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How to Maximize the Performance of Your HP Printer with Support Services

Having a reliable printer is essential for any business, and HP printers are some of the best in the market. But even the best printers can experience issues that can slow down your workflow. That’s why it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest support services available for your HP printer. With the right support services, you can maximize your printer’s performance and keep it running smoothly. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Choose the Right Support Plan

The first step in maximizing your HP printer’s performance is to choose the right support plan. HP offers a variety of plans that range from basic coverage to comprehensive coverage. Depending on your needs, you can choose a plan that covers hardware repairs, software updates, and other services. You can also opt for an extended warranty if you want additional protection for your printer.

Take Advantage of Online Resources

HP also offers a variety of online resources that can help you maximize your printer’s performance. From troubleshooting guides to user manuals, these resources provide detailed instructions on how to use and maintain your printer properly. You can also find helpful videos and tutorials that show you how to troubleshoot common issues and perform routine maintenance tasks. Taking advantage of these resources is a great way to ensure that your printer is running optimally at all times.

Utilize Professional Services

If you need more assistance with your HP printer, you can always take advantage of professional services offered by HP. These services include remote technical assistance, onsite repair services, and even replacement parts if needed. With professional help, you can quickly resolve any issues with your printer and get back to work in no time.

By taking advantage of these tips, you can ensure that your HP printer is running at its peak performance at all times. From choosing the right support plan to utilizing professional services, there are plenty of ways to maximize the performance of your HP printer with support services.

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hp customer support experience case study

Contacting the HP Service Center

If your HP laptop is experiencing issues, contacting customer support can help you solve the problem ASAP. Company personnel may tell you to send your device to the nearest HP Service Center for repairs. Why is this important?

You don’t need to get in your car and drive to a service center if repairs are needed. HP agents will provide pickup so you can ship your computer. Here’s why an authorized service center is the way to go:

  • HP technicians know the ins and outs of specific laptop models.
  • Taking your computer somewhere else may void your product warranty.
  • Attempting laptop repairs yourself may damage sensitive components.

How to Find the Nearest HP Service Center

Go to the HP website’s support area to find the contact options available. To find the nearest HP Service Center location online, here’s what to do:

  • Click on the Authorized Service Center link.
  • Select your country from the drop-down list, and then type in a zip code, city or state.
  • Under the “Supported Products” heading, select your device type.
  • After you press “Search,” the nearest locations will appear, along with addresses and phone numbers.
  • If no service center appears, increase the search radius distance.

What Can You Expect When Contacting the HP Service Center?

Calling the listed phone number will put you in touch with authorized technicians. Customer service agents are trained to be friendly and patient, so you have nothing to worry about. They usually ask a few questions, giving you the opportunity to tell them about any strange sounds or behavior you’ve noticed. Keep your computer handy when you call so you can follow any instructions.

If the problem is hardware related, support personnel will make repair arrangements. These repairs can take from five to 10 business days.

How to Prepare Your Device for the Trip

Follow these tips for a smooth shipping and repair process:

  • Back up all files: Save a copy of essential files in case the service center needs to replace or modify your computer’s hard drive.
  • Remove device passwords: Getting rid of your passwords lets technicians access your computer and make repairs quickly.
  • Use ample packing material: Fill the shipping box with professional packing material, such as foam peanuts.

Other Ways to Get Needed Assistance With HP Device Issues

Some computer issues are caused by software conflicts or out-of-date drivers. The HP website’s support page contains a number of tools that can help you right away.

The online HP Support Diagnostic Tools troubleshooter is great for checking the health of computer systems such as power, audio and memory. Download the HP Support Assistant for Windows 10 for immediate help, regular device updates and system optimization.

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HP Provides Winning Customer Care with Khoros

HP Cerulean

We use what we learn from Khoros to inform our product development and our customer care strategy.

— kriti kapoor global director of social customer care, executive summary.

HP aims to create technology that makes life better for everyone in their global customer base and beyond. But a global audience has diverse needs. In order for HP to accomplish their goal of supporting a large volume of diverse customers 24/7, HP onboarded Khoros Care and developed a Khoros-powered community.

Before partnering with Khoros, HP’s large customer base didn’t have access to a centralized hub for everyone to gather. Agents spent valuable time on unnecessary logistics rather than spending that same time deepening customer engagement. Developing an HP community with the Khoros solution organized, documented, and enriched HP’s customer support knowledge base while giving all of their customers a place to quickly find answers to their questions at any time in multiple languages. The available content and the ease with which HP was able to authentically connect with customers allowed HP to gain deeper insights into their customer base, which lead to improvements in overall product strategy and customer support.

HP believes in the vision and value of a strong digital customer experience, and their Khoros-powered community has been integral to the success of their customer support operations. Additionally, Khoros Care helps HP easily look at the number of customers they’re serving, they can quantify how many solutions they have provided, and they can see how many of those solutions have been viewed by other customers. Both Khoros Care and HP’s Khoros-powered community will help HP continue to build their social footprint and encourage their audience interaction.

How they made it work

A voice of the customer survey with Khoros Care.

Agents to engage with customers more efficiently and effectively.

A Khoros-powered community where customers can gather to receive and share information.

The value of their community to prove its success.

“Our Khoros-powered strategy for success involves listening on social channels, making peer-to-peer support and dedicated care agents available to our customers, and feeding what we learn back into product development and our customer care strategy.”

HP’s Khoros-powered community helps the brand keep its finger on the pulse of their audience’s online activities and adjust as needed. With Khoros Care, HP has been able to improve the customer experience by reducing agent response time, increasing the number of posts available, and improving the amount of time customers must wait for a solution.

Year-over-year reduction in first response time

Year-over-year increase in posts

Year-over-year reduction in resolution time

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Software and Drivers

HP Workforce Solutions HP Workforce Solutions

  • HP Workforce Solutions

Case Studies

Learning Hub

Discover recommended articles, case studies, and videos for evaluating it services, workforce performance, case study | creating better collaboration everywhere.

See how HP IT enables effective collaboration with products and services that supports its 70K+ hybrid workers.

Digital Effectiveness

The business case for digitizing workflows in the cloud, unlock the benefits of cloud-based workflow digitization., white paper | how to create secure, collaborative, and productive digital workspaces.

Download the whitepaper to learn about the changing work trends and why companies need digital workspaces in a hybrid environment.

10 min read

Business outcome

Case Study: World Wide Technology

WWT’s Customers Accomplish Business Outcomes with HP Anyware-Enabled  Tech Infrastructure.

Case Study: GPS AG 

Oil services specialist Global Petroprojects Services AG increases efficiency and streamlines business processes with HP Intelligent Workflows.

Case Study: Ericsson

Modern Management enables global 5G provider to bolster system protection within a worldwide cloud-based hybrid working environment.

Case Study: Arup

HP TechPulse is the latest move in a new global technology partnership that brings together two like-minded companies.

Case Study: UNAB

Improving IT service response time and customer satisfaction with HP Device as a Service (DaaS).

Case Study: Colegios El Valle

HP DaaS facilitates learning at Colegios El Valle by providing a flexible and tailored solution.

Case Study: Visana

Swiss health insurer enhances device flexibility for a hybrid workplace with  single vendor solution delivered by HP in partnership with GEWA.

Case Study: Grove City College

Standardizing on best-in-class HP Dragonfly PCs brings learning equity to students, simplifies technical support and delivers total cost of ownership benefits.

Infographic: How to deploy digital workspaces

Digital workspaces are flexible and can be deployed securely across numerous types of infrastructure.

Infographic: Hybrid work statistics to power your business policies

The strategic importance of hybrid work.

Infographic: Understanding digital workspaces

A digital workspace is a secured, work-from-anywhere, integrated technology framework.

Solution Brief: HP Anyware Software For Azure N-Series VMs

HP Anyware provides high-performance remote visualization capabilities in Azure N-series VMs.

Solution Brief: Remote Work with HP Anyware and Verizon 5G Edge

Enable the performance to work on graphics intensive applications with the security you need.

Video: Leading Malaysian Studio Effortlessly Moves to Hybrid Working Model

How Lemon Sky Studios successfully completed projects on deadline using HP Anyware.

Video: Monitoring and Understanding Connection Health on HP Anyware

This new feature monitors your PCoIP connection health.

Video: Defining HP Anyware

What is HP Anyware?

Datasheet: HP Anyware Trust Center

The Anyware Trust Center is a zero trust policy engine for digital workspaces.

Datasheet: Trusted Zero Clients

Trusted Zero Clients are designed with Zero Trust Architecture security features and managed by Anyware Trust Center.

Case Study: Vancouver Film School

Vancouver Film School Shifts to Online Instruction in 11 Days.

Case Study: Sungwon Adpia

Empowering a Leading Korean Printing Service to Build a Better Hybrid Working Environment.

Video: At Carlsberg, a better tomorrow is cloud-based today 

In its move to Modern IT Management, Carlsberg Group engages HP Provisioning Services to streamline processes and speed up employee onboarding.

Case Study: SGL Carbon

Transitioning to cloud infrastructure with HP Adaptive Endpoint Management optimizes IT resources and boosts employee experience

Infographic: Solving the top 3 challenges of hybrid work

Transform printing for hybrid work with MPS.

E-guide: Hybrid Work, a blueprint for print transformation

A guide to re-think print for a hybrid future.

Infographic: Print services to help guide your hybrid work transformation

Optimize and enable a smooth transition to hybrid work with Print Services.

Survey report: How is print evolving for hybrid work?

Discover why organizations are transforming their print environment.

E-guide: Carbon neutral printing for the planet, people, and communities (Carbon Offset Projects)

Explore HP's carbon neutral printing solution for sustainable printing.

Infographic: Print isn’t going anywhere...Except to the cloud

Discover how HP Managed Print Services enables remote print fleet management.

Article: 5 considerations to accelerate hybrid workflows

Unlock hybrid workflow efficiency with considerations for digital transformation.

E-guide: Secure your transition to the hybrid workforce

Secure hybrid workplaces with HP's resilient printers and comprehensive security.

Article: Easy steps to put print in your cloud

Maximize hybrid work with 4 tips for adding print to your cloud ecosystem.

Article: The business case for digitizing workflows in the cloud

Leverage cloud-based workflow digitization for business benefits.

Article: The business case for moving your print fleet to the cloud

Learn the benefits and risk factors of moving your print fleet to the cloud.

Article: The business case for achieving sustainability with carbon neutrality 

Achieve sustainability goals with managed printing. Learn how in this guide.

Article: The business case for data-driven print fleet optimization solutions  

How can you achieve ROI of your IT investments? Learn from this guide.

Article: The business case for empowering your remote workforce with Managed Print Solutions

How can you overcome remote printing challenges and improve productivity?

Article: The business case for security advisory services leading your print management strategy

Strengthen your print security with expert advisory services.

Article: The business case for secure and compliant print fleet management

How to secure your print environment with compliant fleet management?

E-guide: RFP Guide to Managed Print Services for healthcare

Choose the right MPS provider for your healthcare facility with our RFP guide.

E-guide: RFP Guide to Managed Print Services for manufacturing

Choose the right MPS provider for your manufacturing facility with our RFP guide.

E-guide: RFP Guide to Managed Print Services for banking

Choose the right MPS provider for your bank with our RFP guide.

E-guide: RFP Guide to Managed Print Services

How do you know if an MPS vendor is right for you?

Case Study: Clk Architects

Designers access their graphics workstations from home — with crisp lines, no lag, and multiple monitors.

White Paper: The benefits of integrating a Device-as-a-Service Solution

Discover how DaaS improves IT resiliency and employee experience, and reduces costs.

Case Study: Framestore

Creating a company-wide IT standard to streamline hybrid working solutions.

Case Study: Compucad

Compucad and HP create solutions to help organizations of all sizes streamline IT services and optimize resources.

Case Study: Security

Digital security for the world of anywhere work.

Case Study: Manageability

As part of its digital transformation, HP modernized its infrastructure and endpoint device management. Read how.

Infographic: What can a digital shift do for IT?

Learn how HP Services can help improve IT organization’s hybrid work reality.

Infographic: The 5 Es every IT team needs for success

HP CIO Ron Guerrier's 5Es for driving transformation in the hybrid workplace.

Case Study: ICT Zone

Malaysian HP Amplify partner transforms the market by integrating HP Services into its unique DaaS 360 offering including financing, service and expertise.

Case Study: Collaboration

Video: how proactive data helps it spot and resolve issues.

Learn how predictive analytics tools optimize print fleet management.

Video: How HP IT contributes to sustainability

Learn from HP leaders how they drive sustainability initiatives.

Case Study: Frontier Behavioral Health + Vega Cloud

Enabling a healthcare organization to deploy HP Anyware to hybrid and field users.

Case Study: Employee Experience

HP IT leaders tell how data and employee feedback help keep the hybrid HP workforce engaged.

Video: How HP IT uses Device as a Service

How has HP benefited from deploying Device-as-a-Service?

Video: Keeping hybrid employees connected 

How do HP IT leaders keep the hybrid workforce engaged?

Video: Supporting collaboration in hybrid work

What benefits does HP Presence conferencing offer for hybrid workers?

Video: How HP Takes Security Everywhere

Find effective ways to keep hybrid employees secure worldwide.

Video: How HP furthers sustainability

How can device telemetry and Device as a Service promote sustainability?

Case Study: ITV

Empowering ITV Daytime’s post-production team to edit shows on the cloud from anywhere with HP Anyware.

Case Study: Gunpowder

How Gunpowder was equipped with HP Anyware to complete remote VFX workflows for staff and clients.

Case Study: Productivity

See how HP services like Adaptive Endpoint Management, Proactive Insights, and Device as a Service help keep the HP hybrid work uninterrupted.

Case Study: Atomic Cartoons

Enabling a leading animation studio (1000+ employees) to work remotely with HP Anyware without missing a deadline.

Video: HP IT leaders on hybrid work

HP leaders share IT solutions for hybrid workforce success.

Video: HP IT's Device Management in hybrid work

HP leaders reveal how they solved for better hybrid device management.

Video: How Adaptive Endpoint Management has helped HP

HP IT leaders share benefits of Adaptive Endpoint Management.

Video: How HP IT keeps productivity up

HP IT leaders share their tactics for uninterrupted hybrid work.

Case Study: Masonicare

Get an in-depth look at how Masonicare reduced SOC workloads, minimized risks, and improved user productivity with Sure Click Enterprise.

Case Study: Cosmetics Leader

Mutual objectives for sustainability join cosmetics leader with HP Services for responsible removal, recycling and reuse of more than 300 computing assets.

E-Guide: Helping employees feel their best again

Digital services for better employee and IT experiences.

E-Guide: Bringing zero downtime to anywhere work

How to support employees and help secure devices in the work-from-anywhere world.

E-Guide: With HP Proactive Insights, IT knows what’s coming

HP Proactive Insights predicts issues to support employees working from anyhwere.

Case Study: Control Group

HP Amplify Partner delivers simplified IT as-a-Service from HP Proactive Insights to HP Wolf Pro Security Service.

E-Guide: Meeting the same IT goals in a whole new work world

IT goals met in a hybrid work environment with new tech.

Video: HP Amplify Partner Control Group delivers a holistic services approach to support its customers

Learn how HP Amplify Partner Control Group supports Spanish businesses' IT goals.

Video: HP TechPulse

Learn how HP TechPulse predicts and resolves device issues with cloud telemetry.

Video: HP Services Portal

Learn how HP Services Portal manages contracts, orders, analytics, and support.

Case Study: Bechtle

HP partner, Bechtle, leverages HP Device as a Service and HP Proactive Insights to offer a true subscription model to its customers across Europe.

Case Study: Post Luxembourg

Large postal and telecommunications provider optimizes device strategy to scale and improve the employee experience.

Case Study: DLG

German Agricultural Society (DLG) improved its employee productivity and security with HP Services.

Case Study: Digital Media Leader

Leader in digital media lowered IT operational overhead while maintaining PC platform  security with HP Services.

Webinar: HP Services-Proactive Insights & Proactive Endpoint Management  

Watch HP Services webinar on modern endpoint management for remote work.

Infographic: 5 Reasons your endpoint security could be at risk

How can you ensure your endpoints don't become breach points?

Case Study: Kinepolis

Top movie theatre company streamlines device imaging with HP Dynamic Configuration.

Case Study: Festo

HP Services ensure 24/7 consistent, global support to 21,000 employees of leading supplier of automation technology.

Case Study: Volkswagen Japan

VW Japan streamlines device management with predictive analytics from HP TechPulse and Service Experts.

Article: Managing PC mishaps - Four reasons to prepare for the unexpected with HP Care Packs

HP Care Packs prepare you for unexpected PC mishaps.

Case Study: Eaton Corporation

HP Lifecycle Services ensure consistency of device and support experience for Eaton’s 70,000 users.

Infographic: Harness the power of predictive analytics at your fingertips.

Know everything about HP TechPulse.

Case Study: 386 Systems

HP Partner provides continuity to its customers with HP DaaS and TechPulse for predictive analytics.

Video: Arup, Edinburgh

Arup Consultancy drives global IT consistency and device consolidation with HP.

Video: REDSALUD is transforming technology with AI in Chile

Discover how AI helps RedSalud Healthcare to proactively manage device health.

Infographic: 6 ways managed services simplify IT

Discover how HP can help manage the demands of the modern workplace.

Tool: HP DaaS Value Calculator

Calculate how HP DaaS can help you cut costs, increase employee productivity.

Case Study: CSX

Rail transportation leader looks to HP MPS for excellent service and robust security.

Case Study: iA Financial Group

Infolaser elevates user experience, security and carbon reduction strategy with HP MPS.

Case Study: FMOLHS

With HP MPS, Franciscan Missionaries of Our Lady Health System consolidates print, reduces costs, improves security and integrates seamlessly with EMR

White Paper: How to create secure, collaborative and productive digital workspaces

Video: hp anyware - the hybrid connector.

HP Anyware is the enterprise software IT needs to keep people productive with secured access to their digital workspaces without a VPN.

Solution Brief: Elevate architecture, engineering, and construction workflows

Get on-site and off-site access to mission-critical and graphics-intensive software, during any stage of a project.

Solution Brief: Elevate broadcast workflows  

Be on-air ready and connected to remote broadcast studios during mission-critical broadcasts.

Solution Brief: Powerful remote-access computing for learning at all levels  

Modernize remote and on-site learning environments to empower a future-ready generation.

Solution Brief: Game developers securely team up in real time  

Create amazing, interactive gaming experiences with high frame rates, low latency, and amazing responsiveness from anywhere.

Solution Brief: Boost media and entertainment efficiency  

Visualize and interact with media workloads from anywhere while meeting MPAA security and TPN compliance.

Solution Brief: Maintain the highest level of data security and workplace flexibility

Securely access and control classified data from anywhere, regardless of isolation or clearance requirements.

Solution Brief: Keep clients’ private data safe while expanding access employees  

Make quicker decisions based on constantly evolving market conditions.

Solution Brief: Uncompromised collaboration for manufacturing teams

Boost efficiency and collaboration across multiple teams, vendors, and time zones.

Video: Collaboration just got better on HP Anyware!

Datasheet: hp anyware secured digital workspaces, video: powering atomic cartoons to create from anywhere.

Enabling a leading animation studio (1000+ employees) to work remotely without missing a deadline.

Case Study: Renault Group

HP Device Recovery Service helps Renault Group achieve its corporate social responsibility goals.

Video: Universidad Andrés Bello, Chile

Enhance IT service and customer satisfaction with HP Device as a Service.

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How HP engineers amazing experience through real-time customer feedback and telemetry

As one of the most innovative brands in the world, HP Inc. is making the voice of the customer a prominent component of the entire product development lifecycle – from early portfolio planning; through product development; install & use; and product support.

HP had always tracked satisfaction across its products, but they realized that semi-annual surveys weren’t as actionable as they could be. Often, when feedback was presented to the product teams, it was already out of date, not in sync with current product versions and didn’t fully answer "why", and more importantly, "how" to act.

Read the case study and find out how HP obtains a comprehensive view of the end-to-end product experience for over 50,000 annually released product SKUs, with responses in over 40 languages, yielding new and deeper insights that guide key design decisions.

Download Now

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hp customer support experience case study

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Fast forward to innovation

Digital Game Changers are navigating tough challenges by accelerating digital transformation.

Insights that fuel customer experiences

When gas station chain Racetrac wanted to understand its customers better, it transformed its edge environment to deliver experiences that keep customers coming back.

Using AI to uncover hidden talents

Digital services streamline insurance.

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Insights that keep customers coming back

Elevating satellite communications

Evil Geniuses

Building champions with artificial intelligence

Revolutionizing postpartum care

Argonne National Laboratory and Commonwealth Edison Company (ComEd)

Powering ahead towards a climate-proof grid

NÜRNBERGER Versicherung

Insurance that innovates

Sierra Wireless

Empowering global IoT connectivity for millions

Aleph Alpha

Sovereign, secure AI for the knowledge economy

HP’s Transformation Was A Win For Customers, Culture, And Cost Savings

Angelina Gennis , Senior Analyst

External market factors can make business success seem out of your control. But HP Inc. found that even in a difficult market, a well-established business can uncover opportunities for cost-saving efficiencies that also contribute to delighting the customer. Their approach was to create:

  • Alignment on definitions of the customer and the customer’s experience.
  • Governance that made customer experience (CX) everyone’s responsibility and facilitated collaboration.
  • A standardized and repeatable process to approve and implement CX initiatives that were good for the customer and good for business.

HP’s printing business transformation team worked with consultancy Daggerwing Group, product and marketing teams, “change champions,” agency partners, and research/analytics vendors to piece together the existing customer experience as well as build a platform to allow for continuous improvement of the customer experience.

They started a bottom-up movement, driving collaboration across silos so that cross-functional teams could tackle customer experience gaps, thus shifting away from being a product-focused culture. Over 25 countries embraced the CX processes to prioritize and implement hundreds of CX initiatives. The results:

  • Product launches that surpassed sales targets
  • Less dependency on vendors
  • Fewer redundancies in efforts

And the cherry on top: In 2018, HP saw cost savings in the millions and a solid increase in net revenue.

Learn more about HP’s success in “ Case Study: The CX Transformation That Revitalized HP’s Printer Business .”

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hp customer support experience case study

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This complimentary guide will show you how to leverage customer journey maps to spur investment and interest in cx, as well as boost performance., three last-minute tips to make retail customer service merry and bright, have you developed your journey-centric transformation roadmap, get the insights at work newsletter, help us improve.


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