The most detailed USMLE Step 1 Experience

The most detailed USMLE Step 1 Experience [Step 1 score 259]

Introduction, the materials i used during the first two years  (i will describe all these later in my post), the journey – proper.

“You can’t always get what you want, but if you sometimes try well you might find, you get what you need – Rolling Stones(Rock Band) – House MD.”


Microbiology –, immunology –, revision of first-year topics –, anatomy –, physiology –.

“The most important thing for USMLE is to connect Physiology with Pathology so before starting a chapter of systemic pathology from Pathoma always revise the associated system from BRS and you will do good.”

Biochemistry –

Behavioral science(psychiatry) and biostats –, uworld –.

# Newborn is found to have a cervical rib. Transformation of the seventh cervical segment to thoracic identity. Which is true of HOX gene alteration?   – Expression of a HOX gene normally expressed only caudal to C7


Nbmes –, uwsas –, x-factors – (things that help you score above 240), resources that i didn’t use –, let’s talk about the day and the week before step 1 :.

Find out how I scored 266 on USMLE Step 2 CK – Click Here

Dr Arjun Chatterjee is an intern at Calcutta National Medical College, Kolkata, India. To ask questions and interact with the author, us the comments section below. For more USMLE articles click here .

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5 thoughts to “the most detailed usmle step 1 experience [step 1 score 259]”.

Hello sir! I am a medical student from BJMC, Pune. I am about to enter my second year. I just wanted to ask that from where did you get the Kaplan video lectures. Actually I contacted the Kaplan authorities, they said they had a package for 4 months of prep. But you said you completed all of the subjects usig it so I though maybe you got it from somewhere else. Also I wanted to know if Lecturio is worth subscribing for? Thanks a lot for your guidance… means a lot for newbies like me!

4 months for the video lectures of Kaplan is good enough time to finish the course. However, there is a 7 month plan as well if you need. You can find it here

Lecturio is a good alternative and is much cheaper.

Hi sir, I am getting scores like 50 or 65% in UWorld Obank, Lecturio Q bank even after doing pathoma, FA, goljan and etc,. what to do sir?

Hi, I’m currently in year 1 -6 months into it. I plan on giving my USMLE after/during my internship, but wish to integrate it with my studies from now. I’m very confused which sources to go for, Kaplan is good but pricey. Would you suggest I must go for Kaplan or are there alternatives?

Sir I am in 5th term of 2nd year. I decided to take up usmle. Is too late for me? What steps should I take now to ace the exam and good rank. I look forward to your reply.

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    For overall preparations Kaplan/Becker series are good to go. · For pathology golijan and pathoma are a must · You can also go through the BRS

  5. What are the preferable books for the first step of USMLE?

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  6. What are the best resources for the step 1 USMLE for each subject?

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  14. The most detailed USMLE Step 1 Experience [Step 1 score 259]

    The Kaplan book is all you need to do well in any pharma exam anywhere in the world. No need to study or consult Katzung or Tripathi(Indian