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Want to learn how to write? From picture books to non-fiction short stories, there’s a whole world of creative possibilities when you explore your writing skills!

Today, we are going to share the best online writing classes. Whether you’re in elementary school, middle school, or high school, there’s a writing program for your unique point of view and abilities.

Ready to jump into the world of writing? Let’s go!

Why Writing Classes?

Want to catch up or get college credits (or just trying to find a muse for your writing process)? Writing classes can provide the inspiration and fundamentals you need!

Unfortunately, traditional education doesn’t place enough of an emphasis on writing as it does on other subjects. That’s where writing classes come in. Along with learning the ropes, writing classes (in person or virtual) can light up your imagination!

Interested in learning more about writing? Here are some handy resources:

Write Your Own Picture Book

Write Your Own Novel (Juni Course)

How We Teach Grammar to Middle School Students

At the end of the day, writing is about expression. Writing courses can help you build the skills and confidence you need to express the world inside your head!

Discover our online writing courses for kids!


Best Online Writing Classes

Whether as a supplement to homeschooling or getting ready for college prep, online writing classes can provide writing tips, writing exercises, and even story ideas for any experience or grade level. Let’s take a look at the top online writing courses for kids!

Brave Writer

First up to bat, we have Brave Writer ! If you’re looking for a way to fall in love with writing, then this might be a great start. From novice notetakers to aspiring novelists, Brave Writer offers kid-friendly resources and classes to level up your writing skills!

Ideal for any grade level, this writing program is segmented into five main age groups: Beginning Writers (5-8), Growing Writers (9-10), Middle School Writers (11-12), High School Writers (13-14), and College Prep Writers (15-18).

Creative Writing for Kids: Write a Spy Story!

Writing has never been more thrilling! In the Creative Writing for Kids: Write a Spy Story ! online course, kids get to learn how to write a spy thriller. From developing characters to plotting a story, this class is super engaging & fun!

Designed for kids age 11-14, Write a Spy Story! is a well-paced course. The class also includes a comprehensive workbook. It’s also great for homeschooled kids, helping to provide a creative boost to standard in-home curricula!

Creative Writing for Kids: Write the Future!

As another course offered by Udemy, Creative Writing for Kids: Write the Future ! is all about writing futuristic stories! This is a great supplement to homeschool studies or anyone that wants to flex their futuristic writing muscles.

From futuristic to dystopian to sci-fi, this course helps beginners learn the fundamentals to this type of writing. From character development to plot twists to engaging dialogue, you can learn to put your futuristic ideas on paper!

Fiction Writing Workshop for Kids

With no required prerequisites, kids of all ages (but ideally grades 4-7) can jump right into Fiction Writing Workshop for Kids ! This class offers on-demand video, as well as six downloadable resources for an effective, step-by-step approach.

Three separate story ideas are explored in this course, allowing students to explore the most popular themes in fiction writing. These main themes are Pet Story, Quest Story, and Superhero Story. At the end of the course, you get to create your own story!

Five-Minute Creative Writing Challenges

Though this is on a list for kids, Five-Minute Creative Writing Challenges is great for all ages (including elementary kids, teenagers, and adults)! If you want to learn the techniques of some of history’s greatest writers, this is the course for you!

Keep in mind that this course is offered in free and paid versions. The free course offers access to online video content. The paid course offers online video content along with certificate of completion, instructor Q&A, and instructor direct message.

My Favorite Things: Fun & Easy Writing Course

Need help writing full paragraphs? My Favorite Things: Fun & Easy Writing Course for Kids is the class for you! With self-expression at the heart of it, this course helps kids find their love of writing and lifelong learning.

Ideal for ages 5-9, My Favorite Things: Fun & Easy Writing Course for Kids uses cartoons to help kids learn how to write paragraphs on their favorite things. This course includes on-demand video and downloadable resources!

The Writer’s Workshop for Kids

Looking for a writing class geared toward K-6? The Writer’s Workshop for Kids , brought by the instructor Ronni Rowland, is an engaging live-writing class format that is offered via Google Classroom and Zoom!

Creative and non-sectarian, The Writer’s Workshop for Kids inspires kids to write more and in many different writing styles. Utilizing standards-based lessons, the course makes writing fun & accessible for younger kids!

Young Writer’s Blueprint

Are you an aspiring writer aged 6-10? Know one? Young Writer’s Blueprint should be your first stop! Award-winning author, Alice Kuipers, covers different writing skills that include gathering ideas, creating characters & settings, writing short stories, and more!

As a free resource, Young Writer’s Blueprint is meant to boost literacy and love for writing. The course is made up of seven main units, making it easy for adults and young kids to follow along and build a solid writing foundation!

Explore our novel writing course!


Final Notes: Writing Classes for Kids

Writing is a magical experience. Regardless of your writing style or experience, writing activities help with creativity, self-expression, communication, and so much more! Language arts as a whole is super helpful in today’s world.

Being able to express yourself clearly takes patience and practice. With the right resources and guidance, you can gain the confidence to create your own graphic novels, children’s books, and anything in between!

Keep Exploring

From writing skills to coding to video game development, Juni offers education for the real world. STEAM learning is accessible & fun with our personalized 1:1 instruction.

No matter the format, Juni courses are fun & engaging online experiences. Where students learn the skills they need for future careers and hobbies, in subjects that are usually hard to find in traditional classrooms. All taught in a hands-on way that kids love!

Find the Right Course For You


Juni Learning offers award-winning online courses for kids ages 8-18. Explore private one-on-one courses in real world skills like coding, investing, communications and much more. We strive to empower students everywhere with passion, creativity, and excitement for hands-on learning.

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online writing classes for 5th graders

Tutoring Services

Tutoring can go a long way in boosting study skills, grades, college prep & more. Learn more about what to look for in tutoring services for kids!

online writing classes for 5th graders

Summer Tutoring Programs

Want to avoid summer learning loss (aka summer slump) or get ahead? Learn more about the many benefits of summer tutoring programs!

online writing classes for 5th graders

Real-World Life Skills for Kids

Learning life skills help people be happy & successful in life. Read about the top real-world life skills every kid should learn!

Free tools to make your students better writers and readers .

Quill.org, a non-profit, provides free literacy activities that build reading comprehension, writing, and language skills for elementary, middle, and high school students.

New for 2022-2023 School Year: Quill's nonprofit mission is to now build both reading and writing skills through free, OER content across the curriculum. Over the coming years, we will be building a library of free ELA, social studies, and science activities that engage students in deeper thinking through writing prompts that provide immediate feedback.

8 million students have written 2 billion sentences on Quill.

Quill Reading for Evidence

Provide your students with nonfiction texts paired with AI-powered writing prompts, instead of multiple-choice questions, to enable deeper thinking.

Students read a nonfiction text and build their comprehension through writing prompts, supporting a series of claims with evidence sourced from the text. Quill challenges students to write responses that are precise, logical, and based on textual evidence, with Quill coaching the student through custom, targeted feedback on each revision so that students strengthen their reading comprehension and hone their writing skills.

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Culture & Society Topics

photograph of a football

"Should Schools Have Grade Requirements for Student Athletes?"

Science Topics

photograph of a cow

"How Does Eating Meat Impact Global Warming?"

Social Studies Topics

photograph of the Statue of Liberty

U.S. History

World History

Under Development, Coming 2023

Quill Connect

Help your students advance from fragmented and run-on sentences to complex and well structured ones.

Using the evidence-based strategy of sentence combining, students combine multiple ideas into a single sentence. They then receive instant feedback designed to help them improve their clarity and precision.

Quill Lessons

The Quill Lessons tool enables teachers to lead whole-class and small-group writing instruction.

Teachers control interactive slides that contain writing prompts, and the entire class responds to each prompt. Each Quill Lessons activity provides a lesson plan, writing prompts, discussion topics, and a follow up independent practice activity.

Quill Diagnostic

Quickly determine which skills your students need to work on with our diagnostics.

The diagnostics cover vital sentence construction skills and generate personalized learning plans based on the student’s performance.

Flag of Spain

Quill Proofreader

Proofreader teaches your students editing skills by having them proofread passages.

Students edit passages and receive personalized exercises based on their results. With over 100 expository passages, Proofreader gives students the practice they need to spot common grammatical errors.

Quill Grammar

Students practice basic grammar skills, from comma placement to parallel structure.

Quill Grammar has over 150 sentence writing activities to help your students. Our activities are designed to be completed in 10 minutes so you have the freedom to use them in the way that works best for your classroom.

How Quill Works

Set up your classroom, without it.

You can quickly and easily set up your classroom in Quill by inputting student names or providing students with a unique code. If you use Google Classroom or Clever, you can automatically set up your classroom with one click.

Choose activities

Decide if you want your students to proofread passages, combine sentences, or complete a diagnostic. Use our ten minute activities as building blocks during your classroom instruction.

Use easy-to-consume reporting

Use our reporting to spot trends and identify growth opportunities. Monitor comprehension on specific writing standards.

Get immediate feedback for your students

Save time grading and watch your students correct their mistakes instantly.

Intervene where students struggle

See exactly where your students need intervention with our comprehensive reports.

Differentiate learning to meet the needs of all students

Assign specific activities for ELLs and students with learning differences.

Engage students with adaptive activities

Challenge students with questions that automatically adapt based on their previous responses.

Align with the Common Core Standards

Easily meet Common Core language standards with our aligned activities.

Easily sign up with Google Classroom

With one click all of your students and classes will be imported.

Over 100 concepts totaling 50 hours of quality curriculum.

Teacher stories

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5th Grade ELA

6th Grade ELA

8th Grade ELA & ELL

Join over 2,000 schools using Quill to advance student writing.

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Online Elementary School for 5th Grade Students

Self-paced, engaging, video-based courses that spark your child’s love for learning..


Acellus Academy Homepage >   Online Elementary School Program >  5th Grade


Fifth Grade Overview

Acellus Academy recognizes that fifth grade is a time of transition for most children. Because of this, we offer our fifth grade students an online curriculum that fosters their innate curiosity and challenges them to explore new areas of interest. Our experienced staff of teachers create courses that cultivate an exciting learning environment that helps students maintain the curiosity they had throughout elementary school and bring it into their middle school courses .

Fifth grade students can take courses in the core subjects of math, language arts and reading, science, and social studies. Elective courses are also available to fifth graders so that they can begin to explore potential interests that lead to hobbies, extracurricular activities, and courses of study in high school and beyond. Acellus Academy recognizes the importance of social and emotional learning, which is why we offer our Social and Emotional Learning courses. This course helps students develop healthy mental and physical health practices.

Subjects Offered in Acellus Academy’s Online 5th Grade Program

Acellus Academy works with teachers to design courses that will keep students on track to reach significant milestones in their education. The following are important learning outcomes that fifth graders achieve before moving on to middle school courses .

  • Language Arts and Reading: Fifth grade students continue to grow their reading, comprehension, and writing skills by studying more complex literary texts. Students also gain more experience in writing personal narratives, essays, and stories. Lastly, students fine-tune their grammatical skills, enhance their vocabulary, and practice researching techniques.
  • Science: Grade 5 Science covers life, physical, and earth science through a variety of units. These units teach fifth graders about organisms, human body systems, plants, and ecosystems, as well as introduces matter, physics, and space. This course involves labs for each lesson that demonstrate these scientific concepts and allows students to see them come to life.
  • Mathematics: In Grade 5 Math, students practice the mathematical principles they learn early on in elementary school and apply them to more complex problems. Fifth graders also learn basic algebraic and geometric concepts to develop a strong mathematical understanding before taking middle school math courses.
  • Social Studies: Our fifth grade social studies course focuses on the culture and history of the United States. This includes the history of exploration, the Revolutionary War, Industrialization, World War I and World War II, and much more as it relates to the U.S. and its relations with the rest of the world.

5th Grade Online Course Structure

Acellus Academy courses involve stimulating videos and appropriately challenging course materials. The Acellus Learning Accelerator , along with Prism Diagnostics and Vectored Instruction, provide a personal learning experience for every student. These tools recognize the holes in a student’s background knowledge and suggest help videos and practice problems for them to fill in potential gaps.

Students access courses, video lessons, and assignments through the Acellus App, which includes a comprehensive student interface . Any resources that a student may need will be available once they log in.

elementary school online 5th grade

Enrolling Your 4th Grade Student in Acellus Academy

Acellus Academy has open enrollment, which means you can enroll your fifth grade student in Acellus courses at any point in the year. Once parents complete the admissions process, students can begin the Acellus Learning System immediately.

Self-Paced Courses

Each course is self-paced, allowing students to spend extra time when needed to master each lesson concept. Families have the flexibility to plan and adjust study times to fit their schedule.

Year-round Enrollment

Students may enroll in Acellus Academy at any time during the year. Students will start at the beginning of each course and begin making their way toward course completion.

Accredited By WASC

Acellus Academy is Fully Accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Schools, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) – a regional accreditation agency.

Vectored Instruction ™ : Filling Foundational Gaps for Student Success

As students are progressing through a course, sometimes they lack the foundational skills needed to successfully complete the material.   If students are stuck, Acellus analyzes which foundational concepts they need to review in order to master the grade level concepts they are struggling with. Vectored Instruction is then prescribed to fill in those gaps, going as deep as required to rebuild their foundational understanding, allowing them to move forward in their education.  

online writing classes for 5th graders

Vectored Instruction ™

View Enrollment Options

Enrollment in Acellus Academy is open year-round. Select the option below to review tuition and enrollment options.

Speak to an Admissions Advisor

Call (866) 684-6127  to discuss your student’s needs with an admissions advisor or contact us by email.

5th grade writing

by: Jessica Kelmon | Updated: August 4, 2022

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Your fifth grader’s writing under Common Core Standards

By now, your child knows that writing is a process that requires research, feedback, and revision. This year, kids are expected to respond to others’ prompts for improvement and learn how to evaluate their own work, too.

Super study skills

In fifth grade, taking notes becomes an essential academic skill. Fifth graders use books, periodicals, websites, and other sources to do short research projects. Kids learn to use several sources to investigate a topic from different angles — both on their own and as part of group work with peers. Your child should keep track of all the sources they use and note what they learn, the name of the source, and the page number or url so they can find it again to create a source list or bibliography later. A big step in your child’s research process this year: taking the time to review, categorize, and summarize or paraphrase the information they’ve learned. What did your child find out about the animal’s habitat from each source? Sorting evidence into categories and summarizing information will help your fifth grader with the planning, writing, and revising stages of their writing project.

Can your 5th grader get organized to write an essay?

YouTube video

Revise, rewrite

By now, your child should understand that writing is a process requiring several steps: planning, first draft, revisions, editing, and publishing or sharing work. Your child’s planning work should include reading and rereading, taking notes, finding additional sources, discussing how new knowledge fits into what your child knew before, visually organizing the information they plan to include, and determining the best way to clearly present their evidence as a cohesive set of points. After the first draft is written, the teacher and other students will offer feedback: asking questions to elicit new details, suggesting ways to clarify an argument, or pressing for new sources of information. Don’t be surprised if there are a few rounds of revisions this year: it’s how your child’s writing gets stronger. If revisions aren’t enough to improve your child’s writing, then this year your child may be required to rewrite the piece or try a new approach . Once the structure and contents are set, final edits are the time to perfect spelling and grammar. All this work on one writing assignment is meant to help your child think of writing as a multistep process so they can evaluate their work and see that — if it’s not up to snuff — they should keep trying until it is.

Fifth grade writing: opinion pieces

Your child’s opinion pieces should start by clearly stating an opinion about a topic. Then, kids should set up and follow a logically ordered structure to introduce each reason they’ll offer in support of their opinion. Their reasons should be supported by facts and details (a.k.a. evidence), and your child should use linking words, such as additionally, consequently , and specifically to connect evidence-backed reasons to their opinion. Finally, kids should close their argument with a well-articulated conclusion that supports their original opinion.

Fifth grade writing: informative writing

Logic reigns when evaluating your fifth grader’s informative writing. The purpose of this type of writing is to convey facts and ideas clearly. So a logically ordered presentation of supporting points is, well… quite logical. Your child should clearly introduce the topic and present related information in the form of a few clear, well-thought-out paragraphs. Kids should draw on facts, definitions, concrete details, quotes, and examples from their research to thoroughly develop their topic. To clearly connect their research, fifth graders should use advanced linking words (e.g. in contrast, especially ) to form compound and complex sentences that convey their points. Remember that your child’s presentation matters: making use of subject headings, illustrations, and even multimedia to illustrate points is encouraged whenever they make your child’s work more logical and clear. Then, to wrap it up, your child should have a well-reasoned conclusion.

Check out these three real examples of good 5th grade informational writing: •” How to save water ” •” Saving a Resource ” •” Water Saveing ”

Can your 5th grader write an informational essay?

YouTube video

5th grade writing: narrative writing

A narrative is a story. Whether inspired by a book, real events, or your child’s imagination, your child’s story should start by introducing a narrator, characters, or a situational conflict. Fifth graders will be asked to use classic narrative devices like dialogue, descriptive words, and character development. Your child should be able to show how characters feel and how they react to what’s happening. Finally, the events should unfold naturally, plausibly bringing the story to a close.

Grammatically correct

By now, your fifth grader should have a solid understanding of the parts of speech. This year, your child should learn to use and explain the function of conjunctions (e.g. because, yet ), prepositions (e.g. above, without ), and interjections (e.g. Hi, well, dear ). Kids should also start using correlative conjunctions (e.g. either/or, neither/nor ). What’s more, students learn to form and use the past, present, and future perfect tenses ( I had walked; I have walked; I will have walked. ). With this tense mastered, fifth graders will be expected to use various verb tenses to convey a sequence of events and to recognize and correct any inappropriate shifts in tense.

Check out this related worksheet: •  Active and passive sentences

More sophisticated language

This year your child will: • Regularly refer to print and online dictionaries, thesauruses, and glossaries to spell challenging words correctly. • Use academic vocabulary words in writing. • Use more nuanced descriptions (think advanced synonyms and antonyms). • Master homographs (e.g. understand that bear means the animal and to support or carry). • Employ common idioms, adages, and proverbs (e.g. “born yesterday”; “the early bird gets the worm”; “failure teaches success” ) • Interpret figurative language like similes (e.g. “light as a feather” ) and metaphors ( “it’s a dream come true” ).

This year, your child will learn to use commas after a sentence’s introductory segment (e.g. Earlier this morning, we ate breakfast .), to set off the words yes and no in writing (e.g. Y es, we will ; and no, thank you ), to set off a question from the rest of a sentence (e.g. It’s true, isn’t it? ), and to show direct address. (e.g. Is that you, Mike? ) Your child will also use commas to separate items in a series. (e.g. I want eggs, pancakes, and juice .)

Your child should also be taught how to consistently use quotation marks, italics, or underlining to indicate titles when citing sources in reports and papers.

Check out these related worksheets: •  Punctuating a paragraph • Simile or cliche? •  Homophones and homographs

And it’s live!

The final step in writing this year? Publishing! Once all the hard work (the research, planning, writing, revisions, edits, and rewrites) are finished, your fifth grader’s ready to publish. Many classes will experiment with printing work or publishing it on a blog, website, or app. While teachers should be there for support, your child should be doing the work. The point is to learn keyboarding skills (2 full pages is the goal for fifth graders) and to interact and collaborate with peers. This could mean, for example, that your child reads a classmate’s published work online and either comments on it or references it when answering a question in class.

Updated August 2022

online writing classes for 5th graders

6 ways to improve a college essay


Quick writing tips for every age

Writing on the wall

Writing on the wall

Why parents must teach writing

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5th grade writing.

In this class, fifth graders build upon their previously acquired skills and utilize them to write increasingly complex, multiparagraph stories and essays which include introductions, supporting evidence and conclusions.

All classes are included with Homeschool Pro™. Visit remotelearning.school or email us for more info

Course curriculum

Drawing on information from multiple sources

Study Guide: Drawing on Information from Multiple Sources

Quiz: Drawing on Information from Multiple Sources (Auto-graded)

Character Traits

Study Guide: FAST Characterization and Character Traits

Quiz: FAST Characterization and Character Traits (Auto-graded)

How to Write a Letter

Similes vs Metaphors

Hyperboles and Idioms

Easily Confused Words

Study Guide: Easily Confused Words

Writing Abbreviations

The Mechanics of Writing Titles

The Mechanics of Writing Titles (2)

Direct Address And Tag Questions

Four Types of Conflicts

Study Guide: Types of Conflicts

Quiz: Conflicts (Auto-graded)

Conflicts in a Story

Assignment: Create Your Own Story with a Chosen Conflict (Instructor-Graded)

online writing classes for 5th graders

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online writing classes for 5th graders

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I originally purchased EIW on the recommendation of a friend and fellow homeschooler. To be honest, I was hesitant and not at all optimistic because every other thing I had tried simply did not work for my daughter. Thanks to Mr. Stephens and his program, though, she has gone from hating writing to writing more than I ask! I have attached her level 4 first and last assignments. Everyone that I show them to is shocked, and now they are also buying the program for their children! Thank you for everything! We are looking forward to level 5.

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Beginners Creative Writing: Write & Illustrate a Short Story- Flex!

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Short Story of the Week for Teens: Thinking About Literature

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Stupendous Story Elements

Class listing photo

Creative Writing: Roll a Story (Ongoing / Weekly)

Class listing photo

5 Week Story Writing

Class listing photo

Create a Mystery Writing 101 (Ages 7-11)

Creative writing workshop for kids.


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online writing classes for 5th graders

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    5th Grade Writing Online Classes for Kids 🎥 Engaging live video chat classes 🏅 Vetted and passionate teachers 🚀 Build confidence through progress Filter Writing: Writing the Beginning Mrs.Devra 4.9 (178) €13 per class Group class 9-12 ages 25 mins 1 day Let's Write: How to Write Essays Orchard Academy 4.8 (588) €15 per week Group class 9-14 ages 35

  2. Online Writing Classes for Kids

    Courses Essay writing Homeschool Writing Portfolio Part 1: Semester Long Writing Course Teacher Jaquita, M.Ed. 4.9 (483) €300 €20 per class Group class 10-14 ages 45 mins 1x weekly 15 weeks College Preparation Writing for High School--Semester I: Research and Writing Basics Molly McGill, M.A. 4.9 (812) €275 €28 per class Group class

  3. WritingCity

    K-5 schools using WritingCity have seen a dramatic increase in standardized test scores. Our lessons are proven with a variety of teaching styles, learning styles, and socio-economic levels. The curriculum teaches 100% of the writing and grammar Common Cores, and other state standards, with writing instruction that spirals across all grade levels.

  4. Creative Writing Classes for Kids

    In the Creative Writing for Kids: Write a Spy Story! online course, kids get to learn how to write a spy thriller. From developing characters to plotting a story, this class is super engaging & fun! Designed for kids age 11-14, Write a Spy Story! is a well-paced course. The class also includes a comprehensive workbook.

  5. 12 Online Writing Classes for Kids

    Price: $94.99. 3. Creative Writing for Kids: Write the Future! In this creative writing course for kids, Luke Richardson explores the basics of a great sci-fi, futuristic, or dystopian story. Like all of Richardson's courses for kids, a comprehensive workbook with images, activities, and excerpts are included.

  6. Quill.org

    Quill.org | Interactive Writing and Grammar Free tools to make your students better writers and readers. NEW Quill.org, a non-profit, provides free literacy activities that build reading comprehension, writing, and language skills for elementary, middle, and high school students. Student Teacher Administrator Guardian

  7. Online Writing Classes for Fourth & Fifth Graders

    Explore engaging online writing classes specifically designed for 4th and 5th-grade students. Enhance their skills and inspire creativity in young writers! Three Branches Of Government Adhd Toolkit Types Of Poems Digestive System Physical Geography Math Unit 3 Gymnastics Bar Positive Affirmation Acting Tv Chibi Drawing Writing Boys

  8. 5th Grade Fiction Writing Online Classes for Kids

    FLEX Semester Length ELA 5th & 6th-Grade Reading Fiction & Writing Narratives. Literacy Marvel by Miss Micaela White. 4.9. (145) $13. per week. Flex. class.

  9. 5th Grade Writing Tutoring and 5th Grade Writing Help

    Give Your Child Academic Success Today. Call us at 888-338-2283 or fill out this form to get started. The center. discuss your needs, pricing, and ways to achieve your goals. As writing assignments (and expectations) get bigger for your 5th grader, learn how our 5th grade writing tutoring program can help.

  10. Online Writing Classes for Kids

    Words online writing classes for kids are comprehensive, goal-oriented, and have a "real world" focus. Courses include spelling, editing, grammar, writing critique, and advanced vocabulary. ... In the weekly 25-minute classes (for fifth graders and older), which are twenty-five dollars per week, sentence structure or one part of speech is ...

  11. Online School for 5th Grade Students

    Acellus Academy has open enrollment, which means you can enroll your fifth grade student in Acellus courses at any point in the year. Once parents complete the admissions process, students can begin the Acellus Learning System immediately. Self-Paced Courses

  12. 5th Grade Writing Curriculum

    The WritingCity 5th Grade Writing Curriculum is the final curriculum in the WritingCity K-5 Curriculum and works to reinforce all of the concepts learned previously while preparing students for the rigors of writing in middle school and high school.

  13. 5th grade writing Writing

    Paraphrasing, logical thinking, keyboarding, and more — check out the writing skills your fifth grader will learn this year. by: Jessica Kelmon | Updated: August 4, 2022 Print article By now, your child knows that writing is a process that requires research, feedback, and revision.

  14. 5th Grade Writing Class

    5th Grade Writing. In this class, fifth graders build upon their previously acquired skills and utilize them to write increasingly complex, multiparagraph stories and essays which include introductions, supporting evidence and conclusions. All classes are included with Homeschool Pro™.

  15. Story Writing Online Classes for Kids & Teens

    Explore engaging story writing courses for kids & teens to spark creativity. Develop writing skills with expert teachers through live, interactive classes. Search for classes: ... 1st Grade 2nd Grade 3rd Grade 4th Grade 5th Grade 6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade 9th Grade 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade Kindergarten Preschool Elementary Middle ...

  16. Online Homeschool Writing & Literature Curriculum

    Grammar & writing concepts, Online or DVD option, plus a Scoring Service! Save time grading papers! ... Easy Video Lessons That Teach Students Writing. Modeling, Not Lecturing; Produces College-ready Writers; ... Writing Courses. Level 1 (ages 6-7) Level 2 (ages 7-8) Level 3 (ages 8-9) Level 4 (ages 9-10)

  17. Online Fifth Grade Program

    A K12-powered online fifth grade education option is similar to the traditional brick-and-mortar model: It follows the traditional school calendar year. Online public school is tuition-free.* Students receive instruction and support from state-certified teachers.

  18. Top 10 Online Writing Classes

    AP World History. Graduate School Entrance Exams. Certifications & Licenses. Certifications & Licenses. Enrichment. Languages. About. Call Now (888) 888-0446. Home All Classes English Writing.

  19. 5th Grade Poetry Writing Online Classes for Kids

    More 5th grade poetry writing classes. Ongoing - Poetry Writing: Metaphors (and Similes) Be With You! Black Out Poetry: Poetry Writing, Art and Reading All in One! Poetry Creative Writing FLEX Class - Write 10 Types of Poems in 5 Weeks!

  20. 5th Grade Courses

    Explore our library of over 88,000 lessons. Search. Browse. Browse by subject. We have a growing collection of 5th grade courses and tutorials that can help you accomplish your academic goals. Our ...

  21. 5th Grade English Course

    Support your 5th grade students' learning of literary, writing and grammar topics using these short and engaging video lessons. This course is designed to help students develop a better...

  22. Creative Writing Workshop for Kids

    Get $10 off my class "Creative Writing Workshop for Kids" with coupon code SNYDERSUMMER10 until Jul 31, 2023. In this 4-part workshop, students will learn new elements of fiction, each week, and create a fictional short story based on these... Students will learn the basic elements of fiction while creating ideas and content to fit these elements.

  23. Литературные мастерские Creative Writing School

    Пройдите обучение в нашей школе писательского мастерства: большой выбор курсов и литературных мастерских для новичков и опытных писателей в Creative Writing School.