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Land the job with cover letter templates

Show hiring managers why you're the perfect job candidate with professional, customizable cover letter templates. find the perfect cover letter template for any industry or career path..

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Download free cover letter templates

Stand out from other job applicants with free, professional cover letter templates. Cover letters are a perfect complement to your resume and provide an effective opportunity to show your personality and enthusiasm for a position. Focus on writing a compelling cover letter and let a professionally designed template do the rest.

These free cover letter templates are perfect for any stage of your career, whether you're looking to land an internship or your dream job. If you're applying for a corporate position, you may want to opt for a simple cover letter template. There are a variety of other cover letter designs available, from basic cover letter templates to creative cover letter templates.

Each of these cover letter templates is customizable in Word , so you can add your own text, change design elements, and more. Print out your cover letter or download it for free to use for online job applications. Once you've customized the perfect cover letter, explore resume templates that will match your cover letter design, or download free business cards for your next networking event.

  • Cover letter guide

How to write a cover letter — a guide to success.

Discover the best practices for writing a strong cover letter.

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What is a cover letter?

Why is a cover letter important, how to write a cover letter., tips for creating a strong cover letter., proofread and edit your cover letter., cover letter checklist., example cover letters., frequently asked questions..

The job search process can be stressful, whether you’re entering the workforce for the first time, pivoting careers, or simply looking for a change. Hiring is competitive, and your application needs to clearly demonstrate why you’re an ideal candidate and distinguish you from other applicants.

To provide a holistic view of what you bring to the table and improve your chances of hearing back from a hiring manager, you should submit a cover letter. Read this guide to learn the best tips and tricks for creating an effective cover letter.

A cover letter is a writing sample that accompanies your application. It serves as an introduction, allowing you to explain why you’re a good fit for the position, demonstrate your knowledge and experience, and share more personal details outside of your resume.

Even if a cover letter is optional, you can significantly increase the probability of scoring an interview by providing one. According to a recent survey of 200 hiring decision-makers, 83% of respondents said that a well-written cover letter would persuade them to schedule an interview — even if the applicant didn’t have a strong resume.

How long should a cover letter be?

The average cover letter length is three to four paragraphs. In general, it should be no more than one page.

Your goal should be to create a concise letter that captures the most important details about your previous experience and skills, your interest in the job, and how you can contribute to the company or organization.

Since a cover letter is a quick read, you’ll need to make each sentence count. Be creative about demonstrating your unique personality and qualifications by sharing short stories and relevant details about your work experience and approach.

A drawing of a female business professional using a laptop to review cover letters for a job posting.

First impressions are foundational to influencing your prospective employer’s expectations and perceptions of you. A cover letter is your chance to shape their idea of you and show off your accomplishments and distinct voice.

Your cover letter can add a personal touch to your application, giving the reader a better sense of who you are and why you would be successful in the position. It also demonstrates your interest in the job, your writing abilities, and your willingness to go beyond what’s required — especially if a cover letter isn’t specifically requested.

Job application forms often involve pre-assigned questions and information, with limited character counts or space to fill out your answers. A cover letter allows you to share additional details that don’t fit on your application, like personal connections to the company, previous internships or roles with the organization, and special circumstances that explain gaps in your resume.

What is the format of a cover letter?

Sharing your letter in a compact, secure format — like a PDF — will help create a professional look and feel, ensuring your document functions and appears the same across devices. While you can be creative about the content of your cover letter, you should follow a standard structure of one page with three to four paragraphs.

Since hiring managers skim many applications and are often short on time, this framework is the most effective way to quickly summarize your relevant experience, express your enthusiasm, and persuade the reader to consider you for the position.

You should include specific contact information for yourself and the company and clearly express a few main ideas in each paragraph.

Let’s get a closer look at the individual building blocks of an effective cover letter.

Before you begin writing the actual letter, choose a compelling design that matches your personality and the tone you’d like to set. Many free templates are available online, so get creative about which cover letter approach will let your individual experience and character shine.

Now that you’ve chosen your canvas, you’re ready to start crafting a standout letter. Ahead of delving into the actual body copy, you’ll need to research the company and gather relevant contact information for the header. Depending on the template you select, your header can include the following:

  • Your full name
  • Your contact information (optional if included in other areas of your application)
  • Name of the hiring manager or contact
  • Title of the hiring manager or contact
  • Name of the company or organization
  • Full address of the company or organization (optional if space is limited)

An illustration of a cover letter header with the date, posted job title, recipient's contact information, and letter salutation.

After creating the header, write a salutation addressing the letter recipient. Be as specific as possible, greeting the person reviewing your application by name if you can. This information is not always readily available in a job posting, so you may need to peruse the company’s website or explore social media pages and profiles.

If you can’t determine who will read your letter, you can reference the company or department name or simply use “Hiring Manager.” You might also include honorific titles, like Dr. or Prof., before someone’s name if relevant.

Here are a few greeting ideas to get you started:

  • Dear [Full Name],
  • Dear [Department] Team,
  • Dear [Dr., Prof., Mr., Ms., or Mrs. Full Name],
  • Dear Hiring Manager,

Including a specific name or more personalized greeting will show that you took the time to learn more about the company, naturally helping the reader feel more inclined to review your letter. Avoid using a general greeting such as “To whom it may concern.”

Opening paragraph.

In the opening paragraph, you should introduce yourself, express your interest in the position, and hook the hiring manager’s interest. These first few sentences set the stage for their impression of you and influence their decision to continue reading.

To create a strong opening, stay away from generic statements and prioritize highlighting concrete details and relevant experience. Remember to name the specific position for which you’re applying and outline how you will provide value to the company.

An illustration of an example cover letter salutation and opening paragraph.

First body paragraph.

The next paragraph should describe your previous experience, accomplishments, and skills. This is your chance to fill in details that didn’t fit on your resume or application and spell out how your career history or goals connect to the position. Be sure to add numbers or measurable impact to strengthen your case.

Steer clear of simply recapping your resume. Your cover letter should supplement your resume, encouraging the hiring manager to refer to it for more information.

Now is not the time to be shy — but don’t go over the top, either. Focus on using a confident tone and displaying your competence without exaggerating or using overly bold claims.

An illustration of the body paragraphs in an example cover letter.

Second body paragraph.

The following section of your cover letter should tie your career history and specialties to the company’s needs and position. A good practice is to include keywords from the job description. You can also study the organization’s website and posts to get a sense of their culture and writing style in order to match their tone.

Like a sales pitch, you want to show how you can solve the company’s “pain points” or contribute to their goals through your strengths and previous job experience. Even if you’re new to the workforce or pivoting careers, companies value candidates who demonstrate other traits that aren’t necessarily taught — like passion, reliability, and initiative.

Closing paragraph.

In your conclusion paragraph , you should reiterate why the hiring manager should consider you for the position and how you would bring value to their organization if chosen. Assert why you’re an ideal candidate and leave them with a positive impression.

An illustration of a closing and signature in an example cover letter.

It’s also a good idea to thank the hiring manager for their time. Inform them of the best way to reach you and indicate that you look forward to discussing your application and learning more about the opportunity.

Finally, select a professional closing to wrap up your cover letter. These are a few tried and tested options:

  • Best regards,
  • All the best,

Write your full name after the closing, including a signature below if desired.

A drawing of a woman reviewing a cover letter checklist on her laptop.

  • Do your research. Your letter should reveal your knowledge of the company and relate directly to the job position.
  • Mention referrals or connections you have to the company. These references help establish trust and set you apart from other qualified candidates.
  • Use clear, succinct language. Fit in specific examples of how you’ve brought value to other companies, proving your points with numbers or anecdotes about how you addressed challenges in previous roles.
  • Save your cover letter in a format that will preserve the design on any device. We recommend converting your cover letter to a PDF — a versatile format that is sleek and easy to save and share, no matter the operating system. Adobe offers free online services to meet all your cover letter needs, like updating a Microsoft Word document to a PDF .

Tailor your cover letter to the job and company.

Many people send generic letters with different job applications, and the lack of specificity shows. Universal cover letters can undermine otherwise strong applications and reduce your chances of landing an interview.

Mirror the language of the job posting and the company’s website to capture the right tone and ensure your interest in the position is apparent.

If you’re applying for many positions and want to save time by repurposing your work, make sure to customize each cover letter by honing in on specific details that apply to individual positions.

To speed up the process, you can create a personalized cover letter template using a digital document tool like Adobe Acrobat . A template will allow you to update and customize sections of your letter while maintaining the structure and evergreen information.

For a polished final product, ask a mentor or trusted friend to read through your letter and provide feedback. It can be helpful to get a second opinion about whether your message is clear and anything that needs to be refined.

A drawing of a woman holding a magnifying glass toward a cover letter on a computer screen, with a cat observing.

Using a collaborative digital document tool like Acrobat can make getting feedback a breeze, with editing tools like annotating, commenting, and drawing on a PDF.

Acrobat also has tools to spell-check your document — highlighting typos and grammar errors directly within the file and freeing your energy to focus on the content of your letter.

To help you develop an effective cover letter, we’ve created a checklist to help you remember what to include and put your best foot forward.

A checklist of cover letter dos.

Check out these cover letter samples to spark your creativity. Note how each letter pulls keywords from the job descriptions and tailors the tone and content to the specific position.

Junior copywriter — job description

Memorable Marketing Agency is seeking a part-time junior copywriter to join our team. If you have a knack for creative writing and a way with words, we want to hear from you. You’ll work closely with our senior editor to craft copy across a variety of mediums, from social media platforms to websites. A successful applicant will have a sharp eye for detail, appreciation for clear messaging, and ability to adapt their writing to different voices and tones.


  • Interview subject matter experts and research a variety of topics to meet clients’ messaging requests.
  • Collaborate with the senior editor to create and interpret content briefs.
  • Write copy for social media posts, email marketing campaigns, search engine optimization (SEO) content, and design assets.
  • Stay current on style guidelines and social media trends.
  • Manage overlapping deadlines and projects.


  • Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in English, communications, marketing, or journalism
  • Exceptional writing and interviewing skills
  • One to two years of experience in copywriting
  • Experience writing for social media (preferred)

Junior copywriter — example cover letter

An example cover letter for a junior copywriter job opening.

Click to download

Senior staff accountant — job description

Big Dipper Bank is looking to add a full-time senior staff accountant to the team. This role will take the lead on preparing financial statements, completing in-depth research analysis, and completing annual audits. To be successful, you should use a detail-oriented approach, possess strong organizational skills, and have the ability to manage and train junior staff members.

Job summary

  • Prepare and review tax return documents, balance sheet reconciliations, and general ledger analysis.
  • Coordinate annual audit preparations.
  • Mentor and guide junior staff accountants and interns.
  • Ensure accurate financial statements and create monthly reports.

Knowledge, skills, and abilities

  • Bachelor’s degree in finance or accounting
  • CPA credential (preferred)
  • Over five years of experience in finance or accounting
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Excel and Oracle NetSuite ERP
  • Strong knowledge of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) and tax laws

An example cover letter for a senior staff accountant job opening.

Here are some quick-hit answers to common questions about creating cover letters.

What do I write in a cover letter?

In your cover letter, you should discuss your skills and experience and share why the hiring manager should consider you for the position. This is your chance to distinguish yourself from other candidates and provide a more qualitative and holistic picture of who you are outside of your resume.

You should include details like connections to the company, why you’re interested in the role, how you would contribute, metrics and specific benchmarks of previous success, and keywords from the job description. Most templates include a header with the hiring manager’s name, title, and contact information, as well as space for your name, contact information, and signature.

What is a cover letter? What should an example look like?

A cover letter is a writing sample introducing yourself to the prospective employer. Even if it’s not required, you should submit a cover letter with your resume and job application to add a personal touch and persuade the hiring manager to schedule an interview.

If you’re struggling to envision what a cover letter should look like, there are many free cover letter templates available online that you can browse. You should include a header with the hiring manager’s contact information, a salutation, three to four paragraphs detailing your qualifications, a closing, and your name or signature.

It’s best practice to convert your document to a PDF to keep a professional appearance across devices and share it with ease.

What is a cover letter for a resume?

When submitting a resume, you should include a cover letter to supplement your application. Encourage the reader to refer to your resume or CV in the letter to learn more about your career history and skills.

What do employers look for in a cover letter?

Since hiring managers have to sift through lots of applications, a cover letter can help you get noticed and shape the employer’s perception of you as a candidate.

Strong cover letters should be specific, concise, professional, and enthusiastic. They should mirror the language and tone of the company’s website and job description and capture your unique personality and strengths.

What is a good cover letter format?

After spending time researching and creating your cover letter, don’t diminish your hard work with an unprofessional format or lopsided design. Ensure your cover letter functions and looks great on any screen by saving it as a PDF file.

Keep your document to one page and include three to four paragraphs spotlighting the most important information the prospective employer should know about you and your application.

Keep exploring

pdf of cover letter

A cover letter to convince recruiters

Create an outstanding cover letter and give companies the opportunity to go beyond your CV. Express your motivation and career aspirations in a personal letter.

Designed to inspire and to convince, our models are customizable online.

pdf of cover letter

  • Save your documents and download them at any time
  • Many layout options
  • High quality PDF rendering
  • Multiple templates available

How to write a cover letter?

Personal information.

On the left, your identity: last name, first name, address and contact information (phone, e-mail). On the right, the identity of your contact person: if the job posting specifies that the letter is to be sent to a particular person, address it to that person. The subject line should include the position you are applying for.

Format your contact information in a few clicks with CVDesignR, so that all recruiters can easily reach you.

Structure your cover letter in 3 main parts

A first paragraph that shows that you know the company well and that you have understood the recruiter's requirements. Use jargon or terminology specific to the sector or company.

Next, how well does your profile match the recruiter's expectations? You can demonstrate your skills relating to the position by using examples and references from your professional career.

In conclusion, you can explain in detail how your collaboration with the company will be beneficial for you and the company. Emphasize what you can bring to the team and why you would like to join them.

A cover letter for each application

For internships, if you are applying for several positions at the same time (in different companies), consider writing a single cover letter tailored to each sector or company. This will take little time thanks to CVDesignR, but it will allow you to distinguish yourself from other candidates for the same position.

Include only the information that stands out to you after carefully reading the job ad. Try to sell yourself without being too pushy or arrogant.

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Cover Letter Template in PDF

Applying for Job Vacancy? Pair Your Application Forms with Compelling Cover Letters. Download Free Cover Letter PDF Templates and Modify Our Simple Cover Letters and Resume Cover Letters. Like Sample Resumes with Word Format, These PDF Templates Also Follow Well-Outlined Formats. Get Our Request Letters and Formal Letters in Microsoft Word Format, Too. Choose as Your Letter Maker Now!

Get Access to All Cover Letter Template in PDF

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Today, a lot of job opportunities and employment initiatives are available for everyone to utilize. With every field and industry thereof a job is waiting for the right employee. In a competitive environment such as job application your resume might not do the job for you. Jazz up your resume with a thoroughly made cover letter . 

Cover letters are letters of introduction that are used to back up a resume or curriculum vitae. Employers oftentimes ask for a cover letter to give them a grasp of your personality and experience. The cover letter must consist of a brief introduction of yourself, the job you are applying, your skills and relevant experiences that could convince your employer that you are fit for the job, words of encouragement or wisdom to add a little touch of personality on your letter and a call to action. Of course, cover letters also differ from one job to another, and one company to the other but the purpose of it being a letter to summarize your profile stays. gives 338+ Cover Letter Templates that might come in handy. These templates are professionally made to ensure quality of content, and credibility of the document. These templates are easily editable for ease of use and freedom to modify accordingly. These are printable templates that are also usable in any virtual formats. These templates are readily available and downloadable for free on Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, Google Docs and Adobe PDF.  

We have a variety of templates from simple to more complex ones in different purposes and different jobs. Choose the best template, customize it and download them now!

Upgrade to Business

pdf of cover letter

Cover Letter Examples - Free Maker Creator Builder Online PDF

It's easy and quick to make a professional-looking cover letter with these examples templates. Select the cover letter and see for yourself, how the wizard works. How Does It work? It's the easiest way to create a perfect cover letter in just 10 minutes! Not sure what to write? Our experts have written this section for you. Create a tailored Cover Letter for each job position you want to apply for. How to write a good helper letter with the help of a wizard? You will find a lot of useful tips on coolfreecv.

A resume is not enough! Why does an employer require a cover letter from a candidate? Typically, candidates who apply for a high level job position are required to send a cover letter. This document has a more informal form, and it is in the cover letter that you can include additional information. Describe your qualifications, work experience and professional achievements. Write about the benefits you can bring to the company. For example, you are applying for a sales position, you can write that you will help them increase sales. Do it skillfully. Whether you get the job may depend on this information.

The employer wants to know why you are applying for a job with his company. People who made a conscious decision to apply, not accidentally, have a better chance to work. So you can write that the values promoted by the company are in line with your values, therefore you would like to develop your professional career in the ranks of this company. If you like the fact that the company cares about environmental protection or supports all kinds of pro-social initiatives, it is also worth writing about it in your cover letter.

Why choose a cover letter creator on CoolFreeCV?

  • quick access to the wizard - no login or registration;
  • the cover letter maker saves the document in PDF format;
  • the wizard is completely free;
  • the builder has examples of cover letters for dozens of different job positions (about 80 examples);
  • the only thing left to do is ready cover letter template add your skills and work experience.

cover letter creator - choice of profession

Choose a cover letter template and go to the cover letter builder. 6 free templates in PDF format.

builder cover letter example

Boston Template Create a Cover Letter

builder cover letter sample

New York Template Build a Cover Letter

wizard cover letter template

Chicago Template Create a Cover Letter

creator cover letter template

Washington Template Build a Cover Letter

pdf of cover letter

Seattle Template Build a Cover Letter

cover letter template

Dallas Template Build a Cover Letter

Privacy policy while using the online wizard.

What kind of information should appear in the cover letter?

First of all, information that is not included in the CV. A cover letter is a way to argue why they should hire a person like you. The recruiter must clearly see what he or she will gain by selecting the candidate. Professional success and skills will be appreciated here.

How did you improve the process? How did you increase sales or reduce costs? Such information is extremely important and should be taken into account.

It can be described as follows:

As a sales representative, I have generated a 40% increase in sales of my products over the past year. I would like to use the knowledge I have gained in the field of the latest sales techniques and many years of professional experience at your company as well.

More information on how to write a good cover letter, ready examples/samples, useful phrases and words to use in a cover letter. Look - how to write a cover letter .

Application documents can be compared to a commercial offer that we present to a selected company. Just as individual offers focus on the specific advantages of the product or service that the customer expects, the content of the letter should be individually tailored to the requirements set by the recruiter, related to a specific position. We should write about the company's expectations from us and include concrete examples and values.

The employer, on the basis of the application documents and the interview, tries to determine whether the candidate meets the company's expectations, and in which area he is better than other candidates. A Letter of Motivation is also a good place to describe your personality, the character traits that, combined with your skills, make you successful in the professional tasks set before you.


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45+ Cover Letter Examples – PDF

cover letter examples

Cover Letter Examples Pdf

Credit information cover letter example, project accountant cover letter, sample professional fresher resume cover letter template, simple resume cover letter template, cover letter for a cost quotation template, email cover letter for job application template, teacher cover letter template, project finance manager cover letter template, graphic designer resume cover letter template, professional hr resume cover letter template, dental assistant resume and cover letter template, medical science liaison cover letter template, head basketball coach cover letter template, free cover letter for accounting job fresh graduate template, business funding proposal cover letter template, school cafeteria worker cover letter template, highway maintenance worker cover letter template, script writer cover letter template, elementary and grade school teacher cover letter template, unique resume cover letter template, sample cover letter for a cost quotation template, accountant cover letter template, business proposal cover letter template, administrative assistant cover letter template, cover letter for job application for freshers template, elementary teacher cover letter template, generic cover letter example, cover letter – writing guide and example, covering letter/letter of application example, basic example of a cover letter, simple cover letter example, cover letter example, comprehensive cover letter example, high school cover letter example, job application/cover letter example, cover letter – content guide and example, cv cover letter example, basic example – cover letter, cover letter – example with tips, example of a cover letter, detailed cover letter example, final online cover letter example, what is a cover letter, how to write a cover letter, what is a cover letter, what are the types of cover letters, what are the essential parts of a cover letter.

credit information cover letter template

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project accountant cover letter

  • Apple Pages

email cover letter for job application template

  • MS Publisher

medical science liaison cover letter template

Step 1: Be Aware of the Purpose of Making a Cover Letter

Step 2: cover the essential parts of your cover letter, step 3: list the position and the company name in the cover letter, step 4: be direct and honest about the position you seek in the letter, more business, 79+ formal letter examples & samples in pdf | doc | microsoft word | apple pages | google docs, 28+ examples of sports certificate in publisher | ms word | psd | ai | pages | indesign, 65+ project proposal examples in pdf | ms word | pages | google docs, 8+ reminder email examples & samples in pdf | doc, 85+ report examples in pdf, 7+ formal email examples and samples in pdf | doc, 27+ email examples & samples in microsoft word | apple pages | editable pdf | google docs, 10+ goodbye emails to coworkers examples & samples in word, 17+ leave application email examples & samples in pdf | doc, 58+ incident report examples & samples in pdf | google docs | pages | doc, 4+ introduction email examples & samples – pdf, doc, 38+ business proposal letter examples in pdf | doc | microsoft word | apple pages.


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Configuring an Advanced Electronic Offer Letter PDF

An advanced E-Offer process can be configured to create a PDF that includes the offer letter, a cover page and the candidate's decision to accept or refuse the offer.

If all of the following steps are performed by the Onboarding (Transitions) administrator, in addition to the steps for configuring an advanced E-Offer and described in


Creating the cover page PDF (typically using Acrobat Professional). Although the candidate's full name, his/her decision, and the date and time when the candidate submitted his/her decision are added automatically to the offer letter section of the PDF, most organizations will want to add the ESignature.EOfferSignature variable and similar variables to the cover page. In addition, Onboarding (Transitions) administrators can add text, images (for example, the organization's logo) and branding that serve to personalize the text of the cover page. The cover page can be configured for display either before or after the letter.

Adding the cover page PDF to the Documents library.

Creating a text documentthat includes the{ContentPage.PersonalizedDocuments} variable for use in the Content Page.(This step is required only if you plan to include a Content Page task including a link to the offer letter and cover page PDF.)

Creating a Content Page that includes the text document and {ContentPage.PersonalizedDocuments} variable. . (This step is required only if you plan to include in the process a Content Page task with a link to the offer letter and cover page PDF.)

Creating a task to display the Content Page (task whose action is Display Content Page) or a task to display a link to the PDF (task whose action is Open PDF). In the first case, the PDF will be displayed afterward as a link on the Content Page and the Content Page task will be displayed on the Tasks tab. The task will include all links, text, images and branding that the administrator configured for the content page. In the second case, the PDF will be displayed afterward as a simple link in a task on the Tasks tab.

Add the task to the advanced E-Offer process in the most suitable position. Remember that the task that captures the candidate's decision (i.e. the one whose action is "Send E-Offer response") must precede this task (the one whose action is "Display Content Page" or "Open PDF"). This is because the content of the PDF requires the information gathered by the first task.

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Trump's Attacks On Judge and Law Clerk Triggers “Hundreds” Of Threats: Report

pdf of cover letter

By Eric Lutz

Former President Donald Trump

Donald Trump celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday this week by taking advantage of a pause in the gag order he’d been under in his civil fraud trial, attacking New York Attorney General Letitia James , Judge Arthur Engoron , and his law clerk in a social media tirade . “Happy Thanksgiving to ALL,” Trump wrote, including the “racist” AG, the “psycho” judge, and the “corrupt” clerk, all of whom he accused of conspiring with Joe Biden and others “who are seriously looking to DESTROY OUR COUNTRY.”

“Have no fear, however, we will WIN the Presidential Election of 2024,” the former president concluded, and “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

It was a characteristically unglued missive—a peek into the sad and disturbed inner workings of the GOP frontrunner’s mind. It was also the kind of over-the-top rhetoric that has triggered a “deluge” of threats against Engoron and his clerk, according to a court filing Wednesday seeking to reinstate the limited gag order against Trump.

Per the filing, Engoron—the judge overseeing the trial who has clashed with Trump and his attorneys during the case—has been the target of “credible” threats for months. And his clerk, whom Trump has falsely described as Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer ’s “girlfriend” and accused of political bias, has received “hundreds of threatening and harassing voicemail messages that have been transcribed into over 275 single-spaced pages.”

Her “personal information, including her personal cell phone number and personal email addresses, also have been compromised resulting in daily doxing,” wrote Charles Hollon , an official in the Public Safety Department’s Judicial Threats Assessment Unit. “She has also been subjected to, on a daily basis, harassing, disparaging comments and antisemitic tropes”—including 20 to 30 calls daily on her cell phone, and up to 50 messages a day by email and social media, thanks to Trump’s broadsides.

The former president has already been fined twice for violating Engoron’s gag order, but an appeals court last week temporarily put a pause on the restriction, and he has resumed freely attacking the $250 million fraud case as “election interference.” The goal, of course, is not only to cast doubt on the legitimacy of the legal system and the cases against him, but to intimidate those involved in the process. It may not do much for him in a tangible sense; he’s already been found liable for inflating his business assets in the case, and his diatribes against James, Engoron, and the clerk could ultimately get his gag order reinstated next week. But it could allow him to continue casting himself as a kind of martyr figure for his base—and to rally them around his promise of revenge.

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