100-$150 for posts on parenting, entertainment, pregnancy, beauty, style, food, and travel. (NOTE: Babble’s writer’s guidelines are no longer easily found. You may have to do some sleuthing to find contact info for an editor.)
  • Just Parents is a UK-based site that focuses on pregnancy and parenting. They pay $60 per post.
  • Parent.co posts non-snarky articles about parenting and family issues. Pay starts at $50.
  • Fatherly is looking for parenting advice and funny experiences with kids from a dad’s perspective. Pay based on assignment.
  • Stork Guide focuses on pregnancy and parenting of newborns and toddlers. They pay $50+ per post.
  • Well Family  (the New York Times’ parenting blog) pays $100. Pitch the editor.
  • The Anxiety Foundation  pays $50 for mental health articles.
  • The Atlantic’s  online health section reportedly pays $200.
  • PsychCentral covers mental health. They don’t list a pay rate on their site, and they didn’t respond to my query about pay, but a reader on last year’s list reported they are a paying market. [UPDATE 12/2016: The website says they don’t pay, but exceptions are made if you discuss payment BEFORE submitting.]
  • BBC Britain doesn’t publish their pay rate, but I’ve seen reports of $350-$1,000 for various BBC sites. Pitch stories with a British slant for an international audience.
  • Bitch Magazine’s website pays for pop culture features. Pay is variable, so negotiate to get your desired rate.
  • BookBrowse pays for book reviews! Writers accepted into their stable of reviewers will earn $50 for a 600-word review.
  • Adoptive Family accepts pitches on all aspects of the adoption process. Pay based on assignment.
  • The Daily Beast reportedly pays $250 and up. Their submission guidelines have a black-hole editorial@ email address, so you’ll want to do a little digging to find the right person to pitch.
  • Backpacker is all about wilderness hiking. Pay based on assignment.
  • getAbstract reportedly pays $300 for longer (2,000-4,000 word) book summaries.
  • Gothamist pays $50-$150 for reported pieces about New York.
  • Backstage is a resource for performing artists. Pays $0.14/word – pitch Briana Rodriguez, Editor-in-Chief, on LinkedIn .
  • The International Wine Accessories blog pays $50 and up for articles.
  • The Conversation doesn’t publish their rates, but it’s been said they pay well.
  • Knitty  raised their rates to $120-$200 for articles about knitting and knitting patterns. They also have a sister site -Knittyspin – for knitters who like to use handspun yarn.
  • Lifezette pays $100-$200 for articles on parenting, politics, faith, health, and pop culture. Contact the appropriate editor with your idea. NOTE: Lifezette has removed their editorial contact page.
  • Listverse pays $100 for long (1,500 word) lists on various topics.
  • New York Observer pays $100 on posts about politics and culture for “sophisticated readership of metropolitan professionals.”
  • OZY does pay freelancers, but rates vary.
  • Paste pays $50+ for submissions in many different areas.
  • Playboy. com pays up to $350, depending on the topic . NOTE: Playboy has removed their editorial contact page.
  • Pretty Designs covers fashion and beauty. You’ll need to negotiate per-post pay.
  • Refinery29 reportedly pays $75 and up for slideshows, articles, and essays on various topics. They also post their needs for specific columns on their guidelines page.
  • Salon pays $100-$200 for essays and reported features, even very long ones.
  • Smithsonian Magazine Online reportedly pays established freelancers up to $600 for reported articles.
  • The Tablet pays for articles on Jewish news, ideas, and culture. Pay varies, so be prepared to negotiate. I saw a report of $1,000 for a heavily reported 2,000+ word feature.
  • TwoPlusTwo Magazine pays $200 for original posts about poker. They post articles for six months, after which time the rights revert to the writer, so you can sell reprint rights or post it on your own blog.
  • Upworthy pays $150-$200 for 500-word posts.
  • Vice ‘s pay rate varies, so you will need to negotiate if you’d like to write about food, technology, music, fashion, and other lifestyle topics.
  • YourTango pays $50 for posts on love, sex, travel, mental health, and just about anything else that affects your relationships.
  • A List Apart covers web design. They pay $200 per article.
  • Compose pays $200 and $200 in Compose database credits for articles about databases.
  • The Graphic Design School blog pays $100-$200 for articles and tutorials about Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and open source design tools . NOTE: This site has removed its submission guidelines page, and it’s not clear whether they still take guest posts.
  • Indeni pays $50-$200 for posts that cover Check Point firewalls, F5 load balancers or Palo Alto Networks firewalls.
  • Linode pays $250 for articles about Linux, Socket.io, NoSQL databases, game servers, Open Change, and Web RTC.
  • Devilish about web development? SitePoint pays $100-$150 for articles on HTML, CSS, Ruby, PHP, and more.
  • SlickWP pays $100 for posts about WordPress and the Genesis Theme framework.
  • Tuts+ pays $100 and up for tutorials on various technologies, including Web design and Flash. Tuts once ran a network of 16 different blogs, including Freelance Switch, but it’s all together on a single site now that encompasses design, gaming, photography, writing, and more.
  • WordCandy pays 6-10 cents a word for ghostwritten pieces about WordPress – these will appear on some of the larger WordPress blogs, such as wpmudev.
  • WPHub pays $100-$200 for posts on web design trends, coding best practices, and other WordPress-related topics.
  • Big Grey Horse page $125-$200 for posts about Texas – photos must be included. Texas-based writers are preferred, because the site requires in-person visits.
  • Cultures and Cuisines pays $200 per article . NOTE: This site is now gone.
  • Desert Times pays $50-$100 for stories about the deserts of North America and the culture and lifestyle of the people who live there. They prefer writers to also submit photos.
  • Expatics serves U.S. expatriates. This is another site where you’ll need to negotiate pay before you write your article.
  • Fund Your Life Overseas pays $75 for articles about business ideas that provide enough income for U.S. ex-pats.
  • Saveur starts at $150 for “amazing stories about food and travel.”
  • The Salt (NPR’s food blog) reportedly pays $200+.
  • ClearVoice is a platform to connect bloggers with brands in various niches, as well as commissioning posts for its own blog. Pay is variable but ranges as high as $250-$400 (from what we’ve seen so far). When you apply, you set the rates you’re willing to accept; then, the platform emails you when appropriate opportunities arise. It’s not a bid site – fees are preset. But gigs are presented to multiple writers, and then the client chooses who they’ll work with. Luckily, there’s no elaborate application process, once your profile is set — you simply reply that you’re interested, and they let you know if you win the gig.
  • Contently pays about 35 cents a word for their freelancer-focused online magazine. Download their pitching guidelines here .
  • Freedom with Writing pays $50+ for lists of paying publishers. They also pay for short ebooks, so there is an option for longer-form content, too.
  • Make a Living Writing . That’s right, this-here blog pays $150 for guest posts, depending on complexity and research needed. Be sure to read our guidelines thoroughly, especially our list of the topics we’re actively looking for guest posts on right now. Pitching one of those will seriously improve your odds!
  • WOW! Women on Writing pays $50-$150.
  • The Write Life pays for some posts – you’ll need to negotiate your rate.

Before you pitch any of these sites, read the guidelines carefully and study the posts they’ve already run. Make sure you either have a fresh topic or a new way of exploring an issue they’ve covered before.

Paying markets are more competitive than posting on free sites. And the more bad pitches a site receives, the likelier they will reconsider whether they even accept guest posts, let alone pay for them. (Believe me, this happens, and it is the reason some sites we’ve listed before are no longer accepting pitches.)

Need help learning how to pitch a paying guest post?

See this post on “Guest Post Pitches That Got the Gig” , and this one on what not to do!  And make sure to check out our tips for effective freelancer invoicing so you get paid for your work.

Have you written for any of these markets? Found others that pay well? Tell us in the comments below.

Jennifer Roland is a freelance education, financial institution, and technology writer – and a contributing writer here at Make a Living Writing. Her latest book, 10 Takes: Pacific Northwest Writers , was published by Gladeye Press.

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Get Paid To Write | 23 Proven Ways To Make Money Online Writing Content In 2023

If you can write, you can make money online.

Written content is still the primary way online businesses and websites communicate their message, market their products, and sell their services.

If you enjoy writing, your skills are already in high demand.

So, how do you earn money writing content? In this article, I’ll share 20+ methods to help you monetize your writing skills.

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1. Make Money Online As A Freelance Blogger

What’s the easiest way to get paid for writing content online? Become a freelance blogger.

That’s how I started making money online, and the bulk of my revenue still comes from blogging projects for SaaS companies.

Even today, there’s a growing demand for high-quality content, and more than 84% of businesses are looking to outsource content creation to freelancers.

writing online articles for money

Unlike other advanced writing types, freelance blogging doesn’t require any technical expertise or professional experience.

As long as you write engaging blog posts that educate readers and drive organic search traffic, clients will be happy to pay you the top dollar for your work.

Here are some of the best places/ways to find freelance blogging jobs for beginners.

  • Problogger Jobs
  • LinkedIn Jobs
  • Reddit ( /Hireawriter )
  • Cold Email Outreach

Since companies in every industry are now investing in content marketing, you can get paid to write on topics you love.

For example, if you’re a gardening enthusiast, you can target thousands of gardening-related businesses and blogs that hire freelance writers. 

Similarly, if you’re into cryptocurrency trading, love gymming, or know everything about dogs, you can find tons of relevant writing jobs and make a living talking about things you love.

Want to learn more? Read my 10K+ word beginner’s guide to freelance blogging that tells you everything you need to know.

2. Make Money Online As An Email Copywriter

Did you know that email marketing has an ROI of $36 for every dollar? This means, on average, brands earn $36000 in revenue by spending $1000 on email marketing.

writing online articles for money

Most online businesses know this figure by heart but still don’t send enough emails to their subscribers because:

  • They don’t know how to write engaging emails.
  • They don’t have the time to write emails.

This is where professional freelance email copywriters come in.

You’ll help eCommerce, SaaS, and other online businesses write various types of emails to increase subscriber engagement, build brand loyalty, and drive sales.

According to Litmus, here are some of the most common emails brands send.

writing online articles for money

Depending on your experience, you can earn anywhere between $100 to $1000 (or more) per email.

What’s the best way to find email copywriting clients? Reach out to SaaS and eCommerce companies (big and small) through cold emails to pitch your services. 

Freelance writing job boards and sites like Problogger Jobs, FlexJobs, Hubstaff, etc., also regularly feature email marketing jobs.

3. Make Money Online As A Website Copywriter

Millions of small businesses, entrepreneurs, large enterprises, and non-profits worldwide have websites that need professionally written content.

This is where website copywriters come in.

A website copywriter creates compelling copy that highlights the unique selling proposition of a client’s business and converts their traffic into leads and customers.

Here’s an example of the different sections and components of a site’s homepage copy.

writing online articles for money

Website copywriting projects generally include researching a client’s audience, and writing content for their site’s homepage, product/service page, features pages, about page, etc.

However, sometimes clients do the bulk of the research themselves and hire copywriters to write only the content.

These projects are much easier to find because every business needs website copy. However, charging premium rates for such projects is comparatively harder because business owners think you’re “writing just a few hundred words.”

This is why it’s essential to convey the work that goes into creating high-conversion website copy and making your clients realize its potential impact on their businesses.

While the rates for copywriting projects greatly vary based on the scope and industry, a beginner copywriter can expect to earn $2000-$3000 for a five to six-page website copywriting project.

4. Make Money Online As A Landing Page Copywriter

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone page designed to convert the traffic from a marketing or advertising campaign into email subscribers and leads.

It usually gets the bulk of its traffic from a Facebook or Google ad campaign and offers users something valuable in return for their contact information.

For example, here’s a landing page by ClickFunnels that offers a free 14-day trial of its premium landing page suite.

writing online articles for money

SaaS and eCommerce companies, online coaching programs, marketing agencies, etc. use landing pages to grow their subscriber base and fill their sales pipelines.

A landing page can be anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand words in length. But writing those words requires in-depth research, which is why landing page copywriters can charge thousands of dollars depending on the project’s scope.

5. Make Money Writing Long-Form Sales Page Copy

Like landing pages, long-form sales pages are also a part of an advertising or marketing campaign, but their goal is to convert the traffic into customers. 

They’re called long-form sales pages because they contain thousands of words, several videos and images, testimonials, and calls to action spread across multiple sections.

For example, here’s a small section from a long-form sales page selling a premium online coaching program.

writing online articles for money

Planning, researching, and writing a long-form sales page is no easy task, especially if you’ve never done it before.

The goal of LFSP is not to meet a specific word count. Instead, its success is determined based on its conversion rate.

This is why experienced LFSP writers can charge as much as $10K-$15K for a single project.

But if you’re doing this for the first time, you can expect to charge somewhere around $2500-$4000 depending on the project scope.

6. Make Money Writing Long-Form Content

Articles and blog posts longer than 3000 words are considered long-form content.

Technically, they’re still blog posts, but long-form writers charge higher rates because of the work that goes into writing such content.

Brands are heavily investing in long-form content creation because it establishes their authority and helps them drive organic search traffic by targeting multiple long-tail keywords.

However, to land long-form writing projects, you need to be an expert on the topic to cover it from all angles.

According to the 2022 B2B Content Marketing Insights report, most brands struggle to find writers with adequate topical expertise when outsourcing content creation.

writing online articles for money

So, if you can position yourself as an expert and demonstrate your knowledge in a specific niche, you have a great chance of landing high-paying long-form content writing jobs.

Here’s an example of a long-form article (9000+ words) I wrote for one of my clients.

writing online articles for money

You can find long-form content projects in all kinds of niches, but in my experience, companies are in the SaaS, eCommerce, online learning, and online marketing industries invest in long-form content more frequently.

7. Make Money Writing Guest Posts

Marketing agencies, entrepreneurs, and even well-known brands are investing heavily in paid guest blogging campaigns to get brand mentions and backlinks from high-authority sites.

This job post on Problogger Jobs is a good example.

writing online articles for money

Brands hire freelance guest bloggers to do the work instead of managing guest blogging campaigns in-house.

Why? Because getting published in high-authority sites is time-intensive and most brands are reluctant to dedicate a full-time resource to it. So, they turn to freelance guest bloggers like you to do the job for them.

As a professional guest blogger, your job is to pitch ideas to your client’s target sites, write guest posts for them, and include their links/brand mentions in your content.

In my experience, companies pay anywhere from $150 to $1500 for a guest post, depending on the target site.

But let me tell you a secret.

I used to earn $1000+ per guest post easily a few years ago.

How? I was a regular contributor to dozens of high-authority sites in the marketing niche, and my inbox was always full of requests from different agencies and brands to feature their links.

writing online articles for money

Most of my clients would pay me in the range of $300 to $500 per backlink/brand mention.

So, I used to feature 3-4 non-competing clients in every guest post and earn $1000-1500 easily.

I don’t write many guest posts now, but it’s still a great way to earn thousands of dollars every month, even if you’re a beginner.

If you’re interested in learning more, read my beginner’s guide to guest blogging .

8. Make Money Writing On Medium

Medium is an open blogging platform with millions of monthly active users worldwide. You can become a contributor on Medium and start publishing your content for free.

writing online articles for money

Medium has a partnership program you can join to get paid for your content in two different ways.

  • The more time Medium users spend reading your content, the more you earn.
  • Earn recurring affiliate commissions by referring new users to Medium.

How much can you earn on Medium? The top writers on Medium can make $50K+ per month .

But that’s not normal.

Medium’s own figures show that only 6.8% of its writers earn more than $100 per month. But that’s because most writers never consistently publish on Medium.

I analyzed some of the best performing writers on Medium and found that most of them started making $1000+ per month after consistently publishing for one year. 

As you publish more frequently and grow your audience, your earnings start increasing at a much faster rate.

So, if you’re serious about making money writing on Medium, commit to publishing at least one article per week for a year.

9. Make Money Writing Twitter Threads

Twitter threads are a series of Tweets covering a specific topic in detail. Threads can get thousands of retweets and comments because they contain a lot more information on a topic than random tweets.

For example, here’s a thread about clients with hundreds of retweets.

writing online articles for money

Businesses and entrepreneurs know Twitter threads can drive thousands of leads and customers to their sites.

But they don’t have the time to write them.

This is where you come in.

If you know how to write engaging Twitter threads on different topics, you can quickly charge thousands of dollars for your services.

I know common Twitter users charging brands $2000-4000/month writing 1-2 threads per week.

What’s the best way to get such clients? Start writing engaging threads on your Twitter handle.

The more successful threads you write, the more clients will reach out for your ghostwriting services. 

10. Make Money Writing Facebook Posts

No matter what anyone tells you, Facebook is still the world’s most popular social network, with 2.9 billion monthly active users .

And this is precisely why businesses, entrepreneurs, and marketers still spend thousands of dollars every month engaging their audiences on their timelines and in different Facebook Groups.

What kind of content would you create as a Facebook ghostwriter?

  • 500-1000 word informational posts that cover different topics.
  • Short passages in different Facebook Groups.
  • Engaging with users in Facebook comments and discussion threads.

11. Make Money Writing LinkedIn Posts

Ghostwriting on LinkedIn is another excellent way to write online for money.

Entrepreneurs, business executives, and professionals in different industries know that consistently creating high-quality content on LinkedIn will increase their profile views, establish their authority, and open new business opportunities.

But they lack the time and skill to write engaging content.

There’s your opportunity to cash in.

  • Choose a niche you’re knowledgeable about.
  • Position yourself as an expert content creator in your niche.
  • Find relevant LinkedIn users in executive positions who occasionally publish informational content.
  • Pitch them your services (e.g., a weekly post)

12. Get Paid To Write eCommerce Product Descriptions

Did you know that 20% of eCommerce website visitors abandon a purchase because of incomplete, insufficient, or ineffective product information?

Product descriptions play a vital role in converting visitors into customers which is why eCommerce companies are increasingly turning to professional copywriters to write engaging product descriptions.

Platforms like Upwork and Fiverr have thousands of copywriters selling freelance product description writing services. For example, this top-rated freelancer on Upwork has hundreds of reviews on eCommerce copywriting gigs.

writing online articles for money

As a freelance product description writer, your job is to create engaging product copy that highlights the benefits and tells a compelling story that immediately connects with the prospects.

To charge higher rates, specialize in a specific industry or platform. For example, you could brand yourself as a Shopify product description writer or eCommerce product description copywriter for fashion brands.

13. Make Money Writing Press Releases

Businesses publish press releases to announce product updates, company news, survey results, and other important information hoping to get the attention of relevant journalists, media companies, and content creators.

Press releases are also a critical part of digital PR campaigns. An engaging and well-written press release can result in priceless media coverage, high-authority backlinks, and thousands of website visitors.

For example, here’s a press release on PRweb, a leading press release distribution site, about a new marketing study.

writing online articles for money

As a freelance press release writer you’ll help organizations create compelling and newsworthy content that the relevant journalists and publications can feature in their stories.

How much can you earn as a press release writer? If you’re a complete beginner, expect the rate to be anywhere between $100-$400 per project.

However, experienced press release writers with connections in popular publications routinely charge in the range of $800-$1200+ per project.

14. Get Paid To Write Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is an eBook, report, checklist, cheat sheet, video course, or any other free resource that website visitors can access by sharing their email addresses. 

Businesses use lead magnets to grow their email subscriber base and generate leads for their marketing campaigns.

For example, OptinMonster uses an ebook as a lead magnet to get email subscribers.

writing online articles for money

You can make money as a lead magnet writer by pitching lead magnet ideas to businesses that are not actively building their email lists and offering your services to write the resource for them.

In most cases, you can also pitch email writing services to such clients because once a subscriber joins their list, they’ll need to keep them engaged with regular emails.

15. Make Money Writing Technical Content

Can you write product manuals, technical reports, and user guides? If yes, you can easily make thousands of dollars as a freelance technical writer for IT companies.

Software houses, agencies, and development teams are always looking for writers to help them document their product features and create user manuals to share with their customers and internal teams.

The best part is that you don’t need to be a programmer or technical expert yourself to land these jobs.

But you must be familiar with technical terminologies and know how to rephrase them in easy-to-understand documents for the end-users.

Apart from the IT sector, you can find technical content writing jobs in the pharmaceutical, medical, and engineering industries.

16. Make Money Writing Video And Podcast Scripts

With the demand for videos on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok, and other platforms at an all-time high, more businesses are investing in video content creation than ever before.

writing online articles for money

Podcasts aren’t far behind either.

According to studies, nearly 60% of all US consumers above the age of 12 listen to podcasts.

writing online articles for money

With so much demand for videos and podcasts, businesses are heavily investing in these mediums.

And this is where you can cash in because video and podcast presenters require professionally written scripts to properly communicate their message and achieve their business goals.

How much can you earn as a video scriptwriter? Anywhere between $150-$300 per minute.

For podcasts, the rate is a bit lower, but you can still earn pretty handsomely if you can partner with a popular podcast host to write their intro scripts and podcast questions.

17. Get Paid To Write Quizzes

Online businesses invest thousands of dollars in creating quizzes to learn more about their audiences and grow their subscriber base.

Many eCommerce companies use quizzes as lead magnets to not only attract subscribers but also to personalize their audience’s shopping experience.

For example, Sephora uses quizzes for different product categories on its website to gather information about its audience and recommend the right products.

writing online articles for money

But writing is a pretty small part of quiz writing.

The real work goes into gathering information about the questions a brand should ask and developing the flow of the quiz.

But if you can do it, brands are willing to pay a lot of money.

What’s the best way to find clients? Research eCommerce companies that aren’t personalizing their product recommendations and pitch them the idea to use quizzes.

As a beginner, you can charge somewhere between $1000-$2000 for researching and writing a quiz for an online business.

18. Make Money Online Writing Articles

You can make money online by writing articles for companies, publications, and entrepreneurs.

How are articles different from blog posts?

They’re more formal, much shorter, and usually written in a third-person tone covering a specific topic. In most projects, you’ll be writing articles as a ghostwriter for a brand or an executive.

The best places to find article writing jobs are Upwork and Fiverr. You can also reach out to entrepreneurs and professionals on LinkedIn who might be interested in hiring you as a ghostwriter.

How To Earn A Passive Income Writing Online Content

So far, I’ve shared different services you can offer to earn money writing online content.

But if you’re good at writing, you can build your own digital assets, products, and passive income sources.

Let’s discuss some of the most popular options.

19. Make Money Online Writing A Book

Who hasn’t heard of Amazon Kindle? It’s an open platform where self-published authors can sell eBooks to millions of Amazon users.

The best part? There’s no entry barrier.

You can write about anything you want, organize your content in a book format, and publish it on Amazon.

Here are some Kindle stats to give you an idea of the size of its audience.

writing online articles for money

How much can you make by selling eBooks on Amazon Kindle? I’ll be honest, it won’t make you an overnight millionaire. 

In fact, most Kindle authors make very little money.

But with the right strategy and consistent hard work, making money online writing Kindle eBooks is certainly possible.

Chandler Bolt is an excellent example.

BusinessInsider first covered his story in 2015 when he was on his way to making a million dollars from his Kindle eBooks.

writing online articles for money

Since then, he has gone on to establish the Self-Publishing School and generated more than $20 million in five years selling eBooks on Amazon and other platforms.

To get started, read Amazon’s guide to publishing eBooks in 2022 . 

20. Make Money Online Writing Blog Content

Starting a blog is a long-term investment because it takes time to grow your audience and build consistent organic search traffic.

But if you stick to it, blogging is one of the most rewarding online business models. It helps you grow an audience and monetize your content in numerous ways.

MakingSenseOfCents , a hugely popular personal finance blog, is an excellent example.

writing online articles for money

Michelle Schroeder, the blog’s owner, started it to share personal finance tips with students and people struggling with debt. 

Michelle’s blog amassed thousands of readers in just a few years, and her recent income reports show she’s making $100K+ per month from her blog.

There are numerous other examples of regular people making a fortune from their blogs.

But it requires patience and consistency to see results.

So, what’s the right way to grow a blog? Let me share a few pointers.

  • Start a blog in a profitable niche that also aligns with your interests ( read this blogging guide for detailed instructions.)
  • Identify the biggest problems and questions of your audience.
  • Answer those questions in detailed and in-depth blog posts.
  • Optimize your content for SEO to drive organic search traffic.
  • Start growing an email list from the first day so that you can slowly build your online community.
  • Once your site starts getting traffic consider monetizing it in different ways.

What are the best blog monetization methods?

  • Display advertising (Google ads, Ezoic, Mediavine, etc.)
  • Affiliate marketing
  • A members only section on your site.
  • A digital product like an eBook or video training.
  • An online course.

You won’t start making money with blogging on your first day.

But if you choose the right niche, create high-quality content, and most importantly, stay consistent, you’ll eventually get there.

21. Make Money Online Writing Amazon Affiliate Reviews

Amazon affiliate sites look like regular blogs.

But unlike blogs, affiliate sites exist for the sole purpose of promoting different Amazon products and earning affiliate commissions on every sale.

OwnTheYard is an excellent example of a high-quality Amazon affiliate site.

writing online articles for money

It is full of informational articles about backyard activities and has dozens of detailed buyer guides promoting different backyard products listed on Amazon.

The key to building a successful Amazon affiliate site is branding and quality content.

If you can consistently publish high-quality informational content along with detailed product reviews, you’ll be able to drive tons of traffic from Google Search and earn thousands of dollars in commissions from Amazon.

If you want to build an Amazon affiliate site, I strongly recommend following the NicheSite Project by Spencer Haws where he practically demonstrates how to grow a successful affiliate site.

22. Make Money Writing SaaS Product Reviews

Websites that review different SaaS products and earn affiliate commissions for referring sales are known as SaaS review sites.

Ecommerce-Platforms is an excellent example of a high-quality SaaS review site.

writing online articles for money

It has dozens of articles, buyer guides, reviews, and list posts about different software products used by eCommerce companies.

Think of it as a one-stop solution for eCommerce business owners looking for the best software to run their businesses.

SaaS products usually offer much higher commissions compared to Amazon, which is why it’s a lucrative business model.

However, SaaS product keywords have much higher search competition, which is why it’s harder to rank for them. 

Plus, you have to sign-up for every SaaS product’s affiliate program separately which becomes hard to manage as your site grows.

Still, it’s a hugely popular affiliate site model ideal for you if you’re comfortable writing about software products and helping buyers choose the best tools for their business needs.

23. Make Money Online Flipping Content Sites

Once you understand how to start and grow profitable content sites , you can dive into the website flipping business.

Website flipping is the business of buying and selling websites for a profit.

If you own a website that gets thousands of visitors and generates a few thousand dollars every month in passive income, you can easily sell it for 15x-20x its monthly profit.

For example, if a site makes $5000 per month, you can sell it for anywhere between $75K-$150K depending on various other factors.

Most affiliate marketers that grow Amazon or SaaS review sites do so to eventually sell them off on website flipping platforms like Empire Flippers and Flippa .

writing online articles for money

If you’re starting an affiliate site from scratch, it can take you a couple of years before reaching a stage where you can sell it for a significant amount.

For example, OwnTheYard.com, the Amazon affiliate site example I shared earlier, was making around $7000 per month when its owner, Spencer, decided to sell it.

How much did it go for? $250,000! (read the full story here .)

But it took him three years to get to that stage.

If you’re interested in learning more about website flipping, I recommend reading this mammoth guide I wrote for a client .

Are You Ready To Make Money Online Writing?

I’ve shared some of the most popular ways you can monetize your writing skills.

But there are many other methods that I didn’t cover.

Here’s the bottom line: If you have the skills, patience, and discipline to consistently create content day in and day out, there are unlimited ways you can make money online.

So, if you ever thought writing is a boring and unglamorous job that can only earn you a minimum wage, think again.

If you have questions about making money writing content online, tell me in the comment section.

How To Get Paid To Write In 2022 | Frequently Asked Questions

How can i earn money by writing online.

You can earn money by writing content by offering services as a freelancer and building your own digital assets like blogs, online courses, affiliate sites, etc.

How can a beginner make money writing?

The easiest way to make money online as a beginner is by offering freelance writing services.

How do I start as a freelance writer?

Choose a target industry, brand yourself as an expert freelance writer by creating content about the topics your audience cares about, and then reach out to your target companies using cold emails pitching your writing services.

Is freelance writing hard?

Becoming a successful freelance writer requires patience and consistency. But if you can brand yourself as an expert and create high-quality content, you can build a thriving freelance writing business within a year.

writing online articles for money

Author: Jawad Khan

Jawad Khan is a freelance writer, professional blogger and content marketing consultant. He works with small businesses, tech startups and entrepreneurs in building their brand image with high quality blogging and content marketing. View all posts by Jawad Khan

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Get Paid to Write: 13 Sites That Pay Up to $450 per Article

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The content on DollarSprout includes links to our advertising partners. When you read our content and click on one of our partners’ links, and then decide to complete an offer — whether it’s downloading an app, opening an account, or some other action — we may earn a commission from that advertiser, at no extra cost to you.

Our ultimate goal is to educate and inform, not lure you into signing up for certain offers. Compensation from our partners may impact what products we cover and where they appear on the site, but does not have any impact on the objectivity of our reviews or advice.

Paid freelance writing is a lucrative way to get paid to write from home. You don’t need a degree or even the most eloquent prose to have a lucrative side hustle as a freelance writer.

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writing online articles for money

Our number one goal at DollarSprout is to help readers improve their financial lives, and we regularly partner with companies that share that same vision. If a purchase or signup is made through one of our Partners’ links, we may receive compensation for the referral. Learn more here .

When I started a blog four years ago, I had no idea I could get paid to write about anything. Fast forward three years. Now I get paid to write about things I love, and I make a full-time living doing it.

Freelance writing can be a great way to make money from home. But with any business, there’s a steep learning curve. You have to know what editors want, where to find jobs that are legitimate, and what to charge as you progress.

A Look at the Best Freelance Writing Websites

When you’re building your writing portfolio, there are some freelance writing sites that stand out for offering legitimate jobs and paying writers a living wage. They’re the best freelance writing websites for beginners.

Upwork is a freelancer marketplace and go-to source for business owners looking for all kinds of digital services. You can find hundreds of paid writing jobs in dozens of subjects.

One of the benefits of using Upwork is that you won’t have to chase down payment from clients. All invoices and payments happen through Upwork, and you’re guaranteed payment for the work you do.

The downside is that Upwork charges a 20% fee on your first $500 earned with each client, 10% up to $10,000, and 5% beyond that. It’s a good place to get started, but you won’t want to use it for long.

Known for offering services starting at $5, Fiverr is a marketplace for freelancers to showcase their services to prospective clients. You create a profile, list a “gig,” and then it becomes available to a global audience.

All communication and payments are processed through Fiverr, but it also charges a steep 20% fee on all earnings. If you’re nervous about reaching out to clients yourself, Fiverr can be a good platform where they come to you.

But you’ll have to do something to make yourself stand out in a sea of other writers. That’s where specializing in one subject matter can be your strength.

3. Textbroker

Textbroker only offers content and writing services on its platform. Writers who sign up with Textbroker will find many resources on how to improve their writing, including editors to review articles, writing tutorials, and videos on how to get the most out of Textbroker.

Earnings per word depend on your quality level. You can earn from $0.07 per word up to $0.50. You choose from thousands of orders available based on your quality level, and there are no additional fees. Textbroker also offers milestone and quarterly bonuses when you achieve different word counts.

Writers, designers, videographers, and other creatives can all find jobs on Skyword . Skyword is a marketplace where you can find jobs and be found by clients. It works with both small and high-profile clients and is a great way to make the jump from lower-paying job sites.

You can’t just sign up for Skyword clients. Fill out a profile and wait until you’re hand-selected for jobs, meaning your profile can sit in Skyword for a long time before you’re submitted to clients or able to view job opportunities. You can increase your chances of being picked by editors by keeping your social media relevant and updated.

5. ClearVoice

ClearVoice connects qualified writers with job opportunities based on the writer’s CV or ClearVoice portfolio. Once you complete your CV, you’ll be able to join ClearVoice’s Talent Network and have your CV sent to prospective clients.

Writers are then handpicked for opportunities based on their CV, so there’s an incentive to create one that stands out. You set your own rates and are paid via PayPal upon assignment approval, so you get the security of going through a marketplace without the fees typically associated with them.

6. Contently

Contently is an online writing agency that connects freelance writers with businesses. Many writers use the site for its free portfolio service, but Contently editors use these portfolios to handpick freelancers for clients.

Many high-profile websites and companies use Contently to source writers, so the jobs pay well. These jobs tend to go to the most experienced candidates, and it can take years for an editor at Contently to refer you to a client. But if you’re patient, Contently can offer lucrative writing opportunities.

Another place experienced freelance writers can find high-paying jobs is on nDash . nDash is a content platform where writers can create a profile and pitch ideas for blogs, articles, and whitepapers to prospective clients.

nDash claims the average writing assignment on its platform pays between $175 to $450. Once an assignment is approved, payment is deposited directly into the writer’s bank account within two to three business days.

It’s a relatively new site so not as many companies are using it, but writers have reported that if you’re willing to pitch more, you’ll make a decent income.

8. SmartBug

SmartBug is a content marketing company specializing in B2B (business to business) marketing and copywriting. Its writers produce content for the web, social media, email, sales pages, and more.

This is a great site for writers who aren’t beginners but may not have the experience or portfolio to compete for jobs with other top writers. There’s no direct way to apply, but you can fill out a general interest application on the website.

9. NewsCred

NewsCred is a community for experienced freelance content creators. In-house editors pair creators with customer programs, but you can also view freelance positions on the platform. Then NewsCred’s editorial team serves as your managing editor for all client work.

You can find high-profile Fortune 500 companies from a variety of industries using NewsCred, the most popular being tech, healthcare, and financial services. There’s currently no button to apply on NewsCred’s website, but you can contact the company via the contact form on its website.

10. The Writer Finder

Growth Machine is an SEO-focused content marketing company with a freelance writing platform called The Writer Finder . Growth Machine works with a variety of clients in AI, travel, wellness, dogs, weddings, and more.

What sets The Writer Finder apart is the Slack group for freelance writers. It lets you communicate with other freelance writers on the team. Rates are competitive, and you’ll also have the chance to learn sought-after SEO skills.

Related: 51 Freelance Jobs Websites with the Best Remote Work Opportunities

Apply for Assignments on the Best Freelance Writing Job Boards

Job boards are easy places for companies to post their jobs. The job board doesn’t vet freelancers, handle payments, or make promises on behalf of clients.

There are some things to be aware of when applying and taking a job from a job board. Because the service is free for writers, you’re competing against thousands of other bloggers for a limited number of jobs.

Job boards are also notorious for phishing scams. “Clients” may ask you to download a zip file of their payment terms or writing guidelines and ask you to invoice them via PayPal. The zip file is actually a keystroke logger allowing them to steal your PayPal credentials. Be careful when applying to jobs on these boards.

11. ProBlogger

The ProBlogger job board is updated daily with blogging and article writing jobs across all subjects.

Businesses have to pay ProBlogger to post their job ad, meaning the writer isn’t paid through ProBlogger. They don’t charge the writer any fees for joining or getting paid.

Another job board filled with many freelance writing opportunities is Indeed . You can find full-time, part-time, and freelance remote writing jobs across all subjects, and because of the vastness of the board, competition isn’t as high compared to others.

You can sign up for job alerts based on your searches. Simply enter your email address and activate emails to see them as soon as they hit the website.

13. MediaBistro

Journalists and anyone else in media will find MediaBistro helpful for finding jobs in the industry. If you’re looking for paid writing jobs in marketing, advertising, television, or news, you can find hundreds of jobs from recognizable names on MediaBistro’s job board.

There are entry-level positions listed, but your best move is to get enough writing experience to make a professional-looking resume before you start applying for jobs on this site.

How to Get Paid to Write (Step by Step) 

Before you apply to get paid for writing, there are a few things you should do to make yourself stand out to potential clients.

1. Choose What to Write About

When you’re writing for money, you might think that only writing about a couple of topics limits your options, but it actually expands them. Sites and companies that pay well don’t want freelancers who write about anything, they want experts in their field. When you stick to a single niche and become known for it, you’ll become a sought-after writer.

Choosing one topic also allows you to scale your business faster. You learn your subject thoroughly, research less, work faster, and can take on more clients. All this leads to being able to earn a higher hourly rate for your work. The key is to pick a profitable niche.

2. Create a Portfolio

There are several ways to create a portfolio. The first is with a blog. Every new writer should have a blog, especially if you don’t have many clips to show potential clients.

Once you choose your niche, write five to ten blog posts on various topics within it. This shows potential clients your writing style, expertise, and gives them a place to contact you.

You can also make money with a blog . One way is to find products and services related to your niche that you like using and see if they have an affiliate program. Then every time someone makes a purchase through your affiliate link, you’ll earn a small commission.

3. Create Profiles on Multiple Sites

Once you’ve written a few articles for other sites or publications, you can create profiles and portfolios on multiple professional freelance writing sites. Clippings.me is a portfolio site for journalists, Contently is used by many web-based content writers, and LinkedIn is a go-to place for businesses looking for expert writers.

Having a presence on a few different sites makes it easier for clients to find you and your work. They may also learn personal facts about you that give you an edge over other writers so don’t underestimate including things like your alma mater, pets, and hobbies.

4. Post on Social Media

Building a social media presence around your niche can also put you ahead for freelance writing jobs. Twitter is most popular for journalists and print publications while Instagram is becoming a popular place for e-commerce businesses to find writers.

You don’t have to make another social media account just for your writing. Post facts, breaking news, advice, and stories related to your niche and tag them with relevant hashtags. It’ll help brands find you, and it can further reinforce to potential clients that you’re knowledgeable and stay current about the topics you write about.

Related: How to Become a Social Media Manager

5. Accept Smaller Jobs While Building Your Reputation

While you’re building your portfolio and expertise in your niche, you’ll have to be willing to accept lower-paid writing jobs. Think of them as practice that you’re getting paid to do. The more organizations, editors, and platforms you work with now, the more you’ll be able to impress high-paying clients in the future.

You can also pitch websites to guest post. You won’t get paid to write guest posts, but you may be able to add links to your blog posts in your article. This will help your posts rank higher in Google, and potential clients may be able to find you through simple Google searches.

Related: How to Get Paid to Write Reviews

 6. Learn to Network

You can start freelance writing on your own, but if you want to build a business and make a living writing, you need a network of other writers. Your network should be filled with writers and editors in your niche who are a little ahead of you and a little behind you in the journey.

Your network can also help you find sources for stories, give you feedback on pitches, advise you on rates to charge, and help you to feel like you’re not alone in this often isolating industry.

Related: How to Make More Money as a Freelance Writer

Resources on How to Get Paid as a Writer

When you’re running your freelance writing business, you’ll want to have some resources to make it easier to write and get paid.

Freelance Writer’s Den

Started by veteran freelance writer Carol Tice, the Freelance Writer’s Den is a membership site just for freelance writers. You have access to over 300 hours of freelance writing education including eCourses, webinars, and podcasts.

There’s also a forum for networking with other writers and a job board with new writing jobs posted every Monday and Thursday, all with a minimum rate of $50 per article.

Membership for the Freelance Writer’s Den only opens twice a year. If you’re interested in joining, sign up for the waitlist to be notified.

Get Paid to Write for Blogs (Course)

This is a course geared towards new freelance writers that was created by Cat Alford (who, coincidentally, has been a freelance writer on DollarSprout in the past).

The course features eight video modules covering beginner-level lessons, including how to create a portfolio that will attract high-value clients. The course also covers everything you need to know about running the business side of things. 

Related: The Best Online Writing Courses for New Freelance Writers

Getting Paid to Write is Possible

You can get paid to write in any field at any level. Like any business, it’s difficult to get started.

However, if you work your way through the many content marketing agencies and job boards, you’ll be able to find steady work and grow your business.

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    Writers who sign up with Textbroker will find many resources on how to improve their writing, including editors to review articles, writing tutorials, and videos on how to get the most out of Textbroker. Earnings per word depend on your quality level. You can earn from $0.07 per word up to $0.50.