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How to Create a Professional Author Page in Amazon Author Central

Using Amazon Author Central and creating an Author page can make a big difference in your book sales.

It proves your legitimacy as an author and gives you certain functions and capabilities on Amazon to convert readers into fans.

Sadly, creating a professional Amazon Author Page can feel daunting with all the different steps. But don't worry, because I'm about to show you step-by-step how you can create a fantastic Author Central Page and super-effective tactics to help boost your sales and follower numbers.

Table of contents

  • What is Amazon Author Central?
  • What Goes Into a Professional Author Page
  • How To Setup Your Author Central Account
  • How To Add Your Biography To Your Author Page
  • How to Add a Profile Photo to Your Author Page Profile
  • Step 3. Check your +Follow button
  • How to Include All Versions of Your Book in Author Central
  • What To Do If You Use Pen Names
  • What To Do If You Co-Author a Book
  • 2. Customize your author page URL
  • Rules for Creating an Excellent Editorial Review Section
  • How to Create Beautifully Formatted Editorial Reviews
  • How to Add Editorial Reviews to Your Author Page
  • Make Your International Author Pages
  • What is Amazon Central and how to set it up
  • What is an Author Page, and why you need one
  • What to include in your professional Author Page
  • How to add awesome features to your Page that most people don't know about!
  • An example of a stellar author's page that we helped create – Michael Hyatt!

Many authors will set up their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account and publish their book . However, they'll forget to set up an account on Amazon Author Central.

So, what is Amazon Author Central , and what does it do?

It's the platform that allows you to set up your Author Page on Amazon, as well as:

  • Add the Editorial Reviews section for your book – WHICH IS SUPER CRITICAL!
  • Track your Book Rankings
  • See and Respond to Reviews
  • Chat with Your Readers
  • Fix Issues with Your Book Listings

Anyone with a book listed on Amazon can sign up for an Author Central account. And to take advantage of your Author Page, you're going to need one.

What is an Amazon Author Page?

An Amazon Author Page is like your personal feature page on Amazon.

It's where people can learn more about you, see (and buy) all your books, find your website, blog, and social media all in one spot on Amazon. It’s an extension of your author platform , which you're probably trying to build.

Your Amazon Author Page is crucial. It will help you sell more books by grouping them all on one page for your fans to find, builds your legitimacy as an author, and helps your fans connect with you in more places.

If you aren’t familiar with Author Pages, go to Amazon now and type in a random book title . When you look at a book on Amazon, the author’s name is below the title. If it has a hyperlink (a link you can click on), you can click to see that author’s Amazon Page.

Here is a peek at Jeff Goins' author page , the master on how to write a book – and don't worry, I'll show you how to set one up that looks just like it!

To make a stellar author page, you should include the following:

  • Compelling Biography
  • Professional Author Photo(s)
  • All of Your Books
  • +Follow Button
  • Social Media and Website Information

Note: It used to be that Amazon would let you add different media like a feed for your blog, or certain videos like a book trailer. Unfortunately, Amazon removed that capability.

The great news is, it’s super simple to create an Author Central account and a professional Author Page that will help turn potential readers into your lifelong fans. So, to get started, let's create an Amazon Author Central account.

Create Your Author Central Amazon Account

First, you’ll need to sign up for an Author Central account before you can make your Author Page. You must have a book for sale on Amazon to get an Author Central account. If you already have an Author Central Amazon account, you get a free pass to Step 2 – setting up your Author Page. If you don’t have an Author Central account yet, here’s how to do it.

  • Go to and click “Join for free.”
  • Sign in with your regular Amazon username and password. If you don’t have an account, select “I am a new customer.” You’ll need to give a little more information.
  • Read the Terms and Conditions, then click “Accept.”
  • Enter your author name, pen name, or book title into the search field. A list of possible books appears. (Once your account gets set up, you can add more titles by clicking on the “Books” tab in the navigation menu and select the blue button labeled “Add a Book.”)
  • Select any one of your books to create the account. If your book is not on the list, you can search for it by title or ISBN. (Note: Your book must be available for purchase on Amazon to set up an Author Central Amazon Account.)
  • Amazon will send you a confirmation email to finish creating the account. (Amazon may contact your publisher(s) as an additional measure to verify your identity, which may take three to seven days.)

While you’re waiting for verification, you can start adding information to your Author Page. You cannot add or make changes to your books until your identity is confirmed, but don’t let that stop you from getting started. You can start adding things like pictures and a bio right away.

How to Set Up Your Amazon Author Page

Your Author Page is an extension of your author platform. You should update it with your new books, photos, courses, or videos as you create them.

Step 1 . Add an interesting biography

Tell potential readers about yourself. You hopefully already have an author bio crafted with carefully selected keywords you want to connect to you and your books. Consider including interesting facts about your background, awards, hobbies, proud projects, and things that legitimize you as an author and connect you with readers.

Your bio should also mention where people can find you on social media and your website or blog. Amazon doesn't let you have direct hyperlinks in these bios, but you can still put them there, and people can copy/paste the urls into their browser to find you.

  • Click on the Profile tab, find “Your Biographies,” and click on “Add bio.” (If you already have one, you’ll see an “Edit” button instead.)
  • Copy and paste (or type) your biography into the space provided.
  • Click “Preview biography” to review your work, then click “Save biography.”

You can type directly in Amazon Central, but it’s best practice to have your copy of the information saved. Create it in Word, Evernote, or some other tool first, then copy and paste it into your Amazon profile. You'll need to keep it plain text (no fancy bold, italics, HTML, etc.) and make it at least 100 characters to meet Amazon’s requirements.

Step 2 . Add a photo(s) to your profile

Show potential readers who you are – a real and interesting person who writes books.

Some authors include one professional headshot , while others have a variety of professional and personal pictures. You might add an image of your family if that will resonate with your target audience, or add a photo of you speaking if you’re a professional speaker.

Honoree Corder did a fantastic job of not only including a great profile picture but also some stellar pictures in her Author Updates on her Author Page :

  • Make sure your photo is square and at least 300 x 300 pixels.
  • On the Profile tab, click “Upload New Photo.” If you already have a photo and want to update it, click the blue pencil icon.
  • Select a picture from your computer and click “Open.”
  • Click “Publish.”

Step 3 . Check your +Follow button

The yellow +Follow button will be on your Author Page by default unless you’ve changed your settings.

The follow button lets people interested in your work get updates when you’ve released new products or made big announcements. Only your biggest fans will click the +Follow button, but what’s better than your avatar (aka target audience) showing their eagerness to know the second you’ve released a new product on Amazon? When you review your final Author Page, it’s essential to make sure the +Follow button works right. Now your Author Page is finished. But, there’s even MORE you can do within Author Central.

Get Your Book Discovered

Look over my shoulder as I show you how to select the best keywords and categories so you’ll make more sales.

Advanced Amazon Author Central Tactics & Steps

The above steps will create a legitimate-looking author page that will help your sales. But you may face a couple of obstacles as an author, such as being a co-author or writing under pen names. We address those and some extra steps that you should consider in the list below.

1. Include all versions of your books

Make sure you have all versions of your books listed on your Author Page. Past editions. Audio. Kindle Edition. Paperback. Hardcover. If any titles or versions are missing, it’s easy to fix this and claim your books.

Make sure every version of your book appears in your Author Central Profile, including ebooks, audiobooks, paperback, and hardcover books .

  • On the Books tab, scroll to the bottom of your bibliography and click “Add a book.”
  • In the search bar, type your author name, book title, or ISBN and press Enter.
  • Once you've found the missing title, click “This is my book” below the book. If Amazon lists your name as the author, you’re all set.
  • If your name appears misspelled or you aren’t listed as an author, you’ll have to do a little troubleshooting here to get the book on your author central page.

If you write under a pen name , as Dave does, Amazon will create a separate Author Page for you. Here’s how to add a pen name:

  • Click on the “Books” tab.
  • At the very top, click the link that says, “add it now.”
  • Enter the title, ISBN, or pen name for your book.
  • Find your book in the search results and click, “Add this book.”
  • When you see a message that says, “[Author Name] is my pen name,” click “Continue.”
  • Amazon will email your publisher to verify that the pen name is yours. Once verified, they’ll create a new Author Page.

Once you’re verified, you can access your pen name through the link in the upper right corner of Author Central. You can have up to three Author Pages with different pen names, and they will not be associated with one another on Amazon in any way.

If you are a co-author of any book, listen up. There are not shared author pages, so each author listed as a contributor can claim the book under their account. You can reference and give a link to each other's Author Pages in your biography or a blog post to share the love. Here’s an example from co-authors S.J. Scott and Barrie Davenport. Both of their names have hyperlinks, which means they’ve both claimed this book.

Sometimes you will see only one author's name hyperlinked, which means the other author is missing out on the marketing potential of that product…#AuthorFail!

Author Central used to have a feature that allowed you to create a vanity URL for your Author Page. But recently, they removed the ability to customize your URL, and they don’t have a timeline for when or if this feature will return.

In the meantime, you can brand your URL to make it look more professional on your website, social media, and newsletter. It will take your long, garbled collection of numbers, letters, and symbols and make it clean and simple.

Regular URL: Branded URL:

Having a good-looking URL will help drive fans and potential readers from your website or newsletter to your Author Profile.

To brand your URL, you’ll need to sign up for a link branding service. Many of them are free, and most have premium plans if you need them. If you only need it for your Amazon Author Page, then a free account will be sufficient.

Here are a few link branding websites that have free plans:

  • Rebrandly –
  • Cuttly –
  • –

Note: Link shortening and link branding are different things. Shortening will give you a short link, but it will still be a jumble of numbers and letters. Make sure you are branding your link. Learn more about the difference in this article.

How to Craft Amazing Editorial Reviews

Creating a stunning editorial review section for your book is ONE OF THE BEST TACTICS for your Amazon book sales page — yet so many authors don't take advantage of it. When Dave Chesson added an editorial review like the example below, he saw an immediate increase in book sales. And once you see the strategy behind it, you'll understand why it works so well. The editorial review section is a place on your book's sales page where you can list reviews, comments, or testimonials that others have said about you, your book, or even your previous books. How incredible is that for book marketing ? The heatmap below was created by tracking the eye movements of Amazon customers. Notice how the names of publications and review outlets received the most eye traffic. That’s because customers care more about the legitimacy of a review than what it says.

Here's an example of a GREAT editorial review for Pat Flynn's Will It Fly book . Notice how he bolded the names of the reviewers. That’s because Pat wants to highlight the legitimacy of his writing. You may not know Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income (although you really should), but there's a chance you might know Michael Hyatt, Chris Guillebeau, Chris Ducker, etc. So, when you're scrolling through his book's sale page, and you see a comment by another author you admire, it's instant legitimacy for Pat by proxy. The important trick is to include a qualifier after the reviewer’s name (like New York Times bestselling author). Customers won’t know who the reviewer is unless you tell them. And as you can tell by looking at the heatmap, the qualifier is what customers care about the most.

Now, you may not be friends with people like Dan Miller and Josh Shipp, but that doesn't mean you can't start building author relationships with those in your genre or niche–and I HIGHLY recommend you do. Another option is to show your top 5 reviews from your book. Feature them so that there is a better chance your potential customer sees those first. Check out what Derek Murphy did for his Shearwater Fiction novel . (PS: Isn't he amazing at book covers?!)

So, no matter your level of networking skills, everyone has the opportunity to gather engaging editorial reviews for your book .

  • Include between 6-10 reviews.
  • Always include the name of the reviewer and a qualifier in bold print.
  • Place the reviewer and qualifier at the end of the review.

Amazon has a list of items prohibited from the editorial review section, such as profanity, promotional materials, links, addresses, etc. You can find the complete list here .

Amazon doesn’t allow much formatting in the editorial review section. Even if you copy and paste from Word, you could get an error message stating that you have invalid HTML tags. Thankfully, Dave created a free tool to help you create beautifully formatted editorial reviews that won’t trigger any error messages when you add them to your book’s sales page. Here’s how to use it:

1. On, click on “Tools” in the top navigation bar. 2. From the dropdown menu, select “Book Description Generator.”

3. At the top of the generator, select “Amazon Editorial Review.”

4. Add your reviews to the text box, add icons, and adjust the formatting until you’re satisfied. 5. Click the orange “Generate My Code” button. 6. Copy the code and follow the steps in the next section to add it to your Author Page.

Here’s how to add the editorial reviews to your page.

  • In Author Central, click the “Books” tab at the top of the page.
  • Click on the book you want and select the correct edition (each edition is updated separately).
  • Select “Edit book details.”
  • Next to Review, click “Add.”
  • Click the yellow “Source” button on the top of the text box.
  • Copy and paste the code from the Kindlepreneur Editorial Review Generator. (If you didn’t use the generator, stay in “Compose” mode and type (or copy and paste) it in by hand. And, if you are entering From the Author, From the Inside Flap, From the Back Cover, or About the Author, you don’t need to enter a source.)
  • Click “Preview” and “Save” changes when you’re happy with the review.

If you want to learn more about the editorial review section or the research that went into creating the heatmap, read Dave’s article, The Art and Science to Amazon Editorial Reviews . Note: Only books on (US market) can set up editorial reviews.

Once you have your professional Author Page set, don’t forget to set up and optimize your page for international markets. You could miss out on heaps of sales if you ignore the international book marke t. There are 13 Amazon markets worldwide. Not all of them have Author Central yet, but there are at least four, in addition to the U.S. Amazon site. Visit the sites below, translate (if you’re using a Chrome browser, there’s a translate option at the top of the page), and repeat the steps above, starting with setting up your Author Central account.

  • UK –
  • German –
  • France –
  • Japan –

Amazon automatically creates Author Pages for the following countries as long as your books are available there:

Even though you can’t customize your Author Page for these countries, they will update automatically to reflect active marketplaces. So if you update your Author Page, your page in Spain will also update to include the same information.

Here’s how you can see what your Author Page looks like on each marketplace.

  • In Author Central, click “Home.”
  • Under the section labeled Author Page, use the drop-down menu to select which country you want to see.
  • Click the blue “Go” button.

Now You're Ready To Have A Rockin' Professional Author Page Too

There you have it, folks, a detailed summary of the most critical features in Amazon Central and everything you need to create a professional Author Page. Having a polished and complete page in Amazon Central will help readers quickly find other books you’ve written . You’ll get more fans on social media, drive more traffic to your website, increase your Amazon Best Seller Rank, and create more lifelong fans of your products and brand. If you don’t already have a fantastic Amazon Author Page, what are you waiting for? If you have an Author Page already, post a link to it in the comments. We’d love to see what you’re doing to spice up your author page.

Dave Chesson

When I’m not sipping tea with princesses or lightsaber dueling with little Jedi, I’m a book marketing nut. Having consulted multiple publishing companies and NYT best-selling authors, I created Kindlepreneur to help authors sell more books. I’ve even been called “The Kindlepreneur” by Amazon publicly, and I’m here to help you with your author journey.

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62 thoughts on “ How to Create a Professional Author Page in Amazon Author Central ”

Dave, excellent article as usual. I’m looking for a solution for some of the members of my writers’ guild. They haven’t published books of their own, but are in many of the multi-author anthologies we publish. We tried to walk through setting up a page for one of them and discovered there doesn’t seem to be a way to do this since they can’t “claim” the book.

Since I already have an author page, I can’t play around with it to try and discover if there’s a hidden “contact” door. Any ideas on this one? Or where I can find that hidden door?

I have completed the Amazon Author page…. but when I go to Amazon and search for my book, the “author” is not hyperlinked… therefore no one can see my Author page. I have reread your instruction but I think I have missed something

“f you aren’t familiar with Author Pages, go to Amazon now and type in a random book title. When you look at a book on Amazon, the author’s name is below the title. If it has a hyperlink (a link you can click on), you can click to see that author’s Amazon Page.”

That’s because once you’ve created an Amazon Author page, you need to claim your books.

When you’re talking about branding links, do those services somehow let you rebrand an actual Amazon link?

Can they somehow let me use ‘’ to get to ‘’?

You’d have to have your own ‘joeshmoe’ domain, and then use ‘’ as the source url, and make something short like ‘’ as the new link, right?

This is my question exactly after trying for hours to figure this out! The sites won’t let me use amazon as part of the rebranding.

Do you have to ask permission of people who have left good reviews first or is it okay to add them to editorial review page?

If someone left a review publicly somewhere, I don’t see why you can’t use that review here. However, it’s probably best to still get their permission if you can – just in case.

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Blog • Book Marketing

Last updated on Mar 08, 2023

How to Set Up Your Author Page on Amazon Author Central in 2024

Most indie authors understand the pressure to join every platform that promises to help you market your books (Goodreads, Facebook, and BookBub , oh my!). But even if you're already feeling maxed out on book marketing tools, there’s one major resource that you shouldn’t overlook: Amazon Author Central.

Amazon Author Central allows you to customize your Author Page on Amazon, so readers can see who you are, what kinds of books you write, and — most importantly — why they should buy them. Read on to find out how to set up your Amazon Author Central account and create an Author Page that readers won't be able to resist.

DGXYgNnq1SA Video Thumb

What is Amazon Author Central?

Amazon Author Central is a marketing and sales-tracking hub for authors who publish their books on Amazon . The main benefit of Author Central is the customizable Author Page, which allows you to add an author photo and extended author bio for your readers. As of December 2022, the full text of your bio is tucked away on a separate tab of your Author Page, but it's still worth ensuring the page exists for any curious readers.

We'll discuss the Author Page in greater depth below, but just for context, here's the Amazon Author Page for bestselling author Rick Riordan:

Screenshot of Rick Riordan's Author Page. The extended bio is in another tab on this page.

As you can see, Amazon Author Pages aren't just for indie authors; Big 5 authors have them, too. But as a self-publishing author, you're in charge of designing your own. This is why it's crucial to understand the Amazon Author Central platform and what it can do for you .

When you sign up, you'll gain access to an Author Central dashboard , with tabs for tracking your book sales and managing customer reviews. This is also where you'll navigate from when you want to edit your Author Page. Essentially, your dashboard is your home base on Amazon Author Central, so consider bookmarking it for easy access.

Now that we've gone over the basics of Amazon Author Central, you're ready to sign up and start exploring the platform. This next section provides step-by-step instructions on how to do that (but for a cheat sheet, download our checklist below).



Amazon Author Page Checklist

Our step-by-step guide will help you make the most of your author page.

How to set up your Amazon Author Central account

Screenshot of Amazon Author Central's homepage

2. Use your Kindle Direct Publishing account to log in. (For authors looking to claim a book that's been traditionally published, you can log in with your regular Amazon account, or create a new one.)

3. Enter your author name, which should match up with the name that appears on your books. If you write under multiple pen names , don't worry — you can add them later from the “Books” tab of the dashboard.

4. Claim the book(s) associated with your main author name. If they don't show up, you'll need to contact Amazon directly. Note that you won't be able to activate your Author Central account until you've claimed a book.

5. Verify your account and begin setting up your Author Page!

Speaking of which, let's dive into the essentials of your Author Page and what you should add right away. Then, in the final section of this post, we'll talk about how you can go above and beyond to create an Author Page that's truly irresistible to readers.

Getting started with your Amazon Author Page

On the top left of the Amazon Author dashboard, you'll notice "Home" is followed by "Profile." That's where you'll head next, so you can set up your Author Page. It'll look like this:

Screenshot of Amazon Author Central's dashboard after the December 2022 redesign.

1. Lead off with a strong author bio

Your Amazon Author page is all about you, the author — so first things first, get your author bio right! You can paste your bio in after clicking on "Add bio."

In terms of what your bio should look like, here's a great example from V.E. Schwab's Author Page :

Victoria "V.E." Schwab is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than a dozen books, including the acclaimed Shades of Magic series, This Savage Song, Our Dark Duet, City of Ghosts and Vicious. Her work has received critical acclaim, has been featured in the New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, Washington Post, and more, has been translated into more than a dozen languages, and has been optioned for television and film. When she's not haunting Paris streets or trudging up English hillsides, she lives in Nashville and is usually tucked in the corner of a coffee shop, dreaming up monsters.

This bio highlights Schwab's bestsellers, cites various other professional achievements, and adds a nice personal touch at the end. Aim for a similar balance in your own author bio — though if you don't have any bestsellers or high-profile reviews just yet, it's okay to veer more on the personal side.

Once you've noted your credentials, your book titles, and one or two fun facts, make sure to also share your social media profiles and/or blog, so readers know where to find you off Amazon.

If you're not sure what else to include here, check out our guide on how to perfect your author bio — or more excellent examples of author bios on which to model yours!

2. Add a smoldering author photo

Amazon Author Central | Author Photo

Adding an author photo is perhaps the easiest way to personalize your Author Page. Make sure the photo you upload is a high-definition color headshot, like the examples above. Bonus points for interesting attire or posing — though of course, professionalism takes priority here. You can add this by pressing "Add photo" at the top of your "Profile" tab.

📸 Completing your profile with further (relevant) photos

🚨 As of December 2022, photos and videos apart from the main author photo are not shown on Author Pages, but you can still display them on other regional Amazon sites (, .de, .fr, etc.) If you only have a profile on, disregard the tips in this section and the next.

Add photos of you with your book, photos of you at literary events, and anything else that relates to your author “brand.”

To add these, find the "Photos and Videos" section at the bottom left of your "Profile" tab, and click "Upload media." You'll be allowed to upload files directly from your computer — just make sure they're in an acceptable format (JPG, GIF, PNG) and at least 300 pixels wide and tall, as per Amazon's requirements.

For instance, if you’ve written a story steeped in Celtic mythology, you might attach a picture of yourself on the Scottish Moors. Or if you've written a book about social media, you could include a photo of yourself formatted to look like it would on Instagram. Use this opportunity to get creative (though again, keep it professional — no photos of wild book launch parties, if you catch our drift).

🎬 Adding videos to your Author Page

You can add videos to your Author Page in the same way that you can add photographs — by clicking "Upload media."

  • Ensure you own the rights yourself; it can't just be someone else's video you've downloaded from YouTube!
  • After "Upload media," select “Upload video” and choose a file from your computer.

Many authors will choose to add a “book trailer,” public readings, or other things related to their works on their Amazon page. Whatever tack you take, ensure your video is in an acceptable format (MP4, AVI, WMV, FLV, MOV, MPG), smaller than 500MB, and less than 10 minutes long.

Spelling can be tricky. Learn the difference between common spelling mistakes like ensure vs insure and lay vs. lie to avoid silly errors in your subtitles or video descriptions.

3. Customize your shareable URL

Finally, since you'll be sharing your Amazon Author Page on your website, social media, and with whomever wants to know more about you as an author, it's worth making your URL as clean as possible!

For this, all you have to do is select “Amazon Page URL” and create a new link, like so:

Screenshot of Amazon Author Central interface, showing the field for

If your desired URL is not available, try some variations. Use your middle name, add hyphens, whatever works!

These four steps cover the bare minimum of setting up your Author Page on Amazon Author Central. But if you want go above and beyond (hint: you do), then check out these last few tips on more exciting things to add to your product pages and Author Page.

Taking your Amazon presence to the next level

Once you've set up the bare bones of your page, spend a little more time to make it blossom.

4. Claim more books

You claimed your main book(s) when setting up your Amazon Author Central account in the first place. But what if you've written other books under a pen name, or contributed to a book where you're not the sole author? Great news: you can easily claim those from the “Books” section of your dashboard as well!

🖊️ How to add books under a pen name

  • Click “Add more books” under the “Books” tab
  • Search for your other titles and select “This is my book”
  • In the dialog box that pops up, select “This is me” next to your pen name
  • Now you'll see another dialog box with the header “This doesn't look like your name” — make sure you've got it right, then click “This is my pen name” at the bottom to create a new Author Page!

You'll be able to edit the new page from your existing dashboard, but don't worry; adding pen names in your Amazon Author Central account will not link those Author Pages publicly.

Finally, note that each Author Central account can manage up to three pen names. After that, you’ll need to create an additional account under a different email address.

👯 How to add a book where you're a co-author or contributor

This is easy — so long as it's listed under your actual name, you can add co-authored books the same way you would your own book, by simply clicking “Add more books” and selecting your name as the author.

For books in which you are one of many contributors, just make sure the primary author or editor has listed your name as an author, and you should be able to follow the same process.

Then once you have all your books associated with your name(s), don't forget to...

5. Add editorial reviews

Screenshot of Amazon Author Central's editorial review section

Other people's recommendations are one of the best conversion tools for your book! The Editorial Reviews feature of Amazon Author Central allows you to post this social proof right on your book's product page — so if you have great reviews to show off, make sure you take advantage.

Here's how to add editorial reviews from your Author Central dashboard:

  • Select the “Books” tab;
  • Choose the book for which you're adding a review, and click "Edit book details";
  • Under "Your Editorial Reviews," select “Add review”;
  • Preview the review and, when it looks good, hit “Submit.”

Amazon Author Central screenshot of the box allowing users to paste in a new editorial review

For Kindle books, you can only add a single  book review ; for physical books, you’re limited to five, and for audiobooks , you can add up to three reviews. It’s best practice to pick out the most impressive review snippets from reputable sources — be it a widely recognized figure, a notable outlet, or a popular book review blog.

However, your review doesn’t need to be from a seasoned critic or a bestselling author in order to be noteworthy! Positive feedback from an editorial reviewer on Reedsy Discovery , or from a reader on Amazon or Goodreads can also work wonders.

6. Add book recommendations

With the December 2022 re-design of the Author Page, Amazon added a new feature: book recommendations. The idea is that your readers can start at the right place by having tips from you about how to get acquainted with your work (especially if you have a large backlist), as well as get to know you and your influences a little better through a list of recommended works you can vouch for.

If you add at least three books to this section of your profile, Amazon says they'll 'consider' sending an email notification to your profile followers — but because this is a new feature, we don't yet know how often this happens, or what form it takes. 

Here's how you can add book recommendations:

  • Navigate to the "Reports + Marketing" tab.
  • In the section titled "Connect with readers," hit "Create Recommendation."

Screenshot of the 'add book recommendations' button

You'll then be given the following recommendation prompts for your own work:

  • "My most talked about book is..."
  • "My book I wish more readers knew about is..."
  • "If you are new to my work, I recommend starting with my book..."
  • "If you want to get lost in a story, I recommend my book..."

For books by other authors, the prompts are as follows:

  • "If you like my work, I think you'll like..."
  • "A book I couldn't put down was..."
  • "A book that left an impression on me was..."

Screenshot of Amazon's book recommendation prompt sentences

To add books to any of these prompt sentences, hit "Select book." You'll be allowed to add books from your profile, or search for any title available on Amazon. After that, confirm you chose the right book, click "Submit," and allow one business day for the recommended book to appear on your profile. All set up!

Wondering what book recommendations look like once they've been approved? Check out Ricardo Fayet's profile . If you scroll down, you'll see his recommendations underneath his published works:

Screenshot of Ricardo Fayet's Author Page, showing the new book recommendations feature in action.

The more followers your Amazon Author Central profile can secure, the more people are likely to be notified whenever you release a new title. You can check the number of your followers in the Reports and Marketing section of your Amazon Author Central dashboard. It'll look like this:

Screenshot from the Reports and Marketing section of Amazon Author Central, showing total follower count.

7. Update your international accounts

Amazon Author Central is available in more than just the US. And if you’re already taking the time to iron out one version, you may as well go the extra mile and set up your pages for international markets! Author Central UK may be particularly helpful if you write English-language books.

You can sign up to various international Author Centrals here:

  • United Kingdom:
  • Germany:
  • Japan:
  • France:
Pro tip: Translate your author information into the appropriate language if possible. If you don't speak it, look for an actual person to translate your work , as using Google Translate will result in some wonky phrasing for native speakers!

8. Keep things fresh

The most important thing to remember when it comes to your Author Page is to actually update it. Consistently polish your bio and add new photos, videos, and other information, removing anything that's become outdated. Ensure your Author Central Page feels current to potential readers by updating it at least once a month, ideally more.

It's true that without a robust profile and portfolio, your Author Page is nothing more than a flat list of whatever books Amazon thinks it can attribute to you. But with a bit of elbow grease, it becomes a one-stop digital storefront for your books and your author brand!

Indeed, never underestimate the power of the Amazon Author Page. As an indie author, you need to take advantage of every tool at your disposal — and Amazon Author Central account is one of those tools, so use it to the best of your ability.

Continue reading

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Written Word Media

The Complete Guide to Making A Great Author Page With Amazon Author Central

Here it is! The Written Word Media guide to answer all your questions about managing an author page in Amazon Author Central. Your author page can generate sales on Amazon, Audible, and Kindle books and help develop your readers into fans. Whether you have no idea what Amazon Author Central is or you are an old hand working to tweak your page to get the best results, we’ve got you covered. Read the whole post or skip to sections that are relevant to you by using the links below. Now let’s get to it!

What is Amazon Author Central?

Why should i set up my author page, how do i sign up for amazon author central, how do i find my author page on amazon, how do i edit my amazon author page.

  • How do I delete my Amazon Author page?

Amazon Author Central is best described as your Amazon author dashboard. From it, you can manage your author page which is where readers can get to know more about you, get ranking information on your books, and add editorial reviews.

Managing your author page is one of the most important features of Amazon Author Central.

Following a big update in December 2022, you’ll notice that Amazon Author Central has an entirely new layout (as well as new features, which we’ll get into in a second). Below, check out Joanna Penn’s author page for a great example to follow:

amazon books author page

You have probably seen author pages on Amazon before. Generally, when you are looking at a book on Amazon, you can click the author’s name and you will be taken to their author page. If you are selling your works on Amazon, you should set up your author page right away.

We’ll get straight to the point. If you haven’t spent some time working on your author page, you are almost certainly leaving sales on the table. Take a look at Joanna Penn’s page above; it’s crammed with information about her, her books, and how readers can connect with her outside of Amazon. A well-manicured Amazon author page has three main benefits:

Build credibility with readers

Drive sales of your other work, help readers follow you on and off of amazon.

An Amazon author page has five main elements you will want to consider filling out. For more specific details on how to add or edit these elements, skip ahead to the updating section.

Amazon Author Central pages are available for the following countries:


*Amazon will create Author Pages for the starred sites as long as you have books available in those marketplaces. The information that will display is collected from the US marketplace and cannot currently be edited.

amazon books author page

The 5 Main Elements of an Amazon Author Central Page

1. author profile.

Your author profile is one of the most important elements of Amazon Author Central. It’s broken down into two main sections:

Readers love to connect with authors, and an author’s biography is an opportunity to nurture this connection. Don’t be afraid to include information about your hobbies or inspiration for writing.

The biography is one of the main features on an author page, so adding some promotional links or information can be a good idea. Many authors will link to their personal sites or tease upcoming work. Some authors will even include links to giveaways or to sign up for their mailing list in their bios. Remember, though, that while Amazon allows links they do not support hyperlinks to external sites.

Profile photo

Readers want to connect with you, so seeing your face can be interesting and exciting. After all, your profile photo is what will greet visitors to your Author Central page.

When choosing a photo, try to aim for one that is up-to-date, welcoming, and high-quality. Amazon requires that your profile picture be at least 300 x 300 pixels and uploaded as a JPG, GIF, or PNG.

2. Photos and Videos

As of December 2022, Amazon Author Central does not display extra photos and videos on U.S. author pages. But for everyone with pages outside the U.S., this will be another important aspect of your page.

Aside from the profile picture attached to your Amazon Author Central page, you can upload up to 100 images. You certainly don’t need to include that many if you don’t want to. Upload professional headshots if you have them or just pick photos that will let readers know what you look like. Some authors will include several shots in different outfits or with props; others will include photos of their family or pets.

Additionally, adding a video can be a great way to connect more with readers and help build your page’s credibility. A video will help readers get an idea of your personality and is much more captivating than a photo.

Videos will appear in the author updates section of your author page. You can add up to 50 videos, but they cannot be longer than 10 minutes.

Some authors will upload a greeting to readers and do a video bio where they tell readers a little more about themselves. It’s also common to see trailers for books on an author’s Amazon page or videos from a speaking event. As a reminder, these are sadly not available for U.S. Author Center pages but are a great addition for sites like, .fr, and so on.

3. Blog (RSS) Feeds

As of December 2022, Amazon removed blog feeds from U.S. profiles. For non-U.S. profiles, blogs can be linked to your Amazon author page and show previews of recent articles. If your blog would be of interest to your readers, setting this up is a no-brainer.

The previews will show up in the Author Updates section of your author page. This is a great way to drive more traffic to your blog and to continue to connect with readers.

You want all of your books listed on your page. Readers will often click on an author’s page to find other books from that author to enjoy. Not having a book listed on your page means missed sales and opportunities.

Amazon also enables U.S. and U.K. authors to include book recommendations in their profiles. Utilize this feature to connect more deeply with your readers and the greater author community. Your page followers will even receive email notifications after you submit a minimum of three new book recommendations.

Generate a new book recommendation by signing into the Author Central portal, and then clicking on the REPORTS + MARKETING tab at the top of the home page.

5. Audible Author Page

In addition to Amazon Author Pages for books, authors have the option of creating one specifically for Audible audiobooks.

Access Audible Author Pages by signing in to Amazon Author Central . Similar to the standard Author Page, you’ll be able to update your biography, add to a Best Sellers section, and create a Listeners Also Enjoy section to show authors similar to you.

Signing up for Amazon Author Central is easy, but you must already be selling books on Amazon in order to create an account.

  • Start by going here and logging in with your Amazon account, or, if you don’t have an account, sign up as a new user.
  • Read Amazon’s terms and conditions for Author Central and, if you agree, click Agree to continue.
  • Enter the name your books are written under and select a book that is yours from the options Amazon provides. If your book doesn’t come up, you can search for it by title or ISBN.
  • Wait for a confirmation email from Amazon to verify your email and identity.

Next, Amazon will continue to work on verifying your account. This can take up to seven days, but thankfully you can fill out your author page information while you wait. It just won’t be public until you are approved.

The best way to find your author page on Amazon is to act like a reader. Search for one of your books on Amazon and click on your name or pen name on the book page.

amazon books author page

This will take you to your author page as readers see it.

If you want to edit what appears on your page, go here and log in using your Amazon account.

To edit your Amazon author page, go here and log in using your Amazon account.

Then, select Profile from the top left corner of the screen. This will take you to a page where you can edit and update your Amazon author page and profile.

amazon books author page

1. How to edit my author biography

The easiest option to edit from your Amazon Author Central is your biography. Simply select Add bio in new language and make any changes on the page that appears. Then, select Preview bio in the bottom right of the new page, review your changes, and hit Publish bio .

It can take a few seconds to update your biography or generate the preview, so don’t panic if you have to wait five to 10 seconds.

Note : We’ve mentioned the changes that Amazon made to Author Central in December 2022. One of these is that it’s possible to easily upload your bio in various languages. This is a great feature for authors with international presences to take advantage of.

2. How to create a custom URL for my author page

While you’re already working on your Author Profile, you can customize your URL so that it is unique to your author name. 

If you already have a unique URL created, great! It will appear under the Author Page URL header. You can click the Copy link button to easily copy the link so it can be shared with others.

If you don’t yet have a custom URL on your author page, select Learn more about Author Page URLs. From here, Amazon will walk you through the exact steps needed to do this:

  • Return back to the Author Page URL header we were just working off of.
  • Click Create link.
  • Make sure you have anywhere from 1-30 characters.
  • You can use a combination of letters, numbers, and characters like dashes, underscores, and periods.
  • You cannot use spaces.
  • You cannot use special characters other than dashes, underscores, and periods.
  • Do not use profanity.
  • You’ll need to make sure that the URL you want is available. If it is, click the Submit button. After this, you’ll receive a message if your URL submission was successful.

Custom URLs should go live in about 30 minutes. Once it’s ready, you’ll see it posted under the Author Page URL header and can then copy your custom URL to share.

3. How to add or delete blog feeds on my author page

If you are a non-U.S. Amazon author and have an RSS feed set up for your blog, you can set up your author page so it displays your latest posts. If you are using a service like WordPress to host your blog, you likely have a feed automatically set up.

To add an RSS feed to your author page, select Manage blog feeds under the Manage blog feeds section on the right side of the author page screen. Then, click Add new feed on the page that appears.

Once you add your feed, new posts will be added to your Amazon author page, but posts published before you added the feed will not. To add older posts to your page, Amazon recommends republishing them so the feed adds them to your author page.

Here is an article with more information on adding blog feeds.

4. How to update a profile photo on my author page

To add a profile photo to your page, simply select Add a photo under the Profile section of your Amazon Author Central portal. Select Take a photo or Choose from photo library to move forward.

Select a file from your computer and click the Publish button. You will receive a message confirming that the upload has been successful.

To delete a photo, click the photo itself. It will appear on a new page. Click on the trash can icon in the lower right-hand corner of the image.

5. How to add books to my author page

Generally, Amazon will automatically put all of your books on your page during their verification process, but sometimes one can get missed. To add a book to your Amazon author page, navigate to the Books tab in your Amazon Author Central and select add it now from the upper text.

amazon books author page

Search for your book by title, ISBN, or author. When your book appears in the search results, select Add this book below it to claim it. If Amazon matches the book to you, you are all set.

If another author is listed under your book, you will need to contact Amazon to resolve the issue.

If you write under a pen name you’ll be able to connect your books through these steps. Just search for your pen name, look for a message that says, “[Author Name] is my pen name,” and select “Continue.” Amazon will then email your publisher to confirm this is your pen name.

How do I delete my Amazon author page?

You cannot delete your Amazon author page, but you can remove information from it to reduce what people can find out about you.

Get more articles like these!

37 comments on “ the complete guide to making a great author page with amazon author central ”.

Amazon has been super supportive with my little self-publishing venture. THANK YOU!!!

An important point to note is that you have to create and update your Author Central page on every country’s Amazon store where you sell, or want to sell, books. For example, if you create or update your Author Central page on the .COM store it does not transfer automatically to the .UK store. You have to maintain your Author Central page separately for each country.

Additionally, the Author Central page on the .COM store has more options than the others. For example, you can’t add an RSS feed to your blog on the .UK store.

Thanks Kent, That’s a great point. We’ve updated the post to explain this.

How will I see all my sales from other countries apart from USA author central

Hey Ernest, you can’t see international sales in Author Central, but you can in your Amazon Sales Dashboard. Go to this link: , login, and click “reports.” There, you will be able to see a much more robust report of your sales.

Very informative thank you. What about updating Amazon Author page in different countries – for example in Europe and Australia? Best wishes Janet

Hi Janet, great question! Updating the Amazon Author page for international authors follows the same process as it does for US-based authors. You can update your information on Author Central ( linked here ).

How do you manage an author page if you use a pen name?

Hey Roberta, Great question! It’s a similar process; Amazon will just need to verify that you are indeed the author. Here is their post about how to handle author pages when using a pen name:

After Amazon verifies you are the author, you can work on the author page for your pen name.

In regards to the Pen Name, if you’re using it for say one genre and then another name for another genre. Do you have recommendations to build the authors page? Once I published the second book I can build another authors page? I just published my first book and plan to publish another one next winter so I really appreciate any feedback you can share 🙂

Hey JC, yes you can have multiple author pages to represent your pen name. here’s a little more info from KDP:

My Amazon author page is sadly neglected, but I’ll spend more time on it now, after reading your post, thanks. The information about the need to have a different page for each country was especially useful. Strangely enough, I was thinking that maybe it could replace my blog – why have a blog when you can have an author page? Although I do have a blog so it’s too late for me to get excited about the idea.

Awesome information as always. I have a question guys, where do you change the profile author picture?, the one on the + Follow button… thanks!

Some books (I’ll use Grim Lovelies as an example) have a “From the Publisher” section on their book page that includes photos and formatting. I don’t see anywhere to add such content. Is it limited?

Hello, I believe you can add that section from your Author Central account, through the book’s listing under the Books tab.

This is all so helpful! In choosing a URL for Author Central, would you recommend using LastNameFirstName or the title of the book if my First Name/Last Name isn’t available?

Thanks Barbara! Any Combination of your first and last name is ideal. If that isn’t available, try adding on a title like “author.” Or including a middle name.

Awesome tips thanks! Do you have an optimal dimensions for photos that you use on your author page for the books? Do they need to be JPEG? Thanks!

Hey Alexandros, Amazon has more information here . JPEGs will work great, and images should be between 300 and 8000 pixels in width and height.

Hi, I like the Author updates linking to teh author own blog posts in, but I did not see this feature applied on

When will ths feature be available on (and other international amazon sites) ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.

Are you now aware it appears that Amazon does not allow an (static) external URL that points to the Author page? (on recent Author pages…)

Very well written article. It will be helpful to anyone who usess it, including myself. Keep up the good work – for sure i will check out more posts.

You should be a part of a contest for one of the finest websites on the net. I most certainly will highly recommend this website!

Hi, I am using a pen name and I don’t want to post a real picture of me. How should I go about it?

Hey Nancy, some authors will put up a logo that they make in a service like canva, or edit a book cover to fit the size of the their author photo on Amazon.

I want something simple but still so hard to find. I wrote a name when I was created my author page but now I want to change it to my pen name. But there is not any edit button about that. Can you please help me?

Hello, so Facebook can be finicky, and sometimes won’t allow you to change your page name (in which case you’ll have to create a new page). However, try this first. Go to your page, and click “edit page info” on the left side toolbar. Then, edit your author name at the top (if facebook gives you the option) and hit “request change” in the pop-up. Facebook will review your change and decide whether to approve it or not.

What does it REALLY mean when in choosing a URL it says “Choose wisely. You can only choose once!” (that is very close to a quote, if not exact. As in FOREVER? or as in can only choose once now & it will be published, but could chang it later?

Hey Beth, it’s hard to know for sure, but I believe Amazon is saying that there’s no guarantee that they can help you change your page URL in the future, so you’ll want to choose wisely. Here’s a link with what Amazon says about custom page urls. It looks like they recommend contacting them if you want to change the custom url.

When a bio is updated on Amazon Author Central, does it automatically update the bios on linked individual books (and their versions)?

Hey Alex, This will updated the bio on your amazon author page, but it will not impact your book descriptions. When a reader clicks on your author name on your book page, they will be taken to your updated bio however.

Hi. How do I remove a book from my author page that I don’t want displayed? That’s the info I came looking for but didn’t find. Thanks for the other info, I learned a few things.

Hey Ben, here’s how to delete or un-publish a book on Amazon . Hope this helps!

Hello! Thank you for this very helpful post! I’ve updated my author profile successfully but for some reason it’s not linking to the general Amazon site. When I click my name, I get an error. Any ideas why?

Hey Patricia, I haven’t seen anything like that before. The page may need a few days to populate, or there could be another issue. I recommend reaching out to Amazon.

Thank you so much been searching all over the web on how to change my Amazon Author Informatoin.

Thanks again.

Question, would anyone happen to know what determines when a certain book becomes “most popular” on your author page? Is it clicks? sales? something else? Would highly appreciate some input, thanks!

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amazon books author page

Amazon Author Central Guide: Setting up a Professional Page

  • By: K.J. Waters
  • Updated: March 15, 2023

An Amazon Author Central page is an important part of an author’s online presence. It allows readers to get to know you with your bio and it showcases all your books in one location on the largest marketplace for books — Amazon. 

At Booklinker, we understand that you’re a writer first, and a marketer second. The idea of setting up a perfect Amazon Author profile from head to toe can be a daunting task.

For that purpose, we’ve teamed up with K J Waters , an international bestselling author, creator of the Stealing Time Series, and an author consultant to create the ultimate guide to Amazon Author Central Pages.

Let’s jump right into it!

Table of Contents

amazon books author page

Key Takeaways

  • An Amazon Author Central page is essential for authors to consolidate their works, connect with readers, and optimize their online presence, offering a hub for their books and bio on the world’s largest book marketplace.
  • A professional author bio, a compelling profile picture that resonates with the author’s brand, and editorial reviews from recognized figures within the same genre are crucial elements to enhance the credibility and appeal of an author’s Amazon page..
  • Amazon Author Central also allows for the creation of a custom URL for an author’s page, increasing professionalism and ease of access for readers, with added benefits like a follow button for readers to receive updates and notifications about the author’s new releases.

amazon books author page

Free Universal Book Links

  • Boost international sales by geotargeting readers
  • Book store links update automatically based on availability
  • Advanced marketing analytics
  • Increase clicks with trusted links

What is an Amazon Author Central Page?

KJ Waters Amazon Author Central Page

Amazon Author Central is the home page of an author’s Amazon listing.

Inside Author Central is where you can customize your Amazon Author page, and host at a custom URL on Amazon.

All you need to have to customize this listing is a book published on Amazon.

Why are Amazon Author Central Pages Important?

  • Amazon author pages help establish credibility and relatability with potential readers.

Authors can put all of their published books in one place, making it easy for readers to find all their content.

Most readers will arrive at your Amazon Author Central page through Amazon’s own search engine or through a Google search. Having this listing appear on Google is great for optimizing your online presence.

amazon books author page

Introducing: Booklinker Collections

One landing page for all your books. 100% free.

One link for easy sharing of your books across your backmatter, websites, emails, and social media.

How to Create Your Amazon Author Central Account

In the US, head to  to start the account creation process.

Remember, you must have a published book listed on Amazon to make an Amazon Author Central account .

Also, make sure that you’re signed into the Amazon account you want to claim your books  from, either from your Amazon shopping site, or  where you manage your books directly on Amazon.

After doing this, you’ll need to go through Amazon’s verification process to make sure that the account and claim are legitimate.

This shouldn’t take more than a few days to a week max. In the meantime, you can fill out your profile, which we’ll show you how to do below.

Creating a Compelling Author Bio

Amazon Author Bio

A compelling author bio is one of the most important elements of an Amazon Author central page .

This bio should be professional, regardless of whether you’re writing fiction or nonfiction. Keep it brief, as people don’t have long attention spans when browsing the web.

Inside the bio, you’ll want to mention any related accomplishments, accolades, and credentials you can share to strike a chord with a potential reader.

Have you won any writing awards?

Are you an expert on the topic of your book?

If not, no worries, you’re looking to make a connection with potential readers, be genuine and personable.

Share who you are, and what type of books they can expect to read from you.

Do you write heart-warming romance, suspense with a side of murder, and self-help to change your life?

Is there something you’re working on that will be released soon readers can look forward to? This is a great place to add this information.

If you’re comfortable with it, sharing personal information, like where you live, details about your children and/or family, and what you like to do in your free time can help readers relate to your work.

Lastly, mentioning your author’s website and  social channels  to keep up with you is a great idea.

Amazon doesn’t allow links in this section, but you can mention these links in plain text, for example,

Adding a Professional Photo

Amazon Author Profile

Next up, add a photo to your profile that connects to your brand. Try to capture the mood of your books in the details of your photo.

Below is mystery/thriller legend, Michael Connelly’s profile picture capturing the mood of his books: intense, serious, and professional.

He’s done a good job sharing the flavor of his work in the small details in the photo including his jacket and open-collared shirt, serious expression, and hint at an exotic locale.

amazon books author page

If you’re a romance author, it might make sense to have a stylish dress on in your photo.

Tiana Cole does a nice job in her photo. Note the soft colors, wistful expression. They match the mood of her romance books.

Tianna Cole

If you haven’t taken your photo yet, here are some tips:

  • Don’t wear red.
  • Angle your shoulders toward the camera
  • Avoid wearing any “busy” clothing with stripes Stay away from distracting backgrounds
  • When selecting a photo for your page, it’s extremely important to be consistent with your branding. Use this photo on your other socials, book cover, and any other place your author name is mentioned.

If you make a change to one place’s photo, you should also make that change in other places.

Humans are visual creatures, so a photo will resonate in a potential reader’s brain much more than the last name will.

Editorial Reviews

Editorial reviews are a key way to boost the credibility of your Author page. We’d recommend adding well-known authors inside your niche that readers of that genre will recognize.

Adding a reviewer’s accomplishments like “New York Times Best Selling Author” will certainly leave a good impression.

While these editorial reviews should certainly be real, they don’t need to be verified reviews through Amazon.

To find where to add the Editorial Reviews you need to click on the book until you get to the Book Details page.

Here is an example from Kerrie Flanagan’s page.

amazon books author page

In the Editorial review box, click on the “Add a Review” to add any reviews.

There are also other elements you can add on this page.

  • From the Author
  • From the Inside Flap
  • From the Back Cover
  • About the Author

Creating an Author Profile URL

Amazon also gives you the opportunity to host your page at a custom URL. If you leave this unedited, Amazon will generate one for you, which is not recommended, as it will look messy with a string of letters and numbers.

Pretty much all authors should utilize a custom URL so they can appear professional and send readers to one consistent page. Keep the URL as simple and easy to read as possible. Use hyphens in between your names.

Here is an example:

If you’d like to customize this URL even further, check out  Geniuslink .

By setting up your page with a Geniuslink, you can customize the domain name and the slug, and receive advanced analytics.

International Author Pages

By default, Authors don’t need to create different pages for all of the different Amazon stores. They will be automatically generated.

That being said, if you have books that are translated into different languages, it could be worth setting up country-specific Amazon Author central pages, to help build a connection with a potential reader by writing it in their language or adding custom elements specific to a country.

Below are some logins for the main international pages.

  • United Kingdom:
  • Germany:
  • Japan:
  • France:

Follow Button

amazon books author page

Every Amazon Author Central page will come with a follow button for prospective readers to follow an author.

Readers will get emails from Amazon for any updates that come from that author’s central page, or any future book launches.

Due to Amazon’s popularity, emails from them typically land inside your main inbox, making it a super powerful book marketing tool .

A great tip is to give your audience reminders and calls to action on your social media accounts, asking them to follow your Amazon page.

This should certainly boost sales in the long run.

You can now see how many followers you have, although you won’t get the names or any information about your followers.

To see your number of followers, go to the “Reports & Marketing” menu item at the top of the page. Here you will see the number of followers, plus some additional reports.

amazon books author page

Is Amazon Author Central Free?

Amazon Author central is a completely free service, you just need to have a book published.

Where Do I Sign Up For Amazon Author Central?

You can sign up for Amazon Author central here: , but remember you must have a book published to create a profile.

How Do I Claim Books?

In order to attach a book to your Amazon Author central page, you can go to , or find the book on Amazon naturally and claim a book directly from the page it’s hosted on.

Can You claim Coauthored Books?

Does booklinker support amazon author central.

Booklinker doesn’t currently allow you to generate links to author pages or review pages.

Can You Delete an Amazon Author Central Page?

Yes, you can delete your Amazon Author Central page, although it’s not recommended. Once it’s done, the page will be gone forever, and you’d need to rebuild it from the ground up again.

Now that you have an idea of what an Amazon Author page is, and why it’s useful, it’s time to create your own!

If creating an Amazon Author page seems intimidating, just focus on adding one component at a time. When first creating a page, just start out with a photo, bio, and claim your books.

As your  book marketing  efforts grow, you can continue to add more elements.

Let us know if you have any questions about Amazon Author Central or Author pages in the comments below!

K.J. Waters

KJ Waters is the international best-selling author of the Stealing Time Series (Stealing Time, Shattering Time, Killing Time) and the short story Blow. Her books are often found on the Amazon best seller list next to Outlander and Michael Crichton’s Dragon’s Teeth and have reached #1 international bestselling status.

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K.J. Waters

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Table of Contents

  • What is Amazon Author Central?
  • What is an Amazon Author Page?

What Makes a Great Amazon Author Page?

Example of a good amazon author page.

  • How To Create Your Author Central Account

How To Set Up Your Amazon Author Page

How to create an amazon author central page (with checklist).

amazon books author page

If you write a book , you need to do everything possible to make sure it gets visibility , right?

Seems obvious.

But many authors who write and publish their books miss out on easy marketing opportunities .

One of the easiest and most obvious is the Amazon author page.

What’s an Amazon author page?

On one level, it’s just what it sounds like: an author page on Amazon. But it’s so much more than that.

For people on Amazon (which is most people buying books), it’s the main source of information about you, the Author. A big part of why our Authors write books is for branding and visibility reasons. A good Amazon Author page helps with that.

But wait, there’s more. Author pages live on a hub called Amazon Author Central, which lets you track book sales, add editorial reviews, customize your book listings, and even gather followers interested in future books.

There is a catch of sorts:

Amazon author pages are not automatic. You must create them.

Fortunately, that’s easy to do. It only takes a few minutes, and once you have one you’re set forever. PRO TIP:

Every author with a book on Amazon can create an author page.

What is Amazon Author Central (and why does it matter)?

Amazon Author Central is two things.

  • It’s a public author page on Amazon.
  • It gives authors powerful Amazon tools.

I‘ll explain the tools first:

Track Book Sales

If you published your book through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP), you’re probably watching your Amazon sales through the KDP portal. What Amazon Author Central offers is different.

On Author Central, you can track the rank of each book you’ve published, not just by title but by format. In other words, it tells you how your books are doing compared to every other book on Amazon .

The rankings are updated every hour, and they work for every author on Amazon, whether or not your Amazon book was published through KDP .

It also gives you direct access to BookScan sales data about your books. BookScan reports roughly 85% of print book sales from bookstores across the US, and you can even see a geographic breakdown of those sales numbers.

Add Editorial Reviews Section (And Others) To Book Listing

If your book doesn’t already have a section for editorial reviews, you can add one through Author Central.

What’s an editorial review? Traditionally, this is a professional review from a newspaper, journal, or other well-known sources in the publishing industry.

But you can add any review here that you want to highlight for potential readers, as long as it adheres to Amazon’s guidelines .

If a social media influencer or book blogger leaves your book a great review, you can add it to the editorial reviews so it appears on the main book listing. Or you can put your book blurbs here as well.

Add editorial reviews to your book page through Author Central. Amazon adds customer reviews automatically.

You can also use Author Central to add even more sections to your book listing:

  • From the Author
  • From the Inside Flap
  • From the Back Cover
  • About the Author

Respond to Reader Reviews

Amazon Author Central collects all the reviews for your Amazon books in one place.

If you’ve published more than one book on Amazon, this is a convenient way to see all the latest reviews on your books without having to check each individual title.

The reviews listed here even have links you can use to respond to readers. But I strongly recommend you read my post on responding to book reviews before you do that.

Fix Amazon Listing Problems

Amazon Author Central offers two ways to fix listing issues. The first is to change the listing yourself.

Author Central lets you change things, like your book description, by yourself.

It even lets you add formatting like bold text and italics to make a great editorial review stand out even more.

Author Central gives you access to a LOT of your book details, but not everything. If you need to change something else, like connecting a new edition of your book to the other editions on Amazon,

Author Central even gives you a way to call someone and make that happen .

What is an Amazon Author Page (and why does it matter)?

The other major benefit of Amazon Author Central is that you get your own author page, right on Amazon. This is a HUGE deal.

Imagine if you DON’T have an author page and someone visits your book listing. Maybe they’re interested, but they want to know more about you before they buy your book. So they click on your name.

amazon books author page

If you don’t have an author page, Amazon has no idea who you are.

Instead of listing your books, Amazon will run a basic search on your name. For most authors, believe it or not, the list of books that comes back from that search will be books by other authors .

Clearly, that’s terrible.

But beyond that, you are losing a great branding opportunity. You can customize this page to present yourself to a potential reader, or client, in the best possible light.

Having an author page on Amazon is also important for all the benefits it gives you, so let’s look at what you can do with it.

Well-written Author Bio

On Amazon, your bio should be short and sweet, cutting straight to the heart of your author brand. This is a powerful marketing opportunity, so be sure to read our post on writing a well-branded author bio .

Professional Author Photo(s)

A good author page also includes an author photo. This can be a simple headshot, but be sure to read our post on author photos to avoid any of the photo mistakes Authors can make.

If you don’t have any photos of yourself that you’re happy with, invest in a professional photoshoot. Remember, this is your readers’ first interaction with you. You want to make it a good one.

All Your Books

This is one of those things that gets created for you automatically when you join Amazon Author Central and add your books. Make sure your book descriptions are on point by changing them however you need to in your Author Central portal.

The key is to write book descriptions that line up with the way you’ve positioned each book for the market and attract the right kind of readers.

Author Interviews (or Book Trailers)

Adding video can be a great way to interact with readers—if you do it right.

If you have a good book trailer (which is not necessary at all), put it here.

We prefer interviews because they let readers learn more about you and your books.

Blog Post Feed

If you have a blog, you can add it to your author page by linking it through the Author Central portal. This is a fantastic way to keep your author page updated without doing any more work than you already are.

+Follow Button

Every Amazon author page gets a follow button, and for some authors, it can be very profitable.

Amazon doesn’t tell you how many Amazon followers you have, and it doesn’t give you a way to email them directly. But every time you publish a new book, Amazon will email your followers for you, and you won’t have to lift a finger.

tucker max's amazon author page

If you look at my own Amazon page, you can see what it looks like when you put everything together.

For my author photo, I chose one that includes my family. It has a professional, clean background, but it’s also very human.

The bio is short and gets right to the point. Remember, an Amazon bio isn’t your life story. It’s just enough to show readers that you have some credibility.

I also have a few more photos on there and some blog content. But the rest of it is all automatic . The follow button, the section that says “Customers also bought items by,” and the book lists are all added by Amazon.

It might seem like a lot, and in a way, it IS because an Amazon author page is a powerful tool.

But it doesn’t take a lot of effort to put your page together.

Here’s how to do this yourself, step by step.

How To Create Your Author Central Account On Amazon

Creating the account itself is easy. Start by going to .

Step 1. Create an account

Since you don’t have an Author Central account yet, choose “Join Now.”

If you published your book through KDP, sign in using the same Amazon account.

If you’re not in Kindle Direct Publishing but you do have a personal Amazon account, use that one.

If you don’t have an Amazon account at all, click “Create your Amazon account” at the bottom of the form to make one.

Step 2. Accept the terms of use

If you want to use Amazon Author Central, you’ll have to agree to the terms. Amazon doesn’t negotiate with individual Authors.

Step 3. Enter your author name

Enter the author name you used for your book. Amazon will offer you a list of books that might be yours. Choose one of your books to get started. You can claim the rest later.

If your book isn’t listed, search for it by ISBN or by title. If your book isn’t on Amazon yet, you’ll have to do that first.

Step 4. Look for the verification email

Check your email for the verification from Amazon and click the link in it. If you’re a traditionally published author and don’t actually own the rights to your book, you might have to wait a bit longer while Amazon verifies you with your publisher. This can take a few days.

Step 1. Add your Author Bio

You can do this even before you’re fully verified.

Notice that bios don’t allow any html. You can’t make things bold, or use italics, or link your author page, so keep it simple. You can mention your author website and social media profiles if you want to, but they won’t be live links.

Step 2. Add your Author Photo

The photo section is on the right. Click “add photo” and pay attention to the guidelines in the box. It will tell you what sizes and formats you can use.

Like everything else on your author page, you can always change it later.

Step 3. Add your Blog Feed

This is the part that puts your blog content on your author page automatically. Once it’s linked up, every blog post you write will show up here too.

If you have a WordPress or other blog, find the feed link (also known as an RSS feed), and copy it. Then go back to your Author Central page, click “add blog,” paste the link, and click “Add.”

Even if you don’t have a blog on your own author website, you can always use your blog feed from Goodreads .

tucker max's goodreads account page

Step 4. Add videos of you

Videos aren’t a necessity, but if you have a book trailer or other promotional video, add it by clicking “add video” under the videos section.

Videos and blog posts are great for bringing attention to anything you want to highlight, from upcoming events to book promotions and giveaways .

Step 5. Claim your books (in every edition)

Once you’ve been verified, go to the books tab in your Author Central dashboard and make sure all your books are there in every edition (e.g. Kindle, paperback, audiobook). If anything is missing, click “Add more books,” search for them, and claim them.

Step 6 (optional). Make Your International Author Pages

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that several international Amazon stores have their own Author Central. Each store tracks its own sales and reviews. Amazon UK, for example, is not the same as

If you want an author page on those stores, you’ll have to create each one separately.

Don’t worry if you can’t translate your author page info into French or German or Japanese, especially if your books are only published in English. Here are a few international links to other Author Central locations.

The Scribe Crew

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Self Publishing Lab

Amazon Author Central: Your Complete Guide

Amazon Author Central: Your Complete Guide

What sets Amazon apart from other retailers, is its support of the independent publishing community with various tools and programs. One powerful tool available is Amazon Author Central.

If you’re unfamiliar with Amazon’s free Author Central tool or don’t know how it works, don’t worry; I’m here to break it down and make it easy for you to get up and running.

This guide will take you from a newbie, to Author Central pro in a snap!

Why use Amazon’s Author Central in the first place?

It’s no secret that Amazon is a huge influencer in today’s publishing climate. With online consumer spending and information consumption skyrocketing, book buyers and readers are flocking online to purchase books and find information about authors.

If that’s where readers and buyers are going, then it makes sense for you to be found there as well and that’s where Amazon’s Author Central comes into play.

If you’re selling a print book or eBook on Amazon, you should certainly be taking advantage of Amazon’s Author Central. Good news is, this is not something you’ll have to update regularly unlike Facebook or Twitter . Once you’re account it up and running, you’ll rarely have to update it.

Benefits of having an Author Central Page

You, the author, have control You can decide what appears on your book’s listing and edit it anytime you like to keep your listings current, without relying on a service desk for everything little thing.

Improves Amazon Search If you want to sell books, then improved visibility of your books in searches by Amazon customers is key.

Track your sales by country From within your Amazon Author Central account, you can track sales and see which countries your book is being purchased from. At the time of this writing, this tracking excludes eBooks.

Here’s exactly what Amazon’s Author Central allows you to do.

Getting Started

Before we get into the steps of creating and optimizing your Author Central Page, here are the things you’ll need to have with you ready.

  • Your standard Amazon account login details
  • Book product information
  • Author bio (About the Author)
  • Author photo
  • Twitter handle (eg: @BookCoverCafe)
  • Blog feed address
  • Book trailer (if you have one)

Creating your new Author Central account

The first step is joining by creating your account. Go to the Create your Author Page screen here . Even though you already have a standard Amazon account login, which you use for KDP and purchasing, you’ll still need to join via the link I just provided.

Amazon Author Central

Once you login, you’ll be presented with a Terms and Conditions page. Click accept . Next, you will confirm your identity by entering your full author name as it would appear on your books. See below.

Amazon Author Central

Welcome to Author Central

You’ll then be taken to the Welcome to Author Central screen. Here is where you can add all your information. Now, grab your other details you prepared earlier, it’s time to update your Author Page.

( Note : I’ll be referring to the links on the Home Page, to navigate to different areas of the Author Central account, but some of these areas are also available via the blue tabs at the top).

Amazon Author Central

Author Central Profile

First, click on the Author Central Profile link. This is where the majority of your profile is fleshed out. It’s important you fill out everything you can. See below.

Amazon Author Central

Here you’ll update the following:

Biography This is where you’ll tell readers a little about yourself. Make this as intriguing and interesting as you can. I suggest having a couple of colleagues and reader friends review it.

Blogs Here is where you can add your blog feed link to have your author website blog posts appear. This is a great way to keep your Author Central Profile active without you having to frequently update it! An example of what your feed link might look like: When you’ve entered it correctly you’ll see a green status tick.

Events List your upcoming events such as, signings, online blog tour stops, interviews and any other notable events.

Author Page URL This is where you can add your own custom URL. When someone clicks this link they’ll be taken straight to your Amazon Author Central Page. The key here is to keep it simple, so just stick with your author name as close as possible. An ideal use for this is to include it in your Email Signature or Facebook Page. Example : You can use letters, numbers, dashes, periods and underscores, but no spaces are allowed. Very important : You will only be allowed to choose your URL once, so choose carefully.

Photos Add your professional author photos here. No photos of you in your pajamas holding your cat. You can add up to 8 photos.

Videos This is a great opportunity to show off your book trailer or any media interviews you’ve had.

Twitter Display your latest tweets here. Like your blog feed, this will help keep your Author Central Page active. Click the Add Account button and enter your Twitter handle, such as @BookCoverCafe .

View and edit your list of books

Click the list of your books link to edit and add any other books you have available on Amazon.

Below the are we missing a book? heading, click the orange Add more books button to search for your other books and add them. Any additional books you’ve added will appear within 5 days.

Edit your book details

This is your chance to make your book listing really sing. Under the orange add more books button, your books available for editing are displayed. Here you want to add any professional reviews. A good product description is the difference between closing a sale and the reader disappearing into the Amazon wilderness.

Amazon Author Central

Your book description is essentially sales copy and needs to focus on the benefits to the potential customer. Make it as compelling as possible. You may have to rewrite this a couple of times to get it right. Put your most exciting and glowing reviews up front , these alone often convert browsers into buyers.

After your reviews, put a brief description about your book . DO NOT go into huge, lengthy detail here. If you click the to your bibliography link, it will also take you to the screen to add your other books.

Track your sales by country

By clicking the Sales Info tab at the top you can access sales information by country of purchase. The charts show each book format copies sold as reported by BookScan, for the time period that was selected.

Amazon Author Central

Join ‘Search Inside’

This a free program for publishers and authors to enable the ‘ Look Inside ’ feature for books. This allows potential customers to take a peek inside the first few pages of the book to get a sense of what the book is about and quality. This feature also improves search results for your books.

Amazon Author Central

Search Inside is automatically added for your Kindle titles within a week of uploading your title. This feature via your Author Central Page, is handy for adding this to your print books which look better in Search Inside. To sign-up for search inside, make sure you are logged in and then go to the sign up page here .

Some inspiration

Here’s some examples of well presented Author Central Profiles; James Patterson , John Grisham and Tim Ferris .

Success favours those who take action!

Make sure you take time to create and complete your Amazon Author Central Page. If you’ve reached this and completed your profile as you read through, I congratulate you on taking instant massive action!

Hopefully, this guide makes it easy for you. I’d love to hear your feedback below.

Anthony Being found in the Amazon

2 Responses to Amazon Author Central: Your Complete Guide

[…] If so, you can plug in your RSS feed and your most recent posts will show up in the sidebar of your Author Central profile […]

[…] Here you can update your bio, profile photos, videos and import posts from your blog. You can even make updates to your book description and reviews yourself without needing to contact Amazon’s inquiries desk. For more detailed ‘how-to’ tips check out the article Amazon Author Central the complete guide. […]

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amazon books author page

amazon books author page

Find Your BookWalker

More than a decade connecting books to readers & retailers.

The BookWalker Virtual Assistant Team

Table of Contents

How to create your amazon author page.

A backgrounder

Books printed and distributed through Ingram automatically get listed on book retailers’ sites, e.g., Amazon, B&N, Powell, and many others. Ingram is the largest book distributor, distributing to 40,000+ retailers and local independent bookstores, libraries, schools, and universities. With its global distribution partners, this allows worldwide distribution of books.

Ingram Content Group_The BookWalker

If you hire a book service provider or sign a contract with a Hybrid publisher, Ingram will most likely be your book’s distributor.

Now that your book is listed on, you can sign up for an Amazon Author Central account. Any author with a book on Amazon can create an account.

Why should I create an Amazon Central Account?

Amazon sells more books than any other retailer. According to Amazon’s report, thousands of self-published authors are now earning more than $50,000 from sales of their books on Amazon, with more than a thousand passing the six-figure mark from their book sales last year.  Having an Amazon Author Central account is one of the best ways to promote your book in the world’s largest bookstore. 

If you’re an indie author, you should be leveraging your Amazon Author Central account. Your Amazon Author Central account is not automatically activated, so you need to do it yourself because your publisher won’t; lucky if it is not your case.

However, it is your job to check the correctness of your book’s information, build visibility and create your Amazon Profile Page. 

Amazon Author Account_The BookWalker

What is an Amazon Author Page?

Amazon Author Central allows you to create your Author Page where you can share the most up-to-date information about yourself and your books with millions of readers. Amazon Author Page is a place where a potential reader can learn more about who you are as an author and see all your books, blogs, videos, and other fun extras all in one place.

You can think of Amazon Author Page as an extension of your author platform. It increases your book’s visibility, helps readers find your book easily, and will help you sell more books. Authors with an Amazon Author Page enjoyed an increase in their book’s visibility than without, and properly setting up your author page can make a difference in book sales.

In marketing workshops we organized for writers, authors would often be surprised how they overlooked the importance of Amazon Author Central and creating their Amazon Author Pages.

It’s free to create an account. Might you wonder, is it worth your time and effort?

Being listed is not the same as being actively sold. If you’re not familiar with the Amazon Author Page, head to and randomly search for any book. On the product page, you’ll see the author’s name below the book’s title, that’s a hyperlink, a clickable link.

Amazon Author Central_Product Page_Author Name_The BookWalker

Now imagine if readers discover your book on Amazon, and yes, they are interested and want to learn more about you before purchasing your book. If you don’t have an Amazon Author Page, Amazon has ‘ no way of knowing ‘ who you are. So when a potential reader clicks on your name, Amazon’s search results would come back with books written by other authors.

That’s a missed opportunity!    You need to retain your readers’ attention, make them read a few lines of your book, give them ideas about who you are, and give them the chance to read your book.  

It is quite a surprise that only a few authors are aware of the importance of Amazon Central, and those who adopted early benefited the most.

Do I need to create An Amazon Author Page?

Amazon Author pages are not just for indie authors; even traditionally published authors have their Amazon author pages. The only difference is they have a marketing team, and as an independently published author, you have to set up and manage your Amazon author page yourself.

Yes, that’s Neil Gaiman . 

The BookWalker_Neil Gaiman_Author Pages

Properly setting up an Amazon Author Page may sound technically intimidating with all the steps involved. But, you’re an author; if you have conquered the pen, err keyboard, you can conquer Amazon Author Page too! As they say, if you can move and click a mouse, you can do it.

So, let’s take a look and try to create your Author Profile Page .

How To Create An Amazon Author Central Account

First, you need to sign up for Amazon Author Central account. If you already have an Amazon Author Central account jump to Step 2— Setting Up Your Author Page.

1. Go to and ‘ click join for free.’

2. Sign in with your KDP account or regular Amazon account. If you don’t have an existing account, click ‘create a new account.’   If you are creating a new account, there are several security protocols e.g., verifying your email, phone number—just bear with it, it’s for your protection.

3.  Enter your book title, ISBN, or author name into the search field. 

Amazon Author Cental Claim It Page_The BookWalker

4.  Now, claim any one of your books ( you can add more of your books later.) If your book don’t show up in the search results, you need to contact Amazon directly. Please note:  Your book should be available on You can not activate your Author Central Account until you have claimed a book. 

5. Amazon will send you a confirmation email. Please note: Amazon may contact your publisher or the book services company to verify your identity. Please be advised your customer information, such as product reviews or purchase history, remains private.

While waiting for approval, let’s begin to set up your Author Page. Please subscribe to our newsletter for marketing TIPS & MORE.  

For video tutorial, please watch the five minute clip.

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It’s not all about the features and benefits of a paid (or freemium) service but knowing how relevant the service is to your marketing direction.

Unless you hire a P.R. firm, you need to have an author platform, and all your marketing stints and stunts should lead back to your author platform to grow your readership, brand, and media relations.

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Why Your Book Needs a Funnel: The Secret to Maximizing Your Book’s Potential

A book funnel is a strategy that publishers use to manage, promote, and sell their books. The goal of a book funnel is to attract potential readers and guide them through a series of steps or ‘funnel’ to ultimately lead to a sale or ‘action.’ It’s a series of steps or stages that guide readers from the point of book discovery toward making a purchase.

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Markeitng Tips & More The BookWalker Book Funnel

Why a mailing list is an author’s best friend

You’ll often find that a book is underperforming way below its potential, not because of its content, design, or how it was priced but because the author hasn’t found a way to find and funnel the right readers into the reader’s mailing list.

How To Set Up Your Amazon Author Profile Page_The BookWalker

You can think of Amazon Author Page as an extension of your author platform. It increases your book’s visibility, helps readers find your book easily, and will help you sell more books. Authors with an Amazon Author Page enjoyed an increase in their book’s visibility than without, and properly setting up your author page can make a difference in book sales.

Building Author Email List

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Amazon Author Page: How to Create the Best One in 8 Steps [+Examples]

amazon books author page


Self-publishing is no longer a new trend.

Many people are using the various self-publishing methods available to them rather than waiting for agents and publishers to help them distribute their book.

There are several digital platforms that allow writers to publish their books without a huge process that comes with using a traditional publisher.

One of such platforms is Amazon KDP.

It’s an effective place to put your book, but you need to follow a few procedures before you’re able to publish:

  • Know why you need an Amazon author page
  • Upload a photo
  • Link to other profiles
  • Enable your follow button
  • Add a biography
  • Add a blog feed
  • Add a video tab
  • Utilize all markets

1. Why You Need an Amazon Author Page

The first being the creation of an account and filling in the necessary information. This ultimately leads to pages such as the Amazon author page where information about a book’s Author is displayed.

Especially when learning how to self-publish a book , it’s important to be transparent with your readers and let them get to know you a little bit.

Building that connection is crucial to keeping loyal fans around for a long time. It helps your readers have a mental picture of your personality.

Amazon has provided an author page for all authors that publish on their platform. The Amazon Author Page is found within the Amazon author central account.

Some authors tend to skip the Amazon author page which is not a good idea. It is important for the success of your book onto the platform. There are so many books for readers to choose from, you want yours to stand out. Having an author page will give you that extra, personal touch.

It is also essential to fill out your Amazon author page as it will help turn your book’s first-time readers into your biggest fans down the road.

When figuring out how to publish a book, gaining some initial fans can be beneficial.

Filling out the Amazon Author Page is very important for all self-publishers on Amazon KDP . It’s important when learning how to publish a book , that you also learn how to create an online presence.

Your Readers will Get to Know You

The people who will read your book cut across all Countries and Continents. Everyone will want to know all about the author of the book they’ve fallen in love with.

Leaving your bio on the Amazon author page will give your readers easy access to information about you.

People Can Connect With You in Seconds

Completing the Amazon author page gives your readers a chance to reach out to you through the different social media profiles you can link to your page. This creates a direct connection that your readers will appreciate having as they read more and more of your books.

It also gives you an opportunity to get direct feedback from your most dedicated readers. Some may offer up thoughts on their own, or you can ask them about it.

Lists All Your Products

Your Amazon author page should also include a list of all the other books you have published on Amazon if there are any. This allows readers to easily peruse and purchase your other work if they so desire.

As you learn how to self-publish a book , you will start to have plenty of them available for readers to buy.

amazon books author page

You can see in the example above that the author has written several books, and they are all displayed front and center.

This way, you can gain a little bit of exposure for all your books on the site. A reader may be drawn to your author page because of one book, and be happy to find you have several others for sale.

Keeps Readers Hooked

The Amazon Author Page is a way to let your readers know what’s going on in your life. You can post announcements and other exciting news. It works as a way to sell yourself and get them hooked on both you and your books.

amazon books author page

Above we see an example of an author who has posted a video announcement about a new book. These are available directly on the author page.

In addition, create a short but interesting summary of yourself. A little bit of background information, including any awards you’ve won, is a good place to start. Don’t be afraid to include any detail that you think they will find interesting or exciting.

Learning how to self-publish a book means learning how to keep people engaged.

2. Put a Face to the Name

To create your Amazon Author Page, the first thing you need to do is to create your Amazon author central account, if you don’t already have one. If you need to create one, follow these steps:

amazon books author page

  • Go to
  • Use your regular Amazon username and password to sign in. Or, if you are new, select “join now” and fill out your information.
  • Accept the terms and conditions after reading them.
  • Input the name of your book, and a list of possible books will show up.
  • Note that your book must already be available on Amazon to be able to create your Author Central account. Select your book from the dropdown list.
  • After you set up your author account on Amazon Central, you will be sent a confirmation email that will help you finish everything.

Amazon will then contact your publisher, if you have one, as an extra measure to ascertain and verify your identity. This usually takes between one and two weeks, so you may have to wait a little while.

Once you are verified, you will be able to set up the Amazon author page. Head to your Author profile on the verified Amazon central account and you can start adding information to each tab.

It is hard to stand out as an anonymous author. You have much to gain by letting your readers know you and identify you. Uploading a photo or two of yourself will make you more real to them and help in building that connection.

Adding a Photo

  • Click on “add photo.”
  • Select “browse” and go through your pictures either on your phone or on your computer.
  • Click on the photo you want people to see.
  • Click the box to confirm you have the right to the photo.
  •  Lastly, click to upload the photo.

Your readers will be able to put a face to your name and can recognize you on other platforms. Building a following and maintaining consistent traffic goes a long way in the success of your books.

3. Link to Your Other Platforms

It is advisable to connect all of your social media accounts to the author page. This gives readers many different opportunities and methods to reach out to you.

It also provides your readers with maximum transparency. Different social media platforms showcase different areas of life, and readers will have access to each one.

If you have a blog or website, this can help you drive traffic there as well. Especially if you have many books and lots of fans, your website will get lots of exposure.

An author’s website can be anything they want, but it’s usually a fantastic place for readers to get even more inside information on an author they love.

4. Make Use of Your Follow Button

Allowing readers to follow you keeps them updated about your different activities.

Ensure your follow button is enabled at all times. You may know how to publish a book , but if you’re readers can’t follow you, they won’t keep track of you.

Your Amazon KDP author page will allow your readers and other users who subscribe to your updates to be notified anytime you publish or upload a new book.

It can also be used to make any type of announcement you want. Anyone who follows you will instantly know what’s going on.

amazon books author page

Here we have an author page with some of everything. She has a professional, flattering photo. All of her published books are listed. There is a short but relevant bio, a video update, and some blog posts.

This author page shows you how comprehensive they can be – and therefore how useful and valuable they are to fans of the author.

Enable Your Follow Button

The follow button should be automatically enabled, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check as this is a very important part of your author page.

Once you have confirmed that the follow button is enabled, your account is ready to go. Everything is set up, and your readers will be eager to start keeping up with you and your updates.

5. Adding Your Biography

Click on “add or edit biography” and include everything you think is relevant. Keep in mind the tips mentioned earlier in this post.

Some personal information, the general area you live in, what you like to do for fun are all things you can include in the biography.

You can follow this information up with any work you’ve already published, and information on coming projects, if applicable.

Anything to let readers know more about you. As you become more popular and gain more fans, they’ll want as much information as you’re willing to give them!

6. Add a Blog Feed to Your Amazon Author Page

You can add a link to your personal website or blog, but you can also embed the feed right onto your profile if you want. To set the blog feed up:

  • Click on “add blog.”
  • Input the address of your blog feed then click “add.” Be conscious to input the address of the actual feed and not just the website itself.
  • Click “save.”

7. Add a Video Tab

Give your Amazon Author Page an added touch of professionalism by adding a video. On your author page, you are allowed to add up to 8 videos, and each should be less than 10 minutes and less than 500m. There is a strict rule against obscene content.  

How to Add a Video:

  • On your account click “add video.”
  • Then click on the “browse” icon and select the video you want to upload.
  • Click the box to confirm the right to usage.
  • Finally, click the upload button to upload the video. It might take up to 24 hours to fully upload.

8. Expand Your Reach for More Sales

Amazon has an amazing capacity for expansion. You don’t have to limit yourself to just one country. Take advantage of the international markets such as Amazon Canada and Amazon France, to name just two. Create a profile on each website, and advertise yourself all over the world.

Create Your own Amazon Author Page

If you haven’t already made yourself an author page for your Amazon books , perhaps it’s time to consider it. An author page will allow your readers to learn who you are, and discover how they can connect with you.

It displays all your work in one place, and you can keep all of your loyal fans updated with everything you do.

amazon books author page

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How to Create an Author Page on Amazon

a computer with emails

Email Marketing for Authors

a book opening

Marketing Tips for Self-Published Authors

  • tips and tricks

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, or KDP, is one of the best ways for indie authors to self-publish a book. It provides millions of people fast and easy access to each book that you publish. It serves as a fantastic book marketing tool and can really help you get your name out there!

In order to set yourself up for a lot of book sales and increase your visibility to potential readers, you’ll need to create an Author Page in your Amazon Author Central account. The first step toward success is learning what an Amazon Author Page is.

What is an Amazon Author Page?

Basically, an Amazon Author Page allows your potential readers to learn about you. You can include a biography, your social media information, your author website, book trailers, and information on other books you’ve written.

You might think of Amazon as a powerful tool to self-publish and market your book . While that is true, it can do so much more! To help you set up a great Amazon Author Page, consider checking out pages that other successful authors have created. You just need to know how to find them.

How do you locate an Amazon Author Page?

The easiest way to find someone’s Amazon Author Central Page is to hop onto Amazon’s app or website and type in the title of your favorite book. Click on any book for more information. On the new screen, just hover your cursor over the author’s name, and a box will pop up with a link that will take you to the author page.

Once you’re on your favorite writer’s Amazon Author Page, have a look around. What do you like about the information they provide? What do you think could be improved? Be sure to take notes as you read through other people’s pages. Finding what works and doesn’t work for them can help you create a great Amazon Author Page for yourself.

What makes a great Amazon Author Page?

There are a few components that every Amazon Author Page should include:

  • Your biography
  • A professional picture or headshot
  • Information on each book you’ve written
  • Amazon’s “Follow” button so your potential reader can be notified when you have a new book for sale
  • Contact information, including your social media and author website

As long as you include these elements, you’ll have a good Amazon Author Page. In order to create a great one, be creative! Your biography and picture should reflect who you are. Let your potential readers have a glimpse into who is writing their favorite books! The more your page stands out, the more readers will keep coming back to buy more books.

Why is an Amazon Author Page important?

Self-publishing is extremely popular among both established professional writers and indie authors. An Amazon Author Page is important because it helps potential readers know you’re legit. And since this page allows readers to connect with you and check out all your available books, it’s a great marketing tool!

In other words, if you don’t set up an Author Page, you’ll miss out on potential readers. So log in to Amazon Author Central, and get to work!

How to set up an Amazon Author Page on Amazon Author Central

Between your KDP account, Amazon Author Central, and your Amazon Author Central Page, it might seem like you’ve got too much to manage. However, since you can access all of this information when you log into Kindle, it’s actually much simpler than you think!

As simple as it is, Amazon Author Central is crucial to your book marketing success. This platform doesn’t just contain information about you as an author—it helps potential readers find your work.

What is Amazon Author Central?

Amazon Author Central is basically your Amazon author website when you publish a book with Kindle. It allows you to create your Amazon Author Page with all of your professional writing information. In addition to your author bio , you can showcase all of your works on this page—plus check out your readers’ reviews and find out how many books you’ve sold.

Creating an Amazon Author Central Account is a great step toward earning book sales. And signing up is a snap!

How do you sign up for Amazon Author Central?

Signing up is easy. Just log into your KDP account, click on Marketing, and go to the Author Central section. You can create and manage your Amazon Author Central profile from there. Since this feature is free with your KDP account, there’s no downside to signing up!

How can you update your Amazon Author Page?

One of the biggest marketing mistakes that indie authors make is failing to occasionally update their Amazon Author Central Page. Make sure you keep your page and your author website current by posting messages, photos, videos, and new books that you’ve recently published. This will help keep your potential readers interested since they’ll see that you’re an active writer.

Fortunately, updating your Amazon Author Page is simple. Log into your KDP account, then select the option to manage your Amazon Author Central information. From there, you can add new books, upload new photos, and edit that all-important author bio.

How to create a biography for your Amazon Author Page

Your author biography is one of the most important elements of your Amazon Author Page. Readers want to know whose stories they’re enjoying, and an engaging, well-written author bio can help them connect with you on a personal level. In fact, your author bio can be one of the best ways to draw in potential readers, along with optimized Amazon listings .

The first step in setting up your Author Central profile and biography is to include key details that will draw your audience in.

What details should you include in the author biography for your Amazon Author Page?

Remember that your author profile and bio add up to a reflection of who you are. Potential readers might decide whether or not to purchase your book depending on how they feel about your bio. Make sure your bio accurately conveys your personality. Author Central Pages and author websites are a forum for the writers to be themselves, so show your audience who you really are!

Here are a few details to include in your author bio:

  • Your favorite themes to write about—and why! Include a bit about your background to give your readers some insight into what inspires you to write your books.
  • Your hometown, or where you live now. Readers often love to support their local writers.
  • Awards, previous publications, or even a few other authors who have inspired you along your writing journey.

Now that you’ve written an awesome bio, it’s time to add it to your Author Central page!

What are the steps to adding a biography to your Amazon Author Page?

You can add your bio to your Amazon Author Page by logging in to your Kindle account. Then go to your Amazon Central page, where you can manage your information. Add your bio, pictures, and any other relevant information to your author profile. Just be sure to abide by the Author Central account length guidelines.

How long should your Amazon Author Page biography be?

Although Amazon regularly updates its platform, your author bio will likely be limited to about 2,000 characters, including spaces and punctuation. Some authors will take up each and every one of these characters, while others feel that less is more.

Remember: the goal of your author bio is to provide information about you to a potential reader. Sometimes less is more, so don’t feel that you absolutely must use every single character of the limit. However, if you have a lot of interesting things to say about yourself, your background, and your work, write an intriguing bio that uses up all the characters that Amazon will allow!

Elements of an effective Amazon Author Page that drives book sales

As e-commerce has gained popularity all over the world, indie book authors have learned that they need to work harder for each book sale. Because the e-book has become so popular, Amazon Kindle has emerged as one of the best ways for new authors to publish their work.

In order to stand out among the competition, you need an effective Amazon Author Page to attract potential readers as they scroll through their Amazon app looking for their next favorite author.

What attracts readers to Amazon Author Pages?

When some readers search for their next e-book purchase, they’re confronted with a massive number of options from all kinds of writers . They have to narrow down their choices using criteria like fiction versus nonfiction and genre. Once they’ve refined their search to include your book, your Author Page needs to attract them!

Here are a few elements that attract readers to Amazon Author Pages:

  • Book cover art
  • Book description
  • Editorial review
  • Customer reviews

Overall, your potential readers will be attracted to your Amazon Author Page as long as you speak to them. What book cover art do they want to see? What tone do they want to read? What information do they want to know about you as an author? As long as you carefully craft your Author Page to effectively communicate to your target audience, your readers will find you.

How can you make sure potential readers can easily find information on your Amazon Author Page?

Amazon has designed its author platform to help potential readers easily find information. However, you can make it even easier on your audience by filling in your Author Page completely.

In addition to your author bio, include a book description for every work that you’ve published, as well as each format it’s available in, such as e-book, print book, and audiobook. Don’t leave any fields blank—fill in as much as you can!

If you feel that you can earn more book sales by reaching an international audience, consider having your books published on Kindle in different languages. Amazon Author Central allows you to post your biography in multiple languages. You can reach more potential readers by being accessible in the language they’re most comfortable with.

What drives book sales the most on Amazon Author Pages?

Completing your Amazon Author Page is a big step toward ringing up book sales. However, it’s also important to consider what will make your potential readers hit that “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button. In order to earn as many book sales as possible, make sure that your entire author profile is well written and intriguing. After your potential reader finishes your page, they should be thirsty for more of your writing!

Another way to drive more book sales is to reference some of the famous authors who have inspired you—and possibly even a link to their Author Page URL. If you capture those authors’ dedicated fans, you could have a constant stream of new and excited readers.

Additionally, try to incorporate other media and sources of information in your Amazon Author Page. If you’re a Goodreads author, you can link that account to Amazon. Also include a link to your author website, a blog post or two that you’ve written, and your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The more ways your readers can connect with you, the better chance you’ll have to earn each book sale!

Set up your Amazon Author Page—and let Elite Authors do the rest!

Not everyone has what it takes to be a self-published indie author—but you sure do! Elite Authors is here to help you become successful. We’ll handle the editing and book cover design, and we can even format your e-book so it’s ready for Kindle.

Visit our website today to learn how we can support your writing dreams!

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How To Create A Showstopping Author Bio Page On Amazon

  • June 2, 2017

Once first time authors have self published their books, they’ll setup their Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) accounts in hopes of making their first sale. However, many will skip a crucial step – setting up an Amazon Author Central account!

As the platform that ultimately allows writers to build their Author Pages on Amazon, Amazon Author Central’s ability to help you track book sales, see and respond to reviews, interact with your audience, fix issues with your listings and add editorial reviews to each of your books is invaluable to your overall self publishing business. Any author with a book listed for sale on Amazon can sign up for an Amazon Author Central account.

Now, let’s talk about Amazon Author Pages

Once you’ve set up your Author Author Central account, you’ll be able to get started on an Amazon Author Page – which will be your new or existing readers’ go-to source for any information they could possibly ever want to know about you and your work.

An Amazon Author page is ultimately where people will head to read your author bio, see or buy your books, find links to your site or social platforms and learn more about you. Let’s say, for example, that a reader loved your first book and is interested in buying your second. Or that they’ve read your work and want to know more about your personal or professional background. Amazon Author Pages acts as a one stop shop for them to get all of this done, while showcasing a complete library of your products.

Here’s what you should include on yours in order to reap its sales benefits.

1. Biography and social media links

Tell your audience about yourself! While the traditional workforce relies on resumes to tell prospective employers about their professional history, this is your chance to highlight your achievements in life and as an author to your prospective readers. You’ll be able to list all of your books in a separate section on your author page, so we recommend using your bio area as a means to showcase your personal and professional achievements, projects, hobbies and any other information that your readers would find interesting.

This is also where you’ll list your social media, website and blog links. Make sure to hyperlink them in the text so that anybody reading can simply click through.

2. Professional author photos and relevant videos

Readers like to associate a face to a name. It’s worth noting that you can branch out and get creative with the author photos you add to your page. Of course, it’s best to include at least one professional author shot – but many writers also showcase a variety of personal photos that relate to the content they publish. If you’re a famed interior designer, upload photos of yourself standing in the homes or businesses you’ve decorated, at awards nights receiving recognition for the work you’ve done and so on.

If you’d like to step it up a notch, add a few videos to your profile. Amazon Author Pages support up to eight videos in either avi, wmv, flv, mov or mpg format that are a maximum of 10 minutes in length and less than 500 mb in size. Showcase yourself speaking at a design conference, teaching your audience DIY decorating tricks or put together a video compilation of your best work. The opportunities are endless.

3. A library of your books

If a reader has devoted the time and energy to looking up your Amazon Author page, chances are he or she is interested in finding out about the other books you’ve written. Take advantage of the fact that you can showcase all of your work in a digital library format and be sure to keep this section updated whenever you publish new products. When an Amazon user lands on your page based on a keyword search, imagine their delight (and your heightened opportunity to make sales) when they realize that you’ve written an entire book series about decorating on a budget. If the entire series hadn’t been listed here, they likely would have never stumbled upon it.

4. Editorial reviews

Most of us are familiar with Amazon’s generic review section, but what many authors overlook is its incredibly valuable editorial reviews section. This is where you can list up to five testimonials that other industry leaders within your niche or valuable contacts of yours have made about your book(s). Your editorial reviews are a prime channel through which to easily boost your credibility and position yourself as an authority on the subject you’re writing about.

If you don’t already have any influential contacts you can ask for feedback, consider reaching out to a targeted list of your peers via e-mail and asking them for reviews in exchange for you mailing them a free copy of your book. You can also offer to promote their business or books on your own webpages in order to pay forward the favour.

5. A convenient feed to your blog posts

What better way to increase traffic to your blog than by linking it to your Amazon Author Page? Whether you’ve just started blogging, are hoping to get more hits on your site or already receive thousands of visits per month, there’s no downside to linking your feed to your account. Whenever you upload a new blog post, it’ll automatically update on your Amazon Author Page – allowing users to visit your site with one simple, effortless click. Now how’s that for convenience?

6. Follow button

Typically, the Follow button on your page is already activated. This function allows Amazon users to subscribe to your updates and be notified whenever you publish a new book or make important announcements on your Author Page.

Double check that it’s not turned off by clicking the yellow +Follow button on your page. The more subscribers, the better!

Lastly….Don’t overlook international author pages

Now that you’ve gone through the motions of updating and optimizing your Author Page, there’s one last step to consider. Given that Amazon is broken down into international markets (ie. Amazon Canada, Amazon US and so on), you could be missing out on lots of sales if you choose to only set yourself up on one site. Although it’s time consuming, consider expanding your reach by creating an Amazon Author Page within the 13 Amazon markets that exist globally today. While not all of them have an Author Central section yet, there are four that do in addition to the Amazon US Site. To set yourself up within different Amazon markets, visit the links below and repeat the steps listed above. You can use Google Translate, given the fact that you likely won’t speak all four languages (to those that do, we’re seriously impressed). • UK – • German – • France – • Japan –

Happy selling, and as always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about how to set up your Amazon Author Central account.

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amazon books author page

Jane Friedman

How to Optimize Your Amazon Author Central Pages (Don’t Forget the International Pages)

Today’s guest post is by Penny Sansevieri ( @bookgal ), CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts . She recently released 5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors , from which this post is adapted.

Most authors have learned by now that it’s critical to have a great Amazon book description and metadata . But incredibly often, authors don’t take the time to also leverage their Amazon Author Central Page as a sales tool. And it could hurt your sales, especially as you develop your reader base. Readers tend to use Amazon to look at an author’s complete list of books, so by optimizing your Author Central page, you’ll find that you draw in more repeat readers than before. Perhaps exponentially so!

Every author, regardless of when or what they’ve published, has an Author Central page. But many authors have not claimed theirs. If you’re not sure you’ve claimed yours yet, head on over to Author Central . You can access it using your usual Amazon login credentials. Even if you are traditionally published, you still have an Author Central page.

To claim the page, you must sign in and add content. First, make sure that all of your books are claimed under your author page. It’s easy enough—simply list them in Author Central by inserting their ISBNs and posting them to your page. Amazon will double-check your entries for accuracy. Once they do, you’ll find a library of your books on your Author Central page.

In addition to your Amazon US page, also check out your Amazon UK page. (I don’t know why Amazon keeps these separate.) If you grab this page as well, it’ll help drive attention from Amazon’s UK site. You can find it here. There are also Author Central Pages for other countries, which you’ll also want to claim; I’ll offer more detail on that later.

Not sure what a standard Author Central page looks like? Check out Jane’s .

Friedman Amazon Author Central

As you can see, she has added her bio (under her photo), listed her books, and has fed in her blog posts. Amazon allows you to add these types of items to your page:

  • RSS feeds—such as those from your blog or Tumblr account
  • Events, including speaking engagements and bookstore appearances
  • Up to 8 images of yourself (which you can update any time) — this is a great opportunity to feature new books, upcoming promotions, or even awards won! Readers love seeing things like this on your page.
  • Multiple videos of yourself — you can use anything from you talking at an event, a book trailer, or a video customized for the page.

Amazon Author Central also offers you important sales data (for free!)

One of the bigger benefits of accessing your Author Central page is getting a look at your book sales data. Let’s take look at this page. Below is the top bar you’ll see once you log in.

Amazon Author Central

From here you can get sales data, rankings for all of your titles, and customer reviews. Your sales data is supplied by BookScan, a reporting agency previously only accessible to publishers or agents. Subscriptions to this service cost a fortune, but Amazon now includes BookScan data in your Author Central page. And even though it’s only data for your own books’ sales, it’s incredible. You can view data for all of your books at once or just one at a time. You can also view data by month and year. You’ll want to track this carefully as you do promotions. (Note that the BookScan data only covers print editions, though.)

Bookscan data

You can also check your author rank. Unlike Bookscan data, your author rank encompasses both print and ebooks. The rankings can be viewed by month, week, or year. This helps you to see how your rank aligns with copies sold. The mystery remains as to how many copies must be sold to bump up your sales rank, but this information is still helpful.

Author Rank

Don’t forget your international Author Central pages

As I referenced earlier, in addition to US and UK Author Central pages, these great features also exist in other countries. And this facet of Amazon may be the single most overlooked sales tool! One of our clients recently noticed that she’s been selling lots  of books in Japan and wondered how she could capitalize on this trend and sell even more books there. It really doesn’t take much time or effort to claim your international Author Central pages. The best part is that all the international Author Central pages are the same. Before we dig too far into this, countries that do not (yet) have Author Central pages set up include:

  • Netherlands

These countries all list your book, but don’t have a page connecting all of your titles. And, unless your book is specifically connected to one of these countries, either in terms of subject, setting, or plot, you probably won’t sell as many books. Still watch for future developments, because once Amazon debuts Author Central Pages for these countries, you’ll want to hop aboard that train!

Aside from the US and UK, the countries that offer Author Central pages at this time are:

In order to know what to expect on these pages, we’ll take a look at a few of them, starting with France.

France author page

It is slightly different than your USA Amazon Author Central page, albeit in a different language. Of course, your author bio will remain in English, but if your books are in English too, this works just fine.

The German version of Amazon Author Central looks more like the version you’re used to seeing, once again in a different language.


Japan’s Author Central Pages work slightly differently. But only slightly. First, you have to first register yourself there. So you’ll use your same username and password as you do for the US site and it takes just a few clicks, so don’t let the “new registration” deter you. It’s still quick and easy to do. From there, you’ll need to verify your email—in fact, the other countries’ sites request this too—and afterward, you’re good to go.

When you’re optimizing your international Author Central pages, you may want to use the Chrome browser and its quick “translate” button. This is far more accurate than any other web translation tools I’ve tried. It allows you to quickly translate a Japanese website into English in a single easy step.

Once you’ve claimed your pages, you’ll need your bio. Feel free to use the bio you created for yourself on your US page. Just keep in mind that it might be beneficial to enhance and/or update it for each country. You might feature any story lines or research in a particular country: Did you fall in love with an area on a visit? Have family there, or another great personal connection? Use it to help build your reader base in that country.

Here you can see one of my client’s Author Central Pages across several countries, they’re robust, engaging and keep all of the author’s books in one place so the readers can spot them easily. I’m including the US and UK in here too so you can see how they compare!

  • France:
  • Germany:
  • Japan:
  • UK:
  • US:

Handy links to all Author Central pages

To make it simple for you, here are the links to access and update each of your pages.

  • France:
  • Germany:
  • Japan:
  • UK:
  • US:

But does it sell books?

Yes. In fact, authors we’ve done this for have seen a substantial sales uptick in international markets as they’ve updated these pages. Keep in mind that if you already selling books in these markets, this will help you a great deal. If you aren’t, let’s say, selling books in Germany, you may not see any immediate effect there. But it’s still a fabulous thing to have, update and optimize!

The bottom line

Amazon’s Author Central Pages are key to boosting your sales. And since they’re so quick and easy to optimize, it would be a huge missed opportunity to not take advantage of them. Even if you only touch it occasionally, say when you have big news or are publishing a new book, it’s absolutely worth your time to optimize these pages. In a perfect world, you’d take a look at them at least quarterly, but it’s most important that you claim them and take advantage of the benefits.

If you enjoyed this post by Penny, be sure to take a look at  5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors.

Penny Sansevieri

Penny Sansevieri, CEO and founder of Author Marketing Experts, Inc. (AME) and Adjunct Professor at NYU, is a best-selling author and internationally recognized book marketing and media relations expert. Her company is one of the leaders in the publishing industry and has developed some of the most cutting-edge book marketing campaigns. To learn more about Penny’s books or her promotional services, visit Author Marketing Experts (AME) .


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Lynne Spreen

This is great info! I went to fill in my UK page, though, and found they don’t offer the blog feed so I added that info plus a couple of other links to my bio. . They’re not active links but can be copied and pasted. Thanks, Penny. Sharing everywhere.

Penny Sansevieri

This is fantastic, you did a great job with your page! I hope you see many new sales from this and thanks for the share!

Erika D.

Terrific post. A question: The BookScan data for my book published in 2011 seems to go back only to 2015. Do you know if this is atypical (perhaps a glitch?), or is the data a relatively new feature?

Jane Friedman

Hi Erika – This feature was rolled out in 2010, but your experience sounds normal to me. Right now, I can only see back to early 2015, although I recall seeing sales data for prior years.

Anne R. Allen

Thanks so much, Penny! I didn’t know we had access to French, German and Japanese author pages. I’ll get on them right away, and spread the word. This post is a great resource. Now if we could only get Amazon Canada to give us an author page…

I know right? I find that so odd that Canada hasn’t rolled out yet. I might call Amazon today to see if they have a timeline for this! Thanks for the comment!

[…] “How to Optimize Your Amazon Author Central Pages”: advice from Penny Sansevieri, via Jane Friedman’s website. […]

John Grabowski

> There are also Author Central Pages for other countries, which you’ll also > want to claim; I’ll offer more detail on that later.

You always seem to be able to read my mind.

Thanks for reading, John! Glad you enjoyed it!

Michael LaRocca

Not knowing how to optimize one happens, so thank you very much for this advice. I’m going to implement it now. But not claiming it at all? That just sounds crazy.

Thanks, Michael and good luck! It’s a pretty easy and effective way to get more attention on these pages!

[…] is how to Optimize Your Amazon Author Central Pages to get better sales figure for your published […]

Rick George

Super helpful information, Penny–thanks.

[…] Author Central Perks […]


Front Edge Publishing

Our Best Examples of Amazon Author Pages

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JANUARY 2023 UPDATE: If you have found this column, you also will want to read this major 2023 update .

Debra Darvick’s Amazon author page

In my last column for Front Edge Publishing, I discussed making the most of your Amazon Author page . I’m hoping you took my advice to heart. If not, today’s examples may inspire you to belly up to your laptop and make the necessary updates to your own author page.

Here’s why you should. Let’s say you are lucky enough to get a potential Amazon reader to your book’s homepage. That’s great! They are an interested audience of one. Now, like any good friendship, they want to know more about the person who wrote this book. They see your name highlighted in Amazon blue. Don’t disappoint them with just more stock photos of your book! Engage them. Invite them. Encourage them. Today’s readers want to have a relationship with their authors, even if it just a cyber connection. Give them what they want, provide them with the insights they crave.

Authors with Great Amazon Presence

Over the past week, I looked at the Amazon Author Pages of writers we have published over the last 11 years, since our founding in 2007 . Right away, I spotted some great examples that we all should look over—and share with others as helpful models.

One of our authors who is doing a great job with her Amazon Author Page is Debra B. Darvick . The first thing we notice is that Debra offers us two author photos, one more casual than the other. Debra is not a frequent blogger, but she has connected her ongoing columns within ReadTheSpirit magazine to her Author Page display. Debra has written three books—all lined up on her page as options for readers. Debra also uses the space provided for an author bio to engage readers as friends in the great adventure of reading. Her bio begins:

An armful of books is one of the most delicious feelings I can imagine. Adventure, wisdom, mystery, all nestled in the crook of one arm, the crease in my elbow grins in anticipation. I was one of those luckynerdy kids who was happiest tucked away in my room, stomach to the mattress, a book propped against my pillow. The world fell away, leaving me free to enter the world of whatever author I was traipsing after. Little surprise that I went from reading words to writing them.

Kurt Kolka , author of FEP ’s Bullying is No Laughing Matter  has a great author photo on his Amazon page. Notice that he’s pictured in a fun location and he’s holding a newspaper comic page—both clues to Kurt’s book and his career as a comic strip writer and illustrator.

Rodney Curtis’ Amazon author page

David Crumm Media, an imprint of Front Edge Publishing has published three books by author Rodney Curtis. Rodney is doing a great job on his Amazon Author Page . He has an engaging and friendly photo of himself. The four books he has written are shown and linked correctly. He has also linked his online columns to automatically appear! If you scroll down to where his books are individually listed you’ll see that they each have been reviewed and they each have a five star rating. It would be great if there were even more reviews, but overall, Rodney is doing a terrific job keeping his page updated.

Robert Pasick, author of David Crumm Media’s Conversations with My Old Dog has really taken full advantage of Amazon’s Author page options . He has a great author photo. He has linked his blog posts—and they are current. He has even posted a video of himself giving a lecture. His books are all listed and most have several favorable reviews.

The Women of Wisdom is a non-profit organization that brings together people from different faith traditions, ethnicities races, and cultures in an atmosphere of safety and respect. They sponsor educational and community service projects—and have collectively published two editions of their book, Friendship & Faith . Wisdom’s Amazon Author Page includes a group photo and both editions of their book. They have linked their blog  and it is current and up to date.

Struck by Hope is the first book by Jeanine Patten-Coble, a breast cancer survivor who has dedicated her life to treating the families of breast cancer patients/survivors to a week long vacation with others who are also going through treatment or have completed their treatment. Jeanine has not yet claimed her author page, but she has done a great job getting reviews for Struck by Hope , including editorial reviews.

So, have these examples inspired you? I hope that they have. Your author page can be a key marketing component in helping you to sell more books, and that’s what we all want, isn’t it? Next week I’ll show some examples of our authors who are doing it all wrong. Just kidding, but I hope the scare helps inspire you to move along and brush up your page before I change my mind.

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History Computer

How to Publish a Book on Amazon in 12 Steps, With Photos

S o, you have written a book but are unsure how to get it to your target audience? One of the best avenues to a broad, pre-formed customer base is to use Amazon. Amazon self-publishing is a service that is for writers who have an eBook and want to release it to the world. This service removes rejection from publishing companies and over-editing by editors who do not share your vision. It allows independent writers to publish a book on amazon that mainstream publishers would not be interested in and release it to their specified audience. 

This service also allows all writers to dictate the monetary profit they will receive from each sale of their book, promoting independence and creativity. 

When going to publish a book on amazon, if done in a rush or incorrectly, your book may not be uploaded to Amazon in the way you visualized. Uploading your eBook to Amazon can be stressful to partake on your own. But don’t worry, we have got you covered.

This article will direct you through each stage of how to publish a book on amazon so that when your manuscript is complete, you will be able to showcase a finished product that is professional, engaging, and inspiring.

Step 1: Create an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Account

The first step in publishing your book on Amazon is to create an Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account. To do this, visit “Kindle Direct Publishing” and click “Sign Up,” or if you already have an account set up, you can click “Sign In.” 

If it is your first time signing in, you must add your basic information, create a username and password, add a payment method, and accept Amazon’s terms of use before proceeding. 

Once you have created or signed in to your existing account, you will be directed to the Amazon Author dashboard to start your journey to becoming a published writer.

Step 2: Add a New Kindle eBook

1.     to start a new book, click “kindle ebook.” .

As this book will be your first title, no other book titles will be on the dashboard. 

2.     Select Your Book’s Language from the drop-down list under “Language.”

At the start of this process, you must choose your eBooks language, which should match the language it was in. Kindle supports over 40 languages worldwide, so there is a wide range of options. 

3.     Enter your eBook title and subtitle in the prompt box under “Book Title.”

Once the language is selected, you can enter your eBook title and subtitle. Your book’s title should be well-thought-out and engaging, as many people will judge whether to read it on its title and cover. 

4.     Enter the Primary author and contributor names in the prompt boxes under “Author” and “Contributor.”

Do not forget to add the author’s name under which you want your book to be published, whether that is your birth name, a pseudonym, or another person’s name.

5.     Enter your book description in the prompt box under “Description.” 

The description of your book is a crucial marketing strategy for your work. It will seal your reader’s interest and prompt them to purchase your writing to read the whole story. Amazon will give you up to 4,000 characters in the description section, which gives you ample space to sell your book.

This description will be located within your book on the book’s detail page. 

Once you start entering information about your book, if you stop during this process, you can click “Save as Draft” to save all your progress, and you can resume where you left off later.

Step 3: Verify Your Publishing Rights for Your eBook

Click the option that pertains to your publishing rights..

If you are the eBook’s author, you can choose the option allowing you to own the copyright and the publishing rights. Under American law, you own anything that you write from the moment you start creating it. 

If you are not interested in owning your work, you can click the option to make it part of the public domain, where anyone can cite it or use it without your permission.

Step 4: Choose Your eBook’s Category

1.     enter the applicable keywords to your ebook..

Choosing the specific keywords that will direct Amazon customers to your new book is incredibly important. Potential customers will use these words in an Amazon search, so any terminology directly related to your eBook should be added to these prompt boxes. 

2.     Click the “Set Categories” button to choose two applicable categories for your book.

By adding your book to the categories that are most applicable to its story, a higher number of relevant customers will be able to find your writing. 

3.     Choose a suitable age range for your eBook.

Unless your eBook is specifically for teens or younger readers, these boxes should be left to their default settings. If it is, then select a minimum and maximum age so that it can be categorized correctly. 

Step 5: Choose a Book Release Option for Your eBook

1.     under the title “pre-order” section, select the option that applies to your ebook..

If you choose to publish immediately, ensure that you have a marketing plan in place to ensure that customers know your book is now available for purchase. 

When deciding to release your book later, you can set the KDP pre-order up to a year in advance. Unsure of the release date? You can add a preliminary date and change it once you know a definite date. 

2.     Select Your Digital Rights Management 

Enabling digital rights management on your eBook will prevent people from copying and using your book for free. It is useful to know that people will still be able to lend the book for a short period but not use it without authorization. 

Step 6: Uploading Your eBook

Select “upload ebook manuscript”.

Once you are happy with the features you have selected, it is time to upload your eBook manuscript. There are several recommended formats for your book, including .doc, .docx, HTML, Plain Text, and MOBI to name a few. 

Using the current Kindle format is recommended so your book will be readable and professional on every e-reader . Once you upload the file, you can see how it looks like an actual book. 

Under the title “Kindle eBook Cover,” select the book cover option that applies to you. 

Unfortunately, the saying is untrue; people absolutely judge books by their covers. If you want a book cover that resonates with your readers, either create one in Cover Creator or pay an illustrator to produce a custom one that you can upload using the option “Upload a cover you already have.” 

Step 7: Preview Your eBook

Once your eBook has been uploaded, you can preview it using the Kindle Previewer. To use the Kindle Previewer, click the “Preview on your computer” button and install the current version of the app for Mac or Windows, depending on your computer. 

When previewing your manuscript, ensure you check the following:

  • Check the cover image.
  • Read through and check every single page to ensure readability and no grammatical errors.
  • Try out the navigation to ensure it is fit for purpose.

Step 8: Select Publisher              

1.     under the “kindle ebook isbn” section, enter the international standard book number, if applicable, and the publisher..

If you intend only to publish this eBook on Amazon, then you do not need either piece of information and can leave the prompt boxes blank. 

2.     Under the “KDP Select Enrollment section,” select the KDP option that applies to your eBook.

Also, in this section, you can add your eBook to KDP Select, which allows your eBook to be a part of Kindle Unlimited, and you will receive a broader range of marketing options. To avail of this, your eBook has to be exclusive to Amazon. 

If you are unsure about this option, you can always add it later. 

Step 9: Choose the Territories and Pricing for Your eBook

1.     under the “territories” section, select the territorial option that applies to your ebook..

It is standard practice to select the default setting “All territories (worldwide rights)” unless there is a specific reason not to. This will make your eBook available to every customer base that has access to Amazon.

2.     Select the Royalty Plan Applicable to your eBook.

You can choose between 35% and 70% royalty for your book. Selecting 70% will result in more profit for you, but it will add pricing limitations to your book, and you will have to enroll in Book Lending. 

3.     Select your eBook’s primary marketplace and add the listing price in the prompt box.

Select as your eBook’s primary marketplace, and then add your listing price to the prompt box. If your book is selected to be available worldwide, the listing pricing may change subject to exchange rates in different countries. 

Step 10: Add Your eBook to Matchbook and Book Lending

If you want to enroll your book into the Book Lending and Matchbook feature, you can select to add yourself or opt out, depending on your preferences. 

Step 11: Save Your Draft eBook 

  click “save as draft” until you are ready to publish..

Once you have added all the relevant information about your eBook into the specified areas, you are given two options: “Save as draft” until you are ready to publish it or “Publish your Kindle eBook” if your eBook is completed. 

Once your book goes live, it is best practice to set up your Amazon Author page with a recent photo and biography, giving potential customers insight into the book’s background. Also, any blubs from the book should be added to your eBook’s details page. 

Step 12: Self-Publishing Your eBook

If you are interested in publishing your eBook as a printed book or if your eBook has become so successful that there is a space in the market for a printed, physical version, self-printing can be completed through Self-publishing your eBooks was historically completed by CreateSpace through Amazon but now can be produced through the Kindle section within 

Your eBook will need a spine and back cover and must be re-formatted as physical books look different from eBooks. But it is another service that Amazon offers its budding writers. 

To publish a book on amazon is a skill, and it is a challenging feat. It is very tempting to rush your manuscript to the market when you have spent so much time, creative juices, and effort producing something that people will like with no monetary supplement. However, releasing something that is not entirely finished is unprofessional and will ruin your chances of success.

Amazon and Kindle have ensured that writers can easily present their hard work to an enormous market of potential customers. It gives writers the option to bring their body of work to the market under their terms and when they feel like it is ready to be presented, which ensures that there are more quality eBooks on the market. 

This article provides writers with a guide to ensure that they can navigate the publishing software and successfully publish a book on amazon that people are excited to read on any tablet or e-reader.

The post How to Publish a Book on Amazon in 12 Steps, With Photos appeared first on History-Computer .

How to Publish a Book on Amazon in 12 Steps, With Photos

amazon books author page

Sierra Dark

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Percy Jackson: The Official Cookbook


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Table of Contents

About the book, about the author.

Jarrett Melendez grew up on the mean, deer-infested streets of Bucksport, Maine. A former chef and line cook, Jarrett has worked in restaurants, diners, and bakeries throughout New England and Mexico, and got instruction on Japanese home cooking from some very patient host mothers when he lived in Tokyo and Hiroshima. He’s been a professional writer since 2009, but started working as a recipe developer and food writer in 2020. His work has appeared on  Bon Appétit, Saveur, Epicurious, and Food52, and he is the author of The Comic Kitchen, an upcoming fully illustrated, comic-style cookbook. When not cooking and writing about food, Jarrett is also an award winning comic book writer. His best known work is  Chef’s Kiss  from Oni Press, which won the Alex Award from the American Library Association, along with a GLAAD award nomination for Outstanding Graphic Novel. Jarrett has contributed to the Ringo-nominated  All We Ever Wanted ,  Full Bleed ,  Young Men in Love , and  Murder Hobo: Chaotic Neutral . He is currently working on  Tales of the Fungo: The Legend of Cep , a middle-grade fantasy adventure, to be published by Andrews McMeel. He lives in Massachusetts with his collection of  Monokuro Boo  plush pigs.

Product Details

  • Publisher: Insight Editions (September 24, 2024)
  • Length: 144 pages
  • ISBN13: 9798886636079

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  • Social Science > Folklore & Mythology

Resources and Downloads

High resolution images.

  • Book Cover Image (jpg): Percy Jackson: The Official Cookbook eBook 9798886636079

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My Pokémon Baking Book

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    Just select "Author" from the dropdown of contributor type options. The name listed in the Author section will be the first to show on the detail page. After that, the order of contributors will be listed as they are on your book setup page. For eBooks, you're able to include 10 contributors when setting up your title, but you can contact ...

  16. How To Use Author Central And Your Amazon Author Page

    Books published by traditional publishing houses always have enhanced Amazon book sales pages. The same tools are available for self-published authors. Amazon completely redesigned Author Central in 2020, and it is now very easy to use. After you publish your book, your Amazon book page or sales page will include your cover and book description.

  17. How to Create an Amazon Author Page That Drives Book Sales

    On, your Author Page is a public-facing profile. This page helps readers connect with you and find all of your published work — especially work that can be purchased. Think of this profile as another line by which readers can connect with you as a writer — not unlike your personal website, cover blurbs, and your social media presence.

  18. How To Create A Showstopping Author Bio Page On Amazon

    Make sure to hyperlink them in the text so that anybody reading can simply click through. 2. Professional author photos and relevant videos. Readers like to associate a face to a name. It's worth noting that you can branch out and get creative with the author photos you add to your page.

  19. How to Optimize Your Amazon Author Central Pages (Don't Forget the

    First, make sure that all of your books are claimed under your author page. It's easy enough—simply list them in Author Central by inserting their ISBNs and posting them to your page. Amazon will double-check your entries for accuracy. Once they do, you'll find a library of your books on your Author Central page. In addition to your ...

  20. Our Best Examples of Amazon Author Pages • Front Edge Publishing

    Click the image to visit Rodney's Amazon page. David Crumm Media, an imprint of Front Edge Publishing has published three books by author Rodney Curtis. Rodney is doing a great job on his Amazon Author Page. He has an engaging and friendly photo of himself. The four books he has written are shown and linked correctly.

  21. How to Publish a Book on Amazon in 12 Steps, With Photos

    Once you have created or signed in to your existing account, you will be directed to the Amazon Author dashboard to start your journey to becoming a published writer. Step 2: Add a New Kindle eBook 1.

  22. KDP Help Center Home

    Book Series. Build a series on Amazon and edit the details as much as you want. Order Author Copies. Get copies of your books and see how they look in real life... Payment Questions. Set up your payment method and troubleshoot any issues. Change Categories. Optimize where your book is displayed on Amazon's store... Update Book Details

  23. Sierra Dark: books, biography, latest update

    Amazon Music Stream millions of songs: Amazon Ads Reach customers wherever they spend their time: 6pm Score deals on fashion brands: AbeBooks Books, art & collectibles: ACX Audiobook Publishing Made Easy: Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account: Amazon Business Everything For Your Business : Amazon Fresh Groceries & More Right To Your Door ...

  24. Percy Jackson: The Official Cookbook

    His work has appeared on Bon Appétit, Saveur, Epicurious, and Food52, and he is the author of The Comic Kitchen, an upcoming fully illustrated, comic-style cookbook. When not cooking and writing about food, Jarrett is also an award winning comic book writer. ... Plus, receive recommendations and exclusive offers on all of your favorite books ...

  25. 40 of the Best Books for Women Written by Female Authors

    Published in 2015, The Things We Keep is one of bestselling author Sally Hepworth's earliest books. It's the poignant story of a 38-year-old woman with early-onset Alzheimer's disease.