Problem Solution Essay

Nova A.

Problem-Solution Essay - Writing Guide, Topics, & Sample

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Published on: Dec 7, 2019

Last updated on: Jan 25, 2023

Problem-Solution Essay

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Are you looking for help to write and submit a great problem-solution essay? Unfortunately, many students confuse these essays with argumentative and persuasive essays and fail to write an engaging and convincing essay.

These essays are different from the other kinds of essays and have their own conventions and style. A detailed  essay writing guide  will help you know about each essay’s different kinds and writing processes.

The problem-solution essay is one of the most difficult types to get right. It's not just about explaining your point but also providing convincing arguments and evidence for it.

You can learn all about this type with us because we cover every important detail in this blog. So you know how exactly to write it effectively.

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What is a Problem-Solution Essay?

A problem-solution essay is a kind of persuasive writing. It presents a problem, describes it in detail, and proposes a solution for it. A great essay must be convincing and have strong evidence and arguments to prove that the given solution is the best.

This essay differs from both argumentative and persuasive essays as it does not focus on arguments only. Instead, it is somewhat like a  cause and effect essay  as it discusses different causes as problems and their effects as consequences.

Like it, a problem-solution essay focuses on describing the problem and its consequences also. As a writer, it is your job to investigate the problem in-depth and develop a fruitful solution.

Usually, these are short essays and are parts of subject exams and IELTS exams. The essay could give a single solution or present multiple solutions to solve the discussed problem.

Basic Elements of a Problem-Solution Essay

A problem-solution essay has the following features or elements.

The complete description of these features is as follows.

Since this kind of essay is written to propose a solution to a problem, it is important to discuss and explain the problem first. The problem should be well-defined and detailed and should be written to educate the reader about its existence.

Sometimes the readers do not know what the writer is talking about and miss the mark completely. To avoid any such situation, assume that your readers know nothing about it and explain it in detail.

After the writer has explained the problem, the writer presents the solution to the problem. When choosing the problem, make sure that it could solve through reasonable and doable solutions.

It should not be too broad or too narrow. Instead, choose the problem that you know you could tackle and offer reasonable solutions for.

The main argument should be strong enough to convince the readers about the solution that the writer has proposed. Moreover, it should be reasonable and could be implemented in real life.

Besides, the writer should make sure that they add strong evidence to prove that their proposed solution is better than others and offers greater benefits.

There is a difference between arguing and presenting a solution. As a writer, you must know the difference between these two and make sure that your essay stays within the defined conventions. Writing a problem-solution type of essay is like having an argument without actually arguing.

To answer the possible problem solution essay questions and concerns that may come in the readers’ minds, discuss the expected and possible objections. Doing this will show the reader that you have explored every possible solution and possibility before proposing the solution.

Before finalizing the essay, go through it and make sure that you have added all of these elements.

Problem Solution Essay Structure

The structure of this essay is usually the same as the structure of any other essay. Generally, it has three paragraphs that state and explain three problems and their solutions in detail. Below is the sample problem-solution essay structure.


  • Paraphrase and add the main question or topic of the essay.
  • State the problems that you will discuss in the essay.

Main Body Paragraphs

Paragraph 1 - Problem or the Cause

  • Topic Sentence  - Mention the first problem or the main cause.
  • Explanation  - Explain the problem in detail.
  • Example  - Add an example to explain further.

Paragraph 2 - Solution to the First Problem

  • Topic Sentence  - Mention the solution to the first problem.
  • Explanation  - Explain the solution in detail.
  • Example  - Add an example to highlight it.

The other two problems and solutions will be added in the same pattern.

  • Restate the thesis statement briefly.
  • Repeat the main points.
  • Mention how the presented solutions will help in controlling the problem.
  • Do not add any new ideas here.

How to Write a Problem-Solution Essay?

A good and commendable problem-solution essay proposes a reasonable and easy-to-implement solution to the discussed problem. Make sure that your essay stays focused and close to the main topic.

You must avoid adding any vague details and stick to the main essay topic only. Below are the steps to write a good and impressive problem-solution essay.

  • Choose the Problem-Solution Essay Topic 

This could be anything. To begin with, think of the issues and problems that bother you. These issues could be anything, and you may be a part of some groups that are already facing some issues. Make a list of the issues or problems these groups or your community are facing.

It is not important how big or small a problem is, but it must be significant enough to affect the people.

  • Think about an Easy to Implement Solution 

For a solution to be great, it should be easy to understand and implement. Good and fully functional solutions could be implemented easily, solve the problem effectively, and are cost-effective.

Finding a solution could be tough. Think about all the possible solutions and write them down. Below are some common ways to solve a problem.

  • Add something like money, new equipment, or resources
  • Get rid of things that are causing the problem
  • Educate the community about a problem like drugs or illiteracy
  • Use advertising to motivate the community about a cause
  • Revise old laws or introduce new ones to tackle the situation
  • Change the method of doing something

Besides, you can add other solutions or options also. 

  • Create a Problem Solution Essay Outline 

An outline is an important part of any writing process. It helps in maintaining the focus and sticking to the main essay topic only. Many times, a student loses focus and has to work on the essay all over again.

With a well-made outline, they can avoid it and stay focused throughout the entire writing process.

When outlining, divide the researched details into paragraphs. Make an order in which you will add and discuss those details and stick to it.

  • Write a Strong Essay Introduction 

The introduction is important, and without a strong and engaging introduction, you cannot write a good and ‘A-worthy’ essay. Describe the problem, its impact, and the reason it needs the solution.

In case of a new or uncommon problem, explain it in detail, and if it is a common problem, then explain its consequences. No matter what, you will have to convince the readers about the importance of the problem.

  • Add a Brief and Clear Thesis Statement 

The thesis statement is added at the end of the introduction. It should be clear and inform the readers about the main topic and theme of the essay. It should be brief, and instead of giving away all the details, it should entice the readers to read the essay. 

Here are some tips for writing an engaging and convincing thesis statement.

  • Add the solution to the problem in a single sentence and clearly.
  • It is added after the description of the problem.
  • In case the thesis statement is overly simple, discuss the solutions that did not work earlier before proposing your solution.

For a strong thesis statement, keep it brief and focused on the main theme or topic.

  • Write the Body Paragraphs 

This is the central part of an essay and takes up the major part of the work. Usually, an essay includes three paragraphs. In the case of a problem-solution essay, the three paragraphs will include three problems and their solutions.

When working on each solution, take care of the following things.

  • Explain each problem in detail.
  • Propose the solution and explain it properly.
  • Explain how the solution will be useful to solve the problem.
  • Give evidence about how your solution is the best; some ways of doing it are using expert opinions, statistics, previous studies, and some examples.

When presenting the solution, make sure that your solution is;

  • Useful for solving the problem
  • Cost-effective and easy to implement
  • Able to withstand the objections
  • Better than other solutions and options

When discussing the solution, you must discuss the possible objections against it and ways to counter them. Give arguments and evidence in your support and make your arguments and solution convincing.

  • End the Essay with an Excellent Conclusion 

The conclusion is the last part of an essay, but it is as important as an introduction. Unfortunately, many students mistakenly think that since it is the last part, it is less important. It is wrong, and they often fail to earn a good grade because the ending is lousy and careless.

Here are some tips for writing a strong and excellent conclusion for your problem-solution essay.

  • Explain to the readers what should happen.
  • Discuss the possibilities of improvement if your proposed solution is adopted.
  • Tell them how the solution will work.
  • If possible, add real-life examples to emphasize your proposed solution.
  • Add convincing and substantial statistics, facts, and testimonials to add weightage to your solution.

A good conclusion will not open new arguments but will provide closure to the entire essay. So make sure that you keep it brief, use it to tie the knots, and give the final word about the pros of your solution.

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Problem-Solution Essay Example

We know that writing this kind of essay could be a challenge. Below is a sample essay to help you understand better.

Problem Solution Essay Example College | PDF Example

List of Problem-Solution Essay Topics

When choosing a topic for your problem-solution essay, it is better to go with a topic that you are passionate about. Usually, the students choose social issues and things that happen around them. Below, we have given some helpful essay topic ideas which you use to write your essay.

  • Tobacco should be banned to control lung cancer. Discuss.
  • Obesity is caused by genetically modified and processed food. Discuss the solution.
  • Movie scripts should be censored to control violence in youth. Discuss.
  • How to eliminate racism and gender discrimination?
  • Government should propose some policies to deal with illegal immigration. Discuss.
  • How can we use social media to improve awareness?
  • Propose some ways to keep your friends and family safe.
  • College students in the United States are overburdened with homework.
  • How to improve the quality of education in high school?
  • Providing equal opportunities to under-privileged children is important. Discuss.

These are some good problem-solution topics that you can tweak to use as your own. Other than essays, you can also use such topics for your research paper. Since a research paper is based on original research work, these topics will make a great paper topic.

All of these topics are unique, and you can use them to practice for your test. 

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Nova A. (Literature, Marketing)

Nova Allison is a Digital Content Strategist with over eight years of experience. Nova has also worked as a technical and scientific writer. She is majorly involved in developing and reviewing online content plans that engage and resonate with audiences. Nova has a passion for writing that engages and informs her readers.

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Problem/Solution Essays

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In this chapter you will write a problem/solution essay. To write a problem/solution essay, think about a problem that you have experienced and how it could be fixed.

A problem/solution essay is written to explain the solution(s) for a problem. This essay can describe multiple solutions or one “ideal” solution to the problem you describe.

solution to problem essay example

This content is provided to you freely by BYU Open Learning Network.

Access it online or download it at .

Composition Type: Problem-Solution Essays

  • An Introduction to Punctuation
  • Ph.D., Rhetoric and English, University of Georgia
  • M.A., Modern English and American Literature, University of Leicester
  • B.A., English, State University of New York

In composition , using a problem-solution format is a method for analyzing and writing about a topic by identifying a problem and proposing one or more solutions. A problem-solution essay is a type of argument. "This sort of essay involves argumentation in that the writer seeks to convince the reader to take a particular course of action. In explaining the problem, it may also need to persuade the reader concerning specific causes" (Dave Kemper et al., "Fusion: Integrated Reading and Writing," 2016).

The Thesis Statement

In many types of report writing, the thesis statement is posed front and center, in one sentence. Author Derek Soles writes about how the thesis statement in a problem-solution paper differs from a straight "report of findings" type of text:

"[One]  expository  mode is the problem-solution essay, topics for which are typically framed in the form of questions. Why did fourth-graders from poor families score low on a nationwide math test, and how can educators improve math education for this group? Why is Iran a threat to our national security, and how can we reduce this threat? Why did it take the Democratic Party so long to select a candidate for the 2008 presidential election, and what can the party do to make the process more efficient in the future? These essays have two parts: a full explanation of the nature of the problem, followed by an analysis of solutions and their likelihood of success."
("The Essentials of Academic Writing," 2nd ed. Wadsworth, Cengage, 2010)

Readers need additional context before you get to your thesis, but that is not to say that the thesis has to be posed as a question in the introduction:  

"In a problem-solution essay, the thesis statement usually proposes the solution. Because readers must first understand the problem, the thesis statement usually comes after a description of the problem. The thesis statement does not have to give details about the solution. Instead, it summarizes the solution. It should also lead naturally to the body of the essay, preparing your reader for a discussion of how your solution would work."
(Dorothy Zemach and Lynn Stafford-Yilmaz, "Writers at Work: The Essay." Cambridge University Press, 2008)

Sample Introductions

It can be helpful to see completed examples before writing in order to examine what makes for an effective piece. See how these introductions give some context before posing the topic and lead naturally into the body paragraphs, where the evidence will be listed. You can imagine how the author has organized the rest of the piece.

"We buried my cousin last summer. He was 32 when he hanged himself from a closet coat rack in the throes of alcoholism, the fourth of my blood relatives to die prematurely from this deadly disease. If America issued drinking licenses, those four men—including my father, who died at 54 of liver failure—might be alive today."
(Mike Brake, "Needed: A License to Drink."  Newsweek , March 13, 1994)
"America is suffering from overwork. Too many of us are too busy, trying to squeeze more into each day while having less to show for it. Although our growing time crunch is often portrayed as a personal dilemma, it is, in fact, a major social problem that has reached crisis proportions over the past twenty years."
(Barbara Brandt, "Whole Life Economics: Revaluing Daily Life." New Society, 1995)
"The modern-day apartment dweller is faced with a most annoying problem: paper-thin walls and sound-amplifying ceilings. To live with this problem is to live with the invasion of privacy. There is nothing more distracting than to hear your neighbors' every function. Although the source of the noise cannot be eliminated, the problem can be solved."
(Maria B. Dunn, "One Man's Ceiling Is Another Man's Floor: The Problem of Noise")


In "Passages: A Writer's Guide, " how to organize a problem-solution paper is explained:  

"Though to some extent [your organization of the paper] depends on your topic, do make sure that you include the following information:
Introduction: Identify the problem in a nutshell. Explain why this is a problem, and mention who should be concerned about it.
Problem Paragraph(s): Explain the problem clearly and specifically. Demonstrate that this is not just a personal complaint, but a genuine problem that affects many people.
"Solution Paragraph(s): Offer a concrete solution to the problem, and explain why this is the best one available. You may want to point out why other possible solutions are inferior to yours. If your solution calls for a series of steps or actions to be followed, present these steps in a logical order.
"Conclusion: Reemphasize the importance of the problem and the value of your solution. Choose a problem that you have experienced and thought about—one that you have solved or are in the process of solving. Then, in the essay itself, you may use your own experience to illustrate the problem. However, don't focus all the attention on yourself and on your troubles. Instead, direct the essay at others who are experiencing a similar problem. In other words, don't write an I essay ('How I Cure the Blues'); write a you essay ('How You Can Cure the Blues')."
(Richard Nordquist, Passages: A Writer's Guide , 3rd ed. St. Martin's Press, 1995)
  • What Is Expository Writing?
  • How to Teach Topic Sentences Using Models
  • What an Essay Is and How to Write One
  • Definition and Examples of Analysis in Composition
  • How to Write a Solid Thesis Statement
  • Definition and Examples of Body Paragraphs in Composition
  • Examples of Great Introductory Paragraphs
  • An Introduction to Academic Writing
  • Thesis: Definition and Examples in Composition
  • Beef Up Critical Thinking and Writing Skills: Comparison Essays
  • 2020-21 Common Application Essay Option 4—Solving a Problem
  • Topical Organization Essay
  • Understanding Organization in Composition and Speech
  • How to Write a Good Thesis Statement
  • How to Structure an Essay
  • The Ultimate Guide to the 5-Paragraph Essay

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How to Write a Problem Solution Paper

Last Updated: July 22, 2023 Fact Checked

This article was co-authored by Stephanie Wong Ken, MFA . Stephanie Wong Ken is a writer based in Canada. Stephanie's writing has appeared in Joyland, Catapult, Pithead Chapel, Cosmonaut's Avenue, and other publications. She holds an MFA in Fiction and Creative Writing from Portland State University. This article has been fact-checked, ensuring the accuracy of any cited facts and confirming the authority of its sources. This article has been viewed 139,884 times.

A problem solution paper focuses on a particular problem or set of problems. As the essay writer, you will then need to come up with a solution or several solutions to the stated problem. Problem solution papers are common on exams, as they allow you to explore an issue and use critical thinking to respond with a solution. To write a problem solution paper, start by outlining the paper. Then, follow the structure of a problem solution paper and polish the paper so it is at its best when you turn it in.

Starting the Paper

Step 1 Identify the situation.

  • For example, you may have a main situation like, “obesity and poor fitness,” or “trigger warnings on college campuses.”
  • If you get to choose the situation, make a list of groups you belong to, such as “school,” “family,” “race,” “culture”,” or “local community.” Then, identify a situation or issue you have encountered as a member of one of these groups.

Step 2 Determine the key components of the paper.

  • In the situation component, you will paraphrase the prompt of the paper in your own words.
  • In the problem component, you will state the problem or problems and explain what they are in your own words.
  • In the solution component, you will state your solution or solutions to the problem. You will also explain how it will address the problem.
  • In the evaluation component, you will list the main ideas in the paper and offer a prediction or recommendation based on your solution to the problem.
  • There will only be one situation presented to you in the prompt for the paper. You can then have multiple problems and multiple solutions that link back to the situation.

Step 3 Use the block structure for the outline.

  • Introduction section, where you discuss the situation
  • Transition sentence or paragraph
  • Conclusion section, where you discuss the evaluation

Step 4 Try the chain structure for the outline.

  • Problem 1 and Solution to Problem 1
  • Problem 2 and Solution to Problem 2
  • Problem 3 and Solution to Problem 3

Writing the Paper

Step 1 State the situation in your own words.

  • For example, if the situation in the paper prompt is “obesity and poor fitness,” you may focus on specific aspects of the situation in the introduction. You may look at how the consumption of unhealthy food and the overuse of cars plays into obesity and poor fitness in society.

Step 2 Research the problem or problems.

  • If you cannot find a lot of outside material on the problem, you can collect your own data for the paper. Do this by making a survey that you give to people who are affected by the problem. You can also interview people associated with the problem, or with possible solutions.
  • For example, if you were researching the problem “trigger warnings on college campuses,” you may interview college representatives at your university or college. You may also talk to students on campus.
  • Most problem solution papers written for exams do not require you to cite any outside sources. You may need to cite your sources if you are writing the problem solution paper for a class.

Step 3 Create a strong...

  • For example, if you were writing about the situation “obesity and poor fitness,” you may have the following thesis statement: “Obesity and poor fitness can lead to a decrease in life expectancy, and it is essential that individuals and governments work together to tackle this issue by improving their citizen's diet and fitness.”

Step 4 Identify your solutions.

  • For example, you may come up with a solution that addresses a lack of resources by adding support, money, or more staff. Or you may come up with a solution that addresses the problem by changing an existing practice or habit.

Step 5 Support your solutions with specific examples.

  • For example, if one of your solutions to the problem of obesity and poor fitness is to encourage people to cook at home, you may list a few specific ways people can do this. You may suggest that national eating healthy at home campaign is created, offering recipes online that take less than 30 minutes to prepare at home.

Step 6 Wrap up the paper with an evaluation.

  • For example, you may end up a call to action like, “With rising levels of obesity in our country, it is essential that we take action now to address this serious issue.”

Polishing the Paper

Step 1 Confirm the paper follows a clear structure or outline.

  • You can create a reverse outline using your paper as a guide, where you go through each section and confirm it follows the outline you started with.

Step 2 Check for spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

  • You can also show the paper to a peer, friend, or family member and get them to proofread it for you.

Step 3 Revise the paper to fit the word count.

  • If you are writing the problem solution paper for a class assignment, you may still have a set word count. Check that your paper falls within this word count.
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About This Article

Stephanie Wong Ken, MFA

A problem solution paper focuses on a particular issue and should include one or more solutions to it. You’ll need to begin the paper by stating the situation in your own words. For example, the situation could be “obesity and core fitness.” Include a thesis statement at the end of your introduction, which could be something like, “Obesity can lead to decreased life expectancy, making it imperative for governments and people to tackle this issue by improving diet and fitness.” The following sections should deal with identifying all of the problems arising from the situation and proposing solutions to them. Try to give examples to explain each solution. For instance, if you say the growth of obesity can be stopped by improving people’s diets, you could propose a national healthy eating campaign. Finally, you should conclude by evaluating the whole paper and making recommendations about how to implement your solutions. For tips from our Writing co-author on how to plan an outline for your problem solving paper, read on! Did this summary help you? Yes No

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The Definitive Guide to Writing a Problem Solution Essay

06 February, 2021

13 minutes read

Author:  Josh Carlyle

In this article, we cover the basics of problem solution essay writing. We will explain what a problem and solution essay is in academic and straightforward terms. We shall also cover the four essential components that make this essay coherent. With these four components in mind, we will offer guidance on the outline structure and provide some general writing tips on research and problem solving, as well as some topics and essay samples.

Problem Solution Essay

What is a Problem Solution Essay?

A problem solution essay is a staple of humanities and social science subjects. These essays cover a pressing issue, examine how it causes problems, and offer solutions to these problems. The topic for problem solution essay papers can be incredibly diverse. The problem could be local, regional, or global. It could affect a wide range of people or be part of the discourse on an arcane and obscure aspect of computing.

problem solution essay

If you are wondering how to write a problem solution essay, look no further than its name. The core of a problem solution essay is in the title. In this type of essay, a problem is presented, and a solution is offered. Doing this well requires presenting the issue in an audience-appropriate way and then offering solutions that thoroughly negate any critiques of those solutions. 

4 Components of a Problem Solution Essay

In a problem and solution essay, the following aspects must be included:  

  • The Situation: this opening part is where the foundation of the problem lies. It is not an introduction in the sense that you may be familiar with or an abstract that covers the entirety of your thesis. Rather, it is a short and straightforward briefing that will make a layperson familiar with the situation at hand.
  • The Problem: this part provides specifics of the problem. Detailed dissections of evidence take place here; we’ll summarise those later in the evaluation section. 
  • The Solution: this component covers push-back specific solutions you may encounter. Part of a correct answer is thinking of your opponents’ perspectives and ensuring that they address their assumptions and points.
  • The Evaluation: in this section, it is crucial to write with brevity and wit; this will make your position memorable. Readers will often remember the last part of essays they read, so make sure it represents a microcosm of your essay as a whole. 

These components are the essence of the structure required in a problem solution essay. The actual structure you will work with will require a finer granulation of sections. For instance, in the solution section, the critiques will also need to have a review applied, demonstrating their lack of applicability or irrelevance. 

Problem Solution Essay Outline

The best guide for a problem solution essay outline is the four components mentioned above. Cover the situation, the problem, the solution, and then evaluate both or all sides of the story. 

To drill down further into the outline, you should have an introduction that will set out your paper’s structure. Then you should present the situation. Keep this section free from emotive language. Use it to ensure the reader has all the facts, and imagine that you want everyone reading the paper to be on a level playing field in terms of knowledge and framing of the problem.

In the problem section, you must explain why there is a particular issue. At this point in your essay, ensure that you do not leave the door open to other causes of the problem. Find ways to make the problem something that the reader cares about and wants to solve, but beware of assuming the reader is on your side simply because you’ve said some things and made some points. 

Once the situation has been explained, and the problem elucidated, present your solution. It  should use evidence, and you should be able to explain how it directly relates to the question.  Don’t use ad hominem attacks or go polemic. Unravel the problem with your solution. Take it to step by step and keep your writing composed.

In the evaluation section, you should find your argument’s weaknesses and the views that find fault with your solution.

How To Find Solutions to Your Problems

You can find solutions to your problems by researching them; someone will have asked the question before, or one very similar to it. You can talk to your peers and even conduct polls on social media to gauge the public’s position on various solutions. 

Another way of finding solutions include flipping your perspective. Take the position of the other side and see the world through their gaze. By putting yourself in the opponent’s shoes, you can see weaknesses in your ideas and perhaps adjust them to take on more relevance to more people or factor in an aspect that you had overlooked.

Ultimately, the best way to find solutions is to read and read some more. Try looking in your library if you prefer books to the internet, but don’t leave Google out of it. Using the search engine correctly, you can dig up all kinds of books, papers, and presentations that will be very useful in your studies.

Problem Solution Essay Topics

The list of problem solution essay topics is very long. As mentioned earlier, the problem can be a local issue, affecting a specific demographic or being universal. Regardless of the topic you choose, there are another million waiting for an answer.

To start you off, the climate crisis is an excellent area for debate. 

  • How do we deal with stranded assets in the fossil fuel industry and financial sector? 
  • What should the laws be surrounding new cars run on petrol and diesel? 
  • How should electrification be carried out in developing nations? Is a carbon tax a viable way to reduce emissions? 

Other problem solution essay ideas might include social media’s effect on dopamine levels, gerrymandering in electoral districts, or the working week’s length. 

Problem Solution Essay Examples

Reading previous papers is a fantastic method to improve your grades. Study essays that get top marks and some of the ones which get lower marks. The difference will be apparent in their vocabulary, logic, and evidence. Read a few problem solution essay sample papers but don’t plagiarize them; always cite your sources. Here are a few examples to help you get started:  

Writing Tips for a Problem Solution Essay

An essay is a complex task to complete. That’s why it’s useful to break down the whole into several steps. 

Step one is to conduct some thorough research and planning. If you have free choice over the problem at hand, then start by brainstorming some groups you belong to and decide whether they’re officially mandated ones like a sports team or a club, or broader, like your sex, gender, nationality, or language grouping.

After this, jot down some issues in the groups. Are you struggling to manage the payment plan for your sports hall? Has there been an instance of bullying or shaming in your school? With the topic in mind, move onto research. 

When researching your topic, it’s always useful to remember that there is nothing new under the sun. It is almost definite that similar problems have arisen before, and most solutions already exist.

Then, conduct and compose a literature review on the topic. A literature review is an excellent addition to your essay as a standalone section. It helps to situate your issue within the world and builds relations to other similar problems. 

You may think you have nothing to say about the problem or find it hard to justify your opinion. Well, in the problem solution essay, your voice matters. Always try to back up what you’re saying through evidence and try not to stray into writing a polemic. Yet, passion and emotion are useful tools for framing the problem. Just try not to make these responses the whole essay.

As far as solving problems goes, you can use some general mechanics to come up with solutions. The following paragraphs will present some of these logical mechanics; feel free to use them in your writing:

  • Add something new: this solution works when something is lacking. The problem may be a lack of funding, equipment, or motivation. The assumed problem when using this angle of attack is that there is a lack of resources available. Concrete examples of this could include more teaching assistants in education, longer opening hours at a library, or more significant legislation to protect the environment.
  • Remove something: this is the inverse of the previous point. Inversing is a useful strategy for thinking about problems in general. If something is too crowded or too busy, it might be a solution to limit exposure to something and devise a solution. 
  • Education: learning is a more specific aspect of ‘adding something’; it presupposes that a lack of information and awareness is the cause of the problem. If people had this knowledge, the theory goes that the issue would disappear or reduce because people could make informed decisions and correct their behavior.
  • Enforcement: if something like school rules, or even the law, is being ignored, proper enforcement might be a solution. Enforcement has its own sets of problems. This angle is an excellent way to write an unfolding and varied essay as it requires lots of discussion around proper enforcement. Making people do things they don’t want to do is a tricky situation and is riddled with structural and psychological issues.
  • Compromising: proposing compromise through mediation or bi-partisan effort is another complex solution. To work effectively, it has to involve people who possess robust negotiation techniques. But settlements happen all the time, so they’re a powerful solution to many problems. It may be useful to learn about zero-sum and relative issues to argue this case correctly.
  • A change in leadership: leaders can become stale and cumbersome; they may get weighed down by responsibility and have a low tolerance for change. Although, many problems require systemic changes, such as the climate crisis. With an established leader in charge, progress could be slow as they may be blinkered by their position. In this case, they are proposing an election or vote of confidence as a solution that can break the deadlock and offer people a chance to voice their concerns through voting.

One could surmise that the problem and solution essay is an incredibly relevant style of writing. By dissecting an issue and coming up with solutions, you learn a skill that is useful in many careers and practices. But writing one effectively requires both passion and perseverance; writing about topics that move us, though letting the fire burn too brightly, can put readers off or lead them to ignore their blind spots. 

Follow the structures set out above and make sure to proofread your essays before submission. Finding a good editor is always a positive step; they can help to rephrase your words so that your argument comes across more fluently. 

Writing drafts is good practice, although not always possible due to time constraints. Ideally, you should work through two drafts before submitting a final piece; if the essay makes up a small part of your overall grade, adjust the drafting process accordingly. 

Write a Problem Solution Essay with HandmadeWriting

Problem solution writing has been speaking truth to power for millennia. HandmadeWriting loves seeking solutions as much as it loves a simple academic essay or lab report. It’s hard to become a good essay writer without getting critical at times. That’s why we pride ourselves on producing some of the most compelling content around. So be the next one to enjoy our writing and get an A+ for it.

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Best Essay Writing Services 2023

Student life can often be quite challenging because students have to deal with challenging college essay writing assignments. To facilitate the learning process, many services help you complete written work and get high scores. Now we will tell you about the best services that you can turn to and get high-quality papers. Essay Writing Service […]

A life lesson in Romeo and Juliet taught by death

A life lesson in Romeo and Juliet taught by death

Due to human nature, we draw conclusions only when life gives us a lesson since the experience of others is not so effective and powerful. Therefore, when analyzing and sorting out common problems we face, we may trace a parallel with well-known book characters or real historical figures. Moreover, we often compare our situations with […]

Ethical Research Paper Topics

Ethical Research Paper Topics

Writing a research paper on ethics is not an easy task, especially if you do not possess excellent writing skills and do not like to contemplate controversial questions. But an ethics course is obligatory in all higher education institutions, and students have to look for a way out and be creative. When you find an […]


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Problem solution essay

Table of contents


Use our free Readability checker

A problem-solution essay is a type of academic essay that explores a particular issue or challenge, and presents a potential course of action to address it. The purpose of a problem-and-solution essay is to identify a problem or issue, and to provide a practical solution or strategy for resolving it.

With so many unsolved issues, it’s easy to find some good questions for consideration. All you need is to look around or read the news.  Writing a problem and solution essay won’t take much time and effort if you know what details to cover and what order you should follow. By using our ultimate guide, you will be able to compose an excellent and convincing essay with minimal effort. Close social networks and YouTube, spend 5 minutes reading our article to take to any problem solution essay topics like a duck to water. Have a tough deadline? Consider paying someone to write your essay . StudyCrumb experts will deliver a perfect problem and solution essay tailored to your requirements.

What Is a Problem Solution Essay: Definition

A problem and solution essay is a type of academic writing that defines some specific issue and provides steps to solve it. This kind of essay is aimed at assessing a student's ability to find some controversial problem and offer a clear problem-solving strategy.  Your topic should be relatively simple to write about. It’s good if it meets the general public's interests. Some popular topics for this essay include such issues:

  • Environmental pollution
  • Internet addiction
  • Infrastructure
  • Religious issues
  • Social movements.

No matter what topic you choose, it should motivate you to think and look for ways of solving the problem. You should analyze it, study various strategies, and choose which one fits best.  In a problem and solution essay, you can write about more than one problem. However, your solution is only efficient when several subjects in question fall into the same field. Otherwise, it will be difficult to focus on the right solution.

Problem Solution Essay Outline

One of the most important steps of your writing process is creating a problem solution essay outline . Without it, your paper will be unstructured and poorly organized. This is not the case when there is an efficient well-thought-out plan. Writing an outline is crucial on the way to composing a brilliant essay. It will help you stay on point without deviating from the issue. This way, you can save time and effort.  Unlike any other type of writing, a problem and solution essay provides some room for flexibility. You can create an outline using two different methods:

  • Block method
  • Chain method.

Each of these methods have their advantages and can be applied depending on the situation that will be covered. Let’s look at each of these approaches more in detail.  The block outline has the following structure:

Introduction – presents the topic and contains 4-5 short sentences. 

Main body – contains 2-3 paragraphs, each of them beginning with a topic sentence.

Body paragraph  

Body paragraph 

Conclusion – sums up all main points. 

Block method allows you to look at multiple problems or solutions using separate paragraphs. However, mastering this approach at first may be somewhat difficult.    The chain method is more appropriate if you want to focus on some unified idea within one body paragraph. Here’s an example of chain outline:


Body paragraph 1

Body paragraph 2

This approach helps you explore an issue step-by-step. For this reason, it may be easier for beginners. 

How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

Now, it’s time that we learn how to write a problem and solution essay. Further, we will tell you about the best way of doing it. Below, you will find detailed information on perfecting each section of your essay. We will specifically shed more light on:

  • Acquaintance with the problem’s background
  • Description of the issue’s specifics
  • Explanation why it should be solved
  • Suggested solution and assessment
  • Call to action .

Let’s learn the secrets of writing a successful essay firsthand! 

How to Start a Problem Solution Essay: Introduction

The first section is a problem solution essay introduction. It should include such components:

  • Thesis statement.

Your opening paragraph should specify an issue, as well as provide some background information. Think over the first sentence that will captivate your readers. Everything must be clear from the very first lines. If one gets your idea at once, it’s almost in the bag. It may take some time to come up with a catchy hook, but you will be rewarded with an A+. Consider rare statistics, any little-known fact, or some hype information.  Remember that your second and third sentences should naturally flow into further discussion. Develop your idea by introducing some context. By the way, you can write an introduction after the rest of your essay is complete. Just make sure you have a thesis statement. After all, it’s the ground of your essay. All main points should be related to your thesis.

How to Write an Outstanding Problem Solution Essay Body

The next part in the problem and solution essay is the main body. Here, you should suggest ways of solving the issue. It would be great if you analyzed probable consequences of problem-solving actions. You should support why you think the specific measures are necessary and what they will result in.  Usually, the main body of a problem and solution essay includes 3 paragraphs. Every body paragraph focuses on different aspects:

  • Discuss an issue and offer your solution
  • Explain why your strategy will work
  • Provide some counter argument and refute it.

Argumentation is essential. By using it, you can convince readers that your strategy is correct. There is a good way to make powerful arguments. You should start with a statement, followed by an explanation. Back up your point of view with supportive examples. Then comes your final judgment. You can create transitions between paragraphs to make it easier for readers to follow a train of thought.

How to Write a Conclusion for a Problem Solution Essay

Congratulations! You’ve reached the last stage – a problem and solution essay conclusion. It usually contains 4-5 sentences summarizing your reasoning. In this part, you can make a general conclusion. It should include strong statements about what has been written.  You can rephrase your thesis statement and share your final thoughts. The goal of the last part is to draw a complete picture and make readers think. Your last paragraph shouldn’t contain any fundamentally new facts – only a general summary of points mentioned above. Try StudyCrumb’s summarizer tool if you have challenges ending your problem and solution writing. Your writing style in conclusion must always correspond to the style of your entire essay. Don’t try to stay on the safe side by using such phrases as “in my humble opinion”, “I am not an expert, but”. Readers will see them as excuses and uncertainty, which you definitely don’t want. What they should understand is that your essay is over and there is a logical conclusion.

Problem Solution Essays Examples

It is important to study a problem solution essay example before writing your own work. This way, you will be able to assess all the aspects and see how other authors coped with a similar task. You can borrow an exact structure or method of handling the situation.  Our examples won’t replace your essay. You shouldn’t copy or assign them to yourself. Focus on creating unique and useful content.

Problem and Solution Essay: Writing and Proofreading Tips

You will be able to become a master of writing a problem and solution essay by following these great tips:

  • After finishing your work, leave your paper for a while. Later, you will be able to return to it and assess it with a fresh approach.
  • Check whether you’ve used all the above-mentioned components.
  • Make sure that your thesis clearly states your paper’s topic.
  • Perform in-depth research on your issue and explore existing resolutions.
  • Ensure that your solutions are realistic and can be implemented.
  • Use special tools to “grade my essay” and check whether your spelling and punctuation are correct.
  • Ask your relative, family member, or friend to proofread your work. A couple of extra eyes will ensure that there are no logical and grammatical errors.

You should also pay attention to the paper formatting style. Use the same font and text style throughout your essay.

Problem/ Solution Essay: Bottom Line

As you can see, there is nothing super hard about writing a problems and solution essay. Hopefully, our detailed guide will help you complete your assignment. Of course, you should be ready to test which approach works best for you. After all, you should strive for continuous improvement. 


You can always rely on our top-notch academic writing service. We guarantee high quality, efficiency, affordable prices, and timely delivery. Order your paper now to succeed tomorrow!


Daniel Howard is an Essay Writing guru. He helps students create essays that will strike a chord with the readers.


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How to Write a Cause and Effect Essay


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Problem-solution essays Situation-problem-solution-evaluation

Problem-solution essays are a common essay type, especially for short essays such as subject exams or IELTS . The page gives information on what they are , how to structure this type of essay, and gives an example problem-solution essay on the topic of obesity and fitness levels.

What are problem-solution essays?


Problem-solution essays consider the problems of a particular situation, and give solutions to those problems. They are in some ways similar to cause and effect essays , especially in terms of structure (see below). Problem-solution essays are actually a sub-type of another type of essay, which has the following four components:

The 'situation' may be included in the essay prompt, in which case it will not be needed in the main body. If it is needed, it can often be included in the introduction, especially for short essays, as with the example essay below . The 'evaluation' may be included as part of the conclusion (also as in the example below), or omitted altogether, especially for short essays. For these reasons, problem-solution essays are more common than situation-problem-solution-evaluation essays (or SPSE essays).

There are two main ways to structure a problem-solution essay. These are similar to the ways to structure cause and effect essays , namely using a block or a chain structure. For the block structure, all of the problems are listed first, and all of the solutions are listed afterwards. For the chain structure, each problem is followed immediately by the solution to that problem. Both types of structure have their merits. The former is generally clearer, especially for shorter essays, while the latter ensures that any solutions you present relate directly to the problems you have given.

The two types of structure, block and chain , are shown in the diagram below. This is for a short essay, which includes the 'situation' in the introduction and 'evaluation' in the conclusion. A longer essay, for example one of around 1,000 words, with citations , would probably have these two sections as separate paragraphs in the main body.

Example essay

Below is a problem-solution essay on the topic of obesity and poor fitness . It uses the block structure . Click on the different areas (in the shaded boxes) to highlight the different structural aspects in this essay, i.e. Situation, Problem, Solution, Evaluation. This will highlight not simply the paragraphs, but also (for problems and solutions) the thesis statement and summary , as these repeat the problems and solutions contained in the main body.

Consumption of processed and convenience foods and our dependence on the car have led to an increase in obesity and reduction in the fitness level of the adult population. In some countries, especially industrialized ones, the number of obese people can amount to one third of the population. This is significant as obesity and poor fitness lead to a decrease in life expectancy , and it is therefore important for individuals and governments to work together to tackle this issue and improve their citizens' diet and fitness. Obesity and poor fitness decrease life expectancy. Overweight people are more likely to have serious illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, which can result in premature death. It is well known that regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, which means that those with poor fitness levels are at an increased risk of suffering from those problems. Changes by individuals to their diet and their physical activity can increase life expectancy. There is a reliance today on the consumption of processed foods, which have a high fat and sugar content. By preparing their own foods, and consuming more fruit and vegetables, people could ensure that their diets are healthier and more balanced, which could lead to a reduction in obesity levels. In order to improve fitness levels, people could choose to walk or cycle to work or to the shops rather than taking the car. They could also choose to walk up stairs instead of taking the lift. These simple changes could lead to a significant improvement in fitness levels. Governments could also implement initiatives to improve their citizens' eating and exercise habits. This could be done through education, for example by adding classes to the curriculum about healthy diet and lifestyles. Governments could also do more to encourage their citizens to walk or cycle instead of taking the car, for instance by building more cycle lanes or increasing vehicle taxes. While some might argue that increased taxes are a negative way to solve the problem, it is no different from the high taxes imposed on cigarettes to reduce cigarette consumption. In short, obesity and poor fitness are a significant problem in modern life, leading to lower life expectancy . Individuals and governments can work together to tackle this problem and so improve diet and fitness . Of the solutions suggested, those made by individuals themselves are likely to have more impact, though it is clear that a concerted effort with the government is essential for success. With obesity levels in industrialized and industrializing countries continuing to rise, it is essential that we take action now to deal with this problem.

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Below is a checklist for the main body of an essay. Use it to check your own writing, or get a peer (another student) to help you.

Next section

Find out about writing definitions and definition essays in the next section.

Previous section

Go back to the previous section about cause & effect essays .

  • Cause/effect


Author: Sheldon Smith    ‖    Last modified: 22 January 2022.

Sheldon Smith is the founder and editor of He has been teaching English for Academic Purposes since 2004. Find out more about him in the about section and connect with him on Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn .

Compare & contrast essays examine the similarities of two or more objects, and the differences.

Cause & effect essays consider the reasons (or causes) for something, then discuss the results (or effects).

Discussion essays require you to examine both sides of a situation and to conclude by saying which side you favour.

Problem-solution essays are a sub-type of SPSE essays (Situation, Problem, Solution, Evaluation).

Transition signals are useful in achieving good cohesion and coherence in your writing.

Reporting verbs are used to link your in-text citations to the information cited.

Tutlance Learn

How to Write a Problem and Solution Essay + Topics and Examples

solution to problem essay example

Writing a good problem and solution paper can be difficult to many college students, but it is well worth the effort. A problem solving essay should identify a problem and then provide a clear and concise solution. The best problem and solution papers are well-researched, well-written, and logically organized.

The first step in writing a good problem and solution paper is to identify a problem. Once you have identified a problem, you need to ask yourself some questions about the problem: What is causing the problem? What are the consequences of the problem? What are possible solutions to the problem?

Once you have answered these questions, you can begin to develop a solution to the problem. Your solution should be clear and concise, and it should address all of the issues caused by the original problem. It is important to remember there is no one perfect solution to every problem.

How to write a critical response essay

How to write an informal essay, how to write a scientific paper.

  • Types of evidence in writing

How to Write a Personal Essay

Culture essay.

A good problem and solution paper will identify a problem, provide evidence for the existence of the problem, and propose a solution to the problem. The paper should also include a discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of the proposed solution.

The following tips can help you write a problem solution essay that will earn you a top grade.

  • State the problem clearly in the introduction. The reader should be able to understand what the problem is by reading only your introduction. You can also use this section to provide evidence for your claim that the problem exists. For example, you could describe an incident or situation that led you to believe there is a problem with X.
  • Propose a solution to the problem. This section should include a description of the proposed solution and a discussion of its strengths and weaknesses.
  • Address any possible objections to the proposed solution. This section should discuss any potential objections that readers might have to the proposed solution. For example, you could address concerns about cost, feasibility, or possible negative consequences of implementing the solution.
  • Summarize the main points of your paper in the conclusion. This section should remind the reader of what the problem is, what your proposed solution is, and why you think it is a good solution. The conclusion can also include a brief discussion of how the proposed solution could be implemented.

How to Write a Problem and Solution Essay

While problem-solution essays are not quite common assignments, they form among the best short essays in exams. They assess the learner’s ability to evaluate problems and think critically to come up with solutions. Therefore, a problem-solution essay is a piece of writing that identifies a problem or a set of them and highlights viable solutions. This essay organizes the problems and solutions within an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion.

Identifying a problem-solution essay topic

 If your instructor has not specified the topic , your first step is to choose an ideal one. Quite often, you will have a list of topics from where you select the most appropriate one. Your topic must be one that you are comfortable researching and writing about. It can involve circumstances surrounding the society, environment, technology or education, among others.

What are the components of your problem solution paper?

Your problem and solution essay must have a situation, problem, solution, and evaluation. For short essays, the situation is included in the introduction and the evaluation in the conclusion.

  • Situation: This represents the prompt of your paper, which most times, will be given by your instructor. It represents, in your own words, the issue that you should address in your essay.
  • Problem: This component shows the problem or set of problems that you seek to discuss. Explain to the reader in your own words what the problem means.
  • Solution: A problem may have one or more solutions, which you will assess in this component. How will they help to eliminate or curb the problem at hand?
  • Evaluation: This part represents an overview of the discussed ideas, solutions and a call for action.

Structuring your problem and solution essay

You can use either the block or chain method to organize your ideas.

  • Block structure

In this method, first, address the problems and after exhausting them, you deal with the solutions. This structure is clear since you can locate the problems. Below is an illustration of the block approach

Paragraph: introduction (including situation)

Paragraph: problem 1

Paragraph: problem 2

Transition sentence or paragraph

Paragraph: solution 1

Paragraph: solution 2

Conclusion (including evaluation)

  • Chain structure

This approach addresses each problem in a paragraph, followed by its suitable solution. This method enables the reader to relate each problem to its solution. The illustration below shows how a chain outline looks like;

Introduction (including situation)

Problem 1 and solution

Problem 2 and solution

Problem 3 and solution

Problem and solution essay outline template

The following problem and solution essay outline template can help you organize your paper.


  • State the problem clearly.
  • Provide evidence for the existence of the problem.
  • Propose a solution to the problem.
  • Address any possible objections to the proposed solution.

Solution section:

  • Describe the proposed solution.
  • Discuss its strengths and weaknesses.


  • Summarize the main points of your paper.
  • Discuss how the proposed solution could be implemented.

This is how a basic outline for a problem and solution format should look like.

Writing the problem and solution essay


In short problem-solution essays, the writer uses own words to write the situation in the introduction. It focuses on the specific aspect of the prompt from your instructor. Your introduction must have background information about the problems being addressed. Do not give details of the issues that you will discuss later. Your introduction is just the tip of the iceberg. Also, create a strong thesis statement that despite being brief, is concise. It should show the issues you are addressing, along with the problems. Most students find it easier to come up with the thesis statement after they have researched the problems.

Body paragraphs

The body paragraphs comprise the problems as well as their solutions. Therefore, you must conduct thorough research regarding each problem highlighted. Use reliable sources such as scholarly articles, journals, textbooks, and websites to gather information. Are there local or international publications that have addressed this issue before? Another way of collecting information is by conducting interviews on the affected persons. If you are addressing addiction, you can talk to recovered addicts and their facilitators.

Identify solutions to the stated problems, organizing them either in block or chain structure. You may come up with many solutions but you require two or three of them. Choose the most efficient, feasible, easy to implement and cost-effective ones to address the underlying problems. Give examples, statistics or facts that support the solutions you have identified. It is unreliable to merely mention the problems and solutions without proof of their efficacy.

Ways to come up with solutions

Solutions to problems can be reached at in various ways such as;

  • Adding something e.g. funds, resources, or infrastructure
  • Doing away with something especially if it is causing a negative effect
  • Sensitization in areas where the individuals are ignorant of the underlying dangers.
  • Law enforcement where persons do not adhere to the rules
  • Change of leadership or systems

Writing the conclusion – How to end a problem-solution essay

For short essays, your conclusion goes hand in hand with the evaluation. This paragraph sums up your discussion as per the problems and solutions discussed. Works towards convincing the reader that you have provided the most ideal solution. What changes would be expected if such solutions were to be adopted? Have such solutions been embraced before and worked in solving similar problems elsewhere? You can use statistics, figures or facts, or a call to action in your evaluation.

Review your problem-solution essay

The essay is flawless in its entirety, not merely, on how much information you have provided. Check to see whether you have tackled these areas properly;

If you adopted the block or chain method, make sure that you have followed it consistently. Also, ensure that your essay covers the situation, problem, solution, and evaluation correctly.

  • Grammar, punctuation, and spelling

These mistakes are expected for any piece, the reason why the writer must proofread their work. The help of a friend or professional writers may come in handy in identifying such errors.

Write an essay that is within your word count as instructed by your professor. An overly long essay may mean that you have included too much irrelevant information. On the other hand, if the essay is too short, you might have missed out on some essential details.

Possible topics for problem and solution essays

  • Drug addiction
  • Cyberbullying
  • Obesity and eating habits
  • Increase in cars and global warming
  • Bullying at school
  • problem solving research paper topics
  • Social problems research paper topics

For any topic chosen, ensure that you use the correct tone and a convincing point of view. Also, consider your audience and their reaction to your essay.

Additional Problem and solution essay topics

The following list of problem and solution essay topics can help you come up with your own topic.

  • The high cost of college tuition.
  • The student loan debt crisis.
  • The obesity epidemic in America.
  • The increasing number of homeless people in the United States.
  • The problem of gun violence in America.
  • The opioid epidemic in America.
  • Climate change and the effects it is having on the planet.
  • Racial profiling by law enforcement officers.
  • Bullying in schools.
  • The problem of animal cruelty in zoos.
  • The lack of resources available to college students with mental health problems.
  • The growing number of people who are choosing not to get married before having kids.
  • The struggle many parents go through when they cannot afford childcare for their children.
  • The threat posed by cyber warfare on the international stage.
  • Sexual assault on college campuses.
  • The rate of suicide among veterans.
  • Lack of access to health care in America.
  • The wage gap between men and women in the United States.

Each of these problem and solution essay topics could be the subject of a full-length paper, but they could also be used as the basis for a shorter essay that address only one of these issues.

Problem solving essay examples

A problem solving essay can be used to present a problem, propose a solution to the problem, and discuss why or why not this solution would work.

Below are problem solving essay examples to use as samples when writing your essay.

The Problem: Many college students have a hard time balancing their schoolwork with the demands of a part-time job. Some students drop out of college because they simply cannot manage to keep up.

The Solution: College administrators should consider implementing no-work policies for non-seniors in all university departments except those that offer health care or aid to the elderly, such as university hospitals and retirement homes. This policy would allow upperclassmen to work without impacting their academic performance while also gaining valuable work experience in their chosen field.

A problem solving essay might begins by describing a certain situation or outlining the scope of the problem, follow with a solution and its rationale, and conclude by summarizing main points and discussing potential implementation issues.

The Problem : The high cost of college tuition is preventing many students from attending college.

The Solution : Colleges should provide more financial aid to students who cannot afford to attend without it. In addition, the government should offer more grants and scholarships to students who meet certain criteria, such as coming from a low-income family or being the first in their family to attend college.

The Problem : The number of homeless people in the United States is increasing every year.

The Solution : The government should provide more funding for homeless shelters and increase the number of beds available at these shelters. In addition, the government should create more affordable housing units and make it easier for homeless people to access these units.


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A List of 339 Problem Solution Essay Topics & Questions

A problem solution essay is a type of persuasive essay. It’s a piece of writing that presents a particular problem and provides different options for solving it. It is commonly used for subject exams or IELTS writing tasks.

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In this article, we’ll take a look at how to write this type of essay. We will also provide ideas of good problem and solution essay topics to ease students’ writing process. But first: check out our custom writing service in case you need academic assistance!

  • 🔝 Top 10 Topics

✅ How to Write a Problem Solution Essay

⭐ top 10 problem and solution essay topics for 2023.

  • 🧑🤝🧑 Topics about Society
  • 🏫 Topics on Education
  • 💵 Business & Finance Topics
  • 🍎 Health & Psychology Topics
  • 🌎 Environment Topics
  • 🐶 Topics about Animals
  • 🔬 Science & Technology Topics
  • 🏠 Local Problem Solution Topics
  • 😄 Funny & Easy Topics
  • 🤔 Other Problem Solution Topics

🔍 References

🔝 top 10 problem solution essay topics.

  • The best way to improve logistics
  • How to prevent drunk driving
  • How can we prevent stroke?
  • Ways to promote independent music
  • How to prevent teen pregnancy
  • Can schools help with childhood obesity?
  • Ways to teach children financial literacy
  • What can we do to stop human trafficking?
  • Can teaching self-defense reduce violence?
  • Building dams to fight the flooding problem

When starting to write an essay, think about a problem in the community that needs to be resolved. Sometimes, you will get a ready topic, like at an IELTS exam.

The topics might vary, but the outline of an essay will remain the same. First, write a list of actions that can help to solve the problem. Then, pick the three that you like best and evaluate them.

Once you get your solutions, start writing.

Any essay, whether it’s for high school or college, should be well-structured. Problem solution essays consist of two paragraphs: problem description and solution . The first section is generally divided into several parts:

  • Introduction. Provide the definition of the problem, some general background, and thesis statement with possible solutions.
  • Situation. Give clear examples on the issue so that readers can understand it better.
  • Problem. Describe the issue and its effect on people.

In the solution section, you need to identify several potential solutions and evaluate their effectiveness. It should include:

  • Two or more possible solutions .
  • Evaluation and critical assessment of the solutions.
  • Conclusion with a summary of the main points of the text.

Now, you have a general idea about the writing process. To help facilitate your writing, take a look at the topic ideas below.

  • Is group therapy effective against BPD?
  • Can smart fridges prevent binge eating?
  • Can having remote workers decrease costs?
  • Sustainable homes as a way to save energy
  • How nature reserves prevent wildlife extinction
  • Reducing education costs with online education
  • Is gun control a way to stop mass shootings?
  • Can class discussions help fight youth violence?
  • One-child policy as a way to stop overpopulation
  • Is car sharing effective for decreasing CO2 emissions?

🧑🤝🧑 Problem and Solution Topics about Society

Social issues are problems of every level that influence the members of our society. They may refer to various factors, such as racial inequality or bullying, that affect the well-being of people or the community as a whole. Here are some problem-solving topics that will help you start writing. 

  • A part of the world’s population lives in conditions that don’t meet their basic needs. What are the ways to alleviate or prevent poverty ? 
  • There were several instances when social media websites were accused of gathering people’s private information . What are the ways to ensure privacy in the digital age? 
  • A vast number of girls get pregnant and give birth before the age of 20. What are some ways to reduce the teenage pregnancy rate in your country? 
  • Body shaming is one of the biggest problems of today’s society. What are the ways to solve this issue? 
  • Despite an increase in public awareness about the adverse effects of racism , the issue persists. How can we eliminate it? 
  • Unemployment negatively affects the living conditions of many people. It also facilitates such issues as domestic violence and depression. How can unemployment rates be improved in your country? 

John Dewey quote.

  • Education is a fundamental human right, yet many people in some developing countries remain illiterate. How can we solve this issue? 
  • Habits such as smoking and overeating negatively affect people’s health. How can we better promote healthy lifestyles ? 
  • Victims of domestic violence often develop physical disabilities, chronic health problems, and stress. In what ways can we reduce domestic violence in our society? 
  • Inequality in payment, sexual harassment, and difficulty getting promoted are some of the issues women face at workplaces. What can our society do to increase equality ? 
  • Celebrities often appear to look flawless, which affects people’s body image . How can we promote healthier beauty standards ? 
  • When children observe violent behaviors , they become more aggressive. In what ways can we prevent them from witnessing violence? 
  • Health care is a major social issue, as many people don’t have access to high-quality services. How can we improve this situation? 
  • The ownership of guns increases the chances of unintentional shootings, which can result in casualties. How can gun control policies be improved? 
  • The consumption of illegal drugs often leads to overdosing. In what ways can people be persuaded not to do drugs? 
  • Drunk driving is the leading cause of vehicle accidents. What is the best way to restrict people from doing it? 
  • Human trafficking is a grave problem that affects countries all over the world. How can it be prevented? 
  • Women often report being sexually assaulted while in college. What can we do to reduce this problem? 
  • Homeless people are more likely to engage in abuse or violent behavior. What can be done to solve the issue? 
  • Parental divorce is a traumatic experience for a child. How can its adverse effects be eliminated? 

🏫 Problem Solution Essay Topics on Education

The educational system is riddled with issues. You can think of numerous drawbacks that need to be addressed to make education better. Below are several examples of problem solution essay topics that will inspire you to write. 

  • In the pandemic environment, many students had to resort to online education , often with questionable quality. What are the ways to make e-learning effective? 
  • Many schools fail to provide adequate sex education programs. How can we reduce the stigma around this topic? 
  • Numerous students get bad grades due to reasons other than laziness. How can we help struggling learners? 
  • For many students, a strict schedule remains a big issue. Should students be offered the possibility of flexibility? 
  • Many private and public schools require a strict uniform . Are there ways to express one’s individuality without violating the dress code? 
  • A majority of students in schools and colleges admit to cheating . What are the ways to put an end to this behavior? 
  • Technology usage in education can be beneficial, as it might improve engagement and individual learning. How can schools become more adaptable to digitalization? 
  • Learning a foreign language can help students develop additional mental abilities. Should it be mandatory in all schools? 
  • Students often find themselves delaying or postponing tasks. It leads to lower grades and health issues, such as headaches or insomnia . How can we reduce the levels of student procrastination ? 
  • Obesity is associated with the leading causes of death in the US. Should the educational system include more physical education classes to build a fitter community? 
  • Students with learning disorders may have a feeling of frustration when mastering a subject. In what ways can colleges adapt to their needs? 
  • There are many subjects in school, and not all of them are equally useful for everyone. How can we make sure that students are learning what is best for them? 
  • Schools often put more funding into science, mathematics, and humanities. Should they also fund physical education (PE)? 
  • Gifted education allows talented students to learn more and move ahead at their pace. At the same time, it creates inequality. How can these programs be improved? 
  • Disruptive children usually prevent themselves and other students in class from working. What are the ways to deal with these students to make the work effective? 
  • The core curriculum for all schools allows all children to be taught all subjects but can be a bit strict. Should all schools have the same curriculum? 
  • Students are often provided with college preparation classes that don’t prepare them for work. Should schools focus more on getting students job-ready? 
  • Bullying and violence are the major issues at school that affect mental and physical health. What can teachers do to prevent these behaviors at school? 
  • The majority of students don’t perform equally well in all subjects. Instead, they excel in certain ones and fail in others. Should learners be allowed to choose their courses? 
  • Printed books are not easy to update, as new editions are often costly. Should schools move to digital textbooks ? 

💵 Business & Finance Problem Solutions Topics

A significant number of issues can arise while managing a business or creating a startup. It can be related to anything from cybersecurity to marketing strategies. If you are into entrepreneurship, consider choosing a problem solutions topic from the list below. 

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  • Raising minimum wages might result in the loss of jobs. What are the alternatives? 
  • Job dissatisfaction often stems from issues related to wages, career progression, and leadership approach. How can we increase job satisfaction? 
  • The high unemployment rate brings an economic loss to the government, as well as causes individual sufferings. What are the possible methods to reduce it? 

Suggesting solutions.

  • A large number of startups fail in the first year of functioning. How can governments ensure their sustainability? 
  • Low employee productivity can create serious setbacks for businesses. What are the ways to increase productivity? 
  • Bad customer service damages the company’s reputation and leads to the loss of clients. What are the steps to fix this issue? 
  • The lack of teamwork might result in efficiency and productivity drop. How can we improve team cooperation in the company? 
  • Inflation negatively affects people with fixed wages and large amounts of cash savings. How can it be avoided? 
  • Carrying a student loan debt and failure to repay one may result in serious financial troubles. How can we solve the problems associated with student credit? 
  • The lack of performance monitoring might lead to unintended behaviors within the organization. How can we persuade people to start using a set of performance indicators? 
  • A significantly high number of people live from payday to payday, failing to accumulate savings. What is the best way to save money monthly? 
  • Bad investments rarely bring any profit. How can people avoid poor investments? 
  • Financial crisis can lead to mass job losses and businesses shutting down. How can we overcome recessions effectively? 
  • The biggest challenge for small businesses during a pandemic is staying open and making a profit. How can governments support small businesses in case of another epidemic? 
  • Poor marketing might result in financial problems and low customer volumes. How can you improve an average marketing strategy ? 
  • Imagine a company whose cash flow is adequate, yet there aren’t enough financial resources for it to grow. What are the ways to manage a strapped budget? 
  • Employee turnover has immediate consequences for a company. How can we reduce it? 
  • Business competition can harm small businesses through price factors and labor costs. How can they handle the competition? 
  • Poor workflow directly affects the revenue of the company. How can companies manage it effectively? 
  • Unsatisfied customers might spread the word about the ineffectiveness of the company. How can organizations increase customer satisfaction ? 

🍎 Health & Psychology Problem Solving Topics

Problems related to health and mental well-being are common in the modern world. It’s not surprising, considering the influence of consumerist culture and environmental factors. You can address any issue you’re particularly concerned about. The following problem solution essay topics will give you an idea of where to start. 

  • There are several reasons for poor mental health among older people in the US. What are the ways to improve it? 
  • Substance addiction affects individuals because of the stigma associated with it. In what ways can we help people in recovery? 
  • A significant number of people suffer from eating disorders , which affects their mental and physical states. How can society prevent it? 
  • Depression is a common disorder among teenagers. How can teachers and parents help them manage it? 
  • Birth order can impact the way parents treat their children and children’s behavior. Can we, as a society, raise more awareness about the effects of birth order ? 
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder is experienced by people who suffered from trauma. How can society help those who have it? 
  • Peer pressure forces people to do things that they might not want to do. How can we reduce its influence? 
  • Romantic relationships often fail due to misunderstandings. How do we raise awareness about the possible difference in love styles? 
  • Schizophrenia is a complicated mental illness that has a severe impact on one’s life. How can society help people seek treatment for this disorder? 
  • Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) might isolate themselves from peers. How can teachers and parents help kids with social skills impairments? 
  • Alzheimer’s disease affects intellectual and physical abilities, memory, and personality. How can people prevent its development? 
  • Somatization disorder is a tendency to feel psychological pain in the form of physical. What is the best treatment for its symptoms? 
  • Prolonged use of defense mechanisms makes people feel as if they aren’t in control of their own emotions. How can we help people overcome these feelings? 
  • A significant percentage of children have ADHD . How can we help children with this disorder? 
  • Nowadays, many people have sleep disorders. How can insomnia be prevented? 
  • The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 caused many children to feel lonely and detached. What can parents do to help their kids in case of another pandemic? 
  • Suicide is a growing problem among people of all ages. What can we do to prevent it? 
  • Constant stress negatively affects sleep quality. What techniques can help improve it? 
  • It’s natural for parents to help their children as much as possible. But because of this, they often put them under too much pressure. How can we help parents find the right balance? 
  • Constant stress increases the chances of stroke . What are the ways to reduce the risk? 

🌎 Problem Solving Topic Ideas about Environment

Today’s most significant environmental issue is climate change, but it’s not the only one. There are more global problems that need to be resolved. If you’re concerned about the environment, here are some problem-cause-solution topics for you. 

  • Drinking water has become an uncommon thing in many countries due to pollution. What can people do to help with this problem? 
  • Climate change has numerous adverse effects, such as shifting seasons and new sicknesses. How can this issue be effectively addressed? 
  • Vehicles release a significant amount of greenhouse gases , which contributes to global warming. Should there be a rule about reducing car usage to facilitate the solution to the environmental problem? 
  • Woodlands produce oxygen and help regulate the temperature. Unfortunately, a vast amount of wooded areas is lost due to deforestation . What are the possible ways to solve this problem? 
  • Marine life is suffering because of the amount of carbon in the water. How can people protect it? 
  • Air pollution poses a serious danger to people’s health . How can we reduce its adverse effects? 
  • Overpopulation results in a deficiency of assets like water, food, and fuel. How can we control it? 
  • Ozone depletion leads to an increase in the amount of ultraviolet. It results in cancer and other skin diseases. How can we solve this problem? 
  • Due to overpopulation , people use natural resources faster than nature can replenish them. How can we prevent its depletion? 
  • Leftover food is a massive problem, as it wastes water and farmland. How can we reduce it? 
  • Pesticides used to grow fruits and vegetables might cause health problems. How can we promote organic farming ? 

Modal verbs.

  • Polluted soil contains chemicals dangerous to humans, animals, and plants. Is there something that can help to avoid soil pollution ?
  • Using bicycles reduces the amount of greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. How can governments promote the usage of bicycles to reduce air pollution ? 
  • Natural disasters result from Earth’s processes and negatively affect people’s lives. What can we do to prepare for natural hazards? 
  • Fluorinated gases used in refrigerators and hair sprays significantly contribute to climate change. How can we minimize their impact on the environment? 
  • Oil spills harm wildlife and marine life, as well as contribute to climate change. How can major companies prevent that from happening? 
  • Marine life is drowning in plastic, which creates major environmental issues. How can we stop plastic pollution in the ocean? 
  • The rapid loss of biodiversity threatens our health and economic stability. What can we, as consumers, do to solve this issue? 
  • A significant amount of money is spent on cleaning garbage. Still, it’s not enough to get rid of it completely. What are the solutions to the problem of littering ? 
  • Noise pollution creates discomfort and lowers the quality of people’s lives. What are the practical ways to reduce it? 

🐶 Problem Solution Essay Topics about Animals

Animals have existed on our planet way before the emergence of humans. As time went by, many species vanished or became endangered due to people’s activities. Factory farms, fur industry, poaching— all of these issues require a solution. If you’re passionate about this topic, try exploring one of the following prompts.

  • Circus animals are often violently forced to jump through rings of fire, ride bicycles, and do other activities. How can we stop the use of wild animals in circuses? 
  • Experiments on animals lead to reduced quality of their life and are often ineffective. How can we help stop this practice? 
  • Hunting causes pain and suffering to animals and disrupts the patterns created in the animal communities, such as wolf packs. How can people reduce hunting? 
  • The animals in zoos are deprived of natural habitat and are forced to be near people. How can we make zoos as comfortable as possible for them? 
  • The fur industry takes millions of animals’ lives away. How can people stop it? 
  • One of the issues animal shelters face is the lack of public awareness. What are the strategies to improve their work? 
  • Many animals live in abusive environments, where they’re neglected or physically hurt. What are the solutions to this problem? 
  • Dog Hunters Association argues for the right to use dogs in hunting. How can we change their attitude towards animals? 
  • Dogs from puppy mills are often poorly treated and suffer from a variety of diseases. How can this practice be stopped? 
  • Due to human activities, many animals are on the brink of extinction. How can we protect endangered species ? 
  • Dog meat is still used for human consumption in some parts of Asia. What are the ways to stop the inhumane trade? 
  • Some animal species are sold, either alive or dead, to various countries. What are the ways to stop the wildlife trade and keep animals safe in their natural environment? 
  • One of the primary reasons for animal extinction is poaching . What are the solutions to this issue? 
  • After adopting animals, some people decide that they no longer want them and send them to shelters. How can we prevent this from happening? 
  • Killing horses for meat is inhumane, and horse meat consumption is dangerous. How can we stop these practices? 
  • With more forests being cleared for farming and building, wild animals lose their natural habitats. How can people make safer environments for them? 
  • Ring fighting leaves animals with severe wounds that might lead to death. What can we do to stop it? 
  • Some countries continue to kill whales for commercial purposes, which threatens their existence. How can we stop whaling? 
  • The continuation of the ivory trade results in thousands of elephants being killed annually. What actions should be taken to stop it? 
  • Factory farms work to maximize profit, which is why animals are kept in inhumane conditions. What are the ways to reduce this cruelty? 

🔬 Science & Technology Problem Solutions Topics

Scientific and technological processes are complicated and riddled with issues. Advances in these fields increase as well as worsen the quality of human life. In case you’re interested in science or technology, have a look at these problem solution essay topics. 

  • With the widespread use of technology, students can find everything online, which affects their critical thinking . What are the most effective ways to preserve this ability? 
  • There’s a price we have to pay for living in a digital age . It includes the loss of online data privacy. What is the best way to maintain it? 
  • To run research, scientists need large amounts of money, which often becomes an issue. How can they get more funding? 
  • A significant percentage of research papers contain wrong results due to poor study design . What is the best way to improve it? 
  • Scientists rarely want to replicate existing research. The results might turn out insignificant, and some studies are too hard to replicate. How can scientists be encouraged to do it nevertheless? 
  • Peer review is meant to prevent poor-quality works from being published. Yet, it doesn’t always work. How can the peer review system be fixed? 
  • Often, not everyone can access a published study due to journals being expensive. How can we make knowledge more accessible? 
  • Many people are unaware of scientific research in crucial areas such as nutrition . What is the best way to communicate scientific facts to a larger population? 
  • Cyber attacks are a significant threat to many businesses, as they involve the theft of large amounts of information. What are the ways to prevent them from happening? 
  • Artificial intelligence implementation creates new challenges, such as the risk of unemployment. How can we solve emerging technological problems? 
  • Technological advances allowed some countries to transition to cashless societies . While it has many advantages, it also creates some security concerns. What is the best solution for these issues? 
  • With technology advancing at a quicker pace, it is harder to find talented personnel to work with it. How can you help the employees to adapt to new technologies? 
  • While many researchers have ideas for studies, only a few get financial support for them. How can the government support scientists more effectively? 

Albert Einstein quote.

  • Mobile apps, social media, and games distract people from the real world. How can we stop smartphone addiction ? 
  • Many graduating Ph.D. students have limited training for jobs outside of academic research. What can universities do to change the situation for the better? 
  • Wearable computers, such as Apple Watch , have become very convenient. Yet, they create additional privacy and security issues. How can we overcome the challenges of body-borne computers? 
  • Cyberbullying victims might experience psychological issues, such as depression, anxiety, and social exclusion. What is the best way to prevent it? 
  • Environmental issues, such as air and water pollution , negatively affect the quality of life. How can technology help us save the environment? 
  • Scientists are often obligated to publish research only with statistically significant results. How can bias towards certain studies be eliminated? 
  • The constant stress and underpayment cause talented people to quit their careers in science. How can they be encouraged to continue working in their field? 

🏠 Local Problem Solution Essay Topics

Another excellent idea for your essay is to write about the problems in your community. Think about the issues that need to be resolved, and start your writing. These topics will facilitate your creativity.

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  • A significant number of people view affordability of healthcare as a pressing problem, as it is quite expensive. How can healthcare costs be reduced in your community? 
  • Children may be exposed to hazardous labor, which can harm their health. What can be done to stop child labor in your country? 
  • Youth violence increases the possibility of future behavior and mental health problems. How can people stop this type of violent behavior in your community? 
  • The rise in rent prices makes housing hard to afford. How can housing in your country be improved? 
  • People who leave school or college often feel unprepared for work. This makes them feel anxious about getting a job. How can school leavers in your country be helped to get employed? 
  • When they get older, many young adults struggle to manage their finances. What is the best way to improve financial literacy in your community? 
  • A good internet connection has become a necessity for many people. This also made access to high-speed internet a major issue. How can you solve this problem in your local community? 
  • Drug addiction is a public health problem that affects many people, especially youth. What are the solutions to the drug abuse problem in your country? 
  • Traffic congestion causes environmental issues, as well as vehicle breakdowns. What is the best way to stop this in your country? 
  • Poverty leads to a lack of education, malnutrition, social exclusion, and limited access to other essential services. How can this problem be solved in your country? 
  • Crime can cause short-term problems, like an injury , and long-term ones, such as depression or PTSD . How can illegal behavior be reduced in your community? 
  • After graduating from college, many students face difficulties in finding a job. How can educational institutions in your country help graduates get employed? 
  • Public transportation can be frustrating with its inflexibility and delays. How can it be improved in your country? 
  • Lack of car parking areas is a common problem in urban areas. How can people solve this issue in your city? 
  • Junk food advertisements target children, which later leads to an increase in childhood obesity. How can we protect young people in your country from being affected by these advertisements? 
  • Hate crime affects the security of individuals and societies as a whole. How can such crimes be prevented in your community? 
  • Corruption is a global issue that negatively affects the economic and political systems of the country. What are the measures to resolve this issue in your state? 
  • Low fertility rates reduce the population size of a country. If your country has low birth rates, how can it be improved? 
  • Media propaganda has the potential of promoting violent behavior and reducing trust in the government. How should this problem be dealt with in your country? 
  • The number of acts of domestic violence against women, men, and children continues to grow drastically in many societies. How should these cases be handled in your country? 

😄 Funny & Easy Problem Solution Essay Topics

Problems are not always serious and yet require a solution. Whether it’s a choice of cereal or a friend zone, it’s an issue that has to be dealt with. Take a look at the funny problem solution essay topics list, and choose the one you like the most.

  • We often buy items that we never use afterward. How can we prevent ourselves from buying unnecessary stuff ? 
  • Your favorite soccer team keeps losing, and it’s affecting your mood. What’s the best way to cope with this continuous disappointment? 
  • You’ve invented a cool, new nickname for yourself. How do you get people to use it? 
  • You love playing League of Legends with your friend. They’re the worst support, but they insist on having this role. What should you do about it? 
  • Santa Claus is a beloved figure for many children. But they can’t believe in him forever. How should parents tell their kids that Santa isn’t real? 
  • Water is crucial to human survival. Still, some people don’t like its bland taste. How can you stay hydrated without resorting to unhealthy, sugary drinks? 
  • Happiness matters, as it makes people feel at ease. What can you do to make your community happier? 
  • Your partner loves jazz while you prefer death metal. How do you overcome this musical discrepancy? 

The two main types of problems.

  • A sturdy case can ruin the appearance even of the most beautiful phone. How can one compromise effectively on this issue? 
  • House parties are fun, but your neighbors probably disagree. How can you throw a noisy party without upsetting those who live close by? 
  • It’s hard to keep up the spark in long-distance relationships. Conversations via Zoom quickly get boring. What are fun things a couple can do together on the internet? 
  • Many people believe that legalizing marijuana will reduce its consumption levels and solve social and economic issues. What are the other solutions to cannabis use? 
  • Taking a perfect selfie requires much patience. How can you make creating a fantastic picture of yourself easier? 
  • Pizza is great, but it’s not particularly healthy. How can you upgrade your favorite junk food to make it more nourishing? 
  • Studies have shown that growing houseplants is good for the mood. But what do you do if you simply don’t have a green thumb? 
  • Exercising is important, but it’s not fun for everyone. What can unathletic people do to stay fit without suffering? 
  • Being the funny one among friends often prevents people from taking you seriously. What can change people’s attitude towards you? 
  • Some people face the issue of “having a lot of clothes, but nothing to wear.” How can we fix this problem? 
  • Your friends want to go on a trip soon, but you’re broke. What are the best strategies for students to save $100 in four weeks? 

🤔 Other Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • What can we do about the problem of smoking in teenagers?  
  • Obesity as a global problem of modern society  
  • Reading problems and how to help students with reading disabilities  
  • The solutions to environmental effects of e-waste  
  • Potential solutions to noise pollution  
  • The migration issue and how to solve it  
  • The discussion and solution of COVID-19 ethical dilemma  
  • The problem of lack of parking in big cities and how to help it  
  • Nursing shortage as a national healthcare issue  
  • Agriculture in Honduras: existing challenges and possible solutions  
  • The issue of patient safety  
  • The problem of safety and efficiency amidst staff deficiency  
  • The problem of substance abuse and mental health issues within the homeless African American community  
  • The issue of medically assisted suicide  
  • The problem of obesity in India  
  • Medicare challenges and issues facing America  
  • The problem of institutional racism: effects and possible solutions  
  • Contemporary issues in health care delivery  
  • Solution of every-day problems: scientific method  
  • The issue of genetically modified crops  
  • Librarian management consultancy: challenges and solutions  
  • The software patent issues in China  
  • The solution to compassion fatigue and related issues in nursing  
  • Is e-cigarettes smoking a solution?  
  • Problems in a contemporary health environment and how to overcome them  
  • American government contemporary issues  
  • Can obesity problem be solved by proper nutrition and exercise?  
  • Diversity and cross-cultural issues in the global workplace  
  • Ethical issues and dilemmas in business  
  • Finding solutions for ethical dilemma  
  • Translating Emirati proverbs: problems and solutions  
  • How to solve traffic congestion in my school district  
  • The Rock Blocks company’s recruiting issues and solutions  
  • Staffing problem solution: HR metrics and workforce analytics  
  • Solving the health problems of the United States  
  • Possible solutions to health disparities  
  • Problems of sitting for long and their solutions  
  • Will banning plastic bags not solve pollution problem?  
  • Problem of predicting fluid responsiveness and its solution  
  • Escalating drug prices: the ways to avoid the problem  
  • The best way to address obesity in the United States  
  • Solution to the world poverty problem  
  • Gun violence: the ways to overcome the issue  
  • Design solutions for improving website quality and effectiveness  
  • Is simplification the best way to express ideas?  
  • Fairtrade: better solution to underdevelopment  
  • The problem of drug addiction in America and the solutions to it  
  • Can charging children as adults solve juvenile criminal problems?  
  • Stress in law: reasons and solutions  
  • The ways to solve the increasing incidence of criminals reverting  
  • Communication solutions for atmospheric scientist  
  • Are financial rewards the best way to increase work motivation?  
  • The environmental effects of the deforestation problem and how to solve it  
  • Recycling: finding the solution  
  • The use of the Internet to solve crimes  
  • The solution to social inequality and discrimination  
  • Encryption as a corporate security technological solution  
  • Principal threats to a building efficiency research and ways to overcome them  
  • Lack of social tolerance as the cause of discriminatory behavior problem and its solutions  
  • Environmental problems and their potential solutions  
  • Why technostress is harmful to psychological well-being and ways to reduce it  
  • Infant’s health: growth problems and solutions  
  • Community policing: the alternative solution to youth crime  
  • Strategies to overcome the organization’s problem due to community losses  
  • Metropolitan police service: identity management solution  
  • The problem of sexual harassment in the army and the ways to eliminate it 
  • Reasons of anti-Asian crimes and ways to deal with the problem  
  • Green logistics: implementation issues and solutions  
  • Technological solutions for effective communication  
  • Ways to defend against cyber terrorism  
  • Workplace conflict problem and its solutions  
  • Doha negotiations: possible solutions and outcomes  
  • Handling difficult conversations and ways to avoid conflict escalation  
  • Healthcare in Canada: problems and solutions  
  • Problem of verbal orders in medicine and how to overcome it  
  • Law contracts and ways to break the contract  
  • Cinemark USA, Inc.: problems and solutions  
  • Air pollution solutions: how to improve air quality  
  • The problem of homelessness in Los Angeles and the ways to reduce it  
  • Jamaica’s economy: problems and solutions  
  • Solutions to poverty in urban areas  
  • Australian economy: economic problems and ways of its solving  
  • Decrease the disparity between rich and poor solution  
  • Lebanon’s environmental problems and solutions  
  • Ways of treating obesity in older patients  
  • The global water crisis: issues and the ways to avoid them  
  • The Bauer school’s parking problem and solution  
  • Ways of reducing human trafficking of children  
  • Heartland payment system data breach problem solution  
  • Immigration policy in US. problem and how to solve it  
  • The ways to overcome the investment problem  
  • The problem of dysfunctional companies and its solution  
  • Du Bois vs. Washington: racist problem solution  
  • Fad diets’ impact on human health: problem solution  
  • Environmental challenges for NAFTA and how to solve them  
  • Three solutions to the problem of pollution externalities  
  • Buying things to solve personal problems  
  • Remington Peckinpah Davis Inc.’s problem solution  
  • Problem solution: best snacks INC.  
  • Solutions to the problem of steroids in sports and athletics  
  • Problem solution: global communications  
  • The problem of global warming and ways of its solution  
  • Cyber-bullying and ways to solve the problem  
  • Losses of personal data: problem and solution  
  • Obamacare: the solution to the healthcare problem  
  • The problem of Palestinian-Israeli conflict and viable solution  
  • The problem of coral reef depletion and how to address it  
  • Social security long-term solvency problems  
  • Economic crisis: bailout plan as solution  
  • The problem of anterior spacing in dentistry female patients and possible solutions  
  • Rising sea levels: how to reduce the global concern  
  • Organ trafficking problem and policy solution  
  • Cultural issues and their solutions in project management  
  • Transforming the Texas plant: possible solutions to the problems  
  • Nursing understaffing and evidence-based solution  
  • Critical thinking to solve hard problems  
  • Healthcare disparities and the ways to overcome them  
  • Pressure injury prevention: evidence-based solution  
  • Nursing stress solutions: benefits and support  
  • The problem of violence in nursing and its solutions  
  • What is the best way to stimulate economic growth?  
  • Decision making process in management: problem solving  
  • Pressure ulcers issue and defense of solution  
  • Land pollution and ways to minimize pollution in the US  
  • Vancouver’s housing crisis and solution  
  • The problem of stress and solutions for working students  
  • Seven ways to find help in starting a business  
  • Courtelaney Pass police department: potential problem solutions  
  • The problem of plagiarism, its reasons and solutions  
  • Ways of managing conflict  
  • Political corruption and how to address it  
  • Low wages and inequality problem and its solutions in the USA  
  • Child abuse and ways for its elimination  
  • The problem of infant mortality issue in India: possible solutions  
  • Domestic violence problem and the ways to overcome them  
  • Ways of avoiding cross-cultural miscommunication  
  • Risk incidence solution to the problem of substance use disorder  
  • Is assisted suicide a humane solution?  
  • Successful ways of preventing crime by Blundell  
  • Iron seeding oceans: global warming solution  

Thank you for reading this article! Hopefully, these topics will help you write your problem-solution essay. Also, don’t forget to send this article to your friends, who might find it useful!

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As many know, mental illness has affected many individuals for quite some time, affecting individuals from every age spectrum, and for some disorders, every recorded era. Many have developed different ways to treat their illness. Some help and some showed no progress. But why is it still so relevant, yet irrelevant, in our current society? Many know it exists, yet, they stay narrowly-minded fixated to only physiological health issues. Many theorize that it may be because of some medical field’s […]

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Racism in Criminal Justice System

Scott Woods once said, The problem is that white people see racism as conscious hate, when racism is bigger than that. Racism is a complex system of social and political levers and pulleys set up generations ago to continue working on the behalf of whites at other people's expense, whether whites know/like it or not. Racism is an insidious cultural disease. It is so insidious that it doesn't care if you are a white person who likes black people; it's […]

Childhood Obesity – Causes and Potential Long-Term Effects

Abstract There is growing concern about the state of children’s health. Every year there is an increase in the number of overweight and obese children. What causes this and what does it mean for them long-term? There are many contributing factors to children’s weight issues. Some of these factors are limited access to healthy food, more time spent in front of a screen, and less physical activity. Long-term health affects include a rising risk of Type 2 diabetes, coronary heart […]

How are Fast Food Advertising and Childhood Obesity Related

By 1950s, fast food industry boom was in full swing. It was secured in 1951. In the 1950s, McDonald has become a staple of the American diet. Fast food restaurants have been grown more and more and by now, there are over one hundred and sixty thousands fast food restaurants in the United States, becoming a one hundred and ten billion dollar industry. One can’t deny that fast food has become really important in American life nowadays. Whether Americans are […]

We will write an essay sample crafted to your needs.

Cyberbullying: Exploring Components of Offending in the Lens of the Social Learning Theory

Introduction As technology continues to advance in the 21st century, adolescents have become susceptible to the potential dangers that the Internet poses. Cross et al. (2015), stated that 98% of adolescents aged 12-14 years old have accessed the internet and have electronic devices such as cell phones and computers. It is suggested that the more time adolescents spend online in chat rooms, emails, and other social networking sites the more likely they are to be victims of various online crimes […]

What are the Effects of Illegal Immigration?

The United States of America is facing many challenges in regards to illegal immigration. By draining public funds, creating unfair competition for jobs (thereby lowering wages and working conditions), and by imposing unwanted strains on services designed to provide assistance to Americans, illegal immigration causes harm to legal residents. We are one of the only countries in the world where, in your stay, you retain many benefits, and are taken care of while you're here. Countless amount of people believe […]

Combating Gun Violence

A school shooting is an attack at an educational institution, such as a school or university, involving the use of firearms. The first recorded school shooting in the United States took place in 1840, when a law student shot and killed his professor at the University of Virginia. Despite that crime rates in the United States are declining, and homicide specifically is especially rare, many people believe that school shootings are becoming epidemic, occurring more frequently than the have in […]

A Discussion on the Effects of Cyberbullying Among the Youth in Namibia

Introduction Cyberbullying became a major concern issue among the youth. Statistics revealed that 44.6% of pupils in secondary school are bullied, with 66% being grade 8 pupils'' (Nekomba, 2015) . According to the oxford dictionary (2014), cyberbullying is defined as the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of intimidating or threatening nature''. Cyberbullying occur through text messages, and applications or social media. This threatening act involves scaring someone. Social media refers to applications such […]

Racism and Racial Bullying

Many people in the United States have been treated really bad, due in part to racism. People that are African-American, Hispanic, Latino, Jewish, etc. are the main people that are getting pushed around by mainly white people. I'm not saying all white people do it, but most do. It's an increase of hatred in America. Racism hasn't just started, it started many, many years ago and much worse than how racism is now. In the 1950's, black people were not […]

How we Broke Democracy

Most people in today’s world that receive news acquire it from the internet, specifically from Facebook. This website is a social media platform that feeds information and news to us. In 2017, Facebook was just then reaching two billion users. These people are interacting with others who obtain the similar facts or news. Outlined in “How We Broke Democracy” are the ethical issues of how humans receive, filter, and process information that is given to us. Facebook filters the information […]

British Imperialism in India

British imperialism was an event that greatly impacted both India's past and present. British imperialism in India was able to occur because of the country's trading system, and the weakening of the Moghuls, and British wanted to control India because, India was seen as a good source of both labor and raw materials and this was necessary for British industrialization. As stated previously British imperialism had a large, lasting effect on India. It opened India to western ideals, opened them […]

Police Brutality – Misconduct and Shootings

Abstract In the United States, Police brutality has been a source of concern for many years. Police officers have been known to use excessive and unnecessary force on innocent and unarmed civilians. There have been numerous instances of police officers killing civilians when such force was unwarranted. It is important to look at how police brutality affects the community as well as fellow police officers. There are a number of measures that should be taken to stop this menace. The […]

How the Government Can Decrease Gun Violence

There should be more gun control laws to control gun violence. The debate on gun control in America has been up for deliberation for decades. Almost forty thousand people are killed each year due to homicidal, accidental, and suicidal use of guns (Politics 7). Despite the fact that America has approximately twenty thousand gun laws, there are still often occurring crime due to gun violence. To fix this problem, the government should enforce stricter background checks for all gun sales, […]

How to Change the Gun Violence Situation in the US

In the United States, the number of cases of gun violence have increased tremendously. The reason why these numbers have been so high is because guns have been made easily accessible to the general public. The implications that gun violence has had on the country are so damaging that it is time that the American government come up with ways in which the availability of guns to the American citizens can be restrained. Due to the gun violence situation; people […]

Stop Police Brutality against Minority’s

Police abuse remains one of the most serious human rights violations in the United States. Over the past decades, police have acted out in ways that have made people wonder, are our officer really doing their jobs?. Unjustified shootings have contributed to the ever present problem of police brutality in America. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Jim Crow laws were state and local laws that enforced racial segregation in the Southern United States mandated racial segregation in […]

Brexit and the Potential Economic Impacts

Brexit: the solution to cope with the potential economic impacts if no deal were made Introduction British people had voted for a leave in the Brexit referendum back in 2016. As time pass by, now in 2018, the deadline of the EU withdrawal is about to come. The UK government is made clear that the country will be leaving EU on 29 March 2019. And by now, UK and EU were not reaching any agreements on the arrangements for the […]

Early Childhood Providers as Adult Learners

Early childcare providers can be a child's first teacher. The quality of early childcare depends on the education and skills of the childcare provider. Multiple research studies link positive outcomes for young children with higher levels of teacher education (Garavuso, 2016, p. 182). A college degree is usually not a requirement to care for young children, yet when childcare providers show evidence of a college degree, the result can be two fold, quality early care for children and higher pay. […]

The Internet has Changed Bullying

Many people around the world now have access to the internet. Teenagers use the internet for many reasons such as socializing, education, and to maintain personal and professional relationships. However, some teenagers misuse the internet for wrong reasons such as cyberbullying and racisms through social media. Teenagers should only be allowed to use social media only if they are using it the appropriate reasons. Cyberbullying and racisms happen even to this day because of immature behaviors that teenagers do not […]

American Federal System

Federalism exists if two levels of government have authority over the same geographic area. The Constitution set up the American federal system and has been amended twenty seven times. Powers of state government were never listed in the original constitution. The Tenth Amendment of the Constitution grants states all powers not specifically granted to the federal government, nor forbidden to them by the Constitution. The Federal Government should be the only body to make and enforce laws since so many […]

The Las Vegas Shooting, Gun Control and American Violence

The night of October 1, 2017 at the Route 91 Harvest festival in Las Vegas was interrupted by the sound of gun fire that was opened by a gunman from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino (Time, 2017). As Time reported, in this massive shooting, which went on for 10-15 minutes at about a crowd of 20,000 people, more than 500 people were injured and at least 50 people were killed (Time, 2017). With this tragic […]

NIH Principles of Substance Abuse Prevention for Early Childhood

Lifespan development focuses on changes that occur within a person from the beginning of their conception until their death. Lifespan development incorporates not only the physical changes one acquires throughout time, but also the cognitive, emotional, and social changes. Humans have the capability of constant change, especially when exposed to different incidents or environments that can influence their choices, but as time goes on this change can become harder to achieve. At least four stages of lifespan development are observed, […]

Problem of Tsunami in Asia

Tsunami causes a lot of effects on the coastline, and these effects range from unnoticeable to devastating. Therefore, their effects rely on the traits of the seismic events which led to the generation of the tsunami also the distance from where it originated, its magnitude and configuration of the bathymetry. A huge tsunami carries with it a huge amount of water and energy that can cause severe damage when it strikes the land. Most of the damages caused by the […]

Liver Disease

In recent years there has been an increase in liver failure as a result of careless drinking and other inevitable causes. The treatment for these end-stage liver diseases is a liver transplant. One big challenge exists when it comes to liver transplants the number of organs donated is lower than those required. An ethical challenge arises concerning the allocation of this few organs. Should patients with liver failure due to drinking be denied liver transplants?The idea that patients with end […]

Gun Violence in America

The issue of gun violence has attracted a heated debate in the US. With time, people have advanced significantly in gun availability and the power to buy military-style firearms, which has led to more likelihood of criminals getting guns that they can use for mass destruction. Yet, burning gun ownership can be a significant issue since most civilians who buy firearms do so to ensure their protection and safety. Many supporters of gun ownership postulate that firearms do not kill, […]

Gun Violence in America: who is to Blame?

Too often, when you raise the issue of guns in this country, it starts a debate with both sides pointing the blame at each other. In the middle, we hear the voices of children who’ve witnessed the killing of their friends and teachers and who are sounding out for action. The question is, will we listen to them? Will we care enough to do something? Horrific tragedies like the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School a little under a […]

Slavery and Immigration

Life in the 16th century was tough mostly if you were a slave or servant. The world came a long way from when slave start to the end of it. It caused a bloody war where many people lost their lives, fighting for their right and believes. The North was a big attribute to this whole situation. It all started when a ship brought over 20 African slaves to America. People started noticing the New World, and they all wanted […]

College May not be Worth it Anymore by Ellen Ruppel Shell

Since it is believed that a college degree would help in the job market, which in average it does, many Americans have paid heavily for the price of a higher education. ""By last summer, Americans owed more than $1.3 trillion in student loans, more than two and a half times what they owed a decade earlier"" (Shell, 2018). This causes Shell to ask the question, if higher education offers that help or if the people who earn the degrees are […]

Nursing Shortage: Solutions of the Problem

Introduction The field of nursing holds multiple roles and responsibilities that lead individuals into different aspects of the career field. Many of the roles that a nurse plays a part in are caregiver, manager, educator, advocate, and more. The down side to working in healthcare is the multitude of issues that people have to deal with, such as staff shortages, needle stick incidents, and HIPPA violations. After years of research, individuals have begun developing possible solutions to several of the […]

Solution of Child Labor Problem

In many developing and developed countries child labour is become a vulnerable topic that effects their childhood, their potential as well as it also interferes and harms children’s physical ,mental and social development. It also damages, spoils and destroys the life of the children. Children want to go school, but unhappily, they are enforced to do opposed to their bound. It is totally illegal act for which one should be punished but because of the unproductive rules and regulations it […]

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Best 50 problem solution essay topics on web.

August 14, 2019

Problem Solution Essay Topics

The problem and solution essay topics you find online have been used over and over again by most students. Every problem solution essay topics list has been downloaded tens of thousands of times. Chances are, your classmates will pick some of these topics as well. Do you want your research paper to have the same topic as the essays of three of your classmates? Probably not! We have a solution: our list of the best 50 problem solution essay topics in 2022. They’re updated frequently, and you can use them for free!

Don’t Know How To Write A Problem Solution Essay?

But before we get to the problem solution essay topics for college students, let’s discuss this type of assignment. In most cases, students don’t know how to write a problem solution essay. As its name suggests, the problems solution essay is a writing assignment where you need to find a problem relevant to modern society and then figure out ways to solve it. You need to use your critical thinking to find the best solutions and then explain academically why your solutions are the best. Remember, you need to be very accurate in your writing and support your statements with references. You may be able to write about just one solution if it is complex enough. However, for most issues, we recommend three solutions because this number works best with our proposed problem solution essay structure.

The Simple Problem Solution Essay Structure

The simple way to organize your problem solution essay ideas is by using the five-paragraph essay structure. Here is how it looks like:

  • You start your problem solution essay with a captivating introduction that presents the problem (or the situation).
  • Then, you write three body paragraphs, each discussing a single solution.
  • You wrap everything up with a strong conclusion that reiterates the solutions and emphasizes why they are the best.

Now you see why we’ve advised you to find not just one solution to the problem, but three. If you have a more complex topic, like a breathing problem solution, you can write more than three body paragraphs. After all, there are at least five effective solutions to this problem that we can think of. And remember, always start your writing with a problem solution essay outline. You can create it in just 10 minutes by doing some research, and it will most surely prove to be invaluable. It will keep you organized and on topic – that’s guaranteed. Now that you know how to write a problem solution essay, it’s time to talk about topics.

Why Do You Need Our Problem Solution Essay Topics?

We know you’ve received a lot of different advice about writing problem solution essays. We agree, reading at least one good problem solution essay example is very important. It shows you how to organize your writing, how to present your problem and your solutions, and how to support your statements. However, we feel that good problem solution essay topics are even more important. Think of it this way: no matter how well you write, if the topic is boring, your audience will eventually get bored. It’s just a matter of time. But when you come up with amazing, captivating, and breathtaking topics for problem solution essay, your writing instantly becomes much more interesting.

Most people, including your professor, want to learn new things. They’re not interested in solutions for a simple cold problem. But they most surely are interested in solutions to the greenhouse effect – or in solutions to the obesity issue. And rest assured – there are plenty of topics even more interesting than these. Bottom line, if you want to impress from the moment you read the introduction and the thesis statement, your problem needs to pique the interest of your professor instantly. And you will get bonus points as a reward – guaranteed!

Get Free Problem And Solution Essay Topics Right Here

Remember that for each problem, you need to find at least three solutions and discuss them. You can discuss more than three if the problem is complex. However, you should avoid presenting just one solution. In most cases, this will make your professor think that you didn’t care to spend much time writing the essay. You may get penalized for this, so be aware.

And now, here are the 50 problem and solution essay topics 2022 you have been waiting for:

Problem Solution Speech Topics

  • How to tackle police brutality in America.
  • The best solutions that prevent suicides (the permanent solution to a temporary problem).
  • How can we stop mass shootings?
  • The solution to the illegal immigration problem.
  • Here is how we can stop sexual abuse in schools.
  • The policies that can stop child labor.

Problem Solution Essay Topics For College

  • How can we solve the student loans problem?
  • The best ways to control stress in college.
  • College education can be affordable. Here is how!
  • Substance abuse can be prevented on college campuses.
  • How teachers can prevent students from cheating on exams.
  • The best way to become a more efficient student.

Education Problem Solution Essay Topics

  • Schools have the means to prevent suicides.
  • The effective methods that prevent cheating in school.
  • How can schools keep up with technology?
  • Schools can eliminate bullying. Here is how!
  • The solution to racial discrimination in the US education system.
  • The solution to gender discrimination in the US education system.

Best Relationship Topics

  • Here is how you can become confident in just three steps!
  • The easy solutions to an abusive relationship.
  • How can we solve the problem with overprotective parents?
  • How can we stop sexting in high school?
  • The best ways to move out of the “friend zone.”
  • Helping a depressed friend may be easier than you think.

Social Problems Topics

  • How can we eliminate racism in the modern world?
  • Ways to deal with illegal immigrants on the border line.
  • We can improve literacy in the United States.
  • The simple solutions to the huge human trafficking problem.
  • Divorce can be prevented. Here is how!
  • Solutions to the homeless people problem in the US.

College Life Topics

  • Here is how you decide on your major quickly.
  • Do you have problems with your roommate? You can solve them!
  • Here is how you instantly become an A+ student.
  • Colleges can be safer: Real solutions.
  • Why is college so expensive? Any solutions?

Crime Issues

  • How can we solve the domestic violence issue?
  • Cyberbullying can be prevented by making it a crime.
  • The solution to out-of-control gangs in the United States.
  • We can prevent racial violence. Here is how!
  • Here is how we stop people from polluting the rivers.

Economic Problem Solution Topics

  • Unemployment is not difficult to solve, actually.
  • Ways to increase the tourism rate in California.
  • The simple solutions to our waste problems.
  • The simple way to reduce consumer debt in America

Health Issues

  • Here is how you stop overeating sugar.
  • Ways to prevent substance abuse in teenagers.
  • How parents can easily promote sports to their children.
  • Child obesity is a major problem, but it has a simple solution.
  • The best alternatives to plastic surgery for cosmetic purposes.

Use Our Great Topics Today

The problem solution essay topics you choose for your academic papers are very important. You will write essays faster if you choose smart topics. You will get bonus points if the topics are interesting. You will not have to do extensive research if you pick a topic you know something about. Pick any topic on our problem solution essay topics list and use it for free . We are just happy to help!

It’s time to nail your grades! Get your 20% discount on the problem solution writing assignment with promo “ ewriting20 ” – and enjoy your college life!

solution to problem essay example

Take a break from writing.

Top academic experts are here for you.

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  • 182 Best Classification Essay Topics To Learn And Write About
  • How To Manage Stress In College: Top Practical Tips  
  • How To Write A Narrative Essay: Definition, Tips, And A Step-by-Step Guide
  • How To Write Article Review Like Professional
  • Great Problem Solution Essay Topics
  • Creating Best Stanford Roommate Essay
  • Costco Essay – Best Writing Guide
  • How To Quote A Dialogue
  • Wonderful Expository Essay Topics
  • Research Paper Topics For 2020
  • Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics
  • How It Works
  • Essay Examples

Problem Solution Essay Topic Ideas

problem solution essay topic ideas

Finding a great topic for an essay may sound easy until you have to write it. Then your mind goes blank or nothing really sounds quite right. You finally end up overthinking it. If you are trying to find your next great essay topic, this article is going to help you in so many ways. Keep reading to discover new topics about relationships, sports, family life, socialization, education, and, of course, college life. There are even ideas on driving and transportation so you will be able to find something that you can write about.

What Students Need to Know about Writing an Essay

After you have carefully selected your essay topic, you need to know how to start a hypothesis . You will accomplish writing a paper that is unique as well as organized in essay form. Before you begin, go through the list below, carefully thinking each topic through and discovering which one you are most interested in. If you aren't interested in the topic, writing about it will seem like it takes forever so find something that you like.

Topic Ideas on Relationships

  • How to take the next step when you are friends
  • Can you stop bullying on social media?
  • Ways you can help someone who is suffering from depression
  • Freeing yourself from an unhealthy relationship
  • Five ways to deal with overbearing people
  • Saving your friend/roommate from bad choices in life
  • Should women take the first step in a relationship?
  • Texting vs face-to-face relationships: what is the long-term effect?
  • Defining "real relationships" in today's world
  • Can we end stereotyping and racism? How can we make a difference as individuals and as a whole society?
  • Understanding the differences in culture, race, and social status
  • Group barriers need to be broken. How can it happen?

Problem Solutions When Writing Essays

  • Describe your problem in great detail. Don't leave any details out so your readers will be able to see the issue through your own eyes, just as you see it.
  • What's the solution to your problem? Every problem has a solution or solutions that can range from the most practical ones to the most difficult ones. You have your readers’ attention. Now give them something that will have them thinking about what you are presenting as a solution.
  • Get it all out in the open – the argument, the solution, how much it will cost or how much it will take to solve this issue as well as how doable this plan is.
  • Tell your readers why your solution is the best choice out of all the other solutions.

Social Problems That Should Be Addressed in Essays

Remember, now is your chance to grab someone's attention and to open their eyes on what is often overlooked. We can solve these problems if people are aware of them. Sample cause and effect essays can help you to reach this aim.

Solving Poverty Topics

  • Addressing the need for help for homeless people starting with your own community
  • Can we prevent students from dropping out of high school? Everyone needs to stay in school and graduate
  • Come up with the best way to put a stop to teen pregnancy
  • Experimenting with illegal drugs should never be on a child's mind. Find ways to make it more difficult for children to have access to drugs
  • How to stop people from drunk driving?
  • Teenagers need to be more cautious on the road. How do you raise awareness?
  • Can divorce be prevented and if so, how?
  • Children of divorced parents can do better in school, have meaningful and productive relationships, and succeed in their adult lives including marriage. How?
  • Wiping out racism completely
  • How to help victims of family violence
  • Improving the welfare system to break the generational cycle of poverty
  • Illegal immigration and how to handle it
  • Stopping gun violence once and for all
  • Rehabilitation process for prisoners to productively function in society post-prison
  • Everyone in the world can have health insurance
  • Improving literacy
  • Preventing human trafficking
  • Reducing the negativity your children are exposed to, including violence and pornography in video games, on the Internet, and in movies
  • Convincing society to live without smoking, poor eating habits, and exercise regularly as well as maintain a healthy BMI
  • Finding the perfect balance between free speech and avoiding insulting or abusing
  • Make your favorite city pedestrian and bicycle friendly
  • Reducing terrorism: is it possible and if so, how?
  • How to control the way celebrities are portrayed in the media?
  • Online data – how can we protect it from data brokers who are selling our information to anyone who will pay for it?
  • How can we as a society improve employment opportunities?

Sports News and Information Topics

  • Placing limitations on steroid use in sports
  • College athletes – should they be paid or not?
  • Colleges teaching students to find balance between education, athletics, and work
  • Young kids in sports – is there a limit to how much they should be training?
  • Introducing talented young athletes to the sports they are most interested in to offer them insight, advice, and coaching
  • New ways that coaches can show their athletes encouragement throughout the season
  • Local sports teams need more compelling challenges and practices to display true talent and ability in the season just as much as they need fan support
  • How to prepare to be a better athlete in one's favorite sport
  • Sports media can improve how they cover your favorite sport. What can they do to make it better? Cover the announcers, interviews with players, and what networks should cover it
  • Increasing the number of fans that attend a sporting event
  • Coach and player interviews should be handled more productively following a game loss
  • Mentally preparing players for a loss that seems imminent
  • Professional players can prepare for retirement as soon as they are signed – just like they should prepare for retirement in a case of a professional injury
  • Estimating the payment for your favorite sport. Include your thoughts about salary caps
  • How to fairly divide the money made from a game between the players and the owners
  • Improving your venue
  • Can sports injuries be prevented? Gear this toward football
  • Ways to improve coaching in the high schools
  • Players can prevent many injuries from happening even in the most competitive sports
  • Parents and coaches that push their kids too far in sports – how to handle it or even stop it from happening

The Life of a College Student Topics

Paying for Private College

  • Simple ways college can become more affordable for those interested in attending it
  • Effective study tips that will undoubtedly improve your grades
  • Avoiding procrastination: tips for college students
  • College students can eat healthy even while in college on a shoestring budget
  • Staying in shape in college even if you aren't playing sports
  • Balancing college classes, study time, working, and even social life
  • Handling that not-so-great roommate
  • Increasing the effectiveness of requesting money from your parents
  • How parents can give their college kids a little bit more freedom and why they should do that
  • How college students can show their parents they are growing independent
  • Loud neighbors in the dorm/apartment – how to handle them effectively
  • Can you make a long distance relationship work if both of you are in different colleges?
  • How to handle a suicidal friend and psychological insight into reducing suicidal tendencies in general
  • Narrowing down and finalizing one's major
  • Which college is right for you?
  • How to handle rejection of a college admission, scholarship, or special program you wanted to attend
  • Improving test-taking skills during the first years of college
  • Are there any new ways to get more students to attend classes regularly?
  • Getting college students more involved in politics and elections
  • Making colleges safer for students and faculty
  • Preventing sexual assault on college campus
  • Do parents need to know the grades their kids get while attending college?
  • Students failing – what can colleges do to help them get back in the game
  • Teaching students to handle stress while in college
  • Being more productive while in class
  • How students can deal with homesickness
  • How college students can prove to their parents that they can handle money in the most effective way
  • Can college be made more affordable for everyone?
  • Finding more ways government can assist in supporting college education
  • College sorority or fraternity. Should students consider joining?

The Endless Topic – Education

If you are doing a problem solution essay on education, your topics are endless so you may find it hard to narrow it down. Remember to focus on what you feel is more important or what you want to see addressed. If you want to know how to write a book review , you can discover our blog.

  • Improving education for those who may be struggling
  • Addressing childhood obesity in schools – ways to make students active
  • Improving special education needs for high school students
  • Allocating money and resources for additional programs such as fine arts and sports
  • Effective ways schools can address behavior problems
  • Improving programs for gifted and talented students in schools
  • Addressing the need to improve education for students who may be failing
  • Preparing home-schoolers for college
  • Schools need to take improved action to stop teasing, bullying, and violence
  • Are students learning what they need to while in school? Should a full year be based on a nationalized test? In what other ways can testing be handled to improve the education?
  • Schools should adopt a no-cheating policy and talk about ways teachers can prevent it from happening
  • Should foreign language studies be a requirement or an elective? Which languages should be taught?
  • Should schools consider digital textbooks instead of traditional?
  • Should students use iPads and laptops? Adapting education to technology
  • Should schools accept common core curriculum? What should it include?
  • Should the US Educational system switch to a European style system instead?
  • Should physical education be made mandatory in schools?
  • How can schools improve the chances of having a healthier society
  • Attracting educated teachers to public schools
  • High schools should offer a technical track in order to prepare students for employment after school
  • Providing online courses in high school to offer students a flexible alternative
  • Addressing pregnancy in high school: can sexual education class solve this problem?
  • Addressing dress code: should school uniforms be mandatory in all schools?
  • Concealed weapon permits for teachers and administrators
  • Can placing undercover cops in schools, including classrooms, help to prevent shootings, violence, and drug spread?

Addressing Family Life in Modern Times

This topic can also be narrowed down. Here are some topics of interest:

  • Parents’ rights – addressing social media issues with a child
  • Are parents the reason a child is obese? If so, what should be done?
  • Parents can influence a more positive body image, thus reducing the chances of eating disorders developing in children
  • The adverse effects of parents pushing their child too hard in sports, fine arts, academics, and other areas
  • How to socially promote adoption, finding the right parents, improving adoption opportunities for older children
  • Minors who age out of the welfare system without finding families to call their own
  • Helping families cope with a child who has a mental illness
  • Top ways a parent can teach their child how to manage money even when they aren't good at it
  • Discipline for children – how to improve it and be more effective
  • How parents can instill honesty in their children
  • Teaching faith to a child in and out of school: should it be done in our society?

Topics on Transportation

  • Texting and driving is wrong. What should be the punishment for someone getting caught? What can an individual do to persuade everyone that it is wrong?
  • Parking on campus is always difficult. What are some ways that you can improve it?
  • Training better drivers in school: should colleges introduce extra driving classes?
  • Can changes be made to improve getting around in your town?
  • Reasons why public transportation should be considered over individual driving. Make public transportation more effective
  • How to launch a campaign that raises awareness and helps students be better drivers?
  • Which traffic laws can be adjusted? Is there any need for adjustment?
  • How to get to a place you have never been to? Cover using GPS or Googling the location as well as asking for verbal directions
  • Worst traffic violations and how to prevent them
  • Does your local drivers’ education program need to be updated or changed? If so, what changes do you want to see addressed?
  • How to prevent drunk driving and deaths because of it

More topics examples you can find at history essay topics page.

Coming up with Solutions to Any Problem

You have the opportunity to make a difference with your essay. You are writing about something that means something to you. This essay may influence someone else who will then make a change. It's a chain reaction starting with you. That is why it is so important to pick only problem solution essay topics you feel passionate about – this is the surest way to actually make a difference with your paper.

However, choosing a topic you like and feel strongly about is not the only thing that determines your end-result. Here are a couple more pointers on how you can ace any essay or even how to write a dissertation chapter .

First, try to choose a very specific topic question and stick to it in your paper. Remember that the subject should be neither too broad nor overly narrow. Sure, this will depend on the number of pages you have to write but on the whole, sticking to one particular question is always a good idea.

Next, take some time figuring out your thesis statement. It is presented in the final paragraph of your introduction and it is the main assumption that will be further on analyzed in your work.

Ideally, your main body should have from three to five paragraphs, but depending on the size of your paper, this number can be either increased or reduced. Whatever your case may be, make sure each of the body paragraphs analyzes a separate aspect of your topic. At the same time, make sure each new point logically leads to the next one.

Finally, do not make a common mistake a lot of students make in the concluding paragraph. It may seem logical to quickly summarize everything you have written but to get an A+, you will have to try harder than that. The most important thing you'll need to do in the conclusion is restate your thesis and prove it either right or wrong. This is the whole point of writing an essay and this is how it is supposed to end.

If by now you feel that this whole undertaking is too much for you, no need to worry. You can always contact a custom writing company just like ours that will do the job for you. Since we hire only best essay writers with a variety of degrees in both social and natural sciences, you can stay absolutely confident that your paper will be written by a qualified expert. So, of course, it will help you improve your grade – not to mention, take the trouble off your hands!

Splendid Ideas for Extended Essay Topics

  • Informative Speech Topics
  • Top 10 Rhetorical Analysis Essay Topics
  • A Comprehensive Guide to Writing a Research Paper Outline
  • How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay
  • Reflective Essay Topics

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The new Fortune 500 Europe list reveals an economy dominated by energy companies, automakers—and men

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Good morning, Peter Vanham here in Geneva, filling in for Alan.  The first-ever Fortune 500 Europe is out today (along with a new Europe homepage ), and the ranking busts quite a few myths about the continent. The list of Europe’s largest companies by revenue reads like a kind of throwback to the 20 th  century, when energy and automotive industries dominated the global economy, and companies were led by men.  

Consider first the very largest companies on the list. The  top spot is held by British energy giant Shell , with six energy companies and three automotive companies featuring in the top 10. Compare that to the U.S., and the difference is stark: in the U.S.-based  Fortune 500 , three Big Tech companies— Amazon , Apple , and Alphabet—cracked the top 10. In Europe, the largest pure tech company is SAP …at No. 114, followed by 1990s icons Ericsson (No. 141) and Nokia (No. 147).  

You’d have to go back to those late 1990s to find a Fortune 500 akin to what the Fortune 500 Europe looks like today. Twenty-five years ago,  GM topped the U.S. list  with Ford and Chrysler not far behind, and Exxon, Mobil (and GE, to a lesser extent) representing the energy sector in the top 10. 

On the diversity front, too, Europe lags the U.S. Just 7% of Fortune 500 Europe companies are led by a woman, compared to 10% of the U.S. list . It is a far cry from the progressive image that some may have of Europe.

Combine these statistics with Europe’s ever-declining share of global GDP, and you get a rather bleak conclusion. Or are we witnessing Europe’s darkest moment before its dawn? 

In a feature published today,  I look at the case of Holcim  (No. 121 on the Europe list), one of the world’s largest construction materials companies. Once a pure volume player in this heavy industry, the company has recently made a hard pivot towards sustainability, betting on quality over quantity. With Europe leading the world in “green” regulation, it may provide a path forward for other Europe 500 companies.

You can explore the full list  here . And if you’d like to keep reading about how European companies can shape the future of the global economy, you can now  sign up for our new CEO Weekly Europe newsletter , which launches later this month. Every week, I’ll unpack how Europe’s largest companies are navigating challenges like the AI revolution, the green transition, and geopolitical rebalancing. 

More news below. 

Peter Vanham [email protected] @petervanham

Switching chips

Baidu is turning to Huawei Technologies for its AI chips, as new U.S. rules stop the Chinese tech company from buying similar products from Nvidia. Last month, the Biden administration widened restrictions on chip sales to China, targeting products from Nvidia and fellow chipmaker AMD. Baidu is rushing to make AI products available to its Chinese customers, releasing its ChatGPT-like Ernie Bot earlier this year. Reuters

A record high

Microsoft shares closed at a record high of $360 on Tuesday, after its partner OpenAI announced a suite of new products and services. The ChatGPT developer said Tuesday that it would launch a cheaper version of its AI model and protect customers from copyright infringement lawsuits. Microsoft has bet big on OpenAI and its AI models, investing billions in the developer. CNBC

Adyen co-CEO Ingo Uytdehaage isn’t fazed by slow growth at the Dutch payments company. When faced with economic headwinds, “you don’t change direction, and you keep focused on what you want to accomplish long-term,” he tells  Fortune’ s Phil Wahba. Adyen shares are down over 55% since mid-August when the company reported a lower-than-expected  21% jump in revenue.  Fortune


Job listing are getting a boost by adding AI: ‘I’d consider it a requirement,’ says LinkedIn hiring boss  by Orianna Rosa Royle

‘The era of “do nothing, the boss can’t fire me” is over’ says Ivy League professor Jeremy Siegel, as workers face down fear of layoffs  by Eleanor Pringle

The rich are fleeing the climate crisis by scrambling to buy chalets in the Alps by Ryan Hogg

WeWork’s $18 billion bankruptcy just took over 60% of NYC’s office space with it—the last thing the reeling commercial real-estate sector needed by Sydney Lake and Alena Botros

Days after laying off 50% of their staff, OpenSea executives are talking strategy at a $9 million mansion once owned by Katy Perry and Russell Brand by Ben Weiss

Commentary: ‘The wizard vs. the illusionist’: Bob Iger faces another challenge as ex-Disney employees join activist investor Nelson Peltz in a personal vendetta against the iconic CEO by Jeffrey Sonnenfeld and Steven Tian

This edition of CEO Daily was curated by Nicholas Gordon. 

This is the web version of  CEO Daily , a newsletter of must-read insights from Fortune  CEO Alan Murray. Sign up to get it delivered free to your inbox.

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Problem/Solution Essays

Choose a sign-in option, citation and embed code.

In this chapter you will write a problem/solution essay. To write a problem/solution essay, think about a problem that you have experienced and how it could be fixed.

A problem/solution essay is written to explain the solution(s) for a problem. This essay can describe multiple solutions or one “ideal” solution to the problem you describe.

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    Sample Introductions It can be helpful to see completed examples before writing in order to examine what makes for an effective piece. See how these introductions give some context before posing the topic and lead naturally into the body paragraphs, where the evidence will be listed.

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    1. Confirm the paper follows a clear structure or outline. Review the paper and confirm it covers the four components of a problem solution paper. Make sure it addresses the problem and the solution in detail. Check that your thesis statement appears in the introduction and in the conclusion sections of the paper.

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    06 February, 2021 13 minutes read Author: Josh Carlyle The Definitive Guide to Writing a Problem Solution Essay In this article, we cover the basics of problem solution essay writing. We will explain what a problem and solution essay is in academic and straightforward terms.

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    7 min read UPD: May 9, 2023 A problem-solution essay is a type of academic essay that explores a particular issue or challenge, and presents a potential course of action to address it. The purpose of a problem-and-solution essay is to identify a problem or issue, and to provide a practical solution or strategy for resolving it.

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    Below is a problem-solution essay on the topic of obesity and poor fitness. It uses the block structure. Click on the different areas (in the shaded boxes) to highlight the different structural aspects in this essay, i.e. Situation, Problem, Solution, Evaluation.

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    Below is an IELTS model answer for the IELTS problem solution essay in writing task 2. There are five types of essays in IELTS writing task 2 and the "solution" type essay is a common one. However, make sure you follow the instructions. You need to know the difference between "what are the causes?" and "what problems does this cause?".

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    A problem-solution essay is an essay that uses analysis of problems and solutions to argue a point. Here we will focus on the specific strategies that can be used to develop a problem-solution ...

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    Paper Writing How to Write a Problem and Solution Essay + Topics and Examples March 14, 2022 633 views Bookmark Writing a good problem and solution paper can be difficult to many college students, but it is well worth the effort. A problem solving essay should identify a problem and then provide a clear and concise solution.

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    The key to getting a great grade is finding a problem-solution essay topic about which you feel passionate. These ideas will help!

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    A List of 339 Problem Solution Essay Topics & Questions (9 votes) A problem solution essay is a type of persuasive essay. It's a piece of writing that presents a particular problem and provides different options for solving it. It is commonly used for subject exams or IELTS writing tasks.

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    Words: 1365 Pages: 5 11625 As many know, mental illness has affected many individuals for quite some time, affecting individuals from every age spectrum, and for some disorders, every recorded era. Many have developed different ways to treat their illness. Some help and some showed no progress.

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    Here are 50 problem solution essay ideas suitable for any US university be it Stanford or Yale. Unlike some philosophy essay topics, each of these 50 offers a suitable solution to some most burning social issues. You are encouraged to get inspired by these examples and create your own topics, but it's okay to pick any of these and modify them ...

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    More topics examples you can find at history essay topics page. Coming up with Solutions to Any Problem. You have the opportunity to make a difference with your essay. You are writing about something that means something to you. This essay may influence someone else who will then make a change. It's a chain reaction starting with you.

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