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The Ultimate Guide to Shuttle Express Services in Salt Lake City

If you’re planning a trip to Salt Lake City, you’ll want to make sure you have reliable transportation from the airport to your hotel or any other destination within the city. One popular option for travelers is Shuttle Express, a trusted shuttle service that provides convenient and affordable transportation. In this ultimate guide, we will explore everything you need to know about Shuttle Express services in Salt Lake City.

What is Shuttle Express?

Shuttle Express is a reputable shuttle service company that offers transportation solutions for individuals and groups in Salt Lake City. With a fleet of well-maintained vehicles and professional drivers, they aim to provide safe, comfortable, and reliable transportation for their passengers. Whether you’re a solo traveler or part of a large group, Shuttle Express has options to suit your needs.

Why Choose Shuttle Express?

There are several reasons why choosing Shuttle Express for your transportation needs in Salt Lake City is a wise decision. Firstly, their services are available 24/7, ensuring that no matter what time your flight arrives or departs, there will be a shuttle available for you. This level of flexibility can be especially beneficial if you’re traveling during odd hours or have last-minute changes to your itinerary.

Secondly, Shuttle Express offers door-to-door service. This means that they will pick you up from your desired location (such as the airport) and drop you off directly at your destination within the city. This eliminates the need for additional transfers or finding public transportation options.

Furthermore, Shuttle Express prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing well-trained drivers who are knowledgeable about the local area. They can offer recommendations on popular attractions, restaurants, and hotels if needed.

Types of Shuttles Available

Shuttle Express offers a variety of shuttle options depending on your preferences and group size. They have shared-ride shuttles that can accommodate multiple passengers heading in the same direction. This option is cost-effective and allows you to split the fare with other travelers.

For those looking for a more private experience, Shuttle Express also offers private shuttles. These shuttles provide a dedicated vehicle for your group, ensuring that you have exclusive use of the vehicle during your journey.

Additionally, Shuttle Express provides luxury SUVs and vans for those who prefer a more upscale transportation experience. These vehicles are perfect for corporate events, special occasions, or simply if you want to travel in style and comfort.

Booking and Reservations

Booking a Shuttle Express service in Salt Lake City is a straightforward process. You can make reservations online through their website or by calling their customer service hotline. It’s recommended to book your shuttle in advance to secure your preferred time slot, especially during peak travel seasons.

When making a reservation, provide all necessary details such as your pickup location, drop-off destination, flight information (if applicable), and the number of passengers traveling with you. Shuttle Express will then confirm your reservation and provide instructions on where to meet your driver upon arrival.

In conclusion, if you’re traveling to Salt Lake City and need reliable transportation services, Shuttle Express is an excellent choice. With their flexible scheduling options, door-to-door service, various shuttle types available, and easy booking process, they are sure to provide a hassle-free transportation experience during your visit.

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writing groups salt lake city

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Community Writing Center

Join a writing group & publish, the community writing series, a community writing center program.

The Community Writing Series (CWS), formerly the Diversity Writing Series, aims to provide individuals with opportunities to express themselves and to share their stories, histories, and voices with their communities. Historical, cultural, political, economic, and other structural forces have often silenced or erased the experiences of Indigenous Peoples and diasporas that make up our diverse Salt Lake communities.

WRITING GROUP SCHEDULES: Please note that all our groups are open to the public you do not need to sign up prior to attending a meeting.

Get It Written!

When: 2 nd  and 4 th  Mondays of the month, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Where: The Community Writing Center, 210 E. 400 S. #8, Salt Lake City, UT

This is a welcoming, inclusive space for you to focus on your writing passion around other writers. There are no word count or genre requirements, no critiques (unless requested), and most importantly, no pressure. It's just you, your passion project(s) and other writers ready and eager to support each other.

Poetry Writing Group

When: 2 nd  and 4 th  Tuesdays of the month, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Where:  Marmalade Library, 280 W 500 N, Salt Lake City, UT 84103

Welcome to the Poetry Writing Group! Together we'll learn about reading, writing, and publishing poetry. Beginners are welcome—this group aims to help you grow as a poet, no matter what level you're starting from. Feel free to bring a poem you've written so we can workshop it together, but no worries if you don't have the material yet: we will spend part of each meeting doing poetry exercises to help everyone get comfortable.

For questions about this group, please contact  [email protected] .

What's Your Story?: Creative Nonfiction Writing Group

When: 1 st and 3 rd Tuesdays of the month, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Everyone has a story to tell--so, what’s your story? Our writing group welcomes writers at any and all skill levels to join us in sharing true stories through creative nonfiction writing. Whether you want to write about a silly encounter you had at a grocery store, or a life-changing conversation you had with your grandma, we want to create a fun, supportive environment in which writers can authentically share any experience. As a group, we strive to empower you as a writer through discussion, collaboration, and ultimately, storytelling. Wherever you are in the writing process, from the idea stage to the final draft, we look forward to collaborating with you!

Millcreek Community Writing Group

When: 1 st and 3 rd Tuesday of the month, 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Where:  Millcreek Library 2266 E. Evergreen Ave. East Millcreek, UT, 84109

Welcome to the Millcreek Community Writing Group! We are a group of writers who love to express our creativity through the power of storytelling. Writers of all abilities are welcome to share and learn with us, whether you're already published or writing your first tale. This is an all-inclusive group; we encourage anyone and everyone to join our love of writing. We are located at the beautiful Millcreek Library and are dedicated to serving our community. You are not required to have a piece already written, as we will be working on stories during meeting time. You are also not required to share any of your work, but if you'd like to share we'd be happy to hear it! Please join us if you'd like to engage in the wonderful world of writing with a great community!

For questions about this group, please contact: [email protected]

Queer, Trans and Non-Binary Writing Group

When: 1 st and 3 rd Wednesdays, 6:30-8:00 p.m.

Where: The Community Writing Center, 210 E. 400 S. #8, Salt Lake City, UT

We are a fun and laid-back group of people, who enjoy getting together over writing. We welcome all to write, read and share their stories. Join us in making our 2023 publication! Please email [email protected] for any questions.

Silver Pen Writing Group

When: 1 st and 3 rd Thursdays from 1:00-3:00 PM

Where: The Community Writing Center, 210 E. 400 S. #8 Salt Lake City, UT

Feeling Creative? Like to write? Come join our Silver Pen writing group! We welcome writing of ANY genre and at ANY level. Whether you are just getting started or are already published, we have a great appreciation of the writing craft. Our participants are a diverse group who love to share stories, listen and learn. We will be writing together and reading out loud to one another. The goal is to help the writer feel good about their piece. Please note that although it is not required, writers in this group are encouraged to bring a short piece of writing with them to receive feedback.

Escritores De Utah Writing Group

When: 3 rd Saturday from 2:00-4:00 PM

Escritores de Utah es un grupo donde puedes acudir y aprender de los distintos estilos poéticos, se te presentarán herramientas para que puedas entender y escribir desde prosa hasta un soneto.

Playhouse Writing Cohort (PWC)

When: 1 st Tuesday from 6:30-7:30 PM

Where: Online: Register for Zoom Link

By request from enthusiastic local writers, we present to you: The Playhouse Writing Cohort! The PWC is a community-driven writing group whose goal is to develop and share the results of their passion for the performing arts. While concentrating on the tenets of playwriting and its relationship to other artforms, the PWC affords a safe environment for writers of all levels and backgrounds to submit their works in progress to table readings and comprehensive workshopping. Nothing is off the table, and no one is beholden to adhere to any given topic. However, the PWC focuses on different elements and principles of playwriting, periodically alternating themes and topics according to the group's drive.

writing groups salt lake city

Writing Chapters

Members are the greatest asset and most important part of the League. Local chapters are independently run and provide a space for education, practice, critique, skill-building, and much more to any and all writers.  Chapter meetings are open to the public and new members are always welcome.  

We have chapters across Utah with several meeting online for those beyond the confines of Utah. Find one nearest you, or the one that best fits your writing needs and personality. Every chapter is different and will fit needs of writers differently. Visit several until you find the right fit if you wish, or choose to be a member of multiple chapters. The possibilities are endless.  

We look forward to seeing you!

Click here to view Chapter Locations Map

Alphabetical chapter list.

Blue Quill Chapter (Ogden & Online)

Meets First and Third Wednesdays at 7pm

The Blue Quill chapter is meeting virtual via Zoom. We meet the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm MT for critiques and the third Wednesday of every month at 7pm MT for presenters. Everyone is welcome at our meetings! I hope you'll join us.

President: Rachael Bush

[email protected]


The Blue Quill Chapter is the League of Utah Writer's oldest chapter. Formed in 1928, their goal has always been to offer friendship, education, and encouragement to the writers and poets of Utah. While most members live in and around Ogden, they have members who travel for miles to join them.

Brigham City Writers

Meets First Monday 6:30pm - Monthly

Box elder county building or brigham library.

Visit our blog for location updates.

President: McKel Jensen

[email protected]


We have a great group of writers of all abilities. Each month we bring in presenters who teach about the craft. We are eager to teach and learn from our members. Come join us!

Cache Valley Chapter (Logan)

Meets First and Third Wednesdays 6:30pm - Monthly

Logan city library.

Visit our website for more information.

President: Tim Keller


Chapter 1: Davis County

Meets Second and Fourth Mondays from 6:30pm - 8:30 MT

Online - quarterly at davis county library.

Chapter 1 welcomes all writers! They hold virtual meetings via Zoom on the second and fourth Monday of each month from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m MT. On the second Monday, they have a guest speaker followed by critiques. On the fourth Monday, they dedicate the entire time to critiques

President: Dale George

[email protected]

No matter what genre, you are welcome at Chapter 1! We hold virtual meetings twice a month where we have a presentation and time for critiquing.

Fellowship of the Ink (Logan)

Meets First and Third Tuesdays Monthly

Cache valley - various locations.

Contact us via email for more details.

President: Elizabeth Drysdale

[email protected]

The Fellowship of the Ink caters to authors from all genres. They are based in Cache Valley with meetings in Nibley and Logan with either guest speakers or casual write-ins. Join their community and start writing!

Flaming Gnomes (Eagle Mountain)

Meets Second Thursdays Monthly

Saratoga springs smith's in the community room 689 n redwood rd.

President: Mark Hansen

[email protected]

Good American Fork Writers

Meets Second and Fourth Thursdays 6:00pm - Monthly

American fork library.

Please contact the president for more information.

President: Tim Tarbet

[email protected]


Herriman Chapter

Meets Fourth Thursday 7:00pm - Monthly

Herriman library.

President: Robin Glassey

[email protected]

The Herriman Chapter caters to writers of all skill levels in all genres. They host guest speakers that meet the needs of their members. They bring chocolate, so you should definitely check them out!

Infinite Monkeys (South Jordan & Online)

Meets Second and Fourth Wednesdays 7:00pm - Monthly

Online during covid pandemic (gale center in south jordan).

Specializing in Speculative Fiction but open to all genres. Second Wednesdays are presentations or workshops with critique. Fourth Wednesdays are Monthly write-in/accountability meetings. See our website for Zoom links and information or contact us via email.

President: Daniel Yocom

[email protected]


The Infinite Monkeys formed in 2016 and have built their foundation on inclusion and working together to grow as authors. They offer presentations, workshops, critique, publishing opportunities, and annual retreats. Everyone is welcome!

Just Write (email only)

Meets Twice a month via email

The chapter holds two critique sessions every month through email. President sends a monthly newsletter.Contact us for more information.

President: Ann Gordon

[email protected]

The Just Write Chapter is an online chapter. While they don't meet in person, they sponsor critiques twice a month via email and have members from Utah and six other states.

LUW Romance Writers (Online)

Meets the second Tuesday at 7pm for critiques and the last Thursday at 7pm for presentations.

Permanent zoom meeting link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/9630443174.

Need some help on how to give feedback? Use this form as a reference: https://luwromance.wordpress.com/feedback-form/ You may submit up to 2,000 words, but it is preferred to have a completed chapter. Your feedback will be over our Zoom meeting, and you will be asked to critique others’ work. Please take your time with these and use the feedback form for reference on what to look for. Feedback is not necessarily editing a person’s work. Think of this more as beta reading. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Co-Presidents: Melissa Schack and Keyra Kristoffersen Allred

[email protected]


The LUW Romance chapter focuses on romance writers and writers who include romantic elements in their stories. They offer guest speakers, workshops, and critique. Everyone is welcome to online meeting!

La Sal Legends (Moab)

*Meetings suspended due to COVID* Meets 2nd & 4th Tuesdays 6:00pm - Monthly

Grand county library 257 e center st, moab.

Meetings held in the Boardroom of the library. Call 435-355-0495 or email (preferred contact) the president for more information.

President: Stan Johnson

[email protected]

The La Sal Legends Chapter serves writers in south eastern Utah with members also from western Colorado.

Nebo Novelists (Springville)

Meets Second and Fourth Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30.

Springville library.

Email the president for more information.

President: Debbie Melander

[email protected]

The Nebo Novelists write, read, and share. They combine good friends, writing, and chocolate during their critique sessions. Come see what they're all about and find out just how sweet it is!

Oquirrh Writers (West Jordan)

Meets First Thursday 7:00pm - Monthly

Online via zoom.

We value education and each writers' growth. Each meeting will have a class presentation and time for critiques. Contact us for more information.

President: Jodi Milner

[email protected]


The Oquirrh Writers nurture writers of all abilities and welcome everyone. They host guest speakers and critiques every month in West Jordan.

Page One (Millcreek)

Meets Monthly on the Fourth Wednesday, 1:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Millcreek library.

We are a critique and writing group that welcomes all Genres and all levels of writers. Please use the chapter email to contact the Chapter President for more information.

President: Kelli Polcha

[email protected]

We are a small group of writers who come together to share our stories, our thoughts, and our experience with other writers. All levels of writers are welcome!

Red Butte Bards SLC Poetry Chapter

Meets First Tuesday at 6:00pm - Monthly

Red butte garden.

We are an 80/20 critique and presentation group. Submissions for critique in advance (3 pages or less.) Contact us through our Red Butte Bards Facebook page.

President: Kathy Goodman

Rural Writers (Vernal)

Meets Third Wednesday of the month at 5:30pm

Uintah county library in the upstairs conference room.

We offer encouragement, feedback and education

President: Nikki Sorensen

[email protected]

Brand new chapter and open to rural writers in the Vernal and surrounding area

SLC Writers Group

Meets Every Monday and Thursday - Weekly

Contact us for locations.

This group has been around for 15 years, accepts all forms of writing, with a focus on fiction. Contact us for more information.

President: Shauna Brock

[email protected]


The Salt Lake City Writer's Group offers many opportunities to local writers. They focus on highlighting and lifting up the voices of marginalized communities. They offer critiques, discussion groups, workshops, and write-ins.

Salt City Genre Writers (SLC & Online)

Meets Saturdays 9:00am - Weekly

Online during covid pandemic (slc downtown library and watchtower cafe).

Chapter meetings held the first Saturday with classes at the library. We also meet weekly at Watchtower Cafe in SLC on every other Saturday following.

President: Bryan Young


The Salt City Genre Writers formed four years ago and caters to all genres of fiction. They meet weekly and offer classes, workshops, and multiple publishing opportunities. This group continues to grow and welcomes everyone from any genre.

Salt City Scribes

Meets Fourth Tuesday 6:30pm - Monthly

Salt lake city main library.

Critique and writing group. We are a diverse crowd; all genres welcome. Check us out on Facebook or email for room locations.

President: Heidi Voss

[email protected]


The Salt City Scribes focuses on in-depth critiques. They offer chapter specific contests and an annual retreat. They welcome writers of any genre including nonfiction with any goals. Visit one of their meetings with no obligation to see if they are a fit for your needs.

Salty Scribblers

Meets once a month on the third Saturday at 1 pm

Contact the President for meeting locations and details.

Co-President: Sara Weikel Co-President: Stefania Restivo

[email protected]


Screenwriters Guild of Utah

President: Emily Clark

[email protected]

Teen Chapter

1st and 3rd Thursdays from 7-8 PM

Online - https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88156698002.

The group meets via Zoom every first and third Thursday from 7-8pm MST. - First Thursday: discussion of writing topics & submitting critique material - Third Thursday: critiquing of material turned in at last meeting

President: Sofiya Pasternack

[email protected]


The Teen Authors Chapter was specifically started for teen writers all over the state of Utah who are interested in learning more about writing novels, short stories, nonfiction, and poetry, and who may or may not have aspirations of publication some day!

Tooele Writers Bloc

Meets Monthly

Meeting locations vary in the tooele valley.

President: Richard Corley

[email protected]

Utah Freelance Editor Chapter

West Jordan

Contact the President or join the Facebook group for meeting dates and times. Secondary contact is the Vice President: Jennie Stevens [email protected]

President: Talysa Sainz


Utah Freelance Editors is a chapter of the League of Utah Writers. We provide a central list of local freelance editors for Utah-based writers, publishers, and businesses. If you’re a Utah-based freelance editor looking for your tribe, we want to hear from you. We intend to remain as inclusive as possible while maintaining the purpose of the group: to provide a community and network for freelance editors in the Utah community.

Utah Valley Legends (Provo/Orem)

Meets on the 1st Wednesday at the Provo library in room 214. A Zoom link is available. Meets on the 3rd Tuesday and 4th Wednesday exclusively on Zoom. All meetings begin at 7 pm.

Please contact us for more information.

President: Heather Wilson

[email protected]


Utah Valley Legends welcomes critique submissions of all genres and from writers of all experience levels. Those not presenting are still encouraged to join us for the critique process.

West Desert Wordsmiths (Delta)

Meets First Thursday 6:00pm - Monthly

Delta city library 76 n. 200 w., delta ut conference room.

The West Desert Wordsmiths meet once a month for a half hour of writing instruction and discussion, followed by a half hour of critiques. Participants are welcome to share work for critique between meetings through email or the group facebook page. Email chapter president for more details

President: Christina Allen

[email protected]

The West Desert Wordsmiths Chapter serves all of Millard County including adults and high school students alike. They meet in Delta and offer critique online.

Wordcraft (Sandy-Holladay)

Meets First Wednesday 7:00pm - Monthly

Holladay library.

Contact us for more information.

President: Sharee Hughes

[email protected]

The Wordcraft Chapter is a great group of authors who focus on guest speakers, workshops, and writing competitions! They meet in the Sandy/Holladay area.

Write On - St George (formerly Heritage Writers Guild)

Meets Second Tuesday 6:30pm - Monthly

St george library main branch.

Visit our website for more information including Writers Improvement Group and Writing for Children to Adults programs.

President: Denis Feehan

[email protected]


The Heritage Writer's Guild is a great place to meet authors of all types. They meet in St. George several times a month. They offer contests, guest speakers, and writing clinics.

Creative writing events near Salt Lake City, UT

[ONLINE] Creative Writing Workshop – Fiction

Sat, Dec 16 · 6:00 PM UTC

[online] creative writing workshop – fiction.

Group name : Los Angeles Writers Group - LAwritersgroup.com

Sat, Dec 9 · 6:00 PM UTC

Sat, dec 23 · 6:00 pm utc.

Creative Writing Challenge – December

Mon, Jan 1 · 7:59 AM UTC

Creative writing challenge – december.

Group name : The Scriptwriters Network

Creative Writing Challenge – Part 2 – December

Creative Writing Challenge – Part 2 – December

Queer Creative Writing Circle Online

Thu, Dec 7 · 3:00 AM UTC

Queer creative writing circle online.

Group name : Les-be-friends Vancouver

Write, Read, Listen

Sat, Dec 16 · 5:00 PM UTC

Write, read, listen.

Group name : Sacramento Creative Writing Workshops

The Meditation Journal

Mon, Dec 4 · 5:00 PM UTC

The meditation journal, mon, dec 11 · 5:00 pm utc, sat, dec 23 · 5:00 pm utc, sat, dec 9 · 5:00 pm utc, mon, dec 18 · 5:00 pm utc.

VCWG: Meet and Greet ONLINE

Fri, Dec 8 · 3:00 AM UTC

Vcwg: meet and greet online.

Group name : Victoria Creative Writing Group

The Post-Mormon Poets Society

Sun, Dec 17 · 3:00 AM UTC

The post-mormon poets society.

Group name : The Post-Mormon Poets Society

Author's Workshop with Ned Barnett

Wed, Dec 27 · 2:30 AM UTC

Author's workshop with ned barnett.

Group name : The 5Artz Writer's Workshops at Barnes & Noble, Summerlin

Hybrid Shut Up & Write!® at Momo Lolo Coffee

Mon, Dec 4 · 11:15 PM UTC

Hybrid shut up & write® at momo lolo coffee.

Group name : Shut Up & Write!® Fort Collins

Mon, Dec 11 · 11:15 PM UTC

Weeknight Workshop

Fri, Dec 15 · 1:00 AM UTC

Weeknight workshop.

Group name : Dallas Creative Writing

Semi-social writing

Fri, Dec 8 · 2:00 AM UTC

Semi-social writing.

Group name : Writers Eventually: the Procrastinators of Tomorrow

Storytellers Workshop LA Online

Storytellers Workshop LA Online

Group name : Storytellers Workshop LA

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Your Guide To The Salt Lake City Writing Scene

A booming tech industry in Utah means tons of writing opportunities for writers with the right combination of skills and expertise. Successful businesses are springing up faster along the Wasatch Front than Thanos can snap people out of existence. These companies need writers to produce fresh, innovative content and that means good things for writers in the Salt Lake City area.

Making a Living as a Salt Lake City Writer

Writing jobs in the Salt Lake City area vary in compensation based on the type of skills needed for the job. Glassdoor notes that a Salt Lake City content writer can earn an average of $48,782 annually. Copywriters earn an average of $50,408 per year. Technical writers pull in $53,409 annually.

Producing high quality content is a persistent need for Salt Lake City area businesses. Building a visually appealing website with useful regular content sets a company apart and helps that company make a name in a crowded marketplace. As long as customers turn to the Internet to guide their purchasing decisions, content writers will not be lacking for work.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor, for example, projects a 3.4 percent job growth rate for copywriters who work in advertising, public relations and related services over the next five years.

Online job marketplaces such as Indeed or Glassdoor can be useful resource for finding full-time or part-time writing jobs within the Salt Lake City area. You can also used paid resources like LinkedIn Profinder to snag one-time or recurring freelance gigs.

There are plenty of opportunities available for any hard-working, talented writer looking to polish skills, build a network of clients, or take a new turn on their career path.

Educational Opportunities for Writers to Advance in Salt Lake City

If you’re looking to bolster your writing skills in one aspect or another, you will find plenty of academic resources within the Salt Lake City metro area.

The city is home to the University of Utah and Westminster College. The University of Utah is the state’s flagship research university while Westminster is one of the top liberal arts colleges in the West. Both schools offer four-year degrees in various writing disciplines. Salt Lake Community College also offers multiple campuses in the Salt Lake City metro area to help writers who want to take a class or two or get certification from a program, like the technical writing program, in order to open more doors in the writing world.

Educational opportunities are not limited to taking college classes and earning degrees. You can also network through meetup groups, conferences, and workshops to really supercharge your writing efforts.

Writing Meet Up Groups in Salt Lake City 

  • Write the Docs , ongoing. This Salt Lake group is one of two dozen chapters around the world. This group is geared toward technical writers, programmers, and other professionals associated with software documentation. Group members have monthly meetings and conferences like SaltConf18.
  • Salt Lake City Writers, Authors, Speakers Community Group , ongoing. This is a meetup group that describes itself as a community of authorpreneurs (authors, writers, speakers, and entrepreneurs) who want to build an online presence to sell book, products, and services effectively by building an organic audience. The group typically holds monthly meetings at the Mystery Escape Room in downtown Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City Conferences for Writers to Consider in 2019

  • Digital Summit Salt Lake City : This two-day conference runs on March 5 and 6 and features more than 45 sessions and workshops. Each one is geared to offer practical ideas and strategies for staying current in the digital economy. Speakers are drawn from leading companies across the nation.
  • League of Utah Writers Spring Conference . A one-day event in April at Salt Lake Community College. It features a full day of workshops and presentations focused on improving your skills as a writer. Areas of focus include fiction, nonfiction, poetry and screenwriting.
  • UCET Conference 2019 : This two-day conference on March 5 and 6 at the Utah Valley Convention Center is sponsored by the Utah Coalition for Educational Technology. It offers breakout sessions on ways to utilize technology in teaching and learning. The theme for the March conference is “Tell Your Story.”

Workshops, Classes and More for Writers in Salt Lake City

Finding useful educational resources for writers in Salt Lake City is a simple task. These workshops and classes will set you up with the skills you need to attract companies looking for content writers.

  • Community Writing Center , check website for updates. Salt Lake Community College offers a wide range of writing workshops. Workshops are created in response to community requests and some are offered for free through grants and partnership funding. 2019 workshops are focused on topics such as grant writing, resume writing, non-fiction, and fiction.
  • The University of Utah Continuing Education department , check website for updates. Single classes are available to the community from the University of Utah. These classes focus on topics like grant writing, business writing, and creative non-fiction. They are offered throughout the year and last from a couple of weeks to a couple of months.

The Best Places for Writers to Write in Salt Lake City

You have tons of cool writing hot spots around the city to get your creative energies following. Check out some of these popular writing spots where you can rub shoulders with fellow writers.

  • Salt Lake City Library (downtown)
  • Sugar House Park
  • Memory Grove Park
  • University of Utah campus

Want to hit up a local cafe or coffee shop? You’re in luck. Coffee Garden on 9th and 9th, Publik Coffee Roasters  in the Avenues,  Watchtower Cafe near Smith’s Ballpark, and Nostalgia Cafe in central city are all wonderful spots to write and relax.

Community Groups for Writers in Salt Lake City

Beyond the resources listed above, you can connect with these formal writing groups that offer events and classes for local writers.

  • Salt Lake City Writers : a Facebook group that meets for write-ins and discussions each month. The location of the events is typically held at a branch of the city or county library.
  • League of Utah Writers : Various chapters of this Utah writing group meet in Salt Lake City and the surrounding metro area. It costs an annual membership fee to join, but members get access to workshops, conferences, and other annual events.

Local Companies Hiring Salt Lake City Writers

Skilled and experienced writers are in high demand in Salt Lake City . Business growth in Utah is robust and companies are scrambling to keep up with demand for fresh, unique content. Freelance writers and editors in Salt Lake City can find plenty of opportunities to strengthen their portfolio with local companies, digital marketing agencies, and online content platforms.

Digital Marketing Agencies

It’s true that digital marketing agencies are pivotal in keeping content flowing to readers. That’s why so many companies turn to them for help. Many agencies in Salt Lake City are always on the hunt for a few good content creators.

Content Platforms

  • WriterAccess : Many Salt Lake City writers find consistent work with us. We are a leading provider of writing services for 25,000+ customers powered by 15,000+ freelance writers, editors, content strategists and translators. We’re always looking to add to our roster of freelancer professionals with the skills and expertise to help businesses grow with organic content, so APPLY NOW!
  • Skyword : This collaborative content marketing platform specializes in creating content for major brands nationwide.
  • METRO : A newer content platform partnering with CNET. Metro offers opportunities to write, edit, and proofread content for major brands nationwide. Passing writing and editing tests is required before gaining access to the job boards.

Join Fellow Salt Lake Writers Now!

Salt Lake City has grown from its Mormon pioneer roots to become a culturally diverse city that’s home to a growing and thriving writing community. Many talented writers and poets in the West can trace their roots to this metropolis in the desert. It has blossomed as a rose in that sense. Use this guide to help yourself become a vital part of this community of writers!

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writing groups salt lake city

How SCGW Started

In 2015, following a productive and fun-filled National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), a number of the writers who had joined the NaNo fueled chat stuck around to continue on with their writing. The grueling intensity of a month of writing towards a 50k goal did not dissuade the founding members from following the desire to hone their craft. After realizing that they shared a common dedication, they decided to become part of the League of Utah Writers as a downtown Salt Lake City writing chapter. The Salt City Genre Writers Chapter was born.

Now a very active, friendly, and peer to peer driven writing group, the Salt City Genre Writers now hosts nearly seventy members regularly with nearly three times that found on our online Discord. Weekly meetings, informal write-ins, NaNoWriMo hosted write-ins, critique groups, publication opportunities, and much more are available within our chapter.

Our Leadership

Bryan young.

Bryan Young

Bryan Young is an award-winning author, filmmaker, and journalist who works in many different media. As a writer, he's had numerous novels and short stories published and has worked professionally in the Star Wars, Robotech, and BattleTech universes. His most recent novel is BattleTech: Honor's Gauntlet. He's written comics for Slave Labor Graphics and Image Comics and written and produced documentary films that were called "filmmaking gold" by the New York Times. As a journalist, he's had bylines at the Huffington Post, StarWars.Com, HowStuffWorks, /Film, Syfy, and many more. He's the president of the Salt City Genre Writers, a Salt Lake City-based chapter of the League of Utah Writers and also serves on the state board of that organization as President-Elect. He teaches writing for Writer's Digest and the University of Utah. You can learn more about him by following him on Twitter @swankmotron or by visiting his website, www.swankmotron.com .

Vice President

Cassidy ward.

Cassidy Ward is a writer of both fiction and non-fiction. He publishes a new short story and novel chapter online every month and is a regular columnist for SyFy.com where he writes about the intersection of science and popular culture. His story, Fancy Hansey Does Necromancy, was recently published in the first issue of One Mean Monster Zine.

Cassidy Ward

Monica Simons


Monica Simons writes romance and lives in Salt Lake City with her husband, daughter, two Italian Greyhounds and a flock of black-capped chickadees and lesser goldfinches in her backyard.

Horror Division Director

R. R. Smith is a Horror author and enthusiast. As the Secretary of Horror for the Salt City Genre Writers, she believes in the power of a good ghost story and loves teaching writers how to harness the horrific in any genre. Her work can be found in various collections and anthologies, from Daughters of Darkness: An All-Women Horror Anthology to the Salt City Genre Writers anthology By Virtue Fall.

R.R. Smith

Writing And Tech Coordinator

J.e. zarnofsky.

J.E. Zarnofsky is a writer, costumer, larper, and all around fantasy enthusiast. She is always seeking new ways to tell heartfelt and collaborative stories. Apart from her day job in software, she can be observed in her natural habitats of coffee shops, ice rinks, or medieval(ish) battlefields—armored and ready with her sword or bow.

Medium Editor

Erin r. britt.

Erin R. Britt is an editor of Salt Flats, an online publication, and writes fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, and academic scholarship with a little freelance on the side to make things spicy. She lives in Salt Lake City, UT with her son and her cat, Azog the Defiler.


Giving Tuesday 3x match extended to Friday Dec 1!

Donate to VolunteerMatch

  • 3 people are interested

Writing Group Mentor: Community Writing Series - Millcreek Save to Favorites

Organization: slcc community writing center.

Writing group mentors coordinate and facilitate ongoing group meetings for the SLCC Community Writing Center's (CWC) Community Writing Series (CWS). There are CWS writing groups with different emphases that meet all over Salt Lake County. As a mentor you have the opportunity to create an atmosphere where writers can share their work and receive thoughtful feedback. This helps enable the CWC’s mission of promoting writing and diversity within the community. In addition, volunteer mentors find that their own writing improves as they assist others in their writing. Members of our writing groups include novices and experts. They work on most forms of writing. This includes but is not limited to short stories, long fiction, essays, memoirs, poems, plays, and screenplays. Most writing would be rated PG, but the group is open to R, even somewhat beyond R. Members are highly talented, close knit, and supportive of each other.

Key Volunteer Mentor Responsibilities:

  • Track group meetings
  • Provide constructive feedback to group participants
  • Participate with your own writing
  • Be inviting to and collaborative with community writers
  • Understand group dynamics while being flexible, nonjudgmental, and creative
  • Assist in yearly group publication

Time and location Commitment: This position will take place in the Millcreek Library. There is already a group of interested writers who are looking for a mentor, when you would all like to meet and for how long will depend on everyone deciding. We ask that group mentors commit to a minimum of six months of service.

Group mentors will report to the Community Writing Series program coordinator.

A qualified mentor will be interested in the writing process, sensitive to diverse populations, patient, dependable, and open-minded.

Orientation and training for this position will be provided by the SLCC Community Writing Center. All volunteers with the Community Writing Center must first attend a volunteer orientation. Orientations are held every Wednesday around 6 pm either on zoom or at our location a 210 E. 400 S. Ste. 8 on the plaza at Library Square in Salt Lake City.

Thank you for your interest in strengthening our community of writers with your time and talents!

1 More opportunity with SLCC Community Writing Center

About slcc community writing center.

210 East 400 South, Ste. 8, Salt Lake City, UT 84111, US

Mission Statement

The SLCC Community Writing Center (CWC) supports, motivates and educates people of all abilities and educational backgrounds who want to use writing for practical needs, civic engagement and personal expression. The CWC is based on the principles of Education, Community, and Collaboration. The CWC has historically challenged and should continue to challenge the assumptions... that some types of writing are more valuable than others that publication validates a piece of writing that higher education is somehow separate from community education; and that higher educational institutions can know what a community needs or wants without entering into full and mutually-beneficial partnership with that community.


The CWC was founded on the premise that everyone can write with assistance and support from others. Based on the model of student writing centers that most college and universities have on campus to serve student writing needs, the CWC serves the entire Salt Lake metropolitian area community.

Because of a strong commitment to the community, Salt Lake Community College funds the CWC. SLCC values the variety of learning opportunities the CWC provides and is dedicated to providing on-going support for its programs.

These programs include Writing Coaching, Writing Workshops, and the DiverseCity Writing Series. The CWC also partners with local community organizations and governmental agencies to empower their clients, staff and volunteers through writing.

The CWC opened to the public in October 2001 in the Artspace Bridge Projects multi-use complext just across the street from the Salt Lake City homeless services district. In November 2005, the CWC moved to its current location in the Plaza of the SLC Main Library.


210 E. 400 S. Ste. 8 Salt Lake City, UT 84111


May 22, 2023

  • Literacy / Reading
  • Group Facilitation
  • Reading / Writing
  • Critical Thinking
  • Verbal / Written Communication


  • Must be at least 18
  • Orientation or Training
  • About 6 hours a month
  • 6 month minimum committment

Report this opportunity

We're sorry, this opportunity no longer exists.

Slcc community writing center has 2 more opportunities, please check them out..

  • Coaching & Editing
  • Salty City Writing Institute
  • Meg Kinghorn
  • Ella Joy Olsen
  • Prompts, Readings & Articles
  • Ella's Blog

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writing groups salt lake city

Utah Resources for Writers

Here you’ll find a collection of resources for writers in Utah, from conferences to local critique groups to literary magazines. If you’re looking for writing groups near you, writing workshops near you, creative writing classes near you, or simply a place to hang out with writers or submit your work, these are some Utah writing organizations you might want to check out:


For more than a decade, WriteByNight has helped writers in Utah and beyond achieve their literary goals. And we want you to be next! Claim your free consultation  to learn about WBN’s customizable  one-on-one writers’ services , including:

Book Coaching :  If you’re writing a book and want some help along the way.

Manuscript Critique : If you’ve written a book and want a beta read, critique, or writing workshop.

Editing/Proofreading : If you’ve written a book and want someone to polish it for you.

Publication Assistance : If you’ve written a book and want help finding an agent or publisher.

Not ready to chat? That’s cool. Until you are, why not  sign up for our weekly message  full of education and inspiration for writers and aspiring writers. You’ll also receive a free diagnostic tool,  “Common problems and SOLUTIONS for the struggling writer.”

Anne Newman Sutton Weeks Poetry Series

Events throughout the year include readings, signings and workshops.

League of Utah Writers

Members are writers and poets with various interests at all levels of skill and professionalism, meeting in local chapters around the state to write, read and discuss their work.

Quarterly West

A prominent literary magazine offering poetry, fiction, nonfiction and new media.

Red Rock Writers

An organization that hosts an annual writing seminar, poetry contests, writing workshops, and more.

Sugar House Review

A popular poetry journal out of Cedar City.

Utah Humanities Book Festival

A month-long festival featuring literary events throughout the state.

Utah State Poetry Society

Offers many readings, discussions and writing workshops in all parts of the state.

Writing and Illustrating for Young Readers Conference

An annual conference offering morning and afternoon writing workshops, seminars and discussions.

Help us add to this list, Utahns! Do you know of writing groups near you, writing workshops near you, creative writing classes near you, or a Utah literary journal we should be aware of? Let us know here

The competition in the publishing field is fierce these days and each submission must be the author's very best work in order to be considered for publication. The fees charged by WriteByNight are well worth the expense for the writer who is serious about getting published. Shannon B. Palm City, Florida

Client Credits

WBN has helped writers publish with:

Simon & Schuster Little, Brown & Co. St. Martin’s Press Amazon Slate Threepenny Review Huffington Post

WriteByNight, LLC 235 West End Avenue, 6H New York, New York 10023

646.374.8174 [email protected]

Search results for   “ creative writing workshops ”

Workshop for Creative Entrepreneurs primary image

Workshop for Creative Entrepreneurs

Tue, Jan 23 • 6:00 PM

Draper Library

Business Case Writing Classroom  Training in Salt Lake City, UT primary image

Business Case Writing Classroom Training in Salt Lake City, UT

Fri, Dec 22 • 9:00 AM + 20 more

Regus Business Centre

Business Writing 1 Day Training in Salt Lake City, UT primary image

Business Writing 1 Day Training in Salt Lake City, UT

Fri, Dec 15 • 9:00 AM

For venue details reach us at:

Business Writing 1 Day Training in Salt Lake City, UT primary image

For venue details reach us at [email protected]

My 100 GRAND PLAN™ Workshop: Make Good Money While Being a Great Mom primary image

My 100 GRAND PLAN™ Workshop: Make Good Money While Being a Great Mom

Sat, Jan 27 • 1:00 PM

Maven Create

Proposal Writing 1 Day Training in Salt Lake City, UT primary image

Proposal Writing 1 Day Training in Salt Lake City, UT

Fri, Dec 22 • 9:00 AM

For venue details reach us at: [email protected]

Proposal Writing 1 Day Training in Salt Lake City, UT primary image

Writing a CV 1 Day Training in Salt Lake City, UT

Friday • 9:00 AM

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Training in Salt Lake City, UT primary image

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making Training in Salt Lake City, UT

Thursday • 9:00 AM

Writing a CV 1 Day Training in Salt Lake City, UT primary image

Craft Lake City Workshop: Pre-Hispanic Mexican Cuisine Workshop

Thu, Dec 14 • 6:00 PM

Salt Lake City and County Building

Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making 2 Days Training -Salt Lake City primary image

Creative Problem Solving & Decision Making 2 Days Training -Salt Lake City

For venue details reach us at: [email protected]

Business Case Writing 1 Day Training in Salt Lake City, UT primary image

Business Case Writing 1 Day Training in Salt Lake City, UT

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making 2 Days Training-Salt Lake City primary image

Creative Problem Solving and Decision Making 2 Days Training-Salt Lake City

Tue, Jan 9 • 9:00 AM + 11 more

Business Case Writing 1 Day Training in Salt Lake City, UT primary image

Wed, Jan 10 • 9:00 AM + 11 more

For venue details reach us at [email protected]

WANDER: hike + glass blowing + yoga + lunch + rewrite old stories workshop primary image

WANDER: hike + glass blowing + yoga + lunch + rewrite old stories workshop

Saturday • 9:00 AM

Craft Lake City Workshop: All-Ages Puppet Making primary image

Craft Lake City Workshop: All-Ages Puppet Making

Wed, Dec 13 • 6:00 PM

Valley Fair

Craft Lake City Workshop: Wire Wrap Jewelry primary image

Craft Lake City Workshop: Wire Wrap Jewelry

Wednesday • 6:00 PM

Craft Lake City Workshop: Origami Terrariums primary image

Craft Lake City Workshop: Origami Terrariums

Tue, Dec 19 • 6:00 PM

Craft Lake City

Report Writing 1 Day Training in Salt Lake City, UT primary image

Report Writing 1 Day Training in Salt Lake City, UT

Things to do around salt lake city.


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  11. Writing Group Mentor: Community Writing Series

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    “Meg created an environment that fostered creativity. She had a great deal of information to provide on the subject, including written material we could

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    Here you'll find a list of writing resources in Utah, from conferences and mags to writing groups near you and writing workshops near you.

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    Creative writing workshops events in Salt Lake City, UT · Workshop for Creative Entrepreneurs · Workshop for Creative Entrepreneurs · Business Case Writing